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Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection
Editor's note: This article addresses several controversial topics (homosexuality, pedophilia, sexual predation, etc.) and its content, as well as some illustrations, may be shocking to some.

If, despite this disclaimer, you decide to read further, keep in mind that the 'devil is in the details', so read carefully and try to avoid black and white thinking.

In particular, do not forget that during the analysis, we focus on a small minority of pathological individuals who have infiltrated the gay community. So this is not an attack on gay people but an exposé of this small minority that pretends to advocate for gay rights but instead exploits the gay community in the service of a nefarious agenda.

This being said, fasten you seat belts, and jump in!


The main idea developed in this article came rather unexpectedly while I was writing the last part of Earth changes and the Human Cosmic connection, which has just been released as paperback and for Kindle.

The theorized 'Human-Cosmic connection' might be one of the main mechanisms, if not the main one, through which the human population influences, positively or negatively, its environment, including major cosmically induced catastrophes.

While the above mentioned book offers a much more detailed and precise picture of this essential phenomenon, the last part of this article quickly describes this concept and shows how this might connect all the seemingly unrelated topics that we will address now.

Conchita Wurst, winner of the 2014 Eurovision
In the first part of this series of articles I discussed the destruction of art. While that article was 'going to press', an umpteenth nail was being driven in the already securely sealed coffin of art: millions of Europeans nominated Conchita Wurst the winner of the 2014 Eurovision song contest (see image on the right).

Conchita Wurst is a not-so-subtle play on words: 'conchita' is a euphemism for female genitalia in South America while 'wurst' is a euphemism for male genitalia in German. I trust you get the 'joke'. Very subtle indeed.

You may remember my Grandma and the discussions we often have. She doesn't only enjoy hearing about royals and aristocrats, she also enjoys listening to music. But, as I mentioned before, she is almost blind. When she asked me about the winner of the Eurovision song contest, I had to think very carefully about how I was going to describe what I had seen.

With sadness, I realized that the features of this individual (appearance, sexual orientation, gender, lifestyle...) were so far outside my Grandma's frame of reference that it was impossible for me to describe in intelligible terms what the singer was.

It's amazing how different the world was less than a century ago. Homosexuality existed of course, but when Grandma was a young lady, things were simpler, much simpler. In most cases, children had one mummy and one daddy, men loved women and women loved men, family members lived together under the same roof. Men were manly and women were womanly.

I guess it had been this way for centuries if not millennia and there was no reason for such fundamental and natural principles to ever change. Well that was until the 1960's and its 'revolution'. Then, pretty much everything changed.

The 1960's revolution

Revolutions are rarely the spontaneous, popular, liberating movements depicted by official history. Some are organized from the beginning by a pathological clique to further its own interest at the expense of the people that they hystericize, instrumentalize, sacrifice and use as a democratic smoke screen. Some other movements start with a genuine popular insurrection to be soon infiltrated by one of the above mentioned cliques that will implement their 'counter-revolution' leading to even worse living conditions for the common people, that is, you and me. See for example the so-called 'French revolution' that was followed by the aptly named 'the Terror', one of the darkest periods of French history.

The 60's revolution is no exception. While it initially may have shown some signs of authenticity (black civil rights movement, anti-war movement) and a genuine attempt by some to establish a better society, it soon became co-opted and derailed.

The deliberate injection of massive quantities of drugs, media lies, the control of the music industry, the infiltration of activists groups, the use of violence, the rise to power of double-agent leaders soon led to results diametrically opposed to what was originally envisioned.

Cohn-Bendit during a demsontration (Paris, 1968).
If there is one individual who perfectly illustrates this whole period of history and the role played by double-agent 'leaders, it is: Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Most of our U.S. readers have probably never heard of this peculiar individual, and it's a pity, because the details of his 'career' are very instructive.

Overnight, the mediocre undergraduate student born in a rich German Ashkenazi family became the leader of the French May 68 'revolution'. While French President De Gaulle was being pressed to resign and the whole country was on the verge of a civil war, Cohn-Bendit was invited by the mainstream media to present his twisted vision of the new world.

He focused on freedom in general and sexual freedom in particular. Sexual freedom is not necessarily a bad thing, but his interpretation of the topic is rather singular and doesn't actually have much to do with freedom.

To give you an idea of Cohn Bendit's inner landscape, in his 1975 book The Great Bazaar he wrote extensively about his interest in pedophilia. A few years later while speaking on a national TV channel, in front of millions of viewers, he described in detail the 'interactions' he had had with a 5 year old girl! Of course he blamed the victim and accused the child of taking the initiative, although he did admit some personal liability to the extent that his good looks made him irresistible to this little child! Bendit made these statements 40 years ago, yet no part of his depraved confession has ever been deemed legally actionable by French authorities.

Cohn-Bendit bragging about his pedophile exploits on a national TV channel
On the contrary, during the subsequent decades Cohn-Bendit went on to occupy prominent political positions: deputy mayor of Frankfurt, party leader, founder of a European party, member of the European parliament, etc.

When the system systematically grants key political positions to such an individual, you realise how 'anti-system' the person really is.

For several years, Cohn Bendit was the leader of the Green party, which, in a nutshell, gives more importance to animals and plants than to humans, supporting for example bio-fuel development: feeding cars instead of humans, drastically reducing the surface of agriculture land dedicated to food production while billions of people are already starving.

Interestingly, Cohn Bendit, leader of the 'revolution' movement in France was not even French, but German. But do nationalities really matter at this point? As Gilad Atzmon describes in his book The Wandering Who?, the 'wandering' Jews have no nationalities. Unlike the vast majority of Jews who are fully integrated into the society in which they live, the 'wandering' ones use countries as hotels, and serve only the interest and twisted psychology of an elitist community.

Since the 1960's 'revolution', in the name of freedom, reform and progress, the very foundations of our civilization have been steadily undermined. Far from peace activism, and anti-racism, one of the main topics of this on-going transformation has been the gay rights movement.

The gay rights movement

At first it aimed at stopping homophobia and discrimination, which can be considered a truly legitimate goal since, at the time, homosexuality was considered by the majority as abnormal; homosexuality is, of course, not abnormal but rather a normal part of the human sexual orientation distribution curve in the same way as a very short person or a very tall person is one of a normal range in a distribution curve of heights of humans. But homosexuality is not the average nor is it the majority. But in any event, starting with a justified approach (getting rid of discrimination) that corrected certain defects in the system, step by step, homosexuality was disclosed, became acceptable, and then several laws gave equal rights to homosexuals. Same-sex marriage, civil pact, and anti-discrimination measures were adopted in a growing number of countries. All fine and good as far as I can see.

It is fair to say that, within a couple of decades, homosexuality became an accepted and integral part of society. With legal and social equality attained in this way, one might have assumed that the gay rights movement, having no more raison d'être, would naturally fade into the background. But that's not what happened.

It seems that, for those infiltrators that took over the movement, equality was never their real goal but rather a pretext to bridle a majority of gay people to a very different cause. Like other dominating minorities (vegetarians, Jews, anti-smokers, Masons, gypsies, etc.) the very identity of such groups is defined by their difference relative to common people. The real objective is to exacerbate those differences, have them perceived as a mark of superiority and use them to manipulate the rest of the population. That is to say, the 'rasion d'être' of the leaders of the gay rights movement is to forever be the 'other' and the idea of 'fading away' therefore is anathema to them.

Group sex simulation. Athens gay pride (2012)
Thus, in the subsequent years, an ostensible kind of gay-ism was heavily promoted during events like the gay pride (notice it's not about 'equality' any more but about 'pride') to ensure that homosexuality secures and maintains a high profile in the eyes of common people and society in general.

A growing number of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) opinion leaders started to appear as leaders in many spheres of influence (singers, artists, politicians, journalists, sports, 'captains of industry', etc.)

And of course, the mainstream media worked overtime through music, movies, talk shows, ads, etc). to depict ostensible homosexuality in extremely favorable terms.

This enterprise has been so successful that, in a few decades, traditional values have been almost totally reversed. Today, at least in some circles, particularly the younger generation and/or the upscale urban milieu, being gay is a trendy thing, a proof of open-mindedness, a mark of progress, while being a heterosexual is increasingly considered as reactionary, anachronistic, conservative, passé and ultimately boring.

Notice a very important point however: the gay rights movement was initiated by a very small minority of gay people who claimed to speak in the name of the entire community. But it was a total usurpation. The vast majority of gay people live normal lives, they are fully integrated in society and their sexual orientation is a private matter. Most gay people have never been proselytes or activists, they are normal people after all, right?

In addition, most homosexuals are not interested in marriage and even less in adoption since homosexual unions, statistically speaking, tend to be short-lived. They just want discretion and freedom to lead their personal lives without fear of interference or excessive scrutiny, which is just the opposite of what is brought by LGBT activists: media coverage, hysterization, political claims and special status.

In the same way as Jews are manipulated by a minority of Zionist infiltrators who vastly overemphasize the threat of anti-Semitism and exploit a victim complex (the holocaust primarily), homosexuals are manipulated by a minority of pedophiles who represent themselves as part of the gay community and use the threat of homophobia and exploit their alleged status as victims (AIDS for example).

A good example of this infiltration process is Veteran gay rights advocate and former San Francisco Human Rights Commission staffer Larry Brinkin who was arrested and found guilty of child pornography.

This brings us to the main point: Homosexual marriage was not an end but rather a means. Indeed, once homosexual marriage was legalized, the next legal step, adoption, couldn't be refused. It has already been promulgated in 14 countries.

The adoption process is based not so much on morality but on money, homosexuals having, on average, higher incomes than heterosexuals because of the general policy of 'positive discrimination' in all areas of society, including the business world. So, it could be said that, nowadays, homosexuals have more adoption 'rights' than heterosexual couples.

The homosexual community has been used as a Trojan horse, infiltrated by a clique of pedophiles who lobbied for the promulgation of the adoption law under the guise of equality of rights in order to further their plan to own children. As a result, today, it is perfectly legal for two pedophiles to 'marry' and then buy children. It is not only technically possible but also confirmed by numerous real life cases of pedophile couples buying and abusing the adopted children:
Married couple Haratz & Wirtz. The arrest warrants claim they not only sexually and physically abused the children, but also forced them to sleep in closets.
Here are a few examples selected from dozen of documented cases:
- Gay couple accused of sexually abusing adopted Russian boy for years [link]
- 'They took turns raping me': child sex abuse revealed as gay couple accused of molesting 5 of their 9 adopted children [link]
- Gay Connecticut couple accused of raping adopted children will face trial [link]

Regina Louf survived the unspeakable and had the courage to testify.
Of course heterosexual couples can also be pedophiles as exemplified by the Dutroux couple. However, studies show that, compared to men, women are far less likely to sexually abuse children, while being most frequently victims of abuse. This difference might simply be due to the fact that psychopathy is considered to be more prevalent amongst men.

Let's not be mistaken by the pervasive propaganda depicting pedophilia as 'forbidden love', as suggested, among other things, by the very etymology of the term 'pedophilia' (pedo- 'children', -philia - love'). For psychopaths, homosexuality or pedophilia have nothing to do with love, it is not even inappropriate sex. For pedophile psychopaths the only goal is to exert domination and control, and to inflict the most suffering on the most vulnerable and innocent: children.

This point is very clearly described by Regina Louf, one of the few survivors of the Belgian pedophile ring involving judges, businessmen, top politicians, and policeman who sacrificed Marc Dutroux, one of their 'kid-providers', to avoid mass public lynching.

Louf reported countless scenes of torture, ritual murders, baby sacrifices, and hunting of children and her testimony was confirmed by a number of other witnesses and solid material evidence.
white march dutroux
During the White March, 600,000 Belgian people protested against the Dutroux pedophile ring.
If giving such a prominent role to pedophilia and attributing so much power to pedophile rings sounds paranoid, consider the following figures: according to some studies conducted in the USA, the child molestation rate is as high as 54%. In India, the 2007 study on Child abuse conducted by the Ministry of Women and Child development in 2007 shows that more than 53% of children have been victims of sexual abuse.

Keep in mind that those staggering figures don't even take into account the severe undereporting due to fear, partial amnesia, denial, shame, depression, etc. It seems fair to assume that more than half the world's population has been sexually abused during childhood.

Michelle Martin, free since 2012
Can you imagine the damage inflicted on whole societies by such an epidemic? It should be a national scandal. But despite the magnitude of this social and individual catastrophe, we barely hear about it.

While the media deals with Justin Bieber's latest adventures, the justice system focuses on local pot dealers, scientists research CO2-emitting cow-flatulence and the police are busy with speed cameras. How can we explain this schizophrenic approach? Is this systematic apathy at the top of the pyramid the very proof of the power of the perpetrators?

If you still doubt the power held by pedophile rings, here are two items of information.

In 2012, Marc Dutroux's wife, Michelle Martin, who had been convicted along with her husband for kidnapping, drugging, jailing, torturing, raping, starving to death and murdering seven young girls was released from jail after having only served half her prison sentence.

During the same Dutroux affair, 30 witnesses died.

Most of those deaths occurred just before the victim was to give testimony. And, needless to say, most of the deaths are surrounded by very dubious circumstances, but not a single case of murder was prosecuted.

The Gender Theory

The gay rights movement described above was only one of the tools used to change the very foundations of our societies. Gender theory is another one. This theory was created in the 1920's by John Money, a New Zealand sex therapist, who repeatedly and publicly advocated for homosexuality and pedophilia. (Notice how the one advocacy appears to be linked to the second. This is a clue that the individual is not a true, 'normal homosexual.')

Money is famous for having 'treated' two twins, forcing one of them to change sex, shooting pictures of the twins simulating sex, encouraging them to engage in 'sex play' with each other, and molesting both of them. Both twins ended up committing suicide.

Today, Gender theory's most ardent advocate is a feminist lesbian called Judith Butler. Butler is also Jewish.

To get an idea of how much Butler's ideology is supported by the 'elite' of this world, you can check her substantial list of awards and honors and the number of prestigious Universities that have honored or hosted her (Princeton, Columbia and Harvard to name just a few).

Gender theory is based on the (wrong) postulate that, at a very early age, children already have a very active sexuality that should be encouraged and also that sexual orientations and gender are purely a matter of choice and social conditioning.

You might be surprised to learn that Gender theory is already taught and applied in numerous schools throughout the world. You might also wonder why there is so little mention of the topic in the mainstream (or other) media.

In Germanic Switzerland, as early as kindergarten, children are taught about masturbation and encouraged to practice it. School kids are given a 'sexbox' that includes stuffed toys in the shapes of penises and vaginas and wooden dildos and are encouraged to play with them.

Content of the 'sexbox' distributed to kindergarden and primary school children
They are also given a pornographic comic book euphemistically titled 'Lisa und Jan' depicting, among other highly instructive scenes, a little girl masturbating while another one is watching her, a little boy masturbating under the bed sheets while observing his genitals with a torchlight and a child spying on his parents while they 'make love'.

Excerpt from the 'Lisa & Jan' cartoon: a young boy masturbates another one.
Six year-old schoolkids are also taught about heterosexuality and homosexuality and, of course, they are told that both orientations are just that, and effectively exactly the same (remember it's all about freedom, sexual orientation being only a matter of choice, never mind that the gay rights folks have been saying for years that it is a normal genetic variation!)

In Germany, many parents refused (and rightfully so) to have their young children exposed to such material and removed their kids from sex education classes. As a consequence, the German authorities jailed ten sets of parents for forty days. You see, kids must be free to have homosexual relationships at the earliest age, if they so choose, and they have to be informed if they are to choose. Parents, on the other hand, are not free to remove their kids from brainwashing classes, and the state will enforce this policy up to, and including, imprisoning parents for dissent.

In Sweden, children between 13 and 17 have to go through the compulsory viewing of a pornographic animated cartoon that liberally uses words like 'cunt' and 'dick'.
Censored excerpt from the animated cartoon forced on Swedish schoolkids. Notice the depressed face of the girl and the politically correct interracial couple.
The official objective of this cartoon is to fight against sexually transmissible diseases, but statistics show that STDs have actually increased since the beginning of the use of this animated cartoon.

In France, the minister of education has issued a list of recommendations titled ABC of equality (again the equality and anti-discrimination mantra) based on the Gender Theory including:

- Widespread sexual education for all students as young as 6 years old
- Viewing of the movie Tomboy, where 6 to 8 year old children are invited to identify with a girl who pretends to be a boy.
- Use of 'non-gendered' books like Papa wears a dress.

Meanwhile, other gender-bending experiments being tested include:

- A not-so subtle animated cartoon depicting two male fish (Felix and Leon) who happen to love each other. The cartoon is shown to 10-year old schoolchildren.

- 'Neutral' nurseries where boys have to play with dolls and girls with toy cars.

Neutral nursery: a boy playing with a doll.
Older French students don't have to worry though, the enforcers of the Gender Theory haven't forgotten them. For example, May 16th, 2014, was declared skirt day where school boys between 10 and 17 were encouraged to wear dresses as proof of their open-mindedness.

Nantes, France. High school students participating in 'skirt day'.
In Ontario, Canada, the owner of a sex shop was invited to explain and encourage the use of dildos to schoolkids.

In England, sexual education classes start as early as 5 years old. Parents are not officially informed of the content of the 'classes', they eventually find out from their kids that the lessons include topics such as 'sodomy' and 'blow jobs'.

Not only is Gender theory applied at national levels (the above only lists a few examples) but it's also the central theme of a report titled Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe published in 2010 by the World Health Organization.

In this report we find explicit recommendations on how our children should be brainwashed. Here are a few interesting examples:

- Before 4 years old, our children must learn about masturbation. The child has to express his "needs and desires" in terms of sexuality. It is advised to do so by "playing doctor"

- When they are 4 years old, children are encouraged to "explore different sexual identities," and especially "the friendship and love towards people of the same sex."

- At 6 years old, the child must master the "different standards of sexuality", he also has to learn about "ejaculation and menstruation" and "methods of contraception."

Along the same line, the United Nations organized a conference titled Gender in school: a fundamental point in education.

Similar to the gay rights movement, the real objective of the Gender theory movement being forced upon society has nothing to do with freedom or equality. In reality Gender theory helps normalize and even impose upon our minds and societies the fundamentally deviant and destructive practice that is pedophilia.

Indeed, under the guise of sexual freedom, Gender theory spreads the sick and wrong belief that young children should effectively have an adult sexuality and that their sexual orientation is purely a matter of personal choice. Bring those two points together and the result is that a young children having sex with a male adult is a perfectly normal thing.

But it is not, as many studies show. For example, pedophiles' brains show abnormal reaction to kids' faces:
In the animal kingdom, there are a number of mechanisms designed to prevent adults from attempting sex with the young. For example, "pheromones emitted by child mice inhibit sexual behavior of adult male mice," said lead study author Jorge Ponseti, a sex researcher at Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel in Germany. "If scientists inhibited these pheromones in the child mice, adult male mice started to mate with these babies." ...

It remains uncertain why pedophilia happens in humans. Pedophiles may have experienced problems in brain development at a young age. For instance, "there is an increased number of head injuries before 12 years of age in pedophiles," Ponseti said. (May 21, the Journal Biology Letters)
Obviously, unlike homosexuals who are born that way for various reasons, and are a small, but normal part of the human sexuality distribution curve, pedophiles are abnormal - abnormal even in the animal kingdom.
Women becoming a caricature of men and vice versa
Besides the normalization of pedophilia, Gender theory reinforces a process initiated decades ago with a gradual blurring of the very notion of gender where women are progressively masculinized in the name of non-discrimination and gender equality, while men are progressively feminized through anti-macho campaigns, 'queer promotion' and 'freeing' of the feminine side of men. This process among heterosexuals appears to be a 'straight' version of the way in which some lesbians tend to emulate in a caricatural way the worst traits of masculinity (roughness, vulgarity) while some homosexual men present a caricature of the worst traits of femininity (hysteria, glibness). The most positive and fundamental masculine traits like courage or honour and the most positive and fundamental feminine traits like nurturing and creativity play little, if any, role in these caricatures.

Gender theory further advanced a trend that was initiated years ago by the media and the fashion industry that, unfortunately, sets the standards of beauty and ideals in many minds. Gender theory advocates have played a major role in popularizing and making us progressively accept the androgyne being, a creature that is not a man, but not a woman either. Ultimately, the androgynous being is an individual devoid of one of the main determinants of his personal and social identity : his own gender, something given to us by Nature, the design of the Cosmos.

Today, the androgynous trend is not just the fantasy of some disturbed fashion designers or zealous gender theoreticians, it has fully entered the social and legal scene.

Consider the case of Australian transsexual Bruce Watson. On 3 April 1989, Bruce Watson underwent male-to-female surgery, but later found that being a woman was not satisfactory.
Left, Casey Legler, a French female model. Right, Swiss male model Roc Montandon
So Watson requested non-sex specific status, which he obtained after an historic New South Wales (NSW, Australia) Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages decision on April 2nd, 2010.

While this decision was reversed (in 2010), on the third of May 2014, after four years of legal battle, the NSW Court of Appeal, the highest Australian court, officially confirmed that Bruce Watson indeed had no gender.

Not only has Gender theory now successfully challenged the legal system, but it also has a massive social influence. For example, Facebook, the social media giant, proposes a list of about 50 different terms people can use to identify their gender.

Check the list and I'm sure you'll be amazed at some of the suggested terms. You may even want to pick a new gender identity for yourself, or create a new one. Hey, that's what freedom's all about, right?!

Love, Marriage, Family, and Life

Along with the gay rights movement and the worldwide application of Gender theory, the past decades have been marked by a constant undermining of Love, Marriage, Family and even Life itself. When you think about it, these four intimately connected topics form the fundamental cycle of human existence: you fall in love, you marry the loved one, you have babies and establish a family.


Love making is, ideally, a deep act of sharing and bonding uniting a man and a woman at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This approach to love was one of the (few) beneficial fruits of Judao-Christianity and is exemplified in the passages from the Old New Testaments:
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. (Gen. 2:24)
For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.' So they are no longer two, but one flesh. (Mark 10:7,8)
Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, "The two will become one flesh." (1 Corinthians 6:16)
Before you decided that has gone all biblical, remember that the Bible was not created ex-nihilo. A good portion of its content comes, very probably, from the Steppe peoples via the Greeks and then the Romans (See Anthony D., The Horse, the Wheel, and Language and De Coulange F., The Ancient City and McDonald D., Does the New Testament Imitate Homer? ).

Unlike our modern civilization, the Steppe people (and to a lesser extent the Greeks and the Romans) had a very good understanding of the 'Human-Cosmic connection' (which we'll discuss in a moment).

The ancient principle that making love is the uniting of a man and a woman on more than the physical level has been progressively transformed into having sex, a trivial act solely based on physical pleasure, personal satisfaction and devoid of any love or deeper union.

This transformation was triggered by the hyper-sexualization of our society, which took several forms:

- The shocking and horrific development and dissemination of pornography. A few decades ago, pornography was almost unheard of in ordinary society (although the 'elite' have long participated in sexual perversion/diversion). In 2006, the porn industry generated $13 billion in revenue. Its content has also evolved, becoming more and more extreme. Today, 88% of scenes in porn films contain acts of physical aggression, and 49% of scenes contain verbal aggression. With this came the growing acceptance of various kinds of deviant forms of sex like S&M.

- The sexualization of media content (make up clothes, video clips, TV series, advertising),

- The development of all forms of extra marital sex: prostitution, 'swingers', internet dating ( (33% have sex during the first date), one night stands, casual sex...

- The sexualization of youth, through clothes (including child-sized thong underwear with sexually suggestive phrases on them), toys (like the lingerie barbie), promotion and mediatization of young 'stars', etc.

The lingerie Barbie mostly sold to 8 to 12 y.o. girls
The combination of these factors has led to a point where sex addiction has reached epidemic proportions, affecting more than 12 million Americans.

In some milieus, a reversal of values has already occurred. For example, in some French upscale circles, going to 'swingers' night clubs is now considered a mark of distinction.


The Nuptials of the Lamb and His Bride - Stained glass window by Stephan Adam, 1906
Once a sacred and revered union, marriage was the very core of the traditional family since the dawn of civilization. Its solemn vows were a strong commitment of faithfulness and lasting mutual support between a man and a woman.

But along with the weakening of spirituality, marriage has been progressively destroyed on the legal and social front with the legalization of divorce, the acceptance of remarriage, the creation of alternative to marriages like the 'civil pact of solidarity', the development of the above-mentioned same-sex marriages, and also free union.

Here, I would like to make the point that women having rights, including the right to leave an unhappy or abusive marriage is a good thing. What I see at the root of the divorce problem is that children are taught that sexual attraction is the main signal for marriage and are imbued with all kinds of illusions about what marriage really is - or should be - about. All of this (and more) inevitably leads to making bad choices in marriage partners which then leads to more divorce and broken families

In several European countries, although polygamy is technically illegal, there are no laws against a person living with more than one partner/spouse.

Today, divorce has become so normal that a child with two parents that are still married might be the cause of some bemusement among his or her peers. 'Your parents are not divorced? How strange'. In a similar vein, in some milieus, having a mistress is not only accepted, but a feather in one's proverbial cap.

Indeed, nowadays, the divorce/marriage ratio exceeds 50% in many developed countries. This means that in any given year more divorces are pronounced than marriages are established.

Something is very wrong with this picture and it clearly depicts how misguided and schizophrenic our society has become.


Members of a farmer family - Row River Valley, beginning of the 20th century.
For centuries, the tradition was for individuals to spend all or most of their life in the family house with children, parents, grand parents and, in some cases, with extended family: step parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.

Family businesses like farming or craftsmanship were an important constituent of economic life.

But the industrial revolution gave rise to giant corporations, which destroyed small family businesses, created individual salaried jobs and concentrated economic activity in urban and/or industrial areas.

Traditional families, which were mostly located in rural areas, had to split. During this process, tribe-like families, the very core of community living for much of human evolution, the basic nucleus of any civilization, were destroyed.

Each family member was forced to go his own way. Today, the surviving grandparent is in a retirement home, the divorced father works in one city, the divorced mother lives in another town, the child works overseas, and other relatives are only met during funerals. Human beings have been separated from their familial nucleus, their tribe, and forced to live an isolated life.

In the past, when living in his family, an individual was in touch with his roots, he was exposed to moral values and principles, he had an active social life, he was taught by elders about local traditions, skills, oral history. He learned daily about sharing, caring and helping each other. He lived with the one he loved within his family and he could rely on resilient support to face material, financial, emotional challenges, including child care. The family was the very source of the individual identity, where each could define who they were, and set their very notion of good and bad.

The modern, isolated, urban life cancelled all of the above. Giving rise to a multitude of lonely, depressed, vulnerable individuals. As a result, global suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 years. Should we be surprised?

Life :

Even the value of life has been steadily destroyed by our 'modern civilization'. First contraception was developed, then abortion was legalized, then the morning/day/week-after pill became available. Of course abortion can be a good thing in traumatic cases like rapes or poor health, or poverty. But it's been pushed to the extreme, stripping women of their responsibility and their respect for that which is the most precious: life itself. The choice should not be between aborting or carrying an infant to term, but between whether to get pregnant or not. Contraception and education should be available to all women.

In vitro fertilization
Adults have been progressively stripped of their responsibilities towards life, which concomitantly became the object of profit and speculation with the legalization of surrogate mothers (renting a womb), sperm banks (buying male gametes), in vivo and in vitro fertilizations (buying human eggs and fetuses), the above mentioned adoptions (buying children), gene selections (buying a better genetic profile), along with international 'dating' websites (buying a wife) and sex change surgeries (buying a new gender).

Now that we have seen that the fundamentals of human society that enabled us to evolve and survive have been destroyed, and observed the way in which this destruction has been carried out, one question remains: why? There are several answers. From the perspective of the psychopathic 'elite', it enabled:

- The normalization of one of their favorite pastimes: pedophilia, through the sexualization of children and the legalization of adoption by homosexual couples. Who knows how long before their most pleasurable activities becomes normalized?

- The fulfillment of the neoconservative ideology where everything must be source of profit and greed, hence the commercialization of the last sacred part of humanity: children, pregnancy, fetuses, etc.

- The moral and social isolation of individuals (destruction of the family) making them easier prey and more compliant slaves.This is predation 101: an isolated prey is easier to catch.

However, this might not be the whole picture. At a more fundamental level, the agenda might be even more nefarious. This is where the 'Human Cosmic Connection' enters the picture, and you'll see that, from this point, things get really weird.

Severing the Human-Cosmic connection

A number of psychokinesis experiments have provided a body of evidence showing that human beings do have an influence on macro events. However, this influence doesn't necessarily match the intent of the subjects, many other factors are involved including the subject's unconscious, fears, emotional state, beliefs, etc.

I won't extensively develop this point here because, as mentioned previously, my book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic connection, particularly the fourth and last part (the Human-Cosmic connection) is fully dedicated to this topic: how individuals, influence the outside world, even on a macro scale.

This phenomenon - the human ability to influence macro-cosmic events - might be an important modulator of our environment and that might be the reason why our elites systematically ridicule what is condescendingly called 'parapsychology'.

Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, heads of the PEAR project at Princeton University
In any case, one of the most extensive and scientifically sound PK experiments was conducted by Dr. Robert Jahn, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton, and Brenda Dunne, a developmental psychologist at the University of Chicago.

This research is one of the very few 'parapsychology' studies that has been recognized by a prominent scientific organization, the U.S. National Research Council, which concluded that the experiment was rigorous and that its results could not be explained by chance.

Over a 12-year period, Jahn and Dunne conducted nearly 2.5 million trials in which participants sitting in front of a carefully configured Random Event Generator (REG) would first attempt to 'will' the machine to produce more 1s than 0s, then the reverse, then try not to influence the machine in any way.

Jahn and Dunne found a cumulated deviation that was statistically highly significant because the results were compiled from millions of trials, with dozens of correlating experiments. The odds of these results being produced by chance being one in a trillion.

Jahn and Dunne's experiment. Cumulated results. Top curve displays the shift for a ‘1’ intent, bottom curve displays the shift for a ‘0’ intent
Not only did Jahn and Dunne study how individuals influence 'random' events, but they also studied the influence exerted by a pair of subjects, and that is where things become really interesting.

The PEAR lab ran a series of studies using pairs of people, in which each pair was to act in concert when attempting to influence the machines. Of 256,500 trials, produced by fifteen pairs in forty-two experimental series, many pairs also produced a 'signature' result, which didn't necessarily resemble the effect of either individual alone.

Couples of the opposite sex, all of whom knew each other, had a powerful complementary effect, producing more than three and a half times the effect of individuals. However, 'bonded' pairs, those [heterosexual] couples in a relationship, had the most profound effect, which was nearly six times as strong as that of single operators.

In contrast, couples of the same sex tended to have a negative effect. These types of couples had a worse outcome than they achieved individually; with eight pairs of operators the results were the very opposite of what was intended.

Bonded heterosexual couples, the kind of couple that had, by far, the strongest influence, exhibited three fundamental specificities:

- heterosexuality, i.e. complementarity between man and woman. For this complementarity to fully materialize the man has to be manly (physical strength, courage, intellectual reasoning) while the woman has to be womanly (exhibiting traits like creativity, emotional intelligence, nurturing). As a matter of fact, the androgynization of individuals severs this very complementarity by producing womanly men and manly women.

- the bonding through the once sacred act of making love that united a man and a woman at physical, emotional and spiritual level. The progressive replacement of 'love making' by 'having sex' has de facto reduced this bonding potential.

- The lasting sharing, trust and commitment sealed by the marriage vows has been destroyed by the democratization of divorce, free union, civil pacts.

While bonded heterosexual couples, the kind of pairs that have the strongest influence on the reality around us, have been consistently inhibited to the point almost of destruction of those capacities, the normalization of homosexuality - including massive faux homosexuality - has given rise to a growing number of homosexual couples whose influence, as shown by Jahn and Dunnes, is not just weaker than the one exerted by individuals alone, but can produce the opposite effects of those intended.

Is it a coincidence to see that the seemingly unrelated devolutions described above (rise of homosexuality, androgynization, destruction of love and marriage) all contribute to the weakening of the 'human-cosmic connection'? If someone wanted to minimize the cosmic influence exerted by our civilization, a good way to go about it would be to do all the things listed above.

Keep in mind that, of course, marriage, family, heterosexuality, manliness and womanliness do not guarantee perfect happiness at all. There are many dysfunctional heterosexual couples with children. However, if we have reached a point on the devolutionary curve where we have to choose between two evils, it would make sense to choose the lesser one. From this perspective, the traditional family and life were better than the 'modern' world the 'elite' have foisted upon us.

While writing the last chapter of this article, I finally decided to talk to Grandma about Conchita Wurst. During my last visit, I made an hesitant description of the Eurovision winner: "well, let me think, it's a man, who went through surgery and got some woman features, emm..., but it's not really a woman. Hmm.., also he changed his name, he dresses up like a woman and wears make-up, but he sports a beard too".

A long silence followed the description. I guess my Grandma was trying to create a mental picture of this unusual individual. After one or two minutes my Grandma just said: "il manque pas d'air!", which is a slightly obsolete idiom meaning "what a provocateur!"

While mainstream media were praising Conchita Wurst for her courage, her bravery and her talent, all my Grandma could see was the opposite: a tawdry provocation.

As the old saying goes: "Out of the mouths of babes [or grandmas] comes the truth". It might also apply to the ancients, especially in times of devolution, when, generation after generation, common sense, moral landmarks, and critical thinking are steadily undermined.

John Martin. The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah. A possible example of the connection between 'sins' and cosmic reactions. Later, the anti -gay propaganda twisted the event as God's wrath triggered by homosexuality.