EU country set to outlaw smoking on beaches

People smoking on beach
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Spain is set to introduce a nationwide ban on smoking on the country's beaches, with offenders facing fines of up to โ‚ฌ2,000 for breaches in what is believed to be the first nationwide restriction in Europe of its kind.

The new measure is part of the national Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil, which was approved by the Spanish Senate on Thursday and is considered by the government to be "one of the main pieces of legislation to promote the circular and low-carbon economy in Spain."

Comment: Did dangerous pesticides and GMO crops which are devastating the soil and peoples health come as a part of the national Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil?

The totalitarian grip on humanity has many faces and this is one of them.

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Britain needs a cigarette

Man smoking
The English want to ban smoking โ€” I'll take my chances

I will be 84 next month โ€” even though I have smoked since I was sixteen. I started with five Woodbines and now I smoke Davidoff magnums which I have to get from Germany.

I recently told my doctor I smoke twenty a day, then about ten in the evenings โ€” and I try and keep it down to five during the night. I also told him that I have had three doctors in the last fifty years. Each of them recommended I give up. But each of them has now died; the last one only a year older than me. My new doctor laughed and said nothing. He has a good sense of humour.

My father was a very keen anti-smoker, but he died at 75 because he ate too many chocolate biscuits. He was a diabetic who would walk up the street to buy a packet of chocolate biscuits and then eat them all in the park. This caused him to go into comas, which he did once too often and died of a heart attack in the hospital. He knew that going into a coma damages your heart, but he was a lot more worried about the smokers.

I knew this was completely irrational, but I also knew that he wasn't alone. One of the reasons I moved to Normandy was because there are many people in England like him who are now trying to ban smoking. All of them are humourless bossy boots.


Best of the Web: Indian study finds smokers and people in blood group O less vulnerable to Covid-19

Comment: The 'Covid surge' in India - like the rest of this nonsense - is probably mostly media hype. In the meantime, here's some real 'Covid news' out of India...

woman smoking cigarette tobacco
An Indian study has found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus nearly spares smokers and people with 'O' blood group. The serosurvey conducted by the Indian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) also found that vegetarians also have less sero-positivity than the rest of the population.

The pan-India serosurvey studied the presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in people. One of the authors of the study said the paper was recently peer-reviewed.

While smokers and vegetarians had lower sero-positivity, those with blood group 'O' were found to be less vulnerable to the disease, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported, citing the study.

Comment: We're unsure what to make of this vegetarian signal in their data. India has the highest percentage of vegetarians in the world - by far - at up to 40%, while just 12% of its population smokes. Meanwhile, blood group O people, generally, function best on a high (animal) protein diet.

Comment: By April 14th, when this 'Covid surge in India' made international headlines, more than 111 million people had been vaccinated in that country. So the vaccines aren't working, but smoking sure seems to.

For clarification, the smoking-Covid statistics listed for each country above are phenomenal. What it means is that SMOKING TOBACCO, not 'getting the jab', is the only real 'Covid-preventative medicine'.

As we've been pointing out for - ooh - 20 years now, the official message on smoking tobacco has covered up its health benefits. What's worse is that governments today are moving fast to ban smoking outright - just when it's finally getting the credit it deserves as arguably the most potent anti-viral 'on the market'...

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Biden regime plans to mandate 'slashing amount of nicotine in cigarettes'

Comment: Again, we note that laws banning smoking, 'fighting' climate change, 'fighting' Covid, and 'providing' social justice all go hand-in-hand. There's a tight set of topics that a certain cohort of every population is obsessed with forcing all to conform with...

The Biden administration may force tobacco companies to slash the amount of nicotine contained in cigarettes, a report says.

The White House is considering implementing a measure that would force cigarette companies to adjust the levels of nicotine in their products to a non-addictive or minimally-addictive level, according to The Wall Street Journal.

They are also reportedly considering a total ban on menthol products, which have long been considered a gateway product for younger smokers.

Comment: This move was 'pioneered' by the Irish govt last year, during the first week of lockdown.

The Food and Drug Administration, which has regulatory oversight of tobacco, must respond in court by 29 April to a citizens' petition to ban menthols.

Comment: Curiously, New Zealand, seemingly at the forefront of the totalitarian agenda, just announced similar moves: New Zealand govt 'considering' outlawing tobacco altogether by 2025

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Best of the Web: New Zealand govt 'considering' outlawing tobacco altogether by 2025

ardern smoking
New Zealand is considering phasing out the legal sale of tobacco with a date-based ban on smoking products.

Lawmakers are mulling plans to gradually increase the legal age at which people can buy tobacco products as New Zealand aims to become smoke-free by 2025.

Comment: This makes a mockery of adults, freedom of choice, and law generally; if a person is legally old enough to vote, drive a car, have sex, drink alcohol, surely they can choose whether they wish to smoke?

In a consultation document, the government said: "A smoke-free generation policy would prohibit the sale, and the supply in a public place, of smoked tobacco products to new cohorts from a specified date.

Comment: That didn't work for prohibition in the US, nor has it worked for any country with marijuana. Moreover, it actually tends to make things worse by channeling those profits into organized crime.

Comment: One of the worst aspects of the whole smoking 'debate' is that those pushing for its prohibition are basing their opinions on erroneous data; smoking tobacco isn't harmful, moreover, for some people smoking tobacco can be highly beneficial. However, the corruption of science is nothing new, and we see similar deleterious effects on society with government dietary guidelines that have led to soaring rates of obesity and diabetes: For more on the matter, check out SOTT radio's: The Health & Wellness Show: The Truth about Tobacco and the Benefits of Nicotine


The Netherlands to ban cigarette sales in supermarkets from 2024, vending machines from 2022

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The Netherlands will ban the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in supermarkets from 2024 in a drive to get more people to give up smoking, the government said on Friday.

Together with a ban on cigarette vending machines from 2022, the supermarket ban will remove around 11,000 of the current 16,000 tobacco vending points in the country, the government said.

Supermarkets currently make up 55% of all tobacco sales in the Netherlands.

"This will prevent a lot of unnecessary deaths and medical suffering," deputy health minister Paul Blokhuis said of the supermarket move in a statement.

Comment: See also: Smoke, Lies And The Nanny State


Turkey bans smoking in public areas amid surge of COVID-19 patients

No smoking!
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Turkey on Wednesday banned smoking in crowded public places to slow a recent surge in symptomatic coronavirus patients, the Interior Minister said, as the government warned citizens to abide by protective measures.

Daily coronavirus cases in Turkey have recently spiked, with 2,693 patients identified on Wednesday. Ankara only reports the number of those who show symptoms, a decision which critics have said hides the true scale of the outbreak in the country.

In a nationwide notice, the Interior Ministry said the smoking ban aimed to ensure citizens comply with rules to wear protective masks properly in public because people were seen to lower them while smoking.


Wales bans smoking in playgrounds, school grounds and hospitals

Smoking ban in Wales
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A ban on smoking in playgrounds, school grounds and hospital sites in Wales will begin next March.

Councils will have powers to issue fixed-penalty notices for breaches of the law, the Welsh Government said.

It means smokers at hospital will need to leave the grounds to have a cigarette. Smoking rooms in hotels will also be banned in 2022.

Senedd members backed the measure in a vote on Tuesday night, with 45 politicians voting for the regulations.

The law makes Wales the first country in the UK to ban smoking in playgrounds and school grounds.


The fascist antismoking crusade rides on: Smokers may be forced to get prescription for cigarettes as part of plan to stop Aussies smoking forever

Smokers could be forced to get their cigarettes from pharmacies using a prescription under a new plan from anti smoking advocates.

The hardline proposal is part of a university's plan to end smoking forever, and includes cutting off cigarette sales permanently to anyone born after a certain date.

Associate Professor Coral Gartner, from the University of Queensland's Centre for Research Excellence on Achieving the Tobacco Endgame (CREATE), says smoking may never be outlawed but there must be an 'endgame' goal to permanently reduce the use of tobacco which causes nearly 'one in seven deaths' in Australia and is responsible for 'nine percent of the disease burden'.

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Wales bans smoking on sidelines of children's football

Smoking man
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Wales is to become the first country in the UK to see smoking banned on the sidelines of children's football games in a historic move by the Football Association of Wales (FAW) and FAW Trust.

The decision by the FAW to introduce a no smoking policy on the side-lines of its small-sided, children's football games has been welcomed by Health Minister Vaughan Gething and follows a campaign by ASH Wales aimed at de-normalising smoking and preventing children from ever taking up the habit, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and increased risks faced by smokers.

It launched the policy on Monday to mark World Heart Day which is run by the World Heart Federation and supported by UEFA and Healthy Stadia.

In the first grass-roots country-wide initiative of its kind in the UK, FAW and FAW Trust will ask all small-sided football teams to apply the policy during games and training sessions for 522 junior clubs, 3,159 teams and 42,232 players across Wales.

Comment: See also: Let's All Light Up!