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Sat, 11 Jul 2020
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Several casinos ban indoor smoking citing COVID-19 concerns

Parx Casino
© Visit Philly
Multiple Pennsylvania gaming properties are now smoke-free after recent directives from state regulators to improve worker and player health.

Among them is The Meadows Racetrack & Casino, located in Washington, which announced on social media that smoking was "phased out in the casino" and it reopened Saturday (July 4) morning "as a 100% smoke free facility."

The decision was made after an order from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, according to WPXI, a local TV station.

Another Pennsylvania TV station, WGAL, reported that Hollywood Casino, located in Grantville, also banned smoking. It also follows a decision by the Department of Health and Gaming Control Board.

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Jordanian government bans smoking, vaping in indoor public spaces

No smoking sign in Jordan
© Alamy
The Jordanian government has banned smoking and vaping in all indoor public spaces a week after a Guardian investigation revealed tobacco use in the country had become the highest in the world.

The country's health ministry said on Wednesday all enclosed public areas would now be "100% smoke-free environments", building on an existing but widely flouted ban on smoking inside government buildings, and ending an exemption for hotels, cafes and restaurants provided they separated smokers from non-smokers.

Public health campaigners cautiously welcomed the announcement as a major step forward in a country where more than 82% of men smoke or consume nicotine in some form, according to government and World Health Organization data published by the Guardian last week.

"[It's] a first step to applying the public-health law to combat the scourge of smoking in our beloved Jordan," said Princess Dina Mired, the president of the Union for International Cancer Control and a member of the country's royal family, in a tweet. "We hope the smoke-prevention law will be implemented in all public places in its entirety."

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Smoke, Lies And The Nanny State

joe jackson smoking
For thousands of years in the Americas, and about 500 years pretty much everywhere else, tobacco has been a friend to mankind. It has been used to relax, to stimulate, and to treat various ailments. It has been a vital part of rituals both social and spiritual. It has been used as currency. Whole communities have been founded on it - including, arguably, the United States of America.

Wait a minute. Scratch that! Smoking is a vile, filthy habit that will almost inevitably kill you. No one smokes willingly; they are simply pathetic addicts, duped by evil tobacco companies. Tobacco is a plague which must be wiped out.

Like most people these days, I was more inclined, up until a few years ago, to believe the second paragraph than the first. I was a very moderate smoker and almost gave up. But something about the sheer hysteria of the anti smoking movement, and the various holes and contradictions in their arguments, made me suspicious. Some time in the late 1990s I arrived in Los Angeles and, as my taxi pulled out of the airport, I was confronted by a huge red billboard: SECONDHAND SMOKE KILLS. I thought: even heavy smokers take several decades to develop lung cancer. Surely a nonsmoker, even regularly exposed to smoke in the air, would have to live to be about 300 to catch up? And how exactly would you know it was smoke that killed them, as opposed to, say, the appalling LA smog?

Since then I've researched the smoking issue in depth. I've unraveled reams of statistics, met with doctors and academics, and networked with scores of other researchers and activists who are trying to get at the truth. I'm now convinced that the dangers of smoking - and particularly 'passive' smoking - are greatly exaggerated, for reasons which have more to do with politics, power and profit than objective science. I believe the anti-smoking movement - especially lobby groups like ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) - has far too much money and influence, and that their dishonesty and bullying tactics should be worrying even to those who hate tobacco.


French researchers to give nicotine patches to coronavirus patients, frontline workers after low infection rates found among smokers

Comment: They would save themselves trouble if they just gave them tobacco to smoke...

Man with nicotine patch
French researchers are planning to trial whether nicotine patches will help prevent - or lessen the effects of - the deadly coronavirus.

Evidence is beginning to show the proportion of smokers infected with coronavirus is much lower than the rates in the general population.

Scientists are now questioning whether nicotine could stop the virus from infecting cells, or if it may prevent the immune system overreacting to the infection.

Doctors at a major hospital in Paris - who also found low rates of smoking among the infected - are now planning to give nicotine patches to COVID-19 patients.

They will also give them to frontline workers to see if the stimulant has any effect on preventing the spread of the virus, according to reports.

Comment: BUT they're only giving them to select COVID-19 patients for 'trials'. Meanwhile, they're moving to BAN the sale of nicotine patches. They know tobacco products work, so they're in a race to control the supply before people realize the scam:

France bans online sales of nicotine products, limits sale in pharmacies

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Bombshell COVID-19 discovery: Smokers are far less likely to contract illness - Scientists 'astonished'

Comment: Holy Geebus, we really are near The End! A British daily has published evidence that smoking tobacco protects people from COVID-19!

smokers outside buildings

Forced into a form of social isolation for the last 20 years, smokers are in fact best positioned to cope with viral pandemics
When world-famous artist wrote a letter to the Daily Mail saying he believes smoking could protect people against the coronavirus many scoffed. Mr Hockney wrote: 'Could it not be that smokers have developed an immune system to this virus? With all these figures coming out, it's beginning to look like that to me.'

Understandably the claim was brushed off as laughable and 'rubbish' by many.

But is it?

A leading infectious disease expert at University College London, Professor Francois Balloux, said there is 'bizarrely strong' evidence it could be true.

Comment: Wow.

It finally happened.

A mainstream article that has no choice but to acknowledge a strong scientific signal that smoking tobacco protects people against certain viruses.

It only took them 20-freaking-years of crappy science and precisely the wrong medical advice - and a farcical 'pandemic' - to figure it out!

Well, we told y'all so.


India government bans sale of tobacco and liquor

Indians queue outside store in Chennai
A queue outside a TASMAC store in Chennai, on March 21, 2020.
The central government has banned the sale of substances like liquor and tobacco during the extended lockdown in place to ensure social distancing, a key tool in the fight against the coronavirus.

In a list of directives released Wednesday, enforceable under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, the government banned the sale of liquor, tobacco and gutka. It also said people who spit in public would be fined. (For a summary of the national directives, click here.)

The novel coronavirus, known as SARS-CoV-2, causes a potentially fatal respiratory illness -- Covid-19 -- and spreads primarily through respiratory droplets produced when a person talks, coughs or sneezes.


New York physicians urge Gov Cuomo to issue order banning sale of all tobacco products to battle coronavirus

Person smoking
© Warren Lynam
A group of doctors and medical professionals think forcing New Yorkers to kick the habit will help battle coronavirus.

The New York State Academy of Family Physicians is urging Gov. Cuomo to issue an executive order banning the sale of all tobacco products, citing a study that found smokers are at an increased risk of being impacted by the respiratory illness.

"As our state and country struggle to respond to the rapidly evolving and escalating COVID-19 pandemic affecting our residents and straining our healthcare system, mounting evidence demonstrates the link between tobacco use and increased risk for progressive COVID-19," the group's president, Dr. Barbara Keber, said in a statement.

Prior to the coronavirus crisis, Cuomo had already made curtailing the growing popularity of vaping a priority.

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Ireland bans menthol cigarettes, rolling tobacco and all branding as part of EU's dictatorial anti-smoking directive

Comment: Just as the 'Corona Lockdown' commences too. Sneaky pathocrats!

In Ireland, menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco, along with irregularly shaped packs such as skinny cigarettes will be banned from May 20.

Also included in the ban are click dual cigarettes that change from normal to menthol.

It's all part of the four year phasing-out period of the EU Tobacco Product Directive which entered into force in May 2014 and became applicable in all EU countries on May 20th 2016.

Branding outlawed too

Comment: People have been benefiting from smoking tobacco for thousands of years, and those who can see through the lies of the fascist anti-smoking brigade are unlikely to stop any time soon. Now, more than ever, do those people need Nicotine - The Zombie Antidote. Also check out SOTT radio's: The Health & Wellness Show: The Truth about Tobacco and the Benefits of Nicotine


Smoking to be banned at all train stations, platforms in the Netherlands

Train station smoking ban in Netherlands
© Zachary Newmark/NL Times
Passengers board a Brussels-bound train at Amsterdam Centraal, 9 May 2018.
Smoking will soon be forbidden at all train stations across the Netherlands, according to national railway NS. The organization is working with railroad infrastructure firm ProRail to expand the existing smoking ban to include platforms and other station facilities.

Smoking facilities on the platforms will be removed in October. ProRail previously said it would dismantle all areas where passengers may smoke by midway through 2021.

Tobacco products will also no longer be sold at NS-owned shops, namely Kiosk and StationsHuiskamer, beginning April 1. The tobacco ban will be in place at these 136 sales points. The NS holds the rights to several AH to Go franchises located at the train stations. In total, the NS operates about 270 shops.

"In addition, NS will no longer close new contracts with tenants who want to sell tobacco at the station," the NS said in a statement.


Nanny State: Greece PM says no exemptions in smoking ban

Greece smoking ban
© ekathimerini.com
Three days after Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis unveiled his government's plan to crack down on smoking in public places, inspections were in full swing Thursday as Deputy Health Minister Vassilis Kontozamanis vowed that the law would be enforced "to the letter."

Kontozamanis' comments came amid calls for exceptions to be granted to large nightclubs and other venues.

"We all know that governments in the past did not dare to fully enforce the law," Kontozamanis told Skai. "Things have changed."

Asked whether any concessions could be granted for casinos, betting shops and nightclubs - where opposition to change has been most vehement - Kontozamanis said there would be no exceptions.

"If we start with the loopholes, the law won't be enforced," he said. He added that the government's key aim was not to raise revenue but to protect public health. "It is the state's duty to protect, to inform, to warn people, and that's what we're doing with the full ban on smoking," he said.

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