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Wed, 18 May 2022
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Don't underestimate the power of your influence

© Substack / Dr. Tess Lawrie
The World Health Organisation has blood on its hands. Utterly compromised by private interests, it is directly implicated in the greatest crime against humanity this world has ever seen. At best, you could describe it as parlous mismanagement of a global pandemic, but I would argue that continually promoting experimental gene therapies even as the adverse events racked up on its own reporting system goes rather beyond mismanagement.

As mass panic about Covid-19 spread, the WHO could have been a voice of reason. It could have acted as an impartial public health advisory, evaluating the evidence, recommending early treatments, and giving people at the very least an informed choice on whether to have these new vaccines or not. Its remit is 'to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable'. It has failed.

In a sane world, this failure would be enough to require an international investigation of the WHO and an accounting of its Covid-19 recommendations. But we all know that sanity, at least in the corridors of so-called power, has long departed. Instead, the WHO seems to believe it has not done enough, has not wielded enough influence. As I've mentioned previously, it now wants the power to not only call a pandemic, but to call a 'potential or actual health emergency', and then to override the constitutions of sovereign nations to force its disastrous public health policies on millions of men, women and children.

This is what is effectively being proposed through amendments to the International Health Regulations, and it is madness.

The next flu season could be enough for the WHO to try on its new powers and force us back into lockdowns, introducing mandates for inadequately tested new drugs and therapies. Some may think that the WHO would never do such a thing. But the point is, with the suggested amendments, it could.


The Rise of the New Normal Reich

Nazi Mask
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I told you this part wasn't going to be pretty. I didn't think it would get to the point where the Wall Street Journal would go full Buck Turgidson and call on the United States to "show it can win a nuclear war," but I wasn't entirely off the mark either.

Back in January (i.e., a million years ago), in The Last Days of the Covidian Cult, I wrote:
...we are getting dangerously close to the point where GloboCap will need to go full-blown fascist if they want to finish what they started. If that happens, things are going to get very ugly. I know, things are already ugly, but I'm talking a whole different kind of ugly. Think Jonestown, or Hitler's final days in the bunker, or the last few months of the Manson Family."
I don't know about you, but I kind of feel like the threat of global thermonuclear war qualifies as a "different kind of ugly." And, OK, before you accuse me of exaggerating the danger of the ungodly mess that GloboCap has made in the Ukraine, I'd like to point out that even Thomas Friedman is starting to sound the alarm.

Thomas fucking Friedman, folks ... a man with no moral conscience whatsoever, who has never met a GloboCap war of aggression that he could not support, and who has justified the gratuitous barbecuing of millions of men, women, and children without so much as a second thought throughout his long and lucrative career as an A-List mouthpiece for the ruling classes. When The Stash gets nervous, I start to get nervous.

Also, there's the GloboCap Nazi thing. I'm not exactly a hothouse flower, but I have to admit that watching my liberal friends and colleagues go goo-goo for actual swastika-tattooed, Sieg-heiling Nazis has rattled my nerves a little bit. OK ... I'm sorry, we're not allowed to call them "Nazis." I believe "defenders" is the term du jour.

Seriously, here's an actual screenshot from The Guardian featuring the leader of the neo-Nazi Azov Detachment...

Nazi Commander
© The Guardian
Oh, and meanwhile, as the rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem, and the former fanatical Covidian Cultists turned fanatical Ukrainian Cultists scream for "more weapons" and "more direct engagement," and revel in their anguish for the wives of neo-Nazis, the official history of the 2020-2021 Covid pandemic is being written and the actual history being memory-holed in real time, right before our eyes.


Revelation of the Method

Programmed Robots
© Off-Guardian
CIA Director, William Casey is reputed to have said to Ronald Reagan 'We'll know our disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes is false.'

Fast forward thirty years, and there's no piece of fiction the masses will not swallow.

From Woke to COVID to the war in Ukraine, people no longer make their own ideological pilgrimages to the truth - the truth is served oven-ready by their political betters.

Nowadays, there's little distinction between the two hemispheres: reality and illusion. It's not so much that people have been robbed of their ability to decipher between these two, it's that facts have been reoriented into fiction and fiction into facts. It's a degradation of epistemology so momentous, that people don't even know that they don't know that they don't know what's happening. To quote one former anarchist.

In the grand scheme of things, humanity has perjured themselves and life as we know it has morphed into a sort of science-fiction, soap-opera with few common ancestors to reality. Even right-thinking folks require the equivalent of a cerebral chainsaw to hollow out the slew of implausible narratives into something remotely resembling reality. It goes beyond fiction to predictive programming. They're not just deceiving you; they're showing you that they're deceiving you.

What is neither here nor there to the deceived is the track record of their deceivers. Before the ink dried on the newsprint proclaiming the crisis in-waiting, the falsifications of COVID were buried under the falsehoods of war, Zelensky's standing ovation at Westminster knocked Pfizer data's release off the rostrum and those formerly joined at the hip to COVID got hitched to their Ukrainian brides.

This entire fiasco holds water because what people think they know for sure, that just ain't so, is a consensus. A preponderance of fabrications, falsehoods and false prophets governs the spiritual milieu. People worship the prosaic and glorify artifice. Our moral choices are guided by platitude and not virtue, anecdote and not evidence.

To complicate matters, what was formerly held sacred has become profane and what was formerly profane has become sacred, to quote Robert Sepehr.

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Do the Pfizer "data dumps" really mean anything?

Vaxxed and Pregnant
© Off-Guardian
The latest batch of Pfizer's Covid vaccine files just dropped. 80,000 pages of patient files and "trial data" and so and so on.

You can read them all here.

The question is, do they really tell us anything we don't already know?

The big revelation doing the rounds at the minute is that the vaccines were never trialled with, and were specifically not recommended for, pregnant women.

But is this new information?

When governments started "recommending" the Covid vaccine to pregnant women in the Summer of 2021, everybody who had been paying attention knew that position was not backed up by any data at all.

OffG got temporarily banned from twitter for pointing this out.

More broadly speaking: Of course the vaccines were never tested on pregnant women, they were never properly tested on anybody.

It takes 10 years to safely produce and trial a vaccine, not 18 months. And what "trials" they claim to have done in that year and a half were a complete sham.

In a way, the "not recommended for pregnant women" disclosure is actually good for Pfizer.

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Is Australia a sovereign nation or just a state of Pfizerland?

Don't mention the Australian vaccine: The TGA bans Aussie Professor from talking about his work
TGA Australia

Australia has a mini Ministry of Truth already. It's called the TGA.

Australians can probably still get a Pfizer vaccine in chemists and carparks across Australia, but they still need to fly to Iran to get an Australian-made vaccine. The good news is that at least this week it's legal for Australians to finally fly to Tehran without taking Pfizer or Moderna shot first — as long as they don't fly on an Australian airline. (Not mentioning any names, Qantas!)

The people mostly responsible for this situation are the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association). They're supposed to be looking after Australians health but somehow all their decisions happen to be exactly what a Pfizer CEO would want. Spooky eh? The TGA rushed the approval for the Pfizer vaccines, but still, millions of doses later, won't release the procurement contracts, even under FOI. Signed on our behalf, and for our own good, yes? Did they even read the documents that Pfizer AND the FDA tried to hide for 75 years?

Now meet Professor Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University, Australia, who had already developed protein based vaccines against the original SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012, so he was the obvious choice to develop an old fashioned protein based vaccine in Australia. (Hey, but it's not like we want to develop our own vaccine industry, eh?).

So he went on to make a protein vaccine against SARS-2 and has got approval to use it in Iran. Last I heard (months ago) they had sold 6 million doses to Iran, apparently with great results.

With all the makings of a Great Banana Republic Australia promptly sacked Petrovsky for taking his own vaccine instead of one of the foreign ones approved by The Sacred T.G.A committee. We can't have vaccine experts at uni picking their own vaccines can we?

Somehow the Australian government spent something like $6 billion on foreign vaccines but asked the small Australian company to pay $300,000 to get approved here. So Petrovsky ran a GoFundMe, and it was so popular it raised a million dollars. Finally he has permission and funding to run Australian trials, but now he doesn't have permission to talk about it. Who knew he needed that? Apparently the TGA says it will fine him $13,000 or maybe one million (convenient, eh?) if he does. (Updated: I hear it's an $11m threat now).

If only Australians were smart enough to hear the words of Professors without "protection" by unaccountable committees?


5 signs they are CREATING a food crisis

Food Crisis
© Off-Guardian
It's no secret that, according to politicians and the corporate press, "food shortages" and a "food supply crises" have been on the way for a while now. They have been regularly predicted for several years.

What's really strange is that despite its near-constant incipience, the food shortage never seems to actually arrive and is always blamed on something new.

As long ago as 2012, "scientists" were predicting that climate change and a lack of clean water would create "food shortages" that would "turn the world vegetarian by 2050".

In 2019, UN "experts" warned that "climate change was threatening the world's food supply".

Later the same year, the UK was warned that they could expect a food shortage as a result of "post-Brexit chaos".

By early March 2020 supermarkets were already "warning" that the government had been too slow to act on the coronavirus outbreak, and they might run out of food. (They never actually did).

A month later, in April 2020 when the "pandemic" was less than three months old, "officials" warned Covid was going to create a global food crisis. Three months later it had ballooned into "the worst food crisis for 50 years".

In the Summer of 2021 the British press was predicting the "worst food shortages since world war 2" and "rolling power cuts", allegedly due to a lack of truck drivers blamed equally on Covid and Brexit (neither the shortages nor power cuts ever really materialised).

By September 2021, the UK was told the gas price spike would create a shortage of frozen food, and just a month later, that we may have to ration meat ahead of Christmas, due to the gas crisis. (There never was any rationing)

In January 2022, Australia saw "empty supermarket shelves" blamed on the Omicron variant crippling the supply chain, while the US had the same empty shelves blamed on bad winter weather.

Moving into the spring of 2022, the food crisis is still on its way...only now it's because of the war in Ukraine, or China's "Zero Covid" policies, or the bird flu outbreak.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that - since the food crisis is always expected but never arrives, and is always blamed on the current thing - that it doesn't really exist. That it's nothing but a psy-op designed to spread panic and give suppliers an excuse to jack up their prices in response to fake "scarcity" created by the press.

However, there are indications that this may be about to change.

In a Brussels press conference on March 25th of this year, Joe Biden said...
Regarding food shortages - yes, we did talk about shortages, and they're going to be real."
...which is a decidedly odd thing to say.

Most of the time the only reason to strongly affirm something is "going to be real" from now on, is that up to that point it was not.

Indeed, there are a few signs that the food supply is about to genuinely come under attack.

Comment: Ice Age Farmer: War on food goes hot - FBI warns cyberattacks on farms - One farm stands up


Pentagon's biological warfare built on war crimes of fascist Japan and Nazi Germany

US Biolabs
© Public Domain
Russia and China have lobbied the UN Security Council for an independent investigation into dozens of laboratories that were being run by the Pentagon in Ukraine up until Moscow launched its military intervention in February.

Russia has published classified documents showing that the Pentagon was engaged in developing biological weapons of mass destruction. Washington has disputed the Russian and Chinese concerns as "disinformation", claiming that the laboratories were conducting biomedical defense studies into diseases.

Why then was U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland worried that Russian forces could acquire samples from the labs if they were for innocent biomedical research? Why were the laboratories ordered by the Ukrainian government to immediately destroy samples when Russian troops invaded Ukraine?

Even imminent U.S. experts on biowarfare have concurred with the Russian and Chinese positions that the involvement of the Pentagon in Ukraine implies a sinister purpose that deserves at least impartial investigation.

Adding to the concerns is the direct involvement of Fort Detrick personnel and infrastructure with the Ukrainian facilities in recent years. If we reflect on the World War Two origins of Fort Detrick and how it effectively collaborated with Japanese and Nazi scientists for developing U.S. biological weapons that nefarious historical background undergirds present Russian and Chinese apprehensions.

Following World War Two, Japanese and German war criminals were saved from the gallows by the political intervention of the United States. The immunity deals were made in order to give the U.S. an advantage over the Soviet Union in an anticipated arms race for supremacy in biological and chemical warfare.

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People wearing mask
© Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times
Commuters wear face masks at Union Station in Los Angeles. A clinical trial of the coronavirus-fighting ability of masks did not show that they helped, but researchers say the results actually strengthen the case for universal mask use.
The pandemic has eased, but not the compulsion of many Americans to cover their faces. Fully vaccinated adults are still wearing masks on their solitary walks outdoors, and officials have been enforcing mask mandates on airline passengers and on some city-dwellers and students. (Though today's ruling by U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Tampa, declaring the Biden administration's mask mandate for public transportation unlawful, comes as welcome news.) Maskaholics in the press are calling for permanent masking on trains, planes, and buses. High school students in Seattle staged a protest demanding that a mask mandate be reinstated, and psychologists now deal with the anxieties of children who don't want their classmates to see their faces. They're suffering from "mask dependency," as this psychological affliction is termed in Japan, where a long tradition of mask-wearing during flu season has left some individuals afraid at any time to expose their faces in public.

It's a difficult addiction to overcome, according to the Japanese therapists who specialize in treating it — but a simple remedy might help some maskaholics. It's a graph that should be required viewing for everyone still wearing a mask and every public official or journalist who still insists that mask mandates "control the spread."
Mask vs No Mask
© Graphs by Ian Miller
The graph tracks the results of a natural experiment that occurred nationwide during the pandemic. Eleven states never mandated masks, while the other 39 states enforced mandates. The mandates typically began early in the pandemic in 2020 and remained until at least the summer of 2021, with some extending into 2022. The black line on the graph shows the weekly rate of Covid cases in all the states with mask mandates that week, while the orange line shows the rate in all the states without mandates.


'Pandemic Treaty' will hand WHO keys to global government

Suggested clauses would incentivize reporting "pandemics", and see nations punished for "non-compliance".

Global Goverance
© Adobe-Stock
The first public hearings on the proposed "Pandemic Treaty" are closed, with the next round due to start in mid-June.

We've been trying to keep this issue on our front page, entirely because the mainstream is so keen to ignore it and keep churning out partisan war porn and propaganda.

When we - and others - linked to the public submissions page, there was such a response that the WHO's website actually briefly crashed, or they pretended it crashed so people would stop sending them letters.

Either way, it's a win. Hopefully one we can replicate in the summer.

Until then, the signs are that what scant press coverage there is, mostly across the metaphorical back-pages of the internet, will be focused on making the treaty "strong enough" and ensuring national governments can be "held accountable".

An article in the UK's Telegraph from April 12th headlines:
Real risk a pandemic treaty could be 'too watered down' to stop new outbreaks
It focuses on a report from the Panel for a Global Public Health Convention (GPHC), and quotes one of the report's authors Dame Barbara Stocking:
Our biggest fear [...] is it's too easy to think that accountability doesn't matter. To have a treaty that does not have compliance in it, well frankly then there's no point in having a treaty,"
The GPHC report goes on to say that the current International Health Regulations are "too weak", and calls for the creation of a new "independent" international body to "assess government preparedness" and "publicly rebuke or praise countries, depending on their compliance with a set of agreed requirements".


COVID vaccinations and Oxitec's 'flying syringes'

Mosquito Jabs
© Blue Moon of Shanghai
This essay is going to ramble a bit because we need to build a framework of links as a foundation for our main point. Some apparently disparate elements are closely connected as part of a broader agenda, but we need first to identify the relationships.

ZIKA South America, 2015

Aedes Mossquito
© Blue Moon of Shanghai
We begin with a brief review of ZIKA, this 2015 outbreak in South America of a virus so mild that it had never done anything to anybody. ZIKA normally produces symptoms such as a slight fever or conjunctivitis and sometimes joint pain, but typically so mild that the symptoms last for only a few days and most people don't even know they have it. ZIKA is not contagious but is transmitted by mosquitoes, which means you must be bitten by an infected mosquito to contract it.

There is much about the ZIKA outbreak that is important to our story. You may want to read my prior article on ZIKA to fully understand. (1) For now, we can note that the outbreak was accompanied by an intense flood of carefully-organised media propaganda with an astonishing amount of fear-mongering about a small number of unrelated birth defects (microcephaly), leading to enormous pressure on Latin American governments to eliminate their anti-abortion legislation. This appears to have been the entire purpose of the media flood, and it was rather successful in that three countries capitulated.

Perhaps the most important point is that there was never any explanation for ZIKA's sudden decision to travel more than 12,000 kilometers from Micronesia to abruptly appear in Brazil, nor for its ability to almost instantaneously infect countless millions of people in more than 20 countries covering nearly 20 million square kilometers. The official WHO version was that ZIKA was "believed to have been brought to Brazil by an infected visitor to the World Cup", a statement that appeared superficially credible but which constituted logical rubbish. There was no way that one or a few infected travelers could have been bitten by hundreds of millions of local mosquitoes who in turn became infected and then spread over 20 million square kilometers in a month. In any case, ZIKA was in Brazil long before the World Cup.

There was one crucial fact that was heavily suppressed by the mass media: A UK company named Oxitec had been conducting "trans-genic" mosquito trials in all these areas immediately prior to the mass regional outbreak. The theory was to release billions of sterile mosquitoes which would mate with the local species and produce sterile offspring, thereby eradicating the local mosquito population. I will expand on this later, but Oxitec's "trials" all proved to have been failures, with no resultant reduction in local populations and with a frightening gene transfer from the trans-genic insects to the local species. Since ZIKA was not endemic to Brazil or indeed to South-Central America, it had to be introduced from somewhere, and on a massive scale. In light of all the evidence, the only possible conclusion was that Oxitec's billions of mosquitoes were knowingly infected with the ZIKA virus prior to release in South America. No other conclusion is even slightly credible.