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Sun, 31 Jul 2016
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Strange Sounds


Mystery booms continue daily in Sonora, California; town still seeking answers

A mysterious booming noise in a small California town has residents baffled, and has sparked many conspiracy theories.

Every weekday, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., a thunderous noise rocks through Sonora, California, according to locals.

The cause of the mysterious booms remains a mystery, with local residents pointing to everything from mining operations to aliens.

Glen White, a local teacher and geologist who has researched the sound extensively, told local ABC affiliate KXTV-TV that he thinks the noise comes from bombs and grenades exploding.

White said he believes the explosions come from an Army depot outside of Hawthorne, Nevada, about a hundred miles away from Sonora. There, a private company disposes and dismantles old munitions, White said.

Comment: Only on weekdays? If it's not the munitions depot, what could cause such booms to occur consistently on only five days a week? Sonora isn't the only Californian town with similar experiences: Mystery explosions still plaguing Alhambra, California


Loud explosion reported over north Oxfordshire, UK

© Tom Bastin via Flickr
We've had a couple of enquiries from viewers about a loud bang over Oxfordshire on Saturday evening. We're trying to get to the bottom of it but did you hear it?

Becca Myram contacted to say ' Last night, late evening about 9pm there was an incredibly loud bang over north Oxfordshire. I live just outside Banbury on the Stratford on Avon side. 'Bang was like an explosion or whip cracking, I thought something had landed on the conservatory roof but it was just a sound. Was it a sonic boom?'

Well, we're trying to get to the bottom of it- but please leave us a message on our Facebook page if you have the answer!

Comment: Possible overhead comet/asteroid explosion?


Mystery 'sonic boom-like' noises heard in Anglesey, Wales

© Richard Bowden/Loop Images/Corbis
Anglesey, Wales
People on the island have reported a number of loud noises in recent days

Mystery surrounds a loud "sonic boom-like" noise heard on Anglesey in recent days. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, a booming sound was reported around Holyhead but there has been no official explanation.

One homeowner even said the noise was so loud that their house shook. There has been no official seismic activity recorded, and officials at RAF Valley say no aircraft have been flying which would create a sonic boom.

At 4.45pm on Thursday, Csirke Szurdok said: "Did anyone hear a very loud boom five minutes ago, and one yesterday same time Holyhead?" Another Holyhead resident said they heard two loud noises.

He said: "I was just sat in the back garden and heard two massive booms. It was loud. Birds went nuts." On Wednesday, another Anglesey resident wrote on Twitter: "Any reports of an earthquake on Anglesey? Heard and felt in Llanfechell about 30 minutes ago."

Kat Kinglsey-Hughes, who lives nearby, replied: "We heard two. The first one we heard was followed by a jet coming in off the coast."


Fire officials searching for source of mysterious boom in Kentucky

© Wikimedia Commons
Downtown Frankford, Kentucky.
A report of a low-flying aircraft and a large explosion or boom followed by white smoke last night off Harvieland Road in Bald Knob led emergency responders to conduct an intense search of the area.

This morning, the source of the boom remains a mystery.

The first reports of a loud boom or explosion off O'Nan's Bend in Bald Knob came in at about 40 minutes before sunset Saturday night, according to Franklin County Fire Chief Kevin Hutcherson.

Franklin County firefighters responded to the call and started a search of the area, Hutcherson said, but did not find anything. Another call came in from an off-duty city police officer who reported that the boom sounded like much more than just fireworks, Hutcherson said, so emergency responders stepped up the search effort to include a helicopter from the Lexington Police Department, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and Emergency Management.

Hutcherson said the helicopter flew a wide radius over the area twice before the search was terminated after about four and a half hours.

Hutcherson also noted that one of the callers said they saw white smoke in the area of the boom, and he said black smoke is typically what witnesses would see if the explosion involves a petroleum byproduct.


Mystery explosions still plaguing Alhambra, California

© Keith Birmingham/ Pasadena Star-News
Susan Saunders began hearing the explosions at random hours, day and night, in February at her Alhambra home. The first one came at 3 a.m.

"I thought, 'Somebody's blowing things up,'" said Saunders, 60. "It really lifted my windows."

But she heard it again and again. Her neighbors started hearing it. Police were called. They received 114 calls about the noises since mid-February, according to Chris Paulson, the city's administrative services director. He told the Pasadena Star-News local government agencies did not know what the cause of the sound was.

City officials are baffled; one blast interrupted a city council meeting. "All of a sudden we hear this loud sharp explosion — very quick," Paulson said. "We all flinched and looked around and didn't see smoke or flames or light."

They called Caltech seismologists. But they don't have an answer. "There's nothing seismic that I can see," said Jennifer Andrews, a staff seismologist at Caltech in Pasadena, who was asked by Alhambra city officials to check earthquake data for Feb. 22. "What that phenomenon might be, I don't know. I haven't heard the noises."

The seismograph picks up pressure waves from things like thunder and helicopter sounds. But the Alhambra explosions are baffling. "Whether it's a man-made or natural phenomenon, I don't know," Andrews said. She hopes to learn more by the end of the week.

Comment: Unexplained 'sonic boom type of sounds' shaking Alhambra, California


Residents aggravated by Windsor hum, say it's reached highest volume in years

© Scott Webster/Postmedia News
The view of the Canadian side of the border and the Ambassador Bridge.
The volume got cranked up on the Windsor Hum Sunday night.

A Facebook page for hum haters and rumble recorders exploded as person after person said the pulses, pounding and vibrations were some of the worst in years.

"It was disastrous last night," west-end dweller Mike Provost said Monday. "It's past unbelievable. I have never heard it like that in six years that I've been recording. Never have I ever heard it like that."

Provost, a retiree whose back yard on Hillcrest Boulevard faces towards Zug Island, stressed the hum is not back. It's always there and becomes more persistent and annoying at times, he said. Provost described it as a thunderous roar or rolling thunder that he said was reported to be felt or heard 17 kilometres away in McGregor, Amherstburg and River Canard Sunday night.

For years residents in west Windsor and nearby parts of Essex County have been complaining about a mysterious hum like a refrigerator truck running. In March there were more complaints. In 2014, a federal government study linked the hum to U.S. Steel Corp. operations on Zug Island but an exact cause couldn't be pinpointed when the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said it couldn't access the U.S. site. The guess was furnace blasts.

Comment: Mysterious 'Windsor hum' returns to haunt Canada


Space rock? Two waves of loud booms shake ground, shatter windows in Iasi, Romania

© Ana via Romaniadacia.wordpress
Two waves of very loud explosions were heard in and around the Romanian city of Iasi around 10:30 UTC (13:30 local time) on June 1, 2016. Witnesses say that sonic booms were heard in a diameter of 50 - 75 km (31 to 46 miles) around Iasi, shattering windows and shaking the ground two times within 15 minutes.

Although there are no official explanations as of yet, reports we received describe the event as similar to the February 2013 meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, injuring more than 1,000 people and damaging more than 3,000 structures.

Our reader from Iasi said:
It felt like a group of waves, that hit one after the other. Some glass was broken in apartments, the furniture was shaken, but it was not a simple earthquake, and the sound was identical to a sonic boom and very very similar to this Russia meteor sound shockwave.
The weather was very cloudy, so I can't tell if there was any smoke or trace of anything. 15 minutes after the first wave there was another. It was less powerful, but it lasted longer, for about 5 minutes. After the bang, lights from the house and the TV turned themselves off and came back on after a few seconds.

No one knows what happened, but a lot of people heard and felt it, from the center of the city to the areas located some 50 or 75 km from the center. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any news about craters found or recordings of the event yet. There are some photos of shattered glass, and one local mall was affected, but officials either keep quiet or they answer it wasn't them.

Comment: See also:


Strange sounds in the sky recorded in the US, Finland, Poland

The Strange Sounds phenomenon is back again in May 2016.

Here a compilation of the latest videos... And some are really creepy!

Strange sounds from the sky in Los Angeles 5/9/2016 9:18 am

Here the description left by the video uploader: I woke up to use the restroom when out of nowhere I heard a sound. I thought it was a plane passing by but after 30 seconds it kept going and going. I even snap chat a part of it as well.If anyone can help explaining where this could have been that would be awesome.

Weird noise at night, somewhere in the US on May 14, 2016

Note by author: I woke up in the morning (4:35 am) to hearing this strange sound for more than 10 minutes.


Loud boom, shaking buildings prompt calls to sheriff in Sullivan County, Tennessee

Several people have called emergency dispatchers about a loud boom and buildings shaking Tuesday morning near Blountville.

News 5 WCYB checked with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, and they told us they also received several calls.

Most of the callers were along Highway 126 between Blountville and Bristol.

Officers and firefighters have been checking the area, but so far they have not determined what caused it.


Mysterious explosion rattles residents in West Auckland, New Zealand

© Brett Phibbs
An explosion was heard by residents in Te Atatu and other parts of West Auckland.
West Auckland residents are not sure what hit the area last night.

People living in Ranui, Massey, Henderson and Te Atatu said they heard a bizarre explosion around midnight.

A Massey resident who did not wish to be named said a loud noise rattled through her house waking up the family. Some of the neighbours also stepped out to check what had happened.

The police and fire service have no information regarding the explosion.