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Tue, 24 Jan 2017
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Strange Sounds


Mysterious 'loud boom' shakes homes in North Carolina

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The residents of Mount Holly, a town in North Carolina, have been puzzled by a mysterious "loud boom" that reportedly shook several homes earlier this week.

The Mount Holly Police Department "received more than 30 calls from various parts of the city and even neighboring communities" about the noise on Tuesday evening, said Chief of Police Don Roper.

"People were saying they heard a very loud boom or explosion or loud bang, and some folks said it shook their houses and rattled the windows," Roper told ABC News today.

"It sounded like a bomb just went off outside our house," one caller said, according to 911 audio obtained by ABC's affiliate WSOC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Several officers immediately went out that night to check areas where callers reported hearing the sound, according to Roper. But they found "nothing," he said. "There was no evidence of any type of injuries or damage."

Comment: With such minimum information available, It is hard determine what might be the cause of these booms. They could be a result of the increase in meteorites exploding in our atmosphere or a sign of some earth changes. Nevertheless, reports of these mystery booms have risen significantly in the past few years.


House destroyed by explosion in Manchester, five people injured

© www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk
A house in Manchester has been almost entirely destroyed by an explosion, reportedly leaving five people injured.

The home in Blackley can be seen roofless and reduced to crumbling brickwork in videos and pictures on social media.


What caused the loud, house-shaking boom heard across Greater Manchester?

© Darren Ogden
The picture claimed to show smoke near Buile Hill Park after the blast - but its veracity has not yet been confirmed.
It was heard across Salford, Trafford and south Manchester - and speculation is rife as to the cause

The cause of a mysterious loud bang heard across Greater Manchester remains unknown. Residents in Trafford , Salford , Urmston , Chorlton and Sale reported hearing the noise at about 11pm on Sunday evening.

An image shared shortly afterwards on social media claimed show a large plume of smoke coming from Buile Hill Park, in Salford, which is thought by some to be linked to the sound.

Greater Manchester Police and the fire service were called to the scene, but found nothing when they arrived. A GMP spokesman said: "We were called at about 11.15pm last night to the Seedley area of Salford, to reports of a loud bang. "We found nothing untoward to explain. We have gone along locally to make enquiries and not come across anything to explain it."

Greater Manchester Fire Service said they received two calls from members of the public in Salford regarding a loud bang. But following investigations, they could not find anything that would have been the source of the noise and advised callers it was 'nothing to worry about'.

The origin of the loud bang continues to baffle residents, with some claiming it felt like a gas explosion. One Twitter user wrote: "Any news about the huge explosion sound an hour ago near Davyhulme? It shook all the houses here, sounded like a gas explosion."


Source of window-rattling boom in Oregon still unknown

© Faith Cathcart/The Oregonian
A mysterious boom rattled windows, and a few nerves, around Hermiston Friday afternoon.

Residents in various part of the city, and in surrounding areas, reported hearing a booming sound, that shook windows and homes about 2:45 p.m. The noise resulted in several calls to law enforcement and widespread speculation on at least one social media group forum on Facebook.

Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston said his department received calls about the incident and he also heard whatever it was himself. "I was in a closed-door meeting in my office and it rattled my windows," Edmiston said.

Edmiston, one of his captains and another officers drove around the city to investigation, but nothing was found to explain the noise. "It would not surprise me if it turned out to be something at a high altitude," he said, like a meteor or a sonic boom from an aircraft.

As of early Friday evening there was no confirmation of what caused the sound, which some people described as sounding like an earthquake. The U.S. Geological Survey has not recorded any earthquakes in either Oregon or Washington state over the last 24 hours.


Strange 'vibrating boat horn' noise heard across Liverpool, UK

© Echo
'Really strange noises' were heard across Liverpool in the early hours of this morning and there are now questions over what it might be.

Houses in Kensington were left shaking during the '15 minute' episode which one resident says could have been a horn on a ship. Others living near the area also experienced the vibrating and heard the noise but came up with different answers as to where the sounds were coming from.

Clark Ribing, 32, says he heard the noise but has 'no clue what it could be'. The Hall Lane resident said: "It was a really loud vibration sound which I assume was coming from the sky. I haven't got a clue what it was but it was very loud and must have been heard all over Liverpool. It's really strange as the exact same noise was heard in Canada in 2013 too, I saw it on YouTube."

Mr Ribing experienced the noise for around 20 seconds at about 1am this morning. Gary Maloney, who is based in Kensington, also says he heard a 'loud vibrating noise' at about 12.30am. He said: "It sounded like it was coming from the docks. "It was vibrating the whole house and sounded like a horn on a ship." Mr Maloney says he heard the 'horn' for about 15 minutes.

Comment: One possibility: New Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse?


Fireball? Nighttime booms, house shaking, red flash in Louisana skies

© travelsouthusa.com
In early December, weeks before New Year's fireworks could be considered a culprit, a pair of massive nighttime explosion sounds rattled homes and startled residents across the Carrollton area. The noise was loud enough that it sent New Orleans police officers searching for gunshot victims, but they turned up nothing — and a survey of other public agencies since then likewise leaves the source of the sounds a mystery.

The first of the loud sounds to draw widespread attention on social media was a Thursday night, Dec. 1, around 11:45 p.m. Residents heard it across the entire Carrollton area from St. Charles Avenue to South Claiborne, between Joliet and Pine, and many said it sounded like it came from the river, with sirens following.

"It was louder than I'm used to hearing a transformer sound and it seemed to reverberate for a bit," a woman who lives near Cohn and Dante posted on the Nextdoor social media network. "Really strange.It was extremely loud! And deeper sounding than the gunshots I'm (sadly) used to hearing," a resident at Panola and Cambronne replied.

The sound repeated itself again the night of Tuesday, Dec. 6, around 7 p.m. — early enough that it attracted even wider attention. In that second case, a number of residents reported that their homes shook, and some even said they thought they saw a corresponding red flash in the sky.


Mysterious 'boom' shakes homes in Connecticut

© NBC News
A loud 'boom' rocked homes in Southington and surrounding towns on Monday morning. Police were unable to determine what caused the explosion-type sound.
Authorities investigated a loud bang after residents reported the noise shook homes in the Southington, Wolcott and Cheshire areas, but found no explanation.

Southington police said they received between 30 and 40 calls reporting a loud explosion around 10:30 a.m. Many of the calls came from the southwest part of town. Both the police and fire departments responded to investigate the calls, but found nothing out of the ordinary.

Police said they did not receive any reports of power outages, damage, or smoke. Southington officials also consulted with surrounding departments, which also received calls, but turned up nothing.

Energy companies also checked in and reported nothing amiss.

The nature of the boom and where it came from are unclear at this time.


Changing environment: 'Aurora sounds' recorded in Sweden

© Oliver Wright /oliverwrightphotography.com
For centuries, Arctic sky watchers have occasionally reported strange sounds filling the air as Northern Lights danced overhead. Hisses, crackles, and even loud "claps" have been heard and recorded. It may be time to add a new sound to the menagerie: blaster fire.

Photographer Oliver Wright sends this report from inside the Arctic Circle:
"On Christmas Night 2016, I was standing beneath an intense display of auroras in Abisko, Sweden, when I heard something that sounded like Star Wars blasters."
As the lights danced overhead, a series of rat-a-tat 'swooshes' emanated from a nearby set of power lines. "Other bystanders heard it, too," he says. "I rushed closer to the power lines and was able to record a sample using my iPhone."

Comment: Strange sky sounds, aurora sounds, meteors heard just before they light up the atmosphere... they're all electrophonically transduced. Question is; what has changed in the atmosphere/environment to make what were once inaudible... audible?


Arizona's White Mountain residents report loud boom, house shaking

© US Forest Service
Mount Baldy, the highest peak in Arizona's White Mountains.
What was that noise? That is the question people started asking from Snowflake to Show Low.

Though people now are saying they heard the same loud boom sound on Monday, Dec. 26, they did not really start talking about it or asking real questions until it happened again the next day.

Facebook users started chiming in with their two cents about hearing the sound in Taylor, but when people from Linden, White Mountain Lake and Show Low said they heard it or felt it too, the speculation and desire to find out its origin was exacerbated.

Comments such as persons saying they thought a family member slammed the door, or thought their propane tank exploded were common. One person said they saw smoke coming from the wind turbines. Many even said their houses shook like Show Low resident Charles Tupper.

Tupper wrote on Facebook, "Shook my house halfway back to Show Low. No idea what it was."

Bizarro Earth

'Big boom' heard from 3.0 earthquake in southwest Nova Scotia

© Natural Resources Canada
A 3.0 magnitude earthquake was recorded about 42 kilometres soutwest of Digby on Tuesday at 10:40 a.m.
If you were in southwest Nova Scotia on Tuesday you may have felt the earth move.

At 10:40 a.m., a 3.0-magnitude earthquake was recorded about 42 kilometres southwest of Digby, according to Natural Resources Canada. The centre of the quake was about 18 kilometres below the earth's surface.

Brenda Small of Weymouth North felt it.

"I heard a very loud bang, just a big boom and then it was over," she said of the "shiver" she felt in her house.

"It wasn't anything to be a afraid of or think, 'Oh my, it's the end of the world,' nothing like that. It was just a big boom and then it was over."

Donna Gaudet was at her cousin's basement in Little Brook, N.S., a few kilometres from the epicentre, enjoying a coffee.

"We went flying up the stairs. If it wasn't an earthquake, we thought maybe a plane crashed. It was loud, it was louder than thunder," she said. "It wasn't really that exciting once the initial impact happened."