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Tue, 28 Mar 2017
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Strange Sounds


Mystery 'explosion' rocks Gordonvale, Queensland residents

© The State of Queensland
Gordonvale, Queensland
Mystery surrounds the cause of a giant "explosion" in Gordonvale that was so powerful, it felt like a small-scale earthquake.

Several residents in the vicinity of Warner and Crossland roads reported a loud bang and their homes being rocked shortly after 8.30pm on Saturday.

Some suggested it may have been a clandestine drug laboratory exploding, while others who felt the earth shake as far away as Edmonton suggested it may have been a mini-earthquake.

Emergency services do not have any record of explosions, fires or any other such event.

And Geoscience Australia has no record of any major tremors in the area, with the closest recorded earthquake in the past 24 hours as far away as the Solomon Islands.


Mystery bang shakes houses, baffles residents in Bodmin, UK

© Cornwall Live
Residents in Bodmin were baffled after hearing a loud bang which left houses shaking and led to armed officers being called out.

People living mainly in the Fair Park end of the town say they were left frightened by the mysterious bang that was heard at around 5pm on Sunday afternoon. The source of the noise caused a debate on social media, with a firework, sonic boom and rook scarer among the theories.

Writing on the Bodmin Voice community page on Facebook, some residents said the bang left their houses shaking, while others said the noise was so loud that they thought a car crash had occurred outside their properties.

The bang could be heard by residents living in places including Burden Close, Broomfield Drive, Foster Drive, Trelawney Road, Flamank Park, Monument Way, Whitestone Crescent, Old Market Place, Kinsman and Treningle View.

Adam Freeman believes the cause of the bang was a firework after seeing one go off near his house. "It was right outside my place, not sure why anyone would want to let them off in the day though," he said. "I was in the garden and saw what either looked like a firework or a tiny rocket exploded above me in a cloud of smoke. It was so loud and scared the dogs." Others appeared to disagree, claiming such a loud bang couldn't have been caused by a firework.


Mysterious boom frightens Kenosha, Wisconsin residents

© Brian Passino/Kenosha News
Police, fire unable to find cause of loud noise

A bit of a mystery sent residents of a Kenosha neighborhood running from their homes Friday afternoon.

Residents of the 6100 block of 31st Ave. just north of Roosevelt Road said that what they believed was an explosion rattled the block at about 1:45 p.m.

"It was loud enough to scare the whole block," said Heidi Carey.

Her neighbor Travis Barstad said there was a loud "boom!" that rattled his house, shaking the couch he was sitting on and frightening his children.

A man working at nearby mobile phone store said the sound was so loud rattling the merchandise — that he quickly went outside to see what was happening, and saw residents down the block walking out of their homes to do the same.

"It was something, man" said Jan Edmark, who said he was working out in his backyard when he heard what he was sure was an explosion.


Strange trumpet-like sound recorded in Nottingham, UK

A couple's quiet night in was ruined when they were spooked by loud, unexplained noises that lasted 40 minutes.

Calvin Kirlew, 24, and his partner, listened in 'shock' as trumpet-like sounds blared across the night sky in Nottingham, East Midlands.

A video of the sounds has left viewers baffled after Calvin uploaded it to his Facebook page on Tuesday evening.

In the short clip Mr Kirlew said: 'We've been hearing these noises outside for about five, ten minutes.'

Then the freaked-out marketing worker was interrupted by a loud sound, similar to a a trumpet, which can be heard at several different pitches.

He said: 'What the f*** is it?'


Metallic, trumpet-like sounds recorded in Sweden

© YouTube/Sabrina Saba
Strange sounds from the sky. Sweden 08.03. 2017.


Cause of 'boom' in northern Kentucky remains a mystery

A loud boom which rattled windows and shook buildings in the Augusta area of Bracken County on Wednesday at about 10:20 a.m., has yet to be identified.

A spokesperson for East Kentucky Power Cooperative's Spurlock Station on Kentucky 8 in Mason County said there was nothing at the plant which would have caused the noise. Nick Comer of EKP said the boom did not originate at the power plant.

The boom was also heard in Brooksville and Minerva and there were reports of it also being heard in Georgetown, Ohio. A possible explanation was a "sonic boom," caused by an aircraft flying over and breaking the sound barrier. In fact, some reports from Georgetown indicate low flying aircraft were spotted at the time of the noise.

Laura McGowan, a public affairs officer with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, said she contacted the 180th Fighter Wing Ohio Air National Guard, and they determined it wasn't caused by one of their aircraft. A public affairs officer at Rickenbacker Air Force Base in Columbus, Ohio, where the Ohio Air National Guard is headquartered, also denied responsibility, saying the group does not have an aircraft capable of causing a sonic boom.

There were also no reports of an explosion at any of the area limestone mines and the United States Geological Survey did not record any earthquakes in the area at the time of the boom.

Comment: An unexplained boom was also reported just 1 week prior, two hours south in Shelby County, Kentucky.

Mysterious boom radiates through northern Kentucky county


Strange trumpet noises heard in North Dakota, New Jersey, North Carolina and Bournemouth, UK

© YouTube/Mika Gee
This video was filmed around 12:02 pm in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Around 20-30 minutes before this video, I was at home and I heard a screeching sound. I dismissed it, thinking it was a vehicle or something. I kept hearing it so I looked outside to see if there were any nearby construction or anything out of the ordinary but didn't find anything. The railroad is 2 miles away and we normally don't hear anything from it. There is an oil rig approximately 0.5-1 mile away but we normally don't hear that either. There is a farm about 1 mile away that I was assuming that the noise was coming from. The farm is a small local farm and has no large machinery that could make this sound.

The sound was like a screeching of high and low volumes and pitches, as heard in the video. It would sound for a few seconds at a time, stay silent for some minutes, and then start again. I've never heard anything like it before in the area. Other sounds in the video include ice dripping, a tarp flying in the wind, and dogs barking in the distance.

I'm hoping to find anyone else who has heard similar sounds, whether in the area or not. Also to see if anyone has an explanation for I am curious. I have not heard the sound since. Thanks for your time. Have a good day.


Loud 'sonic boom' heard, felt in Cheektowaga, New York

© Google
Map of Marywood Drive and the surrounding area.
Several residents in the area of Marywood Drive reported hearing a loud boom around 2:45 p.m. Friday according to reports in the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

One resident described what she heard as "a sonic boom." She said her entire house shook and her neighbor heard it as well.

A highway duty foreman call police around 3:20 p.m. to report a "boom" from Indian Road. He called the quarry and they said it wasn't them. Twin Village Recycling also heard and felt the boom.

Cheektowaga Chronicle reached out to the National Weather Service in Buffalo and the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.

The service did not observe anything around that time and the air base said nothing military out of the Falls could have caused the "boom."


Strange noises from underground or the sky reported in France

© YouTube/T Norman
Can the Planet Earth cry? Is the French gouvernement tunnelling enormous 'shelters' underground? Are aliens singing to us?

One thing for sure is that these sounds are being heard all over the world.


'Sounds like music in the sky': Trumpet noises recorded coming from the sky in Indiana

© YouTube/MassacreRaps.TV
WTF is all i can say.

Comment: Warning: Bad language.

Comment: See also: Strange sky sounds: Metallic, groaning, trumpet-like noises heard worldwide in 2016