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Fri, 26 May 2017
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Strange Sounds


'Banging sounds from the sky' recorded in Staten Island, New York

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Strange 'drum-like' booms heard in the sky over southwest Louisiana

At 8:40 pm, May 4th 2017, I hear very loud noise sounds like giant plane over house so i charged my phone went out and started recording... Sorry for all the talking. Mid-video is best footage of this online.

Comment: The booming noises start at around 2:12.

Bizarro Earth

Unexpected and extremely loud bang rocks awake residents of Sydney, Australia

© news.au.com
Nervous Sydneysiders thought the worst when they were rocked awake in the early hours by a mystery — and extremely loud — bang.

Steph, from Sydney's lower North Shore told news.com.au "I genuinely thought the Harbour Bridge had blown up it was so loud. The apartment building shook and the blinds fell down in our lounge room. My sister lives a block away and texted me to ask if I'd heard an explosion too."

People on Twitter were equally nervous. "Heard a massive explosion from Sydney Harbour. What is going on?" one Tweet, reflective of many, said. "What the hell was that sound over Sydney?" said another. "Wtf was that? It sounded like an explosion right next to me.

Others wondered if it could have been a plane crash or, in the wake of Monday's attack in Manchester, an altogether more sinister event.

ABC News TV presenter Juanita Phillips even took to twitter to tell Sydney she'd driven down to the Harbour Bridge, "with the intention of helping the injured".


Loud, house-shaking boom jolts residents in Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts

© Flickr/DocEarls
A loud, crashing bang jolted the nerves of many Merrimack Valley residents late Thursday night.

The boom came at around 11 p.m., on the tail end of an intense thunder storm.

Mary Murphy, of Linwood Street, said the noise woke her out of a sound sleep. "It was very loud," she said. "I thought there had been a car accident." Some of her friends in New Hampshire heard the noise at that same time, she said.

Murphy teaches in Lynn and her colleagues also reported hearing the "really loud" bang, she said. "My house shook," Murphy said. One of her fellow teachers thought there had been a gas explosion, she added.

A couple of police dispatchers said they, too, heard the bang. "It rattled my house," said Emily Staton, who dispatches for the Groveland police. She lives close to the Bates Bridge in Haverhill.


Strange banging noises heard throughout Abergavenny, Wales

© Abergavenny Chronicle
THINGS that go boom were heard throughout Abergavenny last weekend and as of yet there has been no official explanation as to what caused them.

The Chronicle has been inundated with queries as to the nature of the loud, fierce, and persistent. bangs were which left the town all shook up on the weekend.

As many natives were nursing the last vestiges of their hangovers and settling down to watch the Antique's Roadshow last Sunday evening, the town was collectively unnerved by the mother of all bangs.

One Abergavenny resident said, "It nearly gave me an heart attack it was that loud. A first I though it was shotgun blast or a firework, but it was way too loud for that. It sounded more like a tank going off. My husband said it was probably mini meteors colliding with the earth, but have you ever heard such nonsense?"

Actually we have. The meteor story is not as far-fetched as it sounds. When a massive meteor enter the atmosphere over a specific area it makes a very distinguishable noise. The scientific term for this is 'sonic boom'.


South Carolina mystery booms may be legendary 'Seneca Guns'

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Residents of Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding towns of North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and West Ashley were all startled by an unexplained booming noise which shook windows and doors. The noise was reported on the morning of Friday, May 5th just after 8:30 a.m. While reports of the boom came in from all throughout the South Carolina Lowcountry, experts and law enforcement officials currently disagree about what the source of the sound might have been.

Minor earthquakes or other seismic activity were speculated to be the cause of the boom, but geophysicists reported little seismic activity in the area at the time. There are also armed forces bases nearby, and aircraft exercises were cited as the likely cause of a similar boom last year. However, military officials in the area claim that they weren't behind the noise.

That does not rule out any classified or undisclosed testing, however. The Air Force's secretive X-37B spacecraft landed in Florida over the weekend, causing a sonic boom upon reentry. Could there have been another secret landing we don't yet know about?

Cloud Grey

'Creepy' horn sounds coming from the UK sky

© Via YouTube/spring
Creepy sound from the sky - UK.


Strange trumpet sounds recorded in Georgia skies

The breathing is my lil bro sleeping. These were the first sounds of the night.


Strange, early morning horn sounds recorded in Ohio

© Via YouTube/LillyLithium
I had woken up and my dog had to be taken out to pee and this happened.

NOTE: there was no planes in the sky, there was no trains, the small town of Ohio was pretty much dead.

Part 2 of this will be uploaded, and it lasted a while after I stopped recording. A good 15-20 minutes and was still going when I went back inside.

Comment: See also: Strange sky sounds: Metallic, groaning, trumpet-like noises heard worldwide in 2016


Loud, mysterious bang leads New South Wales residents to look toward the heavens

© Daily Examiner
Lower Clarence residents were looking to the heavens last night after a loud, mysterious bang was heard in Maclean, Townsend, Gulmarrad, Wooli and Ashby shortly before 9pm last night.

The incident caused a stir on social media, with more than 170 comments on Maclean Buy, Swap and Sell Facebook page.

The Daily Examiner is investigating the cause of the loud bang. But with no definitive answers yet, theories being shared range from the logical such as a sonic boom from a meteorite, to the outrageous, including a UFO crash.

If you heard or saw anything from last night's big bang, tell us your story.

Earlier this week there were reports of other loud bangs following meteorite sightings across northern NSW and south-east Queensland.

Comment: The above event was on Sunday, about 6pm according to reports: Bright meteor with house-shaking sound reported over Queensland, Australia

The timing has coincided with the start of the annual Lyrid meteor shower event, which is active from about April 16 to 25.