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Strange Sounds


Strange sounds heard in skies of Tehran, Iran

Strange sounds - stock
© Shihao Mei/Unsplash
On April 7, 2019, YouTube user 'Zahra Khoshonesh' uploaded video of strange sounds she heard in the skies of Tehran, Iran:


Trumpeting, metal grinding sounds heard in northwest Bristol, UK sky

Strange sounds - stock
© Shihao Mei/Unsplash
On April 10, 2019, YouTuber user 'Peter The Pleater' recorded two strange sound events he heard at his home in Shirehampton, Bristol, UK:
First heard 10pm, last heard 3am on night of 10th/11th April 2019. Repetitive trumpet/metal grinding sound that was at times very loud.

Woke up my children, and later me. Very strange. We live in Shirehampton, near Bristol Port so this could conceivably be big ships moored in the harbour making groaning noises, but otherwise I am not sure what to think! Was genuinely spooked by it. Sounds a lot like the 2018 Gothenburg video.

The roaring background noise is the M5 motorway which is somewhat dampening the strange sound. It was much clearer/louder in real life.


Strange sky noise phenomena captured in Dublin, Ireland

Strange sounds in Dublin, Ireland
© YouTube/User Name
On March 15, 2019, YouTube user 'User Name' recorded video of strange sky noises he heard in Dublin, Ireland:
Persistent and irritating strange noise seemingly coming from the sky. It was captured on the morning of the 15th March 2019 from North County Dublin. The noise first started about two years ago and seems to have increased in frequency and intensity. The noise has been heard in all types of weather, night or day. It has been heard in different locations along Dublin's North coast simultaneously. I can categorically state it is not wind related!..


Strange trumpeting sounds recorded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Strange sounds (stock)
YouTube user 'Johnny Markus' uploaded video footage of strange trumpeting sounds he heard from his Montreal office on February 5, 2019:
I was at work on February 5th 2019 in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, when I started to hear this strange sound from my office between 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM. At first I thought it must be the snowplows or some machinery scraping the asphalt but when I opened the window to hear it better, it struck me as being extremely similar to the weird sounds heard worldwide since the last few years, including several instances in Quebec. It went intensely for about 20 minutes (that I could hear) and then could still be heard sometimes through the afternoon although with a dimmer sound. When I left at around 4:30 PM, it had completely stopped.


'Weirdest thunder': Strange noises heard in Ohio sky

Strange sounds in OH
© YouTube/Heather Carey Vlogs
On January 8, 2019, YouTube user 'Heather Carey Vlogs' shared footage of strange noises she heard in the Ohio sky:
This morning there was strange noises in the sky! Sounded like a jet, but there was NO jet in sight! No airports are around where I live! The sky was dark and it was windy, but it's definitely not thunder or wind! The sounds were way louder and more frequent before I pulled my phone out and started recording! It lasted for about 45 minutes to an hour!


Northeast Sacramento residents shaken by mysterious loud booms at night

Mystery boom in Sacramento
© CBS13 Sacramento
A neighbourhood is both confused and frightened due to a large number of unexplained boom noises heard at night.

Residents of Fair Oaks in northeast Sacramento, in the US state of California, can't explain why they're hearing the noises.

A number of them wrote about the concerns on Facebook after hearing booms since mid-February.

"I've heard the booms occasionally and thought I was just hearing things," one woman wrote.

"Wondering if it's a weather phenomenon or overhead aircraft.


Strange metallic 'shrieking' noises heard in Virginia skies

Strange sky sounds (stock)
On January 22, 2019, YouTube user 'Kevin Compton' posted footage of strange noises he heard in the skies of Virginia:
Loud shrieking noise coming from sky in Virginia. Went on for a minute before I started recording.


Strange noises heard in the skies of northeastern Illinois

Strange sounds - stock
© Shihao Mei/Unsplash
On February 12, 2019, YouTube user 'Lisa Laaouina' posted video footage of strange noises she heard in the skies of Justice, Illinois on February 10th:

I shot this video off my camera on my phone on 02/10/2019 in Justice, Illinois and it was night time around 11pm ish. The noise was the strangest thing I've heard! The noise also lasted till about 9 am the next day! Did anyone else hear this, and what in the world could it be?


'Terrifying loud noise' heard at 2am in Austin, Texas

Strange sounds (stock)
© vexels.com
On February 5, 2019, YouTube user 'Jared McClain' published footage of weird noises he heard in Austin, Texas around 2:00 am:
Hello all. I was up late at night and this sound began out of nowhere. It reminded me of the soundtrack of a scary movie. It freaked me out so much I grabbed my phone to record the noise. I begin my video in my room, then go out front to hear the noise better. It seemed to be coming from a few blocks away, so I went back upstairs to put on my shoes and get my keys to drive to see what was making the sound. As soon as I put on my hoodie to leave, the noise stopped. It freaks me out to listen back to the noise. I'm not sure if it's a natural phenomenon or something out of the ordinary (aliens?).


'Weird' sounds heard in southeastern Netherlands

Strange sounds in The Netherlands
© YouTube/Danny's Cafe
On February 6, 2019, YouTube user 'Danny's Cafe' uploaded footage of strange sounds he heard (again) in the skies of Nieuw-Bergen, Netherlands:

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