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Strange Sounds


Strange trumpeting sounds heard in the Sabah, Malaysian sky

Kokol Haven Resort
© Sem Lee
File photo
On October 3, 2019, strange trumpeting sounds were heard at the Kokol Haven Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. YouTuber 'lolman 20077' recorded the bizarre sounds on his cellphone:


Strange 'jet sounds' heard in the skies of Iasi, Romania

Strange sounds in Romania
© YouTube/Alexandru V. Diaconu
On August 11, 2019, YouTube user 'Alexandru V. Diaconu' heard strange 'jet noises' in the skies of Iasi, Romania. He uploaded video footage of the event:
It's the second time today that these jet engine sounds are blasting. It is strange because the airport isn't near my location and the planes that fly here are always high enough to not make so much noise.

This time I happened to see some smoke and a new sound following the engine sounds. I am located in Iaşi, Romania and the last time I heard these jet sounds was a couple of years ago, I have a clip posted here from then [June 26, 2014] as well.

Comment: On April 20 of this year YouTuber user 'Dumitru Daniela' posted similar footage of strange noises she heard in the skies of Tulcea, Romania, about 300 km away from Iasi:


'Loud trumpet sounds' heard coming from the sky in North Carolina

Strange sounds (stock)
YouTube user 'ShadowBandit91' shared footage of 'trumpeting sounds' he heard in the North Carolina sky on July 15, 2019:
So, I was coming into work like normal. I got into work at 3:30am ... no construction, no loud vehicles, nothing on the two major highways. It is quiet when I come into work. I've never heard the sound before or since I've been coming into this building for 11 years (more less.)

In my 28 years of living, I've never heard a sound like this at all. It sounds like mating calls for whales or a really good trumpet player that can throw sound from hell-a-far. It was so loud when I walked into the building, I could hear it before I could even open the warehouse doors and for those of you have not seen videos of my warehouse, you can tell what doors I'm talking about. I could hear that clearly so when I stepped outside this is what I heard:


Strange 'rumbling horn-like sounds' heard in northern Indiana

Strange sounds - stock
© Shihao Mei/Unsplash
On July 2, 2019, YouTube user 'iamtheicelord' uploaded footage of strange "unsettling" sounds he heard in the skies of Merrillville, Indiana:
Earlier this summer right in the middle of June 2019 my friend and I stepped outside to grab some air and started hearing these strange low rumbling horn like sounds coming from the distance. We got a couple of them I'm recording. Let us know what you think they were.


Mysterious, loud rumbling noise heard across North Lincolnshire, UK

Mysterious rumbling noise in Lincolnshire, UK
© Getty Images
Lincolnshire, UK
A mystery over a loud noise which woke people up across North Lincolnshire and the surrounding area remains unsolved - although an earthquake has been ruled out.

The noise was heard around 10.30pm on Thursday last week in places including Epworth, Crowle and Gainsborough.

Some people who heard the noise initially wondered if it had been an explosion or an earthquake.

Some attributed it to a sonic boom - the noise an aircraft makes when it breaks the sound barrier - but the RAF confirmed none of its aircraft would have made the sound in the area at the time it was heard.

It happened on the same day that southern California was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, the biggest in 20 years, leading some people to believe there could be a connection.


'What is that?': Strange noises heard in Tennessee

Strange sounds (stock)
On May 13, 2019, YouTube user 'D4RK-AURA' uploaded video footage of strange noises he heard in Tennessee:


Residents of Cleveland, Ohio's Slavic Village report unexplained booms, flashes of light - city has no comment

Booms, flashes of light in Cleveland, OH
Some residents living in Cleveland's Slavic Village neighborhood are reporting and recording unexplained booms and flashes of light in the nighttime sky at all hours of the evening.

Some of the light flashes and explosions have been recorded by home outdoor security cameras and are being posted on YouTube. Some are posting comments on Facebook.

In recent weeks, the phenomenon has left residents guessing and speculating.

Community activist Edward McDonald said the sonic booms are shaking both homes and the nerves of homeowners in the area of Fleet Avenue.

"What I've heard is like a loud bang, like a boom," McDonald said. "It shakes houses, it rattles windows. It hasn't caused any destruction yet, or it hasn't caused any property damage, but it's definitely noticeable."

Comment: On May 16th, Victor Williams of 19News in Cleveland reported:
People living in the Slavic Village Community can't seem to figure out what caused the bursts of light and loud booms that have been seen and heard recently.

"I hear bang noises like boom, boom. Some parts of the sky will be lit up like florescent. Chemicals in the air maybe? Are they hiding something?" asked Victor Diaz, who lives in the area.

Initially neighbors thought the explosive sounds may have been coming from the Harvard Bridge construction right around the corner.

"I thought it was that, but there's nobody working around here and on the highway. I keep hearing these explosions. They'll wake you up," recalled Diaz.

Either way the speculation is building by the day.

19 News looked into the unexplained explosion and found out that several states all over the country have appeared to experience the same exact events.

"You start to imagine what it is and people start speculating. We never know," said Melba Cullen who also lives in the Slavic Village Community.

We know that city officials are aware of the complaints made by many of the people who have heard those noises, however the city is not commenting at this time regarding this matter.


Strange noises from the sky heard in Tulcea, Romania

Strange sounds (stock)
On April 20, 2019, YouTuber 'Dumitru Daniela' posted video footage of strange noises she heard in the skies of Tulcea, Romania on March 20, 2019:
Hi guys! I really need your point of view about this strange noise. There wasn't any sign of plane or helicopter, no wind, no explosion, no asteroid.

She comments that the nearest airport was 16 km from her city and hadn't been operating since 2014. Nobody heard anything from the area of the city's stone quarry either.

The sound was bizarre enough that she notes the effects she saw and felt then:
The strange thing about the noise is that he [it] was going straight ahead and coming back but not rise up... and more than that, the sound was so powerful like you could feel the vibration of it, like when you are staying next to a speaker.


Strange rumbling noises heard in Kurseong, West Bengal sky

strange sounds (stock)
On May 1, 2019, You Tuber 'Abhigyan Rai' shared video of strange sounds he heard in the sky of Kurseong, West Bengal:


'Strange and interesting' sounds heard coming from the sky in Kazincbarcika, Hungary

Strange sounds (stock)
On April 21, 2019, YouTuber user 'B. Attila' published two videos of strange sounds he heard in Kazincbarcika, Hungary. He reports that the noise 'was very loud' and that 'there are no factories, railway networks and other facilities nearby that could produce [the] loud noise.'