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Fri, 02 Dec 2016
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Man rescued from sinkhole after it opens up and swallows him in Toronto

© Victor Biro
A man raking leaves at his North York home suffered minor injuries after a 2-meter sinkhole opened beneath him, and swallowed him up to the neck.
A man had to be rescued after he fell into a sinkhole that opened up on Tamworth Rd. in Willowdale. The man suffered minor injuries from the fall.

Toronto Fire received a call at 4 p.m. saying a man was trapped in a hole up to his shoulders. The sinkhole is next to a drainage hole, Toronto Police Services reported.

According to witnesses, the sinkhole opened under the man's feet as he was walking down the street.

Toronto fire had to set up a perimeter around the hole to distribute the weight of their equipment. They then set up: a ladder over the opening, a tripod, a harness and a winch, to get the man out.

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Massive sinkhole opens on Ramapough-Lenape Native American land in New Jersey

© News12 New Jersey
A large sinkhole has opened up on Ramapough-Lenape land in Ringwood.
A massive sinkhole has developed on the Ramapough-Lenape Native American tribe's land in Ringwood.

Neighbors say that the hole, which opened off of Van Dunk Lane, is anywhere from 30 to 50 feet in circumference. A member of the Ramapough-Lenape tribe discovered the hole Wednesday morning while walking on a trail in the woods.

Ringwood Borough officials tell News 12 New Jersey that they believe that one of the many mine pits that are across Ringwood opened up. A cause was not immediately determined.

The Ramapough-Lenape chief says that the residents live in constant fear of sinkholes opening up and says that there hasn't been a true solution to fix the problem.

"This is an old issue, and it's obviously never been addressed," says Chief Vincent Mann. "Whether it's because of financial reasons or we think it's because of who we are. And that's sad to say, but you can connect this to a lot of things happening in the country today, even to Standing Rock. We are human beings, and we deserve the right to be able to live."


Cluster of forty-nine pit caves discovered in northwest China

© PressTV
A cluster of world-class sinkholes has been discovered in northwest China. Forty-nine pit caves have also been discovered during a 4-month-survey in China's Hanzhong City located in Shaanxi Province.

The cluster includes 31 regular-sized, 17 large and 1 super-sized pit caves with the largest measuring up to 500 meters in diameter. All found caves live up to the standards of a world geological relic and are intact since they're located in places that are hard to reach.

Rare plant and animal species were also found during the survey conducted by experts from UNESCO as well as other international and local bodies.

Local governments have already started their work to utilize technical, ecological and legal methods to preserve these natural marvels. The caves are expected to contribute greatly to the study of environment and climate change in both the north and south of China.

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Russian car submerges into six meter sinkhole, never recovered (VIDEO)

© Владимир Кобзев / YouTube
Probably not as epic as James Cameron's Titanic, but this Russian flick has its share of vehicles slowly submerging too. A Lada Kalina car drowned in a sinkhole as its owner frantically waited for rescuers to arrive ... but it was never seen again.

Footage of the car's descent into muddy abyss of Ufa, a city in the Urals, was uploaded online by an eyewitness, who said by the time rescuers arrived at the scene, the vehicle was "up to its glands" in the water.

Local news channel 360 reported that rescue workers drained with pumps the six meter sinkhole but found no car in it. They said it had been carried away by the stream of water that washed over the earth in the first place.

The owner of the car told the reporters that she will sue the municipal authorities for damage.

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Major landslide in Serendah, Malaysia

At least six cars, two motorcycles and one van were swallowed up by earth in the 1.20am incident.
One person was injured and at least 10 vehicles were buried in a major landslide which struck Taman Idaman, Serendah early this morning.

At least six cars, two motorcycles and one van were swallowed up by earth in the 1.20am incident.

The injured person was identified as Mohd Fareez, 21, was on his motorcycle when the landslide occurred. He was sent to the Selayang Hospital.

Most of the affected vehicles were parked 50 metres from the location where the landslide took place.

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Huge sinkhole opens up in Selly Oak, UK

The damage to Harborne Lane Island
A huge sinkhole has opened up in Harborne Lane after a burst water mains disaster flooded Selly Oak.

Millions of gallons of water cascaded down the road and into surrounding streets, with many areas remaining shut to traffic until at least the weekend.

Harborne Lane will remain shut from the new roundabout at the junction of the A38 up to the petrol station just before the junction with Quinton Road.

A river of water surged down the roads yesterday after the water mains burst turning the area into a raging torrent.

Seven Trent Water said the pipe had now been switched off and the water drained but the the company was working on cleaning up and starting repairs.

There was a huge crater where the burst pipe was situated in Harborne Lane.

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13-year-old escapes 20-foot-deep sinkhole in Lake Elsinore, California

Teenager nearly swallowed up by a sinkhole
A Southern California teen nearly swallowed up by a 20-foot-deep sinkhole in her front yard fought to crawl from the opening that caved in right under her Monday.

"All of a sudden I just fell down," 13-year-old Lake Elsinore resident Macayla Wittman said.

Surveillance video captured part of the struggle, with Macayla's legs visibly flailing as she fought to escape the well-like hole in her front yard on Pennsylvania street.

She was walking on her front yard when the ground gave way underneath her. But Macayla stopped her fall by grabbing onto the edge of the 3-foot-wide sinkhole.

Seconds later she climbed out shaken, but not hurt.

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Large sinkhole opens up outside house in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania

Family fears sinkhole could swallow home
A family in Schuylkill County has been forced out of their home after a giant hole opened up in their backyard.

The family says that massive hole opened within minutes on Saturday night, swallowing up most of their backyard. They worry the hole could widen and take their home.

On Saturday night, Tracey Quick and her husband heard odd noises coming from the backyard of their home on Park Place Road near Mahanoy City. Then they heard louder noises coming from the home.

"It started cracking. The whole house sounded like it was going to go. It was horrible," she said.

Quick woke up her three children and got them out of the home safely because that cracking sound was the foundation of the home shifting as the house began to lean as the backyard gave way. Her husband went into the backyard to check on the noise. He was standing in the area just two minutes before the ground gave way.

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Sinkhole opens up in driveway of home in Toronto

© Mike Nguyen/ CP24
A sinkhole has appeared in the driveway of an Upper Beaches home.
A sinkhole has formed outside a home in the city's east end.

It happened in the driveway of a house on Golfview Avenue, in the area of Woodbine Avenue and Kingston Road.

A portion of the road has been closed as a result of the incident.

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Large sinkhole swallows car in Newcastle, Australia

The front part of a car has been completely swallowed up by a one-metre deep sinkhole after a water main break
A car has been swallowed up by a one-metre deep sinkhole after a water main break.

The incident happened on Albert Street in Wickham, a suburb of Newcastle in NSW, at 6am on Thursday morning, the Newcastle Herald reported.

The force of the rushing water in the burst water main deteriorated soil underneath the road, which then caused the ground to open up.

The burst water main also caused 38 homes in the vicinity to lose water.

Local resident Chris Wheatley told the Newcastle Herald he woke up this morning to see his neighbour's car stuck in a hole.

The car was reportedly still in the hole about 9am on Thursday, with its nose, two front wheels stuck, and the tail end still sitting on the road.