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Fri, 31 Mar 2023
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Two elephants rescued from sinkhole in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

A backhoe and a team of veterinarians in a forest in Thong Pha Phum district of Kanchanaburi province have helped an elephant and its calf to get out of sink hole, in which they had become trapped.

Officials of the Lam Khlong Ngu National Park were informed by villagers yesterday (Sunday) that they found the two pachyderms trapped in a hole in Khao Bo Rae national forest reserve in Chalae sub-district, which is outside the territory of the national park.

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Bikes, dog fall into sinkhole as road collapses in New Delhi, India

A dog and two bikes fell inside a hole after portion of road collapsed in RK Puram, Delhi.

A dog and two bikes fell inside a hole after portion of road collapsed in RK Puram, Delhi.
On February 22nd, residents of the RK Puram area in New Delhi witnessed a startling event as a portion of a road gave way, causing a sinkhole to form. The collapse was captured on video and quickly went viral on social media. According to reports, a dog and two parked motorcycles were swallowed by the sinkhole as a result of the road collapse.

The incident occurred around midday, at approximately 12:40 pm, and was reported to the Delhi Police. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or injuries reported, and the authorities immediately took measures to cordon off the area and prevent further accidents from occurring.

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UK: Experts are baffled as giant 30ft-wide and 9ft deep sinkhole crater opens just feet from busy road in Wales

sinkhole wales
© Penfold Photography/Wales News Service
The 9-ft-deep hole was spotted by walkers yard from the busy road leading to a house estate in late January 2023
Experts are baffled by a giant 30ft-wide sinkhole crater in South Wales, with some fearing that it could be the result of old mining works or even a UFO landing.

Aerial footage of the sinkhole shows the giant crater filled with murky stagnant water, surrounded by dry weeds. The 9-ft-deep hole was spotted by walkers yard from the busy road leading to a house estate more than a month ago.

Council officials in Caerphilly, South Wales, were called in to look into it.

Locals believed the ground opened up due to old mine workings - but officials say the cause is still being investigated.

Video shows giant sinkhole crater that opened in South Wales

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Sinkhole appears near the epicenter of earthquake in Turkey

The sinkhole that emerged after the earthquake in the creek in Diyarbakir's Lice district continues to absorb the water.

Diyarbakır was among the provinces affected by two major earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaras.

More than 300 people lost their lives in the city, where many buildings were destroyed.

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Sinking land forces hundreds to leave Indian temple town

Sink Hole
© Associated Press
A motorist navigates his way through a crack on a road in Joshimath, India, Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023. Authorities have stopped all construction activity and started shifting hundreds of people panicking after seeing a temple collapse and cracks in over 600 houses due to subsidence of land in a northern Indian hilly town, officials said on Saturday.
Authorities in an Indian Himalayan town have stopped construction activities and started moving hundreds of people to temporary shelters after a temple collapsed and cracks appeared in over 600 houses because of sinking of land, officials said Saturday.

Residents of Joshimath town in Uttarakhand state say they started noticing cracks in houses, especially after 2021 floods in the region. No injury was reported in the temple collapse late Friday and those living nearby had vacated the area a day earlier.

Himanshu Khurana, a district administrator, said more than 60 families have been moved to government relief camps. The number is likely to go up to 600 families, media reports said.

Television images also showed cracks in roads, hampering the movement of vehicles.

Cloud Lightning

2022: Storms, Sheets of Rain and Tornadoes in the Netherlands

storm corrie scheveningen
© indebuurt
Storm Corrie touches down in Scheveningen, a district of The Hague, Netherlands, on January 31st, 2022.
There was a stormy start to 2022 as at least four storms battered the Netherlands throughout the end of January and February. During the year, the country also saw snowfall, floods, sinkholes, tornadoes and fireballs. Below are some highlights from extreme weather events in the Netherlands in 2022.

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Vehicle falls into sinkhole along residential street in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania

A vehicle fell into a sinkhole along Biddle Avenue in Wilkinsburg.
© Adam Burgess
A vehicle fell into a sinkhole along Biddle Avenue in Wilkinsburg.
A vehicle fell into a sinkhole along a residential street in Wilkinsburg.

The sinkhole opened up sometime on Thursday evening along Biddle Avenue at the intersection of West Street.

Viewer video shows a vehicle that had fallen into the sinkhole.

Our news crew at the scene witnessed cones and barriers set up around the hole.

We've reached out to Wilkinsburg Police for more information and an estimated timeframe on repairs, but have not heard back.

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Large sinkhole closes stretch of Route 191 in Lower Nazareth, Pennsylvania

A large sinkhole is causing traffic troubles in part of Northampton County.

The sinkhole opened up on Route 191 in Lower Nazareth Township, the township said in a social media post on Wednesday.

Route 191 is closed between Newburg Road in Lower Nazareth Township and Brodhead Road in Bethlehem Township. That stretch sees more than 13,000 vehicles daily, PennDOT says.

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Massive sinkhole opens up inside Yorktown, New York park

A sinkhole has shut down a popular park in Westchester County.

CBS2 went up to Yorktown on Tuesday to find out more about the impact on the community.

Chopper 2 captured images of the large sinkhole at Woodlands Legacy Field, a park containing a multi-sports complex for Yorktown families, located on the east side of the Taconic State Parkway.

"I used to run up there. My wife works out there, and we let our dogs run around up there and we go hiking in the paths behind there, too, so we actually use it quite a bit," resident Mark Eckersdorff said. "They do a lot of sports there, but in the winter it's kind of deserted."

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Moment the dance floor at graduation party collapses and sinkhole swallows 25 dancing students in Peru

Once the dust settled and the students got to their feet they started clambering out of the hole

Once the dust settled and the students got to their feet they started clambering out of the hole
Students were celebrating their graduation in Peru when the concrete dance floor collapsed, causing 25 of them to descend into a sinkhole the size of multiple cars.

The group of boys and girls were huddled together in a tight group, jumping up and down in unison to music when the ground cracked and a crater formed.

A video of the disaster was uploaded to TikTok on December 17 with a caption, written in Spanish: 'Prom night turns to tragedy.'

The incident was covered by the Peruvian newspaper El Popular, which reported that there were no fatalities, but it is not clear if there were any severe injuries.