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Tue, 23 May 2017
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A sign? Sinkhole opens in front of Trump's Mar-a-Lago, hillarity ensues

With Trump traveling half-way around the globe, on Monday an amusing "event of nature" took place at the president's favorite "ground zero", when a sinkhole opened up in front of Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort where he has previously hosted world leaders including China's Xi Jinping and Japan's PM Shinzo Abe, prompting an advisory from the Town of Palm Beach.

The 4-foot-by-4-foot sinkhole, first reported by the local municipality, formed on Southern Boulevard directly in front of Mar-a-Lago, in the vicinity of a newly installed water main.


Growing sinkhole unnerves residents at Nova Scotia apartment building

© Jessie Bainbridge
A small sinkhole in Glace Bay, N.S., has turned into a big problem for residents living beside it in an apartment complex.

"It feels like every time you turn your back it grows a little bit more and gets a little deeper," says tenant Blair Brewer.

The hole first appeared a year ago. The building owner has filled it with loose rock and gravel a number of times, but the ground keeps slipping away.

Residents of a Glace Bay, N.S., apartment complex say this sinkhole is getting bigger on a daily basis. It's all unnerving for residents.

"If something should happen and part of the building sinks in, it's not just the person in that part of the building that needs to worry," says Blair. "The whole building will be evacuated and we will have to look for a new home. That's not easy with a new family, especially with a three-month-old daughter."

Alarm Clock

Experts: Massive sinkholes are now appearing in the wrong places

© AP/Matt Rourke
In this Jan. 9, 2017, file photo, workers inspect a sinkhole in Philadelphia.
Dora Linda Nishihara, 68, was driving in San Antonio one dark evening in early December when she suddenly disappeared from sight. Later, her car, with her body inside, was found at the bottom of a 12-foot-deep (3.7-meter), water-filled sinkhole that had swallowed the road ahead of her. Two days later, a school bus driver in Brooklyn, New York, ran into an 8-foot-wide (2.4-meter) crater on his route. Luckily, no children were on board and the driver survived with minor injuries.

Just last week, massive holes opened up in New York City's lower Manhattan, suburban Atlanta and San Francisco.

Sinkholes are not a new phenomenon in the United States, especially in a half dozen states where the geology makes them more likely. But a recent spate of huge, sudden-appearing caverns is prompting alarm because they're happening in places where they shouldn't, and now seem to be proliferating nationwide. The usual cause: crumbling water, drain and sewer pipes, often neglected by cities with budget problems.

Comment: Failing infrastructure is just one possible cause. Sinkholes are also linked to other earth changes and weather events. See Sinkholes: The groundbreaking truth for more details on how these events connect to current day cosmic and earth changes.

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200-feet-deep sinkhole appears overnight in Karnataka, India

The sinkhole appeared in a private layout following two days of heavy rain in Oorgaumpet in KGF.
The residents of Oorgaumpet in Kolar Gold Fields woke up on Monday morning to a massive sinkhole, more than 200-ft deep, which was formed overnight in their neighbourhood. Following two days of heavy rain lashing the town, the sinkhole appeared in a private layout being developed in the area.

The municipal administration of Robertsonpet suspected that the area, though over 5 km away from the mining region, might have been an excavation site during the exploration phase of establishment of the gold mine in the colonial era
R. Srikanth, Commissioner, City Municipal Council, Robertsonpet, said that the sinkhole was a minimum of over 200-ft deep and 10-ft wide. "Officials from Bharat Gold Mines Ltd. also visited the spot. BGML officials have been asked to check their archives to ascertain whether the area was at any time an excavation site," he said, adding that heavy rain may have been the trigger for the sinkhole.

Cloud Lightning

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - April 2017: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Planetary environmental chaos continued unabated this April.

After Peru was inundated in March, Columbia was next in line for massive rainfall and flooding which provoked deadly landslides in the city of Mocoa. Major flooding and landslides also hit India, Indonesia, the USA and China, while

Wildfires once again struck the US state of Florida while very late snow saw many European nations blanketed, with many crops destroyed.

Meteor/fireballs were also spotted from one end of the planet to the other and a comet made a special appearance.

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Huge sinkhole swallows two lorries in Russia

Red lorry, buried lorry
Horrified lorry manufacturers could no nothing but watch in despair, as two brand new trucks descended into a massive sinkhole.

The shiny red trucks were parked in a line with several others at a storage park in Naberezhnye Chelny, central Russia.

But surreal CCTV footage shows the moment that tarmac beneath two gave way, causing the large Kamaz vehicles to slip into the depths below the ground.

The extreme force of the drop is made clear, when part of the rear bracing on one of the lorries flies through the air as it is snapped off.

It is believes the hole must be at least 20 ft deep.

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Crews find mysterious 'void' where San Francisco street caved - NOT water-related

© Jeff Chiu/Associated Press
Emergency crews work on removing a big rig truck stuck in a sinkhole in San Francisco, May 5, 2017.
Crews found a 3-foot-deep void where a San Francisco street caved under a heavy big-rig truck on Friday, but they are stumped as to what caused the hole.

Water is usually to blame, but crews could not find any water leaks, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokeswoman Betsy Rhodes said.

"The culprit to create a void like that is water, but the trench is dry," she said.

The massive sinkhole in the city's South of Market neighborhood developed early Friday after a heavy big-rig parked on what Rhodes said was essentially asphalt over air.

The driver escaped unharmed through the driver side when his big-rig started sinking on the passenger side. Driver Alejandro Curiel told KRON he couldn't believe what happened.

Rhodes said the sinkhole measured 3 feet deep (0.91 meter) and 10 feet (3 meters) by 20 feet (6 meters). Crews are covering the hole with sand and gravel.

Someone started a Twitter account in the name of the sinkhole and said it was just chilling. It also wished everyone a happy #Sinkholedemayo in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

Comment: San Francisco has been plagued by a number of sinkholes.

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Sinkhole partially swallows truck in San Francisco

© Paul Chinn
A sinkhole partially consumes a large truck parked on 7th Street near Townsend Street in San Francisco, Calif. on Friday, May 5, 2017.
A truck stuck in a sinkhole early Friday in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco was causing traffic delays, officials said.

The sinkhole, measuring about 5 feet wide by 14 feet long, was discovered about 6:20 a.m. on Seventh and Townsend streets, officials said.

No injuries were reported. Crews from the city Public Works Department were on scene to clear the issue.

The bed of the truck was loaded with bags of cement and a trailer attached to the rig carried two mini bulldozers.


Arkansas city 'rocks' massive sinkhole

© James L. White/Harrison Daily
Harrison city workers on Wednesday began dumping large rocks into the huge sinkhole that began to encroach on a home in Harrison over the weekend.

The hole opened up after heavy rain Friday, April 21, in an area off Chelsea Circle.

The hole is in Will and Sherry Presley's back yard. After even heavier rain last weekend, the hole grew exponentially and began to near the Presleys' home.

They said drainage has been an issue in the area ever since they moved into the house 10 years ago.

Sherry said they have been asking for help from the city from about the time following the first rain after they moved in.

But she said they have been told that flooding that occurs during heavy rain is not the city's responsibility and that because a portion of that property is outside the city limits, none of it qualifies as city property.


Large sinkhole re-opens forcing road closure in East Maui, Hawaii

© Jonathan Starr
Maui police have closed the Piʻilani/Hāna Highway at Mile 39 due to a "large sink hole," which has made the road impassable.

Police say the closure is on the Kaupō side of the Alalele Bridge.

A similar incident was reported about two weeks ago, on April 12, 2017, in the same area. Police have confirmed that this is the same sink hole and that it has re-opened.

There is no estimated time for when the road will be reopened.

County of Maui Communications Director Rod Antone said Crews from the Public Works Department have closed the road to non-emergency vehicles until repairs can be made.

Antone said crews expect the road to be closed overnight and open again tomorrow after workers can cover the sinkhole with metal plating.

Motorists should take an alternate route until repairs are complete.