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Sat, 24 Jun 2017
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More sinkholes open in The Villages, Florida

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A woman wasn't able to return to her home in The Villages Tuesday, one day after a sinkhole opened beneath a portion of her house.

The sinkhole opened Monday near the front door of her home on Abercrombie Way.

The woman's neighbors told Channel 9 that the homeowner discovered the hole when she walked outside to retrieve a newspaper.

The woman was forced out of her home, which was surrounded with yellow tape and signs warning people not to get close to the home.

She was the only person in the area who had to evacuate.

Comment: See also: 2 sinkholes open up at golf course in The Villages, Florida

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2 sinkholes open up at golf course in The Villages, Florida

A large sinkhole was discovered at Glenview Championship Golf Course.
Villagers who live near the Glenview Championship Golf Course woke up Friday morning to find a very large, deep sinkhole in their backyard.

Golf course personnel closed six holes and roped off an area behind homes in the 3300 block of Richmond Drive in the Village of Belle Aire. There is said to be a second sinkhole in a nearby retention pond.

Sam Wartinbee of District Property Management on Friday said drought followed by sudden, heavy rain make conditions ripe for sinkholes to occur.

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Sinkhole opens up in front of car in Ocala, Florida

A man and woman somehow managed to escape their car after they realized a sinkhole opened in front of them in Ocala.

The sinkhole opened near the intersection of Southwest 27th Avenue and State Road 200, also known as College Road, at the Gateway Plaza.

Video shows a car teetering on the edge of the 25 foot by 25 foot hole in a Checker's restaurant parking lot.

Cell phone video shows a car teetering on the edge of a sinkhole in #Ocala. A couple somehow managed to escape https://t.co/zC3KZWjmzz pic.twitter.com/kdsDPP7uoQ— Matt Petrillo (@MattPetrillo) June 11, 2017

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Massive sinkhole opens up on road and engulfs tree and minivan in Nantong, China

No one was hurt in the accident, and the cause of the sinkhole is still being investigated
A massive sinkhole has appeared on a street in eastern China, sending a minivan and a tree tumbling in.

The incident occurred in the city of Nantong, Jiangsu Province on Saturday, after heavy rains in the region.

Video captured the event unfolding, as the minivan was sent tumbling into the ground.

The sinkhole then continued to expand, making a large tree fall in.

Chunks of pavement gave way, and a underground water pipe also burst.


Car plunges into sinkhole on busy road in Brazil

This is the moment a 4X4 is nearly consumed by a giant sinkhole in the middle of a road.

A crowd gathers around the stricken vehicle which lay front first into the ground as its alarm whirls in the background.

Around 20 seconds into the clip the car falls further into the ground and nearly tilts at a 90 degree angle, facing into the dark core of the planet.

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Father and son are killed after being sucked into flaming sinkhole in Jharkhand, India

A 21-strong rescue team arrived at the scene and dug an underground passage to try and get to the father and son
A father and son have been burned alive after being sucked into a flaming sink hole that has been blazing for more than 100 years in India.

Teenager Rahim Khan was sweeping an area in front of his shop in the town of Jharia, in the country's north eastern Jharkhand province when he was sucked into a crater which opened up in the road.

His desperate father, Bablu Khan, 40, saw him slip into the hole before he too was killed after being buried under debris as he tried to save the 14-year-old.

Pictures show smoke coming from the burning sink hole which was caused by fires that have raged underground in the area for decades.

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30-ft wide, 30-ft deep sinkhole collapses road in Newberry, Florida

A sinkhole opened in Newberry along Newberry Road just west of Northwest 266th Street, worsened by a burst water line.

Alachua County sheriff's deputies responded and were guiding morning commuters slowly through the area.

Newberry City Manager Mike New said the 3 inches of rain the city got Tuesday could have washed out soil supporting a waterline that subsequently sagged and ruptured, washing out even more soil and deepening the hole.

When deputies were called about 6:20 a.m. Wednesday, the sinkhole was about 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep near the roadway. Eventually, a portion of the road collapsed after the soil supporting it caved in.

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Car falls into sinkhole in El Cajon, California

A car fell into a sinkhole that formed Tuesday morning on Olde Highway 80 in the El Cajon area.

Just after 4 a.m., crews responded to a water main break that caused a sinkhole on the roadway at Pecan Park Lane.

Crews arrived to find an Uber vehicle had partially fallen into the hole, but the driver and his passenger climbed out of a window as water began pouring into the car.

Tasha Mills said she got the scary early morning call from her husband, who was working his second job driving overnight for Uber.

"I was sleeping and I got a phone call. It scared us pretty bad, so we rushed out here," she told 10News.

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Massive sinkhole appears on a ring road in Changchun, China

A massive sinkhole appeared on a ring road in Jilin city of northeast China
A massive sinkhole appeared on a ring road in northeastern China today.

The cause of the sinkhole was unknown, though there has been construction in the area recently.

Photos show the sheer size of the giant sinkhole which has caused traffic chaos in Changchun city.

The incident took place near Weixing Square in Changchun city, Jilin Province, stated Huanqiu.com, an affiliation to People's Daily China.

Changchun county council sent a repair team to the site after getting reports of the sinkhole from onlookers during the early hours of this morning.

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Man accidentally drives car into sinkhole in Denver, Colorado

Sinkhole at 13th and Tennyson.
A man drove his car directly into a sinkhole caused by a broken water main early Friday.

Since it had rained overnight, the driver said he saw water on a road in Denver and thought it was just a puddle. The car ended up head-first in a six-foot-deep sinkhole.

The driver, who works for Uber, did not have any passengers with him at the time. He was able to get out of the car on the passenger side.

A tow truck pulled the car out and hauled it away.

Utility crews said the sinkhole was caused by a rupture in a 12-inch water main. A dozen nearby homes lost water due to the rupture and crews were working to replace the broken section of pipe.