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Naples sinkhole swallows cars, people 'lucky to be alive'

Two young men are "lucky to be alive" after the car they were traveling in was swallowed by a huge sinkhole that opened up early on Wednesday in a road in Naples's Vomero district.

The pair, who were returning from a party after a university exam, were saved by Army soldiers who happened to be stationed in the area as part of the Strade Sicure (Safe Streets) operation.

A parked car also fell into the sinkhole.

"It's a miracle we are alive.

It could have gone much, much worse," said Giulio Delle Donne, one of the two young men who is also a municipal councillor.

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2023: Destructive Storms and Sheets of Rain in the Netherlands

ligthouse sun halo
© Ilse KootkarThe lighthouse Kijkduin Light in Huisduinen, Netherlands, with a sun halo in the sky on March 6th, 2023.
2023 started with snowfall in eastern and southeastern parts of the Netherlands and ended with record high water levels due to record-breaking rainfall. The wettest year since measurements began also included other destructive weather events such as storms and tornadoes. Below are some highlights from extreme weather events in the Netherlands in 2023.

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Couple escapes from car after it plunges into sinkhole in Vancouver, Washington: 'Felt like the movies'

A scary moment took place for a couple when their car plunked into a sinkhole last week in Vancouver, Washington.
© Katlynn Ann BicknellA scary moment took place for a couple when their car plunked into a sinkhole last week in Vancouver, Washington.
A Washington couple experienced a scary situation early Saturday morning as their vehicle plunged into a sinkhole in a Vancouver intersection while they were on their way home, according to a city spokesperson.

Authorities responded to the intersection around 1:15 a.m. on Saturday after reports that a car had gone into a sinkhole.

Katlynn Bicknell and her boyfriend Kevin were out grabbing food and were on their way home when the car became stuck in a huge hole with lots of bubbling water surrounding it, the couple told KPTV.

Bicknell tried to open the door as she pushed against the rushing water.

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60-foot-deep sinkhole opens in front of Highland City home in Florida

© Polk County Fire Rescue
According to Polk County Fire Rescue, an approximately 15 feet wide by 60 feet-deep sinkhole opened in front of a Polk County home on Saturday.

Officials say the sinkhole is on Royal Crest Drive in Highland City

Firefighters say the street is open, and the sinkhole does not pose an imminent threat to the county roadway.

According to authorities, PCFR will continue monitoring the situation over the coming days.

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Gaping sinkhole causes disruptions in Brooklyn, New York

A sinkhole opened in the middle of the street in Brooklyn on Tuesday, causing disruptions for neighbors.

The sinkhole, measuring 25 feet by 15 feet wide and 20 feet deep, is on 68th Street in the Bay Ridge section.

It started out as a 10-foot sinkhole and grew throughout the day.

A spokesperson from the Department of Environmental Protection says a break in the sewer line caused the depression to form.

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Sinkhole near school in Charvil, UK, suffers further collapse

The land is owned by Wokingham Borough Council
© LEE CRIPPSThe land is owned by Wokingham Borough Council
A large sinkhole that opened up in a car park near a primary school has suffered a further collapse.

The sinkhole appeared in East Park Farm Car Park in the village of Charvil, Berkshire, on Monday.

Charvil Parish Council said it was working to keep the area safe but confirmed more ground had given way.

Workers have inspected the hole, and the rest of the car park will now be scanned to make sure there is no more deterioration beneath the surface.


Is the jet stream changing?

Researchers at Mainz University are investigating the jet stream to assess how its decadal variations could affect the occurrence of weather extremes in Europe.
Jet Stream
© Georgios FragkoulidisWind velocity and streamlines at an altitude of about 10 kilometers above the Earth's surface on the onset of a Western Europe heat wave (23 August 2016).
Heavy precipitation, wind storms, heat waves — when severe weather events such as these occur they are frequently attributed to a wavy jet stream. The jet stream is a powerful air current in the upper troposphere that balances the pressure gradient and Coriolis forces. It is still not known whether the jet stream is really undergoing changes at decadal timescales and, if so, to what extent.

"There are various theories as to what we can expect from the jet stream in future. However, these are all based on highly idealized assumptions," said Dr. Georgios Fragkoulidis of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). "Although it is quite clear that carbon dioxide emissions make a direct contribution to the global mean temperature, changes in the atmospheric circulation are highly uncertain due to the chaotic processes that govern its evolution."

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Dozens displaced after massive sinkhole opens near apartment complex in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Authorities say a huge sinkhole in northeast Pennsylvania has forced nearly two-dozen people from their homes.

The ground gave way over the weekend next to an apartment complex in Luzerne County.

The fire chief said 14 of the apartments have been condemned, causing roughly 20 people to be displaced.

The department of environmental protection says the hole is about 60 to 80 feet deep.

It is believed the sinkhole was likely caused by a mine subsidence which is a technique used in underground mining and can result in the ground above sinking or in this case, develop into a large sinkhole.

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Large sinkhole opens up in Long Island homeowner's backyard

A large sinkhole is creating a mess in a Long Island backyard, and those who live at the home said it sprung up out of nowhere — leading them to question what caused it to form.

Tiffany McFadzean couldn't believe her eyes when she looked out into the backyard of her West Hempstead home Tuesday morning.

"We saw this big huge hole it caught us off guard," she said.

The sinkhole measures about six feet deep and 10 feet across, and appeared suddenly with zero warning.

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Giant 70-meter sinkhole halts access in Gianyar, Indonesia

Giant sinkhole appeared on Sep. 11, 2023, in Gianyar, halting access to the famous Tampaksiring tourist destination.
Giant sinkhole appeared on Sep. 11, 2023, in Gianyar, halting access to the famous Tampaksiring tourist destination.
The road that served as the gateway to tourism in Gianyar has plunged to a depth of 70 meters, leaving a hole spanning over 30 meters wide, which has caused a major disruption to access routes leading to Tampaksiring.

The famous Tegallalang rice fields are now in the spotlight as a giant sinkhole has appeared at this destination.

Local news outlets reported on Wednesday that this cataclysmic event unfolded in the heart of Kedisan Village. Beyond its role in tourism, this route is a lifeline for the local community, linking them to essential markets and educational institutions.