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Tue, 28 Mar 2017
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Large sinkhole nearly swallows truck in San Diego, California

© ABC10
Emergency crews responded to a sinkhole Saturday morning in Otay Mesa West that was apparently caused by an underground water main break, according to police.

San Diego police officers were called to the 1300 block of Del Sol Lane shortly after 11 a.m., where a truck had fallen into a sinkhole, according to Sgt. Ray Battrick. But the driver was able to get his truck out of the hole and was not injured.

A fire hydrant nearby was also affected, shooting a large fountain of water into the air before city work crews responded and shut it off, Battrick said. Water was shut off in the area so crews could repair the water main.

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Deep sinkhole opens up on road in Nanning, China

A dramatic video has emerged from China of huge sinkhole opened on a road in Nanning, Guangxi Province.

The footage, shot on Friday, shows a two-metre-deep and three-metre-wide sinkhole which opened after a bus drove over the road.

According to local news, the road suddenly collapsed when the bus passed by and the rear wheels got trapped in the sinkhole.

The bus driver managed to drive out of the hole and no one injured.

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Large sinkhole opens up on highway in Walton County, Florida

© The Walton Sun
A sinkhole on a Walton County Highway has shut down part of a roadway in the Florida Panhandle county.

According to the Walton County Sheriff's Office, the sinkhole is at Walton County Highway 283 and 30A. It runs over 50 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 15 feet deep.

The road is currently closed at that location while work to repair the situation takes place.

Expect delay and plan accordingly. Use caution in the area as first responders are on scene at this time.

© Walton Co. Sheriff

Bizarro Earth

Thousands of underground methane bubbles set to explode in Siberia

As many as 7,000 massive underground methane bubbles, formed by thawing permafrost are set to explode in Siberia. Such explosions, while releasing greenhouse gases, can create massive craters and poses a major safety risk to the local people.
© Steve Jurvetson/Wiki Commons
As the permafrost continues to melt it gives a Swiss cheese-like appearance to the landscape in the Arctic.
Scientists were puzzled over the appearance of numerous craters across the Siberian permafrost over recent years - including the famous 'gateway to the underworld' crater near Batagaiin. Later, it was discovered that unseasonably high temperatures have released methane stored in the permafrost, causing a sort of explosion that forms the craters.

Last year, more than 15 bulges or bulgunyakh in the local Yakut language, were discovered by researchers in Siberia's remote Bely Island. In a followup research, using extensive field expeditions and satellite surveys. thousands of bulging bumps in the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas have been identified.

In 2014 a mysterious crater-hole was discovered in the Yamal peninsular, northwest Siberia, Russia. It was 'probably caused by methane released as permafrost thawed' according to researchers, and the result of 'internal forces not seen in 8,000 years'. Since then new information has come to light, with witnesses reporting an 'explosion' and a 'glow in the sky' from 100 km away.

This would indicate an extremely powerful explosion occurred from below to form this 'crater-hole', in a region known in the local Nenets language as the 'end of the world'. The recent discovery by scientists of methane 'bubbles' on the remote Belyy Island in the Kara Sea off the Yamal Peninsula coastline may be another alarming sign of increased activity in the depths.
SOTT Exclusive: The growing threat of underground fires and explosions

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Russian sinkhole swallows man waiting at trolleybus stop (VIDEO)

© Yarnet Ltd / YouTube
A man in the Russian city of Yaroslavl sank into a huge hole in the road, while he was standing at the public transport stop.

Thursday morning did not start well for the 51-year-old man in Yaroslavl, 250 kilometers northeast of Moscow. The unsuspecting commuter had just come to the trolleybus stop, when the asphalt caved in right under his feet.

The accident was caught on CCTV cameras around 7:00am local time.

Comment: For more on the mysterious sinkhole, check out: Sinkholes: The groundbreaking truth

Cloud Precipitation

'Tasman Tempest' floods New Zealand's Auckland; 65 mm (2.5 in) of rain in one hour

© NZGrazie/Twitter
Sinkhole opens in New Lynn, Auckland after heavy rains on March 12, 2017.
A severe storm dubbed by NIWA meteorologists as Tasman Tempest has dumped extremely heavy rain and wreaked havoc in parts of northern New Zealand over the past couple of days. Some regions already saw 100-year storms and their worst flooding in a generation.

A huge sinkhole has opened up and some 320 houses were flooded in Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand, on Sunday, March 12, 2017, after torrential rain, including 65 mm (2.55 inches) of rain in just one hour, hit the city. 225 of the flooded houses are in West Auckland, the worst hit area.

Residents reported it took just 15 minutes for the water to completely flood their homes and turn streets into rivers. Civil Defence issued a warning to stay out of floodwaters which could be contaminated by sewage.

Local media reported that two people had to be rescued after a huge sinkhole opened up in the city, threatening the stability of a building and trapping multiple cars.

MetService meteorologist April Clark said around 80 mm (3.14 inches) fell in Auckland over a 24 hour period, but the worst of the rain seems to have taken place between 10:00 and 13:00 local time, with New Lynn and Glen Eden the worst affected.

Comment: Last week parts of New Zealand were hit by other storms bringing heavy rainfall.


SOTT Earth Changes Summary - February 2017: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Februrary 2017 continued on as January started. Massive flooding in California due to "atmospheric rivers" dumping large amounts of rain on coastal areas and snow on the Sierra Nevada. The snow melt from this caused further flooding in Nevada. Eastern Canada also experienced record snowfall, as did Iran, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Japan.

Wildfires broke out in Eastern Australia and New Zealand while record rainfall inundated Western Australia. Major flooding also hit several South American nations including Chile, Peru and Colombia.

There are at least 30 active volcanoes around the world right now, including a really impressive one in Guatemala. Massive earth cracks opened in Pakistan and Italy.

These are just some of the chaotic events we present in this month's Sott 'Earth Changes' video compilation.


'Doorway To The Underworld' in Siberia is rapidly growing in size

© Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North
Batagaika Crater in eastern Siberia
In the vast landscape of eastern Siberia there is a massive hole in the ground known as the "doorway to the underworld" triggered from climate change in the recent decades. The permafrost ground near the Yana River Basin has been warming lately, causing large scale changes in the local topography and ecology.

The tadpole-shaped crater, called the Batagaika crater, is known as a "megaslump" and is related to karsting triggered through permafrost melting. Currently, the crater measures 0.6 miles long and 282 feet deep. However, the crater's growth has increased recently prompting locals to nickname it the "doorway to the underworld" and to avoid the area.

Permafrost is ground which remains at or below freezing temperatures for more than two years. This is common in the high latitudes of Siberia where average yearly temperatures prevent warming of the ground to above freezing. Pore spaces within the soil contains trapped water, which in the case of northern latitudes can be frozen in place for thousands of years.

Comment: Mysterious Siberian crater, Batagaika, 'gateway to a subterranean world'

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Sinkhole swallows house in Khutsong, South Africa

© Malungelo Booi
House fell into a sinkhole in Khutsong in the early hours of this morning.
The ground beneath the homes of residents on the West Rand of Johannesburg is in danger of swallowing them whole.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a massive sinkhole in Khutsong engulfed a house - fortunately no one was home at the time.

Several residents will be moved to emergency housing, while others have fled their homes after the Merafong Municipality identified at least 16 sinkholes in the area.


Large sinkhole opens in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

© Joe Cavaretta/Sun Sentinel
Sinhole formed just north of Davie Boulevard along 24th Avenue.
The sinkhole didn't swallow anybody or anything. But it was large enough to easily fit several full-sized adults inside.

The sinkhole that was spotted early Monday along Southwest 24th Avenue's frontage road, just north of Davie Boulevard, happened after a 6-inch water pipe below ground broke, officials said. By Monday afternoon the pipe had been repaired.

Crews from Fort Lauderdale and Florida's Department of Transportation are working to rebuild the concrete structure around the storm drain. It's likely that the travel lane where the sinkhole formed will be closed until Thursday, according to Matt Little, Fort Lauderdale spokesman.

The hole is too large to put a plate over it, Little said.

"We expect fill and pavement to be complete on Thursday depending on weather and delivery of materials," Little said.