Recently, as a result of a FOIA request, the Department of Defense released some Signal exchanges I had with Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, former Director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). The release surprised but did not offend me as I'm a strong supporter of government transparency. However, it also reminded me of another Signal message that the public might find of interest that is also pertinent to the alleged recovery of off-world technology.

Out of respect for the author's confidentiality, I've been sitting on this message for a number of years. I have also redacted portions of the document to protect the identity of the author. However, I recently obtained the author's written permission to release it. It has also now been approved for public release by the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR). My purpose in releasing this document, in the wake of the government's blanket denials regarding the possession of off-world technology, is simply to help others understand why I and some others consider these allegations worthy of investigation.
mellon signal
Annotated screenshot of exchange with senior USG official.

As you can see, this senior government official claimed they were being granted access to an alleged U.S. alien technology recovery and exploitation program. I won't comment on the organization they worked for, but I can confirm the individual had plausible access and was high-ranking; considerably more so than whistleblower Dave Grusch. As you can see, this individual claimed to be gaining deep insights into the program and even provided the name of the alleged Air Force 'gatekeeper' for this alleged secret realm. I believe I mentioned the name of the alleged Air Force gatekeeper to Dr. Kirkpatrick of AARO long ago. I've shared an unredacted copy of this message with some staff and members of the various Congressional oversight committees. To the best of my knowledge, none have elected to contact the alleged USAF gatekeeper to check the veracity of this claim.

Aware of the government's categorical denials of anything related to extraterrestrial life, I submitted a copy of this brief exchange to the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR). DOPSR confirmed the text is unclassified and approved it for public release. However, I also recognize that those making the determination that the document is unclassified would not likely be cleared for such an acutely sensitive program if it did exist. Further, the government could hardly deny approval to release this information without to some degree confirming its sensitivity and legitimacy. So, although I'm relieved to have confirmation that the document is unclassified, I also recognize the truth could be more complicated. I think most people, receiving information of this kind from a senior government official, would naturally take the issue seriously, while still holding reservations about such a wild and sensational claim.
mellon signal
Screenshot, cleared for publication by DOPSR.
It is important to stress that regardless of the alleged technology recovery issue, the UAP topic is one that requires serious continued Congressional and Executive branch attention. In just the last few years alone, over 1,000 military UAP reports have been recorded. This is in addition to a wider pattern of mysterious and disruptive drone overflights over U.S. bases and warships. Fighter aircraft from Langley Air Force Base recently had to be relocated after weeks of drone overflights at Langley that the Air Force seemed impotent to address. The Air Force still does not know who was operating those craft or where they came from. And it is not just Langley, there have been many similar unsolved cases elsewhere in recent years. These include incidents at: Anderson Air Force Base's sensitive facilities on Guam; a large region of the United States containing U.S. ICBM missile silos; Navy vessels off both the east and west coasts have been extensively surveilled; USAF training ranges in Arizona have been violated, and more. If we didn't have a culture of trying to shame and humiliate military personnel who see and report unusual things, the military would undoubtedly have many other credible reports to evaluate. With such extraordinary demonstrated vulnerabilities, far more serious than a mere Chinese balloon, there is an urgent need for our government to aggressively investigate incursions of restricted military airspace regardless of the truth of any allegations about recovered off-world technology.

I share the message below with some trepidation. I worry about the privacy of the author and the privacy of the USAF individual whose name I've redacted. I worry too that some will mistakenly assume this is a smoking gun document and all we have to do now is get the author to step forward. However, it is important to note that this individual now claims that although they became aware of the program, they were ultimately denied access. The author of the message still believes there are recovered materials, but they admit they have not seen or touched a recovered craft. So, unfortunately, this individual would not be able to put this issue to rest, even if they were willing to come forward (which they are not).

I wanted to share this with the public simply to help others better understand the kind of information that has caused some of us to take allegations of recovered off-world materials seriously. What would anyone think who received a message like this? Further, this is only one of a number of sources, four of whom I successfully introduced to AARO. However, this individual, and another very compelling witness, still refuse to meet with AARO because they do not trust the process. They might however be willing to speak with a small group of members of Congress behind closed doors. I will continue to explore that possibility.