Several villages in Turkey were covered with a five-centimeter layer of snow

Temperatures plummeted in many parts of the country and heavy rains poured down.

A cyclone from the European part of Russia reached Turkey on Monday, May 13, causing a sharp drop in temperature, strong winds and heavy rains in some areas by evening.

Toward nightfall, snow began to fall in the west of the country in Kocaeli province's Kartepe district. In the mountains of Bolu province, the snowfall was more powerful and about ten villages were covered with a five-centimeter layer of snow. Snow continued to fall on Tuesday night in Kastamonu province.

The General Department of Meteorology of Turkey has declared a "yellow" level of weather danger in six provinces due to the threat of heavy precipitation.

The first ten days of May in the European part of Russia became the coldest in the history of meteorological observations. The temperature was below the climatic norm by 8-10 degrees Celsius. The prolonged abnormal cold weather may affect plants.