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Mon, 23 Jan 2017
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Cloud Precipitation

Spanish holiday hotspots hit by earthquake AND monster hailstone storm in worst winter for 50 years

RUMBLE: The holiday hotspot was rocked by an earthquake at 3am
FREAK weather including hurricane force winds, an earthquake and hailstones the "size of golf balls" wreaked havoc in the Costas as the Spanish holiday hotspots face the worst recorded winter for more than 50 years.

Benidorm, Alicante, Costa Blanca and Majorca were hit with snow last week as the sunny destinations were in the freezing firing line for the bitter blizzards.

Now Benidorm has been rocked by the rumblings of an earthquake at 3am as hurricane force winds and torrential rain battered the Costa Blanca.

The town of Altea was struck with powercuts as the storm raged.

Bizarro Earth

Major 8.0-magnitude earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea

A major earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.0 has struck Bougainville Island in the Solomon Islands, prompting a tsunami alert for both the islands and the wider region, seismologists say. Only few details are available.

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The earthquake, which struck at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, was centered about 37 kilometers (23 miles) northwest of Panguna, a town on Bougainville Island that is located northeast of mainland Papua New Guinea and is geographically part of the Solomon Islands archipelago.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, which put the preliminary magnitude at 8.4, said the earthquake struck at a depth of 168 kilometers (104 miles), making it a relatively deep quake. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) put the preliminary magnitude at 8.0.

As a result, a tsunami alert has been issued for Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Nauru, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Vanuatu, and Chuuk. "Based on the preliminary earthquake parameters, widespread hazardous tsunami waves are possible," the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.


Series of eight earthquakes recorded in Colorado overnight

Eight earthquakes rocked the mountains in Pitkin and Gunnison County area Thursday night according to the United States Geological Surey.

The first occurred shortly after 8:00 p.m., and was in Pitkin County 17 miles south of Carbondale. It measured 2.8 on the Richter Scale and occurred about three miles beneath the surface.

A second quake, less than 10 miles away, occurred about 45 minutes later, also measured 2.8, at a similar depth. It was in Gunnison County ,17 miles west of Snowmass Village.

Fifteen minutes later, another quake, measuring 2.3 in nearly identical location to the second, struck the area.

Comment: Update: Colorado earthquake count rises to 12 in 36 hours


Up to 30 people feared dead as Italian hotel is buried by avalanche after four earthquakes hit the region (UPDATE: 10 people found alive)

Rescue teams are still battling to access the hotel - a task made more difficult by huge snow drifts in the area.
Up to 30 people have been killed after an Italian ski hotel was buried by an avalanche during a series of earthquakes.

Rescue teams are still battling to access Hotel Rigopiano, in Pescara, a province in the Abruzzo region, which has been hit by heavy snowfall in the last week.

The search operation was launched after four powerful earthquakes hit central Italy - in regions already reeling from deadly quakes last August.

There are reports this morning that as many as 30 people have been killed at the hotel.

'There are many dead,' Antonio Crocetta, the head of a group of Alpine police that was trying to reach the cut-off hotel, was quoted as saying.

Twenty firemen, two mountain rescue teams, six ambulances and local police were heading for the site last night, but the weather conditions were expected to cause major delays, a civil protection agency spokesman said.

Italy was hit by four earthquakes in four hours on Wednesday, killing one and bringing terror to snowbound mountain areas still recovering from last year's series of deadly tremors.

The quakes, all measuring more than five magnitude, struck close to Amatrice, the mountain town devastated by an August earthquake that left nearly 300 people dead.

Comment: Update: Miraculously, ten people have been discovered alive after being buried in snow for two days. They reportedly were kept warm by the snow, which insulated them "like an igloo."


5.4 magnitude earthquake hits central Italy, tremors felt in Rome

© Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters
Quake comes months after almost 300 people were killed in Central Italy earthquake

An earthquake has struck Italy, shaking buildings in Rome just months after almost 300 people were killed in one of the worst disasters in living memory.

Residents of the capital described their homes and offices shaking at around 10.25am local time (9.5am BST).

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) measured the quake at magnitude 5.4, placing the epicentre in Central Italy, just over 10 miles from Maltignano.

There was no immediate indication of deaths or severe damage, the organisation said.

Small tremors have reportedly been felt in Rome for several weeks but Wednesday's was the biggest seismic event in several months.

It comes just months after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake killed at least 299 people in the country's central regions in August.

It was followed by at least two more deadly earthquakes in Umbria and Marche in October, both measuring over six on the Richter scale.


5.4 magnitude earthquake hits Cuba's coast; tremors felt up to 100 miles

A moderate earthquake rocked Cuba Tuesday morning, according to reports. The quake struck about 50 miles away from the southeast coast, with tremors felt about 100 miles away from the epicenter in cities including Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Palma Soriano and Bayamo, Earthquake Track reported.

The earthquake hit at 4:08 a.m. local time nearly seven miles beneath the earth's surface. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake was 5.4-magnitude. However, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) estimated a preliminary magnitude of 5.7.

There were no immediate reports of injuries of major damages caused by the quake. However, the its magnitude was felt by people near the epicenter and surrounding cities, many of whom reported on social media about experiencing aftershock tremors.

USGS data


Shallow 5.7 magnitude earthquake rattles Indonesia's third largest city Medan

© US geological survey.
A shallow earthquake has rattled Indonesia’s third-largest city Medan.
A shallow earthquake rattled Indonesia's third-largest city Medan, damaging houses and sending thousands of frightened people into the streets.

There were no immediate reports of casualties.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimated the quake's magnitude at 5.7 and said it struck at a depth of 10 kilometres southwest of Medan on the island of Sumatra.

There was traffic chaos on the streets, people ran out of buildings and power blackouts hit some areas.

Susanti, a guest at a hotel in Medan, said by phone that she and dozens of other people fled outside as the quake struck.

"I saw utility poles swaying. It was so scary," said Susanti, She said there was no visible damage to the hotel.


Earthquake strikes Wales causing tremors and 'a loud rumble'

© British Geological Survey
The magnitude 1.1 quake caused tremors and a loud rumble across Gwynedd.
Wales was hit by an earthquake last night.

The magnitude 1.1 quake caused tremors and a loud rumble across Gwynedd just before 11pm.

According to the British Geological Survey, the quake's epicentre was in Beddgelert .

However, the Daily Post reported that a noise or rumbling sound was heard in Caernarfon , Blaenau Ffestiniog , Penrhyndeudraeth and Porthmadog .

Chris Parry (@cjparry) tweeted: "Did anybody hear a low rumbling sound in the #porthmadog area just now? (Around 23.00) definitely not thunder."

There have been no reports of any structural damage in the area.

A mysterious loud bang was also heard in areas of Greater Manchester at the same time.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed they had received a number of reports and that they had investigated but had been unable to establish what caused the bang.

However, it is not known if the incident is connected with the earthquake.

Comment: A couple of weeks ago a 3.9 magnitude tremor struck off the eastern UK coast, the biggest quake for nearly a decade.


6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Fiji

© Flickr/ Matt Katzenberger
An earthquake of 6.1 magnitude struck off the coast of Fiji on Saturday, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said.

According to the EMSC, the quake was centered 184 kilometers (114 miles) southwest from Nadi, a city on Fiji's main island, at the depth of 60 kilometers.

No tsunami warning was issued. The Fiji Islands are parts of the so-called Ring of Fire, a strip of volcanoes and tectonic faults in the Pacific Ocean, and the area where 90 percent of all the earthquakes occur.

Comment: A few days ago a strong 7.3 magnitude undersea earthquake struck near the Philippines. The quake was measured at a depth of 617 km (380 miles), one of the deepest ever recorded.


Earthquake triggers strong eruption at Sinabung volcano on Sumatra, Indonesia

Sinabung volcano
A strong explosion was recorded at Sinabung volcano on January 9, 2016.

It was triggered by a volcanic earthquake that occurred about 8 minutes before.

The powerful explosion occurred at 21:48 pm and sent a column of ash and gas 3km in the air.

There was a volcanic earthquake for 490 seconds when the eruption occurred.

Ashfall was recorded in Berastagi City.

An exclusion zone has been implemented in a radius of 3 km around the volcanic peak.

Sinabung volcano