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Best of the Web: Maggots for a maggot: Worms, crickets released at Watergate hotel in protest of Netanyahu visit

Izraelski premijer Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Premiere Benjamin Netanyahu
The video, posted jointly to Instagram by the Palestinian Youth Movement and its DMV chapter, depicts swarms of crickets on the hotel's floor and claims protesters triggered the hotel's fire alarm.

An Instagram video posted Wednesday shows hundreds of mealworms, maggots and crickets crawling around the Watergate Hotel where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is staying during his visit to D.C., raising questions about how protesters who claimed to unleash the vermin were able to get onto the property as the area has been under tight security.

The video, posted jointly to Instagram by the Palestinian Youth Movement and its DMV chapter, depicts swarms of crickets on the hotel's floor and claims protesters triggered the hotel's fire alarm "to ensure that there will be no rest before Netanyahu and Congress disgraces themselves in front of the world" when the Israeli leader addressed Congress in a joint meeting Wednesday. The video also shows maggots and mealworms crawling across a table set with drinking glasses as Israeli and American flags stand side by side in the background.

Comment: Couldn't be more apropos.

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Best of the Web: The uncounted Gaza victims: Why hundreds of thousands are being allowed to die

© Said Khatib/AFP/FileThe search to rescue and retrieve
Israeli attacks have likely killed many more than the nearly 40,000 people reported, and even more will yet perish.

Earlier this month, the Lancet published an article estimating that the total number of Palestinian civilian deaths caused directly and indirectly by Israeli attacks since October 2023 could be nearly five times higher than the official death toll, and could reach "up to 186 000 or even more." It noted that "this would translate to 7.9% of the total population in the Gaza Strip."

According to the piece, the latest available count of Palestinians killed - 37,396 - is far too low, based on the fact that it is still unknown how many more lie under the rubble, how many are missing but not accounted for among the dead, and how many will perish due to starvation, dehydration, or diseases.
"Even if the conflict ends immediately, there will continue to be many indirect deaths in the coming months and years from causes such as reproductive, communicable, and non-communicable diseases."
However, even this Lancet estimate of nearly 200,000 dead might be only half the actual number of Palestinians killed, according to some counts.

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Best of the Web: Israel strikes Yemen port and fuel depot causing huge explosions, follows Houthi drone strike on Tel Aviv

port of Hodeidah
© Reuters/Abduljabbar ZeyadFILE: Soldier patrols the port of Hodeidah, Yemen
The Houthi-run health ministry blamed Israel Saturday for a series of strikes on a fuel depot in the Houthi-held Yemeni port city of Hodeida, adding that the strikes caused casualties.

"The Israeli enemy's raids on oil storage facilities in the port of Hodeida" have led to deaths and injuries, the health ministry said in a statement carried by Houthi-run media, without specifying a toll.

Israel's military said Israeli fighter jets had struck Houthi military targets in the area of Hodeidah port in Yemen in response to hundreds of attacks carried out against Israel in recent months.

Comment: The Houthi's spokesperson has commented:
Nasr El-Din Amer:

"Israeli aggression on Hodeidah Governorate and a fire in Yemen's main port.

Yemen's stance with Gaza is firm and will not change, and Yemeni operations supporting Gaza will not stop. The response to this aggression is inevitable, and the Yemeni people are stronger than all forces of evil.

We are a people who prefer martyrdom and sacrifice over witnessing Gaza being slaughtered without taking action.

We are also a people who, when targeted, do not retreat but instead increase in determination and conviction in the necessity of confrontation and response.

We are Yemen, the land of faith, wisdom, jihad, and steadfastness."
Further statements from the Houthis (full text below):




"Our military operations in support of Palestine will continue until the genocide in Gaza is stopped & the siege on its residents is lifted, no matter the sacrifices required. Victory is only from Allah."

"The Zionist entity will pay the price for targeting a civilian facility, & we will meet escalation with escalation. The end will be for the righteous."


"Gaza is being bombed, & Yemen is being bombed; this is pride. Our blood is not more precious than the blood of Gaza's children; our children are not more precious than Gaza's children. We will not abandon Gaza & will be as Allah wants us to be. We will not abandon Gaza. Let the whole world hear this. We will not abandon Gaza."


"Yemen's position on Gaza is firm & will not change. Attacks in Yemen will not stop & the reaction to this aggression is inevitable. The Yemeni people are stronger than all the forces of evil."


"The brutal 'israeli' aggression on Yemen by targeting civilian facilities, oil tanks & the power station in Hodeidah aims to double the suffering of the people & pressure Yemen to stop supporting Gaza. This is a dream that will never come true."

"We affirm that this brutal aggression will only increase the determination, steadfastness & escalating continuation of the Yemenis & their brave Armed Forces in supporting Gaza."

"Thanks to Allah, the Yemeni people are capable of facing all challenges & in the pursuit of justice for Palestine & the people of Gaza, which represents the most just cause on earth."


"Yemen will respond to the 'israeli' enemy's aggression. The war has become direct with the occupying entity."

"The operations in [occupied] Yaffa (so-called 'Tel Aviv') will continue, & Yemen will not be content with just a response; the Yemeni army's target bank may expand."


"After the 'israeli' airstrikes in Yemen, our response to the Americans & 'israelis' will be very harsh."
Some analysts have speculated that, what with Israel announcing its intentions to launch an all out war on Hezbollah in Lebanon, that some of the escalation that we're seeing from Yemen, and Hezbollah, may be to take advantage of Israel's current weaknesses, and possibly to incite Israel into acting sooner than it should.

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that Hezbollah have launched strikes of their own:

Allegedly, Yemen has given the following warning:
This also comes just over a week after: Western Yemen comes under heavy attack by US-British warplanes

Meanwhile, amidst its efforts to foment a world war, Israel continues its genocide:

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Best of the Web: Israel shaken as Yemen's Houthis strike Tel Aviv with drone, Iron Dome fails

Dizengoff Square
© Miriam Alster/Flash90FILE:
Yemen's Houthi group has claimed responsibility for the drone that struck overnight in Tel Aviv, Israel, killing one person and injuring eight.

Israeli media identified the dead man as 50-year-old Yevgeny Ferder, who had moved to Israel from Belarus at the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Last night's strike is unique — it's the first time the group is known to have hit Tel Aviv, though the Houthi have waged a continued campaign against targets they claim are linked to Israel since the ongoing devastating war on Gaza broke out in October.

Comment: It's not a war, it's a genocide; and the Houthis have repeatedly proven that their targets are Israeli, as well as now the US and UK, after the latter nations chose to attack them directly.

What happened?

The drone struck in central Tel Aviv in the early hours of Friday morning. The site itself is thought to be close to a number of hotels, many hosting those displaced from Israel's northern border with Lebanon. A US embassy office is also close to the site of the attack.


Best of the Web: Major global IT outage grounds planes, disrupts connections

Windows 10
© Wiki
Airports and other key infrastructure sites around the world have reported disruptions amid problems with communications

Disruption to air traffic control systems is being reported around the world. Preliminary reports say a computer glitch may be causing the problem. Issues have arisen in the US, Spain, Germany, Australia, and elsewhere, with authorities forced to cancel takeoffs and landings due to safety concerns.

From the article:
Computers using Windows 10 OS are reportedly crashing and showing "the blue screen of death" (BSOD) after an update for a security product provided by the firm CrowdStrike.
CrowdStrike! Are they joking, but it could be just incompetence. There is no evidence in a name, however in this case it is a bit funny.
Brody Nisbet, CrowdStrike's chief threat hunter, has offered a workaround to deal with what he called a "faulty channel file" related to the Falcon Sensor cybersecurity app.
The suggestion was posted on

MailOnline carried this headline in the last updated version from 08:18 UTC, 19 July 2024
Global tech outage grounds airlines, shuts down banks, hits the NHS and puts Sky News off air: Airports across the world are plunged into chaos after Microsoft crash freezes systems

A massive Microsoft outage has sparked chaos around the world - grounding flights and knocking hospitals, GP surgeries, train services, banks, stock exchanges and TV channels offline.

The technical fault has caused Windows computers to suddenly shut down, prompting departure boards to suddenly turn off at airports including Gatwick and Edinburgh on one of the busiest days for global aviation since Covid.

Britain's biggest train firm told passengers to expect delays due to 'widespread IT issues', Ryanair and Wizz Air are warning of 'disruption', and NHS staff have described logging on to find most of the non-clinical systems are down.
The incident gives an example of how delicate our digital infrastructure is.
See also: Flashback How a programmer broke the internet by deleting a tiny piece of code


Best of the Web: Escobar: Trump and Iwo Jima 2.0: What story is this picture telling?

© Rebecca Droke/AFPFormer US President Donald Trump and secret service during assassination attempt • Butler, Pennsylvania. If the Deep State cannot influence the outcome of the November elections, they can find Six Ways from Sunday to cancel it.
The Iwo Jima 2.0 pic, immortalizing the Trump fist surviving an assassination attempt, has taken the world by storm - generating everything from a meme tsunami on China's Weibo to fresh anime in Japan. Not to mention the deluge of hats and T-shirts.

This carefully composed pic changes everything - in more ways than one. So let's engage in a first attempt to deconstruct it.

We start with the major losers. The combo running Crash Test Dummy's teleprompter/earpiece set up is essentially composed by Mike Donilon, Steve Richetti, Bruce Reed and Ted Kaufman.

Comment: Not only are there a myriad of crackdown excuses set up to be pulled out of the bag - such as weaponised bird flu; looming food shortages - but there may be counter-surprises borne of the Iwo Jima-act of God that have yet to fully blossom; because not only are the general public galvanised by the miracle that occurred that day, but Trump himself may also be (divinely?) inspired and emboldened in a way the faithless and contractile deep state cannot yet fathom.

Whatever happens, what's up ahead is sure to be tulmultuous and fraught, but, for some, this touch of grace, complimented by the rather startlingly accurate prediction made by a Christian youtuber of the assassination 3 months prior, may be just the tangible ray of hope that some needed to help them navigate the brewing storm.


Best of the Web: China's Henan province drowns in flood: A year's worth of rain falls in a day - 2 FEET of rainfall in 24 hours

Aerial view of buildings submerged in floodwaters after heavy rains hit towns in Hunan provice.
© ReutersAerial view of buildings submerged in floodwaters after heavy rains hit towns in Hunan provice.
The extreme weather has not been limited to Henan. Beijing temporarily suspended several suburban train lines after issuing early warnings for thunderstorms and flash floods.

A small town in China's Henan province experienced an unprecedented deluge as it received nearly a year's worth of rain in just 24 hours.

The extreme weather event, part of a shifting pattern of storms moving from southern China to central and northern provinces, has put local authorities on high alert.

Dafengying, a town within the city limits of Nanyang, recorded a staggering 606.7mm (24 inches) of rainfall in a single day, as reported by national weather forecasters. This amount nearly matches the area's average annual rainfall of 800mm, highlighting the extraordinary nature of the event.

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Best of the Web: NATO allies table stealing Chinese-owned infrastructure in Europe

Metro train in Madrid
© Bloomberg | Getty ImagesFILE
NATO officials are discussing taking action to reclaim some Chinese-owned infrastructure projects in Europe should a wider conflict with Russia break out in the east of the continent, three officials involved in the discussions told CNN.

A decade ago, when Europe was still crawling out of the economic crater caused by the global financial crisis, the promise of infrastructure funding from Chinese-owned investment firms seemed like a major windfall.

Comment: The multi-'nodal' world (as it has recently been coined) will not want to deal with a West that accepted China's help when it desperately needed it, and then stole from it just a few years later.

Now, with the largest land war being waged in Europe since World War II - and the West warning of Beijing's support of Russia's invasion of Ukraine - NATO countries now see those investments as a liability, with allies beginning to discuss ways to reclaim some of those projects, the officials said.

Comment: Or: NATO countries are desperate for funds and assets?

Comment: It's fairly obvious what the consequences of such action would be - even the US is now admitting that its sanctions will ruin the integrity of the dollar - but it seems the West, like its ally Israel, is going for broke:
US sanctions will lead to demise of dollar - US Treasury Secretary

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Best of the Web: NATO war summit prepares direct entry into Ukraine war

Biden NATO
© AP Photo/Evan VucciPresident Joe Biden speaks during the opening session of the NATO Summit, Wednesday, July 10, 2024, in Washington.
At its summit this week in Washington, the NATO military alliance announced the creation of an office inside Ukraine and the establishment of a NATO command in Germany, led by a three-star general, to oversee the war against Russia.

These actions signify the shift to a new phase in the war, in which the NATO military alliance will openly take charge of arming, funding and directing the Ukrainian military, as a prelude to the deployment of NATO forces in the conflict.

The actions announced at the summit are provocative. The NATO alliance is declaring that it is stationing civilian officers in an active war zone. What will happen if these officers come under fire? Will NATO then invoke Article 5 of the NATO treaty to declare war against Russia?

Comment: Russia is well aware that this has already happened, albeit covertly. And it has, where possible, neutralised the threat.


Best of the Web: What on Earth is going on in Greece? 8 tourists go missing on 5 Greek islands - 5 turn up dead, 3 still missing

samos greece
Samos, Greece
A missing Dutch tourist was found dead early Saturday on the eastern Greek island of Samos, local media reported, the latest in a string of recent cases in which tourists in the Greek islands have died or gone missing. Some, if not all, had set out on hikes in blistering hot temperatures.

Dr. Michael Mosley, a noted British TV anchor and author, was found dead last Sunday on the island of Symi. A coroner concluded that he had died the previous Wednesday, shortly after going for a hike over difficult, rocky terrain.

Comment: Mosley was found in a spot that had been previously well-searched, right next to a resort.

Samos, like Symi, lies very close to the Turkish coast.

The body of the 74-year-old Dutch tourist was found by a Fire Service drone lying face down in a ravine about 300 meters (330 yards) from the spot where he was last observed on Sunday, walking with some difficulty in the blistering heat.

Authorities were still searching for four people reported missing in the past few days.

Comment: There's actually a fifth case in this 'Greek islands' cluster: an 80-year-old Belgian tourist who was found dead near an archeological site on Crete in mid-June. In fact, a local news report says a total of 8 tourists 'went missing and died', and 3 of them remain unfound.

Either people have suddenly become idiotic in hot weather, or something 'out there' is getting very, very hungry.

We can barely keep up with the numbers of tourists who've 'died/disappeared suddenly under mysterious circumstances' on islands in recent years.

French couple 'disappears' while hiking in Madeira - Portuguese island records 6 'missing tourist' cases in 3 years