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Mon, 30 Mar 2020
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"This is what a police state is like": UK's ex-supreme court judge lambasts policing and "collective hysteria" of the lock down

Lord Sumption
© Supreme Court/PA
Lord Sumption said Derbyshire police had 'shamed our policing traditions' and had turned themselves into 'glorified school prefects'.
A former supreme court justice has heavily criticised Derbyshire police for stopping people exercising in the Peak District saying that such behaviour risks plunging Britain into a "police state".

Lord Sumption warned that police had no legal power to enforce "ministers' wishes" and that the public should not be "resigning their liberty" to over-zealous citizens in uniform.

"The behaviour of the Derbyshire police in trying to shame people in using their undoubted right to take exercise in the country and wrecking beauty spots in the fells so people don't want to go there is frankly disgraceful," he said.

Comment: And here is a warning police have been leaving on the cars of those who were enjoying their countryside, possibly while being tracked and filmed on one of the police's drones:

why are you here
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Mass suicide of the West: UK plans to keep entire population in isolation for at least 6 MONTHS - US extends lockdown to May - Italy to July

Comment: It's as if we're all in Jonestown, and the cult leaders are trying to drive us all so mad we start killing ourselves.

'Social isolation' is willful economic destruction.

prison planet

The lockdown in the U.K. to stop the coronavirus outbreak could last for up to
six months, government officials warned Sunday, as the U.S. and other European nations also announced prolonged restrictions on public life.

Speaking at the U.K.'s daily press conference on the latest coronavirus news, the U.K.'s deputy chief medical officer said a lockdown could last, in some form, for months.

"Over time, probably over the next six months, we will have a three week review," Jenny Harries said, "We will see where we're going."

"We need to keep that lid on and then gradually we will be able to hopefully adjust some of the social-distancing measures and gradually get us all back to normal. So I think three weeks for review, two or three months to see whether we've really squashed it. But about three to six months ideally, and lots of uncertainty in that, but then to see at which point we can actually get back to normal."

Comment: We're ruled by megalomaniacal terrorists.

The bad news is they can't be stopped. Notice that Trump, Putin and other 'sovereign leaders' all bow before their diktats.

The good news is they'll cause so much suffering, the cosmos/planet will likely intervene.


Bolsonaro questions need for COVID-19 lockdown, says deaths exaggerated for political purposes - UPDATE: Twitter CENSORS Brazilian president

Comment: Update 30 March 2020

Twitter, like the good hive mind app that it is, has begun deleting Bolsonaro's efforts to break the Corony spell his country has been put under.
In an unprecedented move, Twitter has yanked two posts by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, in which he took aim at coronavirus lockdowns as part of his controversial campaign to avoid a shutdown of the economy.

Bolsonaro has become the first ever head of state to have his tweets censored by the platform under recently-updated guidelines, requiring users to remove content that defies "global or local health authorities recommendations" aimed at halting the spread of the deadly disease that has already taken hold in the Latin American country.

The Brazilian leader, who has been adamant that economic damage from lockdowns is a price too high to pay for lowering health risks, made a trip to a street market on Sunday, mingling with crowds and chatting with street vendors.

The videos, posted by Bolsonaro in the wake of the visit, apparently ran afoul of the Twitter guidelines. In one of them, Bolsonaro assures a street seller that he was "not going to die" due to the measures to combat the pandemic.

"What I have been hearing from people is that they want to work," the president, dubbed the "Trump of the Tropics," reportedly said.

bolsonaro covid-19

Bolsonaro: 'This is BS'
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has waved off the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, insisting that life goes on. He suggested the death toll in his own country has been overstated for political purposes.

The Brazilian leader has been locking horns with many of the country's governors, who have imposed bans on non-essential commerce and continue to accuse Bolsonaro of prioritizing the economy over the lives of his citizens.

"I'm sorry, some people will die, they will die, that's life," Bolsonaro said in an televised interview on Friday. "You can't stop a car factory because of traffic deaths."

He remarked that in the state of Sao Paulo the reported fallout from Covid-19 - 1,223 cases and 68 deaths - seemed "too large."

"We need to look at what is happening there, this cannot be a numbers game to favor political interests," Bolsonaro said.

Comment: Multiply that figure by 10, at least. Which means this is basically a nothing-burger.

Politically, this is unsustainable. World leaders are going to break ranks as people begin to really suffer from shortages, depression, and death from neglect of normal medical treatment.


Covid-19 derangement syndrome: A world gone mad

© Pixabay / enriquelopezgarre
The whole world has gone mad with what I call Covid-19 Derangement Syndrome (CDS). I define it as an acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in response to the Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic. The infection is particularly prevalent among the media and the government officials of the world. Human beings fear what they do not understand and that fear causes them to behave in irrational and destructive ways. The current Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example of that. I don't need to describe the paranoia and economic destruction to you because you can see it with your own two eyes everywhere you look. Both the media and the world's governments are fueling the panic - the media with their hysterical 24/7 coverage and the governments with their draconian police state actions.

I feel like the man in the following cartoon.

history meme cartoon
I am doomed to helplessly stand by and watch the entire world commit economic suicide for no good reason. At first glance this may seem like a shocking and callous statement but do not mistake this as support for the view that the government should stand back and let the private sector take care of the problem. I have no problem with a strong authoritarian central government response as long as it is reasonable and wise. The current government response is neither.

Comment: See also:

Yellow Vest

Trouble on the horizon: Locals in Sicily take food and tell cashier they cannot pay, armed police move in to protect supermarkets

sicily food loot
Police with batons and guns have moved in to protect supermarkets on the Italian island of Sicily after reports of looting by locals who could no longer afford food.

The novel coronavirus has claimed more than 10,000 lives across the Mediterranean country, about a third of the world's total, creating the worst emergency Italians have known since World War II.

Simultaneously, it has eroded the economy, which had been the third-largest in the European Union before the new illness reached Italian shores from China last month.

A lockdown designed to curb contagion has shut almost everything across the country since March 12, depriving millions of steady incomes.

Comment: And so it begins? UK's empty supermarket shelves: Panic is not the problem

Good job, Globalist Managers of Earth. You have broken the system that feeds people and thus you.

Soon they're going to turn on YOU.

Bad Guys

Coronavirus as a substitute for world war

biowarefare crash
90 years ago, in October 1929, the global economic crisis started with a panic on the New York Stock Exchange. By the end of the year, the panic had spread far beyond the New York Stock Exchange. Businesses were shut down, tens and hundreds of thousands of employees were laid off, and American companies, not only small, but also giants, went bankrupt...

By 1930, the economic crisis had engulfed Europe, Latin America, Asia, and became the global one. The decline in production (recession) continued everywhere until 1933. America's national income fell from $87.8 billion in 1929 to $40.2 billion in 1933. More than 135,000 commercial, industrial, and financial companies failed. During the three years of the crisis, almost half of American banks went bankrupt.

Then the fall stopped, and a phase of stagnation began. In different countries, the authorities made titanic efforts to pull their economies out of the swamp of stagnation. The ideas of the English economist John Keynes, who advocated active state intervention in economic life, became popular.

Comment: As is clear in the histories of both communism and capitalism, it's not so much that one system is better than the other because both, in the end, fell to psychopaths in positions of power.

See Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes

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Former Israeli Health Ministry chief Yoram Lass: Lockdown will kill more people from depression than the virus

Yoram Lass
Former Ministry of Health director-general Prof. Yoram Lass has been regularly interviewed by the Israeli media since the coronavirus outbreak first started. But in contrast to the prophets of doom and deep concern shown by most medical professionals, he has presented a somewhat different and controversial opinion. Prof. Lass feels that it is wrong to shut down the entire country because of a virus that is ultimately less of a killer than the flu. In other words, he is saying that taking into account the cost benefits, it is preferable 'to sacrifice' the elderly so that daily life can go on as normal. This is an outlook that has antagonized many and has made him a 'persona non grata' in the TV interview studios.

Lass is at peace with himself over all this and with the voices calling him 'deluded." "I didn't invite myself to the studios," he told "Globes," "and I'm prepared to give my opinion to everybody who is ready to listen."

Do you think you are being excluded because you presented an unpopular position?

"I can tell you that several days ago I heard with my own ears, after I was interviewed on the radio by Nissim Mishal, the deputy director of the Ministry of Health Prof. Itamar Grotto tell Mishal that I shouldn't be brought into studios. And last Friday, I was invited to the studio by Ayala Hasson. Some three days beforehand, they called me and ask not to go anywhere else, and then the day before they cancelled. And who did they replace me with on the program? The futurist David Passig, who told the people of Israel that in the best case scenario 40 million people would die, and in the worst case scenario 300 million people would die. That shows you how the media is only trumpeting hysteria. Because it was clear that if I was sitting next to him, I would only have told an amazed Israeli people that every year 17,000 Italians die of flu while in Israel only 126 dies of flue last year.


Continuity of Government activated: Pentagon sends teams into MOUNTAIN BUNKERS as US 'pandemic preparations' go into full swing

Comment: Needless to say, it's not the virus pandemic they're preparing for. It's the likelihood of food riots and revolution resulting from socio-economic collapse...

Cheyenne Mountain complex

Cheyenne Mountain complex
The US' Northern Command has sent teams of essential staff deep underground to wait out the Covid-19 pandemic. On the surface, more than a million grunts won't be quite as cocooned.

Air Force General Terrence O'Shaughnessy heads up the US' Northern Command, as well as the North American Aerospace Defense Command - a joint US/Canadian operation that monitors the skies over North America for missile and airborne threats. Earlier this week, O'Shaughnessy told reporters via Facebook that some of his watch teams would be moved from their usual command center at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado to a number of hardened underground bunkers.

One of these facilities is the Cheyenne Mountain bunker complex, a warren of tunnels buried under 2,000 feet (610m) of granite, and sealed behind blast doors designed to withstand a 30 megaton nuclear explosion.

Comment: Stock up while you can. Surreptitiously share real information, but don't engage too much with Normies.

If you're in large cities, go over your escape options and connect with sane ones on the outside.

Don't panic. You still have time because the masses haven't yet realized that things are not going to 'go back to normal'.

Better Earth

Crisis and opportunity: A positive spin on the current coronavirus pandemic

Air National Guard
© REUTERS/Strategic Culture
Air National Guard/Senior Airman Sean Madden Handout
The past weeks have seen the world swept up by a maelstrom of hysteria, misinformation, and confusion under the guise of a new global pandemic. The oversaturation of information overwhelms the senses and is almost designed to inflame the mass panic, which has taken a life of its own and even threatens to trigger a total financial blowout of the trans Atlantic bubble economy. What people thought the American elections were just a few weeks ago has profoundly changed and the crisis has induced even Tulsi Gabbard to step down and endorse creepy Joe Biden while Bernie's campaign crumbles slowly into oblivion.

In the midst of this disorder threatening to turn nation states upside down, some perspective is in order.

What We Know So Far...

Whether or not the coronavirus is a bioweapon as some analysts (and certain government officials) claim, or whether it is a wind egg as was outlined poignantly by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, the fact remains that powerful forces have made an effort to steer governments into chaos in a global putsch for a new fascist dictatorship.

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The numbers just don't add up: Nearly 500,000 went to hospital in 2018-19 flu season but today there are not enough hospital beds for coronavirus patients?

hospital beds
Really, What is going on? The data just don't add up.

The MSM and Democrats claim there are not enough hospital beds for the current 85,000 people identified with the coronavirus, many of whom will never even enter a hospital due to their relatively minor condition. Also, in 2018-19 there were plenty of beds for the nearly 500,000 patients that spent time in hospitals, due to the flu.

Via the CDC - there were 490,000 hospitalizations during the 2018-2019 flu season.

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