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Sat, 27 Nov 2021
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Venezuela's socialists win elections in landslide - so US refuses to recognize them

© Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins
Venezuela campaign rally
The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won the November 21 mega-elections in a landslide, getting more votes in 20 of 23 states and the capital Caracas. So the US government responded by trying to discredit the vote. Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera speaks about the elections, the historic victory of the ruling party of President Nicolás Maduro, and Washington's attempt to de-legitimize the process.

Venezuela's November 21 regional elections were monitored by the European Union.

Comment: The US would rather be consistently wrong than admit it.

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UK govt stuffs "stunningly draconian" anti-protest powers into new 'policing' bill, rushes it through parliament

Protests uk lockdown

Priti Patel has quietly been stuffing even more punitive anti-protest powers into the policing billIt is, without hyperbole or caveat, a piece of law which would sit more easily in a dictatorship than a democracy
She's done it very quietly. Away from prying eyes, in the parts of parliament which journalists don't pay much attention to, Priti Patel has effectively criminalised the act of protest. The Government waited until the final stages of a bill's legislative process and then suddenly proposed a series of amendments, leaving reporters and human rights groups very little time to raise the alarm.

The mechanism she's used is the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill, which first went before the Commons in March for its initial debate, and is now being turned into something even more alarming in the House of Lords.

The bill was already a stunningly draconian piece of legislation. One of its chief provisions was to allow police to impose severe restrictions on protests on the basis of noise. If they were loud enough to cause "serious unease, alarm or distress" to a single passer-by - a description which covers any demonstration at all - the police power was triggered.

Comment: The UK has been implementing a raft of insidious new legislation of late that actually legalizes criminality committed by the establishment whilst at the same time snatches any remaining freedoms from the average citizen. Which is not surprising because protests against the encroaching police state, the lockdowns and the experimental injections, are growing, and its clear the economy and food supply are on the precipice of a collapse: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Rejecting The Cure - Massive Freedom Rallies Around The World

Black Magic

Lethal Injection; Frontline E.R. Doctor Gives Chilling Account of Unusual Vaccine-Induced Illness

"Americans are scared to death.... People are walking off the job, not because they want to lose their jobs, but they don't want to die from the vaccine! ... They say, 'Listen, I don't want to die. That's the reason I'm not taking the vaccine.' It's that clear." Dr. Peter McCullough
A report in the U.K. Telegraph explains how the Covid-19 vaccine has led to a sharp rise in excess deaths. Here's an excerpt from the article:
"Nearly 10,000 more people than usual have died in the past four months from non-Covid reasons, as experts called for an urgent government inquiry into whether the deaths were preventable....

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that England and Wales registered 20,823 more deaths than the five-year average in the past 18 weeks. Only 11,531 deaths involved Covid." ("Alarm grows as mortuaries fill with thousands of extra non-Covid deaths", UK Telegraph)
Mortality is rising because more people are dying. And more people are dying because more people have been vaccinated. There's a link between rising mortality and the Covid-19 vaccine. Naturally, the media wants to shift responsibility for the fatalities to "delayed treatments" and "the lack of preventable care". But this is just a diversion. The primary cause of death is the injection of a toxic pathogen into the bloodstreams of roughly 70% of the population. That's what's causing the clotting, the bleeding, the pulmonary embolisms, the heart attacks, the strokes, and the premature deaths. It's the vaccine. Here's more

Bad Guys

Russian ex-admiral claims NATO submarine caused Kursk sinking that killed 118 Russian sailors

kursk submarine memorial
© Sputnik / Pavel Lviv
A fragment of the wheelhouse of the Kursk nuclear submarine at the memorial to 'Submariners who died in peacetime' in Murmansk.
The catastrophic sinking of the Russian nuclear-powered Kursk submarine more than two decades ago was the result of a collision with a stricken NATO vessel in the Barents Sea, a former high-ranking navy chief has insisted.

The Kursk sank on August 12, 2000 at a depth of 108 meters, claiming the lives of all 118 crew members and sparking the first major international crisis of Vladimir Putin's presidency. An official investigation commissioned by the Russian government ruled two years later that the incident was the result of a torpedo explosion, which then triggered the detonation of ammunition on board.

Comment: A portion of the auto-translation of Popov's interview:
According to him, the collision occurred on the bow of the Russian nuclear submarine, the Kursk's torpedo tube was damaged, an explosion occurred, the first compartment was flooded, and the submarine hit the bottom.

"Detonation of the entire torpedo ammunition and deprivation of the first compartment. Not only the first - the first, the second, the third. And the fourth is destroyed too. The second explosion is the most powerful. And the foreigner also suffered from the first collision, from her own collision, and from the second powerful explosion, which is why she also lay on the ground until her ability to move was restored, but with limitations, "the admiral explained.

The SOS signals that day were sent not by the Kursk, but by the nearby NATO submarine, which was damaged, he added. Anti-submarine aviation of the Russian Navy found it off the coast of Norway.

Yellow Vest

Belgian govt increases restrictions on 'the unvaxxed' - Eurotroopers clash with protesters at freedom rally in Brussels' EU Quarter

brussels protest lockdown vaccines

Tens of thousands crammed into Brussels' EU Quarter to let the European Commission know what they think about its rules
Europe descended into a third day of violent carnage on Sunday as tens of thousands of people in Belgium took to the streets to protest against the return of strict lockdown rules aimed at curbing a rise in Covid infections.

Nearly 40,000 people descended on the capital Brussels to protest against new anti-Covid measures banning the unvaccinated from entering restaurants and bars.

Some protesters were seen throwing projectiles at riot police and in response, officers fired water cannon and tear gas at the group. Police have made some arrests, but it is not immediately clear how many.
covid protest brussels

"Take your Covid vaxx and shove 'em up yer ar$e" was a popular chant at the protest
Video footage from Brussels shows a large group of protesters shouting at police as some light flares and throw them at the officers. One man can even be seen mooning at them.

The protests descended into chaos, with some of the protesters seen setting fires on the streets while others threw rocks through the windows of local businesses including a post office. Two police cars have also been damaged.


Protests against Covid-19 restrictions rage across Europe

riots Rotterdam covid

Rioters torched cars in Rotterdam on Friday evening in protest over new COVID-19 restrictions.
Seven people have been arrested after rioters clashed with police in The Hague for a second night of violence in the Netherlands, sparked by protests over new COVID-19 restrictions.

The unrest came a day after police opened fire on protesters in Rotterdam amid what the port city's mayor called "an orgy of violence", leaving three people seriously injured after they were hit by bullets. Police said investigations are under way to establish if the shots were fired by officers.

In The Hague on Saturday night, young people set fires in the streets and threw fireworks at officers.

Police said in a tweet that seven people were arrested and five officers were injured, while one needed treatment in a hospital following the clashes.

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'A house of sexual assault': How private school student Christopher Belter avoided jail despite string of sex crimes

Christopher Belter Jr at a hearing in 2019
Christopher Belter Jr at a hearing in 2019
"If Chris Belter was not a white defendant from a rich and influential family, it is my belief he would surely have been sentenced to prison."

That was what lawyer Steven M Cohen said on Tuesday when his client's rapist Christopher Belter Jr, 20, was sentenced to eight years of probation despite pleading guilty to sexually assaulting four girls when he was 16 and 17 years old.

Belter, the son of a successful lawyer and formerly a student at a $15,200 (£11,280) a year Jesuit high school in upstate New York, had already broken his parole conditions before, yet was spared jail by Judge Matthew Murphy this week.

Comment: It's certainly bizarre that he didn't receive a harsher sentence given the seriousness of his crimes, the violation of probation, and the high risk of him reoffending. Despite what the judge said, 8 years of probation does not seem like an appropriate sentence. Money talks?

See also:


War on Domestic Terrorism: FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections

Sherronna Bishop

Sherronna Bishop has been active in school board politics throughout Colorado and operates a website that helps educate parents nationwide about their children’s education.
An FBI SWAT team raided the home of an activist mother of four in Colorado on Tuesday, Nov. 16, knocking down her door, bursting into the house with guns and handcuffing her while she was homeschooling her children.

This is the first known case of the federal government making good on its promise to not only intimidate but actually carry out a raid on a mom who was involved in her local school board politics, said Brannon Howse, who interviewed Sherronna Bishop at Lindell TV Wednesday night.

The U.S. Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland issued an Oct. 4 memorandum directing federal, state and local law enforcement to look for parents to prosecute nationwide who may have made "threats" and made "harassing" phone calls to school board members nationwide, equating such parents to domestic terrorists.

Now a mother, Sherronna Bishop of Grand Junction, Colorado, has felt the brute force of the FBI's heavily armed SWAT unit used against her family.

She was at home with her three children about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday when she heard someone pounding on the front door, then using a battering ram to break it down. She said the officers "manhandled" her 18-year-old daughter, pulling her up the stairs by her hoodie, while another officer put her in handcuffs and ushered her out of the house. They proceeded to search the entire house.

UPDATE AS OF NOV. 19: The FBI has filed no charges against Bishop.


The Proximity Principle: Uniting local farmers with local buyers - The imperative of our time

Local Farmers
Independent small- and medium-sized farms have been handed a death sentence by Klaus Schwab, head of The World Economic Forum. Schwab, and fellow architects of top-down control, have officially let it be known that under the policy known as 'Green Deal', traditional family farms are no longer wanted and the foods they produce are to be replaced by laboratory and genetically engineered synthetic lookalikes. This policy is spelled out in the pages of Klaus Schwab's book The Great Reset which is part of the envisaged 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'.

The British government and the European Commission are committed to adopting this insane agenda in which working farmers are to be replaced by digitalised precision robots, as part of a so called Global Warming mitigation crusade. When properly analysed, this is revealed as a totalitarian programme for complete corporate and banking control of the food chain. A programme that is designed to eliminate the independent farmer.

What are we going to do about it?

There is a very straightforward answer to this question. We are going come together at the local level and launch a mutually supportive initiative which will guarantee both the farmer and the purchaser of the farmer's food a fair and mutually beneficial exchange.

Ice Cube

School cancelled in Yakutia, Russia as temperatures plunge to -50C (-58F), rare late-snows hit Argentina, + parts of Antarctica are holding unusually cold


Pupils across at least ten villages in the remote Russian region of Yakutia have been ordered to stay at home and study via distance learning as the mercury outside touched -50C (-58F), reports rt.com.

On Monday, November 22, the local government instructed 700 students to stay at home after a low of -50C (-58F) was recorded in the village of Kylaiy, in the Ust-Aldan district of Yakutia province — not too far from the region's largest city of Yakutsk.

Other notable lows in the province include the -45C (-49F) in Batamay; the -44.8C (-48.6F) in Kerbo, Central Siberia; the -39.6C (-39.3F) in Verkhoyansk.