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Mon, 03 Oct 2022
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Bad Guys

Assassination attempt on Argentina's VP Christina Kirchner caught on video

Assassination attempt on Argentina's VP Kirchner

Screenshot taken from Twitter
Argentina's Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was threatened by an armed person near her home in Buenos Aires, with a gunman seen pointing a firearm at the VP's face before she was whisked away to safety. No shots were fired and the official was not injured.

The apparent attempt on Fernandez de Kirchner's life was caught on camera by local news crews on Thursday night as the VP made her way through a bustling crowd near her residence, which had gathered to show support amid an ongoing corruption trial.

Comment: It's notable that Kirchner has been an open proponent of the multi-polar world order, and that, back in 2015, when presiding as president, she rather presciently stated: "if something happens to me, don't look to the Mideast, look north" (apparently referring to the US).

This incident follows the assassination of Japan's former PM Abe Shinzo back in July: The Assassination of Abe

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Joe Biden crosses lines in grotesque national address, heckler spoils his party

Joe Biden
© Twitter video
Joe Biden gives speech attacking "MAGA Republicans."
As RedState reported, excerpts from Joe Biden's "MAGA speech" previewed a gross abuse of the Executive Office of the President. Sure enough, that's exactly what was delivered as the president appeared in Philidelphia, standing in front of a blood-red background, flanked by Marines.

Lines were crossed that can't be uncrossed, from the use of the military as props in a blatantly political speech to Biden suggesting that nearly half the country is a "danger" to the republic. This was a speech that went far beyond anything seen in the modern era of presidential addresses.

Of course, because we are dealing with a decrepit, senile old man, things didn't start off well. The president couldn't stop coughing as he tried to get into his remarks.

Che Guevara

Three terms Communists have redefined to subvert society

book communism hammer sickle glasses crt critical race theory
© Unsplash/New Discourses
Over the past two years, tens of millions of Americans have awakened to the fact that the "Dialectical Left," which includes Communism, achieves its agendas most effectively by strategically changing the meanings of words. This is a tactic that is very effective until it is recognized, at which point it rapidly becomes counterproductive because it is so obviously manipulative and so easily resisted by demanding clear definitions, especially in policy documents. The challenge is that there are a lot of words that our society depends upon, which allows Communist activists to move on from one word to another, then to another, as their language games get exposed.

Some of these strategic equivocations about the meanings of words are more impactful than others. Currently, there are just three terms that have been profoundly subverted and are being used to transform our society by Communists for Communist ends. These are inclusion, democracy, and citizenship. All three are being redefined together. Understanding how this manipulation is taking place is key to neutralizing it, and that starts with understanding how these three words are being strategically misused. First, let's discuss the general principle of how the Communist or Dialectical Left redefines terms to achieve its ends.

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Fauci's Covid disaster: A summary

fauci propaganda trust
© Shutterstock
A yard sign of Dr. Anthony Fauci in Washington, D.C. from October 2020
Some of his greatest mistakes, revisited

News that Dr. Anthony Fauci is finally leaving his post after what seemed like an endless reign at the helm of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases should be a time for celebration.

But it's not.

Fauci has caused such tremendous damage throughout the past few years that it's almost impossible to comprehend.

In nearly every area of life in the United States, as well as in many other parts of the world, Fauci's influence has been a key contributor to massive amounts of human suffering.

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Neil Oliver: 'Don't be fooled into thinking this disaster movie is coming to an end'

Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver reacts to Rishi Sunak saying experts had too much power over Covid lockdowns.


How to grow your soul

sky sunset
© L.P. Koch
Here is something all of us can do.

Every day, make an effort to rejoice in the success of others: particularly success with things that you want for yourself.

Think of someone and imagine him or her having a breakthrough, and find that place in yourself that makes you feel happy for that person.

Pierce through the pang of jealousy. Let your love for humanity shine through and dispel the darkness of meanness: the close-mindedness, the Gollum-face, the hardened ugliness of being petty and ungrateful.


UK: Three quarters of pub owners fear their business faces extinction this winter

warming hands candles
© Getty Images/Imgorthand
Tea-lights? Interesting image the publication chose to go with
A survey by The Morning Advertiser​ (MA​) showed more than 70% of operators did not expect to make it through the winter without Government intervention.

Over 65% said they'd seen their utility costs increase by over 100%, meanwhile 30% reported a jump of 200% and 8% reported increases of more than 500%. Nearly 80% of operators said they could not afford the increase in energy costs.

Desperate operators are calling for a range of measures to help them survive the crisis, from reductions in VAT and business rates through to a cap on energy prices for business.

Comment: The elites are likely welcoming the idea of pub closures. They seek this. In the UK, pubs are one of the last bastions of socializing among the common people where ideas can be shared and solidarity strengthened. Lockdowns were the first strike, economic hardship is the next.

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Bad Guys

Jeffrey Sachs: The west's false narrative about Russia and China

bear dragon
The world is on the edge of nuclear catastrophe in no small part because of the failure of Western political leaders to be forthright about the causes of the escalating global conflicts. The relentless Western narrative that the West is noble while Russia and China are evil is simple-minded and extraordinarily dangerous. It is an attempt to manipulate public opinion, not to deal with very real and pressing diplomacy.
The essential narrative of the West is built into US national security strategy. The core US idea is that China and Russia are implacable foes that are "attempting to erode American security and prosperity." These countries are, according to the US, "determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their. militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence."

The irony is that since 1980 the US has been in at least 15 overseas wars of choice (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Panama, Serbia, Syria, and Yemen just to name a few), while China has been in none, and Russia only in one (Syria) beyond the former Soviet Union. The US has military bases in 85 countries, China in 3, and Russia in 1 (Syria) beyond the former Soviet Union.

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Leaked slides detail YouTube's Ukraine censorship - journalist

You Tube
© Thiago Prudêncio / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images
Posting screenshots from an internal training course reportedly cost a Polish contractor his job.

A tutorial for YouTube's content moderators that emerged on social media on Tuesday shows that the Google-owned platform has labeled a number of critical positions on the conflict in Ukraine "hateful" or "extreme" and can censor or demonetize creators on those grounds. While the parent company Alphabet has not confirmed or denied the screenshots' authenticity, a Polish contractor who shared them has reportedly been fired.

Six screenshots shared by Russian journalist Andrey Guselnikov on Telegram show internal codes and examples of what YouTube has labeled "harmful" or "hateful" content in an online course mandated for content moderators.

According to the slides, the "glorification/promotion of [the] 'Z' symbol associated with the Russian military" is labeled "hate" and "extreme" under policy ID 864. So is saying that the conflict "is to denazify the Ukrainian government," which is what Russian President Vladimir Putin said in February.

Comment: Yes, Indeed. The information really plays a key role and can be weaponized. That is happening in Ukraine now. The Ukrainian army has been shelling its own citizens since 2014, but in the news the blame is on Russia.

The same thing happened in Syria. Back then Assad was the bloody dictator that should go so "they" can bring "democracy" in Syria. If we look even further back they used the same strategy everywhere.They bring death, destruction and suffering everywhere. Propaganda, censorship and fake news are part of their arsenal.

The Big Tech companies and media are tools in the hands of the psychopaths in power, so they can shape peoples perception to their needs.

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1,000 more deaths than usual EACH WEEK in UK as impact of lockdown kills more people than Covid - The Telegraph

telegraph lockdown death

Front page of The Telegraph newspaper. Unexplained excess deaths outstrip those from virus as medics call figures 'terrifying' .
The effects of lockdown may now be killing more people than are dying of Covid, official statistics suggest.

Figures for excess deaths from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that around 1,000 more people than usual are currently dying each week from conditions other than the virus.

The Telegraph understands that the Department of Health has ordered an investigation into the figures amid concern that the deaths are linked to delays to and deferment of treatment for conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Over the past two months, the number of excess deaths not from Covid dwarfs the number linked to the virus. It comes amid renewed calls for Covid measures such as compulsory face masks in the winter.

Comment: With winter coming; looming food and energy shortages; the NHS deteriorating; the impact of the experimental jabs (and boosters); and deaths of despair; one can expect excess deaths to increase ever higher.