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Launched on March 26, 2002, is a research project of the non-profit Quantum Future Group (QFG). The project includes analysis, collection and arrangement of daily news items that accurately reflect the dominant political, social and environmental 'energies' on the planet. This research further includes noting whether or not human beings, individually and/or collectively, can actually remember, from one day to the next, important events, and whether they are able to accurately read that information and make intelligent decisions about their future based on that knowledge. In short, is an experiment. refuses commercial advertising and support, and achieves its objectives via its own resources and some reader donations. Any and all "advertisements" you see on our site are either our own fund raising products, or are unpaid publicity given to our research partners and friends.

Today, SOTT is comprised of an international body of 133 volunteer editors, including many leading-edge professionals in the so-called hard sciences, medicine, history, sociology, psychology, engineering, and information technology. Whatever the topic, has an expert (or two!) who handles content in that particular field.

The raison d'être for SOTT's reproduction of content is that we notice that a lot of material disappears from the web, and we database full articles for a particular purpose: analyzing the 'energetic flows'. We have considered just databasing complete articles and making SOTT private, but as a non-profit organization, we are required to make the results of our work available to the public for free.

We have analysis systems that are tied to our database, and that is part of our scientific work - rather like counting photons that hit a detector. We are also working on an interactive history/current events timeline program as well as a mapping system. We would not be able to do any of that without the material we have in our database.

Thus, the reason for our inclusion of complete articles from other authors is rather specific, and is essential to make what it is! also stands out from the crowd not only for its commentary on world events and tracking of global trends, patterns, and energies, but also due to its original content. In addition, our weekly Radio network shows have rapidly become a hit with people all around the world.

From humble beginnings, now has sites in twelve different languages. The editorial team would like to thank all of our readers for your unwavering support over the years.

Here's to a brighter future together!