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Mon, 06 Dec 2021
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NZ: Pfizer document concedes large increase in adverse event reactions to its 'vaccine'

Pfizer Vaccine
© Reuters
  • Document released by Pfizer apparently as a result of a Freedom Of Information court order in the USA reveals a vast array of previously unknown vaccine adverse effects compiled from official sources around the world.
  • Pfizer concedes this is 'a large increase' in adverse event reports and that even this huge volume is under reported.
  • Over 100+ diseases are listed, many very serious.
  • This document was compiled by Pfizer in the very early days of the vaccine rollout in NZ but was possibly not supplied to our government.
  • We examine the implications for government.

Comment: Anybody who has done any homework on the Pfizer company will not be surprised to see this evidence of fraudulent behaviour. It does beg the question as to why governments, in New Zealand and around the globe, have taken the Pfizer-produced research and trusted it, without any form of peer review.


Oklahoma attorney general sues Biden admin over federal workforce vaccine mandate

© Getty Images/The Oklahoman
US President Joe Biden • Oklahoma AG John O'Connor
Oklahoma's attorney general is slamming the Biden administration over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and taking his grievances to court.

Attorney General John O'Connor has blasted Biden's mandate for military members and federal employees as being "unlawful," claiming in a press release that the mandate "does not reflect the Land of the Free."

O'Connor is asking that a court declare the mandate unconstitutional. Additionally, he is seeking a temporary restraining order to block its enforcement while litigation is ongoing.

Members of the state's National Guard may quit their jobs rather than get vaccinated, according to the Oklahoma attorney general. He claims that scenario would "irreparably harm" the safely and security of Oklahomans.

O'Connor has expressed his gratitude for the governor's and legislature's support in his efforts to overturn the mandate. He said in a press release:
"Their support and funding for this lawsuit protects hardworking Oklahomans in federal jobs, and our Oklahoma National Guard members from Biden's reckless and unlawful vaccine mandates."


Possible systematic miscategorisation of vaccine status raises concerns about claims of Covid-19 vaccination effectiveness

Globe vaxx
© Unknown/KJN
Our research team have now analysed the ONS England November mortality data. We conclude that, despite seeming evidence to support vaccine effectiveness, this conclusion is doubtful because of a range of serious inconsistencies and anomalies. Our detailed report is here.
Fig 16
© Norman Fenton/Martin Neil
The data appear to show lower non-Covid mortality for the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. Odd. Also unvaccinated mortality rates peak at the same time as the vaccine rollout peaks for the age group, then falls and closes in on the vaccinated. This is not natural.
fig 9
© Norman Fenton/Martin Neil

Comment: How statistics are tallied and attributed calibrates how they are perceived and understood. As shown in the researchers' time-sensitive calculations, there is more to accurate reporting than an ongoing number total. Qualifiers, that incorporate numerous and pertinent criteria including time lags and systems in flux, must enter consideration.

For more by these authors, see also: The impact of misclassifying deaths in evaluating vaccine safety: the same statistical illusion


Thousands of Air Guard and Reserve don't meet vaccine deadline

Drawing Dose
© Kristopher Radder/The Brattleboro Reformer/AFP
The Drawing of The Dose
More than 6% of the Air National Guard and Reserve did not meet the deadline to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and could begin to face consequences if they don't get the mandated shots or receive an exemption, the Air Force said Friday.

Air Guard members who report for their monthly drill this weekend will be allowed to participate and will be paid -- whether they are vaccinated or not, but those without shots will have the opportunity to get the vaccine when they report to their base, according to Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek.

The Air Force said roughly 11,000 troops did not get the vaccine by the deadline Thursday. There are about 107,000 Air Guard members and 68,000 in the Reserves, and about 3,500 of the unvaccinated have received medical or administrative exemptions. The unvaccinated total, however, could be a bit lower than the data show so far. Officials have cautioned that the information for the Guard and Reserves may lag, as some of the citizen airmen could have gotten shots at local pharmacies and have not yet filed their data with the service.

Better Earth

Populist leaders meet in Warsaw to discuss European Union

Le Pen
© AP
Marine Le Pen in Poland
The leaders of right-wing populist parties are gathering Saturday in Warsaw to discuss how they can work together to bring change to the European Union which they accuse of acting like a super-state that is eroding the traditions and powers of the EU's 27 member nations.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski the leader of Poland's nationalist ruling party, was expected to open the gathering in Warsaw. Scheduled attendees include Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, among others.

The meeting follows a visit by Le Pen to Budapest in October that was part of an effort by her and Orban to consolidate the European right. It also comes as both the Polish and Hungarian governments remain locked in a bitter standoff with the EU, which is withholding funds to both countries over democratic backsliding.

Kaczynski's welcome of Le Pen marks a recent change of heart for Poland's governing conservatives. The ruling Law and Justice party had long refused to cooperate with the French presidential candidate due to her warm relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin — a turnoff in a country long dominated by Russian and Soviet rule.


Psaki struggles to spin for Biden as unimpressive jobs report breaks live

© MSNBC screenshot
MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski breaks bad news on jobs report, confronts Jen Psaki
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fumbled through an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Friday after the more than disappointing job reports broke live on air, prompting her to scramble for a way to spin the unimpressive numbers in President Joe Biden's favor.

"So 210,000 — so if we look at that breaking news right now, that's a number that feels a little, what? A little off?" Mika Brzezinski asked.

Psaki originally claimed she was not allowed to comment on the new information until a set time later in the morning. "Well, I know this sounds a little archaic, but I can't comment on them until 9:30. By rules since I work at the White House," Psaki said.

Her response was met with friendly laughs from the Morning Joe panel before she offered the White House's official spin regardless of the report's contents. "I will say what people can expect the president to continue to say today, month to month, is that what we're seeing are good trends," Psaki said.

Comment: The only ones that should be out of a job are in the top echelon of this administration.

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West condemns Taliban over 'summary killings' of ex-soldiers and police

Taliban fighters in Kabul, Afghanistan
Human Rights Watch says 47 former members of Afghan national security forces have been killed or forcibly disappeared.

The US has led a group of western nations and allies in condemnation of the Taliban over the "summary killings" of former members of the Afghan security forces reported by rights groups, demanding quick investigations.

A statement by the US, EU, Australia, Britain, Japan and others, was released by the state department on Saturday:
"We are deeply concerned by reports of summary killings and enforced disappearances of former members of the Afghan security forces as documented by Human Rights Watch and others. We underline that the alleged actions constitute serious human rights abuses and contradict the Taliban's announced amnesty."
The group of nations called on Afghanistan's new rulers to ensure the amnesty was enforced and upheld across the country and throughout their ranks.


WA Premier Mark McGowan says US white supremacists are targeting remote communities

Mark McGowan
© ABC News/Hugh Sando
Australian Premier Mark McGowan
Premier Mark McGowan says United States-based white supremacist groups are spreading misinformation online to cause fear about COVID-19 vaccinations in remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

Mr McGowan made the comments during a press conference in Kalgoorlie on Thursday and again warned that travel to regional communities could be restricted after WA's border reopens if they do not reach vaccination targets.

He said:
"There's been some misinformation provided to Aboriginal people from people who do not have their best interests at heart. Just now we heard from one Aboriginal person who said white supremacist groups are sending information to Aboriginal people that they shouldn't get vaccinated. Now, the suspicion is these white supremacist groups out of America wouldn't be unhappy if bad outcomes occurred to the health of Aboriginal people in Australia. That's the problem we face."

Comment: An authoritarian takeover necessitates all controversy be forcefully squelched. Those culpable for 'harming the Aboriginal People' are those closest to home.

Cell Phone

NSO spyware said used to hack phones of US State Department officials working in Uganda

Pegasus Spyware
© AFP/Getty Images
Pegasus Spyware
Israeli spyware firm NSO Group's software was reportedly used by an unknown assailant to hack the cell phones of at least nine United States State Department employees, in what — if confirmed — would be the first time the embattled company's technology was used to target American officials.

The hack targeted State Department workers in Uganda or those specializing in the East African country, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Friday.

All of the American staff targeted were using iPhones. Last week, Apple announced that it was suing the NSO Group for targeting the users of its devices, saying the firm at the center of the Pegasus surveillance scandal needs to be held accountable.

The suit from the Silicon Valley giant adds new trouble for NSO, which was engulfed in controversy over reports that tens of thousands of activists, journalists and politicians were listed as potential targets of its Pegasus spyware.

While the phone numbers of US officials were included on a long list of potential targets revealed in a series of media reports earlier this year, it was never confirmed whether those phones were actually hacked.

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NewsReal: NAZI Redux - Covid Camps in Australia, Mandatory Vaccinations in EU

australia covid camp quarantine
© Sott.net
The 'Voluntary Covid Quarantine Facilities' are up and running - and it's no surprise where they're up and running first. This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall pay a virtual visit to Howard Springs, Australia, where the government has been sending 'Covid cases' for 'isolation holidays' in order to 'protect the general population'. But the brutal reality behind such euphemisms are already showing. What was 'conspiracy theory' in 2020 is now lived fact.

Meanwhile, several European governments have followed Austria's NAZI lead, announcing 'lockdowns for the unvaccinated', including Germany, where outgoing Chancellor Merkel made it her last 'democratic' act after almost two decades in power. Waiting in the wings, ex-German Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyen, now the EU's top Eurocrat, wants to force vaccinations (which her husband's company produces) on the 33% of people still holding out across Europe.

Against all (true) science and reason, the UK government reported last week that it expects 'boosters' and 'Covid measures' to be around for 'the next ten years' - and is preparing the ground by ordering all frontline doctors to forego check-ups of anyone older than 75 so that they may instead function as full-time jabbers of the entire populace. No matter the scale and scope of protests and public resistance, governments are as determined as ever to 'vaccinate' every living thing - in perpetuity, apparently.

** Podcast begins at 04:01 **

Running Time: 01:53:35

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