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Mon, 11 Dec 2017
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IDF attacks Hamas positions in Gaza after rockets launched from enclave

Smoke rises in Gaza Strip
© Amir Cohen / Reuters
The Israeli military launched the attack on Palestinian positions after rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, the IDF said.

The missile attack, which the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) blamed on Hamas, happened Monday evening, according to an IDF spokesperson's statement. There's been no confirmation that any 'targets' have been hit, it added.

Comment: See also: 25 injured, including 6 children in Israeli strike on Gaza after rocket attacks


Putin meets with Egyptian President Sisi, agree on Palestine, Libya, and Syria

Putin al-Sisi
© Mikhail Klimentyev / Reuters
Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) and Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with his Egyptian counterpart AbdelFattah el-Sisi in the Egyptian capital Cairo to discuss a broad range of bilateral and regional issues.

This follows on from Egypt certifying an agreement allowing Russia to use Egyptian air bases for regional activities for the foreseeable future.

Both Presidents praised an increase in bilateral trade, while Putin spoke favourably about investment projects in Egypt which will total $7 billion.

Sisi stated that both leaders held talks about the importance of establishing a special Russian economic zone on the Suez Canal which Putin later said would be the main Russian terminus for the distribution of Russian goods throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


'Enemy will pay the price': Hamas vows to retaliate for Israel's airstrikes

Hamas militants
© REUTERS/ Ibraheem Abu Mustafa
Hamas militants
The Palestinian Hamas movement has prepared its response to Israel's recent airstrikes on Gaza, which had been carried out in the wake of the US decision on Jerusalem.

"The enemy will pay the price for breaking the rules of engagement with the resistance in Gaza. ... The coming days will prove to the enemy the great error and misjudgment of the will and determination of the resistance," a representative of the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said in a statement, commenting on the December 8 Israeli airstrikes that killed two and wounding 15 others, as quoted by Press TV.

The statement echoes another Hamas pledge made a few days earlier, calling for an "intifada" against Israel, with the previous uprisings in 1987-1993 and 2000-2005 leaving hundreds of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians dead.

Comment: See also: Palestinian Fatah and Hamas parties unite after Trump controversy


Trump slams 'Fake News Media' after string of major reporting errors exposed - 'Stain on America!'

CNN fake news logo globe
President Trump on Sunday slammed "the Fake News Media," which he called "out of control," after a string of major errors in reporting on his presidency emerged over the past week.

"Very little discussion of all the purposely false and defamatory stories put out this week by the Fake News Media," he tweeted. "They are out of control - correct reporting means nothing to them."

The president continued, "Major lies written, then forced to be withdrawn after they are exposed...a stain on America!"

Comment: The pattern of media lies and subsequent retraction is so blatant, one could be forgiven for thinking it's a deliberate strategy. The initial newsbite lie will get large exposure on mainstream and social media, lodging itself firmly in the minds of the susceptible. The retraction will be quiet, studiously downplayed, and delayed for as long as possible in the hopes it will be lost in the flood of the daily news cycle.


'Fomenting a class war': The Times uses the Grenfell Tower disaster to attack RT...again

Grenfell Tower
© Tolga Akmen / Reuters
Six months after one of Britain's worst post-war disasters in which dozens died and hundreds lost their homes, the Times newspaper has attacked activists seeking justice for victims, and chucked in another swipe at RT for good measure. Because why not?

The Times story gets off to a strong start in its RT story with the line "A Kremlin-controlled TV station seized on the Grenfell Tower fire to try to foment 'class war' in Britain." It's a scary accusation, albeit an inaccurate one. RT only aims to foment class war in the early spring. A quick glance around the office shows you're more likely to find staff fermenting grapes than fomenting class war.
Times article
© thetimes.co.uk



Time to fulfill another promise: Trump needs to put wicked witch Hillary behind bars

Killary Hillary
Reading about former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in every digital morning newspaper each day, I cannot help but wonder. Has the world lost the capability to classify war criminals? Why is has this wretch not been dragged screaming and kicking in front a jury of peers? President Donald Trump - keep your promise sir. Rid the world of this wicked witch of the west.

When you read about Hillary Clinton being the cause of slavery being revived in Libya on USA Today, you know her exact crimes against humanity must be much, much worse. When the mainstream condemns the cheerleader of the U.S. backed liberal world order, the hidden truths behind the curtain must surely be biblical. But African men being sold at slave auctions in the North African state formerly run by the now deceased Moammar Gadhafi show Clinton's role in humanity undone. 'We came, we saw, he died,' Clinton joked before a TV appearance when the Libyan leader fell. It was Clinton who helped Barack Obama fishtail on President George W. Bush's 2003 agreement with Gadhafi, to leave Libya alone. But the Arab Spring regime change game had to start, and it was Clinton who pledged to her handlers she'd get the job done.

Comment: According to Joanne Moriarty, the recent Libyan slave trade reports are fake news:
The Great Tribes of Libya have confirmed to me personally that the slavery stories out of Libya are fake. The photos and videos are old and re-edited. I know this is true because I have some of the photos and videos in my files from 2011. Since the Zionists do not have Ghadafi to slander, they are now attempting to gin up hatred for Libya again - accusing the Libyans of doing what their own mercenaries did in 2011.

Comment: Hillary is having a difficult time lately suppressing evidence of her criminality, and now even Democrats are jumping ship.

For more details on Hillary's sordid past, see:


Putin condemns US Jerusalem recognition as "counterproductive" and "destabilizing"

© Sputnik
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that any decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital is "counterproductive" and "destabilizing," in apparent criticism of the recent step by US President Donald Trump.

"We consider counterproductive any moves that preempt the result of negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians," Putin said during a state visit to Egypt on Monday. "Such steps are destabilizing, and don't help to resolve the situation, but instead provoke conflict."

Putin added that Russia will urge compliance with UN Security Council resolutions, which state that the final legal status of Jerusalem must be agreed on by both sides as part of their legal settlement of the decades-long standoff.

Comment: Putin's not wrong, but there may be more to this situation than meets the eye. The decades-long standoff referenced above has put the Palestinians in a situation of unending suffering and perpetual terror. Endless 'condemnation' of Israel has had absolutely no effect. Trump's move has shaken things up. With the exception of Saudi Arabia and possibly the United Arab Emirates, Arab and Muslim nations may move further away from the weakening power hold the US has held over them. For further analysis of what this could mean check out the recent show on SOTT Radio: Behind the Headlines: Has Trump Gone Full Shlemiel in Planned U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem?


Why does this sound familiar? Now, China is being accused of weaponizing social media 'to infiltrate European parliaments'

digital china
© Edgar Su / Reuters
China's spy agency created fake LinkedIn profiles to infiltrate German and European political circles, claims Germany's Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). China denies the allegations, saying they risk undermining bilateral relations.

Hans-Georg Maassen, head of the BfV, alleges that the Chinese dummy accounts posed as consultants, policy experts, scholars and headhunters and targeted up to 10,000 German citizens.

"Chinese intelligence services are using new strategies of attack in the digital space. Social networks, especially LinkedIn, are being used in an ambitious manner to gather information and for recruitment," said Maassen, reports the Financial Times. "We are dealing with a broad attempt to infiltrate parliaments, ministries and administrations."

Comment: This doesn't sound like the recent claims against Russia at all...


US-led coalition destroyed Syrian cities and civilians with unauthorised carpet bombings says Russian MoD

Russian MoD: US-Led Coalition Destroyed Syrian Cities With Carpet Bombings
The Russian Defense Ministry has compared the operations against Daesh carried out by the US-led coalition and the Syrian army, which had recently announced the complete defeat of Daesh.

"Supported by Russian Aerospace Forces, the Syrian army has liberated hundreds of settlements from Daesh and restored control of the legitimate government of almost all territory of the country. Meanwhile, the international [US-led] coalition was focused on impeding [activities of] Syrian government troops including direct attacks on its positions in Deir ez-Zor," the Russian Defense Ministry has stated.

According to the Russian military, "in three years of its presence in Syria, the coalition only recently achieved its first 'result' in the fight against Daesh by destroying Raqqa along with the civilians."

Better Earth

The Petroyuan beckons: Lebanon urges Arab states to sanction US

Lebanon's Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil

Lebanon's Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil
Lebanon urges Arab states to sanction USA: The Petroyuan beckons Lebanon's call to sanction the US may not be heeded all at once, but moving to the Petroyuan could be today's version of the 1973 oil embargo.

At an emergency meeting of the Arab League in Cairo, Lebanon's Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has proposed passing sanctions on the United States in retaliation for Donald Trump's unilateral decision to recognise Jerusalem/Al-Quds as the Israeli capital.

The move has been condemned by an overwhelming majority of states and religious institutions throughout the world. The UN has also condemned the decision.

During the meeting, Bassil who is from the Maronite Christian Free Patriotic Movement, stated,

"Pre-emptive measures (must be) taken against the decision, beginning with diplomatic measures, then political, then economic and (then) financial sanctions".