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Sun, 16 Dec 2018
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Israel's ambassador to Kiev 'shocked' after seeing that region in Ukraine honors Nazi collaborator Bandera

Activists of Ukrainian nationalist partie
© Valentyn Ogirenko
Activists of Ukrainian nationalist parties mark the 109th anniversary of the birth of Stepan Bandera in Kiev.
The Israeli ambassador to Kiev has expressed outrage, after a region in Ukraine dedicated the year 2019 to the prominent nationalist leader and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.

Joel Lion took to Twitter on Thursday to say he was "shocked" after the Lviv region honored Bandera in this manner. The move was to mark the 110th anniversary of Bandera's birth.

Comment: It seems that either Israel's Ambassador to the Ukraine is either grossly misinformed, or feigning shock at Bandera's popularity for political reasons. If its the former, he should probably read a little about what his country is doing:


The Hitlergate Hearings

OK, so, that was a close one. For a moment there, I was starting to worry that the Democrats weren't going to take back the House and rescue us from "the brink of fascism." Which, if that had happened, in addition to having to attend all those horrible stadium rallies and help the government mass murder the Jews, we would have been denied the next two years of Donald Trump-related congressional hearings and investigations that we can now look forward to ... I'm going to go ahead and call them the Hitlergate Hearings.

Staging these hearings has always been a crucial part of the Resistance's strategy. As history has proved, time and time again, when literal fascists take over your democracy, outlaw opposing political parties, and start shipping people off to concentration camps and revoking journalists' White House access, the only effective way to defeat them is to form a whole buttload of congressional committees and investigate the living Hitler out of them. This is especially the case when the literal fascists who have commandeered your democracy are conspiring with a shifty-eyed Slavic dictator whose country you have essentially surrounded with your full-spectrum dominant military forces, and who your media have thoroughly demonized, but who is nevertheless able to brainwash your citizens into electing his fascist puppet president with a few thousand dollars worth of Facebook ads.

Bad Guys

'I know how to cut well': Erdoğan reveals new parts from audio recording of Khashoggi murder quoting Saudi forensic expert

khashoggi murder tape

Dr. Salah Muhammad al-Tubaigy, the head of forensic medicine at the Saudi interior ministry.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has revealed new parts from an audio recording of the Jamal Khashoggi murder, quoting a Saudi forensic expert as saying he knows "how to cut well."

"[The Saudi] intelligence chief is heard saying in the recording that it is a disaster because this man [Khashoggi] has been drugged. 'I know how to cut well,' the other man responds. Why? Because he is a forensic expert. He is a senior military guy. Everything is there in the recordings," Erdoğan said in a speech at the Jerusalem Platform event in Istanbul on Dec. 14.

Khashoggi, a columnist for The Washington Post and a prominent critic of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, went missing after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2.

According to CNN, which quoted Khashoggi's final words in the transcript of the recording on Dec. 9, the Saudi journalist said he "can't breathe" before screams and "saw" and "cutting" sounds.

Dr. Salah Muhammad al-Tubaigy, the head of forensic medicine at the Saudi interior ministry, and Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, a former diplomat and current intelligence official close to Prince Mohammed, were involved in the murder, Turkish officials said.

Comment: CIA still gunning for MBS, reveal he sent 11 messages to head of Khashoggi hit team hours before and after murder

Heart - Black

Western media silent on illegal detention of Russian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky, imprisoned without fair trial in Ukraine

Eva Bartlett speaks with journalist Vladimir Rodzianko on the detention of Kirill Vyshinsky by Ukraine since May 2018. Ukrainian authorities accuse Vyshinsky of "treason" and have delayed his trials twice.

Detention Kirill Vyshinsky by Ukraine

"Kirill Vyshinsky, a Ukrainian-Russian journalist, has been held captive in Ukraine for over 180 days, on unfounded charges of ‘treason,’ which human rights groups are calling, politically motivated, and faces up to 15 years in prison.
The case of Russian-Ukranian journalist, Kirill Vyshinsky, imprisoned without fair trail in Ukraine since mid-May is yet another in a long list of attacks on journalists by NATO-aligned countries that never make the headlines.

A petition for Vyshinsky's release reads:

On May 15, 2018, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) carried out a massive operation against journalists, having forcefully searched the Ukrainian-based RIA Novosti's central office in Kiev, including its correspondents' homes, and arrest of it's editor-in-chief, Kirill Vyshinsky.

On July 11, the court in Kherson, Ukraine extended Kirill's imprisonment by 60 days without bail, and is currently being held captive, as his health is rapidly deteriorating.

As of November 1, the Kherson city court has extended the arrest of Kirill until December 28, without a legitimate trial and without right to bail."

Comment: See: Ukraine prolongs imprisonment of news agency chief without trial, denied help, health deteriorating

War Whore

Why the stalling? FBI misses deadline to provide docs to Judiciary Committee about raid on 'protected' whistleblower's home

FBI raid
© Reuters / Alvin Baez / File
More than a dozen federal agents raided the home in search of documents on the bureau's failure to investigate Hillary Clinton. What is the FBI hoping to accomplish by keeping American people in the dark?

The Justice Department and FBI have missed a Wednesday deadline to provide information about the government's mysterious raid on a former FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower's home last month.

Sixteen FBI agents on Nov. 19 raided the home of Dennis Nathan Cain, who reportedly gave the Justice Department's Inspector General (IG) documents related to the Uranium One controversy and potential wrongdoing by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Bizarro Earth

The people's war against globalism

© Unknown

We are the Little Folk-we!

Too little to love or to hate.
Leave us alone and you'll see
How we can drag down the State!
-A Pict Song, Rudyard Kipling

Belgium has joined the list of countries that are rebelling against their elected leadership. Over the weekend the Belgian government fell over Prime Minister Charles Michel's trip to Morocco to sign the United Nations Migration Agreement. The agreement made no distinction between legal and illegal migrants and regarded immigration as a positive phenomenon. The Belgian people apparently did not agree. Facebook registered 1,200 Belgians agreeing that the Prime Minister was a traitor. Some users expressed concern for their children's futures, noting that Belgian democracy is dead. Others said they would get yellow vests and join the protests.

The unrest witnessed in a number of places is focused on some specific demands but it represents much broader anger. The French yellow vests initially protested against proposed increases in fuel taxes that would have affected working people dependent on transportation disproportionately. But when that demand was met by the government of President Emmanuel Macron, the demonstrations continued and even grew, suggesting that the grievances with the government were far more extensive than the issue of a single new tax. Perhaps not surprisingly, the French government is seeking for a scapegoat and is investigating "Russian interference." The US State Department inevitably agrees, claiming that Kremlin directed websites and social media are "amplifying the conflict."

Comment: Public awareness and outrage may be a case of too little too late. A revolt will handily eliminate those who still have the wherewithal to object.


Trump's 'Prosper Africa' strategy - while an admission of defeat - is also a wily trap

Trump africans
© Brookings
President Trump and African dignitaries.
National Security Advisor John Bolton recently announced the Trump Administration's new "Prosper Africa" strategy, which is basically a tacit admission of defeat acknowledging that the US' objectives there haven't been achieved since the end of the Old Cold War, but it's also a wily trap for encouraging China and Russia to overextend themselves in this resource-rich but high-risk continent as the Great Power competition between the unipolar and multipolar blocs heats up all across the "Global South".

Acknowledging Defeat

The Trump Administration officially promulgated its "Prosper Africa" strategy on Thursday after National Security Advisor John Bolton presented it to an exclusive audience at the neoconservative Heritage Foundation think tank, and it basically boils down to a continental application of the "Trump Doctrine's" America First policy in Africa's contemporary geopolitical and economic conditions. Bolton emphasized that the US' new approach will focus on trade and commercial relations, anti-terrorist cooperation, and the effective and efficient disbursement of aid (including to various peacekeeping missions), all of which will openly promote America's agenda in Africa. As much as he probably hated to admit it, Bolton was forced to acknowledge that the US has failed to achieve its objectives in this part of the world since the end of the Old Cold War and that this has therefore created opportunities for his country's Chinese and Russian Great Power competitors to become powerful forces in Africa.

Comment: The US doesn't do 'mea culpa' (and mean it) so Bolton's message and "Prosper Africa" are ploys for other purposes than his flimsy cover story of 'see we're doing stuff, too'.


Ukraine wants nukes - will the West accommodate the regime in Kiev?

Missile firing
© Unknown
This could be Ukraine...!
Efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation are one of the few issues on which the great powers agree, intending to continue to limit the spread of nuclear weapons and to prevent new entrants into the exclusive nuclear club.

The former Ukrainian envoy to NATO, Major General Petro Garashchuk, recently stated in an interview with Obozrevatel TV:
"I'll say it once more. We have the ability to develop and produce our own nuclear weapons, currently available in the world, such as the one that was built in the former USSR and which is now in independent Ukraine, located in the city of Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk) that can produce these kinds of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Neither the United States, nor Russia, nor China have produced a missile named Satan ... At the same time, Ukraine does not have to worry about international sanctions when creating these nuclear weapons."

Comment: R-36 intercontinental ballistic missile (USSR/Ukraine) (NATO name SS-9 Scarp and SS-18 Satan)

Comment: Was the real impetus, for grand-scale Russiaphobia and the threats to exit the INF and START treaties, to get nuclear armament installed next door to Russia? Leverage and proximity.


Russia offers draft UNGA resolution to save INF Treaty

missiles 1989
© MSGT Jose Lopez Jr./U.S. Defense Department
Soviet inspectors and their American escorts stand among U.S. Pershing II missiles destroyed in accordance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
In an attempt to salvage the cornerstone treaty limiting the deployment of nuclear missiles, which the US has decided to unilaterally suspend, Moscow has introduced a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly.

The US decision to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty could seriously undermine international non-proliferation as well as arms control mechanisms, and would jeopardize world security, the Russian delegation said, presenting the draft to the UNGA.

The resolution urges the parties to engage in consultations on strategic issues and key points of concern, in the hope that constructive dialogue will not only lead to compliance with the treaty but pave the way for further efforts in global arms reduction. The document also calls for additional 'confidence-building' measures, and urges the international community to safeguard the INF treaty.

Washington has accused Russia of being in breach of the treaty and said it will unilaterally pull out in two months unless Moscow provides convincing evidence that it is compliant. While the US accuses Russia of building banned missiles, Moscow denies the claims and in turn says American missile defense systems in Europe, presumably designed to counter Iran and North Korea, could be used offensively against Russia. Moscow is also concerned about American heavy combat drones, which can perform the functions of ground-launched cruise missiles, in violation of the treaty. Russia has vowed to observe the INF treaty as long as the US does, and is trying to foster a dialogue to maintain the agreement.

Comment: The US needs to power trip its way into negotiations. Its show of 'strength' instead reveals its weakness.
See also:


In 2018, Russian defense detected more than 3K spy planes near its borders

Russian radar coverage
© Planeman 2010
In 2018, anti-air defense forces detected and escorted about 3,000 foreign fighter aircraft, of which more than 1,000 were reconnaissance aircraft, reported the Russian Aerospace Force.

The exact number of foreign military aircraft was announced by the commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces Radiotechnical Troops, Major General Andrei Koban, in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper:
"The intensity of air traffic within the limits of responsibility of the Radiotechnical Troops is what mainly hampers military service. In 2018, the units in service of the Radiotechnical Troops detected and monitored more than 980,000 aerial targets, among which there were about three thousand foreign airplanes including more than 1,000 reconnaissance aircraft."
At the same time, the Russian major general underlined that the air defense units were put in combat readiness more than four thousand times.

"This is clear evidence of the high voltage of the service in the Radiotechnical Troops, which we are accustomed to and for which we are ready," Koban said.

In his words, Russian anti-aircraft units detect and escort more than five thousand aerial objects daily, of which about 2,500 are foreigners. In addition, each day about 20 military units are put in combat readiness.