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Tue, 23 Jan 2018
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HPSCI Democrats started the false 'Russia Facebook Ads' narrative

Adam Schiff
As the scandal of the Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee-funded dossier only begins to blow up, those invested in the Donald Trump and Russia collusion narrative are growing desperate. The latest shiny object the media picked up is Russia's supposed presence on social media during the 2016 election.

Members of the "#resistance" were quick to condemn this "attack" on American democracy, along with Republicans who refuse to regulate political speech on social media.

Enter Michael Isikoff, Yahoo News' intrepid reporter who loves taking stories from Fusion GPS, the DNC-funded firm that created the dossier. Isikoff was excited to report that Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed to investigate "Russian election interference," has focused his sleuthing on whether the Trump campaign had anything to do with Russia's activity on social media: "In just the last few weeks, his prosecutors have begun questioning Republican National Committee staffers about the party digital operation that worked with the Trump campaign to target voters in key swing states. They are seeking to determine if the joint effort was related to the activities of Russian trolls and bots aimed at influencing the American electorate, according to two of the sources."

Comment: The whole left vs right thing is mostly just for show, and the real control of the narrative comes from your friendly neighborhood 'Deep state' who has it out for Trump.

Bad Guys

Germany plays economic chicken when forcing policies on central Europe

Angela Merkel
© John MacDougall / AFP
The German social democrat and conservative parties have finally agreed in a rotten compromise to form yet another not-so-grand coalition with the increasingly unpopular Angela Merkel as Chancellor. With this, it's clear that Berlin is on automatic pilot in regard to such divisive policies as accepting hundreds of thousands of new refugees from southern hemisphere war zones such as Libya or Syria. In stark contrast to Berlin's open policy, four countries in Central Europe-Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia-are steadfast in their refusal and rejection of the Brussels-mandated compulsory refugee policies and are rallying more open support across the EU for more national self-determination. In this not all levers of power lie in Berlin.

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Oklahoma lawmaker sues private investigator for tracking device found in truck

tracking device
© Mark McBride via AP
This December 2017 photo provided by Mark McBride shows what Oklahoma state Rep. Mark McBride, R-Moore, says is a tracking device that he removed from his truck in Oklahoma. McBride wants to know who put the contraption there and is one of at least five Oklahoma state lawmakers who in recent months asked a prosecutor to investigate claims they have been followed or threatened.
An Oklahoma lawmaker who found a tracking device attached to his pickup truck last month is suing a private investigation company and an investigator who works for the company over the device.

Discovery of the tracking device has shocked Oklahoma politicians, who are wondering who was spying.

Rep. Mark McBride, a Republican from the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, is suing Eastridge Investigations and Asset Protection and Eastridge investigator H.L. Christensen for unspecified damages of more than $10,000, according to an attorney for Eastridge.

The lawsuit, first reported by The Oklahoman, is an amended version of a lawsuit McBride filed in December naming "John Doe" and alleging trespassing, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

On Jan.3, a judge approved a request to issue a subpoena to the company that manufactured or serviced the device in an effort to determine who purchased it.


"Astonished": Ukraine bans best-selling book 'Stalingrad' by renowned British historian

Stalingrad book
British Historian Antony Beevor is "astonished" at why Ukraine would ban his best selling history book "Stalingrad".

You would think as a historian he would be aware book burnings, and other bans on access to information is a common tactic of totalitarian regimes throughout history.

Ukraine may not be fully totalitarian in the scope of government control - mainly due to lack of organization, not motivation, but there are certainly fascist elements in power in Kiev.

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Fake News sees uptick in Czech Presidential runoff

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Czech President Milos Zeman
© File Photo
Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Czech President Milos Zeman.
In the first round of the Czech presidential election earlier this month, Jiri Drahos was variously portrayed -- without substantiation -- as a pedophile, a thief, and a communist collaborator.

The smears were part of a string of unfounded allegations in social media and on websites suspected of dealing in fake news.

Now that the pro-Europe challenger's campaign in a second-round runoff against incumbent Milos Zeman, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's strongest allies in central Europe, is in full swing, the disinformation gloves have come off once again.

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Stock Down

Frexit: Macron admits France would vote to leave EU if country held referendum

Maron Marr

Macron conceded that French voters would quit the EU if France held an in/out referendum
Emmanuel Macron has sent shockwaves throughout Europe after he conceded that French voters would quit the EU if France held an in/out referendum on the Brussels-led bloc.

No other European Union country has risked putting membership of the bloc to a public vote since Britain surprised member-states by voting to leave the bloc in 2016,

However, speaking to Andrew Marr on the BBC, Mr Macron admitted that he would lose a French referendum on EU membership.

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Iranian warplanes warn off '2 coalition vessels' during drill

Iranian Air Force Grumman F-14A Tomcat
© Wikipedia/ Shahram Sharifi
Iranian Air Force Grumman F-14A Tomcat
Iran's army is holding a massive military drill in the country's south and southeastern areas, involving all military units.

According to Iranian Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi cited by Tasnim news agency, the country's warplanes have warned off two "coalition vessels" that approached the area off the Islamic Republic's southeast, where military drills are currently underway.

"This morning and in the early hours of the military drill, two coalition vessels approached the area to monitor Iranian naval forces. Iranian drones identified the vessels, then Iranian planes flew over them and gave them a warning. The vessels left the area," the admiral, who is the spokesperson for the drills, said.

Bad Guys

Turkey's ex-FM Yasar Yakis to RT: 'US broken promises to stop arming Kurds triggered Afrin op'

Kurdish fighters
© Rodi Said / Reuters
Kurdish fighters from the People's Protection Units (YPG) chat with members of U.S. forces in the town of Darbasiya next to the Turkish border, Syria April 29, 2017
Turkey would not have embarked on a military campaign in Afrin if Washington had honored its promises to cut off supplies and support to Kurdish militias, Yasar Yakis, Turkey's former foreign minister told RT.

It was "to a very large extent" the US policy towards the Kurds which served as the catalyst for the Turkish offensive in northern Syria, the former diplomat and ambassador to the UN Office in Vienna, Egypt and Saudi Arabia said.

"If the US wasn't going to arm Kurds, Turkey wouldn't have arrived to the point where it is." Ankara "tried to draw attention of its ally, [telling the Americans] 'You should not arm and train and provide ammunition to a terrorist group'," Yakis said, referring to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) viewed by Ankara as a terrorist group.

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US Defense Secretary Mattis says Turkey warned Pentagon before attacking US-backed Kurds

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis
© Reuters
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says Turkey gave advance notice that it was planning to launch an attack on US-allied Kurdish militias in Syria, but he did not specify if Washington tried to dissuade Ankara.

"Turkey was candid," Mattis told reporters aboard a plane traveling to Asia from the US. "They warned us before they launched the aircraft they were going to do it, in consultation with us."

On Saturday, Turkey launched a series of air strikes on the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northwestern Syria, controlled by the YPG militia which Ankara considers to be a terrorist group. Turkish ground forces pushed into the territory Sunday, supported by loyal anti-Assad militants.

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Black Magic

Zombie Nation? 'Executed' North Koreans return to life

Kim Jong-un
© KCNA / Reuters
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reacts as people applaud during his visit to the newly-remodeled Pyongyang teacher training college
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is famous in Western media for executing people that fall out of his favor - though some seem to have found the knack of returning from the dead.

Reports regularly surface on Kim's latest means of execution, ranging from the relatively mundane firing squad to the theatrical, or even cartoonish - such as feeding foes to packs of starving dogs or roasting them with flame-throwers.