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Thu, 11 Aug 2022
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Russia suspends bilateral inspections in nuclear weapons treaty

Vladimir Putin
© Alexey Danichev/AFP/Getty Images
Huge developments on the nuclear front. Russia have suspended nuclear inspections recognized by the New START Treaty.

START is the nuclear arms reduction treaty between the US and the Russian Federation. Limiting the amount of strategic warheads each country are allowed to posses, the mark currently set at a max of 1,550 nuclear warheads.

In addition to the limit of nuclear arms, the treaty requires each side to share biannual data exchanges with breakdowns of all nuclear delivery vehicles/launchers, their whereabouts, everything. Complete transparency about all production, movement, testing, etc. Anything and everything Russia and the US do with nuclear warheads, they are supposed to tell each other about.

The treaty allows for up to 18 on-site inspections per year for US and Russian inspection teams. Which Russia have now expressed they are suspending. Today the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that they have been forced to:
"resort to this measure as a result of Washington's insistence that it will inevitably seek to restart inspection activities on conditions that do not take current realities into account."
I am still looking, but cannot find exactly what The Russia MFA are referring to when they say "current realities", but I'm sure the allegations of US biological weapons production and the Special Military Operation in Ukraine are contributing factors.

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Spain's king Felipe VI jeered during swearing in of new Colombian president Petro

Spain's king Felipe VI

The Spanish monarch also provoked anger by remaining seated as Bolívar's symbolic sword was brought into the ceremony
The king of Spain, Felipe VI, was booed and whistled during Sunday's swearing in ceremony for the new president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro. When the Colombian president read the list of dignitaries present and pronounced the name of the Spanish monarch, the audience gave an energetic jeering to the Bourbon. Felipe's facial expression suggested his discomfort in the face of a situation that had been anticipated, since Petro is the first left-wing president to govern the Latin American country. The new head of the Colombian executive, moreover, was a guerrilla in Colombia's April 19th Movement (M-19), which claimed the ideas of Simón Bolívar, the nineteenth century liberator who brought to an end the Spanish colonial era in much of Latin America.

Thus, in the 1970s and 80s, the M-19 vigorously opposed Spanish power in Colombia and took the lead in episodes such as the theft of Bolívar's famous sword in 1974, as well as actions such as the 1985 assault on the Palace of Justice, that ended with the death of 101 people, before reaching a peace agreement with the Colombian government in 1990.

Comment: More on the inauguration:

And over in Costa Rica:


Zero Covid has cost New Zealand dearly

© Unknown
New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern
Throughout much of the pandemic, proponents of Zero Covid and lockdown have promoted the island nation of New Zealand as a success story. Since the beginning of March 2022, however, this success has turned sour. Covid cases in New Zealand have exploded, with cumulative cases per capita now exceeding US levels. If New Zealand case rates continue to grow as they have in the recent past, cumulative per-capita cases will exceed those in the UK and the EU in the coming months.

Early Zero Covid success

On 28 February 2020, New Zealand's public-health authorities identified the nation's first Covid patient - a traveller from Iran, where a large outbreak of Covid cases was then proceeding. New Zealanders panicked, stocking up on food, toilet paper and other necessities. Rumours surfaced that the New Zealand government planned to impose lockdowns, including mandatory stay-at-home orders.

On 19 March 2020, Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's prime minister, swatted away the rumours, telling people to look only to the government for true information: 'Unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth.' Just days later, on 25 March 2020, Ardern imposed a nationwide lockdown, encouraging New Zealand's 'team of five million' citizens to help 'prevent the spread' of Covid.

Comment: The take-away is the comparison of location, season, and approach to an evolving COVID scenario. The throw-away is the application of vaccine propaganda substituting for science.


Israel blames Gaza rocket misfire for child deaths

Rocket blasts
© AP/Fatima Shbair
Rockets fired by Palestinian militants toward Israel, in Gaza City, August 6, 2022
The IDF has accused Palestinian militants of using civilians as "human shields"

The death toll in Gaza amid Israel's Operation Breaking Dawn has grown to 24, including six children, with over 200 people wounded as of Saturday night, according to Palestinian health officials. The Israeli military accuses Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) militants of using civilians as "human shields" and killing their own people in botched rocket attacks.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed that it struck multiple "terrorist targets" across Gaza on Saturday, but denied any responsibility for a deadly blast in the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of the enclave that reportedly killed at least six people, including three children.

The IDF in a tweet on Saturday night, said:
"Following the reports of the tragic events in Jabaliya, the IDF concluded an in-depth debrief. Based on all the IDF systems data, it appears that this event is the outcome of an Islamic Jihad rocket misfire. It did not conduct any activities in Jabaliya at the time of the event."

Comment: Israel has only one strategy: Refute all blame and do it again.
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a video on Sunday showing what it says was a failed rocket launch by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) that killed several children in Gaza.

The clip appears to show a rocket barrage, with one missile losing speed and falling. The IDF said it was launched by the militant group Islamic Jihad in Gaza last night and killed Palestinian civilians, including children. The IDF also accused PIJ of using civilians as "human shields."
Meanwhile, according to the Palestinian authorities, the death toll in Gaza has risen to 29, including six children and four women, with 253 civilians wounded.

Earlier, the IDF confirmed that it conducted strikes on multiple "terrorist targets" across Gaza on Saturday, but denied responsibility for a deadly explosion at the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of the enclave, which reportedly killed several people, including children.

The IDF said:
"Following the reports of the tragic events in Jabaliya, the IDF concluded an in-depth debrief. Based on all the IDF systems data, it appears that this event is the outcome of an Islamic Jihad rocket misfire. It did not conduct any activities in Jabaliya at the time of the event."
Tensions in Gaza erupted on Monday, after Israel arrested Islamic Jihad's West Bank leader, Bassem Saadi. A Palestinian teenager was killed during the raid on Saadi's home. Amid an outcry among Palestinians, the PIJ threatened retaliation, placing its fighters in the enclave on high alert.

On Friday, the IDF launched Operation Breaking Dawn, citing the "imminent threat of attack against Israeli civilians posed by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization." The Israeli strikes killed a senior PIJ commander, Taysir al-Jabari, and targeted other operatives of the militant group.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz came out with a statement saying the operation would continue as long as required:
"The IDF, the Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency] and security forces will continue to act against Islamic Jihad until we restore peace and remove the threat to children [living in the Gaza border region]."
Vowing to carry on the attacks against Islamic Jihad targets, Lapid stated that Israel is doing its best to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza. "We are acting in a targeted and responsible manner in order to minimize harm to those not involved," the prime minister said.


Russia, Turkey launch new economic 'roadmap'

The Putin-Erdogan meeting in Sochi has rapidly accelerated Russian-Turkish economic initiatives and financial ties. These include bypassing western sanctions, integrating money transfers, and trading outside the dollar.

Erdogan & Putin
© The Cradle
In inter-state relations, the question is always one of balance and political opportunity. Statesmanship lies in striking the balance and seizing the opportunity thereof.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's 4-hour meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi on Friday becomes an outstanding example of how two powers who have rivaled each other in history can still craft a common destiny by balancing their interests and create new opportunities to navigate their way forward in an uncertain world.

It is seldom that the outcome of a high-level working visit can be foretold with absolute certainty. Yet, that was what Erdogan did as he headed for Sochi. He said, "I believe that (today's meeting) will open a whole different page in Turkish-Russian relations."

The agenda of the Sochi meeting was based on a message Putin had transmitted to Erdogan via the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksey Overchuk, who visited Ankara on 14 June. Overchuk is a politician who is more of a technocrat in economic management. Indeed, the Turkish president happily received him.


German media lifts lid on Zelensky's 'secret deals'


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky
Die Welt published an excerpt from a new biography which describes alleged cases of corruption involving Ukraine's president

German newspaper Die Welt has put Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's "secret deals" under the microscope, publishing an extract from a new book which suggests the head of state may have evaded taxes at home.

Published last Wednesday, the excerpt comes from a new book released this month, Zelensky: A Biography. The paper cited parts of the book that deal with alleged cases of corruption involving the Ukrainian president.



70% of Western weapons sent to Ukraine don't reach troops - CBS

anti-tank weapon
© AP / Efrem Lukatsky
A Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces member holds an anti-tank weapon on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine, March 9, 2022
With the US and its allies pledging unprecedented levels of military support to Ukraine, a recent CBS News report suggested that only around 30% of the weapons sent by the West actually make it to the front lines. The report adds to ongoing rumors of waste, corruption, and black market profiteering.

The US has approved more than $54 billion of economic and military aid to Ukraine since February, while the UK has committed nearly $3 billion in military aid alone, and the EU has spent another $2.5 billion on arms for Kiev. An entire spectrum of equipment, from rifles and grenades to anti-tank missiles and multiple launch rocket systems have left the West's armories for Ukraine, with most entering the country through Poland.

However, this rarely goes smoothly, CBS News revealed this week.

"All of this stuff goes across the border, and then something happens, kind of like 30% of it reaches its final destination," Jonas Ohman, the founder of a Lithuania-based organization supplying the Ukrainian military, told the American network. Ohman said that getting the weapons to the troops involves navigating a complex network of "power lords, oligarchs [and] political players."

Comment: Some of the weapons even go to the Russians. Since February several videos have been floating around telegram of Ukrainian soldiers selling American weapons to Russians for cash.

See also:

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Islamic Jihad head issues warning: Fighting will resume if Israel breaks Gaza ceasefire

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ziyad al Nakhala
© Erfan Kouchari/Tasnim News Agency
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ziyad al-Nakhala in Tehran, August 2022
The movement's head said there was unity between all the Palestinian factions despite the fact that Hamas was not taking part in the current conflict.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ziyad al-Nakhala warned that his terrorist movement would resume fighting with Israel if its demands for the release of Islamic Jihad prisoners were not met, during a speech delivered as a ceasefire took effect between Israel and Islamic Jihad on Sunday night.

The movement's leader claimed that Israel had agreed to release Islamic Jihad official Bassam al-Saadi and hunger-striking prisoner Khalil al-Awawda in return for the ceasefire agreement. He additionally claimed that Israel was the one who "strongly sought to reach a ceasefire."

Comment: More on the PIJ:

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Dutch gov't to cut Schipol airport flights by 60,000 by 2023, claim they want to cut noise & air pollution

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is set to see a drastic drop in traffic starting November 2023 following recently announced legislation.

In an effort to slash noise and air pollution across the region, the current Dutch cabinet is moving forward with plans to cap yearly movements at the airport to 440,000. Schiphol is currently approved for 500,000 movements a year, though it does not use all available slots.

Environmental problems

The government has sought to find a balance between the importance of the airport to the country's economy and improved quality of life for nearby residents, with Mark Harbers, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, addressing concerns in a government statement posted 24 June.

Comment: Apparently the Dutch government's 'solution' to the majority of problems it decides are worthy of its attention is to deindustrialise their economy - another example would be the attack on farmers - however this is extremely shortsighted because a developed nation can't shut down its economy without wide ranging and deadly, fall out; as the nearly two year long lockdowns and the subsequent shortages and economic crisis prove.

But it's not only the Dutch government enforcing ill thought out and self-destructive policy, because the EU has been threatening its citizens with rolling blackouts in order to resolve its self-inflicted energy crisis.

Taken together, and certain establishment puppets have openly admitted as much, it's clear that a nefarious agenda is afoot, and this is only just the beginning: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Will US Provoke China-Taiwan War? Possible, But Only as 'Trump' Card to Upend Global Economy


Kiev's nuclear terrorism threatens all of Europe

Zaporozhye Power Plant

Zaporozhye Power Plant
Since he's beginning to fret that unprecedented US-led Western pressure might soon be put upon him to compromise with Russia as strongly suggested by the Mainstream Media's decisive shift against him last week, to which end Kiev would have to unilaterally capitulate on some or all issues that it previously said were non-negotiable, Zelensky decided to resort to nuclear blackmail by ordering his forces to shell the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

Kiev has become so desperate in the nearly six months since the start of Russia's special military operation that it's now resorting to nuclear terrorism in a last-ditch attempt to stop its opponents' slow but steady advance - the pace of which Amnesty International latest report suggests was likely due to Ukraine's militarization of residential areas and thus de facto exploitation of civilians as human shields - from achieving a breakthrough along the southern front. This explains why it's done the unthinkable, and that's shell the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant that's under Moscow's control. Instead of taking responsibility for this terrorist attack, Kiev ridiculously claimed that Russia attacked its own position exactly as it also falsely claimed that its opponent just did to the Donbass prison under its control too.