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Thu, 29 Jul 2021
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House Dems shoot down bill requiring declassification of COVID origins

wuhan institute of virology
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House democrats blocked legislation that would require the U.S. Director of National Intelligence to declassify information related to the origins of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Origin Act passed in the Senate in May. Rep. Michael Burgess brought the bill to the House floor on Tuesday, when democrats shot it down, per the Epoch Times.

The vote was 216 to 207.

Comment: Wonder why the dems wouldn't want that information released? Do they know something the rest of us don't?

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UK govt won't search Hancock's private emails despite admitting ex-health secretary used personal account for official work

Matt Hancock
© REUTERS/Henry Nicholls
Britain's Health Secretary Matt Hancock speaks to media outside the BBC Headquarters in London, Britain, June 6, 2021.
The British government has ruled out a review of former health secretary Matt Hancock's private emails, amid reports that his use of a personal account hid records of much of his decision-making during the Covid crisis.

Downing Street has decided that an inspection of Hancock's private email account was "neither necessary nor proportionate."

However, the government has acknowledged that Hancock - who resigned last month after being caught on camera smooching with an aide, leading to allegations that he violated his marriage vows, as well as his own social distancing guidelines - had used his personal email to carry out official business.

The move comes after the Good Law Project, a public advocacy group, argued that Hancock's emails should be reviewed, following an April court decision which ordered Downing Street to disclose documents and correspondence relating to several ministers' knowledge of a scheme that granted PPE contracts to suppliers with political links to the Tory government.

Downing Street responded by arguing that it had already reviewed more than 1.4 million documents associated with Hancock and several other senior government officials in response to the court order, and found nothing to indicate that it would be "necessary" to review the ministers' private emails.


New Normal Newspeak: 'Vaccine'

If the Covid19 shots "reduce symptoms", but don't prevent infection or transmission...are they truly "vaccines"?

"New Normal Newspeak" is a series of short articles highlighting how our language has come under assault in the past eighteen months.


"Vaccine" is a word a with a simple meaning. I'll quote it to you, from the Oxford dictionary:
A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.
And here, from the CDC's website:
Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person's immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.
Encyclopedia Brittanica says more or less the same. As does dictionary.com. Cambridge University. Merriam Webster.

You get the point.


Hungarian prosecutors launch investigation into Pegasus scandal as Orban govt implicated in NSO surveillance allegations

pegasus spyware smartphone NSO group Israel

Pegasus spyware was used to target journalists and political leaders
The Hungarian prosecutor general's office has said it is opening an inquiry into possible criminal offences after a bombshell report claimed Viktor Orban's government spied on the country's media using Israeli surveillance tech.

On Thursday, the office of the Hungarian prosecutor said in a statement that an investigation had been ordered into allegations concerning the use of Pegasus snooping software from Israeli firm NSO. The statement states that the aim of the investigation is to find out whether a criminal offense has taken place.

Comment: While the Pegasus spyware has been clearly used for many nefarious purposes, the Guardian piece smack of fake news. The story seems to be part of regime change tactics against Orban's leadership. He has been a pain in the West's collective behind for years.


West working to create 'belt of instability' around Russia by turning 'brother against brother' says Lavrov

© Unknown/KJN
Russian FM Sergey Lavrov
A wedge is being driven between Russia and its neighbors, with the West demanding that countries across Eastern Europe and Asia turn on Moscow in order to gain acceptance, Moscow's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has claimed.

Speaking at a webinar on international relations on Friday, the veteran diplomat accused the US and its allies in Europe of
"trying to form a belt of instability around us - forcing our closest neighbors, our brotherly peoples, to make a choice - either you are with the West, or you are with the Russian Federation." They want "to surround us with a cordon sanitaire, and even to profit from the fact they are having a decisive influence on the benefit of our neighbors."
He went on to point to the unrest that broke out in Belarus after last summer's disputed presidential elections, arguing this was supported from afar. In addition, the diplomat accused the West of trying to pull Moldova into its sphere of influence.
"Now our Western colleagues are trying to expand their presence, including military, along the perimeter of our borders, including Central Asia and the Transcaucasus."

Star of David

Unvaccinated Israelis will be denied entry to synagogue or anywhere with 100+ people, says PM Bennett

© Gil Cohen-Magen/Reuters
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett
Israelis who refuse the Covid-19 vaccine will soon be barred from any indoor or outdoor public venue holding 100 or more people, including synagogues, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has announced.

Those who refuse to get vaccinated "are undermining the efforts of all of us," Bennett announced on Thursday, as the number of new coronavirus cases in Israel continued to rise. If everyone gets the vaccine, life can return to normal, but if a million people refuse the other eight million will have to endure lockdowns, he said.

"There's a time when this discussion has to stop," Bennett told the nation. "Science is clear: the vaccines work, they're effective, they're safe."


So this could be the reason why Pelosi kicked Jim Banks off the committee investigating the Capitol riot

© AP/José Luis Magana
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) has revealed what he planned on doing as the ranking member of the select committee investigating the Capitol riot, which may have been one of the factors Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to accept him on the committee.

According to CNN, Banks planned on calling the head of the Capitol Police Union, a loud critic of the security failures from that day, to testify as a GOP witness. Banks had been planning with Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), the select committee's chairman, Tuesday evening on how the logistics of the investigation would work after it was announced he would be the ranking member.

By Wednesday morning, Pelosi said Banks, and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), would not serve on the panel.

Comment: This 'committee' has become a Democratic-stacked deck to protect the queen at all costs. Are we surprised?

Star of David

Israel turns Silwan into closed military site

Israeli enforcers
© Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images
Israeli enforcers
The East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, where Palestinians have been protesting for weeks amid an ongoing Israeli campaign involving the demolition of houses, has been turn into a closed military zone. Israeli security forces restricted entry into and exit from the town, and set up checkpoints and deployed forces at its entrances.

Located to the south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Silwan is one of the largest, oldest and nearest Palestinian towns to the mosque, as only the southern wall of Jerusalem, which is adjacent to Wadi Hilweh neighborhood, separates its northern entrance from the mosque.

Israeli authorities have been demolishing homes for weeks in the area to make way for a biblical theme park, known as the "City of David." Palestinians say the demolitions are aimed at driving them from Jerusalem in an attempt to further "Judaize" the city. Israeli authorities, for their part, claim the homes have been illegally built. Yet Palestinians note that receiving building permits in the area is nearly impossible.


Pentagon admits it trained seven of Haiti president's murderers, denies 'encouraging' assassination

US train nigerians
© Reuters/Silvain Cherkaoul
US Special Forces train Nigerian troops
The Pentagon's top spokesman has confirmed that at least seven Colombians implicated in the assassination of Haiti's president had received US training in the past, but denied it might have somehow "encouraged" the hit.

"Thus far, we've identified seven individuals who were former members of the Colombian military that had received some sort of ... US funded and provided education and training," Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said on Thursday, stressing that such training is "very common," and did not "[lead] to or [encourage] what happened in Haiti."

While Kirby declined to provide details on an individual basis for the seven assassins, he said the instruction included
"cadet leadership development, counter-drug operations, noncommissioned officer professional development, small-unit leadership training, human rights training, emergency medical training, some helicopter maintenance training, and those kinds of things."
He went on to say that he knew of no plans at the Pentagon to reconsider this "very valuable, ethical leadership training" program despite recent events in Haiti, which saw President Jovenel Moïse shot dead by gunmen at his home near Port-au-Prince earlier this month. Around two dozen suspects have since been brought into Haitian custody, the majority of them former members of Colombia's military now working for private security firms, some based in the US.

Comment: See also:


Russian-made air defense systems shot down ALL Israeli missiles targeting Syria's Homs

Buk air defense system
© Reuters/Marco Bello
Buk air defense system deployed
All four missiles fired by Israeli warplanes at Syria's Homs province early on Thursday were shot down by the Syrian Army using Russian-made 'Buk' air defense systems, the Russian military has revealed.

Two Israeli F-16 jets fired the guided missiles from Lebanese airspace, around 01:11 local time on Thursday.

"All four missiles were destroyed by on-duty Syrian air defense units, using Russian-made Buk-M2E systems," the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement.