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Thu, 30 Nov 2023
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US, Germany 'secret plan to force Zelensky to negotiate' with Russia - BILD

While outwardly expressing full support for Ukraine, behind closed doors in Berlin and Washington plans are being hatched to force Ukraine into talks with Russia to freeze the war on its current front lines, German newspaper BILD said in a report published on Nov. 24.

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis warned of this yesterday, Bloomberg reported.

The German federal government has now set itself the main goal of putting Ukraine in a "strategically good negotiating position," BILD said.

Comment: The Kiev-junta are in no position to 'negotiate' anything, and any talks would mostly involve them accepting Russia's conditions. And some analysts think that rather than enter into any agreement right away, Russia has a few more objectives of its SMO to achieve.

"The country should negotiate with Vladimir Putin's regime about its 'sovereignty and territorial integrity.' The White House and the Chancellery are coordinating on this," government sources told BILD.

Comment: Comment: In newly released footage a Zelensky aide admits that the UK sabotaged the possibility of peace deal back in 2022, and, as other analysts note, he fails to mention the 'Bucha massacre' which was one of the professed reasons for rejecting negotiations:

With the Kiev-junta having lost upwards of 500,000 troops in the West's proxy-war, more women are being seen on the frontlines:


The Evidence Israel Killed Its Own Citizens on 7 October

Israeli veteran
© Legacy Conversations/CNN
An Israeli veteran has admitted his forces may have killed Israelis.
A retired Israeli army major has admitted Israel probably killed some of the 1,200 Israelis the government claims Hamas murdered on 7 October.

The confession, discovered by The Electronic Intifada, is one of the highest level confirmations to date that Israel killed many, if not most, of the civilians that died during the Palestinian offensive.

On Saturday, it was revealed that an official Israel source had concluded for the first time that Israeli fire hit at least some Israelis.

This growing body of evidence undermines the official Israeli narrative of savage Palestinian terrorists invading Israel bent on slaughtering civilians. Hamas maintains that its targets were military and that it did not intentionally kill civilians.

The Israeli officer's admission came in a series of videos about 7 October posted by Legacy Conversations, an obscure YouTube channel run by military and police veterans of South Africa's apartheid regime.

Their star guest is a South African-born man who settled in Israel aged 18 and spent 29 years in the army. He took part in the 2006 invasion of Lebanon and the 2014 invasion of Gaza.

The veteran is named as "Major Graeme," using the apparent pseudonyms "Graeme Ipp" and "Graeme I."

In a video posted only one week after 7 October, Major Graeme said that Israeli detainees in Palestinian custody were "possibly killed by Israeli airstrikes when the Israeli Air Force attacked vehicles that were returning into Gaza."

Speaking almost two weeks before the start of Israel's wider ground incursion into northern Gaza, Major Graeme explained that after the airstrikes "there was some bodies there that the special forces went and collected."


White House fears pause in fighting will let journalists see what's been happening in Gaza

© AP/Reuters/Leah Millis/KJN
Dark clouds of Gaza hover over the White House. Sweet Dreams!
Israel and Hamas have reportedly agreed to a four-day ceasefire which will entail the release of 50 hostages held by Hamas in exchange for 150 hostages held by Israeli forces.

In an article titled "Biden admin officials see proof their strategy is working in hostage deal," Politico describes the deal as "the administration's biggest diplomatic victory of the conflict" and reports that White House officials are calling it a "vindication" of Biden's decision making. Which is an entirely inappropriate level of verbal fellatio for an achievement as minimal as not murdering children for a few days.

Tucked away many paragraphs into this report is a sentence which is getting a lot of attention on social media today saying that according to Politico's sources there has been some resistance to the pause in fighting within the administration due to fears that it will allow journalists into Gaza to report on the devastation Israel has inflicted upon the enclave.

"And there was some concern in the administration about an unintended consequence of the pause: that it would allow journalists broader access to Gaza and the opportunity to further illuminate the devastation there and turn public opinion on Israel," Politico reports.

Comment: Revelation is only a snapshot away.

Cardboard Box

Ukraine feeling Western 'conflict fatigue' - FT

© Diego Harrera Carcedo/Anadolu/Getty Images
Ukrainian soldiers inside a shelter near Artyomovsk/Bakhmut • November 17, 2023
Russia likely sees that the odds have shifted in its favor, the UK outlet has claimed...

Ukraine is "nervous" about losing Western support, after the failure of its summer counteroffensive, and urgently needs the US and the EU to double down on sending money, weapons and supplies, the editors of the Financial Times urged on Wednesday.

The editors acknowledge:
"Russian President Vladimir Putin may feel for now that the odds have shifted in his favor in his gamble that he can outlast the West. The counteroffensive that Ukraine had hoped would begin to drive out Russian troops — and convince its allies that they were backing a winner — has not produced the hoped-for breakthrough."
According to the Financial Times, Ukraine faces a series of problems. The EU can't seem to unblock its "peace facility" funding. In the US, the White House is having a hard time getting Congress to pass another aid bill. Meanwhile, the West's attention - and resources - have been diverted by the Israel-Hamas war.

However, the outlet insisted that "support for Ukraine remains solid" in both the US and the EU, though it called the possible return of Donald Trump to the White House an "alarming" prospect for this policy.

Arguing that "in wartime, perception can be as important as reality," the FT editors proposed a series of measures the West could take "to convince Ukraine of their engagement for the long term," from sending Kiev more money and weapons to a promise of EU membership.

Comment: Read on for the shopping list of military requirements as per clueless FT:

Comment: More reasons why Ukraine military subsistence is soon to be a fleeting whim of the past:
The Pentagon warned Congress in early October that it had run out of long-term funding for Kiev's military through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative and nearly exhausted another line of funding, begging legislators to pass another aid package before they had to choose between the country's own military readiness and Ukraine's.

Republicans in Congress nevertheless removed Ukraine aid from a must-pass stopgap budget bill earlier this month to keep the federal government open through the new year. Many have signaled that supplying foreign aid to Israel for its war in Gaza and even funding domestic border security are more judicious uses of taxpayer dollars.

The same AP-NORC poll found sanctions against Russia to be the most popular of four policies for supporting Ukraine, favored by 63% of respondents. Providing weapons and accepting refugees both met with approval from 48%, while sending government funds directly to Kiev was supported by just 39%. A small but vocal faction of lawmakers in Washington have demanded accountability for the money sent to Ukraine, pointing to the country's reputation - attested to by its own residents - as a hive of corruption.

Growing disillusionment with US backing for Kiev comes as even senior Ukrainian political officials have reportedly lost faith in their leader, with a recent report claiming President Vladimir Zelensky's top aides consider his belief that Ukraine can still defeat Russia on the battlefield to be "delusional."

While Ukrainian military commander General Valery Zaluzhny told The Economist earlier this month that the conflict had reached a "stalemate," Ukrainian media outlets have attempted to spin the failed summer counteroffensive as a wildly successful psychological operation, claiming it had been a ruse to convince Moscow that Kiev was on the brink of defeat.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made an unannounced visit to Ukraine earlier this week to reassure Zelensky of US backing, promising to "continue to support Ukraine's sent battlefield needs and long-term defense requirements."

At the same time, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said continued funding to Ukraine was a "critical priority" for the US.
There is no return on investment from the Ukraine money pit. US taxpayers are awakening to this realization along with the looming prospects of their own financial crisis, courtesy the Biden administration.


France wants wars - Azerbaijan

© Ludovic Marin/AFP
French President Emmanuel Macron • Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev
Paris, France • 2018
The ex-colonial power is up to no good in the South Caucasus, President Ilham Aliyev has claimed...

France is stuck in its colonial ways and is intent on causing instability in regions that it never previously ruled, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev claimed on Tuesday.

Speaking at an international conference on decolonization hosted by Baku, Aliyev unleashed a barrage of condemnation at Paris, including over its military contact with Azerbaijani regional rival Armenia following the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict earlier this year.

France was responsible for millions of colonialism-related deaths and is still pursuing a "neocolonialism policy" today, both in former territorial possessions and elsewhere, the Azerbaijani leader alleged.

Aliyev said:
"France destabilizes... the South Caucasus by supporting separatist tendencies and separatists. By arming Armenia, it implements a militaristic policy, encourages revanchist forces in Armenia, and prepares the ground for the start of new wars in our region."
France announced in late October that it was selling weapons to Armenia as it ramps up defense cooperation with the government of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. This month, Armenian Deputy Defense Minister Edvard Asryan visited the headquarters of the US European Command (EUCOM) to discuss how Washington and its NATO allies could help Yerevan with a military build-up.

Star of David

Israeli official admits not even trying to get American hostages released

israel hamas risoner exchane ambulances
© Fadel Senna/Getty Images
Israeli security forces stand next to ambulances on standby outside the helipad of Tel Aviv's Schneider Medical Centre on Nov. 24, 2023, amid preparations for the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.
(Note: In the original version of this article, I stated that Israel jails Palestinian women and children on "no charges," when, in fact, it jails Palestinian women on intentionally vague charges like "having contacts with hostile organisations" and then holds them and the babies they have while incarcerated indefinitely in pre-trial detention with no due process. I apologize for the error.)

The Israeli state and Hamas appear to have reached a tentative hostage exchange deal.

Via NBC News:
"Israel and Hamas have agreed to a breakthrough deal to release 50 women and children who were kidnapped and held in Gaza, a potential landmark deal that will also involve a four-day pause in fighting, the delivery of hundreds of aid trucks, and the release of 150 Palestinian women and children* held in Israeli jails."


Statesman Putin thinks 'decades ahead' - key aide

Maksim Oreshkin putin
© Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) talks to Presidential Aide Maksim Oreshkin, July 20, 2023
The Russian leader's top economic adviser has provided an insight into the Kremlin's strategy

Unlike the leaders of Western states, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not think in terms of the next election, but decades ahead, his economic adviser, Maksim Oreshkin, has said.

The comments were made in an interview with the outlet Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK), published on the eve of Wednesday's artificial intelligence conference in Moscow.

"Russia compares favorably with individual European countries, which you called democracies," Oreshkin told MK. "The planning horizon there is short. The main thing is to hold out until the next elections, and then who cares if the grass will grow. We all know very well that President Putin's planning horizon is not three months, not a year, or even five years. These are decades ahead, generations."

Comment: "What doesn't kill you . . ." etc.


The eviction notice is being written, and will come in four languages

© Public Domain
The Eviction Notice is being written. And it will come in four languages. Russian. Farsi. Mandarin. And last but not least, English.

A much-cherished pleasure of professional writing is to always be enriched by informed readers. This "eviction" insight - worth a thousand geopolitical treatises - was offered by one of my sharpest readers commenting on a column.

Concisely, what we have here expresses a deeply felt consensus across the spectrum not only in West Asia but also in most latitudes across the Global South/Global Majority.

The Unthinkable, in the form of a genocide conducted live, in real time on every smartphone in the third decade of the millennium - which I called the Raging Twenties in a previous book - has acted like a particle accelerator, concentrating hearts and minds.

Those that chose to set West Asia on fire are already confronting nasty blowback. And that goes way beyond diplomacy exercised by Global South leaders.

For the first time in ages, via President Xi Jinping, China has been more than explicit geopolitically (a true Sovereign cannot hedge when it comes to genocide). China's unmistaken position on Palestine goes way beyond the geoeconomics routine of promoting BRI's trade and transportation corridors.

All that while President Putin defined sending humanitarian aid to Gaza as a "sacred duty", which in Russian code includes, crucially, the military spectrum.

For all the maneuvering and occasional posturing, for all practical purposes everyone knows the current UN arrangement is rotten beyond repair, totally impotent when it comes to imposing meaningful peace negotiations, sanctions or investigations of serial war crimes.

The new UN in the making is BRICS 11 - actually BRICS 10, considering new Trojan Horse Argentina in practice may be relegated to a marginal role, assuming it joins on January 1st, 2024.

BRICS 10, led by Russia-China, both regulated by a strong moral compass, keep their ear on the ground and listen to the Arab street and the lands of Islam. Especially their people, much more than their elites. This will be an essential element in 2024 during the Russian presidency of BRICS.

Gold Seal

RFK Jr. on the 60th anniversary of JFK's death

john f kennedy
© AP
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., independent candidate for president of the United States of America, issued the following statement to the American people in response to the upcoming 60th anniversary of his uncle President John F. Kennedy's death on Nov. 22, 1963:
"John F. Kennedy's assassination left an indelible scar upon the American psyche. Everyone who was alive at the time can remember where they were on that day.

"Of all the legacies that my uncle left for our country, there is one that has not yet been fulfilled. During his term in office, he upheld a vision of America as a nation of peace, a vision that was abandoned after his death. For the next 60 years, we maintained a military empire, squandering trillions of dollars as our economy hollowed out and our health and infrastructure decayed.


The Polluter Elites

Polluter Elites
© The Guardian
© The Independent
The very people flying to Davos annually on their private jets are responsible for the majority of environmental pollution. The globalists are the "polluter elites" who want to implement prohibitions on consumption for the masses.

The Guardian recently reported that the top 1% produce more carbon emissions than the poorest 66%. The climate change agenda is purely a control tactic, control over our tax spending, energy and food consumption, and freedom of movement. The very people preaching that we must abandon our way of life to save the world KNOW that it is a sham.

The Guardian partnered with Oxfam, the Stockholm Environment Institute, for "The Great Carbon Divide" study. As of 2019, the top 1% were responsible for 5.9bn tonnes of CO2 emmissions or 16% of all emissions.

"The report found it would take about 1,500 years for someone in the bottom 99% to produce as much carbon as the richest billionaires do in a year," the article notes. "This elite also wield enormous political power by owning media organisations and social networks, hiring advertising and PR agencies and lobbyists, and mixing socially with senior politicians, who are often members of the richest 1%," the report stated. Furthermore, 25% of Congress owns stocks in fossil fuels worth between $33 million and $93 million.