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Wed, 13 Dec 2017
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The Deep State and surveillance that never ends

"He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows when you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!"
-"Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"
Mass Surveillance
© The Daily Blog
Just in time for Christmas, the Deep State wants to give America the gift that keeps on giving: never-ending mass surveillance.

I'm not referring to the kind of surveillance carried out by that all-knowing and all-seeing Jolly Old St. Nick and his informant the Elf on the Shelf (although, to be fair, they have helped to acclimate us to a world in which we're always being watched and judged by higher authorities).

No, this particular bit of Yuletide gift-giving comes courtesy of the Deep State (a.k.a. the Surveillance State, Police State, Shadow Government and black-ops spy agencies).

If this power-hungry cabal gets its way, the government's power to spy on its citizens will soon be all-encompassing and permanent.

As it now stands, Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act-the legal basis for two of the National Security Agency's largest mass surveillance programs, "PRISM" and "Upstream"-is set to expire at the end of 2017.

"PRISM" lets the NSA access emails, video chats, instant messages, and other content sent via Facebook, Google, Apple and others. "Upstream" lets the NSA worm its way into the internet backbone-the cables and switches owned by private corporations like AT&T that make the internet into a global network-and scan traffic for the communications of tens of thousands of individuals labeled "targets."

Just as the USA Patriot Act was perverted from its original intent to fight terrorism abroad and was used instead to covertly crack down on the American people (allowing government agencies to secretly track Americans' financial activities, monitor their communications, and carry out wide-ranging surveillance on them), Section 702 has been used as an end-run around the Constitution to allow the government to collect the actual content of Americans' emails, phone calls, text messages and other electronic communication without a warrant.

Under Section 702, the government collects and analyzes over 250 million internet communications every year. There are estimates that at least half of these contain information about U.S. residents, many of whom have done nothing wrong. This information is then shared with law enforcement and "routinely used for purposes unrelated to national security."

Mind you, this is about far more than the metadata collection that Edward Snowden warned us about, which was bad enough. Section 702 gives the government access to the very content of your conversations (phone calls, text messages, video chats), your photographs, your emails. As Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., warned, "This is not just who you send it to, but what's in it."

Unfortunately, Big Brother doesn't relinquish power easily.


Shock report reveals Pentagon & HUD 'lost' $21 TRILLION-Enough to pay back Nat'l debt

© The Free Thought Project
The Pentagon and HUD can't account for $21 trillion over just the past 17 years-enough money to pay back the current U.S. national debt

A new report analyzing the budgets of both the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), found that between 1998 and 2015, these two departments alone lost over $21 trillion in taxpayer funds.

The shocking report was authored by Dr. Mark Skidmore, a professor of economics at Michigan State University, and Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of housing. It notes that the missing funds are a direct result of "unsupported journal voucher adjustments" made to the departments' budgets.

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George Soros bankrolls documentary film company intent on smearing Trump with sexual misconduct allegations

Po Sorosu do bankrota Rusije preostaje još 23 dana
Not a big surprise to see Soros pulling the strings.

Multiple women who have publicly accused President Trump of sexual misconduct held a news conference, calling on Congress to launch an investigation against the POTUS.

The women combined forces to hold a press conference organized by progressive, Democrat aligned non-profit documentary film company, Brave New Films.

CBS tweeted...
NEW: Women who have publicly accused President Trump of sexual harassment and assault will speak at a news conference, hosted by @bravenewfilms, Monday at 10:30 a.m. ET. The women are calling for an investigation by Congress of sexual misconduct by the president.

NEW: Women who have publicly accused President Trump of sexual harassment and assault will speak at a news conference, hosted by @bravenewfilms, Monday at 10:30 a.m. ET. The women are calling for an investigation by Congress of sexual misconduct by the president. pic.twitter.com/MSPevMF0os

- CBS News (@CBSNews) December 11, 2017

Comment: Soros leaves no stone unturned in his quest to reshape the entire world to his liking, damn the fallout for the 'little people'.

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Hungarian PM Orban: Multiculturalism will lead to lower quality of life

Migrant camp
© Frederic Legrand / Shutterstock.com
Migrant camp in Paris, France
The current debate in the European Union pertains to freedom and to the question of whether all countries should be "obligated to become an immigration country", or they can retain the sovereignty "to say no to that future", Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview broadcast on commercial Echo TV on Thursday night.

Commenting on a hearing by the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) in Brussels, Orban said that Hungary has cleared up all debated issues regarding democracy before 2013 with the European Union. Hungary has "no debate on democracy", while the European Parliament (EP) uses it as an excuse to attack the country, he said.

The EP is the "politically most motivated" part of the "Brussels machinery", Orban said. If something happening in Hungary harms the interests of great powers, companies or people, the EP will be the first "to leap to attack our country", he added.

Comment: Everything Orban says here is actually true. That sad thing is that it doesn't need to be. Immigration itself does not lead to a lower quality of life. Merit-based immigration - where skilled foreigners integrate into their destination culture and bring their talent with them - should naturally make the destination country's quality of life better. Competence does that. But the issue here is the reason for the refugees coming and how many. Their home countries are a mess - because of bad government, Western-supported dictators, and American-led "interventions" that only make things worse. That leads to both asylum seekers and economic migrants who think they can just game the social welfare system of a first-world country. Too many of these migrants have no interest in integrating. And they're just proving the anti-multiculturalists' point that no, it doesn't work. You can't "mix cultures" like some lab experiment and expect to avoid violent chemical reactions.

See: The Truth Perspective: Weapons of Mass Migration: Interview with Michael Springmann on Europe's Migrant Crisis

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Press Secretary Sanders goes scorched earth on Fake News reporter Jim Acosta (VIDEO)

Sarah Sanders Jim Acosta
Sarah Sanders defended President Trump for calling out the fake news media. The liars in the mainstream media have gone into high gear in the last couple weeks rolling out huge 'bombshell' stories that turn out to be colossal lies. This is no accident.

Very fake news CNN's Jim Acosta then comes in and claims real journalists make honest mistakes and that "doesn't make them fake news".

Sanders responded by saying if journalists make mistakes they should own up to them.

Jim Acosta tried to interrupt Sanders and she swiftly shut him down by saying, "I'm not finished".

Acosta looked down and let Sanders run over him with the truth.


Trump Condemns Free Syrian Army For Smashing Christian Icons, Forgets US Military Has Been Supporting Them For Years

Trump tweet twitt Jayda Fransen Virgin Mary statue
© Twitter
This one comes from the increasingly common 'You couln't make this up if you tried!' category of high level politics news.

On the 28th of November, Donald Trump retweeted three 'anti-Muslim' videos from Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, a 'patriotic political party and street movement' - as it defines itself on its Facebook page - formed in 2011 by former members of the British National Party.

One of the videos shows a boy - allegedly a Muslim immigrant - beating up another boy in crutches - supposedly a Dutch national. The Dutch media is said to have verified that the attacker was neither Muslim nor an immigrant.

The second video shows a Muslim man smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary.

In the third video we see a group of people on a rooftop of what appears to be a Middle Eastern country, where two young men are brutally thrown from a higher level and beaten up. Fransen describes the group as an 'Islamist mob'. This may be true while also misleading, as one of the men appears to be carrying an ISIS flag - thus these are not your average 'Muslims'.

The UK Prime Minister's spokesman, John Bercow, condemned the original tweets and Trump retweeting them, saying that Britain First sought to divide communities through its use of "hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions... It is wrong for the president to have done this".

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Research grants by NSA and CIA for mass surveillance is what led to the creation of Google

google offices
© Reuters/Brian Snyder
Two decades ago, the US intelligence community worked closely with Silicon Valley in an effort to track citizens in cyberspace. And Google is at the heart of that origin story. Some of the research that led to Google's ambitious creation was funded and coordinated by a research group established by the intelligence community to find ways to track individuals and groups online.

The intelligence community hoped that the nation's leading computer scientists could take non-classified information and user data, combine it with what would become known as the internet, and begin to create for-profit, commercial enterprises to suit the needs of both the intelligence community and the public. They hoped to direct the supercomputing revolution from the start in order to make sense of what millions of human beings did inside this digital information network. That collaboration has made a comprehensive public-private mass surveillance state possible today.

The story of the deliberate creation of the modern mass-surveillance state includes elements of Google's surprising, and largely unknown, origin. It is a somewhat different creation story than the one the public has heard, and explains what Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page set out to build, and why.

But this isn't just the origin story of Google: It's the origin story of the mass-surveillance state, and the government money that funded it.


Surveillance footage of the New York attack released immediately, yet a month later nothing from Las Vegas

terrorist by the name of Akayed Ullah NY bomb
On Monday morning, a 27-year-old alleged terrorist by the name of Akayed Ullah walked into the underground tunnel between Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal and detonated a crudely-made pipe bomb. Luckily no one but Ullah was seriously injured.

After the blast, which happened at 7:20 am during rush hour, the suspect was almost immediately identified and a profile of him released.

Ullah is from Bangladesh and had been living in Brooklyn. He arrived in the United States in February of 2011 and had a visa. He came in with his parents and 3-4 siblings and subsequently obtained a Green Card and became a permanent U.S. resident, according to CBS news.


Poland balks at "unacceptable" $10.5 billion cost for US Patriot missiles that don't work

US Patriot surface-to-air missile battery
© Peter Andrews / Reuters
US Patriot surface-to-air missile battery at an army base in Morag, Poland May 26, 2010
Poland has been pushing toward the purchase of a medium-range air-and-missile defense system for many years, settling on an unprecedented configuration of the Patriot system, but was surprised by the high price tag presented when the U.S. State Department cleared the sale of half of the Patriots Poland plans to buy.

According to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, when it notified Congress last month of the potential sale, the deal could cost the country $10.5 billion for four systems - that is roughly 37 billion zloties - which already exceeds by 7 billion zloties what Poland has said it would spend on the entire program.

The DSCA announcement only marks the progress in the first phase of the acquisition. Poland would like to see a second round of Patriot systems with a 360-degree detection capability and the first four retrofitted with the new radar in a subsequent deal.

Comment: Also See:


Issue of Russian S-400 delivery to Turkey will be resolved this week

S-400 air defense system
© Sergey Malgavko / Sputnik
A Russian-Turkish deal on Moscow supplying Ankara with its S-400 air defense systems will be finalized this week, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said following his meeting with the Russian president in Ankara.

Russian and Turkish officials will be meeting to seal the deal, Erdogan told the media in the Turkish capital where he held talks with President Vladimir Putin Monday. The Russian leader also confirmed that "perspectives for wider military and technical cooperation" were discussed during the bilateral negotiations.

Putin said they had an "open and constructive conversation,"adding that further steps to enhance trade and economic ties had been explored.