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Thu, 01 Oct 2020
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Latest Media Corona Conspiracy Theory: 'Chinese Propaganda Tricked Western Nations into Lockdowns'

Comment: For months now, we're supposedly the conspiracy theorists, while they're all 'the sane ones'. And yet, throughout, Western media has promoted literal conspiracy theories in an attempt to inflate hysteria and panic, thereby justifying the WHO's phony BS about a 'killer virus' and Western governments' tyrannical power grabs.

Let's see what the kooks are saying now...

As the world continues to grapple with coronavirus and the economic catastrophe of lockdown, a disturbing new theory has emerged.
CCP virus china

The above graphic was made earlier this year to go with content accusing China of DOWNPLAYING the extent and fatality of Covid-19. But, claims an MSM conspiracy theorist, that turns out to have been diabolically clever double reverse psychology by the Chinese govt...
Did China trick the world into committing economic suicide?

As the global community continues to grapple with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic - and the economic catastrophe caused by the associated "lockdowns" imposed by governments around the world - a chilling new theory has emerged.

It goes like this - China, in an enormous disinformation campaign spread via social media and through compromised voices in Western politics, science and medicine, aggressively pushed for other nations to follow its lead, with the goal of intentionally destroying their economies.

Comment: By intentionally risking its own first?

That's according to Michael Senger, a lawyer and researcher based in Atlanta, Georgia. In an article for Tablet Magazine, Senger has laid out a disturbing timeline of evidence that, if true, hints at what could be the most effective and devastating psy-op ever carried out by a world government.

Comment: The "most effective and devastating psy-op ever carried out by a world government" is certainly underway, but it's being carried out by the largely WESTERN-controlled World Government.

"By promoting fraudulent data, aggressively deploying disinformation, and flexing its institutional clout, Beijing transformed the snake oil of lockdowns into 'science', crippling rival economies, expanding its influence and sowing authoritarian values," Senger writes on Twitter.

Comment: So China made us do it, huh. Wow. The Russians may have 'made us vote for their agent Trump', but the Chinese 'made us destroy Western civilization'. Without firing a single shot! They are then, presumably, vastly more intelligent than 'us'...

Comment: What a crooked theory. It's also funny though, if you follow through its implications: forget Russians being so cunning and deviant as to be able to rig US elections through handfuls of Facebook posts. Now China controls ALL Western leaders through handfuls of tweets!

As batsh*t crazy as this conspiracy theory is, with just a few tweaks here and there, you can see how it's a good fit for a homegrown "most effective and devastating psy-op ever carried out by a world government..."

Bad Guys

Lebanon's prime minister-designate steps down in blow to French initiative

Baabda Adib
© AP
In this photo released by Lebanon's official government photographer Dalati Nohra, Lebanese President Michel Aoun, left, meets with Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib, at the Presidential Palace in Baabda, east of Beirut, Lebanon, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020.
Lebanon's prime minister-designate quit on Saturday after trying for almost a month to line up a non-partisan cabinet, failing despite French pressure on sectarian leaders to rally together to deal with the worst crisis since a 1975-1990 civil war.

Mustapha Adib, former ambassador to Berlin, was picked on Aug. 31 to form a cabinet.

He had tried to form a government of specialists in a nation where power is shared between Muslims and Christians and political loyalties tend to follow sectarian lines.

Comment: See also:


Those who destroyed Yemen must be prosecuted for war crimes

Yemen Sanaa
© MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP via Getty Images
Workers search through debris at a warehouse, after it was reportedly hit in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition, in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on July, 2, 2020.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently announced that it was providing $204 million in aid for the impoverished and war-ravaged country of Yemen. That sounds generous, but it's the Saudi royals themselves who are responsible for most of the death, destruction, starvation, and disease in Yemen, in which 80 percent of the population, some 24 million, need outside assistance.

Riyadh has spent more than five years conducting a brutal air campaign intended to restore a pliant regime to power. The claim that the Kingdom is generously helping the needy is a bit like a man murdering his parents only to throw himself on the court's mercy since he is an orphan. If Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wanted to help the Yemeni people, he would simply end the war.

But he won't, at least in part because the Trump administration is underwriting the Saudi government's murderous campaign. Why is the president forcing Americans to assist the Saudi royals, who respect no political or religious liberty and kidnap, imprison, and murder their critics? President Donald Trump appears to be almost bewitched by the licentious and corrupt Saudis.

Washington sold Saudi Arabia planes and munitions used to kill thousands of Yemeni civilians. American personnel serviced and refueled the same planes, as well as providing intelligence to assist in targeting Saudi strikes. That makes U.S. officials complicit in war crimes committed day in and day out for more than five years.

Comment: See also:


America would seem to be finished

About twenty years ago The Atlantic published a piece by Jeffrey Tayler named "Russia is finished" subtitled "The unstoppable descent of a once great power into social catastrophe and strategic irrelevance." Not a very successful prediction was it? But what he did was fashionable at the time - he described what was happening in Russia in the nineties and made a straight-line projection from there. His error was assuming the continuation of the straight line - and he made the error because he thought Russia was only "Zaire With Permafrost".

My purpose in this essay is to apply the points that the author made about Russia twenty years ago to the United States of America today and adopt a simple straight-line projection based on a corresponding view of American history. This is not so much because I think that America really is finished - after all, as Adam Smith observed, there is a great deal of ruin in a nation, and America has seen hard times before - but in order to illustrate the perilous position America is in today. As the author of the Atlantic piece must now understand, straight-line predictions are always risky because - as happened in Russia - other forces can appear to change the "unstoppable descent". But a straight-line prediction from the American situation as of the autumn of 2020 does point to an "unstoppable descent" into "social catastrophe and strategic irrelevance".


General Gerasimov says Russia trains troops to AVOID conflict amid ongoing US/NATO sorties: 'They're OK with this, we aren't'

russia jet escort US bomber black sea NATO
© RIA Novosti / Russian Ministry of Defence
A Russian fighter jet escorts a USAF B-52 bomber over Black Sea
Although Moscow's calls to discuss close encounters with the US and its NATO bloc have fallen on deaf ears, it will train troops to make sure these frequent mid-air incidents don't get out of hand, a top Russian general has said.

Russian armed forces have registered "almost 30 NATO strategic aircraft quite close to our borders" over the last month, Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian military's General Staff, said during a sit-down interview with RT. Those sorties, involving reconnaissance airplanes, have happened over the Black and Baltic seas, the Arctic Ocean and to the east of Russia, General Gerasimov revealed, adding, "We are wary of these frequent US/NATO air missions close to our borders."

Bad Guys

Americans call for removing FBI Director Christopher Wray after he downplays violent threat of Antifa

christopher wray hearing antifa
Christopher Wray testifies at a congressional hearing.
This led many on social media to call for the termination of Wray from his FBI post.

FBI director Christopher Wray, who downplayed Antifa violence and their organizational ability, is nowhere to be seen in the wake of massive civil unrest that saw two officers shot in Louisville last night. This led many on social media to call for the termination of Wray from his FBI post.

Wray said earlier this month that the recent violence during protests and riots "does not appear to be organized or attributed to one particular group or even movement."


Ice Age Farmer Report: "CLIMATE LOCKDOWN" - The end game becomes clear: Post-human future

A "Climate Lockdown," to extend into perpetuity, reveals the true nature of #COVID1984: normalization of the police state, "climate tracing" and now "climate lockdown" as technocrats shove society towards their post-human future. Their hand is forced as the Global Warming narrative breaks down and the Modern Grand Solar Minimum goes mainstream. In their panic, they are seizing for total control -- we are at a demarcation point: we either fight now, or forever lose the opportunity. Christian breaks it down on this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.



Biden reality vs. Trump rumor: 2016 video shows Biden calling US troops 'stupid bastards'

biden troops

New video has surfaced showing Joe Biden addressing troops at a military base instructing them to "clap for that, you stupid bastards."
New video has surfaced showing Joe Biden addressing troops at a Al-Dharfra Air Base instructing them to "clap for that, you stupid bastards."

The clip, which is only 15 seconds and hasn't any other context than the former Vice President's words, shows Biden and wife Dr. Jill Biden standing before a room of troops.

"Notwithstanding what you might have heard about me," Biden said, "one, I have very good judgement, I married Jill, and two, I appointed Johnson to the Academy, I just want you to know that. Clap for that, you stupid bastards."

Was Biden trying to imitate John Wayne or some sort of "tough guy" character? Whatever it was, it did not land with the troops.

If it's a joke, it should be noted that the establishment press has been reporting every single joke Trump has uttered since 2016 as if he was serious.


Trump's $500B Black America plan designates KKK, Antifa as 'terrorist organizations'

Trump podium
© Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
US President Donald Trump
President Trump's plan for Black America designates the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations and calls for making lynching a national hate crime, while pledging to increase access to capital in Black communities by nearly $500 billion, Fox News has learned.

The president on Friday is expected to roll out details of what the campaign is calling the "Platinum Plan," which details "opportunity," "security," "prosperity," and "fairness" for the Black Community. The president is expected to say Friday, according to remarks exclusively obtained by Fox News:
"For decades, Democrat politicians like Joe Biden have taken Black voters for granted. They made you big promises before every election — and then the moment they got to Washington, they abandoned you and sold you out. The Democrats will always take Black voters for granted until large numbers of Black Americans vote Republican."
The president is expected to tout the plan as "a bold vision that we can and will achieve over the next four years."

Comment: View President Trump's plan on Scribd.


Russia to launch new probe into possible poisoning of Magnitsky

Sergej Magnitsky

Sergej Magnitsky
Russian investigators have launched a new probe into the case of Hermitage Capital auditor Sergei Magnitsky to check the version claiming that a poisoning agent might have caused his death, Nikolai Gorokhov, attorney representing Magnitsky's mother, informed TASS.

"Currently, the investigation is conducting a new probe into the Magnitsky case. We have not been acquainted with the materials of the probe, however, I think that it is related to the version of the lawyer's poisoning by a military-grade poisoning agent. This version was first voiced during a press conference at the Russian Prosecutor General's Office in 2018," the attorney said.