Russia does not have unfriendly countries, there are unfriendly elites of these countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

"There are many achievements, even in those countries that we call unfriendly today. Although we do not have unfriendly countries, we have unfriendly elites in these countries," Putin said at a meeting with cultural workers in Russia's Tver Region.

The president also noted that there are plenty of positive things in the European culture, however there are many issues when it comes to the current life in these societies. He added that today Russia has a unique opportunity to look at the developments in European nations and the post-industrial society as a whole, and to react to it appropriately.

"We have already proven that we know how to be together, defending Russia's freedom, sovereignty and security, defending our values, traditions, history and culture, acting according to conscience and truth, according to justice," Putin emphasized earlier.