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Sun, 21 Jul 2019
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Waterspout spotted on inland lake in Delton, Michigan

A waterspout was spotted on Pleasant Lake in Delton Saturday afternoon.

When waterspouts occur in West Michigan, we typically see reports on Lake Michigan. What made this event a bit more rare was that it occurred on an inland lake.

The beginning of the video showed a distinct column of swirling air. It loses its definition closer to the end of the clip.


Mini tornado causes damage in Manchester, UK

A miniature tornado hit south Manchester on Friday
© Dan Teasdale/PA
A miniature tornado hit south Manchester on Friday.
Buildings and cars were damaged when a tornado swept through parts of Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Rain caused havoc near Manchester Airport and the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park for about an hour from 16:30 BST on Friday. There have been no reports of any injuries.

Rebecca Jeffery said debris "swirled through the air" at Stamford Park.

"My son says I just shouted: 'Stay beside me' over and over again as I was panicking he'd get blown away."

She added: "I turned the pram away from the wind and grabbed my six-year-old and then we stood as the wind went crazy and metal and wood swirled through the air above the houses.

"I've never seen trees move like that.

"I saw the tree branches fall down behind us and then suddenly it was all gone again. It was surreal."

Apple Red

July showers wash out half the cherry crop in Okanagan, British Columbia

Growers say continuous rain and hail is making it hard to protect cherry crop

Growers say continuous rain and hail is making it hard to protect cherry crop
Cherry growers say this is the worst season they've seen in decades

Variable weather has made it difficult for cherry growers to maintain their crops.

According to B.C. Cherry Association president Sukhpaul Bal the hail storm that cut through the Okanagan Thursday didn't affect the crops anymore than the rain this July, which split and washed out the early cherry varieties.

"When a storm comes through and gets everything wet we can usually get in there and dry everything off and then we're usually good. But what I've seen is rain event after rain event, multiple times a day, so it makes it hard to get in there and dry everything up because another rain shower comes back in," said Bal.

Cloud Precipitation

Cars damaged by baseball-sized hail as severe storms pound Minnesota, Wisconsin

hail damage
Soaring temperatures gave way to severe storms Friday evening in the upper Midwest, packing powerful winds and hail as big as baseballs that left numerous cars damaged along a Minnesota interstate.

Some 60 miles north of Minneapolis, several vehicles sustained window damage when large hailstones were dropped on Interstate 35 near Pine City. Another motorist reported similar hail damage a few miles south, near Rock Creek.

Social media posts showed the aftermath of the hailstorm.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Record jet stream as Earth's atmosphere shifts to Grand Solar Minimum pattern

record jet stream
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)

Strongest Summer Jet Stream Winds EVER recorded in the Northern Hemisphere summer bringing almost a foot of snow to west coast peaks from BC to Colorado, couple that with Typhoons moving N/S in the Pacific and Zonal Temperatures showing anomalies ever since June and we can see that Earth's atmosphere has begun to shift to the Grand Solar Minimum pattern.

Climate Revolution is a 'Must Read' for understanding our Sun driven climate as we progress deeper into the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Weather extremes leading to Global food scarcity and high food prices are here now, and this book describes the expected changes, how to survive & thrive during future challenging times with practical preparations.

Comment: Earlier this year a LA to London flight broke a speed record due to a furious jet stream. A couple of years ago scientists reported that Northern Hemisphere jet streams crossed the equator and linked with others in the south. Last year other scientists said a fluctuating jet stream may be causing extreme weather events.

A recent study predicts the next solar cycle phase will bring on a 'Mini Ice Age' as early as 2020, as according to the models, there will be a "huge reduction" in solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053. This will cause global temperatures to decrease drastically. Meanwhile NASA predicts the weakest solar activity in 200 years.

Jet Stream meanderings, and much more, are explained by Pierre Lescaudron in his book Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection:
So since about 1998, when the solar activity started to drop, the Arctic jet stream has shown signs of weakness (lower speed and more southerly location). Jet stream latitudinal oscillations have been acknowledged by mainstream science for years. They are allegedly due to changes in the Arctic oscillation. [561] So far, no convincing explanation has been provided for the causes of this 'oscillation'. However, if the electric nature of our solar system is taken into account, shifts in the jet stream begin to make sense...

Therefore, if solar activity is weak, the jet stream should be observed at abnormally low latitudes. This is what has happened in recent years, particularly over Europe, with the jet stream as low as 15° north in winter (above North Africa) when it should be around 60° north (above Scotland)...

In this way, a lasting decrease in solar activity would induce an overall cooling of the 'temperate' latitudes that would be increasingly less separated from Arctic air by a more frequently and abnormally south-shifting polar jet stream. This could be an aggravating factor in the quick onset of an ice age.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 8, injures another 8 in Bihar, India

Eight people, including seven children, were killed in Bihar's Nawada district on Friday when they were struck by lightning, officials said.

All the victims belonging to the Mushahar community, poorest of the poor Dalits.

Eight other children were injured in the incident that took place at Dhanpur village under Kashichak police station in Nawada, district official Anu Kumar said.

According to a district police, the lightning struck when the children were playing under a banyan tree. All the injured have been admitted to a government hospital.


Waterspout tornado caught on camera on Lake of the Woods, Manitoba

Environment and Climate Change Canada has confirmed video of a waterspout tornado on Lake of the Woods Wednesday.

Just after 8 p.m. on Wednesday on Hare Island, Sean and his son witnessed a waterspout tornado. Video was sent to Global News and was confirmed by ECCC.

There were strong storms in the area at this time with reports of severe weather on land nearby with downed trees in areas like Fort Frances, Atiokan, and Gull Bay to name a few.

Severe weather has returned Thursday with large hail and heavy downpours possible in the region.


Large waterspout spotted during tornado warning for New Orleans East

© Mike Schleifstein
A video sent to WWL-TV shows a large waterspout near New Orleans East on Thursday afternoon.

According to the National Weather Service, weather spotters confirmed the waterspout near the Bayou Bienvenue lock.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 23 cattle in Odisha, India

Lightning strike killed as many as 23 bovines including seven cows, 10 bullocks and six calves in Balibahaka village under Nagari panchayat of Pallahara block in Angul district Wednesday.

According to villagers, the cattle were grazing in the field at about 2:00pm when the incident occurred killing them on the spot.

On being informed, sarpanch Pittan Barik and panchayat executive officer Prasanta Kumar Sahoo reached the spot. Later, deputy collector of Pallahara Ajit Kumar Pradhan sent local tehsildar and revenue inspector (RI) to assess the loss.

Necessary steps will be taken after assessing the loss in the incident, Pradhan said.

Source: PNN


Huge waterspout filmed off Corsican coast, France

A waterspout was sighted off the Corsican coast on Monday, July 15, as seen in this video, shared by Talasani resident Fernand Orsini.

Waterspouts are a relatively common sight off the coast of Corsica, particularly in the late summer and early autumn. Several social media users shared video and images of the waterspout on July 15.

Corsica was placed under an orange alert for storms and rainfall on July 15, according to Corse Matin.

Credit: Fernand Orsini via Storyful

Comment: Other footage is available: