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Sun, 15 Sep 2019
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Cloud Lightning

British Columbia sets new record for lightning strikes with 422,000 this year - way above average

B.C. set a record for lightning strikes, but enjoyed the quietest fire season in years thanks to timely rainfall.

Environment and Climate Change Canada has recorded 422,000 lightning strikes this year in the province, far above the 18-year average of 266,000. July alone saw 264,344 lightning strikes, said meteorologist Matt MacDonald.

"Leading into the summer people were on edge for another record wildfire season, given how dry it was this spring," he said.

In June, July and August — the meteorological summer — total rainfall was actually below normal in many parts of B.C. and it could have gone terribly wrong for our parched forests. But instead of long, warm spells punctuated by dry lightning storms, electrical activity was accompanied by rain.


Extreme weather displaced a record seven million in first half of 2019

Stranded passengers in a railway station in Kolkata, India, in May after trains were canceled because of Cyclone Fani
© Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters
Stranded passengers in a railway station in Kolkata, India, in May after trains were canceled because of Cyclone Fani.

Up to 22m people are estimated to be displaced by the end of the year

A record seven million people were displaced by disasters in the first half of 2019, suggesting that mass displacement due to extreme weather events is "becoming the norm," according to a new report.

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, which uses data from governments, United Nations humanitarian agencies, and media coverage to create its reports, concluded that nearly twice as many people were displaced in the first half of the year by weather events than by conflict and violence. The report was compiled before Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas - the numbers affected by that storm are still unclear.

IDMC estimates that the number of new displacements associated with weather events will reach 22m by the end of the year, more than tripling the current number, and making 2019 one of the worst years for climate displacement since records began.

Comment: Watch SOTT's monthly Earth Changes Summary for extreme weather events that are occurring worldwide these days.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 8 youths in Jharkhand, India

A lightning strike killed eight people in Jharkhand on Thursday. The incident happened in Jharkhand's Garwha. The eight youths, hailing from Pasi Tola under Mjhiyon police station, were playing out in the open when the lightning strike killed six out of them on the spot.

The other two were rushed to a hospital but to no avail.
They breathed their last in Sadar Hospital, Garwha on Thursday.

Garwha SDO Pradip Kumar said that it was raining and the youths tried to hide themselves under a tree. The trees are a good conductor of electricity. When the lightning hit it the tree the current was discharged upon the youths hiding under it.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said, "My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones." Raghubar Das also announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh each to the families of the deceased.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 23 cows near Annona, Texas

Disturbing footage shows the aftermath of a lightning storm on a farm in Texas

Disturbing footage shows the aftermath of a lightning storm on a farm in Texas
A lightning bolt has killed 23 cows after it hit one and then traveled along a metal fence the others were standing next to.

Disturbing footage shows the animals, which have scorch marks on their stomachs, lying in a row on a farm in Texas after a thunderstorm.

Rancher Bobby Woody III said it was one of the 'wildest and craziest' things he had ever witnessed.

'When the lightning hit, it had such strong voltage, it basically jolted one cow in the middle of the field,' Woody wrote on Facebook.

Road Cone

Torrential rain inundates Valencia region of Spain for second month in a row - Two dead as storm washes away hundreds of cars, spawns tornadoes

flooding valencia spain
Torrential rain that has been falling in Spain's Mediterranean area left two people dead today in Caudete, a municipality in Albacete, in the Valencia region. Although they were originally reported to be a married couple, the latest reports by government officials describe them as a brother and sister aged 61 and 51. The victims' car was dragged along by flooding, according to a tweet from the 112 emergency services.

The extreme weather has caused flooding in other parts of Valencia, as well as in Murcia and Castile-La Mancha. The Clariano river in Ontinyent, a village in Valencia, has also burst its banks, requiring 40 people to be rescued and 150 evacuated from their homes.

A small tornado formed at around three in the morning on Dénia's Raset beach, in Alicante province, damaging the municipal sports center and ripping up trees, traffic signs and roofs. Winds of 104 kilometers per hour were recorded.

Comment: Here's one of the tornadoes, which touched down outside the city of Alicante this morning:

The same front produced an equally spectacular storm over the Balearic Islands yesterday:

This happened in the same region a month ago:

Flash-floods in Valencia Region, Spain after 40mm of rain in less than 1 hour

This happened in the same region in April this year:

The worst April storm in 73 years hits Costa Blanca, Spain - Cities of Valencia and Alicante flooded

Cloud Lightning

College student struck by lightning in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina has died

A Columbia University student from Northern Virginia has died, weeks after being struck by lightning in Kitty Hawk.

Matt Summerill, 23, was swimming with friends Aug. 23 when he was struck in the back by a lightning bolt, according to police and a GoFundMe account set up to cover medical costs.

Summerill had been hospitalized at a trauma center in Greenville since the accident and in a medically-induced coma, the GoFundMe page said.

"He was in the water near shore, throwing a frisbee with two friends, when a lightning bolt came out of the clear blue sky and struck him in the lower back," organizer Cameron Blount wrote. "His two friends collected themselves and realized Matthew was facedown in the water. They took him to shore and started performing CPR, and the lifeguard rushed an oxygen tank to him right away. Medical services took over soon after and after over an hour of more CPR got him to where they could move him, but not in a HelEvac because by that point the storm had moved in."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 4 people, severely injures 2 in Uganda

Lightning has struck dead four people at Kyashamiro Trading Centre, Rutenga Sub County in Kanungu District, leaving two others with severe injuries.

Mr Moses Atuheire, an eyewitness, said the incident occurred on Wednesday evening at around 05.00pm during a heavy downpour that lasted for about three hours.

Mr Elly Maate, the Kigezi regional police spokesperson confirmed the incident, identifying the deceased as; Hebert Kanyonyi,38, Byamukama Binyonyi,40, Avitus Niwamanya,20, and Fred Akandwanaho, 13.

Comment: Elsewhere in Africa recently lightning killed 2 in Kenya on September 7.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: More government preparedness warnings & deep snow in Europe

Grab bag
© Police Scotland Control Rooms/Twitter
UK government using BBC Morning to cover three separate segments on getting a grab bag ready and keeping it handy, which puts this along with the US, Switzerland and Sweden to tell its citizens to get ready for emergencies. Deep summer snow for Italy, France and Switzerland of 1-3 feet and massive hails blanket beaches in Italy. Huge hail stones Algeria along with a grain loading port strike.

Comment: It is always best to be prepared. See also: And do have a listen to the SOTT Talk Radio show that was devoted to this subject:

Surviving the End of the World (as we Know it)


Dorian remnants brought early snow to parts of Atlantic Canada

Light snow fell in Labrador after post-tropical storm Dorian swept through.
© Spencer Robinson
Light snow fell in Labrador after post-tropical storm Dorian swept through.
As remnants of Dorian moved east and merged with a trough, some light snow fell on parts of New Brunswick and Labrador

After Dorian made landfall as a hurricane-strength post-tropical storm in Nova Scotia Saturday and tracked east, it left behind more than a trail of damage and power outages -- it even dropped some light flurries in parts of New Brunswick and Labrador, later that evening and overnight Sunday, respectively.

What led to the dusting of the white stuff (no accumulations) was a trough merging with Dorian. As it transitioned into a post-tropical storm, the wind field expanded and the storm lost its tropical characteristics, Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter explained.

Comment: Early snowfall for Labrador, Canada


Powerful Typhoon Faxai kills three, injures 40 and wreaks havoc on Tokyo transport system

Typhoon Faxai
Typhoon Faxai, which assaulted the Kanto region from late Sunday night to early Monday morning, toppled a utility pole and pillars, several stories high, that held up netting around a golf driving range in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture.
A powerful typhoon landed near Tokyo early Monday morning, killing at least three people and injuring about 40 as well as affecting hundreds of thousands of rush-hour commuters in the metropolitan area at the start of the week.

East Japan Railway Co., also known as JR East, had suspended all lines in the greater Tokyo area as Typhoon Faxai made landfall near the city of Chiba, shortly before 5 a.m., as one of the strongest typhoons on record in the Kanto region.

A woman in her 50s in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, was confirmed dead after a security camera captured her being blown off her feet and into a wall, according to police.

An 87-year-old man died in the town of Otaki in Chiba Prefecture after being struck by a tree that fell as he tried to clear storm debris nearby.

At the Yokosuka base of the Maritime Self-Defense Force in Kanagawa Prefecture, a 47-year-old company employee who was working to fix a power generation unit was found collapsed and later confirmed dead at a hospital. Police believe he was blown off balance by a strong gust in the typhoon and may have fallen from a terrace on the second floor.

The weather agency had warned that central and eastern Japan, including Tokyo, could see record winds, forcing airlines to cancel flights and some major roads to be closed. Authorities issued voluntary evacuation warnings to more than 390,000 people, as forecasters cautioned the rain and wind could reach "record" proportions.