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Tue, 17 Sep 2019
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Extreme Temperatures


Early winter weather stuns western Norway

Winter came early over the weekend, with stormy weather dumping up to 20 centimeters of snow in some areas of the mountains while also wreaking havoc over wide areas of Vestlandet (Western Norway).

Strong winds knocked down trees and power lines, leaving thousands without power, while others were evacuated after heavy rain led to more flooding and landslides.

It was another wild weekend, and many roads remained closed Monday morning. Among them were RV52 over Hemsedalsfjellet and 10 county roads from Lærdal and Geiranger to Stryn. The popular FV63 better known as Trollstigen was also abruptly closed because of the weather, disappointing autumn tourists.

The biggest problem were the powerful wind gusts that also swept over many areas where skies were blue and the sun was shining, including the Oslo area. The southern cities of Kristiansand and Arendal were hit hard, with local utility companies scrambling to restore electricity after countless trees fell over power lines

Snowflake Cold

Record cold in Siberia, Russia

Intensive cooling in a number of settlements in the region.

In the village of Novy Port in the Yamal-Nenets District, the thermometer fell to -3, a new record low for September 13. The previous record, -2.9 degrees, was observed 17 years ago.

In Aleksandrovsky (Tomsk Oblast) it was -3.2. The previous record of September 13 -3 lasted 18 years.

Stock Down

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Cooler global temperatures affecting corporations

Lenox corporation
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Lennox Air Conditioner company earnings fall 9% due to cooler than normal conditions in the USA and higher precipitation. That goes against the claims of hottest year ever. Greenland temperature monitoring equipment maintained by the DMI malfunctioned giving erroneous heat spike over the ice cap, media ran with the story but never followed up when the difference as corrected showing dropping temperatures.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Wheat scarcity import-export shell game begins

Wheat harvest
© Andrew Holmes
Australia becomes a wheat importer looking to Canada for supply but Canadian wheat output slashed this year as well. Now other countries that used to rely on Australian exports need to find supply elsewhere. Australian government warning people to brace for huge food price rises, which we see unfold as an example of what the planet will experience in a massive economic contraction as food becomes super expensive and buying habits shift.

Comment: Australia to import wheat for first time in over a decade after the "Worst drought in 116 years"


Late spring snowfall on the Matroosberg, South Africa - up to 8 inches deep

snow tent
The chill has set in on the high peaks of the Matroosberg, with up to 20cm of snow having fallen near Ceres!

SnowReportSA predicted that snowfalls would occur in the Western Cape from Thursday.

Although the snowfalls were confined to the higher peaks, some intrepid snow-followers still managed to find some significant snow-covered areas.

According to SnowReportSA, there won't be any further snowfalls over the weekend, but the current snowfall could last up to two days on the ground if the temperatures remain low.


Early snowfall in Norilsk, Russia

There were videos on the network filmed by the residents of Norilsk on September 11.

Snow-covered streets are visible on frames - this is a common occurrence for a northern city in the middle of the first autumn month. However, due to the strong wind that accompanies the cooling, a storm warning was announced in Norilsk.

According to experts, the season of snowstorms here usually begins in late October.


First snow of the season falls on Colorado's highest peaks

First snow of 2019 at Loveland Ski Area
© Loveland Ski Area
First snow of 2019 at Loveland Ski Area
While Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, it's not actually fall yet — but in Colorado, the mountains appear to have jumped straight into winter.

A late-summer cold front Wednesday night was expected to bring thunderstorms and a light dusting of snow to mountains areas above 10,000 feet, CBS Denver reported. And sure enough, on Thursday, some Coloradans did wake up to snow, but only ones who were up high enough. Snow was spotted at Arapaho Basin, which shared photos of the delicate dusting.


Early snow covers Wyoming's high country

Togwotee Pass between Dubois and Jackson is a winter wonderland after 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019.
Togwotee Pass between Dubois and Jackson is a winter wonderland after 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019.
It's still officially summer according to the Farmer's Almanac , but you wouldn't know it looking at pictures from some of Wyoming's higher elevations.

The National Weather Service in Riverton posted a still from a WYDOT webcam showing a good amount of snow at Togwotee Pass between Dubois and Jackson on Wednesday afternoon.

In Jackson Hole, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort gleefully posted video and photos on social media of the first snow of the season, which started on Wednesday morning.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: More government preparedness warnings & deep snow in Europe

Grab bag
© Police Scotland Control Rooms/Twitter
UK government using BBC Morning to cover three separate segments on getting a grab bag ready and keeping it handy, which puts this along with the US, Switzerland and Sweden to tell its citizens to get ready for emergencies. Deep summer snow for Italy, France and Switzerland of 1-3 feet and massive hails blanket beaches in Italy. Huge hail stones Algeria along with a grain loading port strike.

Comment: It is always best to be prepared. See also: And do have a listen to the SOTT Talk Radio show that was devoted to this subject:

Surviving the End of the World (as we Know it)


September snow descends on Mt. Rose Highway in Nevada

Mt. Rose Highway on September 10

Mt. Rose Highway on September 10
It's still technically summer, but it sure felt like winter for a fleeting moment in the high country on Tuesday.

Video taken along the Mt. Rose Highway between Incline Village and Reno showed the road covered in a fresh layer of snow.

The video was taken at about the 8550' level after a couple of small showers and thunderstorms moved through the area.

Many people were wondering if the deluge was something other than snow, like sleet. However, according to NWS Reno, Tuesday's incident was definitely snow or snow pellets known as "graupel" - snowflakes that are covered with ice.