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Sun, 21 Apr 2019
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Extreme Temperatures


Over a metre April snowfalls in the Alps in 48 hours


Huge snowfalls forecast for the Alps and Dolomites over the latter half of this week are starting to mount up.

Several resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland have reported up to 110cm (nearly four feet) in the past 48 hours, and some as much as a metre of new snow in the past 24 hours.

Italy's Monterosa region (pictured top this morning), France's Auron (pictured below) and Switzerland's Bellwald have all reported a metre of fresh snow.

Comment: Meanwhile in northern Sweden - 4 metres of snow and more on the way


April snow falls in Charlotte, North Carolina, for only 2nd time in over 100 years

A snowy neighborhood in Waxhaw, North Carolina.
© Twitter user @becky8575
A snowy neighborhood in Waxhaw, North Carolina.
A rare weather phenomenon unfolded over a small area of North Carolina and South Carolina on Tuesday, making the second day of April feel more like the second day of January.

Snow fell along the western edge of a strengthening storm tracking up the East Coast. This was not a major snowstorm, but it was very unusual for the region for this time of year.

It is difficult for snow to accumulate during the daytime this late in the season due to the stronger, more direct sunlight; however, some minor snow accumulation was reported in parts of central South Carolina and central North Carolina, mainly on grassy and elevated surfaces.


Snow in April? Yes, in York, Chester and Lancaster counties of South Carolina

Yes, that was snow falling Tuesday morning -- in April -- in York, Lancaster and Chester counties.

Weather forecasters said the ground was too warm for the snow to stick. But there were plenty of areas across the three counties where you could see snow-covered lawns, tree limbs weighed down by wet white powder, and loose, icy sludge on highways.

Snow began falling around 8 a.m. across the Rock Hill area.

It appeared to be the heaviest April snowfall in the area for 38 years, and possibly more than a half-century.


One upstate New York spot had 11.4 inches of snow on April 1 - no fooling

Snow covers shrubs in front of this home
© Glenn Coin
Snow covers shrubs in front of this home at the corner of Roby Avenue and James Street in East Syracuse on the morning of April 1, 2019.
You have to admit that Mother Nature has a sense of humor.

On April Fool's day, more than a week after the official beginning of spring, lake effect snow coated much of Upstate New York. A lot of it in some places.

The biggest totals were in Oneida County, where Verona Beach and Durhamville each reported 11.4 inches, according to the National Weather Service. The nearby city of Oneida, in Madison County, had 8 inches. (See complete chart below.)

Snowflake Cold

Coldest night in years for Australia's south east

Despite it still being March, parts of the country
© Nine News
Despite it still being March, parts of the country are experiencing a very wintry weekend.
Temperatures plummeted over the weekend with Sydneysiders shivering their way through the coldest March night in 20 years.

Temperatures have plummeted as a cold snap swept across the southeast of the country producing chilly conditions, strong winds and the potential for flash flooding.

After enjoying a warmer than average March, Sydney residents woke up to a frosty 12 degrees this morning after shivering through its coldest March night in the last two decades.

Last night the temperature dropped to 12.9 degrees in the city's CBD, only a touch warmer than what was recorded at the airport.


'Hey winter you're early!' Snow falls at Perisher and Thredbo ski resorts in Australia

Helaina Gardiner enjoys the snow at Thredbo.
Helaina Gardiner enjoys the snow at Thredbo.
At the start of March it didn't quite feel like summer had ended, and now at the tail-end of the month you could be forgiven for thinking we've arrived at winter very early.

While some might be mourning autumn, excitement has taken over on the slopes of Thredbo and Perisher, where the first snow of the year fell over the weekend.

The flurries began about 11am Saturday at Perisher, providing a small four centimetre dusting, spokesman Joss McAlpin said.

It was not unusual to get a bit of snow at this time of year, he said, with a few small snow falls generally expected in April before more consistent falls in May ahead of the official season.

Ice Cube

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Greenland glaciers start to recover as solar activity declines

Greenland glacier
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
As the Grand Solar Minimum brings us back to the lowest solar activity in 400 years, we should see more snow cover and glaciers recovering. NASA study shows what was Greenland's largest glacier by volume of loss, is now recovering. Record N. Hemisphere snow totals, massive floods USA destroying 38% of stored grains, record snow in Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains, and record rains in the U.S desert S.W. In my opinion these are solar activity and cosmic ray related events.

Comment: Professor Valentina Zharkova explains and confirms why a "Super" Grand Solar Minimum is upon us

Snowflake Cold

Arizona saw record-breaking cold, snowfall, floods and storms this winter

Flagstaff snow
© Lisa Abernethy
Lisa Abernethy posted this photo to Twitter saying "I don't think the stop sign will be visible much longer."
From rain, to hail, and a whole lot of snow, it was definitely a wet, wild and cold winter in Arizona.

Many will remember the "Snowpocalypse" that transformed Flagstaff into a winter wonderland.

"Back on February 21, they had their greatest one-day snowfall ever on record. 35.9 inches, that goes back to 1898," said Larry Hopper with the National Weather Service. "They also had 115 inches so far since October 1, which puts it 13th ever on record, and 6th in the last four years."

Along with snow in the High Country, there was plenty of rain in the Valley.


Incredible snow amounts across the Sierra Nevada

Some ski resorts have received 550 to 600+ inches (14 to 15 m) of snow so far.

Seasonal snowfall totals for California's Sierra Nevada mountains are now out:


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Winds of change blow in bombogenesis blizzard Ulema

A massive late winter storm is bringing blizzard conditions to a number of central U.S. states
A massive late winter storm is bringing blizzard conditions to a number of central U.S. states Thursday. In affected areas, many agencies are shutting down and urging people to stay off the roads.
The most intense blizzard system with lowest pressure readings ever set with record snows, floods and wind speeds since the late 1800's. Winter storm Ulema a once in a century inland bombogenesis that wreaked havoc through the US and Canada. This video explains how the storm evolved , where it passed with destruction in its path and where the remnants are heading. This in my opinion is a Grand Solar Minimum storm.

Comment: See also: