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Fri, 21 Jun 2019
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Extreme Temperatures


Rare June heat wave grips San Francisco as triple-digit heat stifles West

San Francisco record heat
© AccuWeather
Mother Nature cranked up the heat across the West during the first half of this week, with dozens of record highs shattered.

San Francisco was among the cities to shatter record highs as the temperature throttled to 92 F on Sunday, up to the triple-digit mark Monday and 98 F on Tuesday.

"Temperatures in San Francisco reached 100 F on Monday, which was 3 degrees higher than the maximum temperature at Las Vegas and equaled the high at Sacramento, California," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski. Monday's high beat the old daily record of 94 set back in 1994, and Tuesday's high shattered the old daily record of 88 set in 1985.

Tuesday was the third consecutive day above 90 in downtown San Francisco, a streak that's previously happened only 13 times on record and only the third time it's occurred outside of September or October.

The heat throttled back in the Bay Area on Wednesday.

Comment: Meanwhile June snow blankets the Rockies, Cascades as massive snowpack remains in Colorado, California's Sierra.

Apple Red

Ice Age Farmer Report: China can't afford apples - "Fruit Freedom" lost - Grand Solar Minimum

Produce sits on sale at a shopping mall in Beijing on May 31

Produce sits on sale at a shopping mall in Beijing on May 31
"Fruit Freedom" is among the most popular Chinese social media topics this month, reflecting that the prices of apples and more have increased so substantially that "only the rich can eat them." This really illustrates that the effects of the #GrandSolarMinimum on food production are hitting home -- and are quickly going global. Start growing your own food now !



Summer snowfall for Chitral, Pakistan - at least 7 inches

A number of villages situated at the foothold of Hindukush mountain range forming the Upper Chitral district and Lot Koh valley of Lower Chitral received snowfall here on Wednesday.

Five to seven inches of snow fell in villages of Shagrom Terich, Rech, Khot, Melp, Oveer, Yarkhoon, Laspur valley and Baroghil in Upper Chitral, and Begusht, Sha Arkari and Gobor in Lower Chitral.

The snowfall dropped the mercury considerably and people were seen wearing warm clothes.


As heat wave sweeps North India, Kashmir gets rare snowfall in June

Snowfall hits J&K

Snowfall hits J&K
The upper reaches of Kashmir on Wednesday received rare snowfall and heavy rain leading to flooding in some areas even as plains of North India are reeling under an intense heat wave.

Rain and fresh snowfall in the upper regions of the Valley, especially in Sonmarg and Gurez led to a drop in day temperature. However, weather department officials termed the snowfall in June as a "rare" meteorological event that was "not unusual".

Sonum Lotus, director of India Meteorological Department (IMD) office in Srinagar, said widespread rain and snow was recorded in Drass, Kargil, Zojilla and Zanskar.

"Snow in June in the upper parts of the valley is not unusual but a rare event. It has happened in the past and will happen in future as well,'' he said. "Since the department has not an observatory in Zanskar so they don't have written record when the snowfall was recorded in June."

Apart from Kashmir, snowfall in higher reaches have also been reported from Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Sikkim in June.


High bird deaths likely due to cold weather and starvation in Campbellton, Canada

Campbellton bird death
© Geniva Anderson
In Campbellton and surrounding areas, birds are flying into windows, cars and fences and then dying.
Campbellton, N.B., resident Geniva Anderson says she's found four dead birds in the past two days.

"We've been having a problem where little birds would fly into our window, into our cars," Anderson said. "Even if the vehicles were parked they'd fly into them, and they'd fly into our fence.

"Some do survive and then they're kind of knocked out for a little bit, but some die. They just don't make it."

Anderson said birds began "dropping like flies" earlier this week in Campbellton and surrounding areas.

Comment: As the resident and expert refer to in the interview, it has been unseasonably cold and so it is possible that the birds are starving : Also check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Earth changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man-made?


June snowfall in the mountains of northern Spain

© Refugio Collado Jermoso
Minimums were below zero in parts of central and northern Spain over the weekend

As the middle of June approaches it is safe to say that summer weather is practically guaranteed for the next three months along the Mediterranean coast of Spain and in southern inland areas, but in fact the onset of summer is a little later this year than in recent years and in the north of the country the conditions are still distinctly wintery.


June snow blankets the Rockies, Cascades as massive snowpack remains in Colorado, California's Sierra

Snow contributes to impressive early-June snowpack in Colorado and California's Sierra.

Snow contributes to impressive early-June snowpack in Colorado and California's Sierra.
The calendar may say June, but snow is still falling in parts of the Rockies, and an impressive snowpack remains in the high country of Colorado and California's Sierra Nevada.

The snow arrived first in the Olympics and Cascades of the Pacific Northwest Thursday and early Friday, dusting parts of Olympic and Mt. Rainier National Parks, Washington. It was snowing in the Oregon Cascades Thursday night as low as the 4,766-foot summit of Santiam Pass, about 70 miles east of Corvallis.

Snow then spread into the northern Rockies Friday into the weekend, with most accumulations above 6,000 feet, but there were some slushy accumulations as low as 5,000 feet elevation in southwest Montana, according to the National Weather Service.


Drivers reminded to be safe after June snowfall on British Columbia mountain passes

Snow continues to fall on the Kootenay Pass
Snow continues to fall on the Kootenay Pass Saturday morning.
Kootenay Pass, west of Creston, continued to see snowfall Saturday morning

Drivers at higher elevations should be cautious this weekend, after snow fell on some mountain passes Friday night.

While some light snow fell at Pennask Summit on the Okanagan Connector, Kootenay Pass, west of Creston, continues to see snowfall Saturday morning.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: June snow Grand Canyon, France bombogenesis & more lost crops Ontario

We were told by Al Gore that snow would be a thing of the past and our children would never know what snow is, well there was snow from May 30-June 06 in the Grand Canyon. A peak at Ontario crop losses and delayed planting and a bombogenesis slams the french corn growing region.


'June-uary' brings wintry scene to highest peak in northeastern US

Mount Washington

Mount Washington on the 4th of June
The summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire was coated in nearly an inch of snow and rime ice earlier this week as winter weather continued during what some are calling "June-uary."

"Rime ice is not rare in June, but I wouldn't say it's common either. It's not abnormal to have it once or twice early in the month. Rime ice forms via a process known as deposition, the direct phase change from water vapor to ice crystals," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rossio.

On Tuesday morning, observers on Mount Washington reported that 0.9 of an inch of fresh snow had accumulated since Monday morning. In addition to the snow and ice, fierce winds were recorded. A 102-mph wind gust was reported Monday night. The mountain, with its peak reaching an altitude of 6,288 feet, is the tallest mountain in the northeastern United States and is notorious for experiencing wild weather.