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Thu, 20 Jul 2017
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Extreme Temperatures


Extreme weather 2017 caused by cosmic rays not CO2, the grand solar minimum amplifying effect

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Inversion of weather extremes is the theme of the year on Earth in 2017, extreme cold wipes out vineyards in Europe through May, but now record heat. In the USA record floods turn fields in to lakes, but now record drought in crop lands. All time record droughts reversed in California and Florida in a matter of months, Australian wheat crop plunges by 40% from 2016. What no body is talking about are cosmic rays causing all of this. There will be a 19% increase of cosmic rays over solar cycle 25 which will make all of theses weather anomalies of 2015 until now look small in comparison. Are you ready?

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Snowflake Cold

Greenland coldest temperature ever recorded in northern hemisphere for July

Incredibly the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere was July 05, 2017 at Summit Station on GREENLAND. Additionally the mass surface ice budget is blowing away all records from the 1981-2010 averages. This was not predicted in the IPCC climate models, but all we still get are stories of microbes being unearthed in melting permafrost that will wipe out humanity. If this were true then the Nomoli figures from Sierra Leone could never have been created 17,000 years ago as it was warmer then and there would have been more microbes released from the permafrost.



Australia Bureau of Meteorology hides record cold temperature data

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
New record cold temperature set in Goulburn Airport in Australia, @ -10.4C which broke the all time record, but magically the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) changed it to -10.0C so the old record was not broken. Confronted by Jo Nova and Jennifer Marohasy the BOM acknowledged the "error" and left the entry blank. They didn't update until the blogosphere erupted. What then came to light was the the BOM was entering high "low temperature values" so even if a new record was broken it didn't register past a certain point on the lows, but the highs are set unlimited. So there is an obvious agenda of temperature manipulation. Setting code so record lows don't fit the histogram and register as record lows. That's pure fraud, then the handling of the affair after it came to the public awareness was unprofessional to say the least. You are being tricked with computer programs to dis-allow record cold so we are not getting the full picture of temperatures in Australia.

Snowflake Cold

Alarmists continue to spin warming hoax as Greenland breaks record for coldest July day ever recorded

Greenland just broke the record for the coldest July day ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere at -33C.


'OMG' - Child portion fish & chips coming your way due to climate change!

© The Independent, UK
Last December British Fish and Chips was going to become Squid and Chips thanks to Climate Change. This year, cod will become anchovies. Battered anchovie anyone? British Fish and chips have been dying for a decade.

Now, apparently, fish are shrinking, thanks to falling oxygen levels in the seas:
By 2050, the size of fish could shrink by 10 - 20 per cent, Dr William Cheung, a marine ecologist at the University of British Columbia, Canada, forecast.

Dr Cheung, who gave a keynote address at the 50th Anniversary Symposium of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles at Exeter University this week, said some fish in the North Sea, including haddock, were already getting smaller.
Some might say the shrinking Haddock might have more to do with over-fishing.
He predicted the trend would continue with common species such as cod shrinking by up to a fifth within our lifetime.
Get ready for "child's portions" of fish and chips. No really, that's the headline, not the punchline.


Climate change obsession syndrome - Earth could face attack of flying pigs!

© Malaga Bay
Back in the days of drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll I visited a locum dentist on a sunny August morning when I had a a loose filling. I'm not sure quite which planet this locum dentist was from but I suspect it was Venus.

I came to that conclusion because this delightful dentist dabbled in the precautionary principle.

He argued:

All teeth should be extracted because eventually they could cause pain and suffering.

Strangely enough, this particular self-enlightened "professional" never mentioned the pecuniary principle.

The pecuniary principle is particularly popular with "professionals" and "experts".

For example:

Nine out of Ten British dentists have expressed a preference for performing procedures that maximise their income for the least effort.

These self-enlightened "professionals" specialise in wallet welfare not patient welfare i.e. you get what you're given - not what you need.

This explains why Britain has a reputation for being a Bad Teeth Nation.

Snowflake Cold

Record cold July in Arctic & Independence Day skiiing in USA

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Contrary to what the media is rattling off about above normal temperatures in the Arctic, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) shows that temperatures are record low and just 1C above freezing. Also for the first time ever in history Squaw Valley and Tahoe ski areas will remain open for July 4th skiing and beyond. There is still so much snow up in the mountains that mountain biking and hiking is dangerous because of the still deep snows.


Heatwave across Bulgaria kills 5 with many more taken to hospital as temperatures hit 44 degrees Celsius (111.2 degrees Fahrenheit)

© ibtimes.co.uk
Five people died on Saturday as soaring temperatures hit the Bulgarian capital Sofia where the mercury was expected to reach as high as 44 degrees Celsius (111.2 degrees Fahrenheit), hospital sources said.

By midday (0900 GMT), the city's emergency services had provided assistance to around 200 people who felt unwell, emergency services spokeswoman Katia Sungarska said.

She advised residents not to leave the house during the day and not to call the emergency services except in cases of urgency in order to allow ambulances to reach those in serious need.

Sofia has for years suffered from a chronic shortage of ambulances, with a fleet of just 25 vehicles serving a city of around two million people.

The red alert for extreme heat was activated on Saturday in 17 regions across the country for the first time this summer.


Snowstorms in June affect races in Canada and Colorado

In June 2017, there were two regoinal races hampered by unusual blizzards and heavy late season snow. The Yukon Relay in Canada and the Leadville Trail Marathon. Only one team even crossed the finish line in the Yukon race and they were uni-cyclists, and the Leadville event organizers were digging through seven foot deep snow drifts to create a trail. Events like these will become more common as the Grand Solar Minimum progresses into 2018-2019, which will affect crop yields and in turn drive up food prices. Th economy will suffer as disposable income is spent on food not retail or travel.



Temperature in Ahvaz, Iran hits 129F (53.7C) - the hottest in the country's history

Temperatures in Ahvaz (pictured, in Iran have reached 129F (53.7C) making it the hottest day in the country's history and one of the highest ever in the world
Temperatures in Iran have reached 129F (53.7C) making it the hottest day in the country's history and one of the highest ever in the world.

The scorching conditions were recorded in the city of Ahvaz in Iran's south west on Thursday, according to a French meteorologist.

It was a June record for Asia and came close to the world record 134F (56.6C) measured in Death Valley, California, on July 10, 1913.

The extreme high temperatures were highlighted by Etienne Kapikian, a meteorologist with the French national weather service Meteo France.