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Wed, 24 Jan 2018
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Extreme Temperatures


Snow blocks 5,000 kilometers of roads in Morocco

© Saadia Dinia
The Moroccan Minister of Transport, Abdelkader Amara, told parliament on Monday that nearly 5,000 kilometers of national, regional, and provincial roads were closed this year due to "exceptional" snowfall.

To address the unprecedented road conditions, the Moroccan Ministry of Equipment, Transport, and Logistics mobilized 117 snow plows. Amara also made a public reminder that, before getting behind the wheel, Moroccans can use the application "MaRoute" to access the most recent information about the state of the roads across the country.


Over 1,000 turtles stunned by the unusually cold weather are rescued off Florida Panhandle

Rescued turtles are transported to Gulf World Marine Park, with the hopes of rehabilitating them and releasing them back in the bay

Rescued turtles are transported to Gulf World Marine Park, with the hopes of rehabilitating them and releasing them back in the bay
More than 1,000 sea turtles stunned by unusually cold weather have been rescued from waters off the Florida Panhandle this month.

U.S. Geological Survey sea turtle expert Margaret Lamont said cold-stunned sea turtles began appearing in St. Joseph Bay in early January as freezing temperatures gripped the region and water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico plummeted.

'It's now over 1,000, maybe up to 1,100,' she told the Tampa Bay Times, referencing the number of turtles that had been collected so far from the bay.

That number is usually 30 or 40.

Snowflake Cold

Texas shatters record for winter electricity use - grid manages without rolling blackouts

Snow covers Corpus Christi in Texas on December 8 2017. First time in 13 years. via
© Instagram
Snow covers Corpus Christi in Texas on December 8 2017. First time in 13 years
Bitter cold across Texas brought a new winter record for peak electricity use, ERCOT, the state's independent electric grid operator announced Wednesday morning.

At one point, Texans were using 65,731 megawatts, blowing past the previous record by nearly 5 percent. Multiple records were set overnight as temperatures plunged statewide, but the new peak arrived between 7 and 8 a.m.

The peak use was significantly higher than the Electric Reliability Council of Texas' projection of 61,068 megawatts for a peak this winter. It fell short of the "extreme" peak projection by just 1,044 megawatts.

Overnight, the Dallas area recorded a low of 13 degrees, well below the average low of 34. While frigid, that was still far from the record low of 2 degrees in 1930.


Heavy snow and snapping trees concern forest owners in Norway

tree damage
© Berit Heggholmen
Forest owners in Norway say they are concerned about damage to trees and subsequent loss of earnings caused by heavy snow .

"We can no longer be sure of stable winters," forest owner Thor Wraa told broadcaster NRK.

A week of extreme weather with heavy snowfall in several parts of the country has caused significant disruption, with fallen trees dragging down telephone wires and blocking roads.

Wraa, who comes from the northern Telemark county, told NRK that falling trees directly affected his livelihood.

"We are concerned. Trees with as much snow as there is now are right on the limit of breaking or falling," he said.


Over a meter of snow dumps on the Alps in 72 hours, with another meter forecast over next 3 days

A number of ski areas in the Alps have reported up to 1.3m (over four feet) of snowfall in the past 72 hours and forecasters are expecting up to 1.3m (over four feet) of snowfall in the next 72 hours.

All the snow is good news for resort bases, but less good for skiers and boarders in resort at present, or travelling out tomorrow, Saturday 20th January, as ski areas are only able to open limited terrain safely, conditions are frequently poor even in those limited open areas , and travel to and from resorts can be difficult.

Austria's Ziller Valley is reporting 1.2m (four feet) of snow in the past 72 hours with Verbier reporting 105cm and the Portes du Soleil region up to 90cm (three feet) of snow. Many other resorts including Crans Montana, Davos, Laax, La Plagne and Zermatt have had 60-90cm of new snowfall.

Ice Cube

Hundreds evacuated as ice jams cause flooding in USA and Canada (PHOTOS)

Ice jam on the Saco River in Fryeburg
© Adam Epstein
Ice jam on the Saco River in Fryeburg
Ice jams have caused severe problems along some rivers in north eastern USA and eastern Canada since 12 January, 2018. States of emergency have been declared and around 200 people have evacuated their homes and north eastern USA and a further 100 in New Brunswick, Canada.

Heavy rain over the last few days has also caused rivers to overflow and some surface flooding. Two people died in West Virginia when their vehicle was trapped in flood water. Flood rescues were required in Pittsburgh after a major road was flooded.

Ice jams in northeastern USA

Media have reported dozens of ice jams along rivers in north eastern USA. Below is a short summary of some of the floods.

Parts of the Connecticut River near Haddam are so blocked, ice breakers from the US Coast Guard have been called in to break the jam.

Comment: For videos see: Record-cold wave recedes, but now ice jams are causing flooding in US northeast

Ice Cube

Cold snap hits Lake Michigan

Ice Chicago
© euronews

A new cold snap converted the beach of Lake Michigan in Chicago into an ice sculpture park as trees and grasses in the area got coated with thick ice and frost.

The second round of strong cold air in the new year started striking the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and other areas in central and western U.S. from Sunday, bringing heavy snow and lowering temperature to minus 15 degrees Celsius.

The snow lasted three days and reached more than 10 centimeters in thickness in many areas. The snow accumulated near Lake Michigan even was knee-deep.

High humidity and low temperature enveloped the trees and grasses with ice and frost around the lake, forming natural-looking ice sculptures of various shapes. While some look like eagles on the tree branch, others seem like blooming flowers.

The lighthouse turned into a huge umbrella covered by ice and snow. Though the beacon has been fully covered, icicles keep shining through in bright sunlight.


Snow blankets all 50 American states for the first time since 2010

snow cover
Wisconsin isn't alone when it comes to the cold and snow. The latest blast of wintry weather brought accumulations as far south as the Gulf Coast! Wednesday morning started off with snow cover in all 50 states and 52.3 percent of the country covered in the white stuff.

To have snow on the ground in all 50 states at the same time, is a fairly rare feat. The last time all 50 states had snowfall on the ground at the same time was on February 12th, 2010.

A little known fact about Hawaii is that it often snows. Of course, that is always on the Big Island's Mauna Kea volcanic peak. Typically, the hardest state to get accumulating snowfall is Florida. This season has already featured three snowfall events in northern Florida!


Man has 'left testicle ripped off' by savage dog while trying to stop it attacking woman in Romania


A good Samaritan had his testicle ripped off by a dog after trying to stop it attacking a young woman who ran away from the scene with her clothes ripped.

The unfortunate man, 47, came to the rescue of the 22-year-old woman who was being attacked by a pair of aggressive dogs.

The animals then turned on two men in the city of Iasi, north-eastern Romania.

According to local media reports, the dogs escaped from the courtyard where they were kept.

Shocking video shows two men trying to fight off the American Staffordshire Terriers, with one of them using a broom to hit the dogs.


Fascinating photos of rare natural snowballs rolled by the wind in Scotland

These fascinating pictures show hundreds of snow rollers - a strange and rare weather phenomenon consisting of naturally-made snowballs

These fascinating pictures show hundreds of snow rollers - a strange and rare weather phenomenon consisting of naturally-made snowballs
These fascinating pictures show hundreds of snow rollers - a strange and rare weather phenomenon consisting of naturally-made snowballs.

The natural sculptures roll up in the style of a tumbleweed or a hay bale and leave a trail behind them showing how they were made. They are delicate and crumble completely at the slightest touch.

Snow rollers can only be formed when the snow is cold but not frozen and the wind is strong enough to move snow but not break it.

A field full of the unusual snow rollers was discovered in Glassford, South Lanarkshire, by Eunice Clarke on Tuesday.