Debris is seen from a destroyed home northwest of Omaha, Nebraska, after a storm tore through the area on Friday
© Margery A. Beck/APDebris is seen from a destroyed home northwest of Omaha, Nebraska, after a storm tore through the area on Friday.
Destructive tornadoes gutted homes as they plowed through Nebraska and Iowa, and the dangerous storm threat could escalate Saturday as tornado-spawning storms pose a risk from Michigan to Texas.

The area of Elkhorn in Omaha, Nebraska, is one of the hardest-hit communities after severe storms barreled through parts of the Plains and South early Friday afternoon. A powerful tornado leveled homes, which crews were searching for anyone trapped or injured, local authorities announced Friday during a news conference.

Meanwhile in nearby Iowa, a large tornado was reported in the small city of Minden, according to the National Weather Service. Footage obtained by CNN shows the devastation of mangled structures and widespread debris.

The severe weather threat is expected to continue through Sunday, with Saturday possibly being the most dangerous day. Strong tornadoes are possible from Michigan to Texas, including in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Kansas City, Wichita, Dallas, Austin, Milwaukee and Chicago.

Here's the latest:

- Four people in Iowa's Pottawattamie County suffered storm-related injuries and received medical treatment, county emergency management officials said in a news release early Saturday.

- Roughly 120 homes and businesses were damaged in Pottawattamie County, where Minden is located and the home of about 90,000 residents. "Preliminary information indicates varying degrees of damage," emergency officials said.

- Two people in Omaha received medical treatment for minor injuries after a tornado swept through the Elkhorn area Friday. "We think injuries were so little because the warning systems in the City of Omaha and Douglas County were highly effective," Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said. "We were not hit with a sudden storm. People had warned of this, which saved lives."

- Emergency officials in Nebraska's Shelby and Douglas counties said there were no reports of injuries there after several tornadoes hit their communities Friday. However, the officials reported the storms inflicted significant property damage, and residents have been displaced.

- On the outskirts of Lincoln, Nebraska, a tornado tore the roofs off homes and crossed part of I-80 as it cut through. Multiple cars of a train derailed near Waverly after it was struck by a tornado, according to a railway spokesperson.

- In response to the tornado that tore through Minden, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds issued a disaster proclamation to support storm recovery efforts in Pottawattamie County.

- At least two tornadoes were observed in Texas on Friday afternoon. Video posted to social media showed an apparent twister churning across a large field northeast of Waco.

- There were nearly 80 tornado reports Friday across at least five states, many of which have been confirmed by the weather service or through footage from storm chasers.

'We're thankful to be alive'

Jason Sunday, a resident of hard-hit Elkhorn in Omaha, described the tornado as a "freight train." As it approached, he sought cover in his home, which he had just moved into 30 days ago, CNN affiliate KETV reported.

"We saw it coming from the southwest, and when it got too close for comfort, we headed downstairs quickly. We were in the downstairs bathtub, and it was just like the movie said, it was like a freight train," Sunday told CNN affiliate KETV.

"And you knew the roof was coming off because that was a loud pop and sucking motion. It was pretty scary."

The tornado caused severe damage to the Sunday family's dream home.

"We're thankful to be alive. We're very thankful," Sunday added.

John Wells, a cleanup volunteer in the town of Blair just north of Omaha, says he saw sprawling storm damage Friday.

"There's propane tanks that are flipped. There's houses that they're not even on their foundation. You don't even know where they were," he told KETV. "I've never seen anything like this."