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Sat, 25 Nov 2017
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Earth Changes


Wrong place, wrong time: American white pelican turns up on Prince Edward Island, Canada

© Eric McCarthy
An American white pelican in Black Pond, Pleasant View on Thursday. The bird, although rare to P.E.I. was first sighted Wednesday. It appears in no great hurry to join its kin in a more southerly climate.
Training his binoculars on something white he saw in the Black Pond in Pleasant View on Wednesday, David Aylward was surprised when an American white pelican came into view.

He had seen the aquatic birds with the big beaks during vacations in Florida before, but never anywhere near his Pleasant View home.

And while an internet search soon confirmed such sightings were rare for P.E.I., Aylward chuckled that one of those sightings was in the Souris area, in a body of water also called Black Pond.

Aylward believes the bird is healthy, just a few thousand kilometers off course.

"He's moving around; he's flying," he reported.


Waterspout filmed off Hallandale Beach, Florida

Tatiana Rafih spotted a water spout off Golden Beach Thursday. Other witnesses also reported seeing it in Hallandale Beach.

The National Weather Service released an advisory about 3 p.m.

There is a surface low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico that will cause spotty showers in South Florida this Thursday afternoon.

The heavier rain and strong storms are expected to remain in Central Florida.


New data shows wolf population on the rise in Gemany with 60 packs found

Researchers have found 60 packs of wolves living across Germany. That's 13 more than last year. The news is likely to frustrate some farmers who believe the predators are dangerous and attack livestock.

The number of wolves in Germany has grown, according to data released Wednesday by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and the Documentation and Counseling Center of the Federation of the Wolf (DBBW).

The researchers, who counted the wolves by analyzing photographs of traps, animal feces, and other traces, found 60 packs are now living across the country, which is 13 more than a year ago.

Overall, there are between 150-160 adult wolves in Germany, Beae Jessel, the president of BfN told reporters in Berlin. A year ago, there were estimated to only be around 140 wolves and 47 packs.


One meter of snow falls in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan

The syrt zone of Jeti-Oguz district of Issyk-Kul region is covered with snow of 50 cm — 1 meter thick, Turmush reports.

According to chief of the road operator #3 Mukhamedkalyi uulu Kubanychbek, the length of the road from the district center to Ak-Shyirak valley is 295 km.


Popocatepetal erupts, 3200 Phaethon flyby, antimatter riddle solved

A giant 3-mile (5 km) wide asteroid named 3200 Phaethon will brush past Earth just before Christmas. It will brush 'quite close' with Earth on December 17, Russian astronomers have shown (stock image)
Record-breaking B.C. weather the latest in a series of extreme events.



Rare pink auroras sparked by spotless Sun's solar wind

© Marianne Bergli
In nearby Kvaløya, aurora tour guide Marianne Bergli witnessed a surge of pink that was, if anything, even more dramatic.

Taken on November 22, 2017 @ Kvaløya, Tromsø
On Nov. 22nd, the face of the sun was unblemished by sunspots, and NOAA classified solar activity as "very low." Nevertheless, the skies above Tromsø, Norway, exploded with a remarkable outburst of pink auroras. "Suddenly, the whole valley turned white (with a hint of pink)," says Frank Meissner, who witnessed and photographed the display. "It was over after about 20 seconds."

How bright was it? "The brightness of the auroras may be compared to the car lights in the background of my photo," points out Meissner.


Great Sitkin volcano alert level raised to yellow in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska

© Alain Beauparlant / AVO
Great Sitkin volcano eruption in Alaska on November 19 2017
An increase in seismic activity and degassing prompted the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) to raise the alert level of the volcano to yellow today:

"Recent observations of a robust steam plume and a period of gradually increasing seismicity over several months indicate that Great Sitkin Volcano has become restless and is exhibiting behavior that is above background levels. AVO is thus raising the aviation color code and volcano alert level to YELLOW/ADVISORY.

"Photographs of the volcano taken by local observers on Sunday, November 19 show a light-colored vapor plume rising about 300 m (1,000 ft) above the vent area and extending about 15-20 km (9 - 12 mi) to the south. Nothing unusual was observed in seismic or infrasound data around the time the photographs were taken and nothing noteworthy has been observed in satellite data since the emissions were observed.


Popocatepetl Volcano erupts in Mexico, the largest since 2013

© AP/Gregory Bull
Popocatepetl Volcano spews smoke and ash
A cloud of smoke, ash and steam rose to around 5,900 feet over Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano following November 23's eruption, the largest since 2013, El Universal reported.

Mexico's National Center for Prevention of Disasters (CENAPRED) warned residents in Central Mexico not to approach the volcano's crater and of the potential for volcanic ash to fall to the southeast of Popocatepetl.

Eruptions in 2013 from Popocatepetl, Mexico's most active volcano, caused airlines to temporarily cancel flights to and from Mexico City due to the threat from volcanic ash.


35 people injured, 600+ homes damaged as tornado rips through Sidoarja, Indonesia

An apparent tornado hit a densely populated area of Indonesia Wednesday injuring dozens of people and damaging hundreds of homes.

According to local officials, the tornado carved a five minute long path of destruction through Tambakrejo Village in the Sidoarja regency of the country, home to nearly 2 million people.

Videos posted to social media show the twister ripping apart buildings in the area, tossing pices of them into the air with ease.

"Tornadoes are rare, but not unheard of, in wet tropical climates such as in Indonesia, said Donegan. "This tornado appeared to be of the weaker variety, but since it struck a densely populated area, it impacted a large number of people."

Indonesian disaster agency official Dwidjo Prawito told Reuters that at least 35 people were injured and more than 600 homes were damaged by the twister.

Comment: Last month three waterspouts were spotted in the waters off Thousand Islands regency, a phenomenon rarely seen in the tropics, the National Mitigation Agency said.

© Sutopo Purwo Nugroho
Three waterspout tornadoes appeared in Jakarta’s Pulau Seribu subdistrict on Monday, Oct 24, 2017


90-year-old woman killed by stray dog at her home in Andhra Pradesh, India

© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
In a tragic incident a 90-year-old woman died in stray dog attack at Keshavaswamypet in Ongole town of Prakasham district. Penigalla Venkayamma (90) was living in her old tile house though her son lives in the town.

Venkayamma was keen on staying in her home that was built by her husband Appaiah. Though her son Koteswar Rao lives in Kummaripalem in Ongole town, she remained in the house as she was sentimentally attached to it. She even turned down the requests of his son and even came back to the old house when he took her to his house.

Koteswar Rao used to take her lunch every day in the afternoon. On Wednesday when he came along with the lunch box, he found his mother dead with injuries on her face, hands and legs. He alerted the neighbours and inquired if they identified anything suspicious. However, they did not approached police to lodge a complaint.