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Wed, 20 Sep 2017
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Earth Changes


7.1 magnitude earthquake hits southern Mexico - Buildings collapse in Mexico City - Quake strikes on anniversary of 1985 'big one' (VIDEOS, IMAGES) - UPDATES

© Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images
A car crushed by debris in Mexico City.
A powerful earthquake has jolted Mexico City - measuring magnitude 7.4 according to the US Geological Survey - causing buildings to sway sickeningly on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that did major damage to the capital.

Comment: That is extraordinary timing. The odds are astronomical.

The extent of damage or injuries was not immediately clear, but people fled office buildings along the central Reforma Avenue.

Mexico's seismological agency estimated its preliminary magnitude at 6.8 and said its centre was east of the city in the state of Puebla.
© The Guardian
Pictures fell from walls and objects were shaken off of flat surfaces. Some people dove for cover under desks.

A video that appear to show the earthquake in action show lights swaying above people crowding into hallways for safety, and then those lights seeming to lose power.

Comment: RT is reporting that:
A civil protection official told local TV that the earthquake has led to fires in buildings across the City of Mexico, with some people trapped inside.
This comes just 11 days after the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Mexico.

Lots of footage coming out now from Mexico City:

This is almost certainly a mass casualty event.

First death toll reports 40 people killed.

UPDATE (20 Sept.)

The death toll in yesterday's earthquake has risen to 224, Interior Minister Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong said, as cited by local media.

At least 30 people, most of them children, lost their lives after the elementary school collapsed in southern Mexico City, Mexico's Education Secretary, Aurelio Nuño told Imagen Televisión. Eleven people were rescued from under the rubble. Nuño added that rescuers aided by volunteers will continue to search for survivors.

The deadly quake occurred on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake which had a magnitude of 8.0 and a Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent). The event caused serious damage to the Greater Mexico City area and the deaths of at least 5,000 people.

As rescue efforts continue the death toll is expected to rise. Further footage of the quake shows the devastation and panic caused.


Mysterious howling, moaning noise heard in Scotland

© YouTube/Caters Clips
For those of us who keep up with news of the strange and unexplained, it's clear that something is roaming the United Kingdom. Reports of big cats are nothing new to the northern U.K., having been reported for decades. In recent months, however, sightings of massive feline beasts have been pouring in, including reports of mutilated and/or completely devoured sheep and abnormally high numbers of missing house cats.

What could be roaming Scotland and northern England? If some strange news out of Scotland is confirmed, these unexplained events might be a very unexpected explanation.

Hotel night manager Paul Naylor was conducting his nightly rounds of his Outer Hebrides hotel on August 31st when an eerie noise stopped him in his tracks. Naylor immediately did what any of us would do and pulled out his phone to record the haunting sound:

Comment: These sounds are similar to other bizarre sounds heard around the world. See:


Weather bureau in the Netherlands erases record cold in De Bilt

The Netherlands Meteorological Institute erased the record cold temperatures recorded on Sept 16 in Amsterdam. Also anomalous numbers have already been filled out for the rest of the years months of average temperature. A new report about global cooling pegs London, Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon as cities to look for cold in, and Paris and Amsterdam are are already showing these signs.


Cloud Precipitation

Flooding in Niger leaves at least 54 dead, 200,000 displaced and 11,000 homes destroyed

Niger's capital, Niamey has seen heavy rains since June
Flooding unleashed by three months of torrential rain in Niger has killed at least 54 people and left nearly 200 000 displaced, the UN said on Friday.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said most of the deaths took place in the capital Niamey and that more than 11 000 homes were destroyed.

Niamey has been hardest hit along with Dosso in the south, Tillaberi in the west and the central-southern areas of Maradi and Zinder as Niger struggles once more with flooding which claimed more than 50 lives last year.

The recovery from the disastrous rains promises to be long.

Food production will also take a hit, with the flooding killing some 16 000 cattle and about 12 000 hectares of crops being ruined, the UN said.

With its 17 million population in a country three quarters of which comprises desert, Niger regularly is beset by food shortages caused by drought as well as severe flooding.

Comment: "This year's rain is just extraordinary," Katiellou Lawan Gaptia, head of meteorology at Niger's Met Office said. "In Niamey alone, the season's rainfall has increased by 84 percent since 2010."

Bizarro Earth

Scientist warn of possible eruption of a supervolcano in southern Italy

© AP Photo/Salvatore Allegra
An international group of scientists warned of catastrophic consequences of a possible eruption of a supervolcano in southern Italy, which they said may be fueled by the so-called 'hot zone' feeding the volcano.

Scientists declined to elaborate on when the eruption of Campi Flegrei to the west of Naples may occur, but stressed that flows of a magmatic bubble under the volcanic caldera has become more active in the past few weeks, according to the Phys.org website.

The relevant study is led by Dr. Luca De Siena at the University of Aberdeen along with the University of Naples and the University of Texas at Austin.

"One question that has puzzled scientists is where magma is located beneath the caldera, and our study provides the first evidence of a hot zone under the city of Pozzuoli that extends into the sea at a depth of 4 km," De Siena said.


"Hurricane Maria is following Irma's path"... imprecise media coverage picks up where Irma coverage left off

NOAA's GOES-16 satellite captured this image of Hurricane Maria approaching the Leeward Islands today, September 18, 2017.
Hurricane Maria is a really bad storm. This criticism of the media's coverage of it is in no way meant to dismiss, disregard or devalue the harm that this storm will bring to many people.

With Irma we had variations of the following headlines:
  • Most Powerful Hurricane Ever
  • Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever
  • Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever... Apart From More Powerful Atlantic Hurricanes Ever
  • Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever... In This Particular Part of the Atlantic Ocean


Abrupt turnaround: After months of dry weather, snow recorded in the Cascades, Washington

There wasn't much of a transitional period between Western Washington's dry summer weather and the inevitable wet fall and winter many of us dread.

After enjoying temperatures in the mid-to-high 70s Saturday, things cooled off Sunday and the rain returned.

Within three hours on Sunday, it rained five times as much in Seattle as it had between July through the first half of September.

By early Monday morning, it was snowing in the mountains.

"FIRST SNOW AT STEVENS PASS! September 18th, 2017!" a message on the Stevens Pass Mountain Resort Facebook page read.


Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands brace for another 'potentially catastrophic' Category 5 hurricane: Maria

© Jonathan Drake / Reuters
A completely destroyed house is seen 12 days after Hurricane Irma ripped through the island, in the Cruz Bay area of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands September 16, 2017.
Hurricane Maria has been upgraded to an "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 hurricane by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) as it tracks towards the already storm-battered Caribbean islands.

The eye of the hurricane is expected to pass near Dominica and the adjacent Leeward Islands during the next few hours and approach Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Tuesday night, according to the latest public advisory issued at 12:00am GMT.

A Hurricane Warning has been issued for Puerto Rico, Culebra, Vieques, the British Virgin Islands, the US Virgin Islands, Dominica and other islands in the area. Maria is likely to affect Puerto Rico as "an extremely dangerous major hurricane," according to the NHC.


Turning point in history: Hurricane Irma leaves Island of Barbuda uninhabited for the first time in 4,000 years

2017 is a turning point in the history of Barbuda. Due to the devastation of Hurricane Irma, this small Caribbean island currently has no human inhabitants.

As Ambassador Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda's ambassador to the U.S. since 2015, said "For the first time in 300 years, there's not a single living person on the island of Barbuda - a civilization that has existed on that island for over 300 years has now been extinguished." All of Barbuda's citizens were evacuated to the neighboring island of Antigua.

Comment: See also: Paradise islands devastated by Hurricane Irma (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)


Up to a foot of snow dumps on fire burning in the Crazy Mountains, Montana

© Jade Martin
Reconnaissance flight on Sept. 17 for the Blacktail Fire in the Crazy Mountains
No surprise — recent rain, snow and cooler weather has put a big dent into the Blacktail fire in the Crazy Mountains and will likely lead to lifting of Stage 1 fire restrictions in the area this week.

Eight to 12 inches of snow fell on parts of the Blacktail fire, U.S. Forest Service Public Affairs Officer Kathy Bushnell said Monday morning.

"It was definitely quite the change of weather conditions," Bushnell said. "... There hasn't been a lot of fire activity over the last few days just because the fuel is getting wet from all the moisture."