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Sat, 27 Aug 2016
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Earth Changes


Bull elephant kills mahout in Thailand

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Charging elephant
A mahout has been attacked and killed by a male elephant at an elephant camp in Kapong district.

The attack occurred at Win Elephant Camp in tambon Rommanee, said Pol Col Wasant Banluephuet, a deputy investigation chief at Kapong police station. The incident was reported at around 5.30pm on Thursday.

The elephant, Plai Seedor Mongkhol, flew into a rage and attacked mahout Sornchai Kerdsommart, 38, when he went to unchain him from a wooden post he was tethered to at the camp.

The animal then fled into the nearby jungle, camp staff told police.

Sornchai received major injuries to his right arm and face and his skull was fractured. He died on the spot, Thai media reported.

Livestock officials joined other mahouts in the jungle hunt for the escaped elephant, which was tracked down last night, tranquilised and recaptured.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 3 and injures 30 in Madhya Pradesh, India

Three people were killed and 30 others injured after being hit by lightning in this district of Madhya Pradesh, police said.

Kripal Singh, 60, Garud Singh, 55, and Trilok Singh, 50, were among a large gathering taking part on Friday night in a religious function at a house in Silthar village when lightning struck amid strong wind and rain, Shahpura police station in-charge Anil Patel told IANS.

The three men were killed; 30 other people were injured and taken to primary health centre at Shahpura, he said.

Cloud Lightning

Woman killed by lightning strike in Sarasota, Florida; total lightning fatalities for U.S. in 2016 now 31

Fierce storms rolled through the Bay Area Friday evening and took a woman's life when she was stuck by lightning.

The Sarasota County Fire Department said crews went to Martin Luther King, Jr. Park in the 2500 block of Cocoanut Avenue Friday around 5:30 p.m. for reports of a lightning strike that caused a small fire. When they got there, they found a 50-year-old woman had been struck by lightning.

Officials said she died near a gazebo. The think she was walking from one gazebo over to another, taking shelter from the rain. Before she could make it to the next spot for cover, she was struck by lightning.


Officials warn of explosions as methane seeps from old landfill in Michigan

A warning sign on the fence around the old Kentwood Landfill.

Methane gas seeping out of an old landfill could pose a risk of explosion in nearby houses
, according to Kent County officials.

The county identified methane outside the perimeter of the long-closed Kentwood landfill at 4900 Walma Dr. SE, off Breton Road north of 52nd Street, while recently installing gas monitoring wells, said Dar Baas, public works director. About 150 residences within 1,500 feet of the landfill's western boundary will be getting notices in the mail, he said.

"Methane is not toxic, but it is flammable," Baas said. "The biggest concern is it getting caught up in a building where it might store up and cause a fire.

"What we don't know is how far (the methane is migrating) and that's what we're trying to figure out."

The county's public works department will hold a meeting on the gas 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 31, at Kentwood City Hall, 4900 Breton Ave. SE. Residents also can get free on-site methane testing by the department.

Public buildings adjacent to the landfill have been tested and do not have methane in them, Baas said.

Comment: SOTT Exclusive: The growing threat of underground fires and explosions

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flooding hits Kansas City, Missouri

© YouTube/RT (screen capture)
Footage showing entire parking lots under water is emerging from nearby Kansas City, Missouri, where a flash flood emergency warning from the National Weather Service has been issued.

Water levels have been described as going above car doors and emergency crews have been dispatched to assist stranded pedestrians.
Local news stations KSHB and WDAF, as well as other eyewitnesses, shared harrowing scenes from the city of Westport on Twitter.

The rain in Westport was reported to be dying down, but the full flooding damage has yet to be assessed. Some vehicles, certainly, will be a total loss.

Bizarro Earth

Earthquake swarm that shook Canadian village still a mystery

© Wikimedia Commons
McAdam, New Brunswick - The cause of more than 100 earthquakes that shook homes and rattled nerves in a New Brunswick village earlier this year may remain a mystery, says a seismologist.

Stephen Halchuk at Earthquakes Canada said the kind of earthquake swarm that began rumbling under the village of McAdam in February is unusual but not unheard of.

"There have been other swarms of activity in eastern North America. There have been ones in Maine and in Connecticut and some further to the west as well," he said.

"It still remains a mystery as to why this particular area is generating them. It just appears to be a zone of weakness in the earth's crust. There's not a well defined fault that we can point to and say that's what's causing it."

A 3.3 magnitude quake on Feb. 9 shook homes and broke windows. Some people said the tremors sounded like explosions.

"It was a fairly tight cluster, only a few kilometres across, and unfortunately for the people of McAdam it was almost right under the village itself," Halchuk said.

Blue Planet

Top 10 ways to destroy all the water on earth

© Fergregory
I love looking at lists of our culture's greatest achievements. I'm always astounded, for example, to read of the stupendous effort that went into building the Pyramids of Giza: At least 10,000 people worked for 30 years to erect giant tombs for their leaders.

And I don't see how anyone could contain excitement when reading, to provide another example, that the Hoover Dam is "one of man's greatest achievements" because it brought "order to the rampaging Colorado River, maker of the Grand Canyon and lifeline of the American Southwest."

And who could possibly disagree with sentiments like "Each time I see a building rise into the sky, the sight of the plumbing pipes—the final arteries of a marvelous life-sustaining system—evokes a special feeling of wonder and pride."

But one thing bothers me about these lists: They hold back from showing the most unbelievable and important accomplishments, the ones that really showcase this culture's power, that get to the core of what this culture is about, the ones that make plumbing pipes seem trivial.

So I've started making lists of my own. Here's a list of some of this culture's greatest accomplishments having to do with water.

Comment: see also:

Bizarro Earth

''No one is safe": Experts warn major quakes all across the world imminent as planet is overdue for high-magnitude quakes

© REUTERS/ Kyodo
After an earthquake killed hundreds in Italy earlier this week, experts warn that an even worse disaster is imminent, as the planet is overdue for high-magnitude earthquakes along Earth's largest fault lines.

UTS Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering senior lecturer Dr. Behzad Fatahi warned on Friday that "no one in the world is safe," and that the question isn't "if" they will occur, but "when."

"There are alot of magnitude 6-plus earthquakes overdue in the Middle East, India, China, Japan and the US," Fatahi told news.com.au. "There are some fault lines that have not released their energy for a while."

If a fault line, represented by two tectonic plates moving at different speeds and in different directions relative to each other, does not release energy, pressure continues to build, and the longer they go without releasing, the more powerful it will be when they finally do.

"There are at least five to 10 that are overdue, but we don't know when they're going to happen. The question is not will they be activated. The question is when."


Freaky barnacle with 'tongues' discovered by crab fisherman in California

© Mathew Wallace/Cater
An alien-like sea creature has been discovered in California and it's baffling experts.
This is the moment a fisherman is shocked by the weird creature he came across while crab netting at Port Hueneme Pier, near Oxnard in California, USA.

On the outside, the skin has a slippery and spiky shell with six massive openings dotted around its surface.

From the various holes, organs similar to mussels and sporting what appear to be teeth shoot out from behind rainbow-coloured flaps.

Despite being viewed more than 600,000 times on social media, nobody has been able to identify the sea monster.

Mathew Wallace, from Palmdale, California, said: "I have never seen anything like this creature in 40 years of sport fishing.


15 thousand without power in Indiana as tornado approaches

A number of tornado warnings have been issued for the Indianapolis, Indiana area, with hail and high winds hitting several locations and leaving thousands of residents without power.

There were several reports of a funnel cloud on the west side of the city.