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Fri, 28 Apr 2017
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Woman injured in shark attack off Ascension Island

A British woman attacked by a shark while swimming off the beach of an island in the South Atlantic has been named locally as Frankie Gonsalves.

The woman, who works for the government of Saint Helena, was attacked while swimming off Ascension Island, a government spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman said she believes the woman had been living on Saint Helena island, part of the same British overseas territory, with her husband and children.

The victim is being treated at a nearby hospital, she added.


Man mauled by dog dies in Dayton, Ohio

A man mauled by a dog in Dayton has died. The dog suspected in the attack was shot and killed by police.

The attack happened in an alley in the 300 block of Middle St. around 4:40 a.m. on Tuesday.

Officers went to the scene after a 911 caller reported hearing someone screaming for help and crying. The caller also reported hearing several dogs barking loudly.

Comment: Other severe canine attacks in the last few days: 8-month-old baby attacked, seriously injured by Pit Bull in Medford, Oregon

Girl, 2, hospitalized after attack by family dog in Martinsburg, Missouri

Jogger fights for his life after pitbull attack in Durban, South Africa

Boy, 4, taken to Wolfson after being mauled by dog in Arco, Georgia

4-year-old child attacked by family dog in Vista, California

Ice Cube

Hard freeze kills 95 to 100 percent of France's Alsace vineyard buds

© Alsace Grand Cru stock photo
Temperatures dropped to -7 ° C, reports a reader in France. "About the frosts in different places around Europe in the last days, there have been severe frosts in France in fruit and vine too," writes Philippe in Alsace. "Severe losses in vine in Champagne and Chablis (despite fighting with burning fuel or paraffine in the fields ), Alsace and even in south of France in Languedoc and Provence.

"The crops had 2 weeks advance and the clear sky in the last days allowed these spring frosts. Main frost in Alsace on the early morning of 20th of april, and then on the 21st too. 5°C to 7 °C under zero on the 20th depending on the places.

Here are words from an article that Philippe sent.
Frost and negative (below-zero) temperatures have caused great damage in the vineyards of Alsace, France.

"In many places, there are 95 to 100% loss of buds," says Gérard Schaffar, president of the Turckheim cellar in Haut-Rhin.
Here's the article in French


Turkey greenhouses collapse due to snowfall

13,000 acres of strawberry production are greatly damaged. "This must be the greenhouse effect," says reader. Explaining that the greenhouses had collapsed due to snowfall, İnegöl Chamber of Agriculture President Sezai Çelik said that ​​13 thousand acres of strawberry production was damaged to a great extent.

Strawberries - the fruit called "red gold" - are one of the most important agricultural products of İnegöl, a city in the Bursa Province in Turkey.Sezai Çelik said: "The great majority of the subalterns were damaged and it was not expected to be such a snowfall on April 23."

Farmers worry that after the snowfall may come freezing, which will cause even greater damage. With 190 thousand acres of fruit in the field, we do not want to even think about it, said Celik. Ali Soldildi, a strawberry farmer, said "there is a serious damage to the products because of the untimely falling snow on April 23." Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link.

"This must be the greenhouse effect," says Argiris. "Heavy snowfall causes the collapse of the greenhouses."

Ice Cube

A new glacier grows at Mount St. Helens

© Geography Review
An aerial view of the crater
"I grew up in the Yakima Valley (near Mount St. Helens). I was out fishing when I saw the lightning and dark cloud," Flickr user vmf-214, who captured the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980, told GlacierHub. "It looked like a storm. I saw it as I pulled into the yard. Mom came out and said the mountain had blown."

He was describing the volcanic eruption that occurred at Mount St. Helens 37 years ago in May 1980. During that event, an eruption column rose into the sky, ultimately impacting 11 states in the U.S. But it wasn't just the people who live in the area that were affected by the eruption: the glaciers of Mount St. Helens melted into nearby rivers, causing several mudslides.

Cascades Volcano Observatory indicates that before the 1980 eruption, extensive glaciers had covered Mount St. Helens for several hundred thousand years. About 3,900 years ago, Mount St. Helens began to grow to its pre-eruption elevation and a high cone developed, allowing for substantial glacial formation. There were 11 major glaciers and several unnamed glaciers by May 18, 1980, according to the United States Geological Survey. But after the eruption and resultant landslide, about 70 percent of the glacier mass was removed from the mountainside. It was during the winter of 1980 to 1981, following the catastrophic eruption, that a new glacier, Crater Glacier, first emerged.

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Snowflake Cold

Snow across Wales as Arctic winds sweep across the country

© Gareth Lloyd Roberts
Snow in Bala on Tuesday morning
Even though it's almost May - heavy snow has fallen across large parts of Wales as a bitter northerly wind hits the country.

From Llanelli to Powys and Bala to Snowdonia , people woke up to a heavy coating of snow on Tuesday morning.

Snow was expected for parts of the country after the Met Office said on Monday that the UK is set to see a change to colder weather with chilly and frosty days.
snow in wales this morning! Its freeeeeezing!!pic.twitter.com/bqHJhiPtud

— Lou (@LouJenksy) April 25, 2017
The icy weather has been brought in by an Arctic maritime airmass spreading southwards across the UK.


13 cm of snowfall as late-season storm hits Regina, Saskatchewan

© Kevin O'Connor/CBC
A late-season snowfall was causing issues on the roads in Regina Monday morning.
People in the Regina area are digging themselves out after an unusual late-season snowstorm.

On Sunday night and Monday morning, around 13 centimetres of snow fell on the city.

According to Environment Canada, a large ridge of arctic high pressure combined with a weather system from Montana to create the lower-than-usual temperatures.

"It was quite a significant snowfall for this time of year," said meteorologist Terri Lang.

I am so going to kick the groundhog's ass #yqr #wtf #snow
— @YQRGopher

The snow covered many highways in the area, leading Highway Hotline to issue Travel Not Recommended advisories from Swift Current to Regina, and north to Davidson.

The snowstorm was also felt in other parts of the province.
An area stretching from Prince Albert to Emma and Christopher Lakes received around 10 centimetres of snow.

Snowflake Cold

April showers? Southern Manitoba hit with snowfall instead

© CTV Winnipeg
Bert Toews cleans the windshield of his car in Winnipeg, Man.
People in southern Manitoba might have been expecting April showers, but in the last day they've seen snow instead.

Up to 25 centimetres of snow could cover parts of Manitoba, including Winnipeg, according to Environment Canada.

The late April snow isn't all that unusual for the region. Winnipeg saw about 22 centimetres of snow in May 2002 and 29 centimetres in May 2004. The white stuff was also seen falling around the city in May 2013, 2014 and 2015.

According to Gary Gerbrandt, owner of Dymamic Auto Services, the snowfall saw six customers cancel their appointments to have their snow tires removed at his auto shop. Manitoba Public Insurance requires studded snow tires to be removed by April 30.

"If you don't feel comfortable driving, just wait," Gerbrandt told CTV Winnipeg. "That's all, no set time."

Another Winnipeg driver, Lucy Pankiw, wasn't fazed by the snow with her all-season tires and drove out to get groceries despite the slushy roads and poor visibility.

Snowflake Cold

April snowfall hits parts of Ireland as temperatures set to plummet to -2C

© Valerie O'Sullivan
Mountaineer Sean Hennessy and spring snow fall on the summit of Cnoc an Chuillin on the McGillycuddy Reeks Killarney (stock)
Parts of Ireland have been hit by snow this afternoon.

People have been taking to Twitter to share their disbelief as the white stuff falls in April.

Amy Canning posted on Twitter: "It's forecast rain, hail and snow for this week. Only in Ireland would that happen and it almost summer."

The forecast for today was a fair 7C and was set to be windy and partly cloudy but it seems snow has hit Co Antrim.

Arctic weather will strike Ireland bringing in freezing temperatures as well as frost and even some snow overnight.

Monday will be a nice mild day for the most part before the cold moves in overnight and stays around for the next couple of days.

Snowflake Cold

Sleet and snowfall hits Scotland as temperatures plunge

Yellow warnings are in place as a cold snap is expected to hit the country
Parts of the country have been hit by heavy sleet and snow showers on Monday amid sub-zero temperatures.

The far north of Scotland is the most affected, with temperatures in some areas of the Highlands possibly falling as low as -6C in the early hours of Tuesday.

While likely to thaw quickly, snow showers accompanied by a strong and gusty wind over the course of Monday could create blizzard-like conditions at higher levels.

Overnight into Tuesday, some areas could be hit by 2cm to 5cm of snow, while wintry showers will remain frequent and heavy in the Highlands throughout the day.