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Sat, 06 Mar 2021
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One killed, dozens injured in traffic accidents amid heavy snowfall in South Korea - nearly 3 feet of March snow

Cars are trapped on Donghae Expressway in the east coast on March 1, 2021,
© Yonhap
Cars are trapped on Donghae Expressway in the east coast on March 1, 2021, due to heavy snow in Gangwon Province.
One person was killed and dozens were injured in traffic accidents caused by heavy snowfall in the country's northeast, officials said Tuesday.

Gangwon Province received up to 90 centimeters of snow in the mountains and 5-20 cm inland between Monday and Tuesday afternoon, according to local weather authorities.

The snow caused severe traffic congestion and road closures across the province, leading to 79 traffic accidents and multiple casualties, according to firefighting officials.

A man in his 50s was killed after he was hit by a car near a tunnel on a highway linking Seoul to Yangyang, 215 kilometers east of the capital.


Fresh snow in March on Mauna Kea, Hawaii - Winter weather advisory continues

As of Monday morning, the road to the summit of Maunakea was closed to the public above the Visitor Information Station due to snow and icy road conditions.

Webcams show a fresh coating of snow and ice on the summit of Maunakea on Monday morning, where a Winter Weather Advisory is still in effect but should expire soon.

The National Weather Service in Honolulu reported this morning that "overnight snow and icy conditions are currently present over the Big Island Summits. Conditions are expected to improve later this morning."


Boy dies after being mauled by pack of dogs in Bangladesh

dog attack
A nine-year-old boy died in Dinajpur's Kaharol upazila after a pack of dogs mauled him on Sunday evening.

The deceased was Hriday Shil, son of Abinash Shil of Pouria (Napitpara) village under Mukandapur village in Kaharol Upazila of Dinajpur. The boy was a third-grader at a local primary school.

According to the family members and villagers, Hriday went out of his home to go to a nearby potato field early in the evening on Sunday.

Afterwards, he was returning home alone at around 6pm. On his way back, a pack of five agitated dogs attacked and mauled the boy badly. Hearing his screams, locals rushed to the spot and rescued Hriday.


Huge 'tornado' of mosquitoes filmed in Argentina

tornado of mosquitoes
Little dirt devils on the side of the highway are not at all uncommon in rural Texas, and boy are we lucky they're only made out of dirt and not blood-sucking mosquitos.

A video tweeted by Twitter user @FMLaMarea shows footage from Argentina of what looks like your average group of little baby tornados, sweeping across a highway, but they're not. They are not dust devils at all. They are mosquitoes. A literal tornado of mosquitoes, swarming in funnels all across the road.

Comment: We're seeing more and more of these videos from around the world in recent years. Is that just down to people having mobile phones with in-built cameras, or are mosquito populations increasing?

Cloud Precipitation

Damaging flash floods in Catamarca, Argentina - 3.5 inches of rain in an hour

A severe storm brought torrential rainfall to Catamarca Province, Argentina, on 01 March 2021. Severe damages were reported in the city of Catamarca.

Warnings for severe weather were issued and the Civil Defence Directorate asked residents to stay in their homes "in the face of the strong storm in the Central Valley area and inland towns."

Local media reported 90 mm of rain in 1 hour in the city of Catamarca. Buildings, road and infrastructure were damaged and power and drinking water supply cut. Around 20 families were evacuated and over 240 buildings damaged including a the San Juan Bautista Hospital.


First space plasma hurricane that occurred over the North Pole confirmed in study

space hurricane

Scientists have confirmed the existence of space hurricanes following observations of electrons raining down in Earth's upper atmosphere
Scientists have confirmed the existence of space hurricanes following observations of electrons raining down in Earth's upper atmosphere.

A team led by Shandong University in China made the announcement after analyzing a 621-mile wide swirling mass of plasma spotted hundreds of miles above the North Pole.

Observations show a large cyclone-shaped auroral spot with a nearly zero-flow center and strong circular horizontal plasma flow and shears, all of which are found in hurricanes in the lower atmosphere - but instead of raining water, it rained electrons.

The space hurricane moved in an anti-clockwise rotation and lasted about eight hours before breaking down.

Comment: See also And check out SOTT radio's:

Car Black

Vehicles swept away by flash floods in Tétouan, Morocco - 4 inches of rain in 9 hours

Heavy rain caused dramatic flash flooding in the city of Tétouan in northern Morocco on 01 March 2021.

Roads and infrastructure were damaged and fast flowing flood waters and debris swept through streets dragging along vehicles.

Local government reported 100 mm of rain in 9 hours to the afternoon of 01 March which caused rivers and drainage channels to overflow.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills two and injures six in Morocco

Two boys were killed and six others injured, on Monday, due to a lightning that struck after a thundery weather, while they were playing football in the Chaoui village, under the commune of Zemrane Charqia, the authorities of the province of El Kelâa des Sraghna said.

Once informed, the local authorities and the Royal Gendarmerie and Civil Defense services intervened and the wounded were evacuated to the local hospital of Tamellalt and the regional hospital of El Kelâa des Sraghna to receive the necessary medical care, according to the same source.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: 750 year eruption cycle begins, will it affect our civilization?

Volcano under moon
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Krísuvík volcano in Iceland has just awoken after 750 years of slumber, on its regular multi-century eruptive cycle. The last time an eruption out of Iceland affected the entire planet was either 1340 with the Black Plague or 1108 AD that took down dynasties and empires on all continents. We are back at the beginning again.

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Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano spews ash 3 km into sky

Mount Sinabung volcano
© Reuters
Mount Sinabung volcano sent a cloud of hot ash as high as 3 km on March 2, 2021. The volcanic activity as seen from Kuta Rakyat village in Karo, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. |
Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano sent a cloud of hot ash as high as 3 km on March 2, in its first big eruption since August last year.

Mount Sinabung's activity has increased since August last year and the alert for the volcano in North Sumatra province has been placed at second highest level.

No casualties were reported as officials had earlier urged people to stay at least 3 km from the crater, Indonesia's volcanological survey said on Twitter.

Videos on social media showed little panic among residents over the eruption, which sent a column of white ash into the blue sky.

Comment: The increasing volcanic activity worldwide continues.