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Tue, 26 Jul 2016
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Earth Changes


Bear attack sends woman to hospital in Alberta, Canada; second incident in 2 days for the region

© Yves Herman/Reuters
There have been 2 bear attacks in 2 days in southern Alberta.
Attack comes after couple in Waiparous area attacked by a grizzly bear the day before

A woman was sent to hospital after being attacked by what's believed to be a brown bear while riding her bike in the Lowline Trail area of Canmore, Alta., Wednesday evening, paramedics said in a release.

EMS responded around 7:30 p.m. to find the cyclist suffering from serious, soft tissue injuries to her upper body which led to an internal injury.

The woman told paramedics she and a friend came across the bear, which struck the woman as the pair attempted to leave. Her friend used bear spray and the bear left, EMS said.

The woman was taken to Canmore hospital with stable, non-life-threatening injuries.

Comment: See also: Grizzly bear attacks picnicking couple west of Calgary, Canada


Grizzly bear attacks picnicking couple west of Calgary, Canada

Grizzly bear
A woman who was having a backcountry picnic with her boyfriend was charged and bitten by a mother grizzly bear on Tuesday.

Witnesses said the pair were having lunch by the Ghost River near the Trapper's Hill campground west of Calgary when they encountered the grizzly and her cubs.

Coleman Blair said he was driving on a nearby road when he saw the couple being chased by the bear through the river.

He jumped out of his vehicle and rushed to help, saying by the time he got to her the bear had the woman's arm in its mouth. He said he was able to pry the bear's jaw open.

"She was hysterical, she was in shock,'' he said. "From that point, I looked over and saw a couple of cubs in the tree line, maybe 50 yards away, and (the mother bear) standing there, still fairly aggressive.''


Wildfire smoke stretches for 2,000 miles in Russia

Smoke across Russia on satellite July 20, 2016. Each red dot shows fire/thermal anomalies detected by satellite.
Wildfires burning in central and eastern Russia this week have contributed to an eye-popping amount of smoke that is trapped under a dome of high pressure.

You can see the smoke - the milky white area - extending for nearly 2,000 miles from west to east across Russia in the NASA satellite image below from Wednesday. Each red dot on the map is a fire and thermal anomaly detected by satellite, illustrating where some of the active fires were occurring at that time.

The smoky conditions were also widespread on Monday and Tuesday. Here's what it looked like on Monday.

Smoke across Russia on satellite July 18, 2016. Each red dot shows fire/thermal anomalies detected by satellite.


Mystery booms continue daily in Sonora, California; town still seeking answers

A mysterious booming noise in a small California town has residents baffled, and has sparked many conspiracy theories.

Every weekday, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., a thunderous noise rocks through Sonora, California, according to locals.

The cause of the mysterious booms remains a mystery, with local residents pointing to everything from mining operations to aliens.

Glen White, a local teacher and geologist who has researched the sound extensively, told local ABC affiliate KXTV-TV that he thinks the noise comes from bombs and grenades exploding.

White said he believes the explosions come from an Army depot outside of Hawthorne, Nevada, about a hundred miles away from Sonora. There, a private company disposes and dismantles old munitions, White said.

Comment: Only on weekdays? If it's not the munitions depot, what could cause such booms to occur consistently on only five days a week? Sonora isn't the only Californian town with similar experiences: Mystery explosions still plaguing Alhambra, California


Scientists find new, strange 'methane bubbles' in field on Russian island

© Alexander Sokolov/Vesti
Scientists discovered 15 'bubbles' filled with methane and CO2.
Earth is moving as 'leaking methane gas due to global warming causes surface to bubble' in a new phenomenon.

This extraordinary sight - in a video filmed of the tundra on remote Belyy Island in the Kara Sea off the Yamal Peninsula coastline - was witnessed by a scientific research expedition. Researchers Alexander Sokolov and Dorothee Ehrich spotted 15 patches of trembling or bubbling grass-covered ground.

When punctured they emitted methane and carbon dioxide, according to measurements, although so far no details have been given. The reason is as yet unclear, but one possible explanation of the phenomenon is abnormal heat that caused permafrost to thaw, releasing gases.

Alexander Sokolov said that this summer is unusually hot on the Arctic island, a sign of which is polar bears moving from the frozen sea to the island.

Comment: First of all, "global warming" is a fraud, at least as it's commonly presented by mainstream media, governments, and scientists. The earth's climate periodically warms, but it inevitably always cools as part of a natural feedback mechanism. So warm temperatures may be involved with this methane bubble phenomenon. But there may be other factors involved - perhaps subterranean in nature. Volcanic activity is spiking. (Also possibly relevant, now or in the future: Massive 'lava lamp' blobs deep inside Earth have scientists puzzled) See also Pierre Lescaudron's book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection.


70 dead pilot whales found on Clemente Island, Chile

Handout picture released by Sernapesca on Jul 20, 2016 showing dead whales found in the Chilean Patagonia seashore, near the port of Aysen.
Some 70 dead whales have been found in southern Chile less than a year after more than 330 whales washed up in a remote Patagonian inlet.

The animals are not of the same species discovered in last December's die-off, the biggest single event of its kind known to science, the Chilean fisheries service said.

"They are smaller than those we saw last time," national fisheries director Jose Miguel Burgos said.

Teams will inspect the relatively accessible site in the coming days, focusing on whether humans played a role in the whales' deaths, he added.

The animals died more than two months ago, the authorities said, adding that autopsies will probably still be possible as the cadavers remain intact.


South Bay earthquake swarm continues near Hollister, California

© sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com
San Andreas Fault, latest swarm of quakes.
An earthquake swarm is continuing to rattle the South Bay near Hollister. In the past four days, more than 39 tremors have hit the area on a section of the San Andreas system known as the Calaveras Fault. Between Sunday night and Monday afternoon, 39 quakes greater than 1.0 have occurred and 20 more than 2.0, seven over 3.0, one 4.1 and one 4.2, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The first struck Sunday night at 10:26 a.m., 12 miles southeast of Hollister, and had a preliminary magnitude of 3.3. Over 260 people reported the incident to the USGS. The largest quake recorded on Monday gave a gentle shake at 2:27 a.m., 12 miles northeast of Hollister, and had a preliminary magnitude of 3.8.

Several quakes shook the area on Tuesday, including a 4.2 trembler recorded 11 miles southeast of Hollister and 17 miles east of Salinas. Over 650 people reported feeling this quake. On Wednesday, tremors continued to gently shake the area, and the USGS recorded two 3.0 earthquakes. One hit 12 miles southeast of Hollister at 5:14 a.m. and another two miles southwest of San Juan Bautista and nine miles west of Hollister at 7:08 a.m.

No injuries or damage have been reported.

Cloud Precipitation

Stunning photo and video show a microburst dumping rain and wind over Phoenix, Arizona

© Jerry Ferguson
Zoomed in image of the rain shaft associated with the microburst.
Helicopter pilot Jerry Ferguson was cruising through the skies above Phoenix on Monday as thunderstorms erupted around the desert city.

While filming the weather for a local television station, Ferguson took a picture that ranks among the best photos ever captured of a dangerous meteorological phenomenon known as a microburst.

Microbursts occur when a rush of rain cooled air collapses toward the ground from a parent thunderstorm, crashing to the ground and spreading out at speeds above 100 miles per hour.

The microburst in this image, and in a related timelapse video shot by Bryan Snider from the vantage point of Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills male teenage hiker on Humphreys Peak, Arizona

A lightning strike killed a teenage hiker this week at the highest point in Arizona, police said.

The unidentified 17-year-old male hiker was fatally struck Wednesday near the summit of Humphreys Peak, the Coconino Sheriff's Office said.

Two other hikers, ages 17 and 18, were transported to a Flagstaff hospital. Their condition is unknown, but they were conscious and walking when emergency responders reached them, the Sheriff's Office said.

Their injuries were apparently related to their proximity to the lightning strike.

At 12,633 feet, Humphreys Peak is the highest point in the state, and with a trail that leads directly to the summit, is a popular hiking spot in the Flagstaff area.


Deluge hits Siberia's largest city - 3 'rare' tornadoes in two weeks

Tornado - first since 1954 - signals freak downpour, opening craters in roads which swallow up cars.

The sudden storm caused flooding in Novosibirsk's metro stations, city centre streets and shops - while the water opened cracks in asphalt large enough for vehicles to fall into. A waterfall was spotted close to the central railway station, a major stopover on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

'New tourist attraction,' quipped one online joker.

A rare tornado seen over Burmaistrovo village - the first in Novosibirsk region in more than 60 years, but the third in Siberia in two weeks - preceded the flash flooding in and around the city with a 1.51 population, the third largest in Russia. No injuries were reported from this rare phenomenon.

Comment: To gain further understanding as to how and why these events are occurring, read:

Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection: The Secret History of the World by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk.