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Sat, 21 Jan 2017
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Earth Changes


20-foot sinkhole opens beneath Tampa, Florida citrus truck depot

© Diana Brooks
The owner of a Polk County citrus operation says a large sinkhole has opened on the property, and he's hoping it looks worse than it really is.

Ellis Hunt, of Hunt Brothers Co-op, says the hole is at the facility's truck loading depot. He does not believe there are any structures at risk, though he has an engineer on site evaluating the scene.

The hole has caused the asphalt to buckle and sink in a roughly 20-foot section of the facility.

No one has been hurt, and Ellis says there has been only "minimal" effects on citrus operations.
© Diana Brooks


Child killed, two others injured by 3 dogs in Atlanta, Georgia

Police said one child was killed and two others were injured in an attack involving three dogs Tuesday morning in Southwest Atlanta. The attack happened around 7 a.m. Tuesday on Gideons Street. Police described the dogs involved in the attack as pit bulls that were not wearing collars.

Officers have identified the owner of the dogs as Cameron Tucker. The dogs lived about a block away from the scene of the attack, according to police.
UPDATE little boy died as a result of dog attack. Police say they've identified owner. This is one of 2 now in animal control custody pic.twitter.com/ZMuzNGK0RZ— Kaitlyn Pratt Fox 5 (@Fox5Kaitlyn) January 17, 2017
Officers described the boy who was killed as five or six years old. Syrai Sanders, a 5-year-old girl who survived the attack, was hospitalized Tuesday morning with critical injuries. A third child was treated and released from the hospital, according to police.


81 false killer whales dead in South Florida

© NOAA Fish Southeast
More than 80 false killer whales have died after becoming stranded off Everglades National Park over the weekend in the largest stranding of the species in history.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that reports of the stranded mammals first came in on Saturday afternoon but rescue efforts by multiple agencies throughout the weekend were unsuccessful.

NOAA and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told WSVN that the whales were scattered throughout the beach, with many getting tangled in mangroves in the western side of Everglades National Park.

Officials said that 72 of the stranded false killer whales died on their own, 9 were euthanized, 13 were unaccounted for and one whale was seen alive.

© NOAA Fish Southeast
False killer whale stranding-area around scene in Everglades closed per the National Park Service-asking for no flyovers or boats for safety

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills mother, son in Malawi

Lightning has killed a 38 year-old woman and her three year-old son in Mulanje district.

Wednesday started as a normal day for Edina Matola and her son Andiwelo Muliya. Lightning

According to Mulanje Police spokesperson Gresham Ngwira, Matola with her son on the back left home and went to a maize mill.

"While on their way back, heavy rains accompanied by lightning started and just as the two were at their doorstep, lightning struck them," said Ngwira.


Van-sized sinkhole opens up in Sheffield, UK city centre

© Barrie McAllen
Sinkhole near Sheffield city centre.
A large sinkhole has opened up outside the Decathlon store in Sheffield.

The crater, which appears to be above an underground stream, is understood to have opened up on Monday evening at around teatime. The sinkhole is in the car park area outside the sports store, and the entire site in Eyre Street was cordoned off yesterday evening.

Eagle-eyed witness Barrie McAllen took this picture above.

A guard at the site said on Monday night it was not known when the shop would reopen but he thought it could be a couple of days. The sinkhole, which appears to be around the size of a van, has been fenced off. None of the surrounding roads are believed to be affected.

This is not the first time a huge sinkhole opened up in Sheffield. In April last year a large hole more than 20ft deep appeared on Hutcliffe Wood Road, which links the suburbs of Woodseats and Millhouses.


Nashville displaces Chicago as the USA's windiest city in 2016

Nashville, TN
The windiest city in the U.S. in 2016 was Nashville, according to a yearly analysis of weather data from CoreLogic, a research and consulting firm.

The city came in first among the nation's largest 279 metro areas, CoreLogic said. The ranking takes into account both the number of strong wind events as well as the total force caused by any severe wind gusts of 60 mph or more.

Nashville had 21 wind-related events in 2016 and a maximum wind speed of 72 mph. It was followed by Reno, Jackson, Miss., Cincinnati and Columbia, S.C. , as the USA's windiest cities last year, according to CoreLogic.

All of the USA's highest wind speeds in 2016 were recorded during Hurricane Matthew's rampage up the East Coast, with the highest being 101 mph, which was recorded at Kennedy Space Center on Oct. 6.

The highest single wind speed in a major metro area in 2016 was 92 mph in Tallahassee on Sept. 1.


5.4 magnitude earthquake hits Cuba's coast; tremors felt up to 100 miles

A moderate earthquake rocked Cuba Tuesday morning, according to reports. The quake struck about 50 miles away from the southeast coast, with tremors felt about 100 miles away from the epicenter in cities including Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Palma Soriano and Bayamo, Earthquake Track reported.

The earthquake hit at 4:08 a.m. local time nearly seven miles beneath the earth's surface. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake was 5.4-magnitude. However, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) estimated a preliminary magnitude of 5.7.

There were no immediate reports of injuries of major damages caused by the quake. However, the its magnitude was felt by people near the epicenter and surrounding cities, many of whom reported on social media about experiencing aftershock tremors.

USGS data


Shallow 5.7 magnitude earthquake rattles Indonesia's third largest city Medan

© US geological survey.
A shallow earthquake has rattled Indonesia’s third-largest city Medan.
A shallow earthquake rattled Indonesia's third-largest city Medan, damaging houses and sending thousands of frightened people into the streets.

There were no immediate reports of casualties.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimated the quake's magnitude at 5.7 and said it struck at a depth of 10 kilometres southwest of Medan on the island of Sumatra.

There was traffic chaos on the streets, people ran out of buildings and power blackouts hit some areas.

Susanti, a guest at a hotel in Medan, said by phone that she and dozens of other people fled outside as the quake struck.

"I saw utility poles swaying. It was so scary," said Susanti, She said there was no visible damage to the hotel.


Landspout touches down as storms sweep south-east Queensland, Australia

© Scott Durston via Higgins Storm Chasing
Landspout hits ground at in Queensland.
Severe storms have swept across south-east Queensland, dumping more than 60mm of rain in some parts in just half an hour.

There are reports of flash flooding in parts of Brisbane as the storm cell moves north, with video emerging of flash flooding in a south Brisbane car park.

Carindale received more than 68mm of rain in just 30 minutes.

Some 1400 residents across the state are without power, with Aspley the worst affected.

Earlier, video surfaced of a landspout, similar to a tornado, landing near Caloundra racecourse, on the Sunshine Coast.

A landspout is formed when clouds converge with wind, and are not associated with the mesocyclone of a thunderstorm.


British Antarctic Survey abandons polar base as Brunt Ice shelf crack grows larger

© British Antarctic Survey
The Halley VI ice base is in danger from a growing ice crack
Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey are abandoning their research station for the first time ever this winter after a new worrying crack developed in the ice sheet.

The renowned Halley VI ice base, from which the hole in the ozone layer was first detected, was already scheduled to be relocated 14 miles across the Brunt Ice Shelf because of an encroaching fissure in the ice.

But a new crack has been steadily growing to the north of the base, and computer modelling suggests that it could cause a large iceberg to calve away from the sheet, which could destabalise the area.

Part of Chasm 1 Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Although the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) says nobody is immediate danger, they cannot be sure that conditions would not worsen during the difficult conditions of the southern polar winter when an evacuation would be impossible.

"We want to do the right thing for our people," said Captain Tim Stockings, the Director of Operations at the base.

"Bringing them home for winter is a prudent precaution given the changes that our glaciologists have seen in the ice shelf in recent months.

Comment: Not the only area of instability in the Antarctic: