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Sun, 22 Oct 2017
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Severe flood after highly localised torrential rain hits Cadiz, Spain

Emergency teams in Southern Spain carried out flood rescues on 18 October, 2017, after torrential rain in parts of Andalusia.

Severe flooding was reported in parts of Cadiz province, along with some surface flooding and rockfalls in parts of Malaga province.

According to Spain meteorological agency AEMet (Agencia Estatal de Meteorología) Grazalema in Cádiz recorded 111.4 mm of rain in 24 hours between 17 and 18 October. El Bosque in Cádiz recorded 96.0 mm.

Images on Social Media showed flood water raging through streets of Jerez de la Frontera in Cadiz.


64,000 UK pets feared to have died in dog-on-dog attacks last year

Treatment for pets is not free, so owners could end up forking out huge amounts to save their dogs
A staggering 64,000 dogs are feared to have died over the last year after being attacked by rival pets, a shock survey reveals today.

Another 44,375 dogs are said to have suffered life-changing injuries over the same time frame, leaving owners spending a collective £458 million to treat wounded animals.

Among the appalling catalogue of injuries witnessed by vets treating dog-on-dog attack victims were:

- A dog attacked so viciously its intestines were ripped out

- A dog's tail being ripped off

- A dog left with a cracked ribcage after being thrown by a larger animal

- A dog dying at the scene of an attack


Scientists warn of ecological Armageddon; collapse of the food chain as study finds flying insect numbers have plunged 80% in 30 years

Scientists are warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after discovering the number of flying insects has fallen by three-quarters over the past 27 years. Pictured is a hoverfly, one of the insects whose numbers have declined dramatically
Scientists are warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after discovering the number of flying insects has fallen by three-quarters over the past 27 years.

Researchers in Germany have documented a steep decline at dozens of nature reserves.

Their findings have sparked fears the foodchain will collapse because insects are important pollinators and serve as meals for birds and other small creatures.

It is thought the decline may be caused by agricultural pesticides used to stop insects eating crops.

It comes after drivers across the UK have been reporting noticing fewer flies, gnats, wasps and moths than usual on their vehicles.

The trend has also been spotted elsewhere.


Shallow earthquake at 6.1 magnitude hits off the coast of Japan

Shaken: The 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck 424 miles off Japan's island of Kyushu
An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck off southern Japan on Thursday, the United States Geological Survey said.

The quake struck 424 miles off Japan's island of Kyushu at a depth of 6.2 miles, the agency said.

There are no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

This comes two weeks after a similar earthquake, at 6.3 on the Richter scale, hit 180 miles east of Iwaki, south of Fukushima, Japan.

It occurred 50 miles deep on the Japan trench, which is part of the area of seismic activity known as the Pacific Ring Of Fire.

Cloud Precipitation

5,000-mile long 'atmospheric river' to deliver heavy rain, feet of snow to Northwest US

An enormous, 5,000-mile long atmospheric river (seen above) that spans from China to North America heading for the Pacific Northwest.
An atmospheric river is poised to funnel gigantic amounts of rain and snow to the Northwest over the next few days.

As much as 15 inches of rain is forecast in the mountains along with several inches in coastal areas, including Portland and Seattle. It could be Seattle's wettest weather since February, the National Weather Service said.

There is also a risk of flash flooding in western Washington and northwestern Oregon on Thursday as a result of the heavy rainfall, the weather service warned.

Snowfall will expand throughout the Washington and Oregon Cascades and parts of the northern Rockies on Thursday - with some light snowfall in higher elevations of northern California. By Friday, snow will continue across the Cascades and throughout the northern Rockies.

On the very tops of the Cascade mountains, a whopping 9 feet of snow could fall, the weather service said.

Some of the rain will make it down to fire-ravaged California in the next few days. However, while a few periods of rain are in store for northern California late Thursday through Friday, a widespread, fire-quenching rainfall is not expected, AccuWeather said.

Another one of these rivers in the sky could funnel rain into Oregon by the weekend.

Ice Cube

30,000 sq mile Antarctic ice hole & Arctic ice gain anomalies

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
The media sounds alarm bells that there is a 30,000 square mile ice hole that opened in the Antarctic sea ice, as if its because of global warming, but they forget to add that this occurred in the 1970's as well. Arctic sea ice continues to grow at record pace and Greenland with massive gains to the top of the charts in the S.E. All of these changes were forecast to occur during the Grand Solar Minimum.

Arrow Down

Florida couple evacuated after large sinkhole opens in front of their home

© Doug Engle/Ocala Star-Banner
A Florida couple was evacuated from their mobile home after a large sinkhole opened up at an intersection just in front of their house.

The Ocala Star-Banner reports that the hole - estimated to be 25 feet (7meters) wide and 15 feet (4 meters) deep - opened early Tuesday at the large Rolling Greens subdivision.

Linda McCormick lives in a home in the same neighborhood and says she had noticed a dip in the road for weeks.


Home-shaking, loud boom heard around Southport, Oak Island, North Carolina

© realtor.com
People in and around Southport and Oak Island heard and felt a boom Tuesday night that some said shook their homes.

Calls and emails started pouring into WECT's offices after the loud noise, which happened around 8:15 p.m.

One Brunswick County official said in a text message it was probably the Seneca Guns, but officials at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point advised Brunswick County dispatch, which received numerous calls about the boom, that they were holding a training exercise Tuesday evening.

Snowflake Cold

Mid-October temperatures have plummeted in the US since 1965

Prior to 1965, October 18 was a very warm day in the US, but after 1965 temperatures plummeted and never recovered.

Cloud Precipitation

Tropical depression kills at least 83 people in Vietnam, worst flooding in decades

© AP
Severe flooding and landslides caused by a tropical depression have killed more than 80 people in Vietnam, the government said on Tuesday. Thousands of rescue workers continue to search for nearly two dozen missing people.

Tropical Depression 23W was a relatively weak system but unleashed torrential rain over northern and central Vietnam, causing the country's worst flooding in decades. Nearly 50,000 houses across the region were flooded or destroyed.

At least 83 people were confirmed to have died as of Tuesday, according to an update from the National Search and Rescue Committee. 21 people remain missing, including 5 people who were buried by a landslide in Hoa Binh province.

In addition to homes which have been destroyed, an estimated 75,600 hectares (186,800 acres) of agricultural crops - most of them rice fields - have been flooded. The worst affected region is Thanh Hoa province, where some 327 millimeters (12.8 inches) of rain was recorded.

Remnants from Typhoon Khanun are expected to bring further rain this week.