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Sun, 20 Jan 2019
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'I find it disgusting': Quebec comedian Mike Ward appeals $42K penalty for joke about disabled boy

Comedian Mike Ward
© Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press
Comedian Mike Ward speaks to the media at the Quebec Appeal Court, Jan. 16, 2019 in Montreal.
Comedians in Quebec will be afraid to make controversial jokes if a 2016 ruling against Mike Ward by the province's Human Rights Tribunal is upheld, lawyer Julius Grey said Wednesday.

Grey sought to convince a panel of three judges on Quebec's Appeal Court that a joke about drowning an "ugly" disabled boy might have been distasteful - but it must remain legal in a free and democratic society.

Ward, a popular Quebec comedian, is appealing a Quebec Human Rights Tribunal ruling that his performances included discriminatory comments about a young disabled singer, Jeremy Gabriel. The tribunal ordered Ward to pay $35,000 in moral and punitive damages to Gabriel and $7,000 to his mother.

Comment: Odd that two stories have come up in the past week coming out of Montreal where stand-up comics are being chastised. Montreal, being the home of the long-running 'Just For Laughs' comedy festival, seems to have become infected by the SJW virus, where people's feelings are more important than the right to free speech. Ward is absolutely right in his assessment - once people can be legally prosecuted for making jokes, comedy is finished (which is probably fine to the SJWs who are known to have absolutely no sense of humor).

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Monster Frozen project: Italian extreme runner's documentary crew stranded after vehicle succumbs to -60°C Russian cold

© Sputnik / V. Yakovlev
Oymyakon, Yakutia.
The project of Italian extreme runner Paolo Venturini, who wants to test his resolve in Russia's coldest place, met a hiccup this week. The car they loaned from local rescue services failed due to extreme cold weather.

Venturini came to Russia's Yakutia because the region claims the title of the world's coldest place. A village called Oymyakon may not be even beyond the polar circle, but its long distance from the Pacific Ocean and high altitude result in an extreme local climate, with temperatures ranging from as high as 30 degrees Celsius at the peak of summertime to as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius during winters. The official temperature record in the place is -67.7°C, according to the data of a local weather station, while locals claim one year it went below -70 °C.

This is exactly what the Italian wants for his Monster Frozen project - a marathon run in the extreme Russian cold. Venturini said he has spent two years preparing for the challenge, designing special clothes, training inside an industrial freezer and gathering the crew, who will support and film his endeavor.

The team arrived in Yakutia on Thursday, but they met an unexpected hurdle. The truck they loaned from the regional rescue service failed as they were travelling to Oymyakon. The vehicle got stranded about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from a weather station, a spokesman for the service told the media.


Zimbabwe: Security forces attack fuel price demonstrators, government shuts down the internet

injured in Zimbabwe
© AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi
An injured man received assistance at a hospital Thursday after an alleged assault by a group of uniformed soldiers in Harare, Zimbabwe. AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi
Zimbabwe has imposed an internet shutdown as demonstrators protesting a steep fuel increase were attacked by security forces, according to reports.

The African country's largest internet service provider - Econet - says it has been ordered to cut services until further notice.

Access to Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter has been intermittently blocked since protests broke out on Monday, according to the BBC.

At least three people have been killed and 600 people have been arrested.

"We were served with another directive for total shutdown of the internet until further notice," Econet said in a text message Friday, according to Agence France-Presse.

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Washington Post columnist scathingly compares Putin-supporting American Jews to Stalinists

© Reuters
Orthodox Jews at a ceremony in Moscow
A Washington Post columnist is being put on blast for a tweet that apparently rolls 'Russiagate' hysteria, anti-Semitism, and Nazi-esque conspiracy theory together.

"Has anyone written an article comparing the American Jews who support Moscow and Putin today with those who supported Stalin in the 1930s?" columnist Isaac Stone Fish tweeted on Wednesday.

Articles on the great Russian boogeyman are ten a penny in 2019, but why Fish - who is Jewish - thought this particular niche needed to be filled is anyone's guess. Accusations of anti-Semitism and poor foresight flowed on Twitter. The columnist was called out by journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is also of Jewish descent.

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Two monks shot dead, 2 wounded as violence flares in Thailand's deep south

Buddhist monks and armed Thai police
© AFP Photo/Madaree TOHLALA
Buddhist monks and armed Thai police at the compound of the Rattanaupap temple, which was attacked by gunmen.
Gunmen in Thailand's deep south shot dead two Buddhist monks and wounded two others inside a temple, police said Saturday, capping a week of deadly violence as the prime minister vowed to "punish" those responsible.

Black-clad assailants carrying rifles crept into Rattanaupap temple in Narathiwat province near Malaysia's border on Friday evening and started firing, local superintendent Pakdi Preechachon told AFP.

"The attack took place around 7:30 pm (1230 GMT) when an unknown number of gunmen dressed in black entered the temple through a rear area via a creek," Pakdi said.

"Two monks were shot dead at the temple while two others were wounded."


Gillette: Shaviours of the world feminist revolution?

gillette ad toxic masculinity
© Procter & Gamble Co.
Gillette's new ad puts a new spin on the brand’s 30-year tagline—‘The Best a Man Can Get.’
I'm always greatly amused when I hear people saying things like, "I can't stand being preached at". What amuses me is that the same people who say this with a straight face tend to be completely oblivious to the fact that they are being preached at day in day out. If they are aware of it, somehow it never seems to bother them.

As a culture we are being preached to constantly. No, I don't mean that we sit in a room whilst someone delivers a three-point sermon at the front. I'm talking about the fact that the vast majority of us sit for hours on end in front of a little box, and we let people whose ideas and beliefs would be strange to us if we weren't in the habit of cultivating this practice on a regular basis, preach at us, teach us, and shape our thinking beyond all recognition. It is not a question of whether we'll be preached to; it's simply a question of which preaching we sit under.

This is usually done in very subtle ways. An ideology is presented to us, but it is not done so in the "in-your-face" kind of way that a three-point sermon might be done. No, it is cloaked in the garb of emotive and powerful language and buzz-phrases, deliberately designed not to make us think, but rather to make us "non-think". The aim is to have us look at one side of a particular social issue - transgenderism being the latest fad - to empathise and sympathise with that side, so that in the end we come to look at the issue not from the perspective of an overarching objective reality - XX = XX and XY = XY and never the twain shall meet -, but rather from the subjective viewpoint of the person or people being shown to us and their feelings.

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Bad joke, get over it: Nazi-inspired high school dance triggers outrage in Minnesota

minnesota nazis
© Twitter
A bizarre social media post urging Minnesota high schoolers to attend a "sweethearts" dance outraged many with its Nazi-themed puns and 'Heil Hitler' salutes. The school has condemned the promotion as anti-Semitic.

The photograph, which was shared widely on Facebook, shows two unidentified students from Minnetonka High School giving the Nazi salute while in front of an invitation to a dance that reads: "Sweethearts would be a Hit(ler) w/ you, and I could Nazi myself going w/ anyone else. Be Mein? Yes or Nein?"

Comment: The use of puns is perhaps more offensive than the lame Nazi theme.

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Israeli hospital under fire for forcing Palestinians out of bus for security searches - whether or not they enter hospital

Barzilai Medical Center
© Wikimedia Commons
Barzilai Medical Center
An Israeli 'apartheid hospital' is drawing condemnation for making Palestinians exit a bus to be searched before entering its grounds, with thousands of activists demanding an end to the discriminatory policy.

Bus 18 stops outside the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon and people suspected of being Palestinian must show their identification and get off the bus to go through a security check, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel and Physicians for Human Rights has documented.

Palestinian passengers who have no intention of entering the hospital but are simply taking the bus beyond that stop must disembark and wait to be picked up again when the bus leaves the grounds to continue on its route, according to complaints.

Video shared by Haaretz shows a security guard boarding the bus as a number of Palestinians get off before the the vehicle drives through.

Comment: If only the Western left could realize they're diverting all their attention to a tiny minority of ethnonationalists in their midst, ignoring the existing ethnonationalist state of Israel, which the U.S. provides with billions of dollars of aid every year...

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The Truth Perspective: The Mecca Mystery: The Hidden Origins of Islam and the Salafi-Jihadist Movement

handwritten koran baghdad library
© Middle East Eye/Tom Westcott
A hand-written and decorated Quran given to the library by the mother of Turkish Sultan Abdul Aziz
Today on the Truth Perspective we begin our foray into the wide, labyrinthine world of Western Islamic studies, probing the big question of Islamic origins, looking at both the conditions under which it originated and the relation between the violent jihadists today and the religion of the 7th to 9th centuries.

Basing our discussion on Peter Townsend's The Mecca Mystery: Probing the Black Hole at the Heart of Islam and Shiraz Maher's Salafi-Jihadism: The History of an Idea, we take a look at what the historical record really tells us about Muhammed, Mecca, and the principal power players around when Islam began, as well as what modern jihadists truly believe - based on their own theorists and their foundational writings. So if you were ever curious about Islam, join us today on the Truth Perspective for the beginning of a discussion into these complex and controversial topics.

Running Time: 01:44:03

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It's time to retoxify masculinity

Retoxify Masculinity
Let's be clear: My pronouns are "he," "his," and "stop being creepy weirdos."

Okay, maybe the last one isn't a pronoun, but then again, I'm a man and if I want an insulting string of words directed at the nattering nabobs of gender neutrality to be a pronoun, it is a pronoun. And if you don't like it, fight me.

We need more masculinity, and the more toxic the social justice warriors think it is, the better.

Comment: Seems very reasonable, considering that this is what the SJWs want: Post-nihilism, a template for where we are heading