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Mon, 20 Aug 2018
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'Lucky to be alive': Woman survived 10hrs in sea after falling from cruise ship

© Getty Images
The deck of a cruise ship.
A British holidaymaker who fell off the back of a cruise ship into the Adriatic Sea said she's lucky to be alive after she managed to survive 10 hours in open water.

The woman was rescued on Sunday morning by a coast guard team hours after she went missing from the Norwegian Star cruise ship in waters between Italy and Croatia. The woman, who has now been identified as 47-year-old British citizen Kay Longstaff, reportedly fell into the sea from the 294 meter (964ft) vessel at around midnight on Saturday.

After a rescue operation was put in place, the woman was eventually observed by the Croatian coast guard patrol vessel Cavtat and pulled from the sea at approximately 9.45am local time, reported Croatia's HRT News.

Speaking to local media, Longstaff thanked rescuers for finding her against the odds.

Blue Planet

Hello, and welcome to the real Iran!

© Andre Vltchek
Young filmmakers working on the streets of Tehran
Have you ever considered the possibility that almost everything that you have been told about the world by the Western mass media is a lie and fabrication?

I am sure you have, at least lately, when the insanity of Western propaganda is becoming very clear and obvious. But what about the extent of indoctrination you were subjected to?

If you live in Europe or North America, how poisoned are you by the lies about Cuba and Venezuela, Russia and China, North Korea and yes - about Iran? Are you beyond recovery? If you see the truth, if you were confronted by reality, would you still be able to recognize it, or would you perceive it as propaganda and lies?

I have just left Tehran, a city with a tremendous history and culture, overflowing with museums, theatres, wonderfully kept parks dotted with modern art sculptures. It is a city with modern and fully subsidized public transportation, consisting of high-tech metro, ecological bus ways, as well as suburban trains. A city of tall trees, and quiet squares, of elegant cafes, and extremely educated and kind people.

Comment: A refreshing look at what daily life on the ground in Iran is like. While no country is 'perfect' without a doubt Iran is not the pariah that the West makes it out to be. The people of Iran are not interested in 'regime change'. In fact they are more interested in tackling unemployment than the regime. For that they have only to thank the US and endless sanctions designed specifically to hurt their economy. Despite that, the people of Iran are smart, strong and resilient as ever. See also:


'Panicking' white farmers putting land up for sale in South Africa - no buyers

For sale sign
© Education Images/UIG / Getty Images 817
Land for sale in the Western cape area of South Africa.
South Africa's white farmers have been desperately trying to sell their lands at record pace ahead of planned government land seizures, according to a local farmer's union. However, there are no buyers.

Omri van Zyl, head of the Agri SA union, which represents mainly white farmers, said: "The mood among our members is very solemn. They are confused about the lack of any apparent strategy from the government and many are panicking. So many farms are up for sale, more than we've ever had, but no one is buying."

Investors in South Africa are worried that the economy would contract the way it did in Zimbabwe under President Robert Mugabe, who also seized land from whites. The country's economy hasn't recovered since then, with inflation reaching 89.7 sextillion percent during the peak of the crisis, according to some estimates.

Comment: See also: South African winemaker concerned land seizures could be 'disastrous' for industry & economy

Gold Seal

Former RT show host: 'We were astounded by the freedom'

Sam Delaney's News Thing Farage
© Sam Delaney's News Thing/RT
Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage is ‘knighted’ by a little girl dressed as the Queen.
Sam Delaney's News Thing was an anarchic fixture on RT for two years. Then the novichok poisonings changed the mood

A few months into making my show Sam Delaney's News Thing, which I hosted for two-and-a-half years on RT UK (the channel formerly known as Russia Today), we made a sketch called Diana in Heaven. It featured the writer and broadcaster Andy Dawson dressed in a blond wig and pearls, giving celebrity gossip reports from the afterlife. Dawson is a middle-aged, overweight man from Sunderland. He delivered his (awful) impression of Diana in front of a shabby celestial backdrop, while swigging from a can of lager. The production team and I thought it was hilarious, but when the channel boss saw it he was unimpressed. "You cannot broadcast this sketch!" he told us in his firm Russian accent. "There are some things the British public just won't accept."

So we removed it. I mean, we liked it, but not enough to make a stand and fall out with the channel. We were surprised they took the memory of the Princess of Wales so seriously. After all, it was the first - and almost the last - time RT had interfered in any of our output. But in many ways, the incident embodied our relationship: fun, yes, but also a bit stressful and confusing.

Eye 1

Twitter 'endorses' NYT's Sarah 'I hate whitey' Jeong

sarah jeong cartoon
President Trump has finally confronted the Tech Totalitarians ['We won't let that happen:' Trump alleges social media censorship of conservatives, POLITICO, August 18 2018] and not a moment too soon. Right after the deplatforming of prominent Rightwingers like InfoWar's Alex Jones (significantly, after he emerged as an immigration patriot) and Proud Boy chief and sometime VDARE.com writer Gavin McInnes, Twitter has chosen to "Verify" Sarah Jeong account with a "Blue Check" which, as TheWrap puts it, has" increasingly become a mark of endorsement by the social network, particularly after the company began to 'unverify' accounts from people they deem as hate figures" without requiring her to delete her numerous savagely anti-white tweets. [Twitter Verifies NY Times Writer Sarah Jeong After Outrage Over Old Tweets, by Josh Levine, August 16, 2018] Quite obviously our Ruling Class is on the verge of institutionalizing discrimination against whites-the very people who elected Trump.

sarah jeong 1
Remember, even after the revelation of Jeong's anti-white Tweets, her new employer stood by her [New York Times stands by editorial board hire despite racist tweets, New York Post, by Keith Kelly, August 2, 2018]. Yet these tweets included:
  • "Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins."
  • "Oh man, it's kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men."

Comment: Indeed it has. Now the that the education system is thoroughly saturated with such nonsense, there isn't far to go before this type of thinking sets new precedent in the courts. At which point, we may very well see the makings of Holocaust 2.0. This is not to be taken lightly. Just as with compelled speech laws, these leftist ideologies work to the detriment of society, not for it. See also:


"Environmental issue": London police tweet removal of homeless tents, spark outrage online

homeless london
Police in the London borough of Camden have come under fire online after the department tweeted that it had cleaned up the belongings of homeless people, calling the presence of their possessions an "environmental issue."

Camden Police took to the social network on Tuesday to inform residents that it had taken control of what it deemed to be "environmental issues at Tottenham Mews." It included before and after photos of the clean-up.

But the Twittersphere had a thing or two to say about the matter, considering the "environmental issue" that was cleaned up was actually the possessions of people sleeping rough on the streets of London, including tents and clothing.

Comment: While the issue of homelessness is nuanced, and it isn't desirable for anyone to be pitching up a tent in the middle of the street both for residents and for the homeless, what is clear is that homelessness is no longer solely the problem of those with mental illness or for people unwilling to operate within the established system. The rise in homelessness and poverty is directly correlated with government 'austerity' programs and the collapse of the UK economy, which is why the numbers of those homeless and in poverty but who are actually in work has skyrocketed: Also check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Perfidious Albion: If Russia is a Rogue State, What is the UK?


Barcelona police shoot man with a knife who tried to attack police station

Mossos d'Esquadra, Catalan regional police
© Yves Herman / Reuters
Mossos d'Esquadra, Catalan regional police
A knife-wielding man reportedly shouting "Allahu Akbar" has been shot dead after he attempted to attack a police station in Barcelona.

Catalonian police said the attacker tried to enter the Cornella police station "with the aim to attack" the officers shortly before 6am local time (4am GMT) on Monday.

The knife-wielding man was shot down at the scene.


Off-target: Ukrainian Buk missile launcher slams into Astarta business center in Kiev

Ukrainian Buk missile launcher slams into busy Kiev building

Ukrainian Buk missile launcher slams into busy Kiev building
Driver of the 30-tonne launcher caused panic on the sidewalk, as he lost control of the vehicle after a rehearsal of the Independence Day parade.

Eyewitness videos from Saturday night show a group of curious onlookers filming a column of moving artillery as it drives through the heart of the Ukrainian capital.


Confusion reigns in Chicago community over whether teen killed himself while running from police

police line
© Joshua Lott / Reuters
A Chicago community is in disbelief after a 16-year-old African-American teen reportedly shot himself while running from officers after they tried to question him about being in possession of a weapon.

The incident unfolded just before 7pm local time on Friday, when police spotted Steven Rosenthal with a gun and tried to talk to him, according to the Chicago Police Department (CPD). The teen ran away from the officers, into his grandmother's apartment building, and then "tragically used the weapon on himself," CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted.

Bizarro Earth

Man gets his finger bitten off during fight at golf course

golf course
© CC BY 2.0 / anandrr
A fight between two golfers in Massachusetts got out of hand after one man was arrested by cops and charged with mayhem.

An apparent argument between golfers at the Southern Marsh Golf Club in Plymouth, Massachusetts ended up with one man reportedly getting his thumb bitten off to the knuckle.