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Wed, 24 Jul 2019
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US & UK doctors issue warning against hormones/surgery for trans-identified kids

girl getting injection
© Getty Images / Media for Medical
Medical professionals in the US and UK are sounding the alarm about the growing use of "hormonal and surgical interventions" for children who are confused about their gender identity, saying that more studies are required.

Members of the conservative childrens' advocacy group the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) wrote a letter on Monday to the Surgeon General of the United States, warning about the effects of gender-reassignment surgeries and hormonal drugs on minors, saying such interventions have "not undergone long-term study."

The ACP called the issue a "grave public health concern" and said that the drastic methods have become the new "standard of care" in lieu of "ethical psychotherapy" for children and teens who present with gender dysphoria (GD).

Comment: The radical experimenting on children by transgender ideologues is going to end in tears.We are probably less than a decade away from the mental breakdowns and the lawsuits.


Fading trust is "sign of cultural sickness and national decline": Poll shows Americans don't trust the govt, the media - or each other

american flag
Americans are losing trust in each other, in the government, and in the media, according to a concerning new survey.

Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that conducts public opinion polls and social science research and informs the public about issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world. The organization recently published a new report called Trust and Distrust in America, which reveals that Americans think declining trust in the government and in each other is making it harder to solve important problems.

Confidence in the government and in each other is shrinking.

"Two-thirds of adults think other Americans have little or no confidence in the federal government. Majorities believe the public's confidence in the U.S. government and in each other is shrinking, and most believe a shortage of trust in government and in other citizens makes it harder to solve some of the nation's key problems," the report states.

Many Americans think it is necessary to clean up the "trust environment": 68% say it is very important to repair the public's level of confidence in the federal government, and 58% say the same about improving confidence in fellow Americans.

Pew Research Center
© Pew Research Center

Control Panel

'Tensions have never been higher': Germany caught between right-wing and Islamic 'radicalism' and extremism

Demonstrators take part at a right-wing NPD party Mayday rally
© Reuters / Matthias Rietschel 51
Demonstrators take part at a right-wing NPD party Mayday rally in Dresden, Germany, May 1, 2019.
Germany is facing both right-wing and Islamic radicalism as the two extremist factions feed on fear to increase their support in the country. RT looks at the worrying trend and how it can be tackled.

A suspect in the recent assassination of a pro-migrant politician is believed to have extensive ties to far-right groups. On the other end of the spectrum, police last week arrested a German man of Lebanese descent for plotting an "imminent" terrorist attack.

"Both of these sides are feeding off each other, and both of them have to be crushed," Bijan Tavassoli, a member of the German Left party, told RT said, warning that "the tension has never been higher, and it's still increasing."

Watch full report by RT's Peter Oliver.

Star of David

Riots in Israel continue as rampant allegations of racism against Ethiopian Jews persist

Israel Protests

An off-duty police officer shot and killed an Ethiopian teen sparking riots across Israel.
Violent riots erupted in towns and cities throughout Israel recently, peaking on July 2. Cars were set alight, property vandalized, scores of police officers were injured and demonstrators arrested. Hundreds of thousands of motorists were stranded for hours on gridlocked highways and secondary roads, in the heat, without water or warning.

The protesters, predominantly members of the Ethiopian Israeli community and supporters, took to the streets to express their rage at what they condemn as systemic police brutality targeting their community. Numbering approximately 150,000 in a population of just under nine million, Ethiopian Israelis are black and their leadership is saying that this is rank racism.

What sparked this latest round of protests was the death of 19-year old Solomon Teka on June 30. Teka was hanging around with some friends, reportedly beating up a younger boy. An off-duty policeman happened by with his family and intervened. He claims that Tekah and his friends attacked him and he feared for his life. So. He drew his gun and aimed a warning shot at the ground. It ricocheted and hit Teka in the chest, killing him instantly.


Bioethicist warns we are slouching toward a "Brave New World"

brave new world huxley cafe
© James, via Flickr
Genetic engineering is among the most powerful human technologies ever invented. It holds great hope for everything from medical uses to cleaning up the environment. But it could also unleash a deadly pandemic or lead to a "new eugenics" with very sharp teeth.

The last time we witnessed something like this was the splitting of the atom. At that time, we had a sufficiently cohesive and responsible world community to enact meaningful legal and regulatory restrictions to govern the technology's development, which have been generally successful — with some obvious exceptions. Imagine where we would be if atomic energy had developed under an "anything goes" paradigm.



Russian LGBT activist Elena Grigoryeva murdered in St. Petersburg

Elena Grigoryeva russia lgbt murder
© Dinar Idrisov / Facebook
Elena Grigoryeva
Police in St. Petersburg are investigating the murder of an LGBT activist, found stabbed to death outside her home. It's been speculated that anti-LGBT radicals, as well as her former fellow nationalists, could be responsible.

Elena Grigoryeva, 41, was found dead several hundred meters away from her home, hours after she was reportedly stabbed at least eight times. She was known for taking part in multiple protests for LGBT rights, and pacifist demonstrations.

Investigators are not sharing any theories on what happened or naming any suspects, so far. Grigoryeva was spotted socializing with several people shortly before she was murdered, according to reports in local media. One of those people has reportedly been found and detained, but it's unclear whether he has anything to do with her murder.

Comment: No doubt this tragic story will be picked up by the Russophobic crowd to amplify their message. In the meantime:

Red Flag

Gender-selective abortion? No girls born in 3 months across 132 Indian villages

indian women
© Reuters / Nita Bhalla
A probe into sex-selective abortions has been kicked off in northern India, after government data revealed that of the 216 children born across 132 villages in the past three months, not a single one was female.

Local authorities in Uttarakhand state fear that villagers around the town of Uttarkashi are selectively aborting babies in an attempt to avoid having girls. Though female feticide has been explicitly banned in India since 1994, the practice still continues in rural areas, where girls are often considered a financial liability for families.

Indian officials vowed to address the concerns. Uttarkashi's district magistrate, Ashish Chauhan, said the numbers were "suspicious" and may indicate the outlawed practice continues on a wide scale in the region. Any parent found to have carried out foeticide will face legal action, he added.


Sacking of wildlife biologists and chief medical officer linked to glyphosate

Rod Cumberland and Eilish Cleary

Rod Cumberland (left) and Eilish Cleary (right)
Dissent crushed to protect New Brunswick's glyphosate addiction

Wildlife biologist Rod Cumberland has been fired from the Maritime College of Forest Technology (MCFT) in New Brunswick, Canada.

A June 20 letter from the college lists several reasons for his dismissal. But the college's former director, Gerald Redmond, says the real reason is Cumberland's critical stance towards the use of glyphosate in forestry. "There is no other explanation," Redmond told the National Observer.

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Devastation, outrage after Israeli forces destroy Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem

israeli home demolition
© All That’s Left: Anti-Occupation Collective
Israeli forces demolished 10 buildings in Sur Bahir on Monday, July 22, 2019
It was the middle of the night, but the residents of the occupied East Jerusalem town of Sur Bahir were not asleep. They were waiting for, dreading, the arrival of Israeli forces to demolish their homes.

At around 2:15am on Monday, the people's worst fears came true with the sounds of military jeeps, bulldozers, and heavy machinery rolled into their neighborhood of Wadi al-Hummus, on the outskirts of Sur Bahir, right next to Israel's separation barrier.
israeli home demolition
© All That’s Left: Anti-Occupation Collective
Hundreds of Israeli forces stormed Sur Bahir on Monday morning to begin demolishing 11 buildings in the area.
Locals told Mondoweiss that more than 1,000 Israeli soldiers and government workers descended upon the area, with force, and began the process of demolishing 11 buildings in the neighborhood.

The buildings in question, containing some 70 apartments, were slated for demolition last month when the Israeli Supreme Court gave the final ruling — after a seven year legal battle between residents and the state — that the buildings were to be destroyed due to their proximity to Israel's separation barrier, citing "security concerns."

Comment: More footage of this blatant violation of international law:

The New York Times reported on the demolitions, but gives credibility to the Israeli claims that the buildings were "mostly uninhabited" and represented a "severe security threat" by providing "cover to suicide bombers and other terrorists [i.e. Palestinians]". Suicide bombings in Israel stopped years ago. As James North writes on Mondoweiss:
But Kershner's most impressive effort at whitewash comes immediately, in the 4th paragraph. Here is her tortured sentence:
The decision to proceed with the demolition underscored the legal complexities and human difficulties caused by the absence of internationally recognized boundaries and competing authorities.
This sentence is a masterpiece of deceit. Here is what Kershner should have said: "Israel illegally occupies West Bank Palestine and refuses to negotiate borders. Even though the Palestinian Authority is supposed to be in charge of the area where Israel demolished the apartment buildings, and even granted building permits there, Israel simply overrode the P.A. and tore them down."

Kershner's euphemism about "human difficulties" is also repulsive. Her article continues, "By late afternoon, the police were still barring entry to the neighborhood to all nonresidents, including reporters."

So Kershner just gave up trying to talk to eyewitnesses, confining herself to quoting a couple of Palestinians who were outside the police perimeter. Contrast that with our own Yumna Patel, whose lengthy report includes comment from the Palestinian activist Hamada Hamada: "'The soldiers were really aggressive, pushing and shoving people, firing tear gas at us, and even beating some people with the butts of their rifles.'"

Two outstanding reporters from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Amira Hass and Jack Khoury, also managed to speak to the actual Palestinian victims:
"I built this house stone by stone. It was my dream to live in this house. Now I am losing everything," said Fadi al-Wahash, 37, his voice breaking as a bulldozer destroyed his unfinished three-floor house.
Hass and Khoury reported that Israel sent 700 police and 200 soldiers to destroy the homes — figures nowhere reported in the Times. The photo accompanying Kershner's article also left out this massive assault, portraying only a bulldozer in the distance and a couple of blurry army vehicles in the foreground.

There are other documented reports that Israeli soldiers celebrated and cheered as they blew up the Palestinian homes — a fact also unmentioned in the Times.

The Haaretz article hinted at the real reason for the demolitions. There was no mention of stopping "suicide bombers." Instead, Hass and Khoury quoted a left-wing Israeli activist who charged that the demolitions were part of Israel's "demographic war" against East Jerusalem, the ongoing effort to squeeze Palestinians out of the city entirely.


Largest protest in Puerto Rico's history calls for resignation of beleaguered governor

Puerto Rico protest
© Reuters / Gabriella N. Baez
Protesters attend the national strike calling for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 22, 2019.
Thousands of protesters calling for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló have brought Puerto Rico almost to a standstill. Public outrage was prompted by his texts mocking victims of the devastating 2017 hurricane, Maria.

Protesters were joined by a number of high-profile Puerto Rican celebrities, including Latin pop singer Ricky Martin and rapper René Pérez Joglar, also known by his stage name 'Residente.' Many businesses, including the Plaza Las Américas mall in San Juan, closed throughout the day in anticipation of the demonstration.

Comment: See also: Top Puerto Rico officials resign after exposure of controversial group chat; Governor Rossello resisting calls for his resignation