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Fri, 02 Dec 2016
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Path to jihad: Jailed ISIS members in Erbil, Iraq, tell their stories

© REUTERS/Azad Lashkari
Former bakery worker Walid Ismail speaks during an interview with Reuters in a Kurdish security compound in the city of Erbil, Iraq November 28, 2016. Picture taken November 28, 2016.
When Kurdish forces began firing rockets at a suspected Islamic State hideout in northern Iraq, one of those inside, former bakery worker Walid Ismail, said he tried to persuade the others to surrender.

Some wanted to hold hand grenades to their throats and pull the pins. In the end, a Tunisian militant among them detonated a suicide bomb, hoping to wipe out their attackers.

Instead he killed five of the group and injured the rest. Ismail said the others were then killed by the Kurds and he only made it out by shouting that he had no bombs.

An online video shows him looking terrified as he emerges from the house in the town of Bashiqa near Mosul with an injured hand, to be arrested by Kurdish peshmerga fighters.

Today, the 20-year-old sits with his ankles shackled in a security compound in the city of Erbil, capital of Iraq's Kurdish region, which is fighting alongside Baghdad to drive Islamic State from its stronghold in Mosul and nearby towns.


Arizona border police arrest three sex offender deportees within three hours

© Hector Mata/AFP/Getty Images
Border Patrol agents arrested three previously deported sex offenders in a three-hour span on Wednesday in southern Arizona.

The agents assigned to the Tucson Sector apprehended the three previously deported sex offenders in three separate incidents on Wednesday morning. The arrests occurred after the criminal aliens illegally re-entered the U.S., according to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials in Tucson, Arizona.

Officials did not release any specifics other than they were foreign nationals from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico. The three men had been previously removed after being convicted of sex crimes against children, the CBP stated. Breitbart Texas reached out to CBP officials for more details about the criminal aliens and their criminal/deportation history.


Hurtling towards a cashless society: 1 out of 3 people never use cash

We recently learned how serious these criminals are about stealing the sovereignty of every person on planet earth. Actually, most people are willingly handing over their sovereignty to the banks/government and have no idea what they are actually doing.

When India banned, made illegal, the 500 and 1000 rupee banknote this move affected 1 out of every 7 people on planet earth. That means that every 7th person, anywhere and everywhere, you come in contact with may have been affected by this cash ban.

Our individual sovereignty is tied directly to our ability to move freely about. When every step we make is tracked by the bank/government our sovereignty is gone forever. Freely trading commerce is one of the cornerstones of human sovereignty. Without the ability to conduct business with whom we wish, when we wish, we are nothing more than cattle to the overlords of the land.

An expat living in Thailand sent me an email last week, at the height of India blowing apart because of the idiotic decision by Prime Minister Modi to eliminate the two most used bank notes in India. The email was to inform me that Thailand would be implementing a new policy in the early part of 2017 to completely eliminate coins from circulation. South Korea has already taken measures to eliminate coins from circulation.

Comment: Why are the powers that be pushing for a cashless society?:
If society becomes cashless, dissenters can't hide cash. All of their financial holdings would be vulnerable to an attack by the government.

This would be the ultimate form of control. Because - without access to money - people couldn't resist, couldn't hide and couldn't escape.

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Fake news indoctrination alert! Yahoo columnist says we should teach kids 'how to consume' information

Writing for Yahoo News, National Political Columnist Matt Bai provides a suggestion to combat the so-called "fake news" epidemic that has become a major talking point of the mainstream media since Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election. According to Bai, we should be "teaching our kids how to consume" information in an age where the internet has provided a press to anyone with a computer and a router.

Within his article, titled "The real problem behind fake news", Bai calls fake news a "searing hot topic these days" and mentions the infamous WaPo article which cites a shadowy, anonymous organization known as PropOrNot (Propaganda or Not) that smears many legitimate conservative and libertarian news sources like Zero Hedge, Infowars, Breitbart, World Net Daily and The Ron Paul Institute as Russian propaganda.

That WaPo article highlighted what was the second blacklist of websites to make its rounds in the mainstream press last month. The first list was put together by a nobody liberal professor from Merrimack College (let me tell you how worthy of circulation that is).

Comment: 'Fake news' eclipses 'conspiracy theory': But the real fakes are the MSM


Licensed to kill: Los Angeles police not charged after killing mentally ill homeless man on Skid Row

© YouTube/RT
Three police officers in Los Angeles, California, were legally justified and acting in self-defense when they fatally shot a homeless man, Charly Leundeu Keunang, in March 2015, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office has determined.TrendsPolice brutality

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Sergeant Chand Syed and Officers Francisco Martinez and Daniel Torres "acted lawfully in self-defense and in defense of others" when they shot and killed Keunang, 43, on March 1, 2015, in the Skid Row area of downtown Los Angeles, local prosecutors wrote in a November 9 memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

The memo explained why the district attorney's office was choosing not to charge the LAPD officers with an on-duty shooting, something that has not happened in Los Angeles since 2000, according to an LA Times analysis of officer-involved shootings.

Prosecutors point to video footage captured by Syed's body camera that indicated, to them, that Keunang had a hold of another police officer's holstered gun during a group struggle with Keunang. That officer, rookie cop Joshua Volasgis, alerted other officers on the scene that Keunang was tugging at this gun. "He's got my gun!" Volasgis yelled, according to the memo.


UK football child sex abuse hotline receives 860 calls in the first hour of operation

© YouTube
Former professional players, including Andy Woodward (far right) and Steve Walters (second left) talk about their abuse at the hands of paedophile former coach Barry Bennell on English television.
A hotline set up by UK charity the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) in response to allegations of child sex abuse in English youth football received 860 calls in the first hour of operation.

The NSPCC reported that as a result of the calls it made 60 referrals to the police or children's services within the first three days of launching the hotline.

"We have had a staggering surge in calls to our football hotline, which reveals the worrying extent of abuse that had been going on within the sport," NSPCC Chief Executive Peter Wanless said, according to the Associated Press.

It is reported that 350 people have come forward to report sexual abuse in football clubs. They include more than 20 former professional footballers who have spoken in the past fortnight to report historical cases of sexual abuse at a number of their former clubs.

Comment: Society's pedophile predators seek out positions which provide them close contact with children. Beware.
Behind the Headlines: Predators Among Us - Interview With Dr. Anna Salter

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Squatters removed from property for protesting against homelessness

© OccupyLondon / Bambuser
A group of campaigners occupying the old headquarters of squatting prevention company Camelot Europe were evicted on Thursday after two months living at the premises.

The residents of the so-called Came Squat told the media their occupation was political, highlighting that while companies like Camelot made a profit out of empty buildings, homelessness in Britain was on the rise.


Ku Klux Klan embraces Trump - resurgence seems unlikely

In the wake of Donald Trump's victory and the recent rise of the white nationalist "alt-right," a 150-year-old racist group has been spreading its wings: the Ku Klux Klan, which on Saturday is planning its first post-election rally.

"Our membership grows by the day," said Gary Munker, who identifies himself as a spokesman for the group. The Klan, since its creation in 1866, has called for a white and Christian America; historically, it has resorted to lynchings and racial violence as the means to its end.

Like the former KKK leader David Duke, who supported Trump's candidacy — and was eventually disavowed by the New York billionaire — Munker says he was drawn by the Republican candidate's language, particularly his attacks against immigrants and his talk of deporting millions.

The movement was born in the devastated states of the South in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, just three years after President Abraham Lincoln ordered all slaves in the South to be freed.

Munker, wearing one of the group's emblematic hooded white robes, claimed that his branch of the KKK — the Loyal White Knights — has 700 members on Long Island, where he lives, and an additional 500 in the rest of New York state.

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UK: Video shows homeless man having pockets searched while freezing to death

© Fastest News / YouTube
Disturbing CCTV footage has emerged showing people searching through the pockets of a homeless man as he lay dying in sub-zero temperatures in Birmingham.

Video from a security camera shows the man, who has yet to be identified, surrounded by a group of people injecting themselves with drugs.

Other members of the group can be seen rifling through his pockets as he lay slumped against a doorway on Tuesday night.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, was discovered by a customer at a nearby pub. Paramedics were called at 11:20pm and he was pronounced dead at the scen


Lame jobs report: Number of Americans not in labor force jump by 446,000 in one month

© Pablo Martinez Monsivais
So much for that much anticipated rebound in the participation rate.

After it had managed to post a modest increase in the early part of the year, hitting the highest level in one year in March at 63%, the disenchantment with working has returned, and the labor force participation rate had flatlined for the next few month, ultimately dropping in November to 62.7%, just shy of its 35 year low of 62.4% hit last October. This can be seen in the surge of Americans who are no longer in the labor force, who spiked by 446,000 in November, hitting an all time high of 95.1 million.

As a result of this the US labor force shrank by 226,000 to 159,486K, down from 159,712K a month ago, and helped the unemployment rate tumble to 4.6%, the lowest level since August 2007.

© ZeroHedge