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Thu, 20 Oct 2016
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Video: New Bill Clinton sexual assault accuser goes public for the first time

Speaking publicly for the first time in a Breitbart News video exclusive interview, a former local television news reporter from Arkansas claims she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton on three separate occasions in 1980.

Leslie Millwee says that on two of the alleged occasions, Clinton groped her while he rubbed himself against her and reached climax.

After these alleged sexual assaults, Millwee claims, Clinton showed up at her apartment and knocked on her door for several minutes while trying to talk his way inside. She says that Clinton departed after she purportedly refused to respond.

Comment: More on the alleged rapist Bill Clinton:


'Karma's a b#*ch!' Killary's security detail laughed it up when she broke her elbow

© Getty Images
Killary, with her arm in a sling from her broken elbow, walks with President Obama in the White House.
Hillary Clinton's security detail hated her so much that they privately snickered after she accidentally fell and broke her arm when she was secretary of state in 2009, one of her former guards told the Post.

Clinton, then 61, was in the State Department basement on her way to meet President Obama when she took a spill — and ended up in the hospital for an operation to repair her shattered right elbow.

"We sort of got the last laugh. It was kind of like payback: You're treating us like s - t. Hey karma is a bitch! We were smiling to ourselves," the agent told The Post on Wednesday.

But Clinton, who frequently behaved like a diva-in-chief, according to the agent, made it worse by pointing the finger at her detail for the mishap.


Green with envy: Massive jade boulder unearthed in Myanmar

© Ailbhe Goodbody / Twitter
Miners in Myanmar have discovered a jade boulder the size of a small yacht in the country's northern, jade-producing Kachin state.

The stone, a massive jadeite block measuring roughly 14 by 15 by 19 feet, is estimated to weigh over 200 tons and be worth some $170 million. It is expected that the stone will be sent to China to be carved into jewelry and statues. "We can say it is the largest piece of jade ever unearthed in Burma," said U Win Htein, director general of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, The Irrawaddy reported.

Miner Sao Min, 44, told the Daily Mail, "We thought we had won the lottery. But this belongs to the country. It is in honor of our leaders."


Operation Inherent Resolve: US military member killed in northern Iraq

© Alaa Al-Marjani / Reuters
A U.S army soldier speaks with children in Qayyarah, during an operation to attack Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq, October 19, 2016.
One US service member has been killed by an improvised explosive device in northern Iraq, according to the headquarters of Operation Inherent Resolve, the US-led effort against Islamic State.

The member of the US military died from the injuries suffered in an IED explosion, said a short statement from the OIR, which declined to identify the casualty or give further details.


Two Americans dead in Afghanistan 'green-on-blue' attack

© Omar Sobhani / Reuters
Two Americans were killed and three more injured in an attack at an Afghan special forces base near Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, the US military has confirmed. The unidentified attacker was killed as well.

One member of the US military and one civilian were killed, while one service member and two civilians were wounded, "during an attack near a coalition base by an unknown assailant," said the US command in Afghanistan on Wednesday.

The Americans killed and injured in the attack were part of NATO's mission to train, advise, and assist the Afghan security forces. The exact circumstances of the attack were being investigated, the US Forces Afghanistan command said, but there were unconfirmed reports in Kabul that the attacker wore an Afghan Army uniform.

The attack took place at the Afghan special forces training center in the Rishkor neighborhood of Kabul, according to Dawlat Waziri, spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry.


Leader of Honduran land rights movement assassinated, one of 150 activists killed

"No more murders of campesinos in the Aguan region" reads a banner held up during a 2012 march by members of the Unified Campesinos Movement of the Aguan Valley.
A prominent Honduran leader of a rural land rights movement was killed on Monday night in what supporters claim was an assassination organized by wealthy landowners.

Amnesty International Jose Angel Flores, president of the Unified Campesinos Movement of the Aguan Valley, or MUCA, had been under police protection since March, teleSUR reported, after the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights ordered the Honduran state to protect him from death threats in 2014.

Former MUCA president Johnny Rivas, who hosts a radio show on the local station Radio Progreso, blamed "death squads chasing peasant families fighting for land rights" for the murder.
"How many more activists have to be brutally murdered before the authorities take effective action to protect them, or even be willing to talk about this crisis?"—Erika Guevara-Rosas, Amnesty International

Comment: Sadly, what we're seeing occur in Honduras is, in large part, due to the internationally pervasive corrupting influence of the US:

Heart - Black

London: Cop filmed dragging 13 y.o. girl around like a 'piece of meat'

© life news / YouTube
London's Metropolitan Police stand accused of using disproportionate force after a video emerged showing one of its officers dragging a 13-year-old girl in school uniform along the ground like "a piece of meat."

Katelynn Murphy King was tackled to the ground as she was arrested outside the gates of Wapping High School in east London on suspicion of affray and breaching the peace.

She was restrained after rowing with a 16-year-old pupil from the school who allegedly called her a "slag" before trying to kick her. King reportedly raised her hand as though to slap the other girl, but there was no physical contact between them.

The officer then came up behind King and restrained her on ground.

The footage, shot by King's twin sister, shows her being dragged by her hair in what the family have called "unreasonable force," even though she appears to be complying with the officer.


Rare case of justice: Cop found guilty of shooting a man for no reason

Andrew Thomas
In a rare semblance of justice, a cop who shot and killed an unarmed man for no reason as he climbed from a wrecked car, was found guilty on Tuesday. For shooting and killing 26-year-old Andrew Thomas, officer Patrick Feaster was found guilty Tuesday of involuntary manslaughter.

Last Thanksgiving, Thomas made a deadly decision to get behind the wheel after he'd been drinking. With his 23-year-old wife, Darien Ehorn in the passenger's seat, Thomas left the Canteena Bar and was immediately pursued by Feaster.

In a pursuit that barely lasted a minute, Thomas loses control of his Toyota Four-Runner, hit the median and flipped over. Tragically, Ehorn was ejected from the vehicle and died on the scene.
Officer Feaster then gets out of his vehicle, gun drawn, and as Thomas attempts to get out of the vehicle, in a likely attempt to check on his wife, the cop shoots him in the neck. Weeks later, Thomas would die from the gunshot wounds.

Thomas posed absolutely no threat to the officer who was 10-20 feet away from Thomas when he fired. There was no possible way the department could spin the shooting into Feaster somehow fearing for his life. So, they did something entirely different.


Local communities worldwide are speaking out against fracking

© David Holt via Flickr
Anti-fracking protests in London last year.
Public opposition to pumping water and chemicals into the ground to extract gas from shale − the technique known as fracking − is growing even in the countries whose governments are most in favour.

Although only four countries - France, Bulgaria, Germany and Scotland - have an outright fracking ban at the moment, many districts in countries that allow fracking in some areas ban it in others.

This is true in the US and in Canada, where potential wells will not be developed because local authorities have refused permission.

The carrot for governments generally has been the promise from the fossil fuel companies of large quantities of cheaply-extracted gas that will last for decades and cut their reliance on imports.

Comment: Selling fracking to the public as a safe, alternative energy source is becoming increasingly problematic. But remember - in short - the public's concerns don't matter: Fracking - you are not important
Whether its on the issue of fracking and public health, or fracking and climate change, recent developments are making the opposite case:
  • In Australia, the New South Wales Government recently suspended all oil and gas licences pending a review of their environmental and health impacts.
  • In Canada, the Council of Canadian Academies recently stated that the process is fraught with many scientific and technical uncertainties, and should not be rolled-out until the impacts can be properly studied.
  • Also in Canada, initial studies by the Chief Medical Officers of New Brunswick and Northern Health Board of British Columbia have highlighted the unknown or uncertain impacts of these processes.
  • Australia has seen some recent high-profile groundwater contamination incidents as a result of 'coal seam gas' operations (what we over here call coal bed methane).
  • Also in Australia, last year the Australian Medical Association passed a motion objecting to the further expansion of unconventional gas operation without detailed environmental and health impacts being undertaken to demonstrate the safety of the process.
  • Even the British Medical Journal recently carried an article critical of the Government's policy agenda around unconventional fossil fuels.
  • Finally, just a few days ago, employees of the Pennsylvania Department of Health blew the whistle on the official cover-up of the health impacts of drilling in the Marcellus shale.

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Study says 1/3 of pro-Trump tweets created by bots, but Trump still has 3 times more legit tweets than Killary

© Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
From the 9 million Tweets generated during the first US presidential debate, analysis found that nearly 2 million of them were pro-Trump compared to just over 600,000 pro-Clinton. Over one-third of those for Trump were generated by bots, whereas just one-fifth came from bots for Clinton.

"Twitter traffic on pro-Trump hashtags was more than twice that of pro-Clinton hashtags [and] one third of pro-Trump twitter traffic was driven by bots and highly automated accounts, compared with one-fifth of the pro-Clinton Twitter," according to a new Oxford University study titled, "Bots and Automation over Twitter during the First US Presidential Debate."

The study's authors, led by Professor Philip Howard, warn that such software has the capacity to "manipulate public opinion" and "muddy political issues." The study is part of a wider project exploring "computational propaganda."

Comment: That may be true in theory, but even if the study is valid, and even if we eliminate the bot-driven tweets, that still means Trump had around 1.2 million tweets, and Clinton only had about 480,000. Trump is clearly more popular, regardless of the bots, with around 72%.

Comment: Read more: Whatever the media polls say, independent snap online polls say Trump won third debate