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Sun, 28 Feb 2021
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New Zealand: Auckland to go into seven-day Covid lockdown

Otara testing station  Auckland
© David Rowland/AFP/Getty Images
Motorists queue at the Otara testing station in Auckland after a positive coronavirus case was reported in the community. Photograph:
New Zealand's prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said the country's biggest city, Auckland, will go into a seven-day lockdown from early morning on Sunday after a new local case of the coronavirus of unknown origin emerged.

It comes two weeks after Auckland's nearly 2 million residents were plunged into a snap three-day lockdown when a family of three were diagnosed with the more transmissible UK variant of coronavirus.

Health officials, who could not immediately confirm how the person got infected, said genome sequencing of the new infection was under way. The patient developed symptoms on Tuesday and is regarded as having been potentially infectious since Sunday, officials said. The person visited several public venues during that period.

Comment: Yep, that's right, ONE person.

"Based on this, we are in the unfortunate but necessary position to protect Aucklanders again," Ardern said, announcing the lockdown.

Comment: See also: Biggest city in New Zealand locked down - for 3 Covid positive covid tests


Vaccine passports are a betrayal of British values

vaccine passport
A debate is raging about whether the British public should be forced to have vaccine passports to reclaim our liberties. The relentless ID card champion Tony Blair has, predictably, been on the warpath claiming vaccine passports are "inevitable" and the "only way" we can once again be free. I suppose this works in a world where "we" means only the people who have a vaccine and excludes everyone who is medically advised against it, and "free" means not free to choose what you put into your body. Thankfully, that's not the topsy turvy world in which we live - yet.

But the current climate in which the revived ID debate is raging does feel topsy turvy against our British sensibilities. Our country survived the Twentieth Century because our forebearers gave up their lives for freedom. Today, some Brits are willing to give up their freedom for just about anything.

I had to pinch myself this week when the Foreign Secretary, sitting with the Union Jack hanging behind him, said a domestic vaccine passport for access to supermarkets was "under consideration". The idea that we should all carry digital IDs with our health data and a vaccine inventory for inspection at the Sainsbury's checkout is ludicrous. What kind of pointless bovine future does this Government envisage for our nation?

Brick Wall

Ireland has the strictest lockdown regime in the Western world - New Oxford study

Ireland PM Micheal Martin
A new study has claimed that Ireland has been put under the strictest COVID-19 lockdown regime in the Western world.

Researchers at the University of Oxford ranked the pandemic strategies of 180 countries on a 'stringency map', factoring in the impact of public health restrictions on education, the workplace, socialisation, international travel and freedom of movement.

Comment: See also:


Emergency monthly checks for parents could turn permanent under Senate Democrats' push

  • Senate Democrats want to make permanent a new stimulus program that would temporarily provide checks to families.
  • Sen. Sherrod Brown said he wants to tie it to a plan for postal banking.
  • Under the House stimulus plan, families could receive a monthly check of $250 or $300 per child starting on July 1.
Sen. Sherrod Brown
© Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) talks with reporters on Capitol Hill.
Emergency monthly checks for parents could turn permanent under Senate Democrats' pushJoseph Zeballos-Roig Feb. 25, 2021, 10:00 PMSen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) talks with reporters on Capitol Hill.

Senate Democrats said on Thursday they would seek later this year to turn a proposed emergency federal check program for parents into a permanent piece of the American social safety net.

"As soon as we pass the Recovery Act, we will fight to make it permanent and to make sure they can get the checks monthly if they choose," Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio told reporters on a press call.

Brown was referring to a plan to dramatically revamp the child tax credit, a top Democratic priority in the $1.9 trillion stimulus package. It aims to provide $3,600 over the year to families with young children aged 5 and under, and send $3,000 to those with kids between 6 and 17.


Covid cases fall slightly across UK to last October's levels, when it locked down for second time

lockdown uk mask
© AP Photo/Matt Dunham
Covid rates are now at the same levels in the UK as they were in October.
Covid-19 levels have fallen across the UK to rates similar to mid-October 2020, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported Friday, with slightly more than 421,000 cases in the community for the week ending February 19.

The weekly ONS snapshot said that one-in-145 people in England have the virus compared to one-in-115 the week before. In Northern Ireland, it is one-in-95 compared to one-in-105 previously. In Wales, it is one-in 205 from one-in-125 before, and in Scotland one-in 225 compared to one-in-180.

The ONS said these levels of infection in the community are similar to rates reported in mid-October, before the four nations of the UK tightened lockdown rules for a second time and prior to when the more contagious mutant strain took hold initially in the southeast of England.

Comment: Even though an experimental vaccine has been given to millions, cases are the same as October, a time when the government terrified the public into accepting another lockdown; this time, however, in a continuation of the nefarious nonsense, Bojo is talking of 'road map' out of lockdown - maybe:


Amnesty revoking Navalny's 'prisoner of conscience' tag reminds us it shouldn't only go to only those we like

Amnesty Navalny
© Amnesty
Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny Sputnik / Pavel Bednyakov; (inset)
Amnesty International's statement that it doesn't consider Alexey Navalny a prisoner of conscience has his supporters up in arms. The group's efforts to defend the activist don't stack up, but the decision is wrong nonetheless.

A prisoner of conscience, simply defined, is somebody who is imprisoned because of his or her religious or political beliefs. The term is value-free. It doesn't matter what you believe, or the nature of your character; if your beliefs land you in jail, you're a prisoner of conscience. You can be quite revolting, but the label still fits.

Comment: Maybe, but perhaps a priority should be to demonstrate that the person actually has a conscience?

One might say that there are limits - some things are so beyond the pail that no civilized society can accept them. But even then, just believing something obnoxious is not normally considered a reason for imprisonment - you have to do something to promote those obnoxious beliefs, in which case you're not a prisoner of "conscience" but of something else.

Comment: See also: Amnesty International: An unmasked face of British intelligence

Yellow Vest

Police baton-charge freedom protesters in Dublin - Ireland under strictest and longest lockdown in Western world

protest dublin lockdown
Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered in Dublin to protest Ireland's restrictive lockdown policies. But the Saturday gathering soon turned violent, as police were pelted with bottles, cans, and even fireworks.

Ireland's first national lockdown in 2020 was the longest in Europe, and the nationwide restrictions currently in place have been ranked the fourth-toughest in the world - and the toughest in Europe - by researchers at Oxford University. With the highest level of restrictions set to remain in place until early April at the earliest, hundreds of protesters gathered in Dublin on Saturday to protest the measures.

After symbolically assembling at the General Post Office, where Irish revolutionaries declared independence from Britain more than a century ago, the hundreds-strong crowd marched to St. Stephen's Green, a park that had been closed by police in anticipation of the protest.

The demonstration devolved into violence along the way. Police officers blocking the route to the park were heckled and shouted at by the protesters. Video footage then showed one protester shooting a firework into an officer's face at point-blank range.

Comment: And there are no doubt many more major protests to come - globally - throughout 2021.


Belgian govt warns that masks it distributed in 2020 may contain TOXIC chemicals

© Anna Shvets from Pexels
Millions of cloth facemasks distributed by the federal government in Belgium in 2020 may contain toxic chemicals according to a newly-leaked report from Sciensano, the Belgian Institute for Public Health.

The Belgian government purchased 15 million Avrox masks and dispensed them through private pharmacies to its 11.5 million citizens. However, due to additional mask sales and delivery efforts by local authorities and private companies, only an estimated third of the federally-distributed masks were actually used.

The masks were produced in Asia by Luxembourg firm Avrox and now an investigation is underway following complaints from rival Belgian mass manufacturers about the possible contamination of the Avrox masks with toxic nanoparticles of silver and with titanium dioxide, used to dye the masks white.

Comment: Masks are harmful to the wearer as it is: 4-year-old almost dies due to lung infection caused by prolonged mask wearing - doctor rants 'how many children must die?'

See also: Mandatory masks and movement restrictions are violation of human rights - Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Welcome to Snitch Nation: From kids to parents, it's a race to rat out your (former) loved ones before they get you first

coronavirus billboard uk
© Helen Buyniski
In the grand tradition of divide and conquer, the ruling class has set in motion a fool-proof way to keep us from uniting against the Great Reset and attendant restrictions on human freedoms - dupe us into snitching on each other!

In order to achieve the proper level of blanket obedience, it's important that ordinary people trust the government unquestioningly - and fear and hate those who don't. This is best accomplished by discrediting and distancing the target population from all non-approved information sources, whether that's Grandma down in Florida or their favorite alt-media YouTube channel. The target must be informed in no uncertain terms that they're in the midst of an 'infodemic' - a deadly (if invisible and intangible) swarm of ideas that must be resisted at all costs by keeping one's eyes and ears firmly fixed on the news networks, lest one fail to keep up with the ever-shifting New Normal.

Comment: It's telling that nearly every country that enforced brutal, rolling lockdowns also created their own snitch hotlines: Also check out SOTT radio's:

2 + 2 = 4

Boys are girls: America's great struggle session

boy girl baby sex differences
© Stock
We have written earlier about the stolen election and the Great Struggle Session to which the American people are being subjected by the political left.

The stolen election is, however, only the latest agenda item in the left's project of reality subversion.

Another whip with which the left has been painfully tormenting the American public for some years now is the so-called "trans" movement. Trans is an umbrella term for a body of assertions, notions and activities that strike most ordinary people as largely absurd. Perhaps the most shocking among them is the concept of transsexuality. This is the idea that boys can become girls and men can become women and vice versa.

Comment: The reason they strike most ordinary people as absurd is because most ordinary people are fairly resistant to histrionic social contagions. (The most susceptible are the ruling class, in addition to young people, especially young girls.)

The assumption behind the concept of transsexuality is that human beings who have been born as biological males can turn into females and those born as biological females can turn into males. The process of changing from one sex to another is referred to as "transitioning."

The problem with this idea is that it is simply not possible for a person to change their sex. This is because our sex is hardwired into our person on the most fundament level of our physical existence.