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Tue, 24 Oct 2017
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Extremely rare conjoined twins await Gaza blockade suspension

© Mahmud Hams / AFP
Doctors have warned that extremely rare conjoined twins born in the Gaza Strip must leave the blockaded enclave for medical treatment or face certain death.

The twin baby girls, who were born on Sunday, share a leg but have separate hearts and lungs. Palestinian news site Al Quds reports that the twins were delivered by caesarean section in Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital.

Allam Abu Hamda, the head of the neonatal unit at the hospital, told AFP the twins' condition "cannot be dealt with in the Gaza Strip, so we hope they will be transferred abroad for a separation."

Bad Guys

The nightmare of pedophilia in Ukraine-controlled Severodonetsk

The exposed nightmare in Ukraine-controlled Severodonetsk shocked the inhabitants of Donbass. The fears of people aren't unfounded: the facts emerging on the surface about the events in UAF-controlled territory is only a small fragment of the criminal canvas that is the present Ukrainian reality.

As was reported, the Kiev Armed Forces, together with the Ukrainian authorities of Severodonetsk, organized a children's brothel in the city's boarding school. The so-called administration of the Severodonetsk general education boarding school for orphaned children forces minor pupils on both genders to perform sexual acts with customer-pedophiles from among the military personnel, militants of national battalions, representatives of the occupational administration, and even ... Ukrainian law enforcement bodies ... The police of the LPR stated that at the disposal of employees of Lugansk justice are documents about concrete crimes and their participants.



Tokyo department store withdraws illegal Israeli Settlement products

The upscale Mitsukoshi department store in the Ginza district of Tokyo has withdrawn Israeli settlement products.

© jun560/ flickr
Earlier this month, the store was scheduled to host an event featuring Israeli wines, including wines made in illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen land. But after Japanese civil society raised concerns, Mitsukoshi shortened the event and removed all wines which Japanese BDS activists indicated were made in Israeli settlements, The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) reported.


European Values think tank bashes RT: Labels it Kremlin's platform for 'useful idiots'

© Iliya Pitalev / Sputnik
European Values Think Tank calls itself an NGO "defending liberal democracy" - it clearly disdains by attempting to discredit RT and guests appearing on the network it called "useful idiots (to a) hostile foreign power." Founded in 2005, its funded by Washington, Britain, other EU countries, the European Parliament, European Commission, George Soros' Open Society Foundation, and other anti-democratic private sources.

It's a propaganda operation, opposed to "defending liberal democracy," supporting "aggressive regimes," not against them.

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European NGO attacks RT: Labels guest commentators 'useful idiots who undermine Western democracy'

Brick Wall

Day in the life...: Israeli colonists steal Palestinian olive harvest, attack farmers

Photo of settlers stealing olives on Oct. 15
Israeli settlers on Sunday stole olive pickings from dozens of trees belonging to Palestinian farmers from the occupied West Bank districts of Ramallah and Nablus.

Ghassan Daghlas, an official who monitors settlements activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma'an that dozens of Israeli settlers raided Palestinian lands in Ramallah and Nablus under protection of armed Israeli forces, and stole olives from dozens of Palestinian trees.

Daghlas told Ma'an that Israeli settlers stole the pickings of more than 65 olive trees in the Nablus-area village of al-Sawiyeh and the Ramallah-area village of al-Janiyeh.

Meanwhile, NGO Rabbis For Human Rights (RHR) released a statement saying that the settlers, from the illegal Zayit Raanan outpost, were arrested by Israeli security forces "following the swift intervention of the head of the field department of Rabbis for Human Rights, Zakaria Sadah, who informed the security forces."

Take 2

Post-Weinstein, will people start taking Corey Feldman seriously about pedophilia in Hollywood?

One of the big lessons from the Harvey Weinstein scandal is the number of victims who weren't believed. Model Zoë Brock said Weinstein chased her around a hotel room naked, begging for a massage. It was 1997, and "no one believed my story," Brock said. Angie Everhart said no one believed her when she recounted Weinstein barging into her guest room on a yacht, blocking her door and masturbating to completion. For quite some time, no one believed Rose McGowan's tweets that heavily implied Weinstein raped her.

So: If "Believe the victim" is, in fact, the lesson here, why won't anyone believe Corey Feldman?

For years, Feldman has been adamant that he and childhood friend Corey Haim were victims of molestation in Hollywood, and that predators remain. Yet he's been treated as though he's reporting alien abductions. Feldman may have been easily dismissible from a career standpoint - even he's admitted so - but his accounts have never wavered. Still, his story has been treated with dubiousness if not outright contempt.

Look at a 2013 clip from "The View." A sad, calm Feldman tells Barbara Walters, "I'm saying . . . the people that did this to both me and Corey, that are still working, they're still out there and they're some of the richest, most powerful people in this business. And they do not want me saying what I'm saying right now."

Walters fairly clutches her pearls. "Are you saying that they're pedophiles?" she asks.

"Yes," Feldman says. As he went on to warn parents of hopeful children, Walters chastised him.

"You're damaging an entire industry!" she said.

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Joe Rogan shatters the 'racist ideology' of cultural appropriation

© Unknown
Firebrand comedian Joe Rogan took direct aim at the absurdity of recent cries of cultural appropriation during his extremely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

With the Halloween season in full swing, which is traditionally a time of increased claims of cultural appropriation, the latest accusation of cultural appropriation from the pc police is the claim that white women wearing hoop earrings are appropriating Latina culture.

"I was f***ing reading an article, and I almost punched my screen. They're saying that hoop earrings are cultural appropriation. Girls aren't allowed to wear hoop earrings," said a clearly frustrated Rogan.

"It's racist against white people," Rogan said.

Watch below:

Pulling no punches, Rogan explained how nonsensical the idea of cultural appropriation is in a "melting pot" of culture - such as the United States.

Comment: Divide, divide, divide and conquer. Apparently US society is not smarter than this.


Israelis arrest Palestinian over mistranslated Facebook greeting

© Justin Sullivan / AFP
Should have checked here first!
An erroneous automatic translation has triggered Israeli police in the West Bank, leading them to believe that an innocuous Facebook greeting written in Arabic by a Palestinian man was a call to launch an attack. The man was briefly arrested.

The bizarre incident occurred last week in the West Bank settlement of Beitar Ilit, 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) south of Jerusalem, Haaretz reported on Sunday.

The source of Halawim Halawi's troubles with the law became a photo of him leaning against a bulldozer with a "good morning" caption in Arabic which he posted on Facebook. Halawi, a worker at a construction site, could hardly imagine that Facebook's automated translation system would twist his words in such a way as to mean "attack them" in Hebrew and "hurt them" in English.

The translation mistake would have been instantly spotted by an Arabic speaker, though the Israeli police apparently preferred to jump to a conclusion rather than double-check, rushing to arrest the man on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. The presence of the bulldozer in the image had only strengthened their suspicions, as exactly the same type of vehicle had been used to carry out deadly terrorist acts on more than one occasion.

Comment: Israel's pathological profile does not allow for alternate thinking, hence all Palestinians are terrorists and unreasonable assumptions/actions against them are standard protocol.


Stable owners in Denmark in 6-month queue to donate dead horses to feed zoo lions

© Iris/Scanpix
"A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse," Shakespeare's Richard III cried out in vain - in the carpark of a pub in Leicester it transpired.

Yes, there was a time when horses were a precious commodity, but not anymore at Copenhagen Zoo where they are queuing up around the block to be fed to the lions.

It's become so popular among the pony club brigade to give up their hoofed pals to the zoo as lion feed, that there is a six-month waiting list. Autumn is a particularly busy time.

"It's often due to the old horses being given a last summer in pasture, but when they need to return to the stables again, the owners evaluate the time has come for the horses to be put down. And then they call us," Jacob Munkholm Hoeck, the head of communications for Copenhagen Zoo, told NetAvisen.


Cutting-edge market researcher says GOP in for 'rude awakening' In 2018 elections

© Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
A cutting-edge market researcher has a passionate rebuttal for Republican critics of President Donald Trump, be they former President George W. Bush, Peggy Noonan, or Sen. John McCain.

"Don't you understand what happened in 2016?" asks Anne Sorock, executive director of The Frontier Labs, who was at Judicial Watch in Washington, D.C. in October.

Trump's success against the Washington "swamp" is viewed through the lens of the Republican Congress, which is often now seen as obstructionist.

Speaking to Washington elites, Sorock says, American voters have totally rejected a minutiae, maneuvering and a piecemeal approach to stopping the decline of America. As an example, she said that voters aren't asking for a tax cut, although that can be a part of it.

"They are asking for you [Congress] to say, through your work, that you love America and that you want it to survive," Sorock said.