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Mon, 23 Jan 2017
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Cop tased homeless man as he was surrendering

© Holland,Holland, Edwards & Grossman
Greg Heard
It used to be considered "fighting dirty" if you kicked a man while he was down. But those gentleman's rules don't apply to police officers, apparently, when it comes to resolving conflict with the homeless. They're already down on their luck, many of them, and the very people they trust to keep the peace are often the ones who treat them worst. The latest example of how one can get legally assaulted by the police comes from Denver, Colorado.

The incident wouldn't have been provable without the offending officer's body camera. But that's all we're able to thank him for. The incident occurred 6/3/16 when police responded to reports of a fight in progress and arrived on the scene to find homeless resident Greg Heard (reportedly fighting with another resident), hiding behind a bush near a property wall. Officers Greg Dulayev and Adrian Enriquez approached Heard.

Dulayev can be heard saying, "Hands up!...Crawl out on your hands and knees. I'll f___ing tase you." It wasn't a "Crawl out on your hands and knees, OR I'll f____ing tase you." It appears from

It appears from Dulayev's own words he already had every intention of deploying his less than lethal device on Heard. Whether or not Heard was guilty of a domestic disturbance is irrelevant. For a White man to demand that a Black man crawl on his hands and knees while at his feet, is humiliating enough. But, when Heard appeared to attempt to reason with the officers, he was immediately tased without any further talk.


US military truck runs off the road and overturns in Poland injuring 2, spilling tank shells

© Agencja Gazeta / Reuters
U.S soldiers arrive in Zagan as part of NATO deployment, Zagan, Poland January 12, 2017
A US military truck overturned on a road in western Poland, spilling shells for M-1 Abrams battle tanks, local media reports, citing military officials, adding that 2 American soldiers were injured.

The incident took place on National Road 27 near the village of Piaski in western Lubuskie province on Saturday.

"Preliminary findings show that the driver lost control of his vehicle and went off the road... The truck spilled tank shells," Sgt. Kamila Wydrych from Municipal Police Headquarters in Zielona Gora, Lubuskie Province, said, as cited by Kontakt24 online news outlet.

Comment: 100's of US tanks and heavy equipment flows into Europe to counter 'Russian aggression' - Money for war but none for US health, education and infrastructure


Trump tweets his dismay on the inauguration protests: 'Why didn't these people vote?'

© Carlos Barria / Reuters
U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks during a visit to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia U.S. January 21, 2017.
Protesters should have expressed their opinions during the US election and not after, US President Donald Trump tweeted, commenting on the mass protests following his inauguration.

"Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election!" Trump tweeted, adding: "Why didn't these people vote?"

Comment: Two Americas clash on Trump's Inauguration Day


Liberal left anti-Trump hysteria reaches epic proportions on Facebook and Twitter

The tweets and Facebook posts around Donald Trump's inauguration range from simply stupid to very scary.

It's hard to believe that there are people in the world this dumb...but alas, social networks have not only flushed out the crazy, they have given them a platform to sound off.

Luckily we have Paul Joseph Watson around to keep everything in check, and hopefully put some logic into the minds of the illogical.


Two Americas clash on Trump's Inauguration Day

© Reuters
A supporter reacts during an inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. President (L), A man holds a sign in front of riot police during a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump (R)
For liberals, President Donald Trump is a harbinger of the decline of the Republic, and their wrath was evident. For conservatives, he augurs a return to American pride, growth and optimism. Both were captured pictorially during the inauguration.

It's a stark image for a car-driving nation. A limousine parked on 13th Street NW, three blocks from the inaugural parade route, set upon by activists. With windows smashed, it was sprayed with graffiti with the circle-A anarchist symbol and "We the People," in gold paint and set on fire.


Evacuations ordered for over 2,900 after Japanese petrochemical plant erupts in major fire

© RT
Authorities have urged the evacuation of over 2,900 people after a petrochemical plant in the city of Arida, Japan erupted in a major fire.

Footage broadcast by the Japanese media shows firefighters trying to dose the flames as well as thick plum of black smoke rising against the skyline.

According to NHK, 1,281 households were urged to evacuate, affecting at least 2,986 people. Around 500 of them fled and were taken to shelter at a local welfare center and a junior high school.


Major break in $80mn diamond heist, 7 arrested after decade on the run in the Netherlands

© Stefano Rellandini / Reuters
Military police in the Netherlands have arrested seven people in connection with a daring €75 million ($80mn) diamond heist back in February 2005.

The arrests were made in both Amsterdam and in Valencia, Spain.

The five men and two women, all of whom are Dutch nationals, are being detained on suspicion of armed robbery and money laundering. The gang hijacked an armored vehicle in the high security section of Schiphol airport.


IOM: 2.1M Yemenis displaced by conflict

© New Europe
A Yemeni and his children at a camp for internally displaced persons.
The humanitarian crisis in Yemen caused by the ongoing conflict over the past 22 months has led to the internal displacement of over 2.1 million Yemenis. It is also complicating an already difficult situation for thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa attempting to cross the country on the way to Saudi Arabia.

A high-ranking delegation from IOM earlier this month visited Sana'a, Yemen to assess and support IOM Yemen's efforts to aid displaced Yemenis and migrants in the country.

Carmela Godeau, IOM's Regional Director for Middle East and North Africa based in Cairo, and Mohammed Abdiker, Director of IOM's Department of Operations and Emergencies, visited a settlement of displaced Yemenis in Sana'a and met local partners working with IOM to provide health care and non-food items to help displaced families cope with winter weather.

The delegation also visited one of the 31 Child Friendly Spaces that IOM has opened in Yemen. These provide direct assistance to displaced children. They aim to ease the stress and effects of the conflict on children, in addition to providing awareness-raising sessions and psychosocial support for traumatized children. Other visits allowed the IOM delegation to see the work of an IOM health clinic, which provides primary health care to displaced Yemenis and migrants, including psychosocial support to those suffering from displacement and war traumas.

Meetings were organized with the IOM staff from Sana'a, Al Hudaydah and Aden, to further discuss the ongoing IOM work in 18 Yemeni governorates. Consultations also took place with UN partner agencies including UNOCHA, UNHCR, UNDP and UNICEF, NGOs and the local authorities in Sana'a.

Comment: The Saudi connection to IOM is an organization, KSrelief (King Salman relief), that is helping with the transfer of displaced Somali citizens back to Somalia. Given the hellish destruction and tally of thousands of murdered Yemeni at the hands of Saudi Arabia, the relief agency is somewhat of a surprise. SA is the head of the UN Human Rights Council, a spit in the face of decency and humanity, considering its infractions, violations and transgressions at home and abroad.


Trump and spokesperson Spicer accuse media of understating number of supporters present at inauguration

© Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Attendees line the Mall as they partake in the inauguration ceremonies to swear in Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2017.
US President Donald Trump and his spokesperson Sean Spicer, have chastised US media outlets, accusing reporters of understating the numbers of supporters present during the inauguration.

Visiting the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, Virginia, Trump said that one network had estimated a turnout of 250,000 at the National Mall.

"I made a speech. I looked out, the field was, it looked like a million, million and a half people," he told CIA staff. "They showed a field where there was practically nobody standing there. And they said, Donald Trump, did not draw well."

Trump claimed 250,000 gathered at the stage area while the rest of his supporters stretched over "20-block area," all the way back to the Washington Monument.

Red Flag

Liberal left Hollywood meltdown: Ashley Judd's bizzaro 'Nasty Woman' performance

Ashley Judd
If there was any doubt that the liberal left was in complete meltdown mode, then look no further than Hollywood actress Ashley Judd's strange and perplexing speech at the liberal left religious gathering, otherwise known as the the Women's March in Washington D.C.

While the entire corrupt main stream media is calling Judd's speech "epic" and "brave", we found it cuckoo and nutty.

Judd needs to chill out a bit, and let President Trump prove to America that he is worthy of the job he rightfully won. God knows Obama was an utter disappointment, and Hillary would have been a WW3 disaster.

Comment: She was actually reciting a poem but it doesn't make it any less crazy.