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Sun, 28 May 2017
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Mechanic George Cheese was locked in a cage and set alight by colleagues

George's body was found in woodland in Kingfisher Drive.
An Audi apprentice mechanic found dead in woodland near his Woodley home had been locked in a cage, had his clothes set alight and was bullied by his colleagues, an inquest heard.

The parents of 18-year-old George Cheese said he had been "over the moon" when he got the position but soon started coming home covered in bruises and had multiple holes burned into his clothes.

Berkshire coroner Peter Bedford heard at an inquest at Reading Town Hall on Wednesday, May 24, that their son said his colleagues had locked him in a cage by force, doused him in a flammable liquid and set fire to his clothes.


Cops beat unarmed mentally ill man to death for being scared of them

In a case horrifyingly similar to that of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, California, a young mentally ill man by the name of Kendole Joseph was beaten to death on video by untrained and outright rabid cops. Despite the killing happening in February, and the family's repeated demands to see the surveillance footage, the video wasn't released until this week.

It was a "murder on tape" family attorney Michael Oppenheimer said during a press conference on Friday, noting that police released the video publicly before they even had the common decency to show it to the family.

Joseph's family was joined by civil rights activist Ja'Mal Green who also decried the response from police.

Che Guevara

Israelis show up in the thousands to rally for Palestinian state, peace, end of occupation

Thousands of Israelis rallied Saturday in Tel Aviv in support of a Palestinian state ahead of the 50th anniversary of Israel's occupation of Palestinian land.

Banners bearing the slogan "Two states, One Hope" featured in the demonstration organized by supporters of a Palestinian state, including the Israeli NGO Peace Now.

NGO head Avi Buskila said the rally was a protest against "the lack of hope being offered by a government perpetuating occupation, violence and racism".

"The time has come to prove to the Israelis, the Palestinians and the entire world that an important segment of the Israeli population is opposed to occupation and wants a two-state solution," he added.


Sick! Utah woman locked her kids in car trunk to go shopping

© Robyn Beck / AFP
A woman in Utah has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse after witnesses reported to police that she locked her two kids in her car's trunk at a Walmart parking lot and went shopping.

Tori Lee Castillo, 39, was arrested Thursday evening in a suspected case of child abuse, AP reports citing the Riverdale Police Department.

Eyewitnesses told officers that the woman locked her two children - aged 2 and 5 - in the trunk of her car before going to the local Walmart to shop. They heard the kids scratching and making other noises inside the car and guided them to reach for an emergency latch to free themselves.


Violent protests mark the end of G7 summit in Italy (VIDEO)

© Filippo Monteforte / AFP
Protesters face anti-riot policemen during a rally against the G7 Summit in Taormina, on May 27, 2017
A G7 protest in Taormina, Italy resulted in violent clashes with the police, who were seen deploying tear gas at protesters.

The violence erupted as the protesters reportedly veered off the approved route and approached a police checkpoint.

A small group of protesters broke from the main column and tried to flank the riot police checkpoint by running along the beach. The police then charged the protesters and deployed tear gas.

Bad Guys

Saudi Arabia upholds death sentence for disabled man 'tortured for confession'

© reprieve.org.uk
Saudi Arabia has upheld a death sentence for a disabled man, arrested in 2012 on suspicion of taking part in protests and then tortured until he signed a "false confession," according to a rights group. The decision leaves the man with one last appeal before King Salman makes his execution official.

Munir Adam, 23, was arrested in 2012 for allegedly taking part in protests in the Eastern Province. According to Reprieve, a rights group of international lawyers and investigators, Saudi police "tortured" the man and "forced him to sign a false confession," which then served "as the sole piece of evidence against him."

Adam, who already had impaired sight and hearing, allegedly lost complete hearing in one ear as a result of the beatings.

Comment: Further reading: Saudi Arabia is the biggest sponsor of terrorism, not Iran

Life Preserver

10,000 migrants rescued, dozens drown including children, trying to reach Italy from Libya

© Giorgos Moutafis / Reuters
Nearly 10,000 migrants were rescued off the coasts of Italy and Libya this week, as the leaders of G7 gathered for a summit coincidentally held in Sicily. And at least 54 people have drowned in the Mediterranean since Tuesday.

Large-scale rescue efforts off the Italian coast on Friday saved 2,200 migrants who risked their lives traveling in unworthy sea vessels to reach Italy. Italian coastguard and commercial boats delivered those rescued to reception centers in Italy. A further 1,200 people were rescued by Libyan ships and taken to Tripoli or Zawiya.

Some 6,400 migrants were rescued from the Mediterranean between Tuesday and Thursday.

The Italian coastguard also discovered another 10 bodies, bringing to 54 the total number of officially registered deaths this week, officials told AFP.

The biggest tragedy occurred on Wednesday, when 35 migrants drowned, including at least 10 children, after they fell off an overloaded vessel that was hit by a huge wave while being rescued by an aid boat.


UK police release photo of Manchester bomber on night of attack, find device 'assembly place'

© Greater Manchester Police / Reuters
Salman Abedi
British police have released a photo of the Manchester bomber on the night of attack, taken shortly before he blew himself up killing 22 people. Authorities also said they found a "highly relevant" flat, believed to be the "final assembly place" of the explosive device.

Greater Manchester Police have released stills from CCTV footage taken on Monday night, showing the Manchester Arena bomber, Salman Abedi, just before the deadly attack which killed 22 people and injured dozens others.

Comment: For all previous updates see: Crowds flee Ariana Grande concert in Manchester following reports of explosion; at least 22 killed and 59 injured - UPDATES


Saudi Arabia releases video showing men how to beat their wives

The national television of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has aired a video, in which a self-styled Islamic family doctor is seen teaching men in the country how to ‘properly’ beat their wives
The national television of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has aired a video, in which a self-styled Islamic family doctor is seen teaching men in the country how to 'properly' beat their wives.

The video is believed to have been aired in the country in early February, 2016. The Kingdom's government is said to have approved the video, and that is why it was given airtime on national television.

After airing the video in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government released the controversial video in the United States via the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute, in April 2016. Women activists group describe the video as nothing less than infuriating.

Star of David

An Interview with Gilad Atzmon: Jewish identity politics and survival strategies

Gilad Atzmon
Introduction by GA: In this interview, Aedon Cassiel (Counter-Currents) focuses on the most problematic and controversial aspects in my work. We spoke about Jewish power in the context of race, biology, genes and eugenics. We delved into Jewish survival strategies, controlled opposition, the identitarian dystopia and nationalist nostalgia. We also looked at The Bell Curve and cognitive partitioning. Cassiel didn't cut me slack. He criticized my work form right wing vintage. I must admit that I had a lot of fun with his questions.

In your work, who do you consider yourself to be speaking to? If you don't have a specific audience in mind, then my question is: if only one group of people could hear your message, who would you choose, and what would you have them do about it?

This is important to me. I do not intend to speak to people of any specific persuasion. I am not an activist and have zero interest in political involvement. I am engaged in an intellectual search. Jews fascinate me - their troubled history, their survival strategies, their overrepresentation in media, politics, banking, the Manhattan Project, the list of the one hundred worst landlords in New York City, academia, and their dominance in political lobbying. I am trying to identify the cultural roots at the core of all that. In short, I am interested in the metaphysics that forms the Jew rather than the Jew himself. I am after culture and ideology.