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Wed, 05 Oct 2022
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Newsom vetoes bill to prohibit foreign governments from buying CA agricultural land

© Genaro Molina/LA Times/TNS/KJN
California Governor Gavin Newsom • California farm workers
A bill to prohibit foreign governments from purchasing or leasing agricultural land in California was vetoed by Governor Gavin Newsom Tuesday.

Senate Bill 1084, authored by Senator Melissa Hurtado (D-Sanger), would have prohibited a foreign government from purchasing, acquiring, leasing, or holding an interest in agricultural land within California. The bill would also exempt land held by foreign governments before January 1, 2023, from that prohibition, and would have specified that it does not apply to federally recognized Indian tribes or their government units and enterprises. In addition, SB 1084 would have created yearly reports by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to list how much agricultural land is still owned by foreign governments and what recommendations are.

Senator Hurtado authored the bill, also known as the The Food and Farm Security Act, due to concerns over a growing food crisis, helping secure farm land for future food supplies for California and the US, ending drought profiteering, defending the food supply chain, and protecting limited water resources for agricultural use.

Comment: Newsom's allegiance lies elsewhere. Famine is on the agenda.

Red Flag

EXCLUSIVE: 'A Nexus To Terrorism': Illegals flagged as potential national security risks soared nearly 600% in last year

border peeps
© Jennie Taer/The Daily Caller News Foundation
The Border 'Line'
A "special interest" migrant is someone who isn't a U.S. citizen who frequently travels in areas designated as national security concerns due to terrorist activity or other types of "nefarious activity," according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Border Patrol agents encountered 25,627 "special interest" illegal migrants compared to the 3,675 encounters in fiscal year 2021, according to the data.

"Special interest aliens" can include individuals who "possibly have a nexus to terrorism," according to 2019 DHS fact sheet. The newly-obtained internal data refers to these individuals as "special interest migrants," however.

Most of the encounters were recorded at the southern border, with the highest in El Paso, Texas, according to the data. Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told the Daily Caller News Foundation:
"When you have an open border, you don't get to control who or what enters your home. There are significant real threats coming across the border. Unfortunately, all the current administration wants to focus on as an economic migrants and trying to say that they have a kinder, gentler migration policy, but they're putting the entire Nation at Risk, as well as the millions of migrants that are handed to the cartels to be trafficked across the border."
CBP officials encountered over 2,000,000 migrants at the southern border between October 2021 and August 2022, a record number. Of those, CBP encountered 78 individuals on the terror watchlist.

Comment: The worst of terrorists are found on Capitol Hill. Ongoing damage is immeasurable.


RT wins court case against Google, must restore YouTube channels blocked in Russia

google rt russia today logos
Moscow's arbitration court has ordered the US tech giant to restore access to blocked YouTube channels

Google has been ordered by Moscow's arbitration court to restore RT's YouTube channels, which were blocked by the tech giant following the launch of Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

The decision was announced on Tuesday as the court found in favor of ANO TV-Novosti, RT's founding company, against Google LLC, Google Ireland Limited and the Russian Google division. They have been ordered to restore access to some 27 blocked channels.

If they fail to do so, a court penalty of 100,000 rubles per day ($1,694) will be imposed on Google until access to all of the channels is restored. Every week, the amount of the daily penalty will double.

Google now has 30 days to appeal the court's verdict.


No uncomfortable truths allowed: Bloomberg tries to drown out economist's Nord Stream theory

Bloomberg  Tom Keene jeffrey sachs nord stream 2 sabatoge bombing
© Bloomberg
Bloomberg host Tom Keene cut off Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs when to talk turned to the Nord Stream 2 sabotage
Hosts scrambled to contradict Jeffrey Sachs as he laid blame for the pipeline explosions

Economist Jeffrey Sachs speculated on Monday that the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines was the work of the US and maybe Poland, to the chagrin of Bloomberg TV hosts who quickly tried to change the subject. Now a professor at Columbia University, Sachs became notorious in Russia for masterminding the "shock therapy" reforms in the 1990s - but has been sharply critical of the West's approach to the conflict in Ukraine in recent months.

Invited to Bloomberg's Surveillance show on Monday, Sachs was asked to comment on Russia he "knew so well" under President Boris Yeltsin. Instead, the hosts scrambled to cut him off after he said the conflict is "on the path of escalation to nuclear war" and did not start in February 2022.

Comment: A longer clip of the segment:

People 2

Kanye West poses with Candace Owens, wears 'White Lives Matter' T-shirt

candace owens kanye west
Kanye West wore a "White Lives Matter" shirt at a surprise fashion show in Paris on Monday. West was seen wearing the shirt alongside commentator Candace Owens, who wore a matching tee.

The shirt also featured the Pope's face on it.

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POLLING: Americans give no-confidence vote to rigged two-party system

kress building
The 2022 Congressional midterms are around the corner. Based on historical precedent and the state of the union, they should be a slam-dunk for the GOP.

Runaway inflation, brazen warmongering, ongoing COVID hysteria, record-setting crime spikes, and unchecked illegal immigration of the past two years has all been overseen and endorsed by the Democrats who control Congress and the presidency. In a functional two-party system, this would and should guarantee a landslide loss come the 2022 midterms.

But we will likely see no such thing, on account of the undeniable reality that the GOP sucks almost as much as the Democrats because they largely serve the same donor class.

Comment: See also:

War Whore

Zelensky attacks Elon Musk for proposing peaceful solution for Ukraine conflict

elon musk zelensky
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suggested that Elon Musk was supporting Russia by providing a hypothetical peace scenario in the conflict between the two eastern European nations.

The tweet from Zelensky comes after Ukraine's ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik lashed out at Musk, telling him to "f*ck off."

Zelensky tweeted a poll with the question, "which Elon Musk do you like better?" with the options being "One who supports Ukraine" and "One who supports Russia."


One of Northern Europe's largest vegetable brands to shut down winter production due to energy costs, forecasts winter shortages

hak vegetable food shortages
© Ruud Morijn Photographer/Shutterstock.com
HAK, one of Northern Europe's largest vegetable brands, to shut down entire production for six weeks.
HAK, one of the largest vegetable brands in Northern Europe, is set to shut down the entire production for six weeks due to high energy costs, as reported on Monday, October 3.

Dutch vegetable and pulses company HAK is set to temporarily halt its production for six weeks from January due to energy costs, the company said on October 3.

"With current energy prices, it is not feasible to continue production in winter," the company said.

"It's not just the high price, but also the uncertainty," said managing director Timo Hoogeboom.

Comment: The UN ominously warned of food shortages creating a situation that would be like 'Hell on earth'.


Pensions watchdog called in to emergency talks on how to calm UK market turmoil

Bank of England

The Bank of England
The Pensions Regulator has for the first time been drafted into high-level emergency talks led by the Treasury and Bank of England as they examine measures to calm financial markets in the wake of the meltdown which followed Kwasi Kwarteng's mini-budget.

The watchdog, which oversees the £1.5tn pension sector, is understood to have been summoned into closed-door meetings of the Authorities' Response Framework (ARF), which are triggered when an "incident or threat" could cause major disruption to financial services in the UK.

Officials will now consider how to further respond to the meltdown that followed the chancellor's speech and forced the Bank of England to intervene with a £65bn bond-buying programme in order to avoid a pensions crisis.


Dutch begin stockpiling coal, wood for winter as energy crisis worsens

Coal seller
© REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw
Coal seller Gerben van Beek fills a bag with coal, in Veenendaal, Netherlands September 28, 2022.
The budget-conscious Dutch, who enjoyed abundant cheap gas for half a century to heat their homes, are turning to more traditional heating methods as cold weather reaches the Netherlands.

Sales of coal, wood and pellets for heating stoves have jumped as consumers seek cheaper energy alternatives to counter sky-rocketing gas bills in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

Customers visiting the warehouse of coal merchant Wim van Beek in the central Dutch town of Veenendaal this week were primarily looking to trim spending on heating, the merchant told Reuters.

Comment: 'To trim spending', the wording used here reeks of a lame attempt to downplay the gravity of the situation.

Comment: And it's not just in the Netherlands: Day-long queues for coal in Poland as soaring energy prices cause people to panic buy ahead of winter