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Wed, 21 Apr 2021
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Ex-Hollywood Foreign Press president called BLM a 'racist hate movement', UPDATE: He's cancelled

Phil Berk
The former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association sent an email calling Black Lives Matter a racist movement, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday.

The former president of the association that hands out the Golden Globes awards, Phil Berk, also described Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, as a "self-proclaimed 'trained Marxist" in the email, which the Times reported was sent to the press association's members, staff and its general counsel and chief operating officer, Gregory Goeckner.

Berk, who had served eight terms as president of the organization, also shared an article titled "BLM Goes Hollywood'' in the email. Berk did not cite the source for the story, but it came from conservative commentator David Horowitz's Freedom Center website, FrontPage Mag, according to the Times.

Comment: He's right, though.

UPDATE: He's cancelled. From The Hollywood Reporter:
"Effective immediately, Phil Berk is no longer a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association," the HFPA's board said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

Berk, an 88-year-old from South Africa, received considerable backlash to his Sunday email from fellow members, according to the Los Angeles Times, which received a copy of the email chain. One member labeled Berk's email "racist," another "vile" and a third called him "a thundering disgrace," while the HFPA's COO notified Berk that it was "not appropriate" behavior. Berk replied, "I only intended to illustrate the hypocricy [sic] that engulfs us I forwarded it as a point of information I had no hidden agenda I now regret having sent it."


On Tuesday, both NBC, which broadcasts the Golden Globe Awards, and MRC, which owns the company that produces it, Dick Clark Productions, issued statements demanding Berk's expulsion from the group.

"NBC strongly condemns Phil Berk's actions and is calling for his immediate expulsion," the network said in a statement. "While we continue to await the details of HFPA's upcoming plan for reform, swift action on this front is an essential element for NBC to move forward with the HFPA and the Golden Globes.

Magic Wand

Richard Dawkins loses 'humanist of the year' title over trans comments

richard dawkins
© Graeme Robertson/The Guardian
Richard Dawkins … ‘Attempts at clarification inadequate,’ says AHA.
The American Humanist Association has withdrawn its humanist of the year award from Richard Dawkins, 25 years after he received the honour, criticising the academic and author for "demean[ing] marginalised groups" using "the guise of scientific discourse".

The AHA honoured Dawkins, whose books include The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion, in 1996 for his "significant contributions" in communicating scientific concepts to the public. On Monday, it announced that it was withdrawing the award, referring to a tweet sent by Dawkins earlier this month, in which he compared trans people to Rachel Dolezal, the civil rights activist who posed as a black woman for years.

"In 2015, Rachel Dolezal, a white chapter president of NAACP, was vilified for identifying as Black," wrote Dawkins on Twitter. "Some men choose to identify as women, and some women choose to identify as men. You will be vilified if you deny that they literally are what they identify as. Discuss."

Comment: Scientific materialism eating its own...

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Life Preserver

BMJ: 2020 was less deadly than every year before 2009

deadly years graph

Age standardised mortality rates per 100,000 in England and Wales, 1942-2020
Leading medical journal the BMJ published a peer-reviewed article last week by John Appleby, Director of Research at the Nuffield Trust, that draws on ONS data to look at the 2020 England and Wales death toll in a historical context.

In terms of absolute number of deaths, 2020 was the worst year since 1838 except for the Spanish Flu year of 1918 (note that overseas deaths including war casualties are not included).

Comment: Well, that's rather damning. Too bad it won't do anything to sway the zealots and make people actually adopt a reasonable stance on this whole fiasco. Expect continued lockdowns and social distancing to continue well into the future. They don't care about graphs.

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Corrupt media who accused Trump of 'inciting' violence are silent when Democrat Maxine Waters does just that

maxine waters minnesota
© Guardian News / YouTube
Legacy outlets covered Trump's speech with the pre-determined premise of incitement. They have either ignored or dismissed Water's call to 'get more confrontational.'

On Saturday, California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters went to Minnesota and demanded militant demonstrators "get more confrontational" this week in the absence of a guilty verdict in the George Floyd murder trial of former Minneapolis Police Office Derek Chauvin.

"We are looking for a guilty verdict," Waters said. Anything less, would be an insult to warrant insurrection. "Not manslaughter. No no no, this is guilty. For murder."

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Protesters gather in Columbus, Ohio after police shoot 16-year-old black girl

police shooting 16yo columbus
© REUTERS/Gaelen Morse
Protesters and police at the site of a fatal shooting by an officer in Columbus, Ohio, April 20, 2021.
Around the time a Minnesota jury declared an ex-cop guilty for last year's death of George Floyd, a 16-year-old black girl was fatally shot by police in Columbus, Ohio, sparking another Black Lives Matter protest.

Columbus PD officers responding to a 911 call about an "attempted stabbing" around 4:45 pm Eastern time on Tuesday. The caller said a female was trying to stab them, and hung up, police said, according to local media. One person was wounded in an "officer-involved shooting" and transported to hospital in critical condition, where she died at 5:21, police said.

"This afternoon a young woman tragically lost her life," Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther tweeted, urging residents to "remain calm" and allow the Bureau of Criminal Investigations to "gather the facts."

Comment: And here we go again. The timing of this almost seems planned.


Minnesota cop Chauvin found guilty of 'murdering' George Floyd, faces up to 75 years in prison - Leftists, led by Biden, demand 'moar justice'

derek chauvin trial
Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all counts - second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter - in the death of George Floyd.

The jury returned its verdict on Tuesday afternoon after just 10 and a half hours of deliberation.

As the verdict was read out Chauvin looked on with no visible emotion in the Hennepin County courtroom, where jurors spent three weeks listening to testimony about the day Floyd died - under the weight of the 45-year-old officer's knee - during an arrest on May 25, 2020.

Judge Peter Cahill thanked the jury on behalf of the state of Minnesota for not only jury service but 'heavy duty jury service'.

The state moved immediately to have Chauvin's bail revoked pending sentencing, which will happen in eight weeks. Judge Cahill did so and Chauvin was remanded into custody, and taken from the courtroom in handcuffs. On Tuesday night he was transferred to Oak Park Heights, Minnesota's only maximum security prison.

Chauvin faces a minimum sentence of 12.5 years and maximum of 40 years if he serves terms for each charge concurrently.

If served consecutively, he faces between 29 and 75 years.

Comment: This verdict doesn't mean that the situation in US cities will calm down and 'return to normal'.

The 'compassionate ones' are only just getting started. Continue maintaining social distancing from them. Leave to more rural, saner parts if you can. This 'inflection point', as Prezident Camacha Harris put it, will only embolden them to tighten their embrace with the forces of destruction and chaos.

harris burning city


BLM protesters rallied after Minneapolis police shot a man Sunday afternoon, then called it off when they learned he was white

BLM rally
Is anyone surprised at this?

BLM protesters rally for 'victim,' leave after learning he was white

A man was shot by police in the Minneapolis suburb of Burnsville on Sunday, leading protesters outside Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz's home to drop to their knees for a moment of silence:

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France becomes 1st EU state to trial Covid vaccine certificate for all of Europe

france vaccine center
© Reuters / Eric Gaillard
France has become the first country in Europe to embrace a "digital coronavirus travel certificate" system - a controversial electronic vaccine passport similar to those that have surfaced in Israel and parts of the US.

The TousAntiCovid app is slated to debut next Thursday, a year after the concept was devised in Brussels to serve as the root framework for a contact-tracing program and immunity passport for France. Going forward, it will be expanded to include vaccine data as well, with the relevant information stored on users' smartphones.

During the trial, travelers will be registered as they pass through connection points in Corsica and overseas departements (similar to counties) in France. Paris hopes the design will not just confirm the positive or negative test status of users, but also track their vaccination status.

Starting on April 29, the trial system can be used to verify whether the carrier has been vaccinated or not, an official told Le Monde on Tuesday. The system will subsequently serve as one part of a "reinforced, consolidated, and standardized" pan-European system, according to Minister of Digital Transition Cedric O, who has been in contact with other countries and major airlines in an effort to set up a functional, glitch-free system going forward.

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Father jailed for calling his transgender child, who was born female, his 'daughter' and denouncing 'her' medical treatment

Trans march Toronto
© Anatoliy Cherkasov / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images
Placard saying, Protect the Trans kids, during the Trans march. Spectators displayed their support towards the transgender and non-binary people while demonstrating on the streets of Toronto in a Trans March during the Pride Month.
Canada - "True North, strong and free," according to its anthem - is in thrall to transgender ideology. On Friday, a father was sent to prison. His crime? Speaking out against the medical transition of his 14-year-old daughter.

The man complained about doctors giving puberty blockers to the 14-year-old, and referred to the child with the pronouns 'she' and 'her', in defiance of a court order. He was sent to prison for six months for contempt of court.

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen denounced his behaviour as outrageous contempt of a court order imposed to protect the girl's identity. He handed down a "strong denunciatory sentence" on the man for "blatantly, wilfully and repeatedly" defying publication bans.

But what else could a father do when his daughter suddenly decided that she was a boy, and was then promptly affirmed by a psychologist before being referred to an endocrinologist for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones?

Comment: This is what makes Bill C-16 so dangerous, and what Jordan Peterson was speaking up against.


Former home of defense witness in Chauvin trial targeted by vandals: police

blood garage
© Santa Rosa Police Department
Vandals targeted the former home of an expert who testified in former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin's defense, leaving a pig head and blood, according to police.

The Santa Rosa Police Department said in a statement on Saturday that officers responded to a call at approximately 3 a.m., after an unnamed victim said a group of individuals dressed in black threw a pig's head on their front porch and spattered blood on the front of their home.

Barry Brodd, a use-of-force expert who was called to the stand by the defense in Chauvin's trial last week, previously lived at the house. Police said that in the statement that it appeared "the suspects in this vandalism were targeting Mr. Brodd for his testimony."

However, Brodd had not lived at the residence for several years, and he no longer lives in California.

Police said the blood appeared to be animal blood.

Approximately 45 minutes after officers arrived at the house in the California city, a large statue of a hand in front of a shopping mall was also vandalized with suspected animal blood. The perpetrators reportedly left a sign in front of the statue with an image of a pig that read "oink oink."

Comment: If Chauvin is found not guilty, the jurors may well have to enter witness protection! Especially with Biden and Waters fanning the flames.