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Tue, 16 Jan 2018
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Sumo's chief referee to resign over sexual harassment of a junior official

Sumo referee
© Toru Hanai / Reuters
Top-ranked sumo referee Shikimori Inosuke has been suspended by the Japan Sumo Association (JSA) and is expected to resign for sexually harassing a junior referee during a regional tour in December.

The incident occurred in Okinawa, Japan when Inosuke, who was reportedly drunk, repeatedly kissed the teenage referee and touched his chest. The victim has declined to file charges.

The JSA suspended the referee for three tournaments is expected to accept a formal resignation from him in May, after his ban has been lifted. Inosuke, who has previously been involved in drunken incidents, apologized to the association for his behavior, but insisted he couldn't remember the harassment.

"At this time, following in succession after the assault issue, we had this incident of Inosuke's inappropriate acts. I'm sorry for this," JSA Chairman Hakkaku said at a news conference on Saturday, The Japan Times reported.

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Cop not charged after smashing handcuffed woman's face to the floor

police arrest
Last July, Tiffany McNeil would walk into the Branch County Jail only to leave in a stretcher moments later after being brutally assaulted by a police officer and knocked unconscious while she was handcuffed. That police officer was identified in a report by TFTP last month as Coldwater police officer Lewis Eastmead and now it appears the department is letting him quietly slip away with no punishment.

As is the case so many times, officers who are facing potential punishment for crimes committed while on duty, they are allowed to quietly resign and become gypsy cops only to be hired at another department down the road. While we cannot confirm that is the case in Coldwater, it appears from the department's tight-lipped statement that it is highly probable.

As WTVB reported this week, Coldwater City Manager Keith Baker said in a two sentence statement on Friday night that Lewis Eastmead was no longer employed by the City of Coldwater.

He did not say if Eastmead was terminated or if he resigned. All Baker said was that Eastmead was no longer employed by the city as of January 12th, 2018 and that as a result of ongoing litigation, no further comment will be made at this time, reported the WTVB.


Teens inspired by Columbine Massacre go on knife rampage at Russian school, 15 injured

russian school knife rampage 1
© 59.ru
At least 14 students and a teacher were injured in a knife rampage at a school in the Russian city of Perm. The teenagers who started the assault may have been inspired by the Columbine High School massacre, according to reports.

It all started Monday morning when a knife fight broke out between an 11th grader and a former student "on the grounds of personal enmity," local investigators told RT. The brawl then spilled into a classroom of fourth grade students. The teacher and children tried to separate the two, sustaining injuries as a result.

That account is challenged by the students, however, who say there was no fight. They say the two teenagers entered a classroom and went directly to the teacher to stab her before attacking other children in the classroom. This echoes an initial report by the mayor's office, which said the school had been attacked by masked assailants.

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New docs show Stephen Paddock took elaborate steps to cover tracks, was in contact with someone about weapons and gear

paddock mandalay
As he meticulously planned the Las Vegas attack, the man responsible for the worst mass shooting in modern American history took elaborate steps to stymie the inevitable law enforcement investigation, according to federal court documents unsealed on Friday.

The F.B.I. search warrants shed new light on the degree to which the gunman, Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 others when he opened fire on a crowd from a hotel room in October, planned the attack and prepared for the aftermath. One of the warrants described how Mr. Paddock "destroyed or tried to hide digital media devices."

Investigators said he used anonymous communications devices, including a prepaid cellphone, to cover his tracks and employed a "level of sophistication which is commonly found in mass casualty events."

"Paddock planned the attack meticulously and took many methodical steps to avoid detection of his plot and to thwart the eventual law enforcement investigation that would follow," the F.B.I. said.

Mr. Paddock's motive for the attack remains unknown.

The search warrants, which were approved by judges shortly after the shooting, said three cellphones belonging to Mr. Paddock were found in his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, including two that investigators searched and one that they could not unlock. An F.B.I. agent wrote that he believed "if there were any information related to a potential conspiracy, it would be found within" the locked phone, which used a Google operating system.

Comment: According to the docs, "Subject offenses have been committed by Stephen Paddock, Mary Lou Danley, and others yet unknown."

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Cop beats girlfriend's 4yo son, puts boy in critical condition

Michael Shane Abo
Michael Shane Abo, with the Yamhill Police Department, was arrested Saturday morning for first degree assault and criminal mistreatment in the first degree after beating a four year old boy so bad that he had to be air lifted to OHSU and is currently in critical condition.

Abo was arrested without incident at his home early Saturday morning and booked into the Yamhill County Jail. His bail was set at $1 million.

This can provide insight into the mentality of some of these police officers. We often wonder why or how some of these cops have the capacity to tazer the elderly, or shoot unarmed children, or beat mentally ill people to death.

Snakes in Suits

City mayors in 10 US states push back against Trump admin's war on cannabis legalization

Attorney General Jeff Sessions  Joshua Roberts / Reuters 8
© Joshua Roberts / Reuters
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
City mayors in 10 US states are pushing back against the Trump administration's new war on marijuana legalization.

Mayors from Colorado and Washington - the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana back in 2012 - are the lead authors of a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions in response to the crackdown announced last week.

Also named in the letter addressed to Sessions, who is coming after marijuana legalization by unleashing federal law enforcement, were mayors from New York, California, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisconsin, Arizona and Indiana.

Last week Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidelines that allowed states to legalize cannabis without the interference of the federal government as long as the drug was not marketed to minors, trafficked by cartels, sold across state lines, or cultivated on federal land.

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Campus police stop free speech ball because it's scaring the other students

police crybaby
In yet another test of the U.S. Constitution's protected freedom of speech, the Constitution Club at Southern Illinois University (SIU) inflated a giant beach ball and asked students to come by, grab a sharpie, and write whatever they felt like writing on the ball.

The students' free speech rights exercise was quickly interrupted by campus police who informed the club members they had received complaints about the ball and the group would need to stop their activities.

According to Campus Reform, the reason SIU chose to attempt to stop the demonstration was that campus police said the students did not go through the proper channels to be able to hold the demonstration:
Executive Director of University Marketing and Communications Doug McIlhagga telling Campus Reform that the activists were in violation of the university's policy "governing freedom of expression and demonstration activities."

"The demonstrators didn't follow the proper University procedure for a public forum by going through the Vice Chancellor of Administration's Office for approval," he elaborated. "We normally get the 'Request For Use Of The Designated Public Forum' form. However in this particular instance, we did not."

Gold Coins

80% of bitcoin mined, fear rises that it will become another fiat currency

© Michael Weber / Global Look Press
As bitcoin gets closer to its 21-million-unit limit, enthusiasts say buying the cryptocurrency will gradually become much harder, making it more valuable. Others say it will stop being decentralized.

Over 16,800,000 BTC have been mined as of January 13. It is impossible to predict when all the 21 million will have been mined. Some are saying that it can be done in five years, others argue that will not happen in the next 100 years, as mining will become more difficult.


Tunisian police clash with anti-austerity protesters on 7th anniversary of 'Arab Spring'

Anti-austerity Tunisian protestors
© Youssef Boudlal / Reuters
Protestors shout slogans during demonstrations on the seventh anniversary of the toppling of president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, in Tunis, Tunisia January 14, 2018.
Police used tear gas against protesters, who hurled rocks and set tires on fire in Tunisia on the 7th anniversary of the 'Arab Spring,' after a week of a widening crackdown on anti-austerity protests and nearly 800 arrests.

Hundreds of youth protesting price hikes and tax increases announced by the cash-strapped Tunisian government on January 1 clashed with police in two neighborhoods of the capital, and in the city of Feriana on the Algerian border.

Protesters hurled rocks and other projectiles, set off fireworks and set rubbish and tires on fire as anti-austerity protests, which have been raging in the country over the past week, again turned violent on Sunday evening after a two-day respite.

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Cops raid local park and arrest more than a dozen people for feeding the homeless

police arrest homeless feeders
In spite of the myriad of stories over the years, in which police and governments across the United States have been exposed as tyrants, cities and their armed agents continue to persecute good people who help those less fortunate than them. The latest case of police oppressing those who'd dare to help the homeless comes out of El Cajon, California this week in which more than a dozen good Samaritans were arrested.

In October of last year, the El Cajon City Council unanimously voted to ban the act of sharing food on city-owned property. This ban was put in place for the ostensible purpose of preventing the spread of hepatitis A.

While the government held the fear of hep A over everyone's head as a reason to not share food, their hypocrisy was revealed in the details of the law.

If a group of people attempts to hand out food as a charitable act, they are in violation of the law and are subject to arrest. However, if a group of people hands out food for non-charitable acts-such as birthday parties, group events, etc.-then they are not in violation of the law and are not subject to arrest.

Comment: More on feeding bans throughout the US: