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Tue, 17 May 2022
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The shape-shifting DC dark money group disguising liberal campaigns across the country

american dollars
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In May, a group called Accountable Tech, which calls itself a "small nonprofit taking on Big Tech companies," organized a corporate boycott to protest Elon Musk's bid to buy Twitter. In the midwest, a group called Opportunity Wisconsin, which bills itself as a "coalition of Wisconsin residents," ran a deluge of TV ads slamming Republican senator Ron Johnson for his tax policies. And in Arizona, an organization of "grassroots racial justice" activists called Just Democracy released a video blasting Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema for failing to support the Biden administration's legislative agenda.

None of these groups actually exist. They are all registered trade names for the North Fund, a shape-shifting nonprofit group that uses aliases to push an array of left-wing causes from a shell office in Washington, D.C., according to corporate records.

Political watchdogs say the fund, which isn't required to disclose the donors behind its $66 million budget, is gearing up to be one of the most consequential dark-money players of the midterm elections. And while "astroturf" groups are nothing new in politics, critics say the North Fund is part of a new breed — moving away from specific policy advocacy and delving into electoral politics.

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Prominent trans activist celebrated by liberal press faces 16 felony charges for sexual abuse of boy

trans activist carlos hernandez
A prominent trans activist who was highly praised by liberal media outlets and institutions is now facing 16 felony charges for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor following a sextortion investigation.

Carlos Arturo Aparicio Hernandez, 36, of Taylorsville, Utah, a biological male who identifies as a woman named "Raiza", is accused of the sexual abuse and exploitation of a 15-year-old boy after sending the victim a friend request on Facebook posing as a teenage girl.

According to charging documents, the 15-year-old victim accepted a friend request on Facebook in January of 2021 from someone he was led to believe was a female his own age. After communicating for months, the victim sent nude photos at the request of Hernandez and was later asked to meet in-person, court documents state.

Comment: It's amazing how many of these woke activists turn out to be child sexual predators. Must be a coincidence.

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Romania claims Eurovision changed their vote to give first place to Ukraine

kalush orchestra
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Romanian broadcaster TVR has accused the European Broadcasting Union of assigning a different set of scores to the ones they provided, incorrectly giving the highest score to Ukraine, which went on to win the competition.

The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra easily won the competition, finishing on 631 points, with the United Kingdom in second place with 466 points.

However, despite the margin of victory, the official Romanian Eurovision representatives complained that the EBU ignored their vote to give Moldova first place and instead awarded it to Ukraine.



'Twitter does not believe in free speech': Project Veritas records Twitter engineer saying platform censors the right but NOT the left, everyone who works there is 'commie as f**k'

siru murugesan twitter enginner project veritas

Siru Murugesan, described by Project Veritas as a senior engineer at Twitter, has been caught on camera by an undercover operative admitting the company has a left-wing bias, does not believe in free speech, and that staffers 'hate' Elon Musk.
A senior engineer at Twitter has admitted the social media giant has a strong left-wing bias and they routinely censor conservatives.

Siru Murugesan was recorded saying the company culture is extremely far left where workers are 'commie as f**k' and they 'hate, hate, hate' Elon Musk's $44 billion takeover.

In a shockingly frank conversation, filmed over several encounters, he said the firm 'does not believe in free speech' and even started to turn him left-wing when he joined.

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Wisconsin middle school charges three boys with sexual harassment for using 'wrong' pronouns

woke buttons
The mom of one of the accused said she thought it was a "joke".

A Wisconsin middle school is charging three boys with sexual harassment for calling a classmate the "incorrect pronouns."

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) wrote a letter to Kiel Area School District administrators urging them to drop the Title IX complaint and investigation against the eighth graders.

Comment: What does the school hope to achieve with this stunt? Locking up eighth graders? Even if this was a case of bullying (and it's not clear that it was), since when do bullies face criminal charges for calling people names?

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Church shooting in Southern California; four critically wounded, one fatality; police: one person detained

Church shooting in Southern California
A church in Southern California was the target of a mass shooting Sunday afternoon with initial reports of four wounded, one person killed and a suspect in custody. According to photos of emergency response vehicles at the scene and a block location given by police, the shooting appears to have taken place at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods.

UPDATES AT END. Shooting took place during a meeting by the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church that shares space with the Geneva church. Suspect is reported to be a "68-year-old Asian man."

Statements by the Orange County Sheriff's Office posted to Twitter:

"#OCSDPIO Deputies are responding to reports of a shooting at a church on the 24000 block of El Toro Road in Laguna Woods. Multiple victims have been shot. More details to follow, PIO en route...We have detained one person and have recovered a weapon that may be involved...We are working to get information out as quickly as possible. We ask for patience as this event unfolds."


FDA agrees to reopen baby formula plant shut down over evidence of deadly bacteria found, nationwide shortage continues

baby formula

Olivia Godden prepares a bottle of baby formula for her infant son at her home in San Antonio, Texas, May 13, 2022.
The Food and Drug Administration and Abbott Nutrition have agreed on a plan to resume operations at its infant formula facility in Sturgis, Michigan, the company announced on Monday.

While the news will be welcomed by frustrated dealing who are struggling find formula on shelves, it still could be several more weeks before they see relief.

According to Abbott, the agreement with the FDA lays out "the steps necessary to resume production and maintain the facility" but remains subject to court approval. Abbott said that once the FDA gives it the official green light, it could restart operations at the site within two weeks and that it would take six to eight weeks after that before the product is back on shelves.

Comment: Abbott Nutrition is hardly going to readily admit the deadly bacteria found at its plant is connected with the death of two children.

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UK to prohibit boycotts against Israel

Protest march
Palestinian Protest
On 11 May, the British government announced plans to ban local councils and other public bodies from participating in boycott and divestment campaigns against Israel.

The announcement came during a speech by the Queen of England on 10 May, delivered by Prince Charles on her behalf at the opening of Parliament. The Prince said the government would "introduce legislation to prevent public bodies from engaging in boycotts that undermine community cohesion."

The bill is seen as an attempt to silence the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which seeks to pressure the Israeli government to end its occupation of Palestine.

According to Al Mayadeen, this is not the first time the Conservative Party has attempted to pass legislation prohibiting public agencies from engaging with BDS organizations, but previous attempts to sign the bill into law were rejected by the Supreme Court, in part due to a lack of adequate legislation.

Pro-Palestinian groups in the UK have condemned the bill and announced that they will oppose it.

Comment: Another screw has been tightened for Israel.

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Corporate media celebrates the exponential rise of the transgender craze it helped create

caitlyn jenner
According to a Gallup poll released earlier this year, the percentage of American adults self-identifying as something other than heterosexual has increased to 7.1 percent, double the percentage from 2012, when Gallup first measured this statistic. Almost 21 percent of Generation Z (young adults born between 1997 and 2003) identify as LGBT. When compared to the baby boomer generation, the percentage of Americans identifying as transgender has risen twentyfold, as Ross Douthat recently observed in The New York Times.

Plenty of outlets reported on this remarkable development. The tenor of corporate media commentary has been widely celebratory — surely this must mean that people finally feel comfortable truly inhabiting their own skin. What we are witnessing, they say, is the flowering of trans life. Yet is it really that simple?

Comment: Breitbart reported on a recent poll that showed the "majority of Americans overwhelmingly oppose transgender surgery for kids and puberty blockers for minors":
Conducted by OnMessage Inc. for the American Principles Project (APP) the poll probed six Senate battleground states - Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and New Hampshire - and discovered that transgender radicalism is anything but a winning issue for Democrats.

Asking respondents whether they would support puberty blockers, hormone treatment, or sex-change surgeries on minors, over 56 percent of respondents said yes while 34 percent said no.

"A little over a third of those respondents identified as Democrats, while 37% identified as Republicans, and just under a quarter identified themselves as Independents, according to the survey by the American Principles Project Foundation," Fox News said of the poll.

"In another question, respondents were asked whether they supported or were against children being pushed into a sex change. Around 63% of respondents agreed that children were too young for the decision," the outlet added. "Around 22% of respondents believed that opposition to gender transitioning was transphobic. "

President Joe Biden's administration recently promoted transgender surgery and puberty blockers for minors, calling the measures "crucial to overall health and well-being."
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Palestinian Bedouins decry expulsion from their lands: 'Why should I leave?

Masafer Yatta bedouins expulsion palestinians
© Louy Alsaeed/Al Jazeera
This month the Israeli High Court rejected a petition from the families of Masafer Yatta to prevent the expulsion of 1,300 Palestinians living in 12 communities in the area
Outside the city of Hebron, already an example of encroaching Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory, sits what appears to be an unassuming grouping of Palestinian Bedouin homes.

But here, in Masafer Yatta, local families are battling to stop what would be one of the largest single displacements of Palestinians in decades, as Israeli forces attempt to forcibly expel them.

Muhammed Musa Shahada and his family are among the dozens threatened with expulsion.

"I was born here in the village of Al-Majaz, why should I leave my land against my will? Why should I have to live through another Nakba?" the 61-year-old Shahada told Al Jazeera, referring to the forced displacement and death of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians that came as a result of the creation of Israel in 1948.