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Mon, 11 Dec 2017
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Mueller investigation has unveiled rampant political collusion in Washington

Flynn- Jared Kushner
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Kosher Kollusion
The effect of the sensational headlines about Michael Flynn lying to the FBI about talking to the Russian ambassador is rapidly dissipating, as we learn more about the substance (or lack thereof) of the case and the bias of the FBI. Not only has FBI agent Peter Strzok been fired from the Mueller investigation for his anti-Trump text messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, but we have now learned that Mueller's 'Russiagate' team has been plagued by Clinton insiders, such as investigators Aaron Zebley and Andrew Weissmann.

Now Nick James, an attorney writing in the Daily Caller, brings up an interesting legal implication of Strzok's bias.

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Presiding over a heart disease catastrophe, the American Heart Association advocates vegetarian diet

steak meat

Hmmm, steak
Vegetarians were celebrating last month because a study published by the American Heart Association (AHA) found that a plant-based diet was associated with reduced risk - by 42%, allegedly - of heart failure.

Vegan and freelance writer Susan Bird, in her article on this study, accidentally cited a different study (published on the same day by the AHA) about coffee, strokes, and heart failure, where researchers analyzed data from the long-running Framingham Heart Study.

In this coffee/strokes study, researchers found that drinking coffee was associated with decreased risk of developing heart failure by seven percent, and stroke by eight percent, with every additional cup of coffee consumed per week, compared with non-coffee drinkers.

They also found that eating red meat was associated with decreased risk of heart failure and stroke. And yet, the AHA recommended that people "limit red meat, which is high in saturated fat, as part of a healthy dietary pattern that should emphasize, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, poultry and fish."

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Behind the Headlines: Has Trump Gone Full Shlemiel in Planned U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem?

us flag burning protest
... or is he forcing the long-overdue issue of Palestinian statehood front and center?

Promises, promises. Nearly all U.S. presidents of the last thirty years have made campaign promises to move the American embassy in Israel to the contested city of Jerusalem in order to secure the Israel lobby's support. But once in office, none have ever followed through. That is, until now. Last week Trump dropped a matzo ball-encrusted bombshell on Palestinians, the Middle East and much of the whole world when he recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and said that he intends, in fact, to follow through on his promise to move the embassy ... in one or two years.

Was Trump merely making good on a deal he made for campaign funds, and not seeing how it could harm a 'dead in the water' peace process? Or was this decision part of a larger plan to team up with Saudi Arabia and Israel in a plan to topple Iran? On the other hand, Trump might be playing Netanyahu in order to get greater concessions for Palestinians during peace talks later. And how does Trump's Israeli settlement profiting son-in-law Jared Kushner fit into all of this?

Whatever the answers, the Middle East is now, more than ever, riled up with indignation and sees Trump's decision as symbolic of a U.S. choice to effectively end Palestinian aspirations for sovereignty.

Join us this week on Behind the Headlines as we follow this story, Brexit, the ongoing Russiagate Mueller investigation and more. Tune in at 6-8pm CET (4-6pm UTC / 12-2pm EST).

*Shlemiel: A jewish or Yiddish term meaning "unlucky bungler" or "chump." It is a common archetype in Jewish humor, and so-called "shlemiel jokes" depict the shlemiel falling into unfortunate situations.

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Fake News! CNN Launches Bombshell Dud Over False Trump-Wikileaks Story

CNN fake news
Anyone following alternative news for the past decade and more understands the deceptive tactics used within the mainstream media. 'Fake news' is nothing new. However, the fervor behind anti-Russian hysteria is increasingly driving major outlets over the edge. Journalists and politicians have been scrambling to find any scrap that might support claims of collusion because as of yet there hasn't been a single shred of evidence to support their ridiculous narrative.

ABC News made headlines last week after incorrectly reporting that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was going to testify that Trump ordered him to contact the Russian government during the campaign. If true, this would have seemingly supported the Trump-Russia collusion fantasy. ABC's story turned out to be false. They had to make a major correction and suspend their reporter Brian Ross. It was actually during the transition that Trump's son-in-law directed Flynn to reach out to the Russians, which was a totally normal thing to do.

Now CNN is under fire for another bombshell dud. They initially claimed the Trump team knew about hacked Wikileaks files prior to them being released to the public. However, CNN's general lack of integrity led their reporter to get the date of an email wrong, which upended their whole story.


Fending off Libel Suit, BuzzFeed is on Mission Impossible to Prove 'Trump Dossier' is Fact-based

Trump Buzzfeed dossier
Ultra-liberal trash site BuzzFeed - memorably excoriated by Trump as a 'failing pile of garbage' at his first press conference since becoming president - has been under-fire ever since it published that fake 'golden-shower' dossier, and for good reason.

Its 'serious' reports on 'Russiagate' are all unsubstantiated nonsense that has actively jeopardized US democracy by giving legs to a now-sprawling witch-hunt 'investigation', damaging people and careers in the process - not least the American president's.

Aleksej Gubarev, Russian tech start-up expert and CEO of Webzilla and XBT Holdings, was alleged in the documents to have helped Russia 'hack the US elections.' He has since filed a libel suit against BuzzFeed, which has been unable to get the case thrown out of a Miami courtroom for lack of jurisdiction.

In addition, the US Department of Justice has thrown out BuzzFeed's lawyers' argument that libel constitutes 'fair reporting privilege,' so the New York City outlet has now taken it upon itself to prove the dossier's allegations - something any legitimate media outlet would have done before publishing it.

Foreign Policy reports:


Kurdish SDF Commander: Thousands of ISIS Terrorists Fled Raqqa to Fight Assad Thanks to Secret Deal With US

talal silo
© REUTERS/Rodi Said/File Photo
Then Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesman Talal Silo speaks during a news conference in Hukoumiya village in Raqqa, Syria, June 6, 2017
We all know the CIA and its Saudi friends created ISIS as a proxy army to fight against any countries that dared stand up to American imperial aggression. But just for those who still doubt that truth, now we have the testimony of Talal Silo, a former Pentagon-backed commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), to reconfirm just who has been pulling the strings on ISIS in the Middle East.

It was previously reported in October that the US allowed ISIS fighters to be bused out of Raqqa to other parts of Syria to continue their war on the Syrian people. Silo, who was also the SDF spokesman back in October when the deal was made and has now defected to Turkey, said that about 300 ISIS fighters had been allowed to leave. But in a recent interview with Reuters, he said that the real number of jihadists allowed to leave was far higher than that:
"Agreement was reached for the terrorists to leave, about 4,000 people, them and their families," Silo said, adding that all but about 500 were fighters.

He said they headed east to Islamic State-controlled areas around Deir al-Zor, where the Syrian army and forces supporting President Bashar al-Assad were gaining ground.
Note also what Silo said about the famous "last ditch battle" of Raqqa:
He told Reuters that the account of a last-ditch battle was a fiction designed to keep journalists away while the evacuation took place.

For three days the SDF banned people from going to Raqqa, saying fighting was in progress to deal with militants who had not given themselves up.

"It was all theater," Silo said.

"The announcement was cover for those who left for Deir al-Zor", he said, adding that the agreement was endorsed by the United States.
So the US military directly aided its alleged terrorist enemy - an enemy that was the ostensible reason for the US presence in Syria in the first place - by allowing them to flee to other parts of Syria and continue the destruction of its people, infrastructure and essentially its history. As part of the deception, the US government and CIA manufactured an elaborate cover story about a "final battle" in Raqqa in order to keep the media away and hide the fact that the 'exodus' was taking place.

The SDF commander claims that he came forward because he was "disillusioned" over the structure of the US-backed SDF and because in Raqqa, "they destroyed a city, but not the enemy". Then again, that's pretty much how the CIA has operated since its creation, using the US military and proxy forces as tools to achieve a covert agenda.

To those of us who are well aware of the true nature and role of the CIA over the last 80 years, it's no surprise that they would be disinclined to get rid of an 'enemy' that they themselves created, financed and armed. Such 'fake opposition' is the CIA's tried and tested way to justify the invasion, occupation, destruction and looting of any country they deem not compliant enough with the wishes of the US 'deep state'.


Something, something ... Tax Cuts For The Rich

Croesus and Solon
© FineArtAmerica.com
Croesus and Solon by Johann Georg Platzer. A story worth reading.
Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie. - Miyamoto Musashi
Writing about taxes is slightly less fun than being spit roasted by someone with cerebral palsy. Reading what someone wrote about taxes is probably akin to being tied to a chair with toothpicks holding your eyelids open and being forced to watch.

People used to like money. We all talk about the death of capitalism. Capitalism is dying, but not from flaws in its ideological substrata, but of fiscal ennui - no matter what the left says, greed is just too vital for modern capitalism. What we really have is the lethargic gluttony of crass consumerism. Can you blame the West? All those ratios and percentages, and progressive pass-through limited partnerships and blah blah blah. Greed used to be sexy, now whining about the 1% while twirling your dreadlocks in between puffs of medical marijuana is sexy.

Greed is dead.


Ireland, UK and Brussels reach Brexit agreement: No hard border for Northern Ireland, which effectively remains in EU

brexit scrabble
'Brexit' just took an interesting turn. After all-night talks between Irish, British and EU leaders, a deal was reached Friday morning, after which British Prime Minister Theresa May said at a press conference in Brussels that there will be "no hard border" between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, along the Northern Irish border.

Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar hailed the agreement as "politically bulletproof" after Britain promised to "maintain full alignment with those rules of the internal market and the customs union which, now or in the future, support north-south cooperation, the all-island economy and the protection of the 1998 [Good Friday] agreement".

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The Health & Wellness Show: Consumerism is Consuming Us!

It's that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us and for many so is the pressure to shop. Gotta find that perfect present? Maybe a little something for yourself?

What drives our desire to shop? Are we manipulated by the sophisticated propaganda of advertising? Does a seductive media convince us with its illusion of consumer happiness?

Consumption means acquiring and using goods and services to meet one's needs, yet consumerism is our particular (and peculiar) relationship to consumption, in which we seek to meet our emotional and social needs through shopping, defining and demonstrating our self-worth through the stuff we own. Does this sound like the basis of a happy and fulfilled populace?

Join us on The Health and Wellness Show as we discuss consumerism: the consumption that is consuming us. How can we navigate our daily lives without buying into the lies that we are exposed to every moment of the day? And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment, where she talks about the psychic power of pets!

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FBI Lies and Coverups on Trump 'Dodgy Dossier' Exposed at House Judiciary Committee Hearing, Mainstream Media Ignores It

Trump recently tweeted that the FBI's "reputation is in tatters". Some may put that down to more unsubstantiated mud slinging by a President who is under investigation by the same FBI for 'colluding' with the Russians. Yet anyone with two neurons firing knows that the entire 'Russia collusion' circus that has embroiled the Trump administration since before the inauguration is just that, a circus, a manufactured 'scandal' by the US 'deep state' that has nothing to do with any actual 'Russian collusion' or 'hacking of the US Presidential election'. Instead, it is a desperate attempt by the US deep state to achieve two linked objectives: 1) prevent Trump from doing what he stated he intended to do after he was elected: improve US relations with Russia, 2) tarnish Russia's good name in the international community and thereby 'contain' the only country that today presents a direct threat to failing US global hegemony.

Those are the facts, dear readers, but if you only read the Western mainstream press, you could be forgiven for being completely unaware of those facts and languishing under the false belief that Trump is some kind of treasonous criminal. Thankfully, this cynical setup by elements of the US deep state, which is dominated by the US intelligence agencies, is gradually being exposed for what it is.