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Mon, 22 May 2017
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The Health & Wellness Show: Meet the Meat You'd Never Eat!

Maastricht University physiologist Mark Post is expected to grill a patty of lab-grown meat that has taken two years and €250,000 ($338,000) to produce. (Google)
On this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we look into the future of food, where the science is going and what we can expect in the coming years. In the food science world it is not what can be created but what will be accepted. New high tech foods are easy to create in a lab with enough financial backing though the trouble the industry is having is getting the consumer to overcome the 'yuck factor'. Artificial meat research, genetically modified animals, cloned meat, lab grown-test tube meat, bleeding veggie burgers -- nothing is too far out for big corporations looking to make a profit off of the notion that consumers want save the Earth while eating 'healthy clean meat'.

Join us for a lively discussion and stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health segment where the topic will be the pet food industry.

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#Pedogate: Human trafficking and pedophilia a silent epidemic, cops and politicians involved

© Getty Images/ Scott Olson
Dennis Hastert arriving in court in October for trial in a criminal case connected to alleged hush-money payments.
While stories like the FBI investigating President Trump's 'Russian connections,' the London Car/Knife Attack, and the flop that was the GOP's new healthcare plan dominate the headlines, there were a number of stories that just fell through the cracks.... into the basement, where they were murdered, chopped up, burnt, and the remains buried by Hillary's goons.

Jennifer Williamson posted a short video that went viral of her son, Aaron, getting a thorough pat-down all because he has Sensory Processing Disorder and she requested an alternate screening procedure. They were held for over an hour, missed their flight, and then Aaron was given a ridiculously intense groping by a creepy TSA agent. Here's the video:

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Behind the Headlines: Car Terror Attack in London, Crimea Flashpoint, Imperial Hypocrisy in Syria

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here", or so it seems as major events on our planet continue to be typified by chaos, recklessness and fecklessness under the stewardship of a cabal of 'reality creators' with complete disregard for facts.

This last week has seen a uptick in tension in the area of Crimea/Ukraine with the US launching 'Spring Storm' military exercises using the coast of Romania to practice a land invasion. Where were they practicing for? Russia seems to be in no doubt that Crimea, just across the black sea, was the real future target, and while the US exercises were ongoing, the Russian military announced surprise unprecedented military maneuvers on the Crimean peninsula. The US wasn't happy of course, and neither were their lackeys in Kiev.

One day after the exercises ended, a massive explosion occurred at a Ukraine arms depot near Kharkiv, about 60 miles from both the front lines of the conflict in East Ukraine and from the Russian border. It seems most of the missiles and rockets and other ammunition were destroyed. Russia of course was blamed by Kiev, with Poroshenko tweeting that he may ask NATO to come in to "demine" the area (NATO doesn't do demining). The real culprits however, are probably much closer to home.

Imperial hypocrisy was on full display this week as the US continues to blow the hell out of Mosul and its population in its alleged attempt to defeat ISIS in the city. The fact that ISIS is largely a creation of the US and its Gulf allies, and that Russia was able to liberate Aleppo with very few civilian casualties, has been lost in the western media hubris.

Meanwhile in London, "ISIS'" new tactic of 'car terror' came to the 'heart of power' in London, Westminster, with a 'lone wolf' knocking down several people on Westminster bridge before crashing into the railings outside the Houses of Parliament. Above and beyond the goals of spreading more fear among the people of Europe and provoking religious tension, was someone sending a message to the British political elite? And in the USA, mass casualty shootings continued apace.

What is the world coming to?

This week on Behind the Headlines we'll be discussing these subjects and probably much more. Join your hosts at 6pm CET 12 noon EST for our usual lively discussion.

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US 'Spring Storm', Ukraine Weapons Depot Explosion, Russia Snap Military Exercises Crimea: Connection?

© AP Photo/ Efrem Lukatsky
Weapons depot explosion in Kharkiv.
Has anyone noticed how the mainstream media tends to dispense 'news' stories to the public as if they were isolated incidents unconnected to anything else? Silly question, I know. After all, you're probably reading SOTT.net for that very reason (among others). There were a few significant events over the past week concerning Crimea and the ongoing geopolitical 'war' between the USA and Russia that fit this pattern of media obtuseness to a 'tee', with no context or dot connecting whatsoever, despite the fact that the connections were just screaming to be made.

First, the American landing ship, the USS Carter Hall, with marines on board, crossed the Bosporus Strait and arrived in the Black Sea last Friday for "joint drills with the Romanian Navy." As can be seen from video released of the exercises, these were on a large scale and involved other landing craft like hovercraft, not to mention air support from military jets.

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The Health & Wellness Show: ‌Chemical Cocktails: Vaccine Excipients and the Autism Question

On this episode of the Health and Wellness show we take another look into the vaccine issue. The public believes that vaccines are specified viruses in sterile solutions free from undesirable contaminants. The stark reality is much different! Don't expect the mainstream media, health authorities, doctors or government agencies to to give you all the facts.

Contaminated faulty vaccines based on poor research have damaged hundreds of thousands of children all over the world causing an epidemic in childhood allergies, autoimmune disorders brain inflammation, developmental delays and Autism. Close to 1 million children will be diagnosed with Autism this year. What are these numbers saying about the chemical cocktails that are being injected into children at an alarming rate, fueling a 50 Billion dollar vaccine industry? While 'health organizations' continue to deny any relationship between Autism and vaccination. Scientists outside the US are researching the 'synergistic toxicity' of chemicals such as aluminum, and mercury and are presenting peer-reviewed science making a clear connection between immune activation events, aluminum adjuvants, and Autism.

Join us as we discuss this hotly debated topic and what can be done to slow or even reverse this heartbreaking epidemic.

Stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health segment at the end of the show. The topic is, "Why cats are vomiting, and what can you do about it?"

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Westminster 'Car Terror' Attack Raises Questions

Another 'terror attack'. Another outpouring of sympathy, this time 'for London'. Another round of media hypocrisy that willfully ignores the obvious explanation for and solution to these kinds of incidents.

On Wednesday 22nd March, around 2.40pm, we're told that a 'lone wolf', named as 52-year-old Khalid Masood, drove a black SUV along the sidewalk of the 252m-long Westminster bridge, knocking down at least 12 pedestrians and killing two of them. The SUV is about 6 feet wide and the sidewalk about 12 feet wide. There are vehicles on one side and the stone balustrade of the bridge on the other. The SUV was traveling at at least 60mph. So this was a rather difficult, if horrific, feat to carry out.

Leaving the bridge, Masood turned left towards the 'front' of the Houses of Parliament where he mounted the sidewalk and crashed the SUV into railings near the Carriage Gate entrance which is a 'weak spot' guarded by unarmed officers.

Exiting the vehicle, he tried to enter the grounds of the building and was confronted by a police officer whom he stabbed. The attacker was then shot dead by another plain clothes police officer. This was a clear attack on the 'center of power' in the UK that was designed to and succeeded (no doubt) in striking a particular chord with the British political elite.

As is often the case with such attacks in Western nations, news reports (like this BBC news segment) released immediately after the attack cited eyewitnesses who claimed there were two people in the car, one described as black with a goatee beard (matching the description of the man shot by police outside Parliament) and the other a white, bald male. But with only one man shot and killed and the official narrative reflecting this, these initial eyewitness reports have been shunted down the memory hole, never to be heard again.

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Behind the Headlines: Wilders second in Dutch elections - Turkey goads Europe's New Right

In the past few days, the relationship between the Netherlands and Turkey has turned sour due to a decision made by the Dutch government to deny the campaigning visit of two Turkish ministers.
One of the three major general elections taking place in western European countries this year occurred last week: in an apparent respite for liberal elites still reeling from Trump's success, Geert Wilders' party did not win a majority of seats, and so is unlikely to go into government. This week on Behind the Headlines, we're discussing these results, as well as the ongoing all-out war of words between the Dutch and Turkish leaderships.

With the next major European election taking place in France next month, things are heating up there too, with a school shooting and an apparent foiled terror attack occurring on the anniversary of the 2012 Toulouse shootings (which preceded the last French general election). From crisis in Europe to crisis in Trumpland, we're also checking in on developments stateside.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Real Time and Fake Time

Daylight Saving Time gained worldwide acceptance -- or was forced onto people, depending on your view of things -- around WWII. It was initially proposed as an energy saving measure and a way to boost the economy. Turns out it did neither and it ended up causing some serious health repercussions to the citizens of nations that engaged in this idiotic practice. Accidents, heart attacks and increased rates of depression and suicide along with sleep disturbances and general confusion all follow 'springing forward and falling back'.

On this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we'll explore the topic of Daylight Saving Time and how it effects the human body.

Running Time: 00:40:36

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Light Sabers

The Bigger Picture: What's Behind the Souring Relationship Between Turkey and The Netherlands

In the past few days, the relationship between the Netherlands and Turkey has turned sour due to a decision made by the Dutch government to deny the campaigning visit of two Turkish ministers.
With the upcoming Turkish constitutional referendum on April 16th 2017 - which would enable more Presidential power for Erdogan and his successors if a majority of 'yes' votes is reached - Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, Turkish Minister of Family and Social Policies, and Mevlüt Cavusoglu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, planned to visit the Netherlands to gain support for the referendum among Dutch citizens with Turkish or dual nationality.

Far-right and anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders was one of the first to immediately ask for a political debate on the coming visits, in an effort to reach consensus to prevent them from taking place. Soon after, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte - with full support from the House of Representatives - decided to bar both Sayan Kaya and Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu from visiting, supposedly because of "a danger to public order and for security reasons". Interestingly, this decision actually triggered mayhem in the streets.

Also, a week earlier, Rutte wrote on his Facebook page that "the Dutch public space is not the place to conduct another country's political campaign". However, when Dutch politicians (including Han ten Broeke, a member of Rutte's own political party), 'conduct their country's political campaign' in the UK, it is apparently considered perfectly normal.

Regardless of the lack of Dutch hospitality, Sayan Kaya still decided to go to the Netherlands, and arrived in the city of Rotterdam in the evening on Saturday March 11th, but was 'escorted' by police officers to Germany, where she took a plane back to Turkey. Cavusoglu, on the other hand reached the French city of Metz, where he will give his talk, after his initial plan to speak in Rotterdam was thwarted due to his landing rights being revoked.

The Netherlands has now joined three other nations who have banned similar meetings by Turkish officials: Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. These actions clearly further the agenda to alienate Erdogan from EU nations, as a response to his efforts to strengthen Turkey's relationship with - the US Deep State's, and therefore EU's, worst enemy - Russia.

Solar Flares

Nuclear EMP, Solar EMP, or something else ...?

Over the last decade the nuclear EMP (NEMP) threat associated with a high-altitude nuclear detonation has gained momentum, fueling the prepper community with visions of a sudden end to our high-tech infrastructure, and returning us to brutal survival conditions in a world of escalating chaos and violence. This threat is talked up by politicians, corporate lobbyists, and those that hope to gain - either monetarily (via government contract) or through the spread of fear (for perception management). Recent novels such as Ray Gorham's 77 Days in September and William Forstchen's One Second After have fanned the flames of this threat with gritty stories of mass death and horrendous struggles to survive. But is this threat really viable in the context of so many other threats that are visible on our horizon?