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Sat, 27 Aug 2016
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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2016: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Summertime in southern Italy... rivers of ice!
Multiple tornadoes in Germany, rivers of ice in Italy, flash-flooding in Greece, simultaneous record rainfall in England, Germany and France can all mean only one thing: it's summertime in Europe!

Yes indeed, it's summertime in the northern hemisphere, but not as we once knew it. The pace of increasing climate chaos continued relentlessly all over the world last month: China recorded its most destructive tornado in living memory, another 'once-in-a-millenium' flood hit the US Mid-Atlantic states, and intense storms battered capitals from Accra to Kuala Lumpur to Warsaw.

These were (just some of) the signs of the times in June 2016...


Police State Roundup: Cops assault, rape, and shoot civilians - lie about it - and get away with it

Hannah Cohen after her encounter with the TSA.
Shocking and horrific stories from around the USA this week as the police everywhere are becoming unhinged and violent. The above photograph comes from Memphis, TN, where 19-year-old Hannah Cohen was attempting to travel home through the airport when she was violently attacked by TSA and airport police.

Hannah was returning home after successfully completely treatment for a brain tumor from St Jude's Hospital. After setting off a metal detector, she was pulled aside for further screening, which is where things went downhill. Being blind in one eye, partially deaf and somewhat paralyzed, Hannah was confused and scared as she had no idea what was happening to her. When her mother tried to explain, common sense was left by the wayside as protocol indicated Hannah was 'dangerous.'

Resisting their attempts at manhandling, Hannah was thrust to the ground when she hit her head. The above picture is the result. She was then arrested and spent a night in jail before being released without charges. This entire scene could have been avoided with just a little discretion and two-drops of common sense, but apparently that's not something Memphis TSA and airport police are trained in.

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Behind the Headlines: Rearranging the Geopolitical Chessboard: Turkey's about-face, Istanbul attacks, Brexit's bombshell

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In a single week, several major events have seemingly radically restructured the geopolitical chessboard. From the surprise of Brexit to Turkish President Erdogan's unexpected apology over the shoot-down of a Russian jet in Syria, people all over the world are wondering what is up. Just a day after the announcement of Erdogan's apology, Istanbul airport was attacked by a trio of assailants. European nations are lining up with complaints about anti-Russian sanctions. The U.S. is scrambling to retain some control over the war in Syria, this time offering to work with Russia, but with conditions attached.

Today on Behind the Headlines, discussed these events in their wider context, as well as the recent duplicitous proposal by the U.S. to 'coordinate' with Russia in Syria, and the latest disturbing U.S. police state stories in our weekly round-up with Brent.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Bottled water: A surprising tale of waste and greed

© Brave Heart / Fickr
What’s in the plastic of your water bottle?
Approximately 30 billion bottles of bottled water are sold worldwide each year. It ranks near the top of the list of the greatest marketing scams perpetrated on the public. How is it that people were duped into paying premium prices for something that flows abundantly from the earth or at least from municipal water supplies? Is bottled water any better than tap? Who benefits, who suffers and what are the environmental consequences of this strange love affair with bottled water?

Running Time: 01:35:32

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Terrorist-supporting Erdogan apologises for killing a Russian who was fighting terrorists

Almost seven months to the day, Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan has finally apologised to Russia for shooting down an SU24 bomber on 24 November 2015 over the skies of Syria while it was engaged in fighting the terrorism that has engulfed Syria for the past five years.

The Russian reaction to the shoot-down of its bomber was swift, but measured, imposing economic sanctions designed to punish Turkey. Russia could have imposed significant military pain with its military machine, which has been so effective in Syria, particularly considering it is a very modest contingent operating there. But foolhardy recklessness is not the way of the current Russian leadership. It is playing the long game and was never going to be dragged into a NATO confrontation by this outrageous provocation. Russia knows how to conduct itself within international norms, unlike others who resort to military force to solve conflicts and impose their will on those who refuse to buckle to demands.


Erdogan apology leads to total turnaround in Russian-Turkish relations

© Sputnik
Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Turkish President Recep Erdogan
In December 2014, as a result of meddling and coercion by the EU on behalf of the USA, Bulgaria reneged on its commitment to the massive South Stream pipeline project. Ever stoic, the Russian government basically said "your loss" and took their business elsewhere. That elsewhere was Turkey. Then, on September 30, 2015, Russia surprised just about everyone by beginning a large military operation in support of the Syrian government against terrorism. Just under two months later, in late November 2015, a Turkish jet shot down a Russian bomber flying near the Syrian-Turkish border (it could plausibly have made a very brief pass into Turkish airspace). Turkish president Erdogan and prime minister Davutoglu stood by the pilot's actions, blamed Russia, and refused to apologize.

Throughout this entire period, Turkey was perhaps the biggest covert sponsor of terrorists in Syria, including the FSA, al-Nusra, and Daesh. For example, Serena Shim died mysteriously in October 2014 after revealing direct links between Daesh and Turkish intelligence, MIT. Following the shoot-down of the Russian jet and the murder of its pilot (a war crime), Russia began a steady and consistent policy of exposing Turkish complicity in the destabilization and destruction of Syria via terror proxies like Daesh. This included deep involvement in Daesh's oil trade, supplying arms, fighters, border crossings, etc. Whereas before you would have been labeled a conspiracy theorist for suggesting such ties, by now it is common knowledge. So Turkey's image (or at least that of its leadership and deep state) has been seriously tainted.

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Behind the Headlines: Britain's Secret Wars: Interview with T.J. Coles

British Foreign Office minister Kim Howells posing with the Colombian High Mountain Battalion death squad.
The British government is not a force for peace or democracy. The reality is much darker: British foreign policy supports war, conflict and oppression around the world. Unbeknownst to the broad population, the Shadow State sponsors a 'new world order' that allies Britain with America's quest for global power - what the Pentagon calls 'Full Spectrum Dominance'. In his brand new book, Britain's Secret Wars, T. J. Coles documents how British operatives have interfered in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran and Yemen with the aim of deposing unwanted regimes. In doing so, they have helped create extensive terrorist networks across the Middle East, reviving previously-failing Jihadist groups such as ISIL, which has now transformed into an international terror franchise.

In addition to waging clandestine wars in the Middle East, the secret services have used the military to run drugs by proxy in Colombia, train death squads in Bangladesh, and support instability in Ukraine, where NATO's strategic encroachment on Russia is drawing the world closer to terminal nuclear confrontation. Coles unearths Britain's involvement in the recent ethnic cleansing of Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan government, the invasion of Somalia by Somali and Ethiopian warlords, and Indonesia's atrocities in Papua. He also exposes the extensive use of drones for murder and intimidation across the Middle East and elsewhere.

T. J. Coles studies the philosophy of neurology and cognition at the University of Plymouth, UK. He is director of the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research (PIPR), editor and co-author of Voices for Peace and author of The New Atheism Hoax. His political writings have appeared in the New Statesman, Lobster, Peace Review and Z Magazine. He is also a columnist with Axis of Logic and in 2013 was shortlisted for the Martha Gellhorn Prize for journalism.

Tune in this Sunday for Behind the Headlines' interview with Coles about his new book and the truth about British foreign policy.

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The Health & Wellness Show: ‌Get the lead out: Detoxifying heavy metals

Nuclear testing, dental fillings, vaccines, anti-perspirants, beauty products and environmental pollutants are just a few of the sources of heavy metal contamination in our modern world. Heavy metal contamination has been linked to numerous mental and physical health problems yet the need for periodic detoxification is maligned by mainstream medicine and deemed unnecessary.

Today on the Health and Wellness Show we covered heavy metal toxicity, its causes, effects and how to detox naturally and safely. Stay tuned at the end of the show for Zoya's Pet Health Segment!

(Note: Due to technical difficulties, the audio cut in and out for the first 10 minutes or so of the show.)

Running Time: 01:29:26

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Aussie Media Steps into the Dizzying World of Russophobia

How Western journalists see President Putin
Chris Zappone of the Australian newspaper The Age plums the depths of stupefying Russophobia with an opinion piece titled "Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin: Russia's information war meets the US election." His message is, basically, next time you encounter a pesky social media troll, know that you have crossed swords with one of Vladimir Putin's troopers in the information war against the West.

Zappone presents a confused, jumbled mess of "facts" cobbled together and slapped onto paper. A bit like taking a mud pie and just chucking it, hoping some will stick. And let's face it, when it comes to gaining credibility and sombre faced approval on analysis of Russia's evil doings, Zappone doesn't have a very high standard to reach. A bit like randomly throwing mud pies, so too with "investigative journalism" on Russia; no matter how ludicrous, insane or uproariously hilarious, if it's anti-Russia it flies.


Britain will remain in the EU: Why 'Brexit' outcome is a foregone conclusion

I'll go out on a limb here and predict that, regardless of the result in today's "in or out" referendum, Britain will remain in the EU. In fact, I want to make the case that the British regime never had any intention of detaching itself from the EU, and that this 'Brexit' campaign is a ruse to give Germany and other continental powers 'something to think about' while retaining a controlling interest in the EU's direction on behalf of joint Anglo-American interests.

After spending some two decades garnering support for holding this referendum, the British elite, from the moment they set a date for it, have overwhelmingly come out in favor of Britain remaining in the EU. Big business and most of the media, think-tanks, all political parties and most members of government are all encouraging voters to say 'remain'.

This, in itself, is illogical. The only apparent reason for developing a political movement towards some specific political goal is to reach that political goal, not deviate from it at the very last moment. Can you imagine the Scottish Nationalist Party, having spent decades lobbying for an independence referendum, achieving that first major step and then advising Scots to vote to remain in the UK?

And so, I suggest, we must look beyond the domestic scene to understand why this charade is playing out. British foreign policy, much like US foreign policy, is indistinguishable from domestic policy, at least from the point of view of their elites, who instinctively equate 'the national interest' with their own personal interests, most of which lie abroad in the framework of an increasingly integrated Western corporate global order.