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Tue, 17 Jul 2018
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Behind the Headlines: 2018, The Year The Left Became Completely Unhinged

left unhinged GOP video
Democrat politicians calling for their enraged supporters to assault anyone suspected of supporting 'Team Trump', media personalities calling for the president's assassination, mutilated dead animals being left on government employees' doorsteps... is the US on the brink of civil war?

We may not be there yet, but 2018 is playing out as the year 'the left' (in the US anyway) became completely unhinged. Join Joe and Niall tomorrow Sunday 1st July for a run-down of This Week in Crazy...

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Dollar Gold

Where Will Trump's Trade War Lead?

Peter Navarro - Trump's rabid anti-China trade adviser - is now a staunch proponent of protectionism and tariffs. However, in his 1984 book, he warned that ,"as history has painfully taught, once protectionist wars begin, the likely result is a deadly and well-nigh unstoppable downward spiral by the entire world economy." He went on to say that, "consumers will pay tens of billions of dollars more in higher prices for a much more limited selection of goods." Thus we see that economic theories are very political and fungible. Ignoring such hypocrisies, the fact is that tariffs are neither good nor bad by themselves, and the optimal solution will be based on the specifics of a particular situation.

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The Truth Perspective: Postmodern Trump Derangement Syndrome and Skin in the Game

Activists from the Border Network for Human Rights protest US immigration policies in El Paso
© Mike Blake / Reuters
Activists from the Border Network for Human Rights protest US immigration policies in El Paso, Texas, June 19, 2018
The latest scandal to hit the Trump White House is the separation of immigrant children from their parents at the border, a practice with an unfortunately long history. But the Trump Derangement Syndrome has latched onto the practice as the final proof that Trump is Hitler. But why is it, exactly, that Trump's critics are taking this as proof that Trump is the most evil person on the planet? Today on the Truth Perspective, we take a look at the motivations behind the tendency to see the worst in President Trump, and the philosophy that seems to underlie it.

Next, we ask why conservative thinkers can be so right about certain things, and so wrong about others, followed by a brief look at Nassim Nicholas Taleb's latest book, Skin in the Game. What is true courage? Why are Trump and Putin so popular? Are religions actually rational? What makes the figure of Jesus Christ such an effective symbol? Tune in today at 12 pm EDT to find out!

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Antifa: Growth of an American Insurgency

While Trump hoped the release of the long-awaited Inspector General report on June 14th would exonerate him and lead to real investigations into real criminals, it instead revealed a tepidness that led some commentators to the conclusion that the Inspector General is 'not merely afraid' of the FBI, but that he 'isn't sure that Trump is going to win the war' political insiders are waging against him.

The latest family separation crisis along the border is part and parcel of that war. It was no doubt timed to steal headlines from the release of the IG report. Since its release the media, Democrats and Progressive groups have dominated those headlines and taken the war against the Trump Administration to an entirely new level.

Russian Flag

The Resounding Success of the World Cup is a Great Victory for Football but an Epic Fail for Russophobes

world cup 2018
© Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters
Mexico fan kisses a toy trophy, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia, June 17, 2018
The 2018 World Cup is shaping up to be the best ever. It's a far cry from the negative media coverage that surrounded the Mundial before it began, which sought to de-legitimize Russia's hosting of the event and put fans off going.

Has there ever been a World Cup that has left so many people with egg on their faces.

We were told by indignant neo-cons and virtue-signaling Western 'liberals' that it was a disgrace that Russia, a country of which they did not approve, was being allowed to host the tournament. It would be like the 1936 Nazi Olympics, MPs and media pundits assured us. 'Putin's World Cup' would be the worst World Cup ever.

Fans who went would be in fear of their lives as three out of every four Russians was a racist, homophobic football hooligan and the fourth was like Frankenstein's Monster. England's players could be drugged in their hotel to "slow them down."

In fact, the World Cup has turned out to be absolutely brilliant.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Let Food Be Thy Medicine: The Magic Pill Documentary Review

the magic pill
Something is off about the health of the people on this planet. Domesticated humans suffer from a wide array of illnesses not seen elsewhere in the wild animal kingdom. Autism, diabetes, seizure disorders, Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer, obesity -- the list goes on and on and the only hope the medical industry offers is a shortened lifespan full of wallet-gouging, pill-popping and suffering. What if there was another way of living? What if, as Hippocrates said, we let food be our medicine and medicine be our food?

Today on The Health and Wellness Show we'll discuss 'The Magic Pill' documentary where the subjects involved did just that. By ditching the Standard American Diet and adopting a ketogenic, whole foods diet the subjects of the film experienced amazing and life-changing results which were nothing short of 'magic' compared to their conventional medicine treatments.

And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where she discusses the longevity of different animal species.

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Netflix: N-bombs, NOT OK; Sexual Exploitation of Children, OK

no netflix
Taking a look at the #boycottnetflix hashtag on Twitter, it seems that lots of people have reason to be pissed at the streaming service. If you sort through the people who are mad about the media giant cancelling their favourite shows, and the reactionary cancellations due to the service carrying the latest Star Wars travesty, you'll find the two biggest reasons people are calling for boycotts and cancelling their accounts are because the Netflix CEO was a little too comfortable with the N-word (for which he was fired) and that the streaming service has made a deal with Barack and Michelle Obama to create new content.

The N-word thing is kinda weird, in so much as people are boycotting the service after Netflix fired the offending... offender. The hashtag seems to be being used by anti-racists, so I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish there. It kind of seems like they're sending the opposite message of what's intended, unless they think the company should be taught a lesson for ever having someone on staff who regularly throws around N-bombs, despite the fact that they tried to do the right thing by firing him. But no one ever accused progressives of being intelligent in their strategies.

The Obama thing - fine. I'm sure Netflix crunched the numbers and figured out how many QAnon-following MAGA conservatives they'd lose versus how many dyed-in-the-wool Obama-4eva regressive lefties they'd gain and made their choice accordingly. From a business perspective, I can't really fault them for that one. Because of the willing delusion of his scores of fans, Obama 4eva = $$$.

Star of David

Why Israel's Expansionist and Ethnic-Cleansing Ambitions Will Fail

Israeli soldiers Palestinian boy Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian teen Fawzi Muhammad Al-Juneidi in Jerusalem, Dec. 8, 2017. You need an army to get a stone-throwing boy - yet stone throwers keep coming. What to do?
As the world is distracted with the Football World Cup, some observers of the situation in Palestine have been concerned about the possibility of Israel carrying out a major military operation in Gaza. Four years ago, towards the end of the World Cup in Brazil, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, which according to UN figures resulted in the death of 2,256 Palestinians, of which 1,563 were civilians. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights specifies that this included 293 women and 556 children. The extremely high proportion of civilian deaths was a consequence of Israeli soldiers' orders to fire at every person in sight, as the whistleblower organization Breaking the Silence revealed. It was also consistent with the old unspoken Israeli objective of ethnically cleansing Palestine.

Israeli media has recently disclosed that the country has plans for a full-scale invasion which would cut Gaza in half and occupy part of it. So confident are they on their ability to "create a considerable change on the situation" that the army "is already considering alternatives to the Hamas government". Earlier on Thursday, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan told Army Radio: "I don't want to launch an operation, but there is a good chance that we will have no other option but to go in so that we can create durable deterrence." This was said in reference to the burning kites that Gazan demonstrators fly across the border, pointing out that those responsible should be shot, "age doesn't matter, they're terrorists and the danger they create must be prevented." Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, also a member of the security cabinet, argued that "there is no difference between a burning kite and a Qassam rocket, and we should not tolerate the kites." She has a point in that Qassam rockets are about as effective as the kites - both being largely symbolic gestures of defiance than credible weapons of war.


Has a new American Civil War begun?

US flag
© Jonathan Bachman / Reuters
From celebrities calling on citizens to take to the streets, to members of Congress calling for the public harassment of White House officials, to mob justice at restaurants - is the US heading toward a new kind of Civil War?

Well, some people think the seeds of a new Civil War have already been sown - and in a recent article, University of Tennessee Law Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds argued that this new war is indeed "well underway."


Why Do They Flee?

USA illegal immigrants
The current mass exodus of people from Central America to the United States, with the daily headline-grabbing stories of numerous children involuntarily separated from their parents, means it's time to remind my readers once again of one of the primary causes of these periodic mass migrations.

Those in the US generally opposed to immigration make it a point to declare or imply that the United States does not have any legal or moral obligation to take in these Latinos. This is not true. The United States does indeed have the obligation because many of the immigrants, in addition to fleeing from drug violence, are escaping an economic situation in their homeland directly made hopeless by American interventionist policy.