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Mon, 23 Apr 2018
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Can Chronic Gut Dysbiosis And Bacterial Overgrowth be Protective in Some Cases?

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a condition which falls under the umbrella of "gut dysbiosis". As the name implies, it is characterised by an overgrowth of microflora in the small intestine. The typical symptoms include bloating, abdominal pain, excessive foul flatulence, burping, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, halitosis, acne, etc. The bacteria which colonise this portion of the digestive tract are able to metabolise fermentable fibres to yield significant quantities of gas as a byproduct of metabolism.1 The two predominant gases are hydrogen and methane. The diagnosis of SIBO is based on a test which involves the consumption of a sugar-based solution and then a measurement of the contents of the breath.

Elevated levels of either hydrogen or methane gas indicates that there is an overgrowth of bacteria, and is used as evidence to support the adoption of a protocol designed to kill off the bacteria. Protocols typically involve prokinetic agents, digestive enzymes, biofilm disruptors, antimicrobial botanical herbs, antibiotics like rifaximin, and perhaps probiotics as well. Aside from being prescribed a wide array of supplements, people are often told to adopt a low FODMAPs diet or a more restrictive GAPS-type protocol to "starve the bacteria", minimise symptoms and support gut barrier integrity.

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'Was The Cold War Never Really About Communism?' Joe Quinn on Russia-West Relations

russia space
Recently, the US Treasury Department added dozens of Russian entrepreneurs, senior officials and companies on a sanction list in response to Russia's alleged worldwide "malign activity." Sputnik spoke with Joe Quinn, internet essayist, researcher, author to find out more about the current political situation on the international scene.

Sputnik: In your view, what consequences can these sanctions have on US-Russia relations?

Joe Quinn: Russia-US relations are already at a historic low point, sanctions therefore obviously will only worsen the relationship. That said, there is a positive result from such actions by the US in that it encourages Russia to seek other, more reasonable international partners with whom to do business. This can only be good for diversifying the Russian economy and creating a stronger opposition bloc of nations that can effectively challenge the US vision of a unipolar world.

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Chemical Cover-up Continues: British Consider 'Disappearing' Skripals Somewhere in The Anglosphere

skripals five eyes

Another chemical weapons masterpiece, brought to you by the Five Eyes, producers of such hits as 'Iraqi WMDs', 'Syrian Chemical Weapons', and 'Libya Kills Its Own People'
Having gone this far with their absurd theater of staging a chemical weapons attack and blaming it on the Kremlin, the British government has apparently decided that... it may as well keep going.

Thanks to Victoria Skripal having the wherewithal to record her phone conversation with her cousin once she got through to her, we now know that the Skripals are doing 'fine' enough that they expect to be discharged from hospital soon. We also learned from the cousin that she overheard someone coaching Yulia on what she could and could not say on the phone. When Victoria told her she'd apply for a visa in order to come to the UK and visit her and her uncle, Yulia foresaw - correctly, as it turns out - that it was unlikely her application would be successful.

In addition, the British continue to refuse Russian embassy staff in London permission to visit her - as they are required to do under international law.

The British now have a serious problem on their hands: what to do with the Skripals? If they let them return to Russia, they'll almost certainly divulge details embarrassing to the British government.

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The Good Friday Massacre: World...We Are All Palestinians, Now!

"...When Darkness and Disorder Began to Reign in a Kingdom...

...There Appeared the Loyal Ministers."

- The Tao Teh Ching.
Eighteen more Palestinians were unapologetically murdered this past "Good Friday" by the Israeli military. They were unarmed. They were on their own land. They were desperate. They screamed their desperation as they marched. Then, they shouted their daily reality of personal horrors too close to Israel's attention. So, they were killed.

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Behind the Headlines: Perfidious Albion: If Russia is a Rogue State, What is the UK?

Trump East Ghouta attack
When it emerged that the dodgy Trump dossier - supposedly 'proof' that Russia 'meddled' in the 2016 US election - was put together by a 'former' British spy named Christopher Steele, no one thought too much of it because, well, 'the Special Relationship' and all that. But in the course of the 'Russiagate' investigations, it has emerged that Steele's source in turn - described in the British press as a 'Maltese professor with close connections to the Kremlin' - is in fact someone whose actual ties place him close to the British establishment.‌

‌In the meantime, the Skripal spy saga has again led to Russia being portrayed as a 'rogue state', but this attempt to frame Russia for conducting a chemical weapons attack on British soil is backfiring spectacularly on the UK government. Concurrently, media exposure of how a nominally American company - Cambridge Analytica - used Facebook users' data to 'rig' both the Brexit referendum and the US election for Trump has also inadvertently lifted the lid on the British establishment's meddling in both those events and many others around the world.‌

What on Earth is going on here? Why are so many threads in the biggest scandals of the day - all ostensibly leading to the Kremlin in Moscow - in fact all leading back to London, England? With the latest "chemical weapon" attack in East Ghouta happening today, after Russia warned that it was imminent TWO DAYS AGO, what kind of stupid do America and the UK have to be to blame Russia and Syria?

On this week's show, we're going to take a closer look at the small island off northwestern Europe and the big - and often dark - role it has played on the world stage.‌

You can listen and call in live with questions or comments from 4-5:30pm UTC / 12-1:30pm EDT / 6-7:30pm CET this Sunday April 8th.

Running Time: 01:43:23

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False-flag for war: New Syrian chemical weapons attack being reported by all the usual suspects

White Helmets Twitter
© Twitter
The western propaganda machine is endlessly impressive. People are so pervasively brainwashed by mass media psyops that they now find it easier to believe that Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin are deliberately killing civilians with poisonous gas for no reason whatsoever than to believe that the same empire which deceived us into Iraq is deceiving us into Iraq's next-door neighbor Syria.

There are early reports of another mass casualty chemical weapons attack in Syria, as usual in a region crawling with known terrorist forces, and as usual just as those terrorists are suffering critical defeats. As usual, the attack is placed in a location replete with children and cameras. As usual, all the expected high-profile pro-regime change propagandists are all over it, from the White Helmets to Charles Lister to Eliot Higgins to Julian Röpcke.

Chemical attack White Helmets Syria
Details are sketchy and unconfirmed, but the early narrative being promulgated is clear.

"If 30+ died in the CW attack in Douma, then it would be the most fatalities in a chemical attack in Syria since Khan Sheikhoun just over a year ago," said the Atlantic Council's Eliot Higgins of the attack. "This could be another major moment in the conflict, something depressingly dependent on whether or not Fox and Friends covers it."

Comment: Latest is that they're saying 70+ people are dead.

Douma, by the way, is the last remaining pocket of 'rebels' in Eastern Ghouta. CLEARLY, they are the ones with the means and motive to carry out such an atrocity in order to petition Western support.

Comment: Given the current configuration of the geopolitical chessboard, NATO does not have many options for intervening in Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iran or Lebanon. It can only continue duping as many people as possible into believing that this broad alliance is 'evil'.

It's interesting that this obvious false flag operation takes place just a few days after Trump was having ideas about bringing the troops back home from Syria - but his bosses from the Deep State, the Pentagon and Israel said 'No!' However, some kind of major NATO operation in the Middle East - in Syria in particular - may yet be on the cards. It will take more than a relatively minor chemical weapon attack against Syrian civilians to get Westerners behind it though. They would need to pull off another '9/11', a massive self-inflicted wound that forces Russia to 'stand down' and let the Americans and their quislings take on Hezbollah, the Syrian state forces and Iranian PMUs alone.

For updates, see: Prior to any investigation US State Dept accuses Russia and Syria of gassing civilians

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The Health & Wellness Show: Let's Talk About Estrogen

Estrogen (estrone, estriol and estradiol) is an important hormone for sexual development and reproduction. It is responsible for female secondary sex characteristics and helps to regulate the menstrual cycle along with progesterone. Some of the roles of estrogen include bone formation, blood clotting, tissue growth, mood regulation and surprisingly, sound processing. As with all hormones, a delicate balance must be maintained for optional functioning and estrogen is frequently thrown out of whack through diet, stress and toxins which can lead to estrogen dominance.

Join us for this episode of The Health and Wellness Show where we'll discuss interesting facts and tidbits about this master hormone and bust some common myths.

Running Time: 01:08:59

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British Government's Chemical Attack Narrative Falls Apart - Boris Johnson Lied About Russia

boris johnson pinocchio
Boris has really done it this time hasn't he.

In a blockbuster twist to the Skripal saga, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and his British Foreign & Commonwealth Office has been caught lying to the whole world.

After almost a month of baseless claims and slurs - broadcast in media globally - about Russian involvement in the attempted murder of retired spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, the British government is now backpedaling faster than a Tour de France video on rewind.

In its previous iteration, the British government's argument hinged on the Porton Down chemical weapons facility having positively identified the alleged murder weapon, 'Novichok', as being Russian in origin. But now the most that the chief of Porton Down will say is that they have identified a "military-grade nerve agent" of unknown origin.

This time it's Russia's turn to call an emergency UN Security Council meeting, and Britain's turn to field awkward questions.

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Britain's Not So Distant History of State Sponsored Assassinations

British state sponsored assassination NOrthern Ireland
Britain's self-righteous tone when denouncing Russia for the alleged assassination of Sergei Skripal ignores its own not so distant history of engaging in state-sponsored assassinations.

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Israeli Terrorism Against Palestinians Will Never End if Western Hypocrisy in Middle East Continues

palestinian house destroyed
© Suhaib Salem / Reuters
A Palestinian stands inside the remains of a house, that witnesses said was destroyed by Israeli shelling during a 50-day war in 2014 summer, during a sandstorm in Gaza September 8, 2015
The US is fine with "rebels" like Al-Qaeda "protesting" in Syria, but when genuinely unarmed Palestinians protest the occupiers who violently expelled them from their homes and land, they are "inciting violence."

During peaceful protests on March 30 in eastern Gaza, an unarmed Palestinian man walked on farmland towards the fence built by his occupiers. Within minutes, he was shot by one of the 100 Israeli special forces snipers deployed along the fence precisely to quash dissent-by any means necessary-under the old pretext of "self-defense."

On the same day, a Palestinian woman, armed solely with a flag, walked towards the fence which has imprisoned her for so many years. She, too, was targeted by one of the snipers.

Among the 17 killed that day was a 16-year-old girl and a 27-year-old farmer, the latter killed by Israeli tank fire.