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Thu, 29 Sep 2016
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The Guardian view on Aleppo: More Western lies about Syria

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Indeed, the West has failed in its proxy war to force regime change (or the break-up of) Syria, but that's not stopping Western media from painting a picture of what is happening there that is completely opposite to reality
Once again, without fail, as the Syrian army makes advances in fighting al-Qaeda in Syria — aka Jabhat al-Nusra — and the child-beheading 'moderate' terrorists of Nour al-din al-Zenki in districts of eastern and southern Aleppo, simultaneously a new bout of the same old tired and repeatedly disproved accusations of chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian Army is making the rounds.

The Guardian's September 6th article is embarrassingly (well, I would be) unsourced and, as per the norm, cites "unnamed activists" and the al-Qaeda-affiliated "rescuers", known either as the "White Helmets" or — quite factually incorrect — the "Syrian Civil Defence", as they are neither civil (many carry arms) nor rescuers (rescuers don't pose with dead Syrian soldiers). The article's fallacies are many and the propaganda as crass as ever. The Guardian must really think their readers are stupid.

Before diving into the problematic article and its unsubstantiated accusations, let's pause to ask the obvious: Logically, why would the Syrian army need to drop chlorine on a population when conventional bombs will do far more damage? Suggestion: If the Guardian wants to portray the Syrian government as mass-murdering its civilians, which is in fact the Guardian's, and NATO's, intent, then forget ineffective weapons like chlorine and start screaming that the Syrian government has nuked Aleppo.

As Stephen Gowans pointed out, in rebuttal to one of the earlier accusations of chlorine attacks by forces loyal to Assad in May 2015:

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Eva Bartlett photo essay: The villages in Aleppo ravaged by the U.S.'s "moderate" rebels


Eva Bartlett photo essay: Aleppo and nearby villages ravaged by the U.S.'s "moderate" terrorists

The northern city of Aleppo has been one of the most grossly misreported-on cities in the Syrian Arab Republic, with Western and Gulf media and NGOs continuously ignoring the realities of life in this city of over 1.5 million civilians, instead launching coordinated propaganda campaigns against the Syrian government and army (SAA), and in favour of terrorists labelled as "rebels", and ignoring their firing of an array of missiles, rockets, Hell Cannon-fired gas canister bombs, explosive bullets, and more onto the civilians of greater Aleppo.

Terrorist factions occupying areas of Aleppo include Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, the so-called "Free Syrian Army", and child-beheading Nour el din Zinki mercenaries.

In July and in August, 2016, I traveled by car to Aleppo, to meet with doctors and ordinary civilians, and to hear their testimonies of life in a city which has many times been under terrorists' siege and is always under terrorists' bombings and snipings.

I was also able to visit Nubl, adjacent to Zahra'a, two villages just north of Aleppo which were under a devastating 3.5 year siege by terrorist factions until the SAA and allies lifted it in February 2016. Residents endured prolonged periods of hunger, were targeted by terrorists' bombings, and for want of medicines, medical treatment, and sanitary conditions suffered diseases that could otherwise have been treated.

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The Truth Perspective: Introducing Political Ponerology, plus some odds and ends

One book is missing...
This week on the Truth Perspective we begin the first of a series of discussions on Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski's underground classic Political Ponerology. We'll be taking the book chapter by chapter over the coming months, distilling the most important points in the book and giving examples to help enrich readers' experience and understanding of the work. Ponerology really is one of the most important books ever written, so we hope our conversation will make clear some of what it has to offer. First up is the Introduction: what inspired the writing of the book, and what does it have to offer the world?

Following this discussion, covered some odds and ends: interesting books we've been reading, current events like the recent Eastern Economic Forum and upcoming G20 meeting in China, followed by a Police State Roundup with Brent.

Running Time: 02:07:12

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Life under fire in Syria: SOTT.net interview with Eva Bartlett

Don't miss SOTT.net Spanish's recent interview (in English) with Canadian independent journalist and activist Eva Bartlett. Since 2008, Eva has spent more than 3 years in Gaza documenting Palestinian life under Israeli rule. She has also visited Lebanon, and has just come back from her 5th trip to Syria, the latter for 9 weeks, to bring back firsthand accounts of what daily life is like for the Syrian people who have been subjected to a Western imperial war for the past 5 and a half years.

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The Health & Wellness Show: The heat is on: Saunas, sunlight and sweatlodges

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Skin is your body's largest and fastest-growing organ. Skin is your body's coat. It protects you. It helps you stay warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. How can we nourish, replenish and maintain our body's special coat?

On this episode of The Health and Wellness Show we discussed how sweating in a sauna is one of the keys to living a longer, happier, and healthier life. Not only is it a physical detoxification of your body, sweating in a sauna or sweat lodge can be an emotional detoxifier as well. We discussed some of the numerous benefits of getting the heat on in this show: It hydrates and tones the skin, filters airways, relaxes muscles,helps reduce joint/bone issues,de-stresses the digestive system,encourages introspection and reflection, improves blood circulation, relaxes the nervous system to decrease stress and anxiety.

Get your sweat on with us and stick around for Zoya's Pet Health Segment the topic of cold and heat therapy for pets was discussed.

Running Time: 01:14:14

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Coming neo-McCarthyist censorship? Clinton's rabid russophobia and the war on dissidents

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The intensity of anti-Russia rants by Hillary Clinton and her coterie of supporters is flying off the Richter scale. The information war waged by Washington has sought to harm Russia by isolating it, weakening its economy and destabilising its leadership.

The mudslinging rhetoric has become visceral and vicious, with disturbing undertones emerging. Frustrated by the inability to effectively counter Russian media outlets, the proliferation of alternative media voices and Moscow's continued path of independent policy, the accusations have taken on a neo-McCarthyist flavour, which leave a sense of foreboding about brewing censorship and sanction against the voices of reason (i.e. those who don't believe Vladimir Putin is the devil incarnate).

Washington spuriously tells us the Kremlin is engaging in a one-sided information war which is threatening the stability and security of Western states - more precisely, the countries of Europe. In reality, it is frustrated by a worthy adversary able to counter its gargantuan information war-machine. If Russia is able to undermine and debilitate the foundations of our democracies, as this fairy-tale says, is it time to clamp down on the army of Kremlin trolls and propagandists?

"The grand Godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism is Russian President, Vladimir Putin," Clinton said at a recent election rally in Nevada. Fusing Putin to Donald Trump as a dastardly duo who threaten the free world, Clinton said Trump will abandon NATO allies, recognize Russia's annexation of Crimea and hand Eastern Europe to Russia to plunder at will.


Unlawful Killing - The Murder of Princess Diana and Why it Matters

The mystery surrounding the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed 19 years ago today was revived recently by the claims of a British SAS sniper whose testimony was part of the trial of another SAS soldier who was convicted of illegal weapons possession. The parents-in-law of the SAS sniper in question, known only as "Soldier N", claim that he boasted to his wife that the "SAS was behind Princess Diana's death".

Unsurprisingly, the media reaction to the story has been to dismiss it, citing, incorrectly, that the investigation into Diana and Dodi's deaths was conclusive, that it was an accident, and that there was "no evidence of conspiracy". In fact, this alleged "new evidence" has done little more than provide the media with an opportunity to, once again, ridicule any idea that there was anything strange about the events in Paris that night. It is also interesting to note that, in just a few weeks, a new film about Diana's life, entitled 'Diana', will be released.

The general consensus among the great British and world public seems to be that Diana and Dodi and their driver Henri Paul died as a result of a car crash caused by pursuing paparazzi. It's rather perplexing that this should be the case because the jury in the official 3-month-long inquiry into their deaths returned a verdict of "unlawful killing" and the paparazzi were exonerated. How does this happen? Well, how did it come to pass that 50% of American citizens believed that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks, despite the fact that no one, not one person, ever made such a statement publicly?

Answer: The mainstream media's real job is not to report the news but to 'catapult the propaganda' that the 'elite' hope will become the new 'reality' or historical record.


Police State Roundup: History and current events indicate the police are a danger to themselves and the public

© Scott Olson/Getty Images
In a pathocracy, all leadership positions (not to mention directors of police units, and special services police personnel) must be filled by individuals with corresponding psychological deviations, which are inherited as a rule. However, such people constitute a very small percentage of the population and this makes them more valuable to the pathocrats. Their intellectual level or professional skills cannot be taken into account, since people representing superior abilities are even harder to find. - Andrew Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology
In a nutshell, that's the reason the police are incompetent and dangerous. What Lobaczewski argues here is that any position of power will ultimately be filled with someone with a personality disorder. The problem is that the number of people lacking a conscience are pretty slim, and the ones who are actually competent are even rarer, so you can't pick ones that are qualified to do the job correctly. This inevitably leaves you with a bunch of morons who have have killed off their conscience, never had one to begin with, or only apply it selectively. With that in mind, one can now understand why the police are behaving like a gang of criminals.

As an interesting aside, it's likely been this way all along. Police today are the offspring of slave hunters and union busters. When they became the norm in the early 20th century, their primary purpose was to maintain order in the streets, allowing commerce to continue unimpeded by any uppity protesters. Even before that, the first police departments were founded on the basis of hunting down escaped slaves and returning them to their owners.
The institution of slavery and the control of minorities, however, were two of the more formidable historic features of American society shaping early policing. Slave patrols and Night Watches, which later became modern police departments, were both designed to control the behaviors of minorities. - Victor E. Kappeler, Ph.D, A Brief History of Slavery and the Origins of American Policing

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Behind the Headlines: Whose Side is Erdogan on? Understanding Geopolitics and Human Nature

Things seem to be heating up towards a final denouement in the phony 5 year-long Syrian "civil war". Turkey recently "invaded" Syria, officially to remove the scourge of Daesh from the Turkish border and, more specifically, to contain the Kurds and their aspirations for a "Kurdistan". The US is, again officially, ok with these moves by Turkey but, oddly, US troops, several hundred (or likely thousand) of them are 'embedded' with the Kurds and the "Syrian Democratic Forces".

Meanwhile, Russia has remained largely silent on these recent developments, and instead has been focusing on the "peace process".

What's really going on? Join us today and find out, as we reveal the rather prosaic (if at times disturbing) realpolitik behind the flowery narratives.

Running Time: 01:18:58

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Turkey intervenes in Syria with US support: The end for Kurdish autonomy or independence?

Fierce fighting broke out in Hasakah, in northeast Syria last week, pitting the Syrian government's National Defense Forces (NDF) against US-backed Kurdish YPG and Asayish security forces. Control of the city is divided between the Syrian government and the Kurds, and after a relatively peaceful relationship, the question has to be asked: what incited the clashes?

The Syrian army reported a ceasefire violation on 16 August of the YPG firing mortars at their positions. The Governor of Hasakah, Mohammad Za'al al-Ala, said that Kurdish forces blocked the Hasakah-Qamishli road last week and prevented the military, police and security forces from joining other forces. An apparent ceasefire agreement has been struck, although it reads more as a capitulation by the Syrian government and NDF forces. The YPG had earlier called for Syrian government forces to leave the city, which this agreement insists upon. The map below, showing the encirclement of loyalist/NDF forces suggests this may be a wise strategic withdrawal.
The ceasefire came into effect at 2pm on Tuesday, following Kurdish YPG efforts to capture the government-held areas of the city. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the YPG is now in control of nearly all of Hasakah.