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Fri, 22 Sep 2017
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Post-nihilism, a template for where we are heading

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Some of you may remember my last article, 'post-imperialism, a template for a new social order', where I described a utopian society. It discussed ideas of community, values, the quest for truth and objective reality. The present article does almost the opposite, it describes the current state of our society and where it is probably heading. More specifically, I will focus on the emergence and predominance of 'organized' minorities, be they homosexuals, atheists, migrants, pagans, modern art enthusiasts, vegetarians, LGBT advocates, you name it.

The list is long and keeps getting longer, as if we had entered an age of the race for victim-hood. Most of those minorities consider themselves as 'Social justice warriors' or SJWs. I'll try to explain how SJWs ended up imposing their vision of the world on the majority and where this raging proselytism displayed by SJWs comes from.

Many terms have been used to describe the dystopian world in which we find ourselves: materialist, scientist, atheist, individualistic, rationalist, consumerist. They all are valid descriptions, although they only address one of the facets of our global society.

Recently some thinkers attempted to give a more extensive assessment of our society and described it as nihilistic, relativist, post-modern. What those three terms have in common is that they make the claim that there can be no objective truth, no objective meaning and no objective moral values.

But when you observe the vehement proselytism displayed by 'acting' minorities, it seems that they strongly believe they hold truth and they are very willing to fight for it. How can this be in a nihilistic/relativist/postmodern society, where there is no truth, no future and no goal?

Along with tracking the fundamental causes and origins of the fervor and proselytism displayed by 'dominant' minorities, I'll try to describe the current dynamics and show that they go way beyond 'nihilism'. That's why I use the term 'post-nihilism' to account for the society that emerges after the transitory 'nihilistic' phase.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Corporal Punishment: Abuse or Discipline?

"Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them," so the Bible says. But what is 'the rod'? Does it just mean discipline as in teaching, guiding and setting a proper example? Or does it mean -- in what seems to be the widely accepted view -- actually smacking, hitting or spanking a child in order to correct their behavior? Research states that the majority of parents worldwide use some type of corporal punishment and practically all of these researchers agree that hitting a child is not only ineffective but leads to emotional and behavioral problems and poorer outcomes later in life.

Proper discipline is essential to a child's development but defining what is proper is often the sticking point. On this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we'll discuss discipline, corporal punishment and outright child abuse. We'll also attempt to answer the burning question, "Is it ever okay to spank a child?

Stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be house training your dog.

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Grenfell Tower inferno, Götterdämmerung for UK regime? Brexit, Corbyn, and Britain's constitutional crisis

  1. (Germanic mythology) 'The twilight of the gods'. The myth of the destruction of the gods in a final battle with the forces of evil; the apocalypse.
  2. Any cataclysmic downfall or momentous, apocalyptic event, especially of a regime or an institution.
The UK's cascading constitutional crisis continues. The horrific fire at Grenfell Tower in London on June 14th, which occurred just 6 days after a snap election delivered a 'shock' hung parliament (the UK's second in just 7 years), has shaken the country to its core at a time when trust in the authorities is already teetering.

Up to 600 people lived in 120 flats in Grenfell Tower. The fire started at 1am (when it was probably almost fully occupied by sleeping residents) on the 4th floor. All 20 floors above that went up in flames in just 15 minutes. The government says the death toll stands at 79, but the names of not even half of those have been released. The true death toll is likely closer to 379. Locals are certain the death toll is being covered up. British MP David Lammy stated that the death toll is being covered up by Theresa May's party to prevent riots.The official line that '79 are dead and the toll is likely to rise' is the best the government can do to 'handle this till it goes away'.

But the fallout from this isn't going to just 'go away'.


Sott.net Interview with Father Daniel in Syria: "There Never Was a Popular Uprising in Syria"

© Father Daniel Maes
Father Daniel: "This is a very recent picture with Fadia (4.5 years old) who was born when her mother was in danger and when we were heavily attacked by terrorists. We took her mother in safety when she was pregnant. Fadia is, I think, normal and lively, but she hasn't spoken yet. She survived the shootings and bombardments in the basement together with us. Meanwhile, the family is reunited and has a home in Qara, but the mother and Fadia still visit us now and then to say hi."
Since 2010, Father Daniel Maes (78), from the monastery of Postel in Belgium, has been a resident of Syria's sixth-century Mar Yakub monastery in the city of Qara, 90 kilometers north of the capital Damascus. He has returned to his home country several times in the intervening years to give seminars, but remains living in Syria.

I interviewed Father Daniel recently. The following is his story. He told me why he went to Syria in 2010, and how he experienced a culture shock when he first arrived there. He also explained that there never was a civil uprising in Syria, touched on the propaganda surrounding chemical attacks, relayed heartbreaking stories from Syrians themselves and praised the great support they receive from Hezbollah, the Syrian Army, and Russia.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Mysterious Deaths: Holistic Doctors, Scientists & Bankers

In the summer of 2015 12 holistic doctors died under suspicious circumstances within 3 months of each other. If reports are to be believed the death tally of holistic doctors now stands at around 60. In 2016 there was a spate of banker deaths that spanned the globe. In 2001 several microbiologists were found dead of suicide or 'foul play'. In 2013 3 climate scientists died mysteriously. What's happening? Conspiracy theories abound but there is no hard evidence linking all of these deaths together. Were these professionals in possession of some top-secret knowledge that put their lives at risk from the powers that be or are all of these deaths merely an unfortunate coincidence?

On this episode of The Health and Wellness Show we explore the bizarre details and possible explanations of this strange phenomenon that leaves most alternative researchers scratching their heads.

At the end of the show we bring it back down to the mundane with Zoya's Pet Health Segment on training your cat in morning etiquette.

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NATO vs Eurasian integration: 'Russian' meddling in the battle for the Balkans

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We're seeing a continuing and increasing push on the part of the U.S. to incorporate the Balkans into their sphere of influence, and away from possible cooperation with states such as Russia and China, both of which are the driving force behind the emergence of a multi-polar world.

The West is worried about Russian and Chinese projects (i.e. One Belt One Road Initiative, potential pipelines etc.) that could eventually reach the heartland of Europe through the Balkans and then curtail Western influence and control of the region, both economically and politically. This is especially worrisome to the U.S. elite which sees such a future as an existential threat to their global parasitism. Wherever there's potential for an increase in Russian and Chinese influence around the world, a crisis somehow arises, with the blame being assigned to Russia and/or China.

The main reason the West is 'concerned' about the Balkans is due to its role and position on the 'global chessboard'.

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The Truth Perspective: Hidden History of US Disaster in Asia: Interview with James Bradley

The history of US intervention in East Asia is crucial background to understanding world events and the balance-of-power today. This week on The Truth Perspective we're going back in time to explore some of that history with James Bradley, a New York Times #1 bestselling author of four books about US involvement in East Asia.

These are, in chronological order: Flags of Our Fathers, co-written with Ron Powers, Flyboys, a True Story of Courage, The Imperial Cruise, A Secret History of Empire and War, and The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia.

His books can be found via his website at JamesBradley.com. Bradley has also spoken to audiences, appeared on TV and radio across the US and China, Russia, Japan, and Europe, and penned op-eds in major US newspapers.

Join us today for a conversation with the author, from 4 - 6pm UTC (12 - 2pm EST, 6-8pm CET).

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Here's the transcript of the show:

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The Health & Wellness Show: High Intensity Training with Drew Baye

Drew Baye has been a personal trainer since 1993 and runs a website called baye.com where he shares his expertise on high intensity strength training and bodyweight high intensity training. His goal is to train others in the 'safest, most effective, most efficient manner possible to maximize life-long health and functional ability with enjoyment of life as the standard, and to teach the best methods of achieving this.' He is the author of the following books:

Project Kratos Program Handbook: Bodyweight High Intensity Training

High Intensity Workouts: 100 High Intensity Training Workouts and Guidelines for Performance

High Intensity: The Annotated, Uncensored Post Workout Delirium Induced Ramblings

Getting Ripped: A Short Guide to Training and Eating to Maximize Fat Loss While Gaining or Maintaining Muscle

Timed Static Contraction Training: A Guide to Minimalist High Intensity Isometrics

If you want to increase your strength, muscle mass, lose fat or simply get the most out of your workout in the least amount of time, join us for this episode of the Health and Wellness show.

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Here's the transcript of the show:

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Requiem for the American Empire (VIDEO)

The United States of America, shining city on a hill. The exceptional nation; a dream sold to many. From what was it made? The backs of slaves, the blood of natives; the lives of millions. The country we knew never existed. A secret government grew; power concentrated.

Some tried to show us a better way - and were stopped. Special forces, psychological operations, social engineering. America convinced many of its righteousness - its goals.

Citizens programmed. The world in its spell by individuals that rule; whose names we do not know, and allegiances hard to fathom - a revival of past intentions, a bid for total control. The experiment refined; this time larger; using old methods and new ones.

The danger is growing. The American Empire is falling. And taking everything it can down with it.

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Behind the Headlines: World in crisis: UK regime teetering, Qatar outed as Terror Mastermind, 'ISIS' attacks Philippines

© European Press Agency
Last week's UK general election result has apparently taken the establishment there by complete surprise, with Theresa May's Conservative Party losing the small majority it held before the election. The only surprise for us was that Corbyn didn't 'do a Trump' and become the next PM. As that country continues its lurch from political crisis to political crisis, we'll look at some of the many emergent contradictions thrown up by this and other recent elections and referenda in the UK and beyond.

The bombshell news last week was the apparently sudden decision of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries to cut diplomatic relations with their erstwhile ally Qatar, and impose what effectively amounts to an economic blockade on the small Persian Gulf country. Next thing we know, 'ISIS' has massacred people in Iran's parliament. Where the heck did this come from?! Hint: funding of Islamist terrorism has - in a sense - nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile terrorists are on the run in Syria, where Syrian state forces are making advances across the desert (in spite of US airstrikes against them from across Syria's borders). But just as one head of the Islamist terror hydra is beaten, another rears its heads in the Philippines, where 'ISIS' is apparently expanding its control beyond the southern city of Marawi.

Running through all these threads is 'ISIS', that ragtag bunch of jet-setting headchoppers that somehow always manages to intervene in and influence world events of major importance.

Join us today on Behind the Headlines from 4-6pm UTC (6-8pm CET, 12-2pm EST) for more of the real story behind the 'War on Terror'.

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