Israelis know that he LET Hamas slaughter them, in furtherance of the vast depopulation effort started by the "vaccination" drive dictated by his GLOBALIST cohorts
Netanyahu’s TWO genocides
The following piece went up the day before the bloody raid on Israel, telling of a child who had "died suddenly" of cardiac arrest, at eight years old — three years after being used by Israel's "health" establishment (and, specifically, his own father, a pediatrician) to get Israeli children "vaccinated," and obey all other "COVID measures."

covid death 8 year old
Although the Israeli media has blacked out all such news as thoroughly as in (say) Canada, Australia and New Zealand (and China), the toll of "vaccination" there, in that small country, has been so obvious that many people get it, though most have kept that awareness to themselves.

Thus they've been far more outspoken in protesting Netanyahu's attempted "judicial overhaul," which was reported audibly by the Israeli media, as well as "our free press" throughout the West.

So Netanyahu had good reason to allow that hideous attack — to get Israelis to forget about the toll of "vaccination" and their anger over his attempt to seize control of Israel's courts.

Of course, such "wag the dog" manipulation has been used forever to get people to forget news inconvenient to the government — as (say) Ronald Reagan scored his smashing military triumph in Grenada, to "save the medical students" there (though they were in no danger), and thereby change the subject from the 241 Marines killed in Lebanon (where they'd been sent for no good reason); and as Bill Clinton bombed civilian neighborhoods in Belgrade, to halt what "our free press" portrayed as Serbian "genocide," and thereby change the subject from the scandal over his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

But such American examples of the strategy were, of course, far less shattering, and therefore more successful, than Netanyahu's gambit, since they entailed no deaths in the US, but only very far away, where (needless to say) no Americans had any idea what was really happening, since "our free press," in both cases (and as usual), hid the one-sided "combat" in a fog of propaganda from the DoD.

Netanyahu's move was exponentially more catastrophic than the prior tricks played by those US presidents, since it entailed the deaths, and other grievous suffering, of some hundreds of Israelis — a fact that's now quite clear to ever more of the Israeli people, for whom Netanyahu's bald inaction is clear proof that Hamas' raid was no "surprise attack" (any more than "wildfires" caused the torching of Lahaina), but a move against themselves by their own government — a move that has now reconfirmed their quiet sense that Netanyahu's "vaccination" drive was lethal, by design.

And so, while millions of Americans, and "our free press," are fervently supporting Netanyahu, his own people want him out — a fact ignored by nearly all the US press:

Israelis blame government

Jerusalam Post – October 13, 2023
Barak on Netanyahu

John Menadue – Oct 15, 2023
The following three pieces — two videos and a Substack — tell us precisely why a clear majority of the Israeli people want Netanyahu out of office (at the very least).

1. Peace activist Shai Danon (who links Netanyahu's "vaccination" drive to the eugenicist Club of Rome):

Comment: Shai Danon's story of the martial law control that is coming, coupled with the story below about Israel's arming citizen militias against its own populace (those who want to see the current leadership out of office) seems to suggest that Israel - or the controllers of Israel - not only want to take on the Arab world (that will not stand for more belligerence from the Israelis) - but want to destroy the Jews who are resisting their government from within.

2. A former IDF commander speaks from his experience:

3. A revealing Substack by Lowell Gallin, about another "sudden death" in Israel:
Just last week on Monday evening (October 2nd, 2023) twenty four year old OFEK, a young Israeli graphic artist who supplemented his income by working part time as a cashier at ZOL B'SHECHUNA (Cheapest in the Neighborhood) SHARON'S MAKOLET dropped dead in the evening of a heart attack. Attempts to resuscitate Ofek failed. A few hours before Ofek's MURDER BY HOLOCAUST INJECTION Ofek called his Mom and said, "Mommy, I don't feel well". A few hours later Ofek was on the floor of his apartment with our emergency medical service medics attempting to save Ofek from going through The Door of No Return (for the moment, until the Resurrection of the Dead).

They failed. Ofek was pronounced dead that evening (Monday, October 2nd, 2023).

SHARON, who is of Moroccan Jewish ancestry, as was Ofek: When I asked Sharon last week on Thursday morning (October 5th, 2023) if Ofek died, SHARON'S FIRST RESPONSE was "YES, Ofek is dead. Some people say it was because of the 'vaccine'".

That was Sharon's FIRST RESPONSE. When I saw Sharon yesterday morning (Sunday, October 8th), to find out when and where Ofek was buried (Givat Shaul) and where the shiva (seven day mourning period) is being held (Ofek's grandma's home near Kiryat Yovel), I told Sharon:

"You are one of the very few native born Israelis I can talk too about REALITY without the Brain Dead Mind Blocking Wall of 'Those are Teorat Conspiratzia' [Conspiracy Theories] going up and the "phone line" going off."

Sharon said to me, "Aryeh, you are WRONG, there are MANY, MANY, MANY like me who KNOW that what you and those like you are saying is TRUE. However, most of us who KNOW that the 'Conspiracy Theories' are closer to REAL REALITY than the Party Line Propaganda we hear from Our Rulers don't speak openly about it."
Such pieces give the context for this rare story in the corporate media:

"Israeli anger at Netanyahu erupts at hospital bedsides"

October 19, 2023

Meanwhile, outside the cineplex of Western "journalism," we find (real) news that more than justifies Israeli rage at Netanyahu. If this story, for example, has been noted anywhere by "our free press," I haven't seen it:

And then there's this:

Israeli Forces Shot Their Own Civilians, Kibbutz Survivor Says:

"Why I believe this was an inside job":

"It has to be an inside job":

* * *

So here we have another "sudden" global trauma, with "our free press" again reporting only the Official Story — another deadly melodrama bearing no relation to what really happened, since its true purpose is to stupefy us all with fear and anger (at each other).

Thus this inflammatory "story" harks back to the Allied propaganda drive against "the Hun" over a century ago; and, of course, Hamas's hideous — and dubious — "surprise attack" harks back more specifically to 9/11, as some have cogently observed:
"Israel's 9/11 Moment"?!

Former IDF tower guard blows whistle raising questions about authenticity of official "surprise" narrative. In his recent Substack, Robert Morningstar points toward some of the many parallels between 9/11 and the Hamas attack, Sun, Oct 8, 2023 at 8:25 pm. - Richard Gage
Is Israel's "9-11" another Inside Job?

In this episode of TNT Radio's Chris Smith Show, I was asked to share my analysis on the new war in the Middle East and tie these developments into the efforts to disrupt China, Iran and Russia's efforts to bring about a Eurasian development strategy. - Matthew Ehret
Israel's 9/11 - The similarities are uncanny...

It's only been a few days since Hamas attacked Israel. It's being called Israel's 9/11. I agree and for reasons different from what the public is being told.Thousands of innocent people have been killed by the terrorist acts last week. Emotions are running high. Calls for immediate retaliation are being met by others that urge prudence. - Madhava Setty
Israel's 9/11

Sorry, but I've seen this movie before. I saw it in New York in 2001. On the afternoon of September 11, I stood among the crowd on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and watched what was left of the Twin Towers burn. Walking home as the sun was setting, it appeared to be snowing. It wasn't snowing. The snowflakes were bits and pieces of paper.. - CJ Hopklns
And yet we can't grasp the apocalyptic import of the Israel story, or its evil brilliance, by looking back to World War I, or 2001 — or, for that matter, to any chapter in the prior history of Israel and Palestine, or the calamitous pre-history of antisemitism (as we still inaccurately call it) in the West.

Indeed, in order to perceive what's really happening here, we must forget all that, and focus just on the uniquely shattering history of the last three years; for the horror that started on October 7 is but the latest of the serial catastrophes that have been hitting all of us since "the coronavirus" seemed to strike in January, 2020, ravaging the world as we had known it, and putting most of us beside ourselves with fear and rage (at one another).

According to the "COVID" melodrama pushed worldwide by most governments and all of "our free press" (a milestone in the history of propaganda), "SARS-CoV-2" roared "suddenly" and murderously out of Asia (like the Huns), requiring that we all lock down, wear masks and vehemently shun each other, or else we'd all die — and those who doubted it out loud were either silenced or condemned (and, often, worse), their expertise dismissed, while all those who would not comply were cast as Nazis (like Trump, whom "our free press" had, in a preparatory melodrama launched before the 2016 election, cast as Hitler).

Far from "saving lives," that Big Lie killed millions mainly through economic devastation; and, despite the endless mewings of "humanitarian" concern, the "coronavirus" propaganda was an outright symphony of hate, demonizing those whose non-compliance was "putting everyone at risk" — all of them contemptuously smeared as "far-right" yahoos — and thereby filling them with fear and anger, too.

Some four months into that world-shattering campaign, the "COVID" story was compounded, and its purpose further served, by the murder of George Floyd — or "the murder of George Floyd," since there are grounds for doubting that he did die of asphyxiation under Derek Chauvin's foot. That it was fentanyl and heart disease that killed him is now under debate, between Dr. Pierre Kory and George Parry; though that debate is only here on Substack, since "our free press" (of course) won't touch it.

In any case, the cause of death aside, that (second) "sudden melodrama out of Minneapolis had — just like the "virus" panic — all the earmarks of a global propaganda blow-out, from the video's bizarre theatricality (since when do cops engaged in murder just stand there letting someone film it?), to its instant global resonance, with well-oiled protests as far afield as Ghana and Japan, and all the predatory billionaires, top banks and major corporations "suddenly" concerned about "black lives."

All that propaganda served to deepen the division between blacks and whites, bolster the humanitarian pose of the Covidians on high, demonize the police (easing their eventual replacement by AI and robot-dogs), and — not least — deal yet another body blow to the American economy, as "anti-racist" riots nationwide (the perps not wearing masks) trashed countless businesses already reeling from the lockdown, while "our free press" dismissed the violence as a racist myth (although it did more harm to black-owned businesses than any others coast to coast).

Meanwhile, throughout those months of "sudden" urban chaos (with police forces oddly standing down in city after city — and, in Boston, even placing piles of bricks near protest sites), the "COVID" melodrama inched toward its long atrocious climax in the "vaccination" drive that was supposed to "save" us all (and black people in particular!) from "death by COVID."

Once the "vaccination" melodrama finally started in December, 2020, "our free press" (of course) kept right on telling only the Official Story, and attacking anyone who questioned it, so that the same majority who didn't know that "COVID" wasn't really all that dangerous, and that HCQ and (especially) Ivermectin were effective remedies, now didn't know (and all too many still don't know) that those "vaccines" are not just ineffective, but also far more dangerous than "the virus" ever was, or could have been.

Thus "our free press" did something even worse than merely black out all the necessary daylight that our free press was initially enabled to provide (with constitutional protection to that end). By terrorizing millions (for no reason), while hyping "vaccination" as our only possible escape from all that fear, "our free press" totally (and, in all too many cases, permanently) blinded them, so that they now can't see the truth, even when it's right in front of them, and even when it's killing them and/or their loved ones.

Thus "our free press" was used to traumatize those millions into risking suicide, and into hating anyone who's warned them not to do it (a trauma that has also blinded countless of the "journalists" themselves).

As the (planned) continuation of the "virus" panic, the "vaccination" drive did not, of course, (apparently) come out of nowhere, like "COVID" and "the murder of George Floyd" — and "January 6," another "sudden" trauma that "our free press" hyped stridently, for months, hammering the Official Story of an "insurrection," even though it was demonstrably preposterous at the time, especially to anyone who went online and watched the many grass-roots videos of the Capitol Police, not "overwhelmed" by protestors, but ushering them in.

That the whole show was an FBI production, not a "coup attempt" (all its "participants" unarmed), is a fact well-known to those who've bothered looking into it, while "our free press" (of course) has laughed it off as one more "conspiracy theory" pushed by the "far right" — just like the abundant solid evidence that Biden/Harris hadn't really been elected.

Far from urging that such evidence should be adjudicated (as ought to be routine in a democracy), "our free press" merely bellows that there isn't any, using "January 6" to cast "election denial" (a variant of "Holocaust denial") as sedition, and those engaging in it as "domestic terrorists," who therefore deserve to be in federal prison, often under torturous conditions — because they're "fascists."

Thus "January 6" ramped up the propaganda effort to dehumanize all those resisting "COVID measures," so as to justify their persecution — exactly the same strategy whereby all dissidents, from 1947 until 1960 (and beyond), were tagged as "communists," although the vast majority were not (nor, under the Bill of Rights, did those few who were deserve such treatment), just as the tens of thousands protesting in DC on January 6 were not a horde of Nazis but a multitude as peaceful as it wasdiverse. That they weren't Nazis, and were not in Washington to seize the government — and that "our" government itself was following the Nazi playbook by arresting and imprisoning so many of the opposition, using "January 6" as Hitler used the Reichstag fire — are facts that those calling themselves "liberals" and "the left" can't see, "our free press" having once more traumatized them all into fascistic blindness.

While pounding on that melodrama through the rest of 2021 (and beyond), "our free press" maintained its traumatic focus on the existential urgency of "vaccination" — a drive that slowly, and inevitably, lost its power, as ever fewer of the "vaccinated" got their boosters, and certain lies about "the virus" finally started to collapse.

By 2022, it seemed, to some, that "COVID" might be over at long last — then, "suddenly," on February 25, Putin launched his brutal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, our peaceful little democratic ally, as Hitler did to Poland, blah blah blah. Thus "our free press" abruptly shifted melodramas, now bellowing a story of "Ukraine" as misleading and (potentially) as lethal as the "vaccination" story that they kept on bellowing as well. Having vigorously pushed the propaganda fiction of the "Maidan Revolution" in 2014, the government-and-media continued blacking out the loud, proud Nazi elements in the Kiev regime, and their prolific slaughter of the Russian-speaking people in the East — facts dismissed as "Russian propaganda."

Thus the millions who, for eight years, had been fiercely disinformed by "our free press" were now outraged by Putin's "unprovoked" invasion, since the provocations (14,000 slaughtered in the East, US/NATO encroachment, biowarfare plants throughout the country's West, etc.) were unknown to them.

Thus the same millions who believed religiously in masks, detested "anti-vaxxers," worshipped BLM and wanted all those "insurrectionists" locked up were all now just as rabidly supportive of Zelensky, putting up Ukrainian flags (some even wearing blue-and-yellow), and spitting fire at anyone who dared to disagree out loud.

* * *

By now, the master-scheme of serial catastrophe was clear enough to those of us who could still see, or who had finally started seeing, that we began to speculate aloud as to what might come next, in furtherance of the Great Reset. Would it be a "sudden" famine? A ("Russian") cyber-takedown of the power grid? An "alien invasion" (that is, from Mars, not Mexico)?

While any of such Next Big Things would have been rather obvious, the one that has now hit us is not just the most spectacularly violent, but — after "COVID," and the "vaccination" drive — the most seductive of them all; for even most of those who have seen through the prior melodramas cannot see the one that's raging now for what it really is; because this "sudden" conflagration burning worldwide from the Middle East seems so familiar, and the feeling it has sparked all over is so violent, that it's hard to see the globalist design of this new nightmare, too.

There is one thing that's new about this latest propaganda drive since January, 2020. Whereas the others all united what we (very loosely) call "the left" (along with certain sectors of the GOP) against the "far-right" bogey, this one has abruptly split that gross alliance, as both parties — Trump et al. included — and the "liberal media" have (predictably) swung virulently Zionist, while the "woke" masses (predictably, and, often, virulently) "stand with Palestine," along with some few politicians, movie stars and rappers. This livid falling-out has only weakened the antagonists, since both sides are disabled by a common blindness to what's really happening to them both (and all the rest of us).

"We are the people of light, they are the people of darkness — and light shall triumph over darkness." Thus spake Netanyahu two days ago, spelling out the Manichaean vision that "our free press" has, by and large, been variously pitching since October 7, and that has Zionists beside themselves with open genocidal rage, not just at Hamas, and/or its armed confederates, but at the Gazans overall, and, no doubt, all Palestinians.

It was, of course, the "sudden" horror of Hamas's attack, and the endless invocation of the Holocaust by the Israeli government (and, therefore, by "our free press"), that now has Zionists not only cheering as the IDF kills thousands more than Hamas killed (and forcibly "relocates" many thousands more), but attacking anyone who isn't cheering, too, demanding that whoever doesn't "stand with Israel" be censored, fired, expelled from school or otherwise eliminated in a crackdown that makes "cancel culture" seem (almost) benign.

This ferocious drive against the Palestinians, and anyone who advocates on their behalf, is wholly based on the Official Story that "our free press" (as usual) will not question, even though the Israeli people don't believe it, since there is overwhelming evidence against it — evidence that "our free press" will not report, just as it has long blacked out the agony in Gaza (and those eight years of Nazi violence in East Ukraine).

And as the Zionists have been disastrously misled by the Official Story, so have those who applauded Hamas's bloody raids, voicing "exhilaration" over what they took to be a righteous counter-blow against the occupying power, like the heroic uprising in the Warsaw ghetto. While Gaza does recall the Warsaw ghetto, Hamas's "surprise attack" does not recall that uprising, which actually did come as a surprise (and, of course, killed no civilians), whereas "October 7" clearly was an "inside job," as the Israeli people know — an inconvenient fact for all who now want to see still more people die, whether Israelis, Gazans, Jews, Palestinians, Muslims or whomever else they hate, for whatever reason (or no reason).

So let us finally pose the crucial question: Who benefits from the catastrophe that may now sweep us all away, if we don't break the spell of the Official Story? It's surely not the Zionists, since Netanyahu obviously isn't one, or he wouldn't have forced "vaccination" on his people, through what may well have been the toughest "vaccine" mandate in the world. Despite his reputation, and his demagogic rhetoric, Netanyahu would appear to be a globalist, not a Zionist (and so is probably a Mason, not a Jew).

Comment: Or perhaps there is a great overlap of players and agendas in motion between Zionism and Globalism that has, until now, been less obvious to many observers.

Certainly this latest melodrama is now speedily intensifying the repressive trends that started with the rollout of "the virus," from ever-tighter censorship, to still "smarter" surveillance, to the splintering of opposition, to the exacerbation of the refugee crisis, and so on, as this acute OffGuardian piece makes clear:
The Israel-Hamas War is ALREADY Pushing the Great Reset Agenda"

Kit Knightly,, October 20 2023
Now, let's return to the only bit of good news in this whole hyper-barbaric episode — that the Israeli people get it, not just about Hamas's "surprise attack," but about the "vaccination" drive that Netanyahu forced on them, and which now has them "dying suddenly" week after week, along with other peoples the world over.

Could it be that Netanyahu actually is not the ultimate or only author of "October 7," and that its purpose wasn't just to save his hide politically?

Is it not possible that, just as "his" drive to "vaccinate" all the Israeli people was probably dictated from on high, he organized "October 7," or okayed it, on the orders of the same powers who've been ravaging the world since January, 2020?

Not only is this crisis serving perfectly to foster still more chaos, division and economic ruination overall, but, more precisely, it has (at least for now) completely drowned out the Israelis' quiet, shared awareness that "vaccination" is a stroke of democide, imposed worldwide not with the noble goal of "saving lives," but — on the contrary — to end as many lives as possible, for the purpose of extreme depopulation everywhere (as Bill Gates once incautiously revealed, when he referred to the eventual concluding phase of global "vaccination" as "the final solution").

The last thing that our masters want is for the Israelis' consciousness of what's been done to them to spread to other countries, so that enough of us wake up, and unify enough to put an end to these catastrophes at last.

And so those whose eyes are now so full of blood that they just want to see more people die — whether Jews or Palestinians — had better understand, for their own sake, that those behind the "vaccination" drive agree with you, and with your enemy, since they want nearly all of us to die, and the sooner the better.

So if you can't stop hating any others to the point of wanting them all dead, go ahead and keep it up. It's your funeral (assuming anyone will be around to bury you).

Germany, 1938:

germany 1938
Germany, 2021:

germany 2021 #1
germany 2021 #2
Germany, 2021 #3
Israel, 2021:

israel 2021
As to where Netanyahu's really coming from, those interested in knowing more may find this piece interesting:
Spook, Terrorist or Criminal? America's Mysterious Files on Netanyahu"

Neve Gordon, October 1996
Mark Crispin Miller is Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University and the author of several books, including Boxed In: The Culture of TV; Seeing Through Movies; Mad Scientists: The Secret History of Modern Propaganda; Spectacle: Operation Desert Storm and the Triumph of Illusion; and The Bush Dyslexicon. You can read more of his work on his Substack and through his newsletter, News from the Underground