Borg ship
- The Borg are an alien group that appear as recurring antagonists in the Star Trek franchise. The Borg are cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind called "the Collective". The Borg co-opt the technology and knowledge of other alien species to the Collective through the process of "assimilation": forcibly transforming individual beings into "drones" by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. The Borg's ultimate goal is "achieving perfection"...

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

- The Borg
In an article last month, I mentioned virus expert Geert Vanden Bossche and his prediction of mass deaths soon going "exponential" in highly Covid-vaccinated countries.

Since posting that article, I've learned through one of my part-time jobs that two younger-aged people died within a day of each other. One was age 37 and the other was in their low forties. The younger of the two died of a heart attack and the 40ish person's death was, supposedly, according to the doctor, the result of a previously unknown congenital heart defect.

I don't know if either, or both, of the deceased were mRNA-vaxxed, but, given the employers' health/service-related fields... as well as the Covid-era deception and pervasive fear in the particular urban enclave, I would say the odds favor both of them as having received the shots.

Either way, two young people's funerals were attended by the same coworkers, from the same employer, in the same week, and... according to a discussion I overheard in the breakroom... it was the result of "a one-in-a-million coincidence" (exact words). The vax was not even on the spectrum of consideration, let alone discussion; and, since I never knew the vax status of the deceased, I didn't mention the possibility to my coworkers.

I could have brought up Ed Dowd's book "Cause Unknown", and the "Died Suddenly" trend but maybe the 37-year-old was a closet chain smoker with high cholesterol and the 40ish person actually did have a congenital heart defect that took four decades to diagnose after it was too late.

I can't prove anything to those who wouldn't want to know, anyway.

Although I believe people must wake up to the occult tyrannies of The Borg that are veiled behind plausible deniability, censorship, and "fact-checker" deceptions, I also believe there is a right way... and a wrong way... to deprogram the sleepwalkers.

For example, given that The Borg usually telegraphs its intentions it is not overly difficult to know what it might try next; even if the exact method(s) and timing remain unknown. Therefore, if the sleepwalkers are told what is going to happen and it occurs, then some might start thinking for themselves and researching on their own.

And some won't.

In this instance, I had never previously discussed anything Covid-related with those particular co-workers in the breakroom. But, in the event of another "one-in-a-million coincidence", I can always broach the topic later if I deem it necessary.

Ingesting the metaphorical red pill is a numbers game - and math is reality. Moreover, the ideologies of people exist on a spectrum that changes over time and is subject to multiple variables... like time... and repetition, for example.

There is a Rule of Three in sales whereby people must hear a message three times before taking action: The first time of hearing, the message may go in one ear and out the other. The next time captures attention and the third time resonates with those who are in the market for what is being sold to the point of becoming motivated to act.

That's the idea, anyway, and there is probably some truth to the theory. Regardless, The Borg obviously applies repetition in its daily propaganda - hence the Covid vaccine onslaught and the political ad-blitzes during election seasons.

But to ram through the harder-to-sell initiatives, like Operation Warp Speed, top-notch salesmen are necessary. When selling vaccine initiatives, for example, or campaign promises during election season, the Rule of Repetition may explain why Trump repeats messages up to three times in single sentences, like hypnosis.

Similarly, I've discovered that persistent repetition can be utilized in deprogramming sleepwalkers, as well; by repetitively articulating facts, predictions, and outcomes to untangle the deceptions that string together the narratives of The Borg.

Consider the following: I am moderately well-known in my community and, thus, am privileged to access public, online, and print platforms that reach important people in my area - including faith, business, and civic leaders, as well as educators, law enforcement, and health authoritarians.

From the beginning of the Covid deception, I utilized all platforms at my disposal to make very clear that Covid mandates were never about health but, instead, designed to facilitate a Global "Great Reset" on behalf of Malthusian billionaires. Over time, the premise was demonstrated as true - even in the eyes of a few of my most vocal early debate opponents.

Still, problems remain:

- Although some in my locality have been awakened, others have doubled down on their deception. I believe this is primarily the result of their commitment to their previous and current public positions, in addition to their need to continuously virtue signal their self-perceived good intentions.

- The Borg's assimilation of the free internet is nearly complete. Truth is disappearing online as online A.I. f*ckery expands. And search engines have been tweaked to uphold the lies of The Borg.

-Additionally, The Borg will often make sure Plan A doesn't appear to happen to confound and discredit truthtellers. This way, Plan B or C moves forward (or the names are changed to protect the guilty) - as truthtellers are ridiculed on "fact"checker sites about false conspiracy theories regarding Plan A. For example, Covid-19 did not exactly transition into the zombie apocalypse as foretold by some medical whistleblowers like Dr. Judy Mikovits, the aforementioned Geert Vanden Bossche, and others - although, it remains possible the mRNA vaccines are still viable as slowly-ticking time bombs... or... The Borg's forecasted Disease X may get the job done during its next assault.

- Many, if not most, sleepwalkers share the utopian dreams of The Borg. Or, at the very least, they don't care. Apathy is b*tch, and, after all, the Super Bowl is one hell of a show, and a new season of "The Bachelor" is out, too.

- At this point in history the proverbial hour has become quite late.

Although I believe The Borg will one day implode by the weight of its own bullsh*t..., in the meantime, there will be ignorance, apathy, and math; and heated arguments on public streets, online, by phone, at work, and around tables.

The Gnostic Traps of The Borg

The twentieth-century Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce (1910 - 1989) coined the term "heterogenesis of ends" to explain the paradox of how Marxism succeeds and fails simultaneously.

Due to contradictions within its metaphysical assumptions, Del Noce believed Marxism can become reality only in the exact way it does; and... because of its negation of absolute truths... the historical result produced by Marxism becomes its own "empirical verification".

Similar to his British philosophical peer C.S. Lewis, Del Noce predicted the rise of a scientific elite and a secular, post-modern "Great Reset" as proposed by World Economic Forum guru Klaus Schwab:
The [ancient} Gnostic quest is about rules to free the soul from the world; conversely, post-Christian immanetism searches for rules to build an absolutely new world.

... a new gnosis - where "new" means at the same time "post-Christian" or "decayed or "degenerate,"... is the only possible formula that can be used to describe the process that led to the myths of modernity and of the Revolution (regardless of what adjective is used to specify it: political, scientific, technological) as a historical break that will make possible to transition to the "new man."

... the idea that man is capable of self-redemption (i.e. of achieving salvation through action). It is the conviction that the advent of the reign of perfection on earth will be fulfilled by a human initiative.

— Del Noce, Augusto. "The Crisis of Modernity", trans. Carlo Lancellotti, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2014 , page 295
The Borg has been consolidating, and closing, its concentric rings of power for decades and the reason the tyranny is now going mainstream is because its simulacrum is almost complete.

It would appear the economic 1% of the 1% has acquired secret occult knowledge by which they conjure narratives via psychological binaries (dialectics) that manufacture public consent which, in turn, creates pseudo realities that can be controlled.

In an article written last February, entitled "Gnostic Parasitism in the Post-Modern Simulacrum", I posted a quote by Chris Hedges from his 2009 book "Empire of Illusion, which stated, in part....
...This is the real danger of pseudo-events and pseudo-events are far more pernicious than stereotypes. They do not explain reality, as stereotypes attempt to, but replace reality. Pseudo-events redefine reality by the parameters set by their creators. These creators, who make massive profits selling illusions, have a vested interest in maintaining the power structures they control.
Consequently, there now appear to be three kinds of people existing in the world today:

A.) Those who believe in transcendent truth (i.e. reality)

B.) Those possessing the (Borg-like) hubris to believe they can establish their vision of (their) utopia on earth

C.) Those under the spell of those identified in category B above (= NON-critical thinking sleepwalkers)

It has also become clear that the last obstacles to global totalitarianism are American gun owners and what remains of the U.S. Constitution, and this is why both have been continuously attacked via pseudo-events.

Even now, some critical thinkers are sensing a trap at the Texas Border which remains ongoing at the time of this writing:
[Texas Governor Greg] Abbott also said he is expanding Operation Lone Star, the controversial border security initiative he launched in 2021. The operation has included deploying Texas National Guard members along the Mexico border, installing a floating barrier in the Rio Grande River and initiating safety inspections on commercial trucks arriving at ports of entry from Mexico.

"As we speak right now, the Texas National Guard is undertaking operations to expand this effort," Abbott said. "We're not going to contain ourselves just to this park, we are expanding to further areas to make sure that we will expand our level of deterrence and denial of illegal entry into the United States."
Whether or not the current border fracas will yield a false flag remains to be seen. But, either way, The Borg desires to play Whack-a-Mole with American Patriots and it must first seduce its prey.

Consider that Covid was a pseudo-event executed for that very purpose: To divide the sheep from patriotic wolves bemoaning archaic natural rights. Could Hillary Clinton have successfully launched Operation Warp Speed into the arms of American Deplorables and Tea Party voters? Doubtful. So Trump was the perfect man for that job.

At the same time, Trump loudly complained about Big Pharma executives who played politics by not announcing their big beautiful vaccine launch until after Biden "won" the election. This, along with Joe in the White House, assured liberal voters they could trust The Science® with confidence.

Take notice of how pseudo-events and their outcomes always align with the previously propagandized objectives of The Borg.

School shootings lead to calls for gun control because the children. Cyber-attacks and data breaches increase demand for digital I.D. and CBDCs.

In my previously mentioned "Gnostic Parasitism" article, I paraphrased author and mathematician Dr. James Lindsay's observations as follows:
In Gnosticism, the concept of "reflexivity" occurs as things become true when people believe it and things remain false when they don't believe. ...[Dr. James Lindsay] mentioned the January 6 rioters as falling prey to "gnostic reflexivity" which allowed the wizards to reframe the real event with a false narrative.

Just as the Scientific Method seeks to understand things as they are, or the truth of the propositions, "alchemy", as defined by the billionaire and leftist agitator, George Soros, is to "bring about a desired state of affairs" by affecting change in the hearts of people. The purpose of alchemy is "operational success".

This is wizardry, or sorcery.
Therefore, the "anti-borg" must NEVER fall into The Borg's trap. On the contrary, and as I've suggested before, the "anti-borg" should dismantle The Borg by 1,000 cuts and in ways not seen.

Unfortunately, the odds favor that Donald Trump is a trap, too, and with the potential to lock into place The Borg's societal digital prison doors once and for all.

Comment: The above assertion leaves out the fact that even IF Trump got re-elected (which seems quite doubtful given the will to political power of his adversaries in Washington and elsewhere), his network of allies would be very limited in their ability counter the entrenched agendas of allied intelligence agencies, Big Tech, Big Finance, the WEF, and so on.

With that in mind, it has been predictable to see some RINOs, along with Political Leftists, labeling Trump as "Hitler" and/or "Mussolini" again during this election cycle.

Now consider the previously mentioned Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce and his conclusion that Fascism and Nazism were "misdiagnosed" by post-World War II Western intellectuals as being "revolutionary" when both movements were (are), in reality, "reactionary phenomena."

Accordingly, in the modern digital age, I will ask the readers to also consider this possibility: That technocratic totalitarians have created a simulacrum in which Trump is a controlled reaction to woke relativism.

Of course, if that is true, then "Trump Part Two" is just another psyop. Again. Because the best way to vanquish opposition is to control it.

During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Trump told Deplorables what our itching ears wanted to hear: He would prosecute the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Then, after the election, Trump said the Clintons were "good people".

In fact, Trump eventually surrendered the nation, which he promised to make great, to the Marxists.

Is it happening again? Is Trump a metaphorical football by which The Borg's "Lucy" endlessly tricks Deplorable "Charlie Browns"?

In any scenario, whether Trump wins or loses... or the election is stolen... or the election is cancelled... the year 2024 will lead to more instability, and Marxism, in the pursuit of U.N. Agenda 2030 utopian dreams.

Furthermore, understand this: The Borg will apply any ideology, whatsoever, to establish its envisioned utopia in the material realm: Fascism, Communism, Islam, Freemasonry, Luciferianism, Outer Space Aliens, or a witch's brew of any, or all, of these to be administered as technocratic totalitarianism:
..All that people on the right do, essentially, is identify totalitarianism with Stalinism and deny that Communism might undergo a democratic evolution... People on the left evoke the ghost of a Fascist threat... and to some kind of ill-defined "American imperialism"... There are also centrists who want to oppose all forms of totalitarianism, both Communist and Fascist. What utterly escapes all three positions is the new totalitarian reality that is taking shape."

-Del Noce, "The Crisis of Modernity", pg. 95-96
Unwinding The BORGian Knot

For the "fake" to be established, the "real" must be negated first. This means The Borg's dream-weaving must be shattered by those who can perceive and articulate reality.

This is a tall order because The Borg owns and operates the largest media bullhorns. Even so, the anti-borg is everywhere, and nowhere, too.

Enterprise bridge
Being an ideological warrior for decades, I've engaged in hundreds of in-person, phone, and written debates, with topics ranging from my personal business interests, to politics, to religion.

Moreover, my debates ONLINE have accrued at hyper-speed through the ether - and now amount to several times more sh*tfests than I ever could have achieved in three dimensions.

Through these experiences, I've developed techniques... to ... shall we say... facilitate the accurate assessment and articulation of reality.

Consider, as an example, The Borg's use of the Jan 6 "insurrection" to divide the U.S. electorate. The Jan 6 narrative allows Trump to be viewed as a seditious, Proud Boy-leading, fascist dictator; and many sleepwalkers in my area, including some prominent individuals, have recently publically identified Trump as a modern-day Hitler or Mussolini.

In The Borg's simulacrum, therefore, those with Trump Derangement Syndrome have become like dogs barking at a plastic squirrel.

In a local television interview, a retired mid-level politician in my area accused Trump of utilizing Hitler's "seven methods of coercion" (intimidation, dehumanization, control of information, isolation, repetition, and emotionalism). Another regionally prominent individual compared Trump's early caucus wins to the rise of Mussolini and said Americans are now in the process of "losing our democracy".

With these examples in mind, here are some techniques I have applied to facilitate the articulation of reality to the sleepwalkers - and, thus, attempt to untangle the ideological knots of The Borg:

1.) Prioritize ideas and principles over personalities:

I am not above challenging even the most woke of Biden supporters. And, in so doing, I only reveal what I believe to be necessary at any given time. Ideas, events, the timing of events, and outcomes, are emphasized as opposed to inconsequential details.

"Hey... this is Doug Lynn, we served on a board committee together several years ago. The reason I'm reaching out to you is that I saw your interview...."

There is also no need to discuss things that aren't pertinent to our disagreement - such as what our wives' have been up to, where our kids are employed at now, who we supported in previous elections, etc.

2.) Remain honest, ask questions, and stay at their level:

As the discussion progresses, I will usually withhold most of what I have come to understand while strategically maneuvering to discover the level of what my debate opponents think they know.

"Although I disagree with your apparent premises, it does appear you are genuinely concerned about this election..."

Average mainstream-media-ingesting sleepwalkers are not immediately prepared to consider Trump as controlled opposition and serving the objectives of Illuminati puppet masters. Neither will they be able to conceive the events of January 6, 2021 in terms of narrative-flipping Gnostic Reflexivity.

Comment: Even non-mainstream-media-ingesting-redpillers would likely find the above very farfetched!

However, they can be challenged with questions that are positioned within their level of ideological awareness:
"Can there be such a thing as an unarmed insurrection? Can you think of one that may have occurred previously in history?

If newly-elected Republican Speaker Mike Johnson immediately released all of the Jan 6 video footage, does that mean some, or most, of the video footage was censored by the Jan 6 committee during their televised show trial? Why?

Which presidential candidate supports Big Tech censorship more, Trump or Biden?

Which political party and its leaders have weaponized government agencies against their political opposition more... like during the Russiagate hoax? How about now, during the 2024 election? "
iceburg conspiracies
3.) Reframe the ideological "lens"as necessary:

When done correctly, this works like an ideological camera lens, focusing in and out, according to what I have termed "ideological proximity"; and its usage usually depends upon the awareness level of my debate opponents.

For example, in response to people who believe "millions of jobs" have been created under Biden, they may bring up "facts" from articles with headlines from their smartphone such as: "Biden Touts a Jobs Boom After Another Stunningly Strong Report".

If my debate opponent has the mental perspicuity and patience, I may zoom down into the minutia of strategic deceptions like seasonally adjusted payrolls.

Otherwise, for simpletons, I will draw back to focus on the big picture, like record national debt and endless inflationary money printing - which can always be reframed later into funding wars around the globe as the result of "foreign policy hubris and incompetence"... unless... there... could... be... something else... going on?

Here are some other examples of reframing the lens:

I might ask my debate opponents if they take off their shoes to go through security at airports in order to get felt up by blue smurfs. Then, when they respond "yes" , I'll ask them: "Why do you submit to that?" Because terrorism. So I'll ask them why America's southern border is wide open at the same time we're funding wars around the globe.

airport security
And, on some occasions, I will supplement my arguments by texting memes, too.

The truth is like a lion, set it free and it will continually defend itself. Moreover, the truth always goes on the offense in time; because time reveals all things.

This means while watching the evening news, my debate opponents will now...even against their will... utilize another lens to view proliferating global warfare and the Migrant Crisis At Our Southern Border ®.

Covid is always available to reframe as well, because it happened. But if my debate opponents are not ready to see the plandemic as a Borg conspiracy, I will ask them:

"Would you, at least, agree Covid-19 was politicized?

Surprisingly, in my experience, most people, even liberals, will admit that Covid was politicized.

But, should my debate opponent say "no", I will just ask them:

"Which states locked down more during the 2020 election, red states or blue states? "


If they bring up "The Science", or more extreme lockdowns due to densely populated urban areas, I may respond with something like:

"Ahhh, the "science"! After decades of scientific discovery, we still have no vaccine for the common cold, AIDS or cancer, yet billions of vials of emergency authorized COVID mRNA "vaccines" were made available by multiple pharmaceutical companies all at once?"

Until, eventually, I will end up articulating the reality of the Covid "pandemic" as follows:

"Big Government was funded by the same Big Pharma.... that paid Big Media big advertising dollars both Big Government and Big Media created widespread public fear.... which greatly financially benefited Big Pharma.

Yet.. Big Pharma's 'free' vaccine was subsidized by taxpayers.... as Big Government publically mandated that said taxpayers must be injected with Big Pharma's vaccine.... so said taxpayers could be PERMITTED to work and travel.

But you believe Trump is the fascist?"

In other instances, I have mentioned the October 2019 "Event 201" pandemic simulation and the obvious collusion between the World Economic Forum, The Gates Foundation, and John Hopkins University which occurred before, during, and after the Covid hysteria.

My overall objective, of course, is to constantly challenge sleepwalkers to transcend the seduction of left-right politics - so, over time, they may see the arbitrary tyrannies of the Uniparty... which operates at the behest of 1% of the 1%... who are publically on record as desiring the demise of the U.S. amid global depopulation.

4.) Acknowledge the reality within any argument

This would include the facts presented by my debate opponents, but always leading to the same inevitable conclusion: America is not voting its way out of its problems this time, so a new, genuine, way forward is necessary; a new plan based on reality.

"Yeah, it may be that Trump may be a threat to democracy, but, perhaps, not in the way you think.

Sure, Trump is a reality TV star and he is not a savior... but... neither is Biden. Neither is any political leader. Do you see?"

5.) Decide friend or foe

Again, as I stated above, winning friends and influencing people is a numbers game. There is a certain amount of people with a sufficient amount of common sense and humility to become open-minded enough to awaken from their slumber... and, then, there are those who can't... or won't. In between these two opposites, there exists a spectrum and, hopefully, the revelations of time will solidify a percentage of them onto Team Truth. Fingers crossed.

diffusion of innovation
With this in mind, I will seek either a consensus to continue in friendship (even with some disagreement)... or... will maneuver to position myself toward victory over my opponent when it becomes necessary - and all the while remembering the overall attitudes (i.e. respect, humility, open-mindedness, sense of humor, etc.) of my debate opponents.

Sleepwalkers will either be awakened from their slumber so the truth can set them free... or... they will continue believing the dreams of The Borg for any number of their own reasons.

And if the readers are wondering about the success rate of my endeavors, it has not been stellar. At the same time, though, I believe the results have been worth my time invested.

Although no detailed data has been entered into an Excel file or anything like that... and given that persuasion in the ideological spectrum is not exactly quantifiable...especially considering that current results may not reflect later positive outcomes yielded by the fullness of time... I will just say my recent endeavors have resulted in a potential "friend for the future" in approximately 1 out of 5 attempts.

That said; also understand that some of my efforts have been on public forums with no way of knowing how many minds were opened, if any. And, again, time may increase the outcome yield (from the ideological spectrum) via the metaphorical seeds that have been sown thus far.

But, regardless of the ultimate outcome(s), I have made some new friends that I believe I can trust in the days ahead, including a very influential local attorney who complimented my "lawyerly" breakdown of current events; and some of my (mostly) conservative acquaintances are now more aligned with reality then they were previously.

I believe my efforts, thus far, have not been wasted.

Go Local and Resist

Given The Borg's Agenda 2030 deadline, there will be a continually rising correlation between broadcasted bullsh*t and outright tyranny.

If past is prologue, then expect any resistance against The Borg to face immense pressure going forward - especially as the sleepwalkers are fed new and larger dreams... like Disease X and Outer Space Aliens.

The Borg will never, ever give up power. And its power is vast, global, and interwoven.

Understand that, at this point in time, there is no putting America back together. Too many people are asleep and/or indoctrinated after decades of government education in our schools, increasing immorality, ubiquitous welfare, etc.

Even if Trump were real and he became POTUS again, The Borg would launch chaos that would make Russiagate and Operation Ukrainian Impeachment look like afternoon playdates with Mr. Rogers.

In addition, the Marxist elements in government, blue states, and large cities will tear the American social fabric to shreds if Trump wins; and extreme Trump supporters will commence operations of guerrilla warfare should Trump be assassinated, or... even... if Trump appears to be assassinated.

Certainly, The Borg has dreamt both nightmares.

Therefore, if Trump WERE real, he would need to be more like Franco. But, then again, if Trump were real he'd probably be dead like JFK.

Comment: Or, perhaps, the powers that be are reticent about making a martyr of him.

By any scenario, however, the balkanization of the United States has accelerated in 2024.

In an article titled "The Grand Inevitability of Unavoidable Endings", I wrote:
All politics are, indeed, truly local - now more than ever. And much can still be done as the sun sets.

For some, relocating to a red state may be a priority. For others, it may be to seek out like-minded dissidents in their area. And, still, for others, it may be to close the circle on their preps including acquisitions of food as well as supplies for energy/power, first-aid, and defense.

Entire red regions, and counties possessing constitutionally-committed law enforcement agents, could, potentially, be fortified in a balkanized America, and primarily through the coordination and cooperation of existing civil administrations. But the heads of select institutions and agencies will need to work together quickly and decisively for any micro-constitutional republics to achieve self-sufficiency before Mordor swallows all.
Since the stolen 2020 election, I have written on becoming the "anti-borg" and have proposed that every battle should be realistically considered according to this question: "What can be won?":
If the Borg binds The Collective through fear and lies, the anti-borg responds with random dismantling, on an individual basis, with courage and truth. When areas of vulnerability are identified, the anti-borg questions what can be won, separately, and in the right places at the right times. The anti-borg is a randomly accidental array of anonymous glitches in the system.

What can be won?

The anti-borg acts individually to defeat deception with truth while esteeming courage above cowardice, and faith over fear. Unlike The Borg's beastly concern for dominance as its means to survive, the anti-borg enjoys the Long Perspective of Eternal Principles; as these transcend death.

The anti-borg values fundamentals like constitutional law, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness over political correctness and political party dialectics. The anti-borg appreciates the grand inevitability of historical and generational transitions with clarity and humility.
During Covid, we saw red states resist as blue states succumbed to tyranny.

And, since Covid, those who love liberty have, unquestionably, won victories over The Borg.

Not all is doom and gloom.

What, then, is the commonality we see as the dystopian dreams of The Borg are destroyed? It is courageous individuals standing together to challenge tyranny by defending reality: that is, truth instead of lies, and natural rights which cannot be wished away by The Borg's utopian conjuring.

Currently, Texas along with scores of red states, are standing to defend the U.S. southern border. The border defense against The Borg may be genuine and succeed. Or it may manifest into another narrative-flipping trap that benefits The Borg.

If Governor Greg Abbott surrenders Texas to The Borg, or if a false flag occurs in Texas or anywhere else, then let the reality of whatever happens be told near and far.

The Borg will never defeat The Truth; especially in localities populated with a determined minority of like-minded and committed friends.


History has demonstrated how nations rise and fall. As with the change of seasons, or the phases of a human life: time is marked by beginnings and endings, amid sunrises and sunsets, birth and death.

We're fortunate to live in an enlightened age from which we can view backward through history and remember. During the Long March of Man, many who have stood upon the Solid Rock of Transcendent Truth are now celebrated; they shine in history.

Eternal values transcend nations. People, families, and societies thrive as they adhere to time-honored principles forged by the fire of Truth; and civilizations always decay and die when these realities are forsaken. Whenever societies fall, however, some souls will always stand to defend Truth's eternal flame.

This is the evidence of history and, although many minds have been warped by the myth of modernity, Reality remains the same.

In the modern age, The Borg has co-opted the twin turbines of science and technology and now attempts to steer the world to another reality. But those at the helm of The Borg are like rich, drug-addled juvenile delinquents commandeering their father's stolen yacht towards the open sea.

Too many people have fallen asleep to dream The Borg's dreams. They trust and act on faith - but their dreams are a deception because The Borg lies. Thus, as if by magic spells, the sleepwalkers assimilate into an ersatz world; a faux reality, a distorted reflection, a simulacrum, shadows shimmering in Plato's Cave.

There will be no happy ending for the sleepwalkers.