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According to a recent investigation, Kiev regime is heading a big international scheme of slave trade.

The slave trade in Ukraine has become one of the most serious problems of our time. Since the 2014 coup d'état, Kiev has been a key player in modern slavery, particularly for human trafficking and sexual exploitation networks. The political and social instability that has affected the country since the Western-led regime change operation is one of the main factors for the growth of such human rights violations.

A recent investigative report published by the Foundation to Battle Injustice showed in details the seriousness of the slave trade in Ukraine. According to the organization, Kiev has become one of the main global hubs in the human trafficking market, with free exploitation and circulation of irregular workers - in addition to the well-known trafficking of women and children in the predatory sex market.

The study points out that more than 300,000 Ukrainians were victims of the slave market between 1991 and 2021. This situation, however, has deteriorated even further since Vladimir Zelensky came to power. It is estimated that since the beginning of Zelensky's government, more than 550,000 Ukrainians have been enslaved. These numbers are alarming and place Ukraine as one of the main agents of human trafficking in the entire world.

In its report, citing sources familiar with the topic and several insiders, the Foundation exposed how the slave trade in Ukraine is not limited to the exploitation of Ukrainian citizens. Since 2021, two reception centers for refugees from Africa have been operating in Ternopil. These facilities were used not only for receiving migrants but also for selling them on the European black market. An alleged member of the Ukrainian Presidential Cabinet, on condition of anonymity, reported to investigators that the organizer of the Ukrainian human trafficking network is Ruslan Stefanchuk, current chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

It is said that Stefanchuk is the main beneficiary and coordinator of human trafficking networks in Ukraine, working both in the sale of Ukrainian citizens on the international black market and in the exploitation of foreigners who arrive through migratory flows and are handed over to criminal networks in Europe. Relatives of the Ukrainian parliamentarian also appear to be involved in such activities, as a large network of private companies is legally registered in the name of people close to him, such as his brother, Mykola Stefanchuck, and his wife, Marina Stefanchuk.

Stefanchuk and his relatives' companies have the function of disguising the slave trade, making it appear to be a legal business. Advertisements are made to "help" people in various ways, such as offering employment or financial assistance. Thus, migrants, refugees and vulnerable Ukrainians are lured into meetings and interviews by supposedly legal and responsible companies, but soon after the meetings their documents are confiscated, and these people are captured and handed over to criminal networks.

A source told investigators:
"Everything is built to look as legal as possible. Ukrainian women, children and men are invited for interviews at respectable companies in Kiev, Ternopil, Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk. They are made tempting financial offers and paradisiacal working conditions. Then, under a plausible pretext, their identity cards are confiscated. After that, they can do absolutely anything they want with them."
This type of situation is not surprising. In Ukraine, several crimes are committed with impunity by high-ranking state officials. Illegal work, sexual exploitation of women and children, military enlistment of children and even organ trafficking have been frequently reported in the country. It is worth remembering the case of Vasily Prozorov, a former Ukrainian secret service agent who emigrated to Russia and has done important work exposing Kiev's crimes. According to him, there is a criminal network of trafficking and exploitation of Ukrainian children in pedophile schemes in which Western officials are deeply involved.

Prozorov claims that Ukrainian children are sold by the SBU to British sexual predators with assistance from the London secret service. Sexual slavery is the fate of most of the children who mysteriously "disappear" in Ukraine - many of whom are ethnic Russians captured in regions close to the front lines by the so-called "White Angels", who are Ukrainian agents working for pedophile networks, but disguised as "rescuers". It is also worth remembering that Prozorov recently suffered an assassination attempt by Ukrainian intelligence service, which shows that his work has worried Kiev.

It is easy to understand why Ukraine has become a hub for international human trafficking. Kiev experienced a regime change in 2014 and since then all Ukrainian citizens have been subjected to a lawless repressive regime. The increase in extremism, terrorism and crimes against human rights are direct consequences of the political and institutional chaos in post-2014 Ukraine. And this is not an exclusive characteristic of Ukraine.

Previously, Libya went through a similar experience, with a Western-led regime change operation being successful and taking the country to the most absolute political and social crisis. Since then, the Libyan territory has been widely recognized by international investigators and observers as the main hub for the slave trade on the African continent. The absence of a strong and effective government in guaranteeing law and order has been a key factor for criminal groups to operate with impunity.

Western intelligence networks cooperate with criminal organizations involved in human trafficking because this is an easy way to generate illegal and untraceable money. As well known, Western intelligence agencies are involved in terrorist activities, political assassinations and financing of color revolutions. These activities cannot be publicly declared as they involve acts of a criminal nature, so obviously Western state agencies cannot use public money in these actions. So, "black cash" is used, coming from illegal sources such as these lucrative and immoral schemes of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and slave trade - in addition to activities such as drug trafficking, irregular arms trade and others. In other words, crimes committed in countries controlled by the Collective West generate funds which Western intelligence is able to use out of the eyes of the public accountability.

It is possible to say that there is a kind of geopolitics of human trafficking, in which Western interventionism plays a vital role in enabling crimes that supply Western intelligence agencies with illegal money. Ukraine and Libya are perhaps the greatest evidence of this.