A woman has died in the north of France after fierce storm conditions caused a mudslide to hit her home during the night (overnight May 1-2).

The husband of the unnamed 57-year old was also injured but managed to escape the torrent of water and mud in the incident in Courmelles (Aisne).

The Aisne prefecture announced the death in a press release, saying it was the result of an "intense and very localised rainfall event [which] caused run-off and a mudslide." The incident happened around midnight.

The house, located at the bottom of a hill, was ripped open by the mudslide, which was over 1m60 in height. The force of the water was so strong it ripped out some of the walls, leaving furniture in the middle of the street and the inside of the home completely exposed.

You can see photos and a video of the destruction via local media site L'union.

"The mudslide rushed into an area with around ten homes and hit one house in particular," mayor of Courmelles Arnaud Svrcek told AFP.

He has activated the commune's emergency plan, and set up a temporary shelter and help centre for people affected by the mudslide.

Aisne was one of 17 departments facing heightened orange weather warnings on May 1, after heavy storms hit the north-east and parts of western France.

Flights were re-routed from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle (Roissy) and Orly airport due to the storms.

Elsewhere, storms caused hail to fall, particularly in the Yonne, where acres of vineyards were destroyed.

Close to Paris, in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, intense hail was also seen.

On some roads close to the capital, vehicles were forced to stop because the storms were too strong.

In Paris, lightning could be seen against the iconic Montmartre skyline, alongside the heavy hail.