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Fri, 07 Oct 2022
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'We own the Science' brags UN chief who works with Google to suppress climate skeptics

© Jens Protest against Google’s CCP-compliant-censorship in 2006
Once upon a time Google had the best search engine in the world but solo unfunded skeptics had all the fun and were outscoring the UN, academia, and official government sites.

So the UN stopped competing and just colluded with Google to rig the game:

Melissa Fleming: (Under-Secretary for Global Communications at the UN) "We partnered with Google. For example, if you Google 'climate change,' you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources. We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled 'climate change,' we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top. So we're becoming much more proactive. We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do. But again, it's a huge, huge challenge that I think all sectors of society need to be very active in." (Full transcript here)

Naturally this bragging was at the World Economic Forum — the hippest conference-cum-holiday club that can be called a tax deduction for the uber-ultra-rich and their minion political puppets.

Where else could people say smug totalitarian lines with a straight face: "We Own The Science and we think the world should know it".


This week in volcano news; Mauna Loa earthquake swarm, alert level raised at Taupo

Piton de la Fournaise Volcano (La Réunion):

Piton de la Fournaise Volcano (La Réunion)
This week, the alert level at the Taupo supervolcano in New Zealand was raised for the first time. Meanwhile at Mauna Loa in Hawaii, a new shallow earthquake swarm began during the volcano's continued yellow alert level. And, on Reunion Island, a new volcanic eruption began at the Piton de la Fournaise volcano, sending flows of molten rock down the volcano's edifice. This video will discuss these volcano related news stories, as told and analyzed by a volcanologist.


'Green' energy is a Scam. It isn't MEANT to work.

© Corbett Report/Substack
Good news, everybody! A new report from the eggheads at Oxford University assures us that switching to renewables will actually save us trillions of dollars!

You heard that right. It won't cost us trillions of dollars to build out a completely new global energy grid infrastructure based on technology that is still under development and then to switch the entire global economy onto it. No, don't be silly! It's going to save us trillions of dollars. TRILLIONS, I tell you!

Now, I know what some of you skeptical Corbett Reporteers out there are thinking: how can that be? After all, as The Manhattan Contrarian blog points out in a recent post on the "Cost of the Green Energy Transition," the disruption to the European gas supply caused by the Ukraine kerfuffle is already wreaking havoc on Europe's economy, with Germans bracing for a 13% rise in their regulated consumer gas bills this year and UK residents facing a near tripling of their own energy bills. And that's before the Great Resetters start shutting off the pipes for real and forcing the hoi polloi on to the wind/solar/unicorn fart "green" energy grid.

But why believe the actual economic pain you're experiencing (heating your own home this winter) when your Oxfordian overlords have big, fat reports (that no one will read) telling you how much money will be saved by switching over to a green energy grid? After all, the BBC and MSN and Nature World News are tripping all over themselves to repeat these findings unquestioningly, so who are you to bring up any of the pesky "facts" that contradict this comforting fairy tale?

Oh, OK, I'll drop the act. The latest Oxford study — along with the many similar pronouncements made in recent years that the transition onto the green energy grid will be painless (or even profitable) — is easily debunkable propaganda. But it is pernicious propaganda. It's designed to get the plebes to actively embrace their own enslavement in the name of saving Mother Earth, and — up to this point — it has been remarkably effective in that goal.

In truth, the green energy sustainable enslavement grid is a scam from top to bottom. But it is not simply a pie-in-the-sky pipe dream being sold to a gullible and ignorant public. It's worse than that. It is a carefully crafted lie that is designed to lead us into our new role as serfs on the neofeudal plantation in the coming green dystopia.

Want to know the details? Let's dig in.


Mud volcano erupts in Malaysia

The viral video received numerous comments from netizens with some relating it with the possibility of an earthquake.

The viral video received numerous comments from netizens with some relating it with the possibility of an earthquake.
A rare mud volcano "eruption" phenomenon at the Tabin Wildlife Park, Lahad Datu yesterday has gone viral on social media.

The viral video received numerous comments from netizens with some relating it with the possibility of an earthquake.

Sabah geologist Professor Dr Felix Tongkul, however, said, the mud volcano eruption phenomenon was a normal thing that happened when the mud pressure in the earth rose and had to be released.

"This situation repeats itself when pressure accumulates over time.


There is officially a new volcano in Iceland!

During the August 2022 and March to September 2021 volcanic eruptions in Iceland, something strange was observed. Initially, these highly effusive eruptions were thought to have originated from the Krysuvik volcanic complex. Yet, the fissure direction, size of the eruption, and nonexplosiveness were different than what was expected to occur. From this and other evidence, the two latest eruptions at Geldingadalir and Meradalir were designated as originating from a completely separate and completely new volcano. This new volcano is known as Fagradalsfjall.


This week in volcano news - Earthquake swarm in Iceland, new eruption in Russia


At the present, there are 49 volcanoes which are actively erupting. In the last week, a new volcanic eruption began within the Kuril island chain at the Alaid volcano which has a history of highly explosive eruptions. Meanwhile in Iceland, an intense series of earthquake swarms rocked the north of the country, which some people thought had a magmatic signature. And, in New Zealand, the alert level of the White Island volcano was raised in response to a change in sensor readings.


Eruption at Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico on September 9

At 03:44 CDT an eruption was observed at Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico.

Thank you to CENAPRED and Webcamsdemexico:



This week in volcano news - American Samoa volcano update, new intrusion at Mount Merapi


At the present, there is a volcano erupting in part of the United Kingdom. This volcano just so happens to be a distant overseas island territory. Also, in American Samoa, a magmatic caused earthquake swarm is ongoing. At Mount Merapi, a new intrusion of magma was detected underneath the volcano. And, in Russia, a 15,597 foot volcano had its alert level raised after producing a visible plume of ash, dispersing it on the volcano's eastern flank.

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UK government's green energy policy is a 'national disaster'

Wind wash!
© Facebook
Net Zero Watch has condemned the Government's green energy policies as "a national disaster."

This follows the announcement that a major offshore windfarm will not activate an agreement to sell power at a much lower cost to the grid.

The Times has reported that the Hornsea 2 windfarm, which had a contract to sell power at £73 per megawatt hour, will instead sell in the open market, where prices have averaged £200 per megawatt hour this year, and reached £508 last week.

Britain's struggling energy consumers are likely to end up paying a billion pounds extra for Hornsea's electricity over the next 12 months.

The new Prime Minister should urgently look into the legal options for cancelling or revoking these poorly written contracts, the spirit of which are being grotesquely abused to the huge disadvantage to British consumers.


Ebeko volcano erupts in Russia

Ebeko volcano

Ebeko volcano
The Ebeko volcano 'decided' to greet pupils on Knowledge Day by throwing out a column of ash during a celebratory ceremony in Severo-Kurilsk, as seen in footage filmed on Thursday.