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Will Greta accept the offer?

Donkey Offer
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At least 20 snowy owls spotted this fall in Wisconsin

A snowy owl flies over Algoma.
© Brian Reinke
A snowy owl flies over Algoma.
The beautiful and majestic snowy owl has made its return to Wisconsin.

"At least 20" snowy owls have been documented in Wisconsin as of November 25, the state Department of Natural Resources says.

The owls have been spotted in 12 counties so far, ranging as far north as Bayfield and Door County, and as far south as Milwaukee County. Most of the owls photographed so far are adults, which the DNR says suggests a low number of births on arctic breeding grounds during the summer.


Wolves kill close to 20 dogs in recent months in Estonia

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Wolves in Estonia have killed close to 20 dogs over the autumn and early winter, according to a report on ERR current affairs show Aktuaalne kaamera. Experts blame malnourishment, though are at a loss to explain it, saying there are no food shortages in the sparsely-populated forest areas that wolves usually inhabit.

Security video footage taken in a Raplamaa back-yard this autumn showed three wolves entering the premises and frolicking about with two resident dogs. The footage circulated on social media; however not all such lupine-canine interaction ends as happily. On man living near Vaida, south of Tallinn, lost his six-and-a-half-year-old West Siberian dog while hunting. The dog had picked up a reindeer trace, but later encountered wolves. Half and hour later, it was found dead, the owner told Aktuaalne kaamera.

August Kuuse who breeds West Siberians at Vaida said that many hunters no longer use dogs to hunt smaller wildlife in particular, such as raccoon dogs (kährik) and pine martens, which also should mean an abundance of such stock in the wild as a food source for wolves.

Väino Lill, chair of the Tihemetsa hunting society in Pärnu County, said three wolves attacked a dachshund in plain sight of the dog's owner.

Take 2

Tiger, Tiger? looking slight: Indian farmer paints dog like tiger to scare away monkeys

Indian farmer paints dog like tiger to scare monkeys
Indian farmer Srikanth Gowda has painted his pet dog Bulbul with black stripes and yellow color to make it look like a tiger in an effort to protect his coffee crop from the attack of monkeys.

The farmer told, "I now take Bulbul to the fields twice a day -- in the morning and evening. I have seen monkeys running away at the sight of the dog. The monkeys now refrain from entering my plantations."

Indian reports stated that Bulbul's stripes were painted on using hair dye.


Hungry brown bear breaks into house, devours man and his dog in Irkutsk, Siberia

A hungry brown bear ate a grandfather and his pet dog after breaking into the victim's house in a Russian village.

Only one arm and a leg were left intact from 66-year-old Sergey Fadeyev's ravaged body, according to reports.

The 16st beast - which had failed to hibernate for the cold winter - covered the man's ravaged remains with a blanket after its gruesome feast, evidently aiming to come back later, according to locals.

The bear broke in by smashing a window in his house in Irkutsk region of Siberia where temperatures were as low as -45C.

The predator was later found and shot by local hunters, say reports.

Comment: Bear sightings, attacks spike due to food shortages in Niigata Prefecture, Japan


Third whale in two months found dead in River Thames, London

The mammal was found motionless on the river banks under Battersea Bridge

The mammal was found motionless on the river banks under Battersea Bridge
Stranded minke discovered by members of public near Battersea Bridge in London

A dead whale has been found in the River Thames for the third time in the past two months.

The marine mammal - believed to be a minke - was spotted swimming up and down the river in London by several members of the public on Friday.

A dog-walker later found it lying motionless in shallow water near Battersea Bridge at around 9.30pm and it was later confirmed dead when a rescue team arrived.


Amazonian tree with human-sized leaves finally Identified as new species

Coccoloba gigantifolia
© Rogério Gribel
Coccoloba gigantifolia leaves can reach 2.5 meters (8 feet) in length.
At the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) in Manaus, Brazil, a framed exhibit of a massive dried leaf has been a local attraction for decades. But the complete identity of the tree it belongs to remained unresolved — until now.

Researchers have known that the tree is a species of Coccoloba, a genus of flowering plants that grow in the tropical forests of the Americas. Botanists from INPA first encountered an individual of the unknown Coccoloba tree in 1982 while surveying the Madeira River Basin in the Brazilian Amazon. They spotted more individuals of the plant over subsequent expeditions in the 1980s. But they couldn't pinpoint the species at the time. The individual trees weren't bearing any flowers or fruits then, parts that are essential to describing a plant species, and their leaves were too large to dehydrate, press and carry back to INPA. The researchers did take notes and photographs.

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Thousands of jellyfish blanket beach after major storm in Crimea

jelly fish
Thousands of jellyfish have washed up on popular beaches along Crimea's Azov Sea after a major storm, giving the shoreline a soft gleam.

The jellyfish washed ashore on Tuesday (November 26) were of the Aurelia aurita jellyfish, commonly known as 'moon jelly' and root-mouth jellyfish species.

Their on-shore appearance is bad for both beachgoers and the jellyfish themselves. Jellyfish start dying the moment they hit the beach and can still sting people if handled.

Source: Reuters

Car Black

Bear blamed for car damages in Alaska airport parking lot

Bear tears apart car
A bear has been blamed for a pair of vehicle break-ins at an Alaska airport parking lot that resulted in thousands of dollars in damage to one car, officials said.

The vandalism occurred at the Island Air terminal parking lot adjacent to the Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport, The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported Wednesday.

Vehicle owners Doreen Phillips and Alyssa Brenteson are both residents of Akhiok, a village about 90 miles (145 kilometers) from Kodiak.

Brenteson parked her car for two days at the lot and returned to find a caved-in roof, broken window, ripped seats, and muddy bear prints and fur covering her car, she said.

Blue Planet

Shell shock! Mesmerising video shows greatest density of sea turtles ever recorded

© Pexels / Belle Co
One of the largest known gatherings of sea turtles ever recorded has been captured in an incredible video shared online. The beautiful footage was filmed near Costa Rica as the leathery reptiles were preparing to lay their eggs.

The truly mesmerizing footage was uploaded to YouTube this week by marine biologist Vanessa Bézy; using a drone, she captured the turtle swarm swimming in the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge back in November 2016.

"Everybody I've shown this video has an emotional response," Bézy says. "I immediately knew there was something special going on... To this day, I'm still blown away by the video."