In Assam's Kaziranga National Park, a forest officer died and another was injured in an attack by a herd of wild buffaloes. The incident occurred on Monday morning (April 15) as the forest officials were conducting their routine patrol in the forest area near the Elephant Camp.

"A group of aggressive wild buffalos suddenly attacked them. They managed to escape but two of them fell victim," officials said.

The forest officer who passed away was Apo Momin, a recent addition to the team. They were transported to a local sub-divisional civil hospital in Kaliabor. The injured officer was identified as Sonamani Rabha.

A senior official from Kaziranga National Park expressed shock at Momin's death, calling it an unfortunate incident.

Police mentioned that Apu Momin's body has been sent for postmortem examination.

Human-animal tussle

During a recent safari expedition in South Africa's Pilanesberg Game Reserve, the safari guide found himself in a harrowing confrontation with an enraged elephant. The incident took place at the Rathlogo Bird Hide within the reserve, where tourists are allowed to get off their vehicles and explore the area under specific guidelines.

As the guests were taking a break, the safari guide noticed an elephant bull approaching their location. One of the tourists captured footage of the encounter, which later spread on social media.

While elephants generally avoid confrontations with humans or vehicles when given adequate space, their behaviour can become unpredictable, particularly when they enter a heightened hormonal state known as musth, marked by increased aggression.

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