Due to heavy rainfall that began yesterday evening in the capital, metro services between OSB Törekent and Atatürk Cultural Center stations were suspended.

Yesterday evening's heavy rain in Ankara also disrupted transportation. Following the downpour, which also caused damage to some metro stations, passengers encountered warning signs when heading to the stations to use the metro in the morning.

Information hung at metro entrances stated: "Due to disruptions in certain sections of our line caused by heavy rains affecting our city on April 30, the metro service will not be available between OSB Törekent and Atatürk Cultural Center stations. Service between these stations will be provided by buses."

Passengers are being transported by buses between OSB Törekent and Atatürk Cultural Center metro stations due to their temporary closure.

Heavy rain was effective in the evening hours, causing pools to form on streets and avenues in Sıhhıye and other parts of the city, as well as electrical cutouts. As a result, vehicles encountered difficulties moving forward due to the accumulated water. In certain areas, cars grappled with the challenges posed by heavy rain and flooding, navigating through difficult conditions to reach their destinations.