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Thu, 18 Jan 2018
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High Strangeness

Grey Alien

Mysterious gamma rays are alien messages claims MIT astronomer

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Gamma rays may be most famous for creating The Incredible Hulk, but outside of the world of fiction, they're a fantastic source of discussion among scientists who are trying to uncover the mysteries of the stars.

Gamma radiation can travel a long distance, and can potentially prove harmful under the right conditions, but its longevity means that it gives us the opportunity to learn more about distant star systems, and the enormous explosions that take may place within massive stars as they turn into supernovas or bubble away into black holes.

As exciting as these events are to observe, one MIT astronomer by the name of John A Ball has an even more intriguing theory as to what these gamma bursts are caused by. In a paper entitled Gamma Ray Bursts The ETI [extraterrestrial intelligence] Hypothesis, Ball suggests that the explosions that trigger gamma bursts might actually be communications from across the stars.

Top Secret

Repeated Mothman sightings in Chicago

Mothman Chicago
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It was a normal summer night for John Amitrano, working a Friday shift as security for Chicago's popular Logan Square hangout The Owl - but when we went outside, he saw something odd. "I saw a plane flying, but also something moving really awkwardly under it," he told VICE. "It didn't look like a bat so much as what illustrations of pterodactyls look like, with the slenderness of its head and its wing shape. I know what birds and what bats look like. This thing didn't have any feathers or fur, and it didn't fly like anything I've ever seen."

Amitrano added that the thing he saw - which, according to him, had muscular legs, a jutting tailbone, and a human-like shape - flew in a "strange swooping motion, undulating up and down." After it flew away, he retrieved his phone from charging in the bar and texted his girlfriend and close friends what had happened. "I remember thinking, This was the worst time in the world to have my phone charging," he laughed.

Comment: The events surrounding the original Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant in 1966 were documented by author and paranormal researcher John Keel in his book "The Mothman Prophecies". It is a fascinating and chilling read and well worth checking out (much more so than the not bad but not as accurate Hollywood movie). What is worrying is that the original sightings of the Mothman were but one part of an overall environment of high strangeness at the time, culminating in the collapse of a bridge resulting in many deaths.

For more on the Mothman, see:

Grey Alien

Airmen involved in 'The Rendlesham Forest Incident' possibly abducted

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Based on all evidence from official government sources, UFOs seem to really love Earth military bases.

Perhaps this is a case of trained pilots being better at spotting anomalies in the night's sky, or perhaps it's simply because visiting aliens want to suss out our planet's defenses, but either way, it's not entirely uncommon for UFOs to show up suspiciously close to government facilities.

An unusual UFO sighting in 1980 referred to as "The Rendlesham Forest Incident" took place in the titular forest in Suffolk in England, when a pair of military airmen investigated an unidentified triangular alien spaceship, getting so close as to touch it and make a note of strange hieroglyphics that were present on its outer hull.

While it's been several decades now since the event took place, The Sun newspaper has released shaky video footage of a senior officer in the Royal Air Force claiming that, in addition to everything else that appeared in the official report on The Rendlesham Forest Incident, it's also possible that the pair of airmen involved may have been abducted by aliens.

The now-retired Colonel Charles Halt was meeting in the woods with UFO researcher Gary Heseltine, in order to film footage for an ultimately incomplete documentary into the event in 2010, when the video was initially filmed.


Woman films vertical UFO over Mexico

Vertical UFO
© YouTube
While driving through the Mexican state of Baja California recently, a woman took out her camera phone and filmed what is being called the first alien UFO sighting of the new year.

The video (watch below) appears to show a vertical object that is taller than it is wide, hovering in the orange sky above the rooftops as the person filming drives down the road.

"You can see that the tubular UFO is flying vertically over the city," said Pedro Martinez, a man Daily Mail describes as an "UFO expert."

"Aliens are aware that we have made a number of space launches recently and have identified that we have been sending up 'war material.' Concerned by our activity, they have been increasingly monitoring our planet. This year will be very important for those of us who follow this phenomenon closely."


Manhattan reported more UFO sightings in last two years than any other borough

UFOs manhatten
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Houston Street, we have a problem.

Manhattan has gone from Studio 54 to Area 51, leading the five boroughs in sightings of unidentified flying objects over the last two years, data from the National UFO Reporting Center reveals.

Otherworldly tourists have included travelers in a "round orange orb," a crew in a "cigar-shaped" craft and even "an unknown creature" that rudely "teleported" into one New Yorker's back yard, according to reports made to the Washington-based group.

One Manhattan true believer claimed a close encounter - just by looking outside the gym window.

"It was rotating like a drill as it was also moving off axis and in a line towards the east," the person explained. "As it rotated, you would be able to see four lights that would only be on one side and seen after it fully rotated. It has to be hundreds of feet long. Then after it appeared, four other smaller craft appeared that were to me saucer or spherical that blipped in and out."

Comment: Some other NYC sightings over the years:

Grey Alien

'We are property' - 'Zoo Theory' finally explains why aliens haven't contacted us yet

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At present, there are two contradictory issues surrounding the existence of aliens that are seemingly increasingly at odds with each other.

On the one hand, our every attempt to survey the stars in the hopes of finding alien life is turning up absolutely nothing.

There doesn't seem to be any organic life on Mars that we haven't accidentally put there ourselves, and we haven't yet got a response from any of our needy broadcasts out into the cosmos in the hopes of finding intelligent beings somewhere beyond our own world.

On the other hand, many people are convinced that UFOs are genuinely the work of advanced alien races that frequently visit the Earth. This belief is so strong among some of the world's most powerful people that the US government has been investigating its own version of The X-Files for several years now.

So if there are intelligent aliens out there, why haven't seen even the slightest evidence of their existence?

The so-called "Zoo Theory" hopes to explain this, and the logic is pretty much what you'd expect from its title.


State of California takes lead with 490 UFO sightings in 2017

green ufo
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UFO sightings are nothing new. The Puritans reported strange sightings and lights in the sky as early as the 1600s. With the advent of movies about outer space and unidentified flying objects came even more sightings. The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has an entire website dedicated to the "collection and dissemination of objective UFO data." The organization curates reports of UFO sightings in the U.S. and Canada via a web form and a phone hotline, which has operated almost continuously since 1974. NUFORC logged a total of 4,655 sightings in 2017, down from the 2016 total of 5,619.

A recent report came from New Mexico on December 14. A woman reported that she and her husband saw a triangular object with bright green lights near Santa Fe. She claims they "saw an object flying across the Interstate in a southeasterly direction. It appeared triangular with bright green lights around its entire periphery."

"From my husband's perspective, it appeared larger than a full moon," she reported. "By the time it crossed my field of vision (I was in the passenger seat), it appeared slightly smaller than a full moon. It was perhaps several hundred feet in front and above us and appeared to be moving at about 100 mph or less. It seemed to be heading down and then it vanished."

NUFORC spoke with the witness via telephone and "found her to be very eloquent, and very sober-minded. We suspect that she is an excellent witness."

Comment: See also:


Extraterrestrial Fascinations: The Pentagon and UFOs

UFO drawing
© tercerojista
Conspiracies in the extraterrestrial department have always constituted the residue of superstition in a secular age. Chase away a Christ figure, or ward off God, and the mind still wanders, hoping to be bewitched. If something cannot be explained, ignorance furnishes an often poor substitute.

The concept of extraterrestrial phenomena straddles scientific probabilities, faith and the sense that governments might not be telling their citizens the whole truth. Rarely, for instance, does speculation on extraterrestrial research feature in the mainstream press, though the New York Times decided to dabble in the business of UFOs this month.

The paper noted, quite rightly, that the US Defense Department, known to most others as the Pentagon, had put aside $22 million of its $600 billion annual budget on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Identifying exactly where it was in the bureaucratic apparatus remained a contrived challenge, and it had its opponents.

Grey Alien

Will the next UFO disclosure be "biological threats from outer space?"

Reagan's Alien Threat
© AZ Quotes
That may sound like a misguided question. But let's look at Tom DeLonge's company, currently acting as a conduit for new UFO revelations.

DeLonge (twitter), a famous musician (Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves) has surrounded himself with high-level spooks from the CIA and the military, in his new venture, To The Stars Academy (twitter).

One of his lead collaborators is Luis Elizondo, who was the Pentagon chief of a secret program (2007-2012) to study and explore UFO activity. Elizondo is now the point man for media, explaining the breaking news about a 2004 US military sighting of a UFO, and subsequent failed attempts to analyze materials from UFOs. He's also hinting that alien UFOs are a potential threat to our safety, a threat we can't ignore.

Every major press outlet in the world, starting with the NY Times, is covering this story.

Who are the players on De Longe's team? Buckle up. The following quotes are from the Academy's site:


Enormous train of mystery flashing lights seen from across the US (VIDEOS) - UPDATE: Related to meteor fireball event?

mystery lights denver
© Eric Hurst 5280Fire / YouTube
What the...?
A mysterious pattern of lights, accompanied by a rather ominous hum, was spotted across large swathes of the United States Saturday night. Plane spotters and stargazers alike were baffled and local residents scared from Illinois to as far as Utah.

Local media across the US began receiving reports and video footage of what appeared to be, and sounded like, aircraft flying in formation. However, the sheer size of the visible phenomenon fuelled wild speculation online.

Theories ranged from military planes, presumed to be C-17s or C-130s, flying in formation, to UFOs and even suggestions that Santa's elves were doing some preliminary reconnaissance before the big night on December 24.

Comment: Update 20 Dec 2017

These could have been aircraft of some kind, but they were either - depending on eyewitness reports - completely or unusually silent. Given that there's no official involvement, the plane angle means they must be part of some sort of 'top secret' operations. But then why give away their presence with bright flashy lights and a striking visual formation?

Here's another interesting video captured by a Denver resident who claims the string of lights was preceded by an 'asteroid' (by which he probably means a meteor fireball):

Here's how the video uploader described what he saw (and no, to him also, they weren't planes):
Saw a huge meteor or "shooting star" over Denver, then a few minutes after this happened. Looked like planes or helicopters but no light reflecting off showing an outline. But why so close to each other? At least a dozen light counted. Almost blended with the sky but couldn't make out a shape.
One possible match for this fireball report is logged on the American Meteor Society as having occurred at 03:32 UTC on December 10th, which corresponds to 20:32 local time on December 9th. Here's video footage of that fireball as seen from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.