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Tue, 27 Jun 2017
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The Truth Perspective: UFO Secrecy and JFK - Interview with Dr. Michael Salla

We know several presidents have had at least a passing interest in UFOs, but when it comes to that most mysterious of subjects, what have they actually known? Did President John F. Kennedy, for example, have any knowledge of the phenomenon? And if so, could that knowledge have played a part in his assassination? How does his short career mesh with what many ufologists think is the reality of an alien presence on earth and the history of the top secret working group allegedly known as MJ-12 that had full policy control over the subject?

This week on The Truth Perspective we'll be talking to Dr. Michael Salla about his book Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFO's, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination and examining what Kennedy may have known in this area. Salla traces the evidence suggesting a link between JFK and the UFO topic from Kennedy's initial years with naval intelligence in the 40s through to his ultimate demise during his first presidential term.

Salla's conclusions point to the lengths Kennedy was willing to undertake in order to steer the US - and the world - into a much different direction than what we are now seeing: a detente with Russia that would have ended the Cold War. Part of that may very well have included the subject of UFOs, if leaked documents and witness testimony is to be believed. But if JFK had designs on democratizing UFO information and ending the military-industrial-complex's monopoly on control, it may have left him with the most dangerous of enemies.

Dr. Salla's website is exopolitics.org

Join us Sunday June 25th for a conversation with the author, from 4-6pm UTC (12-2pm EST, 6-8pm CET).

Running Time: 01:35:27

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Grey Alien

NASA poised to announce discovery of aliens, says Anonymous

© Global Look Press
Hacking collective Anonymous claims US space agency NASA is about to announce the discovery of intelligent alien life.

"NASA says aliens are coming!" the group wrote on their website.

Anonymous' claim is based on a number of recent NASA discoveries coupled with comments made by one of the agency's spokesmen during a congressional hearing titled 'Advances in the Search for Life,' in April.

Professor Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, told the hearing that NASA's recent advances, such as the discovery of hydrogen in Saturn's moon Enceladus and the Hubble team's promising results from the oceans of Jupiter's moon, Europa, are promising signs that we're closer than ever to discovering evidence of alien life.


Possible UFO seen over New York suburb

© Via YouTube/Zypher Kumara
This is recorded from my driveway at about 4:30AM. What the f*** could this be? I've never seen anything like it....


David Paulides releases 'Missing 411' documentary

© Courtesy of David Paulides
David Paulides—founder of the CanAm Missing Project and author of Missing 411 Hunters: Unexplained Disappearances—is committed to finding missing persons.
Missing 411, a gripping documentary based on the David Paulides book series, is now available on VOD. Missing 411 follows the Tribal Bigfoot author as he investigates several mysterious disappearances that have occurred in national forests and parks all across North America over the past several decades. These unexplained disappearances have baffled detectives, search and rescue experts, and family members. Missing 411 is directed by Michael DeGrazier and Benjamin Paulides.

Missing 411 book series readers will get an even clearer picture as these stories are told through interviews and re-creations. David Paulides began his research eight years ago after a park ranger told him several people had disappeared in the parks and forests without a trace. The vanishings are particularly interesting since they occurred while other people were around. Missing 411 also reveals the disappearances are centered in 59 geographical clusters in North America.


Mysterious disappearances of UFO researchers

In recent months the deaths of famous UFO hunters Max Spiers and Guarav Tiwari have prompted many to ask if someone is killing off our extra-terrestrial investigators.

But mysterious cases involving Ufologists are nothing new, and sometimes, instead of turning up dead, these people simply vanish.

Bruno Borges is one example. The Brazilian psychology student who was interested in extra-terrestrials and the Illuminati vanished earlier this year.

Frederick Valentich was a UFO enthusiast and a pilot; which sounds like the perfect combination for anyone wanting to investigate strange flashing lights in the sky.

Comment: More on the missing researchers:

Blue Planet

Giant crop circles appear overnight in French field

© France3
The circles in Crézancy-en-Sancerre, France
The mysterious designs in central France attract curious sightseers but leave the farmer furious. Nearly a dozen circles, the largest some 500 meters in diameter, appeared in a barley field near Sancerre during the night between June 1 and June 2.

Among those who came to look at the circles outside Crézancy-en-Sancer was Didier Chaumien, who drove 20 kilometres with his family on Friday to admire the circles. "We've never seen anything like this in the region," he told the France 3 television station. "One wonders how it is done. There is no sign of entry into the field. It's crazy!"

Jean-Paul Millet, who farms the land, was less impressed. He has filed a complaint with the local gendarmerie. "This represents about 1 hectare, or 6 tons," he told Le Journal du Centre. He said the folded barley would not yield a crop this year and might force him to replant the field next year. He estimated that the circles would cost him about €1,000. "It's not very environmentally friendly," he said. "It's particularly disagreeable. I don't see the point of this sort of thing."

There have been crop circles in central France before. Examples appeared in in the Nièvre and Loiret departments in 2012 and there was one near Bourges in 2009.

Comment: "I don't see the point of this sort of thing."Perhaps a sort of 'message in a bottle'.
See also:


'Missing 411' documentary explores disappearance of Idaho toddler, other children

© East Idaho News
2-year old, Deorr Kunz.
"Missing 411" examines five American kids who vanished from forests or national parks under similar circumstances over several decades. DeOrr Kunz, an Idaho Falls toddler who vanished while on a camping trip at Lemhi County's Timber Creek Campground in July 2015, is a prominent focus of the 90 minute documentary.

"We decided this was a case that definitely needed to be featured in our film, not only because of the mysterious aspects of DeOrr's disappearance but also the social media outburst that accompanied it," Benjamin Paulides, co-director and producer of "Missing 411," tells EastIdahoNews.com.

Paulides and Michael DeGrazier visited east Idaho in October 2015 and interviewed DeOrr's parents, grandmother, investigators and others connected to the case. (Editor's note: EastIdahoNews.com News Director Nate Eaton was interviewed and appears in the documentary).

"We went in with a preconceived notion of what we thought we would find, and that notion was flipped on its head after talking to the family, going to the campground and seeing everything in its natural habitat," Paulides says. "We were more perplexed when we left than when we got there."


Bristol, UK couple film mysterious lights flashing above their home

This bizarre video footage shows what one man believes to be an extra-terrestrial visit from an 'enormous' UFO over his street.

Mike Westlake, 28, shot the mobile phone footage showing three large, bright lights in the shape of a triangle flashing in a straight line through the sky near his home.

He said the unidentified lights made no noise as they hung mysteriously above his house in Hanham, Bristol, for ten minutes.

Forklift truck instructor Mr Westlake said: 'It really weirded me out. I don't usually believe in UFOs or anything like that, so that's why it was so weird.'

He spotted the lights at about 9pm on a cloudy night when no stars were visible.

Grey Alien

Robert Bigelow says he is 'absolutely convinced' aliens are currently living on Earth

© United Launch Alliance
Billionaire and Nasa partner Robert Bigelow says aliens are "right under people's noses".
Billionaire Robert Bigelow, who is working with Nasa on lightweight structures for humans in space, says he's "absolutely convinced" aliens exist - and they're here on Earth.

Bigelow, 73, is the owner of hotel chain Budget Suites of America. In 1999 he founded Bigelow Aerospace, which has launched experimental space modules. Its aim is to develop space habitats to be used as orbital hotels, research labs and factories.

For the past year, an experimental Bigelow Expandable Activity Module has been attached to the International Space Station and has survived, passing a test of its ability to withstand space debris.


Nottingham, UK residents woken by strange 'whooshing' noise

A strange whooshing noise has been waking Nottingham residents in the middle of the night.

The sound has been likened to that made by a jet engine, a hot air balloon or a giant blowtorch.

Some worried residents have contacted Nottinghamshire Police, who said the noise could be from machinery.

It has been heard for several weeks, with reports coming as far north as Wollaton and as far south as West Bridgford.

"For the last two mornings, I've heard a series of noises outside my house in Wollaton which sounds like a giant blowtorch," resident Hayley Compton said.

Comment: Another strange sounds recording was posted to YouTube on May 26th by Paul Millard:

Very strange deep sort of wind sounds coming from the sky above Nottingham. This was recorded at around 03:30 to 04:00 but has continued after while I've been uploading the video. Very strange and quite unnatural. I've not heard anything like this at all.