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Video shows Ukrainian soldiers' sighting of mysterious UFO-shaped object in sky

ukraine ufo
'Why isn't it moving?' troops with the Ukrainian's 406th Battalion can be heard debating as they witness a large UFO hovering, deadly calm, over their warzone
The Ukrainian soldiers filmed the unidentified disc-shaped object and its video was shared on social media platforms

In a bizarre turn of events in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Ukrainian soldiers are now claiming to have spotted a disk-shaped UFO with the help of a reconnaissance drone which was deployed on the battlefield.

The unidentified disc-shaped object was filmed by the Ukrainian soldiers and its video was shared on the social media platforms, where it is circulating.

Comment: That report can be found here: 'Russia shoots down unknown object' in Rostov - Newsweek

Considering the conflict, as well as the nefarious goings on in Ukraine, the appearance of these unexplained objects is perhaps to expected: UPDATE: The Daily Mail spoke fairly extensively with the soldier who filmed the UFO. He told them he and his guys had never seen anything like this before:
'Initially, I thought that it was something new invented by the Russians,' he added, 'but then I understood... 'No! It might be [a] UFO.''

The 'craft' was 36 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than any other object this 406th drone pilot says he has ever tracked in the warzone — ruling out atmospheric phenomena, balloons and known enemy aircraft, he claimed.

'We were surprised, very surprised,' the soldier, whose first name is Vadym, recalled via an interpreter.
The 406th's drone pilot said he'd gotten his craft about 'a few kilometers' into its recon mission before spotting the UFO.

'I looked right and saw this,' Vadym said.

'After 30 seconds, we decided to film it. All the emotions we had at that moment, they're in the video... You you can hear it.'

As Vadym and his fellow 406th unit members scrambled to make sense of the apparent object, their confusion is palpable in the 17-second video, shared exclusively with DailyMail.com this week.

In between the swearing ('Holy s***') and the excitement ('What the f*** is this?'), one member of the battalion asks: 'Why isn't it moving?'

Another wonders: 'Why can't he fire missiles at us? What do you mean?'

Aside from the object's unusual heat signature, it appeared to more readily withstand the strong wind, but Vadym told DailyMail.com that no other extreme weather could help explain the unusual sighting.

'There was a very strong wind,' Vadym said. 'The wind was flowing into the same direction as we were flying basically.'

'But it [the UFO] just stayed at the same place — and the sky was clear,' he said. 'So no clouds, nothing.'

'I use this [infrared, heat vision] filter very often,' the unit drone operator said, 'and just got experience so I can differentiate how bright an object should be according to what temperature.'

Based on that experience, Vadym stated that the UFO 'was very hot. I'm guessing 20 to 30 degrees [Celsius] hotter than other objects.'

Vadym estimated that the roughly 1,300 ft (400 meters) long UFO was also about 328 feet (100 meters) tall.

The apparent object, craft or phenomena, was caught on the camera of a commercial DJI brand Mavic 3T thermal-imaging drone on February 23, 2024.

The UFO, spotted around 9:02pm local time, appeared to be approximately 37 to 40 miles away from the soldiers, he said, in the direction of Donetsk Oblast, the southeastern Ukrainian province that has been most dominated by Russia's forces.

Vadym requested that his last name and other key details of the encounter not be disclosed for reasons of operational security amid the Ukrainian Armed Forces' (UAF) effort to repel the Russian invasion.

A spokesperson for Mavic's manufacturer DJI told DailyMail.com that, while it could not help in explaining what is present in the UFO footage, an equipment error could have played a role - but Vadym doubted this

But he noted that, while 'it's hard to count' just how many times he has personally flown his unit's Mavic 3T, it was probably 'more than 10,000 times.'

'We've seen different things [in the skies],' he said, adding, 'We've never seen things like this before.'
'It wasn't a mirage,' Vadym told DailyMail.com, 'because in thermal vision you can't see a mirage. You can see it only with your naked eye.'

He continued to explain that the object did not ripple, shimmer or otherwise alter its shape, which would have been a tell-tale sign of a Fata Morgana mirage.

'Often, a Fata Morgana changes rapidly,' as the flight safety guide SKYbrary notes. 'The mirage comprises several inverted (upside down) and erect (right side up) images that are stacked on top of one another.

But according to Vadym, 'The object was in a stable form. It wasn't moving.'

That said, the UFO, whatever it was, wasted no time leaving its perch above Donetsk.

'At another position, we had another drone and put it up in about three minutes,' Vadym said, '[but] they didn't see it [the UFO] at that moment.'

'When we returned to the same position later, there was nothing there.'


Future of Rep. Turner in question after rare public statement on national security threat, amid continued dismissal of UFOs

mike turner
© AP Photo/Alex BrandonRep. Turner
Liberation Times has learned that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Mike Turner's recent bizarre public push for declassifying "a serious national security threat" became entangled with a concerning briefing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

On February 14, 2024, Republican members of Congress were briefed by Luis Elizondo, the former director of a government program focused on UAP, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

Sources have revealed to Liberation Times that Elizondo was joined by a former member of the UAP Task Force and decorated uniformed military officer, a former military fighter pilot and eyewitness to a UAP sighting, a former DARPA scientist, and a former political advisor within the Obama administration.

Sources close to Liberation Times revealed that attendees left the session deeply concerned about the inability to openly discuss the national security implications of UAP within the government due to classification constraints.

In the aftermath of the briefing, Liberation Times has been informed that an impression was left that members present at the meeting wished to declassify information related to UAP, enabling national security discussions regarding the phenomena to occur within the government and with U.S. allies.


Govt whistleblower reveals he watched infamous Big Sur UFO film

big sur ufo

According to two former US Air Force officers — Lieutenant Bob Jacobs and Major Florenze Mansmann — a USAF photographic team based at Vandenberg AFB, California, tasked with filming missile test launches, inadvertently captured the image of a domed, disc-shaped UFO as it circled and then disabled — with four flashes of an intense beam of light — a dummy nuclear warhead flying downrange over the Pacific Ocean. Jacobs had been in charge of the telescopic photography site located at Big Sur, California, and Mansmann was Vandenberg's chief photographic imagery analyst.

The date of the dramatic incident was September 15, 1964. Two days later, a highly-restricted screening of the spectacular footage took place at the base — attended by Jacobs, Mansmann, and two CIA officers who immediately classified the event Top Secret. The film was then confiscated by the pair and flown "back East" for analysis and storage, according to Major Mansmann. The destination was undoubtedly the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) which, it is now known, had already engaged in UFO photo analysis for years.

By the early 1980s, Jacobs felt that enough time had passed following the stunning UFO encounter to allow him to discuss it publicly. He has explained that, at the time of the 1964 film screening at Vandenberg, Major Mansmann had only ordered him "not to talk about" the unexpected filming of the UFO with anyone, pointedly saying that it had "never happened". No mention was made of its Top Secret classification, for reasons that remain unclear to the former Lieutenant. Furthermore, because the two officers lost touch with each other after leaving the Air Force, 19 years passed before Mansmann was able confirm to Jacobs that the two mysterious men in civilian clothes at the screening were in fact CIA personnel.

Comment: North Carolina experiencer Chris Bledsoe also claims to have seen the video. He says that one of his government contacts who have questioned and studied him over the years (probably Timothy Taylor) showed it to him.


Major airport crowned 'UFO hotspot' after countless strange sightings

© paulpdh/Shutterstock.com
A slew of articles published Monday crowned a major British airport a "UFO hotspot" after a series of strange sightings in the last six years.

Some 27 reports of strange UFOs/UAPs have emerged around England's Stansted Airport in the last six years, according to the Daily Star. Some of these sightings are reportedly classified as "near misses" as mystery objects hurl themselves around the skies above this busy facility. Back in 2022, a Ryanair flight was nearly hit by something that didn't appear on the drone-monitoring equipment, but managed to get some 4,000 feet into the air, the outlet reported.


Maybe the British Government should start their own "Project Blue Book" to prevent people from making crazy conspiracy theories about 'flying saucers' and get in panic. Or maybe UFO awareness has reached the point where it can no longer be denied.

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Couple captures image of 'flying saucer' on road trip: 'You had to see it to believe it'

ufo argentina
© Jam Press The couple snapped this photo of an alleged UFO near notorious South American extraterrestrial hotbed on February 1, 2024
They're over the moon.

An elderly pair of vacationers in Argentina claim to have spotted an unidentified flying object last week while taking photos of white birds in a tree around San Pedro de Colalao, on the nation's northern side.

The location is an 8-hour drive from Capilla del Monte, which hosts an annual UFO festival to celebrate an eerie occurrence from nearly 40 years ago that left large burn marks on a hill's grass.

Now, in the case of 76-year-old Rina Juárez, it was her husband, René, who first made out the aerial anomaly as they drove from their home in San Miguel de Tucumán on Feb. 1 for a resort stay.

"I told my husband, 'Look, here comes a black bird,'" Juárez told Jam Press. "Then my husband said, 'It's not a bird, it's a flying saucer.'"

Comment: The Brazilian UFO crash: The 1996 Varginha incident


Exorcist calls for 'spiritual warfare' as 'rise in evil' causes exorcisms to take twice as long as 50 years ago

Father Chad Ripperger
Father Chad Ripperger, a Catholic priest and longtime exorcist, is sounding the alarm over a rise in "demonic oppression" while rallying the faithful to become "saints" by confronting the dark forces.

Father Ripperger warned of the rise in demonic elements last week during a one-hour talk at the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. While the levels of demonic possession, one of the most severe forms of demonic activity, have remained relatively steady in recent years, Father Ripperger stressed that other forms of demonic activity, such as demonic obsession and oppression, are on the rise.

The cause of this dramatic increase in demonic activity, according to Father Reppinger, stems from the large number of people doing "evil things" and a decrease in holiness among the faithful.

Comment: One doesn't need to be an exorcist to realise that certain regions of the world in particular are suffering from spiritual maladies - whether that be mutilating 'trans' children or cheerleading genocide - and that, indeed, a lapse in the good has allowed sinister forces to get to work on our planet: See also:


Dear British government, it is time to wake up to the UFO reality

© Vadim GhirdaWestminster Palace in London, England
Note: This article has been written anonymously by a British author.
"The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones, which ramify, for those brought up as most of us have been, into every corner of our minds."

- John Maynard Keynes
In recent years, the government of the United States has been treating Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP, previously known as UFOs) as an increasingly serious and bipartisan issue.

This has followed ground-breaking revelations in The New York Times in December 2017, that the US Department of Defense was running a secret UAP study programme with funding initiated by the late Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid. Three leaked Navy UAP videos (two of which were published by The New York Times) were confirmed as real by the US Department of Defense in April 2020.

In June 2021, the US government's Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) published an unclassified preliminary assessment, presenting UAP as a matter of national security and air safety.

The report said UAP are real, the US military is encountering them, and the US government is seriously studying them.

The classified full report was submitted to the Intelligence and Armed Services Committees of the US Congress, and distributed within the relevant intelligence and defence organisations of the executive branch.


Mysterious noise aggravating S. Florida residents: One woman trying to solve the mystery

© Anita Denunzio/Unsplash
The cause behind a mysterious noise that has perplexed residents of South Tampa, Florida, could soon be revealed, with help from a crowdfunded effort to support scientific investigations into its cause.

Since as early as 2021, many residents in South Tampa have complained about the noise, which is often likened to a deep throbbing bass sound, the source of which remains to be identified.

Now, area residents have united behind a citizen action campaign to fund a scientific investigation into the strange, low-frequency sonic phenomenon.

Sara Healy is an administrator in a group of approximately 5.5k mothers in the South Tampa area, some of whom began complaining about the noise more than a year ago.

"The noise was first noted in the group in late 2022," Healy told The Debrief in an email. "It's always a hot topic of discussion any time it's heard."

Healy says that on January 13, 2024, many members reported hearing the noise louder and more intense than at any time before. Healy says she also experienced the low bass vibration associated with the noise for the first time, prompting her to create a separate community chat within the group to help bring a resolution to the strange sonic disturbance.


What has happened to the Pentagon's former UFO hunter?

Sean Kirkpatrick
© CopyrightSean Kirkpatrick, ex-Director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which the Department of Defense has tasked with studying UFOs
"As an intelligence officer, I would expect all of you to expect me to lie to you." So the former director of the Pentagon's UFO analysis office quipped to an audience in 2022.

Since his retirement in December, Sean Kirkpatrick has been on a media tour unusual for former intelligence officials.

Kirkpatrick now indirectly accuses top members of Congress of holding a "religious belief" in UFOs "that transcends critical thinking and rational thought." In his most pointed commentary, he has also fired back at whistleblowers alleging the existence of surreptitious government UFO retrieval and reverse engineering efforts.

According to Kirkpatrick, "none of [the UFO whistleblowers] have any firsthand evidence or knowledge. They're all relaying stories that they've heard from other people."

At least three sources contradict Kirkpatrick's statement.

Comment: Kirkpatrick is simply following in the footsteps of Project Blue Book and the Condon Committee. It's a slimy job, and you have to sell all your integrity, but someone has to do it.


Department of Defense's alarming inaction: Only 1 of 11 UFO recommendations implemented, posing risk to national security

aaro heat map
Heat map showing UAP reports FY 2023
Liberation Times has discovered that only one out of the eleven recommendations issued to leaders within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in the wake of an Inspector General Evaluation, first published on August 15, 2023, regarding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), has been implemented.

In its 'Evaluation of the DoD's Actions Regarding UAP,' the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG) identified a risk to military forces and national security due to the DoD's lack of a comprehensive and coordinated approach to addressing UAP.

Answering in response to a question posed by Liberation Times as to how many recommendations have been implemented to date, a DoD OIG spokesperson commented:
'One has been fully implemented the other ten are still being implemented.'
The lack of apparent urgency when faced with potential risks has been met with disbelief among Liberation Times sources. DoD and intelligence sources have told Liberation Times that the news represents an "utter failure".

Liberation Times contacted the Joint Chiefs of Staff, asking whether Americans could sleep comfortably following the conclusion of the alarming report. No response has been received.

The report also highlighted a lack of response by the United States Air Force to its recommendations - noting that its response, 'did not provide the specific actions that the Air Force would take and the dates for those actions'