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Thu, 22 Feb 2018
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Spirit communication? Report of widow briefly reuniting with her husband during materialized seance

Lady Zoe Caillard

Seance participant Lady Zoe Caillard was photographed at her home 'The Belfry' in the Belgravia district of London. She is reported to have opened her own chemist shop at her home in 1927.
British Spiritualist journalist Maurice Barbanell commented about materialization seances in his 1949 memoir Power of the Spirit. He described seeing visitors from the ascended realm take shape "in what is, to all intents and purposes, a complex duplicate of the human body":
You see and handle forms which are solid and life-like. They are not ghosts. These materialised forms have a heartbeat and a pulse beat; their faces are perfectly formed with normal hues; their hands, complete even to fingernails, are warm to the touch and the grip is firm. The eyes have the usual pigmentation. The materialisations speak with voices which are replicas of the ones they had on earth. They move with human gait towards you. The colour of the hair follows the usual mortal fashion, blonde, brunette or grey as the case may be. Sometimes they even reproduce the clothing that they wore, but usually they are garbed in robes that drape the figure.

The substance that makes this possible is ectoplasm, which has been analysed. It is highly plastic and malleable. Just as protoplasm is the basis of material construction, so ectoplasm is the foundation for these materialised formations.

Materialisation is the apex of Spiritualism's phenomena, so far as a physical demonstration is concerned. Its purpose is to provide the supreme evidence for Survival.


John Keel: Before his descent into 'sci-fi madness'?

John Keel quote ufos and demons
© AZ quotes
In Flying Saucers: UFO Reports No.2 from 1967 (pictured here), John Keel has a small article within the magazine's over-view "Occupants: Yes or No?" [Page 56 ff.]

Mr. Keel's section is entitled "Fake or Fact" and presents several UFO reports involving entities (a favorite UFO sub-topic of mine as you know).

Keel's piece opens with this:
Strange little men with piercing eyes. Accompanied by gigantic circular flying craft and eerie multi-colored lights in the sky reportedly visited the picturesque Shenandoah Valley early in 1965.
Keel then recounts, briefly, an observed "huge object about 125 feet in diameter" said to look like "an old-fashioned bee hive" by a witness who stated the thing landed in a field. And "had a bluish glow around the base," the sighting taking place on December 21, 1964. [Page 57]

Comment: More on John Keel's Adventures into Unreality


Best evidence ever? Triangular TR-3B type UFO filmed over Russia

UFO nighttime sky
© Screenshot/UFO Today
New video of a "TR-3B type of UFO" captured in Russia is being called the "best evidence ever" of a UFO sighting, and has inspired conspiracy theorists around the world.

Posted on UFO Today's YouTube page on Saturday, the video shows an object making its way slowly past a building at night, displaying three lights in a triangular formation.

"This class of UFOs [are] large, silent, black triangular objects hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over cities and highways," the Belgium-based page wrote in its video description. "Sightings usually take place at night."

"The object is moving at a very slow pace, too slow to be a classic airplane," the video explains, adding, "The speed at which this object was moving is physically impossible for any airplane build by mankind."


Turkish University offers ufology classes as prep for extraterrestrial contact

© Nutty News
A research center at Akdeniz University in the Mediterranean province of Antalya has included "Ufology and Exopolitics" in its latest curriculum, in a bid to prepare for possible contact with visitors from outer space.

Erhan Kolbaşı, the tutor of the class and deputy chair of the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, told the Doğan News Agency that humankind could make contact with extraterrestrial beings "within 10 or 15 years."

"We believe representatives from the world and extraterrestrial civilizations will soon be making official contact with each other. We think they will be in an open and mass contact," Kolbaşı said. He added that the lesson was a part of preparations for the "biggest change seen in the history of the world."

Kolbaşı also claimed that a shady group named "MJ12" has been suppressing the spread of knowledge on extraterrestrial beings "in order to protect the national interests of the U.S."

Fiber optic cables, microchips, night vision technology and bullet-proof garments have been produced due to the information gathered from the analyses of crashed UFOs, he also suggested.

Exopolitics, which the new curriculum at Akdeniz University will address, focuses on sources of information and methodology, the history of cover-up of knowledge on extraterrestrial beings, preparations to open contact, and galactic diplomacy.

Black Magic

Benvenuto Cellini and the summoning of devils


How many demons is too many demons?
"Sometimes you have to confront your demons and sometimes even let them loose to genuinely find a place where you can gain some understanding" - Peter Mullan

If history has taught us anything (and it clearly hasn't), raising demons always goes sideways. One should probably avoid it if at all possible. But what is a young man in love supposed to do when he thinks he's forever lost his soul mate? Perhaps starting with candy and flowers, or some grand romantic gesture is an advisable first step, but that was not the case with the Florentine sculptor Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571). He jumped right into summoning fiends from Hell.

Benvenuto was a devoted troublemaker, pretty much from birth onwards. His father Giovanni was a musician and skilled craftsmen who built musical instruments, and wanted to pass on his talents to his son, encouraging him to pursue a musical career. Benvenuto wasn't especially interested and was instead apprenticed to a goldsmith at the age of fifteen. One year later he was involved in a brawl with a bunch of other youths and was banished from Florence for six months. He found another goldsmith in Sienna, honed his goldsmithing skills and moved on to Bologna. He bounced around Italy a bit after that, but finally at nineteen resolved to make it in the big city. Rome.


Humanoid seen 'gliding' near high strangeness hotspot in Ocala, Florida

Ocala sign
I recently received a telephone call from a woman who described a bizarre encounter while traveling with a friend on Rt. 40 near Ocala, Florida. The witness was in the front passenger seat, as they were returning to Ocala after spending the day in Dunnellon. It was approximately 3PM on an unknown day in mid-October 2017. She observed a human-like being 'gliding' slowly above the treetops near the road...watching this strange sight for several seconds as they approached and passed the anomaly. She commented to the driver, who also saw the unknown being.

The witness described the being as gliding horizontally just above the trees. It was shaped like a human, but had no wings or device keeping it aloft. It was wrapped in a black material or membrane. The face was that of a man, but very pale w/ jet black hair on its head. She states that it was about 5 ft. in length and that she got as close as 30 ft. to the being...so she was quite close and able to obtain a good description. She also said that she was very shocked by the encounter and that the sighting has bothered her since.


Pulsating UFOs in formation filmed over Rio de Janeiro

flying ufo

UFOs? The amazing footage is being looked at by MUFON alien investigators.
The jaw-dropping video is said to have been filmed in the night sky above Engenho Novo, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Thursday.

The footage has been sent to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) which is analysing the video.

MUFON is the world's largest organisation dedicated to UFO and alien research, and maintains a database of sightings.

Yesterday it was sent the footage with a witness report.

MUFON does not release the names of witnesses on its database.


Where were Roswell picture takers in July 1947?

I (and others) have always wondered why no one took any (amateur) photos during the alleged hubbub of the so-called 1947 Roswell incident?

Kevin Randle has broached the topic writing that he and other UFO researchers asked for and looked for, unsuccessfully, photos and diary entries for the July 1947 period when a flying disc supposedly crashed outside Roswell, causing a military ruckus in town.

Cameras and photography such as that advertised like these...
Spartus cameras ad
© Spencer Company
Agfa film
...were prominent in the July 1947 time-frame.


Exorcists get back to business in Europe

Jean Clement has been an exorcist since 2010
© Magali Delporte/Magali Delporte
Jean Clement has been an exorcist since 2010
Exorcisms are experiencing a boom in popularity across several European countries. But with religious belief declining across the developed world, what is driving the demand for one of the Christian faith's most controversial practices?

France leads the way when it comes to the renewed interest in exorcism. In Ile-de-France, the region around Paris, the number of exorcism requests has remained relatively steady in recent years at around 2,500 per year. However, the Church now acts on around 50 of those reports of demonic possession, compared to an average of 15 a decade ago.

And what of those who aren't among the the 50 cases identified as a genuine demonic possession? Private exorcism services in the country are also booming, The Economist reports.

Grey Alien

Mind control and time travel experiments taking place at real-life 'Stranger Things' base, claims investigator

stranger things
© Netflix
The base was the inspiration for hit Netflix series Stranger Things.
A US military base that inspired hit drama Stranger Things is using secret mind control experiments to trigger deadly shootings by a worldwide army of brainwashed assassins, a filmmaker claims.

Chris Garetano, who grew up close to Camp Hero, claims he has uncovered eerie goings-on over decades including child abductions and even time travel.

The former Cold War radar station in Montauk, New York state, has been the subject of rumours and conspiracy theories since it shut in the 1980s.

Locals have heard talk of government scientists conducting experiments on snatched foster kids and making contact with aliens.

Crucially, it is claimed the base's Sage radar tower broadcast the frequency needed to affect human consciousness.

One former worker has also described operating the Montauk Chair - a mind-reading device - and said once the computer accidentally summoned up a monster from a subject's imagination, which then went on a rampage through the air base.