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Sun, 24 Jul 2016
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Mystery 'alien' creature washes ashore on Mexican beach

The specimen was found on Cerralvo Island near the coast of Baja California Sur
A mysterious carcass found on a Mexican island has left experts baffled as they try to discover what it is.

The body of the creature was said to be "in such a bad state of decomposition, experts could not determine what it was," according to local Mexican media outlet BCS Noticias.

However, its haunting appearance has baffled people around the world, who claim the specimen could even be a 'humanoid fish' or some form of alien creature.

The as-yet unidentifiable specimen was found on the rocks of Cerralvo Island near the Mexican coast of Baja California Sur.

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The headless bear and the woman who became a hoop

© unknown
Headless bears must be one of the strangest of all British bogeys. Where do they come from, what do they mean? This is a question for another day. But here is the single most detailed account of an encounter with one. The events described took place 9 May 1584 in the house of one Stephen Cooper 'a man of good wealth and well-beloved of his neighbors'. Stephen was ill and sent his wife Margaret on a job away from the house to look after a farm of his in nearby Gloucestershire. While there Margaret began to experience some form of possession, which followed her back home. Her husband attempted to cure her with the Lord's Prayer, and from then on in things get sixteenth-century strange.

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Black Magic

The enduring legend of Kansas' haunted Stull Cemetery: Visiting America's most off-limits gateway to Hell

Stull Cemetery as depicted on the CW’s Supernatural episode “Swan Song”
America has no shortage of haunted graveyards dotted across the country, but none of them are quite as legendary as Kansas' Stull Cemetery, an infamous "doorway to hell" with a reputation so big that even the pope himself is said to make his plane fly around it. With legends that involve human sacrifice, occult rituals, and even a yearly visit from the devil himself, Stull has gained an over-the-top reputation that has landed it in countless books, most haunted top ten lists, and even appearances on Supernatural, but is there any truth to the rumors swirling around America's "most evil" graveyard?

When you're a long-time paranormal adventurer like me, Stull Cemetery has been on your haunted hot-spot bucket list since it rose to internet prominence in the 90s, but its out-of-the-way location always made a late-night adventure prohibitive. Hidden away in rural Kansas, Stull's inaccessibility remains one of the biggest reasons that good information (and good photos) of the legendary graveyard are so hard to find. Fortunately, while driving from Ohio to present The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult at the Colorado's Stanley Hotel, I finally came within an hour of Stull, and wasn't going to pass up the chance to visit. It was much weirder than I expected - the most evil cemetery in the world, the portal to hell, was actually on fire when I arrived.


Notes from the John Keel Special Investigations File

I continue to work my way through John's "Special Investigations" files. These bound collections contain John's notes on his investigations in 1967: letters from witnesses, clippings, reports, correspondence with other investigators. These four pages follow the last report I posted: a page about "Telephone Incidents," a letter from the Air Force about impersonations of officers in UFO cases, and an annotated clipping about a UFO sighting (John is dubious). Some of the old photocopies have faded; I've tried to darken them.

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Was Bigfoot captured on video south of Pocatello?

A still shot of the figure in the video. The footage was provided by the videographer.
An online video of an alleged Bigfoot sighting in Southeast Idaho has been creating quite a stir over the past few days.

The 2-minute, 24-second video, entitled "Possible bigfoot in Idaho!! Flying the drone around and ran across this," was posted on YouTube on June 2.

The duration of the video consists of drone footage over a clearing near the Hawkins Reservoir west of Downey in Southeast Idaho. The reservoir is located approximately 35 miles south of Pocatello.

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Leading bigfoot researcher explains why a woman is more likely to find Sasquatch

Melissa Hovey-Larsen, president of the American Bigfoot Society and one of the few female cryptozoologist researchers, on dealing with Internet trolls and maintaining a healthy dose of scepticism in all aspects of life.
© Pixel Stories via Stocksy
When it comes to Bigfoot, there are more than just believers and skeptics. The world of cryptozoology (the study for creatures whose existence is unconfirmed by science) is a highly political one, full of different factions and more than a little in-fighting. For instance, there is the no-kill vs. kill debate between hunter types out to bag a Sasquatch specimen and those who think we should let the creatures live in peace. There's also the conflict between those out to place Bigfoot in the realm of the paranormal and those who see the animal as one of our biosphere's many undiscovered species.

Melissa Hovey-Larsen, President of the American Bigfoot Society, was one of only a handful of woman researchers when she entered the field in 2005. She has since become one of its most respected voices, guiding expeditions all over the country, appearing on TV shows like MonsterQuest, and hosting her own radio show. For her part, Hovey-Larsen is decidedly in the non-kill and "flesh and blood" (not paranormal) camp in the raging Bigfoot debates.

We spoke to her about dealing with Internet trolls, maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism in all aspects of life, and why a woman may be more likely to get closer to a Bigfoot.

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Journalist who investigated "Enfield poltergeist" reveals his terrifying experience

Interest in the infamous "Enfield Poltergeist" case abounds, as audiences prepare for the Friday release of "The Conjuring 2″ — a supernatural thriller that is based on a British family's real-life claims in the late 1970s that they were terrorized by a malevolent spirit.

But just how verifiable is the story behind the Hollywood flick? As The Blaze has reported, there's been a fair bit if debate over the veracity of the Hodgsons' claims, but British journalist Michael Hellicar told The Church Boys this week about his terrifying experience investigating happenings in the Hodgson family home during the late 1970s — one that he said was filled with events that were beyond explanation.

It was in 1977 that Hellicar — then a chief reporter for the Daily Mirror — was sent to the Hodgson home to verify some of the strange happenings that another reporter and photographer from the paper purportedly observed.

"I was the paper's chief writer at the time, so I was sent along really to verify everything that they reported back just to see if there was any way that they were being fooled," recalled Hellicar, who is now a reporter with the Daily Mail.


Eerie diamond UFO filmed over Melbourne, Australia

The diamond-shaped craft baffled those who filmed it above Melbourne
Flitting behind trees before disappearing completely behind a wall, the craft was filmed over a busy road

This footage shows the diamond-shaped UFO which spooked a mum and daughter in the sky over a busy road.

Appearing to show an unidentified craft, the footage, taken in Melbourne, Australia, has been shared online.

Taken on Tuesday, the mum and daughter were driving when they saw the diamond in the sky.

According to SecureTeam10, UFO experts who analyse the footage and share their findings online, the filmmakers said the craft "didn't look like anything manmade".


Diamond-shaped UFO filmed from plane over Texas is eerily similar to infamous 1980 sighting

© Youtube/secureteam10
Orb seen from plane window (picture has been edited to show shape without light)
The video has caused a stir among 'experts' who have drawn similarities between it and a notorious UFO sighting in 1980 that had been shrouded in secrecy

This "amazing" footage shows a diamond-shaped UFO which was spotted from inside a plane, as it flew 43,000ft above Texas in the USA.

The video has caused a stir among 'experts' who have drawn similarities between it and a notorious UFO sighting in 1980 that had been shrouded in secrecy.

This new clip was recorded by a man, identified only as Steve, who works as a director of aircraft maintenance for a corporate jet fleet in the USA.

He sent the footage to SecureTeam10, a group of UFO experts, who analyse the footage and share their findings online.


'Flying saucer' filmed by surprised driver on Highway 46 in Florida

© Via YouTube/Finding UFO
Footage uploaded to YouTube purportedly shows a black triangle UFO filmed recently by a Florida driver.

The footage (see YouTube below) has sparked a controversy after UFO experts linked the bizarre sighting to the famous 1997 Phoenix Lights incident.

But, while some UFO enthusiasts believe the footage could prove once-and-for-all the existence of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, others believe it proves decades-old rumors that Pentagon is running a black project to reverse-engineer alien spacecraft technology recovered from several UFO crash sites across the country, including the alleged 1947 UFO crash site near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico, and the alleged December 1965 UFO crash site near the village of Kecksburg in Pennsylvania.

However, skeptics have dismissed the sighting, saying that the triangular formation of lights shown in the footage could be reflections.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on May 21, by YouTube UFO hunter FindingUFO, is going viral online, with UFO enthusiasts saying it could be the best evidence yet of the fleet of UFOs, believed to be triangle-shaped UFOs, that reportedly caused the 1997 Phoenix Lights incident.

The unnamed witness was reportedly driving at night on Highway 46 in Florida, on May 7, when he filmed the amazing UFO.

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