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David Grusch spoke to scientists, former military officials and current FBI members about the US's long-held UAP retrieval program, including a 40-foot-long UAP that 'was the size of a football field' when stepped inside
A UFO whistleblower shared new details of a Tardis-like craft in government possession during a secret meeting in New York City.

Decorated former Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch claims his sources worked on a 40-foot UAP that 'was the size of a football field' when they stepped inside, according to an attendee at the event.

The object could manipulate both space and time and use and could harness enough energy to power 70,000 homes a year, the source said. understands that guests included officials from the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, tech entrepreneurs and Wall Street 'bigwigs.'

All in, Grusch gave the talk to 60 people at a penthouse in Manhattan, and photos were banned from the event.

The only information about the meeting was leaked by an anonymous attendee who took pictures of Grusch. has since verified that the meeting took place and was told by sources that Coinbase advisor John D'Agostino and high-powered attorney John J. Altorelli hosted the event.

Coinbase is a publicly traded company that operates a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The two men are said to host monthly events at the penthouse apartment, focusing on different topics.

The leaker said: 'It was hosted by a Wall Street bigwig and his lawyer friend.

'It was sort of a small salon-style talk. David also did it for free. Even went as far as to fly into NYC just for this.

'He had arrived only a few hours beforehand and then left 1st thing the next day.

'The idea was to get a group of both skeptics and believers from all these different walks of life for a talk regarding David and the things he has said.

'Most of the people who left had left as believers.'

Grusch has made headlines since June 2023, when he claimed the Vatican is aware of the existence of non-human intelligences (NHIs) and helped the US retrieve a downed UFO from Italian dictator Benito Mussolini at the end of the Second World War.

The former intelligence official then gave sworn testimony in front of Congress in July, where he and two other military whistleblowers shared details about firsthand encounters or knowledge about secret government programs involving technology that is 'non-human.'

At the hearing, Grusch claimed the US has been in possession of UFOs since 'the 1930s' but said in New York that the government has taken 'part in a fair amount of crash retrievals before 1933,' according to the attendee's summary.

Grusch is also believed to have said that no more than 50 people know the full scale of the phenomenon.

During July's hearing, the former intelligence officer also suggested the US government has murdered people as part of the conspiracy to keep UFOs a secret.

And those claims were repeated during the recent presentation.

'Multiple people involved in not only his investigation but also his fellow peers in the UAP task force, such as Jay Stratton, were also threatened,' reads the post.

'He wouldn't go too much into it since it's an open investigation, but these people pretty much showed him that they could touch him or his family any time they wanted.'

Stratton is the former head of the US government UFO task force.

He and his chief scientist, Travis Taylor, spilled the secrets of their official probe into a swarm of objects that buzzed around a fleet of eight Navy ships off the US West Coast in July 2019.

Speaking at AlienCon in Pasadena on March 5, Stratton and Taylor said their investigation left them fearing Russia or China could have achieved incredible drone battery technology - but ruled out quadcopters launched from submarines that somehow evaded the Navy's best radar just miles from the mainland.

Grusch is also claimed to have revealed that one of the US's adversaries was set to disclose their non-human intelligence to beat America to the punch.

Attendees of the secret event were also allowed to ask questions following the presentation.

While the exact questions are not known, it is believed they asked what aliens may look like and where they are from in the universe.

Grusch shared that the world would not be surprised to hear extraterrestrials look the typical gray and that 'there is also a chance that they are extra-dimensional,' according to the anonymous attendee's post.

'That it could also just seem this way because of the technology they use rather than them being actual extra-dimensional beings,' they continued.

Grusch is also said to have revealed he and other officials were taught how to track UAPs in the atmosphere - there is a unique frequency or signature that the craft gives off.

'Apparently, it was the only private non-government talk he had done so far,' the individual shared in the Reddit post that has since been deleted, likely due to cameras being barred.

'As for how I feel about everything after hearing him speak.

'He is extremely smart, I mean, he has an almost unbelievable memory and knowledge about intel laws and other things that have to do with UAPs.

'My opinion is that he is the real deal.

'Almost everyone left that night fully believing what he was saying or, at the very least, that HE believed what he was saying as the truth.'