inflation chart upside down satire
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With criticism mounting regarding the rate of inflation and the increased cost of basic necessities, the White House announced that inflation is actually doing great if you just hold the chart upside down.

Though families and small businesses have fought to stay above water in a down economy, the Biden administration notified everyone that the stress caused by looking at the rate of inflation could be easily solved by looking at the chart from the opposite direction.

"Problem solved," White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. "We know the American people are very concerned about rising prices on goods and services, but as you can clearly see in this helpful graph when you turn it upside down, the arrow is actually going down. So from that perspective, inflation is actually dropping rapidly. You're welcome, America."

Media members who were gathered for the daily press briefing marveled at how quickly the administration had solved the inflation crisis. "President Biden can really work magic," said one reporter. "Only moments before, that chart looked quite grim, but by offering the simple solution of turning it upside down, it's obvious that inflation is actually plummeting. Only the Biden administration can provide this type of quick, easy, and effective solution."

When asked if flipping the chart upside down would actually reduce the price of food for struggling families, Jean-Pierre responded, "No comment" and sprinted out of the room.

At publishing time, the White House had also announced that running video footage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict in reverse actually makes it look like Ukrainian cities are being rebuilt.