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Thu, 20 Jun 2019
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Picture of the Day

false flag iran
NLCs London UK
© @Zeus_B752
'Night-shining' clouds above London, England, 9 June 2019
paris storm eiffel tower
© Bertrand Kulik / Flickr: @Ptrenard
Paris, 4 June 2019
Etna in eruption above Riposto (CT), Sicily

Etna in eruption above Riposto (CT), Sicily, May 31st 2019
salvini kissing cross crucifix european elections
Scots English European parliament elections 2019

EU vs UK: Which one will break up first?
theresa may resignation

Time to say goodbye: 'Brexit' claims its second Tory PM
john bolton war meme
Putin V-Day May 9th parade
© Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik
Putin thanks WWII vets for their service prior to the V-Day 2019 military parade in Red Square
venezuela sanctions
© @redfishstream