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Wed, 28 Jul 2021
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Picture of the Day

panic totalitarianism curve

Is it too late to flatten the curve?
conspiracy theory covid totalitarianism poster
floods germany belgium

Fields and homes scoured by flooding in Erftstadt-Blessem, western Germany, 15 July 2021
free assange poster
© @GabrielShipton
Spotted on Interstate 5, Mount Vernon, Washington, USA
music festival covid

Government advertisement at first (Govt-organized) music festival in Ireland in 16 months, 3 July 2021
solar eclipse capitol june 2021
© Bill Ingalls / NASA
'Crescent Sun': Solar eclipse, U.S. Capitol Building, June 10, 2021
airstrikes gaza 2021

'Targeted airstrikes', Gaza, May 2021
rio jesus vaccines

"No man can serve two masters... Ye cannot serve God and mammon." ~ Matthew 6:24
protest montreal covid

Hundreds of thousands protest against tyranny, Montreal, Canada, 1 May 2021
protest lockdown london

Rally for freedom, London, 24 April 2021