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Tue, 19 Feb 2019
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russia flag salisbury

Salisbury Cathedral, 17 February 2019. Did you know? The spire is 123 meters tall, and famous throughout Europe...
redfish election results

On legitimacy
maduro protest venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela, 2 February 2019
french flag yellow vests

New flag of France? 3-4 million protesters take to the streets for 'Acte XI'
bill maher NPC billboard
indonesia tsunami sunda strait
© AP
A tsunami following the eruption of Anak Karakatau in Indonesia on December 22nd was the country's second in just 3 months. It left over 400 people dead and 40,000 displaced
champs elysee protest

15 December 2018: Gilets Jaunes protesters are blocked from reaching the Elysée Palace by an army of police for the 5th weekend in a row
Marianne, gilets jaunes
malibu california woolsey wildfire
© Kyle Grillot /The Washington Post/Getty Images
The Woolsey Fire in Malibu, California, November 10, 2018
california wildfires satellite 2018
The Camp Fire east of San Francisco and the Woolsey Fire west of Los Angeles make 2018 California's worst-ever wildfire season