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Mon, 05 Dec 2016
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Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods kill one woman and bring chaos in southern Spain; worst rainfall in nearly 30 years

A bus is half-submerged by the muddy floodwaters. Many people have had to abandon their cars in the streets, unable to finish their journeys
Severe flash flooding in southern Spain has has left one woman dead and forced authorities to issue a ''red alert'', the country's highest public safety warning.

Around 100 cubic metres of rain are estimated to have fallen within 28 hours.

The 26-year old victim is said to have been in the basement of a nightclub during the deluge.

A woman and a young child look out from their balcony at the street below which is buried under floodwaters. Police in Spain said this is worst flood for nearly 30 years

The Spanish Metrological Office (AEMET) reported that they were expecting 100 cubic metres to fall between 8pm on Saturday and midnight on Sunday

Cloud Precipitation

Desert floods north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Flooded desert
Heavy rainfall has transformed the desert north of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, into what resembles a small sea, with only one road rising above the vast expanse of water.

Anomalous weather in Saudi Arabia killed at least 7 within the last two days.

After the anomalous snow that covered deserts in Saudi Arabia one week ago, now, the Riyadh desert is flooded and looks like a huge sea.

If you don't believe me, watch this unbelievable video by Mohammad Al-Taweel which shows the flood waters stretching out for miles:

And now look at the sandy water rushing down the desert:

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flood in Terengganu, Malaysia; nearly 10 inches of rain in 24 hours

© Bomba Malaysia
Emergency flood rescue by Bomba Malaysia in Kuala Terengganu, Novmber 2016.
The National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) in Malaysia is reporting that heavy rain has caused flooding in the state of Terengganu forcing hundreds to evacuate.

The flooding began in the early hours of 29 November, 2016. Between 28 and 29 November, some areas had recorded almost 250 mm of rain in 24 hours. At least 18 locations in the state saw more than 100 mm during that time, with 5 locations seeing more than 200 mm.

As of 30 November, over 330 people from 82 families had evacuated their homes and were staying in 5 temporary relief shelters.

© @fthanani / Twitter
Floods in Terengganu, Malaysia, November 2016

Cloud Precipitation

Floods leave 6 dead in Cali, Colombia (VIDEO)

At least 6 people have died after floods in the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca department in Colombia on Thursday, 01 December 2016.

National Unit for the Management of Disaster Risk (Unidad Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres - UNGRD) reported yesterday that the flooding occurred in the Siloé district of the city. Three people were injured and at least 2 houses destroyed and others damaged. There are fears that there may be more people trapped under collapsed houses. Local fire service teams are carrying out search and rescue operations.

The Cali River has broken its banks in several areas, according to local reports. Fallen trees and landslides have also been reported in several areas of the city, according to Rodrigo Zamorano Sanclemente, Secretary for Risk Management in Cali.

UNGRD says that the situation still developing and full damage assessments are still to be carried out.

Teams from the local civil defence authority, fire service and Red Cross are working in affected areas to help victims and their families.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods and lightning kill seven in Saudi Arabia

At least seven people died and many others were injured or trapped by heavy rain and floods that swept various regions of Saudi Arabia.
At least seven people died and many others were injured or trapped by heavy rain and floods that swept various regions of Saudi Arabia, press reports said on Tuesday.

The dead included three young Saudi men in Bisha, two others in Baha and two expatriates who were struck by a thunderbolt in Qunfudah.

Torrential floods also destroyed a number of houses, blocked roads and overturned vehicles. The rain and floods in the last few days uncovered the ineffective drainage systems in many parts of the country.

The two expatriates were killed by a thunderbolt, which also injured two of their companions in Qunfudah governorate in Makkah province. Civil Defense teams rushed the victims to hospital.

The rain inundated various parts of Qunfudah governorate and washed away large sections of the International Road linking Jeddah and Jazan.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods in Greece leave 1 dead

Parts of Greece recorded heavy rain during a series of storms that began late Saturday 26 November, 2016. The heavy rain has also affected northwestern Turkey, in particular Çanakkale province.


The Fire Service in Greece reported that one man died in floods on the island of Zakynthos (Zante), part of the Ionian Islands in western Greece. Flooding has left homes damaged, schools closed and traffic disrupted throughout the island.

Flooding also affected parts of Attica, including the country's capital city Athens, where several underground stations and roads have been closed.

A further storm on Monday 28 November brought yet more heavy rain and local media report that some areas of Zakynthos have recorded over 200 mm rain since Sunday.

Fire service officials said that they received 470 calls (390 in Attica, 80 in Zakynthos) for assistance in a 16 hour period on Sunday, mostly with requests for pumping flood water, rescuing stranded drivers and evacuating people to safer locations.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods strike western Turkey after downpours

A flooded street in Ayvalık, Balıkesir.
Starting Monday, heavy rain took hold in western Turkey, as it enters a period of rainy spells after little precipitation in the first two months of autumn. Unprecedented rainfall in some western towns led to small-scale floods on Monday and Tuesday while snowfall is forecast for central and northwestern Turkey on Wednesday.

Balıkesir province was among the hardest-hit by flooding. A night of rainfall triggered floods in the town of Gömeç, where a bridge collapsed and flocks of sheep drowned; no other casualties were reported. Rivers breaching their banks threatened residences and shops in the small town. Ayvalık, a popular seaside town in the province, was also heavily inundated after downpours that started on Sunday increased in intensity late Monday. Schools in the town were closed Tuesday as rainfall accompanied with strong winds damaged buildings, felled trees and blocked access to several streets. Some residents were trapped in their houses for hours, long after downpours hit early Tuesday.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods hit 96 villages in East Java, Indonesia

Bojonegoro subdistrict's Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPPD) reported that 96 villages in 15 districts in the area were struck by flood due to overflow of Bengawan Solo river with 14.82 meters of water level (flood warning) on Saturday at round 2 o'clock in the afternoon (26/11).

"The flood from the river does not only inundate rice field areas, but also residential areas with 0.50-1 meter high of water," Bojonegoro's BPPD head Andik Sudjarwo said in Bojonegoro, East Java on Saturday (26/11). Based on BPPD data, the 96 villages are located in districts of Padangan, Trucuk, Malo, Dander, Kota, Balen, Kapas, Kanor, and Baureno.

He further estimates that the water level in Bnegawan Solo will continue to rise up to 15.30 m high due to floods in the upstream areas. Such estimation means that floods will hit 146 villages in 16 districts.

"We are currently still collecting data on the impact of Bengawan Solo overflow," he added.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rainfall brings flooding to suburbs of Brisbane, Australia

Rivers ran through Jane Robertson's Capalaba property
Heavy rainfall and widespread flooding has battered south-east Queensland.

Stationary storms made their way down the Queensland coastline with bayside suburbs in Brisbane recording almost 100 millimetres of rainfall.

Brisbane Airport copped 97 millimetres of rain, mostly between 6am and 7am while Redcliffe received 87 millimetres on Saturday.

Ransome recorded a 133mm of rain and 117mm of rain fell at Mt Cotton West.

Affected residents took to social media to share their photos and videos of the flooding.

Resident Lyndie Jeffrey, who posted a video of her Capalaba property being flooded as cars drove through stormwaters sawrote: 'Our property in Capalaba, haven't seen it like this in 22 years.'

Cloud Precipitation

Northern Italy on high alert, battered by 3 days of heavy rainstorms

Severe weather warnings have been put in place in parts of northern Italy as more storms are expected on Thursday, following three days of heavy rain.

Liguria and Piedmont are at highest risk, with red and orange alerts (the two highest levels) across the two regions.

Bad weather can also be expected across the north, with yellow alerts in place in Valle d'Aosta, Tuscany and Lombardy and particularly strong rains predicted for Thursday afternoon and evening.

The video below shows the heavy rain in Liguria on Wednesday, where around 300mm of rain has fallen in the past three days, with 600mm in one area, Fiorino in Genoa, Liguria.