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Sat, 20 Apr 2019
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Cloud Precipitation

Floods largest disaster to hit Iran in 15 years - nearly 80 killed so far


Floodwater in Iran
Iran's president Hassan Rouhani says all institutions must take necessary measures to prevent any further flood-related financial losses and fatalities.

In a telephone call with the governors of the flood-hit regions, President Rouhani stressed the importance of public awareness prior to the start of the second wave of torrential rains.

Meanwhile, the international federation of Red Cross has called the deluge the largest disaster to hit Iran in more than fifteen years. The Iranian Red Crescent Society also says the natural disaster has killed nearly 80 people so far.

Severe floods have hit at least two dozen provinces since mid-March.


Lake Eyre in Australia transforms from parched desert to prosperous waterway

Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park
© South Australian Tourism Commission/Lachlan Swan.
Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park
Australia's legendary inland sea is filling, greening the desert and attracting wildlife and tourists from far and wide.

Lake Eyre in northern South Australia is Australia's biggest lake and the thirteenth largest in the world when full. It is also the lowest geographical point of the island nation at 15m below sea level.

The usually dry lake system in the state of South Australia - believed by early European settlers to be home to an enormous inland sea - is about 500km from the coast and only fills about four times a century.

The last time it was full was 1974 but water from tropical cyclone Trevor and wet season rains in outback Queensland are flowing to the lake through a network of rivers that drain into a basin covering a sixth of Australia - about the size of Spain.

Cloud Precipitation

Turkmen capital inundated after heavy rains across region


Ashgabat floods
The streets of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, were flooded after severe rains that began on April 13.

Weeks of heavy downpours have taken a toll on the region, causing deaths and extensive damage from flooding in Iran and Afghanistan.

Cloud Precipitation

Over 220 killed as recent torrential rains wreak havoc in South Asia

file photo

File photo
Footage on television show several vehicles trapped in waist-deep water

Torrential rains followed by flash floods have claimed over 220 lives across India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, officials and local media said Wednesday.

The Met Office has forecast more rains in the next 24 to 48 hours as the region is under the grip of a westerly cycle of thunderstorms and gusty winds.

Thunderstorms in northern, central and western Indian states late on Tuesday have killed at least 50 people, local media reported.

The most affected state was Rajasthan from where 21 deaths were reported,
said Ashutosh Pednekar, relief officer in the state, told Anadolu Agency.

Cloud Precipitation

United Arab Emirates - Hundreds rescued from floods in Ras Al Khaimah after record rainfall

People scramble to get into the rescue helicopter during the storm in the RAK mountains.

People scramble to get into the rescue helicopter during the storm in the RAK mountains.
Police and emergency services rescued hundreds of people during a storm 13 to 14 April, 2019, which caused major flash flooding in Ras Al Khaimah, the northernmost emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

Local media said that Ras Al Khaimah police announced on Monday that the total number of people rescued in the weekend's flooding reached 702, with 20 families provided hotel accommodation after their homes suffered flood damage.

Over 3,000 calls for assistance were made during the storm and hundreds of vehicles have been reportedly damaged. No fatalities have been reported however.

Cloud Precipitation

7 bodies recovered from flood waters after downpour in Accra, Ghana

File photo

File photo
A total of seven bodies have been retrieved from flood waters at different parts of the capital following Sunday's heavy rains.

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) said four of the seven bodies were recovered from flood waters at Adjei-Kojo, a suburb of Accra.

NADMO sources explain that the four were part of a number of unidentified persons travelling in a military pick-up vehicle that veered off a bridge and plunged into rapid flood waters during the heavy downpour.

The truck was carrying several passengers in its bucket - all of whom were rescued.

Comment: Just a week ago five died following flooding in the same city.

Cloud Precipitation

Four dead in Pishin, Pakistan as flood 'system' enters Balochistan from Iran

© Geo News
At least four people died and one injured as a flash flood "system" — that entered Balochistan after wreaking havoc in Iran — swept away a car Saturday evening in the Pishin district, authorities said.

According to Levies officials, the flood in Khanai Baba River hit the car of Abdul Noman and his family, all residents of Kuchlak and who were on their way to attend a wedding in Khanozai, and swept it away in its strong currents.

Abdul Noman, alongside his grandchildren Ubaid Khan, Saraun Khan, and Saffan Khan, were all in the car when the flood took it and declared dead later. A woman nearby was injured but saved by the rescue personnel.

The woman who was saved was transferred to a local hospital and was being tended to.

Cloud Precipitation

10 thousand hectares of cultivation in Bolivia affected by adverse weather events

Producers are given ways to move water and prevent crops from drying out.
© Mayor of Omereque
Producers find ways to move water and prevent crops from drying out.
The department's tropical region has been affected by heavy rains and the southern cone by droughts. According to reports, both natural phenomena have damaged almost 10 thousand hectares of cultivation: 7 thousand hectares of fruit trees have been affected in Chapare, 2 thousand hectares of corn have been lost in Pasorapa, 80 hectares of watermelon and tomato in Omereque, and Aiquile also reports damages.

Pasorapa has already declared itself to be in an emergency situation due to the drought, while the municipalities of Omereque and Aiquile are preparing their declarations. The municipalities of Villa Tunari, Entre Ríos and Chimoré declared themselves a disaster area in January.

Cloud Precipitation

April floods and landslides leave at least 10 dead in Colombia - 57 severe weather events recorded

Colombia's National Unit for the Management of Disaster Risk (UNGRD) reported that since the start of the current rainy season (01 April, 2019) the National Crisis Room has recorded 57 severe weather events, including damage caused by torrential rain and thunderstorms, as well as 24 landslides and 19 floods.

Severe weather has affected the departments of Antioquia, Nariño, Cauca, Cundinamarca and Huila, leaving 10 people dead, 13 people injured, 1 person missing, 549 families affected, 20 houses destroyed and 384 houses damaged.

Civil Defence in Colombia also reported a massive landslide in Neira, Caldas Department, on 05 April 2019, where at least 3 people died.


Extreme weather cost Scottish farmers £131m in 2018

Sheep farming

Sheep farmers were the hardest hit because of the unpredictable weather of 2017-2018

Extreme weather contributed to losses of up to £161m for Scotland's farmers during 2017 and 2018 amid fears such unpredictable weather will soon become the norm.

Last year's adverse weather had an impact on livestock and yields of key crops across Scotland according to a new report published this week.

Sheep farmers suffered the biggest losses of £45m as the Beast from the East hit during lambing season.

The largest impact on beef producers was the increased cost of feed, as cattle were kept inside for longer during the bad weather and grass growth was low during the dry summer. This cost farmers £28m.

Cereal crops were also significantly impacted, costing the sector £34m. Total production, area grown and yields were down in 2018 due to previous year due to the poor weather conditions at key points in the season.

At the UK level, wholesale prices of some staples like carrots, lettuce and onions rose by up to 80%.

Comment: Erratic seasons and extreme weather devastating crops around the world

Crop and cattle losses are on the rise everywhere, whether it is due to extensive drought, massive hail, epic flooding, huge dust storms, unexpected frosts, and even epidemics. See also: