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Sat, 01 Oct 2022
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Japanese UFO researchers report hundreds of encounters

ufo sighting
© YouTube / International UFO Research Institute
The privately-owned International UFO Institute, which was established in the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima in the summer of 2021, shared the results of its first year of operations on Saturday.

The institute is headed by Takeharu Mikami, the editor-in-chief of Mu magazine (which covers supernatural phenomena and occult mysteries), and operates in Fukushima's Iinomachi district.

The area has long been famous for UFO encounters around Senganmori mountain.

Mikami told journalists that his researchers have so far registered 452 UFO-like sightings over the past year - 125 of which are backed by photos, and 24 others by videos.

Grey Alien

China says it may have received signals from aliens

Scientists have yet to rule out human radio interference as the signals' source.

FAST Telescope
The signals were detected by the 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) located in southwest China's Guizhou Province.
China is claiming that its enormous "Sky Eye" telescope may have picked up trace signals from a distant alien civilization, according to a recently posted and subsequently deleted report by Chinese scientists.

Astronomers at Beijing Normal University have discovered "several cases of possible technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations from outside the Earth," according to a report published Tuesday (June 14) in Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of China's Ministry of Science and Technology.

The signals were picked up by China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), nicknamed "Sky Eye," which is the largest radio telescope in the world. Sky Eye was put to work scanning deep space for radio signals that could indicate extraterrestrial life in 2019; sifting through that data in 2020, the researchers said they spotted two suspicious narrow-band, potentially artificial radio signals. Then, in 2022, a targeted survey of known exoplanets found another strange narrow-band radio signal, bringing the tally up to three.


Why 21 severed human feet washed ashore in Canada

The weirdest thing about the 21 feet found near Vancouver since 2007? Foul play has been ruled out.

Map of Washed Ashore Feet
© British Columbia Coroners Service
Map of the places where some of the 20-odd feet were found that have washed ashore in the Salish Sea since 2007.
  • One foot washes up? That's hardly news. But another one? And another one?
  • In all, 21 feet have been found since 2007 on the shores of the Salish Sea.
  • Whodunit? Not aliens, the mafia, or a serial killer. In fact, nobody at all is to blame.
A foot washes up on a beach. Short item on the local news. Another foot washes up. Not the matching left foot, but another right foot. Suddenly, you have the makings of a headline-grabbing double murder mystery.

Make that a headline-grabbing mass murder mystery. Over the past decade and a half, 21 feet have washed up on the shores of the Salish Sea, the body of water that straddles the U.S.-Canada border on the Pacific coast. That's just one foot short of an entire soccer team.


NASA gets serious about UFOs

UFO image
© US Department of Defense
Unidentified Flying Object • April 28, 2020
NASA is officially joining the hunt for UFOs.

The space agency on Thursday announced a new study that will recruit leading scientists to examine unidentified aerial phenomena — a subject that has long fascinated the public and recently gained high-level attention from Congress.

The project will begin early this fall and last around nine months, focusing on identifying available data, how to gather more data in future, and how NASA can analyze the findings to try to move the needle on scientific understanding. "Over the decades, NASA has answered the call to tackle some of the most perplexing mysteries we know of, and this is no different," Daniel Evans, the NASA scientist responsible for coordinating the study, told reporters on a call.

While NASA probes and rovers scour the solar system for the fossils of ancient microbes, and its astronomers look for so-called "technosignatures" on distant planets for signs of intelligent civilizations, this is the first time the agency will investigate unexplained phenomena in Earth's skies.

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Russian space chief speaks out on UFOs

Aliens might study humans from afar like "bacteria," the head of the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, said.

UFO Russian
© Illustration Getty Images / ktsimage
The chief of the Russian space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, has said that he believes in the existence of extraterrestrial life that might be more intelligent and technologically advanced than humanity. Aliens might also be studying the civilizations of Earth while staying unnoticed, he told Russia's Rossiya 24 broadcaster on Saturday.

Thousands of factors could have contributed to the emergence of life anywhere in the universe, Rogozin said, adding that humanity's ability to study space remain limited. "We know the 'Big Bang' theory but what if this 'Big Bang' took place only within a certain part of the universe that is visible to us?" the Roscosmos chief asked, adding that "there might be other worlds ... as well as innumerable factors that could contribute to the emergence of life, including an intelligent one."

The Russian Academy of Sciences has been conducting studies and "collecting facts" related to extraterrestrial life and UFOs in particular, Rogozin stated, adding, though, that 99.9% of all such cases reviewed by the Russian specialists have turned out to be "atmospheric and other physical phenomena" that have nothing to do with any extraterrestrial intelligent life hypotheses.

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NASA joins hunt for UFOs

The space agency says there is no evidence that the objects are extraterrestrial.

UAP Footage
© Jeremy Corbell/YouTube
Footage of a UAP allegedly filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha on July 15, 2019.
NASA has announced plans to begin studying UFOs in a scientifically rigorous way before publishing the findings in a public report.

Experts involved in the study will dig up relevant data from sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs); figure out how to best record such UAPs in the future; and determine how NASA can use the new information to improve scientific understanding of the mysterious objects.

The announcement of the new initiative, which is expected to start in early fall and take roughly nine months to complete, comes just over three weeks after a landmark Congressional hearing, in which lawmakers grilled two senior intelligence and defense experts on multiple reports by military pilots of UAPs, Live Science previously reported. The hearing focused on a June 2021 Pentagon report on 144 documented UAP sightings by U.S. Navy pilots since 2004, most of which the department concluded "probably do represent physical objects."

Of the 144 UAP sightings, 18 were reported to have extremely unusual flight behaviors, with the unidentified objects appearing to "remain stationary in winds aloft, move against the wind, maneuver abruptly or move at considerable speed, without discernible means of propulsion," according to the report. Released video clips, alongside eyewitness accounts from Navy pilots, also point to at least some of these ostensibly propulsionless craft moving at hypersonic speeds, Live Science previously reported; one video clip, captured by the U.S. Navy, appeared to show a spherical UFO hovering in midair while bouncing from side to side, before plunging into the ocean.

NASA's new study — which the agency says is not part of the Pentagon's Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG) or its predecessor, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) — will be led by astrophysicist David Spergel and orchestrated by assistant deputy associate administrator for research at NASA's Science Mission Directorate Daniel Evans.


US Congress to question Pentagon on UFOs

UFO UAP illustration
© Getty Images / Aaron Foster
The House intel committee will hold its first public hearing on unexplained aerial phenomena in 50 years.

The US House Intelligence Committee has scheduled a hearing to follow up on some 143 UFO sightings reported between 2004 and 2021, Representative André Carson (D-Indiana) revealed on Tuesday. The hearing, scheduled for next Tuesday, will be held by the Intelligence Committee's subcommittee on counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and counterproliferation, which Carson chairs.

"Since this is an area of high public interest, any undue secrecy can serve as an obstacle to solving the mystery, or it could prevent us from finding solutions to potential vulnerabilities," Carson told the New York Times. "This hearing is about examining steps that the Pentagon can take to reduce the stigma surrounding reporting by military pilots, and by civilian pilots."

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Macedonia blind psychic says Russian president Vladimir Putin will become 'Lord of the World'

baba yaga psychic macadonia predictions russia

Known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans, Baba Vanga, pictured, who died 25 years ago in 1996 aged 84, predicted in a 1979 interview that Russia was to dominate the world
Psychic Baba Vanga, who died 25 years ago aged 84, predicted that Russia was to 'dominate the world' in an interview with writer Valentin Sidorov in 1979

A blind psychic who correctly predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as the 9/11 attacks once claimed that president Vladimir Putin is to become 'Lord of the World'.

Known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans, Baba Vanga, who died 25 years ago in 1996 aged 84, predicted in a 1979 interview that Russia was to dominate the world.

She also made a frightening prediction about World War Three and the potential use of nuclear weapons.

During the interview with writer Valentin Sidorov, she said Putin's 'glory' will remain 'untouched'.


Newly-released documents shed light on government-funded research into worm Holes, anti-gravity, and invisibility cloaks

Since its existence was revealed by the New York Times in 2017, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which was funded by the Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA, has been the subject of fervent curiosity from UFO disclosure advocates, government transparency activists, and journalists alike. The now formally defunct program was studying UFO-related phenomena, according to a landmark 2020 investigation by Popular Mechanics; the DIA's public explanations on just what that involved have ranged over the years from unsatisfying to obfuscatory. Namely, the agency has insisted in recent years that AATIP was not looking at UFO-related phenomena, which former employees working on the program say is simply not true.

Now, a new tranche of documents released by the DIA to Motherboard based on a FOIA request filed four years ago shows, in detail, the exotic and occasionally downright weird research priorities of the Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program (AAWSAP), an at-times overlapping program whose existence has been known about for several years. Some of these documents were also released several weeks ago to John Greenewald at the Black Vault; others have been circulating on Reddit for the past several weeks, indicating that the DIA has recently released a backlog of very old FOIA requests. The Sun also published some details about some of the documents, which it also obtained via FOIA, earlier this month. (AATIP and AAWSAP appear to have been, in practice, almost interchangeable; a DIA spokesperson previously told Greenewald, "[AATIP] was the name of the overall program. [AAWSAP] was the name of the contract that DIA awarded for the production of technical reports under AATIP.")

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UFOs - Real or Fake?

Jimmy Carter's Statement
© Armstrong Economics
QUESTION: I'm just curious. President Jimmy Carter said that he saw a UFO which was reported by the Associated Press in January 1978. There are countless reports of UFOs for decades. Some say they have been around for thousands of years. Does Socrates have any ability to confirm or deny such things?

ANSWER: I do not see how Socrates could confirm or deny the existence of UFOs. The modern event that began the flying saucer sighting was Kenneth Arnold who reported seeing several metal objects flying in excess of 1200 MPH on June 24th, 1947. I had an uncle who was in the Air Force during World War II and during the Korean War. He told me when I was a kid that saucers would fly in circles around the planes observing what was taking place. A friend who was a pilot during the Korean War said the same thing.
Ken Arnold
© Ventura County Star 1947
On Saturday night, July 5, 1947, a rancher named W.W. "Mac" Brazel had debris from what became the Roswell Incident. On July 8, 1947, RAAF public information officer Walter Haut issued a press release stating that personnel from the field's 509th Operations Group had recovered a "flying disc", which had landed on a ranch near Roswell. During that summer of 1947, it was also the dawn of the Cold War. The U.S. Army Air Forces made a press release announcing that they had recovered a "flying disc" from a ranch near Roswell. Here some 75 years later, the incident remains a defining aspect of the area's identity. Roswell has a UFO museum and research center. There is even a flying saucer-inspired McDonald's as well as alien-themed streetlights.
Roswell Incident
© Roswell Daily Record
But behind all the UFO mania lies an uneasy truth. The events that transpired that summer are anything but clear-cut, with admitted coverups and conflicting explanations: It was a saucer! It was spycraft! It was the Soviets!