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Sat, 19 Aug 2017
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The controversy surrounding General John A. Samford's 1952 UFO "disclosure"

See Magazine 1952 interview with General John Samford on the existence of UFOs

Most people know the Air Force's Major General John A. Samford from his historic July 29, 1952 press conference given after the Washington, D.C. radar incidents, where he talked about the small but troubling percentage of UFO reports "from credible observers of relatively incredible things." Captain Edward Ruppelt in the notes made in preparation for his 1956 book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, described Gen. Samford in his entries on the key figures involved in the Air Force's Project Blue Book:


North Carolina group spots a Bigfoot in the forest

A "large bipedal animal covered in hair" was reported in North Carolina's McDowell County over the weekend.

In other words, a Bigfoot: The ape-like creature that cryptozoologists believe roams the nation's backwoods.

The sighting happened just before 11 p.m. Friday in a forested area. No one was injured, though the group reports something threw rocks at them as they left the area. McDowell County is about 100 miles northwest of Charlotte.

John Bruner of the Marion-based group Bigfoot 911 reported the event on the group's Facebook page Saturday. Bigfoot 911 is one of a handful of groups around the country that investigate reports of Bigfoot sightings, mostly in places average people don't go at night.

Bruner says a team of seven people were out at the time, scattering glow sticks in the woods. (Bigfoot 911 members believe glow sticks pique the curiosity of a Bigfoot.) It was the sight of one of those glow sticks moving through the woods that got Bruner's attention.

Black Cat 2

Can cats and dogs see spirits?

It was recently brought to my attention that even mainstream science recognizes cats, dogs, and other animals can see frequencies humans can't.

After reading about it a little bit, it makes sense scientifically in a separate way from spiritually. It's simple really: the scientific explanation is that cats and dogs can see UV light and a few other rays, which human retinas don't have the ability to see.

It was previously believed that all mammals had similar eyes to humans, incapable of seeing UV rays, but scientific evidence suggests many mammals can.

A study conducted a few years ago by biologists at City University London, UK provided evidence for this differential in sight between species.

Black Magic

When exorcists need help they call Dr. Richard Gallagher

Dr. Richard Gallagher
A small group of nuns and priests met the woman in the chapel of a house one June evening. Though it was warm outside, a palpable chill settled over the room.

As the priests began to pray, the woman slipped into a trance -- and then snapped to life. She spoke in multiple voices: One was deep, guttural and masculine; another was high-pitched; a third spouted only Latin. When someone secretly sprinkled ordinary water on her, she didn't react. But when holy water was used, she screamed in pain.

"Leave her alone, you f***ing priests," the guttural voice shouted. "Stop, you whores. ... You'll be sorry.

"You've probably seen this before: a soul corrupted by Satan, a priest waving a crucifix at a snarling woman. Movies and books have mimicked exorcisms so often, they've become clichés.

The 1973 film "The Exorcist" shaped how many see demonic possession.But this was an actual exorcism -- and included a character not normally seen in the traditional drive-out-the-devil script.


East Field farming wife recalls crop circles appearing in Wiltshire in the 1940s and 50s

© George Wingfield (1991), Francine Blake (1998), Lucy Pringle (1996)
Some examples of crop circles in East Field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire (UK): The famous "1991 Pictogram" (known to many from the legendary Led Zeppelin LP-Cover), the 7-fold "Snowflake" that covered more than 6.000 square meters of flattened crop in 1998 and the "DNA-Helix" discovered in 1996.
Researchers behind the "Crop Circle Exhibition & Center" report a major breakthrough in tracing back the crop circle phenomenon in the world's hotspot - the village of Alton Barnes in Pewsey Valley in the heart of the south-western British county of Wiltshire. The memories of Shirley Carson, mother of East Field farmer Tim Carson, reveal that the area not only plays a key role in the modern-day crop circle phenomenon - but also hosted crop circles already in the 1940s and 50s.

Having organised and curated the very first exhibition on crop circles and the research behind the phenomenon in a science museum in 2014, crop circle researchers Monique Klinkenbergh and Andreas Müller present the extended version of their exhibition this year at the newly renovated barn house of The Barge Inn, a local pub at Honeystreet (near Alton Barnes) in Wiltshire.

Parallel to the exhibition and information centre, the two researchers also ask their visitors - especially local farmers and residents to crop circle fields - to share their experience with the phenomenon and carry out field investigation and interviews with the eyewitness.


Global animal mutilations still defies explanation

© Pixabay
Who or what is mutilating animals the world over? Declassified files show the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has investigated thousands of instances of cattle disfigurement across the American Midwest since the 1970s, to no avail. A leading expert in the field isn't sure either - but he has told Sputnik the explanation certainly isn't humdrum.

While skeptics will surely opt to blame the international wave of brutalized bovines on natural disasters, sadistic pranks or similarly sick, wanton hijinks, proponents of conspiratorial and/or otherworldly explanations for the disturbing acts are quick to point out the attacks are often carried out with surgical precision.

Farmers worldwide, most notably and recurrently in US states such as South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, and Nevada, have for decades had the unpleasant experience of discovering their treasured, lucrative beasts dead with various organs - including eyes, noses, tongues, hearts, livers, anuses, and genitalia - excised with lazer-like accuracy.

Moreover, the FBI documents make clear even the US' best investigative minds were seemingly stumped at the ultimate source of all the carnage.

Grey Alien

'Fidget spinner' crop circle appears in West Sussex

Confused residents woke up on Friday morning to discover a mysterious crop circle had been created in a near by field and looks suspiciously like a recent children's craze.

The unusual design was spotted this week near Climping Beach in West Sussex and experts believe the mysterious markings appear to be a fidget spinner - because there are four circular 'arms' linked to a central hub.

Matthew Williams spotted the 200ft formation on Friday morning - and it is understood the mysterious shapes were carved out of the crops on Thursday.

The crop circle expert, from Avebury, Wilts, said: "This is a great formation. It certainly could be the world's largest fidget spinner, although I have no idea who created it.

Eye 2

Residents shaken after reporting chupacabra sightings in mountains of Riverside County, California

On a foggy morning more than a week ago, Cary Shuker's cat raced inside his Riverside home, terrified of something outside.

"This thing was standing out there, looking at me" said Shuker, a private contractor who lives at the base of Box Springs Mountain, which divides Moreno Valley and Riverside. "It was the ugliest looking thing."

Shuker said the hairless creature, glaring at him about 80 or 90 feet away, had a tail like a rat or a possum, with rippled pinkish skin, teeth jutting both up and down out of its jaws and was "at least two feet or more longer than the biggest coyote you've ever seen."

"I yelled at it, in a big deep voice, 'get out of here!'" Shuker said.


NASA live feed allegedly captures footage of 'mother ship' near International Space Station (VIDEOS)

© CC0
Footage has emerged of what leading UFO researchers believe to be an alien "mothership" - the mammoth craft was spotted on NASA's live feed of the space region adjacent to the International Space Station (ISS).

Fraternal alien fanatics Blake and Brett Cousins - renowned in the ufologist community for their YouTube account thirdphaseofmoon - published the baffling footage July 17.

In the clip, a hazy object swims into view in the background of the ISS - while seemingly a mere line of burning orange orbs initially, quickly the shape of what appears to be a spacefaring vessel gains contour and colour.

However, almost as soon as the unexplained entity gains definition, it melts back into the infinite darkness of space.

Grey Alien

Paranormal journalist claims to have "scientific evidence" that aliens lived alongside humans on Earth

© Ruptly
The paranormal journalist who claims to have discovered alien remains near the Nazca lines of Peru says the extraterrestrial beings once lived in harmony among humans.

At a press conference last week, Mexican paranormal journalist Jamie Maussan claimed the five mummified bodies discovered over the last two months appear "closer to reptiles than humans."

Now, Maussan, who has devoted much of his life to investigating extraterrestrial phenomenons, says x-ray, DNA and carbon 14 analysis of the remains further points to the presence of intelligent life.
"We confirmed with scientific evidence the existence of beings from another world," said Maussan to RT en Español. "Before it was a possibility, now it is a reality," he added when speaking about the existence of aliens on Earth.

Comment: The extraterrestrial origin is only alleged at this point, as one researcher that was part of the discovery, Professor Konstantin Korotkov with the National Research University in St. Petersburg, does not subscribe to the notion that the remains discovered were of extraterrestrial origin. A separate hypothesis from another expert states:
"Obviously, this is not a fake; it could be a mutation or another kind of creature that is fundamentally different from us. This is the main issue that we can't answer yet," the expert concluded.
Nevertheless, it remains an intriguing discovery whether the remains are from Earth or not. But the assurance of Jamie Maussan that aliens were discovered seems to be rather hasty.