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Thu, 19 Oct 2017
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High Strangeness


Mysterious aircraft involved in fatal Air Force crash

© Nellis Air Force Base
The crash occurred at Nellis Air Force Base, a frequent target for UFO and conspiracy theories.
One of the enduring theories explaining various UFO phenomena in the modern era is that militaries have created and propagated UFO rumors in order to mask tests of new aerospace technologies. One hole in this theory, though, is that UFO sightings predate the advent of man-made flying machines by quite a few centuries. Nevertheless, it's plausible to suspect that perhaps at least some of the sightings over the last century or so can be chalked up to clandestine military tests or even foreign entities operating over our own skies.

Tests of secretive new aircraft and reports of foreign spy planes seem to have been ramping up this year, with numerous sightings of odd planes and unconventional aircraft pouring in around the globe. Now, a strange and fatal crash of a U.S. Air Force craft is showing that there is indeed likely more than meets the eye in the skies overhead.

Lt. Col. Eric Schultz, 44, of Annapolis, Maryland died in the crash. Schultz was a highly decorated pilot and test engineer who flew over 50 combat missions in Afghanistan. The USAF reported that the crash occurred around 6:00 pm on Tuesday, September 5th at the 2.9-million acre Nevada Test and Training Range about 100 miles northwest of Nellis Air Force Base.
© Unknown
Lt. Col. Schultz leaves behind a wife and five children.
However, the Air Force didn't report the crash until September 8th, and has still yet to state what type of aircraft was involved in the crash. Maj. Christina Sukach, chief of public affairs at Nellis, has said only that "information about the type of aircraft involved is classified and not releasable." Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein has meanwhile stated only that the aircraft was definitely not an F-35.

For more of this article, go here.


In 1994 UK's "most spectacular" UFO photo was taken down in Britain's Ministry of Defence office - never seen again

© Channel 5
A recreation of the Calvine UFO photo poster.
Hanging on the wall near the British government's UFO Desk was what one of the men who occupied that desk called "the most spectacular UFO photo ever sent to the Ministry of Defence (MoD)." The photo has since disappeared, but the story of how the picture was obtained, and what it showed, has not.

Nick Pope ran the MoD's UFO project from 1991 to 1994. When he was first assigned to the position, he was not excited about it. He felt the issue was ridiculous and he was not looking forward to having to deal with a bunch of UFO nuts. However, over the years, Pope found there were credible cases of incredible things, and began to see there was something truly mysterious about the phenomenon. One of the cases that lead him to this conclusion had to do with a photo that was made into a poster that he found hung in the office near his desk when he began working the UFO desk.

"I first came across this story in 1991, when I joined the UFO project," writes Pope on his website. "A poster-sized enlargement of the best photo was prominently displayed on the office wall."

"The X-Files first aired in the UK in 1994 and I acquired the same nickname (Spooky) as Fox Mulder, for obvious reasons," Nick continues. "Mulder famously had his 'I want to believe' UFO poster on his office wall and though uncaptioned, I suppose this was my equivalent."


The Thomas Mantell UFO analyses

© ancientufo.org
While I was talking with Fran Ridge, of the NICAP website, we drifted into a discussion of the Thomas Mantell UFO sighting of January 1948. Mantell was killed when his F-51 crashed in Kentucky.

The case has been wrapped in controversy since then, mainly because a pilot died attempting to identify the UFO. Various theories have been offered over the years about what happened.

I had written a long analysis of it about a decade and a half ago. My plan had been to create an online peer review for UFO research. I had written the analysis and it was offered over the UFO Updates list when the draft was finished. I had hoped that those with expertise in various aspects of the case would be inspired to provide their analysis of my analysis. There were a few responses but most had to do with the performance capabilities of the aircraft rather than other aspects of the case. You can read that analysis here:


The Gulf Breeze UFO sightings 30 years later: Is the truth still out there?

American's love their UFO's
For World UFO day, we look back at some of the most buzzed-about sightings of unidentified flying objects.

Get your smirks out now, if you must. Now, let's be serious.

Thirty years ago this fall, sleepy Gulf Breeze was gripped by a UFO phenomenon that became national and international news. The "Gulf Breeze Sightings," as they came to be known, became some of the best-known UFO sightings in history, and the lore from that frantic fall of 1987 is still debated today.

The Gulf Breeze Sightings were referenced on The X-Files. studied by The History Channel and other cable programs, and dissected and argued on Internet sites galore.

Most dismiss the UFO photos at the center of the Gulf Breeze Sightings as a hoax - most, but not all - yet so many others at the time also claimed to see unexplained flying craft in the Gulf Breeze area - so close to both Pensacola Naval Air Station and Eglin Air Force Base, of course.


Missing 411: Hunters asked to keep an eye out for man who disappeared in Mark Twain National Forest in July

Bow season begins Friday and as anticipation builds for the upcoming deer season, bow hunters in the Mark Twain National Forest at AD and CC Highways and on the west bordered by County Road 5150 are being asked to call the Howell County Sheriff's Department if they see something that doesn't seem right, Howell County Criminal Investigator Don Reid said.

No signs have been found of the missing Robert L. Huddleson, 66, of County Road 5150, said Deputy Shannon Caldwell and Reid. It is believed Huddleson, missing since July 30, disappeared in the forest as he routinely walked the main trails in the Mark Twain, at least four to six miles a day, according to Caldwell.

The victim's brother, John Huddleson, of St. James, reported his brother missing at 8:44 a.m. July 30. Robert Huddleson was last seen at his home July 27.



Missing 411: 'Stuff They Don't Want You To Know' interviews David Paulides

© National Park Service/Damon Joyce
Yosemite National Park (seen here) has had the largest number of visitors go missing — between 40 and 45 cases — since the National Park Service was established in 1916.
National parks are a source of pride for Americans. They provide beautiful, wild places to explore and reconnect with nature. But unfortunately, sometimes there's a dark side to these historic places. One of those is that since the National Park Service was established in 1916, more than 1,000 visitors have disappeared while visiting a park, often without a trace. And because there is no federal-level database tracking how many people have gone missing from these federal lands, it's very difficult to pin down an exact number of the missing.

That's why Stuff They Don't Want You To Know invited former police detective and author of the "Missing 411" series and documentary David Paulides to the show. Matt Frederick, Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown talk to Paulides about all the strange disappearances, unlikely patterns and wild theories in "Missing 411" with David Paulides.

Comment: See also: Missing 411: Unexplained disappearances of people that have never been solved

Grey Alien

Corrientes humanoid photo determined to be a hoax

The image is actually a clip from the horror movie "O.V.N.I."
As could well be expected, the photo of the humanoid entity supposedly photographed by police before it took a plunge into the Paraná River has turned out to be less than meets the eye.

Argentina's Orbita Cero Mendoza reported in its blog that the CIFAD center of the province of Corrientes had "uncovered the fraudulent nature of the video" from which the image was taken.

The image had a viral effect on social media and the Internet at large. It turns out to be a clip from the horror movie "O.V.N.I."

Orbita Cero Mendoza gives us the following information, which is translated below:


Anne Jefferies: An account of a faerie abduction in the 17th century

One of Brian Froud‘s hallucinogenic faerie illustrations from the classic 1978 book Faeries.
"Faerie fair and faerie bright;
Come and be my chosen sprite.
Moon shines bright, waters run clear,
I am here, but where's my faerie dear?"

Attributed to Anne Jefferies in Robert Hunt, Popular Romances of the West of England (1865)
Outside the dramatic inventions of Shakespeare, Drayton, Herrick et al., most accounts of human interaction with the faeries from the Early Modern period are derived from the disparate records of witch trials. These records often chronicle the accused witches' testimony (usually under torture) of consorting with faerie familiars, for the purposes of divination, healing and sometimes flying to Sabbaths. Historians such as Carlo Ginzberg and Emma Wilby have teased out the detail from the trial records to create a convincing argument that they encode genuine evidence of shamanic practice amongst the witches, who were frequently able to interact with the faeries in a disassociated altered state of consciousness. The records supply us with the largest body of documentary evidence for the ontology of the faeries between the 16th and 18th centuries. But there is one unusual case that comes down to us from different sources, and yet contains many of the motifs usually contained in the witch trials. This is the story of Anne Jefferies from St Teath, close to the north coast of Cornwall.

Black Magic

The Nirumbee, Pryor Mountain's little people

© www.strangerealms.net
The Nirumbee, little people of Crow tribe folklore
The Pryor Mountains is a mountain range located on the Crow Reservation and Custer National Forest in the state of Montana, U.S.A. These mountains are also home to a ferocious race of little people, that the Crow Nation call the Nirumbee. The Nirumbee are said to be eighteen inches tall, with large heads, pointed teeth, pot bellies, with strong arms and legs and little, if any neck. Despite their reputation of fiercely protecting their territory, to the death, they have always been friendly to the Crow people.

It is told that the Nirumbee impart spiritual wisdom, teach the ways of medicine and healing to medicine men, and help shape young boys into great chiefs. One such example is Red Plume (to be known later in life as Long Hair), who after fasting for four days at the top of the Big Horn was taken into the mountain by four little people where they told him that wearing his red eagle feather would be his medicine, it would protect him and he would become a great leader of the Crow People.


Strange readings on US submarine sonar points to belief that Navy has secret USO program - UFO researcher

The Mutual UFO Network's chief photo expert, Marc D'Antonio, says he was on a US Navy submarine when they tracked a very fast moving object in the ocean. Subsequent responses from Navy personnel lead D'Antonio to believe the Navy has a secret program regarding Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs).

USOs are the underwater equivalent to UFOs. Although much less popular, there are famous USO cases Ufologists often reference.

One of the most interesting USO stories, for me, is that of my friend D'Antonio's. I have heard it several times in his company, and I believe we talked about it on one of his many appearances on the Open Minds UFO Radio podcast.