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Wed, 26 Oct 2016
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High Strangeness


Orb-like 'ufo' accidentally filmed over Blue Cut fire in Southern California

© YouTube/ABC 15 Arizona
Orb-like ufo (centre) filmed over Blue Cut fire, Southern California.
Aerial footage of the Blue Cut fire in Southern California. An orb-like ufo can be seen entering from bottom left of the screen at the 29:30 mark. Strange!

Black Magic

Woman becomes possessed moments after priests successfully perform exorcism on her neighbor while news report was filming

© Canal10
Footage appeared to show the woman lying on the floor convulsing as a member of the church tries to perform another 'exorcism'
A TV news crew captured this bizarre footage of a woman 'becoming possessed' after priests performed an 'exorcism' on her neighbour.

The incident was filmed as journalists reported on a resident in Tipitapa, Nicaragua, central America, who had been suffering from 'months of strange behaviour.'

They reported how the 43-year-old woman, named as Herminia, had been 'tormented by evil spirits ' for three months that left her aggressive toward people that approached.

She was filmed wild-eyed and behaving bizarrely before throwing a shoe at neighbours who entered her room.

Magic Wand

Nina Kulagina: Psychokinetic powerhouse or fake?

Nina Kulagina
Psychokinesis is the ability to move material objects using the power of mind alone. It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but there is ample evidence to suggest that humans are capable of moving objects with their minds. Should this prove true, it would be fascinating to say the least, and would suggest that all human beings have this potential. Of course, the implications of psychokinesis for humanity as a whole would be immense, and we as a species may not be ready to handle them just yet. We would need to be at a pretty peaceful place within to harness such an ability responsibly. This is why new discoveries are useless without a good consciousness behind their use, and why we say real change comes from within.

What type of evidence is there? In today's world, something must be peer-reviewed in order to be considered credible. The unfortunate part about this is that science as an institution has become highly politicized, plagued by corruption and the publication of false data. When it comes to topics within the realm of parapsychology, however, results are more reliable. No agenda is driving these experiments, and so they are conducted and their results measured objectively — unlike many corporately funded medical studies. Scientific fraud is important to mention any time we are talking about 'peer-reviewed' scientific literature, so the next time you decide to brush off other publications (even though they are usually all 'peer-reviewed' in some form), take a second to think about this fact. You can see specific examples of this corruption in this article.

Comment: The psychic powers of Nina Kulagina (Telekinesis)

Black Magic

Glasgow police officers baffled after witnessing paranormal activity including levitating dog

© Mark Anderson
The house in Rutherglen, Glasgow, has officers spooked
Perplexed officers on a call to a disturbance saw lights going off, clothes flying across a room and a dog, which was playing in the garden, suddenly perched on top of a 7ft hedge.

Police investigating reports of disturbances at a house were left stunned when they witnessed paranormal activity.

The officers witnessed clothes flying across a room, lights going off and when they went back on the lampshades were upside down and oven doors opening and closing. Even a chihuahua dog which was playing in the garden was then discovered sitting on top of a seven-foot hedge.

The family who live at the property had called the police in a panic. They endured two days of the bizarre occurrences before moving out of the property in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

The situation has been discussed at high levels within Police Scotland, with senior officers perplexed as to how they best handle the incidents.

A police source said:
"These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained.

"One problem we've got is where we go from here as no crime has been established, so what else can we do but deal with any reports of disturbances.

"But officers with more than 20 years' service are saying they've never seen anything like this. It really is something that down-to-earth police officers are having trouble getting their heads round.

"How do you handle what, despite us liking to use the word, has been described as a poltergeist."


Mystery as fish appear in Aberdeenshire garden

© Kevin Bain
Around 75 of the mystery fish showed up in Mr Bain's garden.
An Aberdeenshire man has asked for help in identifying fish which have appeared outside his house.

Kevin Bain found about 75 small fish in his back garden on Thursday.

He believes their arrival is the result of a waterspout which sucked the animals from the sea and dropped them on his property.

Mr. Bain said he thinks the two-inch fish are sand eels but is trying to find out more.


Man films unknown creature while kayaking on Turgoyak Lake in Chelyabinsk, Russia

© I_want_to_KU/Youtube
YouTube screen capture
A man filmed the appearance of strange black coils in the waters of in Russia's Chelyabinsk region. The creature that apparently appears on the video was dubbed the "Miasnessi Monster," U24.ru website said.

Mikhail Nenarokov, a resident of the Miass district of the Chelyabinsk region, was kayaking on the lake, when he suddenly saw a few coils of unknown origin appearing from under the water. It appeared that there was a giant snake underneath the water surface, the man said.

"To be honest, I did not have the courage to move closer than 20 meters," the man said. He admitted that it could be the divers as it seemed to be the most adequate explanation to the phenomenon.

However, according to the eyewitness, he was observing the movement of a giant snake for 20 minutes. "I have filmed three videos from three angles. Honestly, it was a scary sight," the man said.

The monster was dubbed "Miasnessi", similar to Nessie - the legend of Loch Ness.

Read the Russian original here.

SOTT Logo Radio

The Truth Perspective: X-Files, Mothman and the inimitable John Keel

© Fox
In 1975, John Keel published his strange and classic Mothman Prophecies about the even stranger events he experienced and investigated in 1966-67 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The book, and the articles he wrote nearly 10 years before, were decades ahead of their time, identifying and taking seriously countless topics that most people ignored or wrote off as fantasy, but which are now being taken seriously by many in the field of ufology. Today, we took a broad look at the book and the phenomena Keel described.

We also discussed the latest iteration of the X-Files TV show (see SOTT editor Ennio Adams' series on the show starting here): what it gets right, and what it gets wrong, and why it matters. In the last half hour we gave brief updates on the situations in Syria and Ukraine, as well as the U.S. presidential election. Tune in!

Running Time: 02:01:00

Download: OGG, MP3

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Korean air force jets reportedly engaged a UFO in 1980, documentary reveals

Two Korean Air Force combat jets evidently engaged an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in 1980, according to a documentary program aired on JTBC on Sunday.

The incident was reported to top commanding officers of the Korean Air Force at the time, but they decided not to investigate the matter as it was not within their area of expertise.

According to the documentary, Lim Byeong-seon, a reserve Major General and a former Korean Air Force pilot, was flying a combat aircraft for a Korea-U.S. combined military exercise named Team Spirit on March 31, 1980. Korea at the time was in distress after a military coup had taken place on Dec. 12, 1979. Lim was flying at night with three other pilots to Gangneung, Gangwon, where the combined exercise was taking place, when they detected a floating object that was not picked up by their radars.

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Grey Alien

Woman shares story of her schoolyard encounter with UFOs and aliens

At first as a child and now again, Emily Trim shares her incredible story of one of the most well known ET and human encounters ever released.

The UFO phenomenon is taken very seriously these days. It's no longer a fringe topic, and the existence of UFOs has been confirmed by dozens of governments, thousands of previously classified UFO files, and testimony from several hundreds of high ranking military personnel — and that's not even accounting for the testimony that's been offered from multiple academics and politicians.

You can see some of those statements at the bottom of this article about Carl Sagan, or find more links to evidence, documents, and more by visiting the exopolitics section of our website.

This is what happens when the military tracks a UFO on radar.


Pittsburgh residents report sightings of mysterious, shiny object in sky

© Moll Family
A mysterious object spotted in the skies over parts of the Pittsburgh area caused quite a stir Thursday evening.

KDKA received some calls into our newsroom about it, starting around 8 p.m.

People reported seeing a shiny, silver object in the sky. The reports were coming from areas west of downtown.

"Around 8 p.m., we were looking up into the northern sky and saw what looked like just to be a bright, silver object in the sky, and then after we got a telescope on it, it looked like it was a clear balloon that was catching the light as it moved from west to east," said Russ Moll, of McKees Rocks.

Moll says it was it a very odd sight in the evening sky.

"It stood out because it was before dusk and so the stars weren't out yet, so it just really caught our eye," Moll said. "You noticed it as being something out of the ordinary."