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Mon, 15 Jul 2019
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Mysterious hole shoots out flames for nearly an hour in Arkansas: Satan 'ruled out'

fire hole arkansas
© iStock
A hole opened up in Midway, Arkansas, in September, spewing 12-foot high flames.
For 40 minutes, a small hole in the ground sprayed 12-foot flames uncontrollably before finally coming to a halt. Images of the red-orange flames and heat from the fire were embedded in the minds of those who witnessed the scene.

The hole opened up on a private property in Midway, Arkansas, nearly a month ago - on Sept. 17 - and yet it is still stumping investigators. People were quick to offer theories as to what caused the sudden explosion: Was it space junk, meteorites, maybe a gas leak?

So far, none of the guesses have proved to be correct, Baxter County Judge Mickey Pendergrass told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He also ruled out another wild explanation - Satan.

Comment: Local paper the Arkansas Democrat Gazette adds:
Jim Sierzchula, Baxter County's emergency management coordinator and the fire chief for Grover township, said a motorist saw the flames and called 911 about 4:30 a.m. Monday.

Sierzchula said he thinks methane may have been the fuel, but he doesn't know what sparked the ignition. Pendergrass said it could have been a lit cigarette tossed from a passing vehicle.

Methane gas is colorless, odorless and flammable. It's a product of biological decomposition of organic matter and of the carbonization of coal.

"The thing is it was a clean burn," Siezchula said. "It was a very low-hydrocarbon fuel, let's put it that way. It really wasn't getting the right amount of oxygen because the burn was orange instead of blue."

Concerning the hole, he said, "There was absolutely no soot."

Pendergrass said Donald Tucker, the Midway fire chief, checked the temperature in the hole shortly after the fire and it was 780 degrees. When Tucker arrived on the scene, the flames were still about 8 feet high, Pendergrass said.

The county judge said conditions were perfect early Monday for methane entrapment.

"Light rain had happened the night before," he said. "Foggy, misty air could have trapped methane."

"What ignited it? I don't know," Sierzchula said. "It could have been lightning. There were storms in the area."

Sierzchula said the fire burst out from what appeared to be a groundhog hole.

"There was an existing hole there," he said. "We may find a burned up groundhog in there."


The mysterious Min Min lights of Australia: Is there a scientific explanation for the phenomenon?

Min Min lights in Australia
© ABC/supplied
Min Min lights are a mysterious phenomenon that have spooked many people in the outback of Australia.

But is there any scientific proof that Min Min lights exist? Or is it simply an Aboriginal folktale that has been passed down for generations?

The lights have been described by witnesses as floating, fast-moving balls of colour that glow in the night sky and stalk people, leaving some feeling confused and frightened.

Sometimes the lights are blue and other times they are white or yellow.

In Queensland, the Boulia Shire Council notifies visitors "in the interest of tourism" that they are in the land of the Min Min lights and that they may spot them as they drive for the next 120 kilometres.


Missing 411: Body of 53 y.o. hiker found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park one week after she went missing

Mitzie Sue “Susan” Clements
© National Park Service
Mitzie Sue “Susan” Clements, 53, was with her daughter when they split up.
The body of a hiker who went missing a week ago in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has been found, but the mystery grows as to what exactly happened to the 53-year-old mom from Ohio.

Mitzie Sue "Susan" Clements was hiking with her daughter on Sept. 25 when the two lost sight of each other, says the park service.

The park announced Tuesday that searchers found her body two miles west of the Clingmans Dome parking area and less than a mile from the Appalachian Trail.

How she died was not released, or how she came to be in that area.

Clements, who is from the Cincinnati suburb of Cleves, was with her 20-year-old daughter on the Forney Ridge Trail Tuesday when they separated, reported the park service last week on Facebook. It was still daylight (5 p.m.) and the two were "fairly close to the parking lot," park officials told KnoxvilleNews.com.


British psychic says motorway fatalities 'due to ghosts of Roman soldiers'

roman ghosts accidents british highway
© Getty Images
A psychic has blamed ghosts for traffic accidents on a stretch of the M6 in Cheshire
An accident-prone stretch of the M6 in Cheshire sees more crashes than other sections of the road because it is haunted by ghosts of Roman soldiers, a psychic has claimed.

A series of strange phenomena have been reported by motorists between junction 16 and 19, including phantom lorries, spectral hitchhikers and sightings of legionnaires.

And Mike Brooker says the disturbance caused by a £250million upgrade project could be to blame. He said a Roman burial ground in the area of the roadworks may have awoken 2,000-year-old spirits which now haunt motorists and cause crashes.

The 53-year-old, from Northwich, has dubbed the area 'Cheshire's Bermuda Triangle' because of the relatively high number of accidents on the "treacherous" stretch of road.


Fireball-shaped object hovering in Toronto's night sky prompts UFO reports

Fireball-shaped object over Ontario
© via Twitter@jewelvakarian
Houston Toronto, we have a problem.

The city's skies lit up Thursday evening with what appeared to be a fireball-shaped object hovering in the night sky.

The mysterious, large ball appeared before midnight, prompting reports of UFO sightings in Pickering and Scarborough.

The strange glowing orb flickering in the eastern sky caused quite a stir on social media, with numerous Twitter users sharing photos and videos of the unidentified object, which one user said just hovered in the sky instead of moving or disappearing.


UFO, spy plane or drone? Triangular object flying above Texas claimed to be USAF spy craft

TR-3B spycraft El Paso
Despite the aircraft believed to be fulfilling surveillance missions outside the US, this time it has apparently been spotted while spying inside the country, according to claims by exceptionally inquisitive internet users.

Weird footage has emerged featuring the moment a man inadvertently caught on camera something he could not effectively explain. As he stopped his car at a red light glancing right into the blazing sunrise while on his way to work, he caught sight of something unusual in the skies above El Paso, Texas, and quickly reached for his phone to film it.

Grey Alien

Photos show unexplained cattle mutilation in Australia - Dead cows found in paddock with udders, ears and tongues removed

cattle mutilation
A north Queensland couple has been left baffled by a bizarre finding on their property, which seems like something straight from a horror film.

Graziers Mick and Judy Cook were working on their property in Cloverly, north-west of Mackay, when Mr Cook noticed a dead cow carcass which appeared to have had its body mutilated, with its entire udder, ears and tongue removed.

Warning: This story contains images and content that some readers may find disturbing.

"It was like it had been surgically removed, I certainly couldn't do as neat a job with a very sharp knife, and it definitely wasn't an animal," Mr Cook said.

"I thought at first it might have been poisoned, but then I got closer ... I saw the body parts missing, there was no blood, even where the parts had been removed, no sign of struggle, just dead.

Comment: There's also the unexplained cases of 1,600 people who went missing from public lands without a trace: And for a possible explanation on the animal mutilation phenomena, see: Global animal mutilations still defies explanation

See also: And check out SOTT radio's: SOTT Podcast: Channeling and Alien Abduction


Reflection on windshield, or UFO in the sky? Man takes picture of strange object in NC sky

ufo pic
© Pixabay
A strange object spotted in the sky over North Carolina has ignited speculation of a UFO sighting or a top secret US military experiment accidentally exposed, but is it nothing more than a prank?

Javion Hill spotted the object in the sky, southwest of Charlotte, when he was driving home on the US-74 on August 18. He was on the phone to his wife at the time, and was photographing storm clouds overhead to send to her when he noticed a rectangular shape in the sky, with lights on its sides.

"I was, like: 'Oh my god, what is that?' I started trying to take as many pictures of it as possible while I was driving," he told the Charlotte Observer.


'Ghost ship' reappears off the coast of Myanmar after being lost at sea for 9 years

Sam Ratulangi freighter
© Yangon Police
The freighter Sam Ratulangi PB 1600 was last seen offshore Taiwan in 2009
The sudden appearance of a massive 'ghost' ship off the coast of southern Myanmar has shocked local fishermen who were stunned to find the freighter carried no cargo nor traces of crew.

After nearly a decade lost at sea the Sam Ratulangi PB 1600, finally ran aground on a sandbar approximately seven miles (11km) off the coast of Thama Seitta village of this week.

The fishermen boarded and inspected the ship after reporting it to local authorities. Teams from the navy, coast guard and police all subsequently searched the abandoned freighter which reportedly measures an impressive 177.35 meters in length, 27.91 meters in width and weighs 26,510 tons.


Canadian tourist spots Nessie hours before schoolgirl takes 'best Loch Ness Monster picture for years'

loch ness monster 2018
© Lynn Locke
Lynn’s pic of the sighting in August 2018 has now been officially logged
Lynn Locke's report has now been accepted by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register - the seventh of the monster this year, which is heading for a record

A school secretary has captured Nessie on her mobile phone - just hours before a schoolgirl photographed a similar image 12 miles away.

Lynn Locke's report has now been accepted by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register - the seventh of the monster this year, which is heading for a record.

The 54-year-old elementary school secretary from Ontario in Canada was on holiday with her husband and daughter - visiting family in Glasgow - when they took a trip to the Highlands for a few days.

While at Loch Ness, Mrs Locke saw Nessie for about a minute about 50 yards offshore near Urquhart Castle, said to be a favourite haunt of the monster.