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Thu, 23 Mar 2017
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High Strangeness


Sea monster with dreadlocks? Mysterious object washes up on New Zealand beach

© Melissa Doubleday / Facebook
A "washed up whale," a "sea monster with dreadlocks" and a "beach Christmas tree" are just some of the guesses about a strange seaweed-covered object that washed up on a New Zealand beach. People are scratching their heads to explain what it is.

The large phenomenon was found on Muriwai Beach in Auckland by local resident Melissa Doubleday.

She posted photos of the strange barnacle covered object on the Muriwai & Waimauku Area Community Group Facebook page asking: "Just curious to know if anyone knows what this is??! Washed up on Muriwai Beach."

"I actually thought it was a washed up whale as I approached it, so weird," Doubleday told stuff.co.nz


My, how Area 51 has grown over the last 30 years

© google maps
Area 51 in 1984
Ever since the 1950s, the US government's Area 51 - located deep within the remote Nevada desert - has been the subject of intense conspiracy theories.

But now Google Maps has offered a rare glimpse of the mysterious government site - revealing a massive build up of infrastructure at the base over the past 30 years.

Satellite imagery recorded annually since 1984 shows a rapid expansion of buildings and runways at the base.

Comment: See also:


Weird science: Chinese government has conducted numerous studies on superhuman powers

A recently declassified document that was unearthed through the Freedom of Information Act, suggests that the Chinese government has conducted massive-scale studies on superhuman powers like telepathy, psychokinesis, approbation, aerokinesis, clairsentience, clairaudience, and more. The US Central Intelligence Agency was appraised of these studies, and could have conducted similar investigations, all while keeping the results hidden from the general public.

The document titled, "Chronology of Recent Interest in Exceptional Functions of The Human Body in the People's Republic of China" can be found on the CIA's website, and details studies which the Chinese government and other agencies funded to test thousands of children to see if they had superhuman abilities.

The government was so interested in the possibility of these superhuman individuals, that hundreds of testing centers were set up across China. Though they do not reveal the results, except for the mention of one individual, a Qi Gong grandmaster, Zhang Baosheng, who was able to 'smell' the contents of messages written on folded slips of paper, and once relocated physical objects from inside sealed containers to another location. Baosheng was named by high-ranking communist leaders as a "healer with extraordinary powers" in the 1980s. Baosheng was later arrested for fraud in 1995. It is said that he and others of the Qi Gong movement took a 'shortcut to scientific exploration' and utilized weird science and superstition to promote their abilities.

This isn't to say that Baosheng and others don't have superhuman skills. There are numerous studies that are publicly available, confirming this. Princeton scientists have found that telekinesis, or psychokinesis is very real.

Comment: First Sight: Interview with parapsychologist James C. Carpenter


Shapeshifting UFO over Houston, Texas?

A video posted online showing an unidentified flying object hovering over downtown Houston, Texas, has UFO experts and enthusiasts debating whether the figure is an extraterrestrial craft or something more mundane.

Reports say the object was first seen November 23 around 3:15 p.m. local time. The eyewitness who shot the footage claimed that over the course of four minutes the craft changed shape multiple times.


Turkey goes #UFOAttack crazy as 'sightings' seen across country

© Secureteam / Facebook
Residents across Turkey shared photos and videos on social media of an alleged UFO hovering over the country, using the hashtag #ufoattacktoturkey.

Some social media users were apparently even convinced an alien invasion was imminent.

Comment: If this was in fact a well organized hoax, it is instructive in showing the general reaction of the public to news of a mass sighting.


Chinese astronauts spooked by unexplained knocking sounds during spaceflights

© China.org.cn
Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei sits in the module of his spaceship during his flight in 2003
China's first astronaut says he heard mysterious knocks during his first flight in space - but no one has been able to explain the cause of them.

Astronaut Yang Liwei said the strange noises left him feeling very nervous and he looked out into the vast emptiness of space but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Mr Yang, now a major general in China's Air Force, said it sounded like someone was knocking the body of the spaceship, comparing the noise to that of a hammer hitting an iron bucket.

The 51-year-old's unexplained experience has raised all kinds of theories, including aliens , and he said he has never heard the sound again since returning to earth.


How does the election of Donald Trump affect the disclosure movement?

I was as surprised as anyone by the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Like many other independent analysts, including most recently Julian Assange, I had been certain that the establishment would not allow a Trump presidency to happen.

For sure, the power elite closed ranks and did everything possible to ensure a victory for Clinton. This included not only the Democratic party (which previously played dirty pool against Bernie Sanders), but the entire mainstream media machine, the financial community, the EU, and even the Republican party itself. If nothing else, I had concluded that the media alone had done a sufficient job of demonizing Trump - multiple negative headlines daily for more than a year - to make him unelectable to the American people.

For more than a year, we have been told that Trump is a racist, sexist, xenophobe, liar, cheat, and narcissist. The attack bears all the marks of a coordinated effort among the major news outlets: CNN, NYT, WaPo, HuffPo, USA Today, and the rest. It reminded me very much of the concerted media attack against Brazil's Dilma Rousseff which culminated earlier in 2016 in her impeachment and removal from power. In the case of Rousseff, we see what has been alternately described as a soft coup or a Wall Street coup, rather along the lines of the "color revolutions" of a few years earlier (which are now largely understood as CIA-NGO orchestrated). In both cases, pretexts were created and hammered home by an insistent media that whipped up public opinion. In Brazil, it worked. It seemed like it would work in the U.S.

Comment: Richard Dolan is most likely correct. Even if Trump was motivated, for whatever reasons, to bring about disclosure he has a number of urgent domestic and foreign policy issues that require his full attention right now (and for the foreseeable future). Moreover, he would be facing a secret government and deep state organization that is compartmentalized, highly secretive and receiving of "outside help" that would sooner see Trump hanging from a flag pole before they permitted any meaningful release of truth regarding the alien reality. That is how far out of the loop presidents of the US are from knowing the score, and how powerless they are to do anything about it.

Eye 2

The return of Mothman? Point Pleasant resident photographs creature

(Viewer submitted photo)
Hunters in Mason County may need to be on the lookout for something other than deer when they hit the woods this week.

The Point Pleasant Mothman is a local legend that over the years has gained worldwide fame.

There hadn't been any recent sightings of the red-eyed creature recently, but that changed Sunday evening, when a man who says he was driving along State Route 2 saw something jump from tree to tree. He pulled off the road and snapped some pictures.

The man declined an on-camera interview, but was adamant the pictures had not been doctored. He said he recently moved to Point Pleasant for work and didn't even know about the legend.

Comment: If you are interested in this topic you may find the SOTT.net radio show on the topic interesting: The Truth Perspective: X-Files, Mothman and the inimitable John Keel, and for further reading:

Grey Alien

Strange implants and the extraterrestrial hypothesis

Everything from the release of government documents, to high level testimonies from high ranking military and political figures has ignited a massive surge of interest in the UFO phenomenon from people all over the world. Unidentified Flying Objects (performing maneuvers that defy our understanding of physics) are now a confirmed reality. Official government documents prove that defence and government agencies have been examining this topic for a while. For example, you can view the UK's latest release of files from June 2013 here. To find out what happens when the military tracks a UFO on radar, you can click here. You can find out more information about that from CE by clicking here. Ask yourself, why is there such a high level of interest from government and military agencies?

The question people are asking has changed from "do UFOs exist?" to "are UFOs extraterrestrial spacecraft?" Attributing today's unknown aerial phenomenon to extraterrestrial craft might be a big mental leap to some, but the size of that mental leap continues to decrease. There are a lot of factors that are attributing to that decrease, and one of them comes in the form of body marks and extracted implants from people who've claimed to have extraterrestrial contact. I'm not saying all UFOs are extraterrestrial craft, I believe many of them are also made by humans from classified projects that come from the black budget world. I also believe that many of these implants could have been done by military agencies; but again, I'd like to reiterate that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is not one to take likely, you can read more about the extraterrestrial hypothesis HERE, or later on in this article.

"There are a great many photographs of such body marks, many of which are in an equilateral triangle pattern of red dots on the wrist or near the ankle. Also common are scoop marks," in which it appears as if a small amount of tissue was removed from beneath the skin, leaving an indentation." -Richard Dolan (UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2)

The case of extracted implants is very fascinating, they are largely reported by abductees, and those who have had experience with UFOs.


Argentines battle demons at 'exorcism school'

© (AFP Photo/Juan Mabromata)

Bishop Manuel Acuna (L) performs a ritual at the 'El Buen Pastor' parish in Santos Lugares, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires
Manuel Acuna sprinkles holy water and waves his crucifix, then lays his hand on the sweating, shrieking woman before him.

This is not a horror movie. It is a real-life mass at Acuna's evangelical exorcism school -- thought to be one of the first in Latin America.

The bespectacled 54-year-old Lutheran pastor trains lay people as "exorcism consultants".

"They study the devil's character and how he works," he told AFP, amid the rich smell of incense.

"The exorcism consultant will be able to determine where there is a case of a demonic presence, possession, oppression, obsession or a curse."