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Tue, 17 Sep 2019
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Sightings of UFOs and strange phenomena increasing over New Zealand

A UFO organisation with links to the Chilean government is investigating eight reports of strange phenomena across New Zealand skies this year and says sightings are increasing.
Aerial Phenomenon
UFOCUS NZ director Suzanne Hansen told RNZ there was an emerging pattern of reported sightings of UFOs throughout the country, involving 'corridors' and 'hotspots' and that many sightings seemed to be associated with seismic events.

She made her comments this week during the 40th anniversary of New Zealand's most famous UFO encounter, the so-called 'Kaikoura Lights' (watch video below) sightings on 31 December 1978, which were filmed by an Australian camera crew and enthralled millions of people across the world.

The UFO research network has a co-operation agreement with the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, a joint military, science and aviation body set up by the Chilean government, which also follows a theory that UFO sightings are associated with seismic activity and is investigating the link.

The groups have carried out joint research projects and have been exchanging information since signing an official agreement in September 2013.

The retired school teacher said the group's team of eight investigators had been busy looking into eight reports of UFOs this year. The team includes former air force staff, an astronomer and science and medical professionals.


Sky over NYC lit up with mysterious blue light as Queens residents report explosions

blue sky night new york city
© Screenshot / @Complex / Twitter
A mysterious blue light amid a reported explosion at a Con Ed facility in Queens lit up the sky in New York City Thursday night. Local media reported:
An electric emergency at a Con Edison facility in Queens lit the night sky across much of New York City ablaze and spawned a flurry of social media reaction Thursday night.

The NYPD says a transformer exploded at the utility company's facility in Astoria shortly after 9 p.m.
Residents in Queens posted videos to social media showing the unexplained event. Some witnesses reported explosions and power outages.

Comment: Since when does a malfunctioning electrical transformer (even an exploding one) have such a dramatic impact on the local atmosphere?. These sorts of displays are associated with auroras which are the product of the interaction of Earth's magnetosphere with a coronal mass ejection. Might the base level electric charge in the atmosphere be mysteriously changing?

Pierre Lescaudron's book Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection discusses this possibility and many others
Jet Stream meanderings, Gulf Stream slow-downs, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteor fireballs, tornadoes, deluges, sinkholes, and noctilucent clouds have been on the rise since the turn of the century. Have proponents of man-made global warming been proven correct, or is something else, something much bigger, happening on our planet? While mainstream science depicts these Earth changes as unrelated, Pierre Lescaudron applies findings from the Electric Universe paradigm and plasma physics to suggest that they might in fact be intimately related, and stem from a single common cause: the close approach of our Sun's 'twin' and an accompanying cometary swarm.


London's Gatwick airport faces second day of chaos after 'drones' repeatedly breach restricted airspace

drone airport
© Reuters / Toby Melville
A British Airways passenger jet at Gatwick airport, UK (file photo)
Tens of thousands of plane passengers face a second day of chaos with flights in and out of Gatwick cancelled after two drones were spotted flying over the airfield.

As of 9.45am on Thursday the runway remained closed and all flights were suspended after a Wednesday night of total mayhem sparked by the major security alert.

Twenty police units from two different forces are desperately searching for the suspects who have been flying drones over the airfield since about 9pm on Thursday.

Officers believe it is a "a deliberate act to disrupt the airport" but said "there are absolutely no indications to suggest this is terror related".

Gatwick Airport has said all flights will be disrupted for the rest of the day with 110,000 people due to take off or land at the airport on 760 flights.

"Unfortunately, there are significant delays and cancellations to all flights today," said a statement from the airport.

Comment: Hmmm. And now this:

Islamic State threatens US & EU cities with drone attacks in chilling new poster after Gatwick chaos

If 'ISIS' is claiming it, while the British govt is putting out feelers for it being done by a 'lone wolf eco-terrorist', you can be sure that something is afoot.

Maybe they'll turn this into a Russian conspiracy to make Britons stay at home?

It could have a mundane explanation...

Passenger plane nearly collides with unmanned drone at Australian airport

Or something strange could be at work. What piddly little drones would shut a major int'l airport for TWO DAYS??


Radar anomaly seen across Illinois, Kentucky possibly part of war games?

c-130 plane
© Flickr/ US Air Force
C-130 military transport plane.
A storm-like image appearing on radar has led inhabitants in the Midwestern region of the US to reexamine a mystery they thought they'd solved. Local reports indicate the radar anomaly came from a military aircraft, but it's unclear where the aircraft could have originated.

A multicolored streak covering portions of radar in western Kentucky shocked the National Weather Service on Monday. The streak lingered for about 10 hours, even though there was absolutely no rain falling, reports Evansville Courier & Press.


UFO? North Carolina fisherman captures video of lights multiplying over ocean

Lights over Outer Banks, NC
© Charlotte Observer
A 90-second video credited to an Outer Banks night fisherman is raising questions on social media about a possible UFO sighting off the North Carolina coast.

The recording was posted Nov. 29 on YouTube by ViralHog, which said it was made in mid November at Cape Lookout, the southernmost point of the Core Banks. It has been viewed nearly 45,000 times.

National Park Service officials at Cape Lookout National Seashore told the Charlotte Observer they were not sure what the set of lights might be, but found them to be "peculiar."

The name of the angler who took the video is not provided by ViralHog, a video licensing agency. However, someone named C.R. Larkin posted the same video Nov. 24, writing that it was filmed Nov. 13 off Cape Lookout, between 9 and 10 p.m.

"Around 9 p.m., I rebaited my hooks, cast them out into the surf and walked back to my chair," says a post with the YouTube video. "When I turned back to the ocean, I saw a light in the sky. The light is very bright, stationary and silent. Over the course of the next hour it faded in and out, as well as sometimes becoming multiple lights."


Texas resident records mysterious 'cigar-shaped' object in the sky - 'motionless for 20 minutes'

cigar shaped UFO fort worth texas

The motionless, cigar-shaped object spotted last week near Fort Worth, Texas on November 19th, 2018
A Keller resident saw the mysterious bright object in the sky last week. It didn't move for 20 minutes, the witness said.

At first, the white object in the sky looked like a cloud. A weather balloon, perhaps ?

The motionless, cigar-shaped object spotted last week near Fort Worth left the witness stumped. And a video of the sighting has since gone viral, opening the door to UFO theories online.

Keller residents said they saw a mysterious, rod or cigar-shaped object in the sky last week. The object, which appeared to be glowing, was still for about 20 minutes, the witness said.

"It was the oddest thing I've ever seen," the unidentified witness said, according to their report to Texas UFOs, a website that tracks mysterious UFO sightings throughout the state. "I watched it for about 20 minutes. It didn't move. I don't think I've ever seen anything in the sky stay that still before, not even for a few seconds, let alone 20 minutes."

Several people commented on the YouTube video guessing it could be a blimp. However, a Texas UFOs administrator said they couldn't find any information the Goodyear blimp was scheduled to be in Keller on Nov. 18, the day of the sighting.

Further, the witness said it sat motionless in the sky for about 20 minutes, and similar UFO sightings were reported in Brownsville in August 2016 and El Paso in August 2018.

A few people went along for the ride on YouTube, with one commenter comparing the footage to "the classic cigar-shaped UFO" he saw in the mid 90's over Reading, Pennsylvania.
Julian Gill is a digital reporter in Houston. Read him on our breaking news site, Chron.com, and on our subscriber site, houstonchronicle.com. | julian.gill@chron.com


UFO caught on camera in Kamloops, British Columbia

UFO Kamloops
© Harprit Singh
Harprit Singh swears he is not one to make bogus UFO sightings.

That's why what he saw in the sky above Kamloops baffles him.

Singh sent CFJC Today video he recorded at 4:15 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, at the New Afton mine just west of Kamloops, where he works.

The video seems to show a strange movement behind the clouds.

WATCH: The strange movement can be seen in the upper half of the frame, near the middle.


(Video Credit: Contributed / Harprit Singh)


Pilots report close encounter with a UFO off the coast of Ireland, or was it a meteorite?

UFO light
© Pixabay
The object was spotted off the coast of Ireland's county Kerry, FILE PHOTO.
Several sightings of an unidentified object flying at "astronomical" speed before disappearing off the coast of Ireland has sparked an investigation by the Irish Aviation Authority.

The UFO was first spotted by a baffled British Airways pilot last Friday (November 9) at approximately 6:47am local time while flying over the south-west coast of Ireland.

The pilot was flying a Boeing 787 from Heathrow to Montreal when he made a call to Shannon Air Traffic Control (ATC) to ask if there were military exercises taking place in the airspace.

You can listen to the archived recording of the call from 17 minutes here.

Comment: The original source of this report, the Irish Examiner, has since published the claim from a 'aviation journalist' Gerry Byrne that what the pilots saw were "in all probability meteorites" and that "it's not uncommon for meteorites to come in at a low angle, a low trajectory into the Earth's atmosphere."

There have indeed been a large increase in the number of meteorites in our skies over the past 10-15 years, but the problem with this theory in this case is that meteorites do not generally change direction ("veer off the north") or "climb away at speed" as reported by the pilots that witnessed the event.


Fast moving flying saucer filmed over Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe UFO
A family member filmed the lake before the tour begins. After they got home he checked the video and noticed that an object flew with tremendous speed over the lake.

He said that he did not see the object while filming the lake. The video has submitted to Mufon for further investigation.

The UFO appears at 00.07 seconds in the video.


Bizarre case of Angelique, the electric poltergeist girl

Woman and chairs
© Unknown
The history of the paranormal is littered with mysterious individuals who at times seemingly came out of nowhere to baffle and beguile, before fading off into the mists of time. These people step out from beyond the fringes of what we know to demonstrate abilities or phenomena beyond our comprehension, tease us with answers to the unknown realms that lurk on the periphery, and then are forgotten to leave their mysteries swirling in the wake of their departures. Such cases are often murky, sometimes frustratingly lost to time, and always baffling. One such case of a particularly mysterious historical case of such a puzzling person is that of a poor peasant girl in France, surrounded by strange, ghostly phenomena, who would go on from her humble life to become a great unsolved mystery.

The tale revolves around an Angelique Cottin, who in 1846 was a young, 14-year-old peasant girl living in the village of Bouvigny, near La Perrière, France, when her life and that of those around her would be forever changed as she launched herself into the realm of legendary unexplained mysteries. In January of that year, Angelique was at work weaving silk into gloves on a large wooden weaving frame when the whole thing began to shiver and shake with increasing intensity, before actually sliding across the floor, despite is heavy weight and the fact that that no one was touching it except Angelique just moments before. It was noticed that when Angelique approached the frame it would seem to actually retreat from her, almost as if it were a living thing recoiling from her presence, which was all enough to unsettle the others who were with her at the time. The frightened witnesses to the inexplicable event told adults, but at the time no one believed them.