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Sat, 23 Jun 2018
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High Strangeness


Argentinian pilot films close encounter with UFO's passing dangerously close to his private plane

UFO Argentina
An Argentine pilot had an extremely close encounter with unidentified flying objects; luckily he was able to record a video clip of the X-Files-like experience with the help of his trusty smartphone.

The video clip of two mysterious flying objects passing just meters in front of a cockpit at high speeds has made a buzz on YouTube.

Comment: Pilots in separate aircraft report seeing a UFO over Arizona


Independent witnesses report silent ghost plane over Ripley, UK which 'turned the sky dark'

Was a ghost plane really seen in Derbyshire's skies?

Was a ghost plane really seen in Derbyshire's skies?
Separate reports of a mysterious ghost plane have emerged in Derbyshire where witnesses have seen a dark, silent shape' sweep across the sky.

Onlookers have stated they have seen a dark shape in the sky at around 6.45pm on Monday night at different locations across the county.

Mark O'Brien believes he saw a quiet, low-flying plane fly above him after picking his daughter up from her swimming lesson in Ripley.

He said: "It was so low, it must have been only been around two or three houses high. I thought it was going to crash at one point but it was large and very quiet.


Pilots in separate aircraft report seeing a UFO over Arizona

sonoran desert
Pilots flying on two separate aircraft reported seeing an unidentified flying object over Arizona last month.

The incident took place over southern Arizona around 3:30 p.m. on Feb. 24 between the New Mexico border and the Sonoran Desert National Monument, which is about 40 miles from Phoenix.

The Drive reported that one witness, a commercial pilot flying a jet for American Airlines, said the object was above 40,000 feet and had a big reflection.

"I don't know what it was," the pilot told Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center. "It wasn't an airplane but it was ... the path was going in the opposite direction."


Video emerges of UFOs speeding past rescue helicopter

UFOs helicopter
Bizarre footage shows two "UFOs" speeding past a helicopter before hovering over a crash site where survivors were being rescued.

The silver disc-shaped objects were captured on video flying behind the military chopper by a local news crew off the southwestern coast of France.

The startling footage from February 2014 has only just come to light after it was featured in a new book.

The UFOs and helicopter were seen when 12 people were rescued from a cargo ship, named the Luno, after it hit a seawall in Anglet, breaking into two pieces.

Top Secret

The skeletal remains of giants found all over the world

Researcher Graham Hancock coined the phrase, 'we're like a species with amnesia,' and it's true. Despite the fact that it seems the story of human history is well uncovered, every single year there are new discoveries made that challenge what we once held to be true. In some cases, there are discoveries which are concealed from the general public for various reasons, a great example of that would be the black budget world. There also seems to be amazing discoveries that are completely ignored by mainstream media and most of these discoveries would shake the foundations of human history. Another great example are the bodies recently discovered in Nazca, Peru - three-fingered/towed humanoid beings whose physical anatomy is far different from that of a human. Another example would be the stories regarding intelligent ancient civilizations, like Atlantis, for example, which many scholars now believe to have actually existed.

Out of all the information that's out there regarding intelligent ancient civilizations, and more, even if just one of these stories are true, it would completely change what we thought we knew about human history and the history of our planet. I believe the story of our past might be different from what seems to be the only two available options, creationism and evolution. There may be a myriad of other factors involved.

Comment: Considering the myth's and legends of countless cultures throughout history have detailed the existence of giants, is it so far-fetched to believe there were humanoid beings upwards of 12-15 feet tall that walked the earth? For more on this, see:


Aborted fetus or mystery Alien?

Genetic analysis reveals unusual remains belong to human foetus with severe and previously unknown mutations
Atacama Humanoid
Scientists have revealed the origins of a mysterious skeleton long thought to have been extra-terrestrial.

After five years of examination, a research team unravelled the genetic make-up of the bizarre specimen found in the Atacama Desert in 2003, and nicknamed "Ata".

Led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and Stanford University, forensic analysis of the remains revealed they undoubtedly belonged to a human, albeit one with severe and previously unknown genetic mutations.


UFO 'laser battle' captured on video above Area 51

Alien Battle
© YouTube
An eyewitness in Nevada, near to the purported location US government's top secret Area 51 military base, has recorded footage of what appears to be a space battle between several UFOs that are firing lasers at each other.

The footage shows several bright lights moving in formation in the sky, before two rival factions start blasting back and forth at each other with huge laser volleys that look unlike any weapon regularly used by terrestrial fighter planes.

According to the unnamed driver:
I was waiting in the car while my buddy went into the store. I noticed about 9 to 10 bright dots in the sky that looked like stars. The dots were in a line at approximately a 45 degree angle. All of a sudden they started to move upward on that same angle and it looked like they were attacking each other. I took the video with my iPhone and it was not retouched in any way. No Photoshop or anything, it is raw footage.
The flash of lights certainly look compelling, and the fact that the driver was near to Area 51 at the time of the incident makes the story sound all the more appealing to those who are eager for proof of alien spaceships.

A similar report from a few weeks ago was made by another UFO enthusiast near Area 51, who spotted what appeared to be a UFO in the middle of a military dogfight high above the sky, although the UFO recorded in a photograph didn't look much like this one.

Evil Rays

People come forward to report coded voicemail message on their phones warning that 'they are not human'

space signal antenna
A number of people took to social media recently to report discovering a coded voicemail message on their mobile phones that is apparently delivered in the NATO phonetic language, and which, when decoded, reads:
Danger SOS
It is dire for you to evacuate
Be cautious they are not human


Kaikōura, New Zealand UFO sighting still flummoxing locals 40 years later

Kaikōura UFO
© Image - supplied; Video - The Project
Forty years on from an unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting that put Kaikōura in the international spotlight, those who witnessed the strange occurrences are still confused by what they saw.

Three bright lights appeared in the Kaikōura sky in December 1978, bewildering those to witness it - including air traffic controllers John Cordy and Andy Herd.

It was even caught on camera by an Australian film crew who was in the area trying to capture footage of them.

Journalist Quentin Fogarty said they were transfixed by the mysterious lights, some of which were the size of a house.

Comment: See also: New Zealand: We are not alone: lights in the sky


Washington Post: The military keeps encountering UFOs but the Pentagon doesn't care

Air Force UFO encounter
© To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science

We have no idea what's behind these weird incidents because we're not investigating.

In December, the Defense Department declassified two videos documenting encounters between U.S. Navy F-18 fighters and unidentified aircraft. The first video captures multiple pilots observing and discussing a strange, hovering, egg-shaped craft, apparently one of a "fleet" of such objects, according to cockpit audio. The second shows a similar incident involving an F-18 attached to the USS Nimitz carrier battle group in 2004.

The videos, along with observations by pilots and radar operators, appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies. Defense Department officials who analyze the relevant intelligence confirm more than a dozen such incidents off the East Coast alone since 2015. In another recent case, the Air Force launched F-15 fighters last October in a failed attempt to intercept an unidentified high-speed aircraft looping over the Pacific Northwest .

A third declassified video, released by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a privately owned media and scientific research company to which I'm an adviser, reveals a previously undisclosed Navy encounter that occurred off the East Coast in 2015.

The future belongs to not only the physically brave but also the intellectually agile.
More specifically, to those aligned with Truth. If you're off in la-la-land about enemies seeking to destroy you here on Earth, and are thus seeking to pre-emptively destroy them, you have no future.

Aside from the incidents themselves, it's curious that the 'UFO problem' is finally receiving sober mainstream media attention. Previously, the only time given it was for ridicule and debunking.

See also: There have long been rumors that the 'deep state' would one day begin some kind of 'disclosure' about 'the alien reality'. And there are two variants of this theory: one is that it would be an actual disclosure of what the secret world government actually knows; the other is that it would be a controlled, 'fake' disclosure for the purpose of retaining control of people's minds.