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Wed, 25 May 2016
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High Strangeness


Witnesses aboard flight over Europe see 'a man walking in the clouds' (PHOTOS)

© Nick O'Donoghue
A strange man-like figure can be seen walking in the clouds
Passenger Nick O'Donoghue was on board an EasyJet flight flying back from Austria to Cork when his fellow passengers began to point to a strange phenomenon outside the aircraft.

Mr. O'Donoghue told to the Dailymail: I was gazing out the window and was amazed to see a figure in the distance in front of us and then as we flew closer the bizarre shape of a human-like figure walking along the clouds appeared.

Despite the figure was a bit away in the distance, I was able to watch the shadow figure for about two minutes and took some images of the strange phenomenon before then the aircraft slowly passed it.

Comment: It's probably columns of steam rising from a power plant through low-lying cloud cover. But the form it takes sure is interesting, so we don't rule out some fortean angle to it. We do, after all, live in a symbol system, and symbolic events be happening all around these days...


Cattle mutilations now reported in Georgia

© Wikimedia Commons
Authorities in northeast Georgia have a mystery on their hands after cows were found mutilated, with neatly-cut circles sliced into their rear ends.

Harold Edge told investigators he found one of his Black Angus cows dead a few weeks ago.

A Jefferson County sheriff's report obtained by The Associated Press states that Edge found another Black Angus dead Jan. 6, with what appeared to be a half-circle cut around the same area of the animal. Edge told deputies there were no bite marks or indications of animal attacks.

Hall told the Athens Banner-Herald that the cuts were clean, with no jagged edges. Jackson County sheriff's Capt. Rich Lott said investigators can't explain the deaths on Edge's pasture near Braselton.


Latest cattle mutilations bring memories of 1970s slaughter

© Aaron Marineau
For ranchers Stanley and Carol Post, the recent mystery on the central Kansas prairie conjures up memories of their own bovine homicides 40 years ago.

It was October 1975. Within a short time period of each other, the couple discovered one of their cows dead − its udders and genitalia strategically removed and a hematoma on the head. Meanwhile, a calf's eye was taken out with detailed precision − the optic nerve cauterized at the end.

"It just blew your mind," said Carol Post, now 75, who was out feeding cattle with her husband on their Meade County ranch this week.

Call it the biggest animal cold case in the nation's history.

Thousands of cattle and other livestock were found dead in the 1970s − so prevalent that the FBI investigated the cattle mutilations.

Kansas seemed to be one of the states hit the most. In the fall of 1973 alone, the FBI news clippings showed 40 cases in the north-central part of the state - largely along Highway 81. All were seemingly killed in the same pattern on the isolated prairiescape: their ears, tongues, genitals and udders all neatly removed.

Often, the scene was bloodless and trackless as well. Post said even the veterinarian noted the several gallons of blood drained from the cow. They never found tracks.

Decades later, on the central Kansas plains, law enforcement are grappling with two similar cases.


UFO seen at Venice Beach, California, New Years Day

Date of sighting: January 1, 2016
Location of sighting: Venice Beach, California, USA
Source: MUFON #73865

If you want to catch a UFO the easy way, well just watch a few sunsets. Thats the moment their cloak becomes vulnerable. This one over Venice Beach looks like a disk with a raised and upper and lower center. It must have come out of the water for people not to have noticed it. If it came down from the sky, everyone would have seen it. A clear sign of an underwater base near Venice Beach.
Scott C. Waring


Dyatlov Pass mystery - Body found at Dyatlov Pass where 9 hikers mysteriously died in 1959

© Ekaterina Vlasenko/Sputnik
A body has been discovered by tourists at the infamous Dyatlov Pass in Russia's Ural Mountains where nine hikers mysteriously died in 1959. Emergency services have reportedly momentarily lost contact with the group.

An unidentified body has been discovered by tourist-hikers at the infamous Dyatlov pass in Sverdlovskaya region, according to local security officials. A group of nine tourists reportedly from Perm contacted emergency services overnight on Friday.

Following a message from the group via satellite phone officials lost contact with the hikers, reported V-kurse.ru. Due to bad weather conditions emergency groups are unable to reach the barely-accessible site where the body was found. Some reports suggest that it is a male of about 50 years old.

The travelers began their journey on January 1 trekking along one of the most difficult paths starting from North Ural to the town of Ivdel, according to the emergency services.

The site where body was reportedly located is infamous for the tragic and mysterious deaths of nine hikers in 1959. The causes of their deaths are still unknown while the case is surrounded with controversy.


Russia's Dyatlov Pass incident, the strangest unsolved mystery of the last century

New film retells story of Soviet hikers meeting mysterious death


Clever hoax? Inter-dimensional portal caught on film over the Large Hadron Collider

On December 7, 2015 tourists captured on film a swirling inter-dimensional portal in the sky above the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. An orb is seen entering the portal before it disappears. The question is it truth or a clever hoax?
© YouTube Screen Capture
The video (see below) was posted to the youtube channel Section 51, a YouTube UFO fan channel. Claims made by the YouTube channel is the video was filmed by American tourists who captured the footage in Geneva, Switzerland on December 7, 2015. In the video it appears a swirling portal opens in the sky. Clouds begin to swirl into what has been described as a portal into another dimension. Within seconds a glowing orb begins to rise from bottom right hand corner of the screen. Eventually the glowing orb appears to disappear into the swirling portal just before the portal appears to close and disappear.

What is interesting about the footage is that the swirling portal appears above the Large Hadron Collider. The Large Hadron Collider is known for experiments involving dark matter. It is the world's largest particle collider. It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research also known as CERN. The site of the machine is underground and the tests involved are meant to help answer the most basic to the most complex questions in physics.


NASA scientist says, 'Somebody else is on the moon'

We live in a strange world, and as Neil Armstrong once said, there are "great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers." (source) (source)

Fast forward to today, and a number of people have become aware of the fact that not all of what goes on behind the scenes is made public. This is precisely why the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was created; it's a federal freedom of information law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government.

There are still many obstacles in the way of full transparency, one of which is the use of 'national security' to keep information classified and hidden from public viewing. This has become more evident with the revelations of WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, but the problem goes deeper still. Did you know that the U.S government classifies roughly five hundred million pages of documents every single year? This is a completely separate topic in itself and if you're interested in learning more about this, you can check out our article about the 'Black Budget.'


Intriguing video shows fleet of 'UFOs' darting in formation in night sky over Santiago, Chile

Bright lights: the footage captures 'UFOs' filmed over Santiago
A video has sparked intrigue after it appeared to show a fleet of UFOs hovering and moving in formation.

The five-minute clip was posted to YouTube and appears to show a number of bright lights flying in the night sky above Santiago, Chile,.

At first the lights seem distant and the objects appear to be flying together.

But then they begin to disseminate - similar to planes coming in to land in a holding pattern over an airport - before disappearing completely.

The footage is titled "Fantastic UFO sighting in Santiago" and was posted online yesterday.

And many people seem to be convinced by its extra-terrestrial credentials.

Eye 1

Remote viewers, psychic spies and the CIA

A rare documentary from the 1990's reveals an other-worldly side to secret government projects. Stansfield Turner, CIA Director 1977-1981:
"When I was first introduced to this idea of parapsychology I was very skeptical. Then I began to think about it and we all know of people who seem to have some kind of psychic powers."
During the cold war era, the United States government received intelligence that the Soviets had been delving into research on the use of psychics and remote viewers for a number of secret aims. In response, they decided to start similar operations and were interested in creating spies with extra-sensory perception, or ESP. They apparently thought that if the Russians were having success, then they could potentially create the perfect spy with something akin to super natural abilities.

According to General Ed Thompson, an interviewee of the documentary, the Soviets had intentions of using these psychic powers not just for reconnaissance, but to potentially disturb government officials of other countries, likely of the U.S. He refers to this as "telepathic hypnosis," But the primary focus, he says, was long distance telepathic communication.


Honduran TV presenter watches glass of water move across table

Chilling: Carlos Molina looks warily at his glass of water after watching it move across the table
This is the chilling moment a TV presenter watches his glass of water move across a table during a live TV broadcast - and claims there is no obvious explanation for the mysterious incident.

Thousands witnessed the apparently paranormal phenomenon after tuning into the breakfast show on Honduran television.

Journalist Carlos Molina admitted he felt a chill go down his spine seconds before the glass slid across the table as the mystery deepened last night sparking fears the studio was haunted.

The bizarre moment occurred as Carlos helped present the morning news on a Teleceiba channel programme called Primera Edicion - First Edition in English.

He interrupted colleague Pablo Zapata as he read out a message from a viewer, telling him with an anguished look on his face: "Look, look, did you see the glass that moved over there?