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Wed, 24 Aug 2016
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High Strangeness


'Mind-blowing' video of mystery flying craft hovering near US military base in UFO hotspot

The mystery craft was seen by a 'separate source' before this latest sighting
'Mind-blowing footage' has emerged that appears to show a UFO flying over a US military base.

The clip - which shows a mystery object in the sky - was filmed by a couple in Dayton, Ohio, as they were watching the sunset from their home.

The pair are clearly shocked by the sight of the 'craft' floating in the air with its pointed end and strange markings.

The woman, who is filming the scene on her phone, asks: "What the f*** is that?", before adding: "It looks like it's moving with the clouds."

Someone else can be heard saying: "That's f***ing crazy."

The camera zooms in on the dark object - before it fades into the clouds.

Another onlooker is heard saying: "Oh my god, it f****** disappeared."


Scientist says, 'I proved human-alien hybrids exist' and 'found them living on Earth'

Green guru turned disinformation writer Miguel Mendonça

Comment: A few months ago SOTT carried this article: Meet the women who say they've been abducted and impregnated by 'positive' and 'loving' aliens, establish 'Hybrid Children Community' group. Back with another sensational article on this topic is the same author, Jon Austin, of the Express. Along a similar vein, this newer article discusses individuals who tend to put their experiences with aliens (if they are bonafide experiences) into a deceptively positive light. If you haven't yet listened to it, tune in to the SOTT Radio Network's interview with Dr. David Jacobs, who discusses his research on this subject in some depth and who comes to some very different conclusions:The Truth Perspective: Interview with David M. Jacobs: "Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity", a discussion of which may be found on here.

A GREEN energy expert, who helped shape UK renewable power policies, says he is convinced aliens have been secretly implanting extra terrestrial DNA into pregnant humans.

Author Miguel Mendonça, 42, now claims the so-called alien-hybrid community is expanding on Earth and vital to the future of the human race because of how they are helping us "evolve into higher beings".

Mr Mendonça, who suffers with MS, the illness that leaves suffers with neurological symptoms, muscle pain and severe physical and mental exhaustion, even feels better with increased energy levels for having regular contact with the hybrids, although he stressed it could not cure his condition.

He said: "It's made no difference to my condition, but I do feel better on some levels."

Mr Mendonça, from Bristol, was formerly research manager for the World Future Council, which promotes best policy renewable power sources, and has written extensively on green energy policy.

However, for his latest publication, Meet The Hybrids: The Lives And Missions of ET Ambassadors On Earth published by Amazon and co-authored with Barbara Lamb, he spent time interviewing eight people who claim they have grown up with implanted alien DNA in their bodies and are part of a mission to improve mankind.


'Object with green lights': Turkish pilots claim they saw UFO near Istanbul airport

© Murad Sezer / Reuters
It looks like the area near Istanbul airport has become the newest alien-sighting site - two Turkish pilots claim they saw a suspicious unidentified object, apparently a UFO, with green lights which passed over their plane.

The "flying-saucer incident" took place around Silivri district of Istanbul on Thursday. The plane heading from the western Turkish resort town of Bodrum to Istanbul was flying at around 5,100 meters at the time of the sighting.


'Britain's first alien abduction victim' recalls encounter with 'diamond-shaped UFO' 35 years after incident

Retired police officer Alan Godfrey says the encounter occurred while he was on patrol in Todmorden, West Yorks, in the early hours of November 28, 1980

© Alan Godfrey
The truth is out there: Retired police officer Alan Godfrey claims he had an alien encounter
A retired police officer who claims to be Britain's first alien abduction will be keeping a close eye on the skies tomorrow - 35 years after his UFO encounter.

Alan Godfrey, a former PC, says his close encounter with a UFO is still fresh in his mind as it was 35 years ago.

He was on patrol in Todmorden, West Yorks, in the early hours of 28 November 1980 when he believes he was snatched from his police car.

Under hypnosis, arranged by solicitor Harry Harris, he recalled seeing small beings and a tall man with a beard on the craft, who conducted medical tests on him.

His encounter is regarded by researchers as the first alien abduction in the UK.

Comment: You can read more on the subject of alien abduction and the UFO phenomenon in Laura Knight-Jadczyk's book, High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction, which covers a wide variety of areas that the subject touches, from science and religion to history and the implications for our future.

Cow Skull

Wendigo, bigfoot, and cannibals

© unknown
The vast majority of reports on record suggest that the Bigfoot creatures are largely solitary and prefer to stay away from humankind as much as possible. Even when Bigfoot and people do cross paths, the beasts generally only use intimidation to ward off their unwelcome visitors - and perhaps even stranger methods, too, such as Infrasound.There are, however, rare and completely unverified accounts of Bigfoot mutilating, killing, and even eating people. Thankfully, such reports are in the minority. Unless, that is, one is of the opinion that many of the thousands of people who go missing in the United States every year are helping, in a most unfortunate way, to feed and fuel Bigfoot. All of which brings us to a creature that has, for centuries, been greatly feared by Native Americans: the Wendigo (also known as the Windigo).

The late Basil Johnston - teacher, writer, and member of the Cape Croker First Nation - said of the Wendigo: "The Wendigo was gaunt to the point of emaciation, its desiccated skin pulled tautly over its bones. With its bones pushing out against its skin, its complexion the ash gray of death, and its eyes pushed back deep into their sockets, the Wendigo looked like a gaunt skeleton recently disinterred from the grave. What lips it had were tattered and bloody. Unclean and suffering from suppurations of the flesh, the Wendigo gave off a strange and eerie odor of decay and decomposition, of death and corruption."

Comment: There have been reports throughout the ages of various kinds of creatures whose frightening and mysterious behaviour has left communities and towns fearing for their lives - the Beast of Gevaudan being one of the most famous examples.

There is also another angle that the author alludes to: mythology and folklore. Every culture around the planet has the story of the vampire, the undead who prey on the living. Nowadays, these kinds of stories are dismissed due to their being taken literally, but people throughout history have used allegory and symbolism to explain deep truths. In this sense, we could liken the stories of vampiric beings to the behaviour of the psychopaths who run (and ruin) our world and our lives.


Over 80 schoolchildren in Tarapoto, Peru have 'contagious visions' of man in black trying to kill them

The mass case of 'demonic possession' has caused some pupils to suffer from seizures while others have fainted at the school

Almost 100 schoolchildren are thought to have been 'possessed' by the devil - and see visions of a man in black trying to kill them.

In what has been described as a mass case of demonic possession, the pupils in Peru are experiencing seizures alongside their horrifying hallucinations.

Experts have struggled to explain the strange goings-on, which also include widespread convulsions and fainting at the school, reportedly built on a Mafia graveyard.

According to local reports, as many as 80 students at the Elsa Perea Flores School in northern Peru's Tarapoto have been experiencing the supposedly contagious 'condition' since last month.


Strange sounds in the sky recorded in the US, Finland, Poland

The Strange Sounds phenomenon is back again in May 2016.

Here a compilation of the latest videos... And some are really creepy!

Strange sounds from the sky in Los Angeles 5/9/2016 9:18 am

Here the description left by the video uploader: I woke up to use the restroom when out of nowhere I heard a sound. I thought it was a plane passing by but after 30 seconds it kept going and going. I even snap chat a part of it as well.If anyone can help explaining where this could have been that would be awesome.

Weird noise at night, somewhere in the US on May 14, 2016

Note by author: I woke up in the morning (4:35 am) to hearing this strange sound for more than 10 minutes.


Bizarre UFO seen hovering above the south coast of the UK

The strange object was hovering above houses on the UK's south coast
An intriguing video has captured the moment an odd-shaped UFO appears to hover in the sky over the south coast of the UK - before disappearing into thin air.

The man who recorded the video said the object was moving south east for around three to four minutes before it was lost.

According to the commentary alongside the video, the UFO was spotted on May 15.

The man says: "It seems to be transforming or rotating.

"Wow, this is strange."


Mystery 'werewolf' creature terrifying people in Hull, UK

© Everett Collection / Rex Features
Reports suggest the "beast" is similar to the creature from the film American Werewolf in London
The 8ft "beast" is said to have the upper body of a man, and feasts on dogs according to witnesses

Residents of Hull have reported several sightings of a mystery "werewolf" which has terrified locals and sparked a hunt for the creature.

Reports suggest the 8ft "beast" is half-man-half-creature, lurks around industrial estates and has allegedly been spotted eating a dog .

Some believe it is an old folklore legend called Old Stinker - a wolf that transforms into a man at the full moon.

Old Stinker is traditionally known to wander the Yorkshire Wolds.

The new sightings of the mystery being were reported at an old water channel called the Barmston Drain during Christmas.

© Keith Laverack/Flickr
Barmston Drain in Hull, where the mysterious beast was first spotted

One woman claims to have seen the beast stand on its hind legs in a terrifying incident which left her shaking.


Hoax? Tourists in India claim to have filmed 'portal with glowing UFO' (VIDEO)

© Unknown
May 2016 - India, Bateshwar. Incredible footage filmed by tourists showing UFO coming out from Vortex Portal in the sky.
There have been various claims about UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings from around the world, stirring up debate on the existence of extraterrestrial life. And the latest one that has been doing the rounds on social media is - the reported spotting of a flying saucer in Uttar Pradesh, India. The UFO was sighted in November 2015 and has been filmed from an airplane window.