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Wed, 29 Nov 2023
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UFO whistleblower David Grusch's health records leaked: Coulthart

david grusch
NewsNation's exclusive interview with UFO whistleblower David Grusch sparked international attention with his claim the U.S. government has secretly been in possession of nonhuman spacecraft. Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart says Grusch believes the government may now be behind an effort to release his medical records in an effort to smear his credibility.

In a statement to NewsNation, Grusch said he learned The Intercept intends to publish an article that highlights previous struggles he had with post traumatic stress disorder, grief and depression, specifically incidents in 2014 and 2018. Coulthart thinks someone in the intelligence community leaked Grusch's medical records to the outlet.

"A temporary detention order transferred (Grusch) to a psychiatric unit and inpatient program where he got the treatment that he needed. This is a document, that if the media had done the right thing, would be in his police department file in the county sheriff's office," Coulthart told NewsNation host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday.

Coulthart continued: "Dave checked today because he assumed that the journalist had done his homework and just asked the local sheriff for the files. The sheriff has confirmed it did not come from him. The only other place that had this information is the intelligence community. (...) The intelligence community leaked it."

Comment: Here is NewsNation's coverage, including an interview with Rep. Byron Donalds on the link, and the need to investigate it.

Rep. Burchett isn't pleased, either:

He told Ask a Pol:
"That's just disgusting," Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) exclusively tells Ask a Pol. "Someone needs to lose their job."

While Burchett says it's too early to know where the leak came from, he's vowing to "dig into it" personally. And he's also planning to enlist the help of House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to help protect Grusch and other whistleblowers.

"I believe the Speaker will be very angry about this. I think he, like the rest of us, realizes our veterans and their sacrifice," Burchett says.

Burchett says instead of discrediting Grusch, he thinks this will attract

"I think it's gonna blow up in their face," Burchett tells Ak a Pol.
Update: The Intercept piece has been published, and its author clarifies that the report was not leaked, it was received via a FOIA request to the county:
The records were not confidential, medical, nor leaked. They are publicly available law enforcement records obtained under a routine Virginia FOIA request to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and provided by the office's FOIA coordinator. Copies of The Intercept's correspondence with the sheriff's office are being published with this story.
The question is whether the journalist was just fishing for info based on a public records search of Grusch's old addresses, or if he was directed where to look.

Eye 1

Terrified Peruvian villagers claim they are under attack from 7ft-tall 'aliens' dubbed 'Face Peelers' as they plead with authorities to send backup

peru alien

Terrified villagers in a rural Peruvian district have claimed they have come under attack by 7ft-tall aliens they have dubbed Los Pelacaras (The Face Peelers). Pictured: A man with bandages around his head who was supposedly attacked is helped by two other villages
Terrified villagers in a rural Peruvian district have claimed they have come under attack by 7ft-tall aliens they have dubbed Los Pelacaras, or The Face Peelers.

Members of the Ikitu tribe from the San Antonio native community have reported mysterious figures in dark-coloured hoods attacking the villagers, who live in the rural district of Alto Nanay, north east of Lima, Peru.

After one such 'attack', a 15-year-old girl had to be taken to hospital.

Comment: The Sun reported:
It has been suggested the "beings" could be drones covered with cloth and masks to scare the locals by illegal miners in a Scooby Doo-style scheme.

Others have suggested the sightings could be a case of mass hysteria.

Police and the navy are now investigating the claims - with locals calling for a military force to be deployed in the region, which is a 10-hour river ride from Iquitos City.
Peruvian ufologist Anthony Choy claimed he had heard of accounts from across the Amazon about the so-called "aliens".

He stated he had heard there was a report from the city of Pucallpa of three boys being "attacked with laser beams".

And he claimed there was a similar report from the town of Contamana.

But he speculated this may be a case of mass hysteria - with real stories being embellished.

He suggested reports of human traffickers may be becoming intertwined with folklore and reports of alien abductions.

"There are legends that speak of the so-called 'peelers' who are a kind of mythical characters," he explained.

"That is what the communities constantly repeat."


Ryan Graves: My testimony to Congress on UAP was the tip of the iceberg

Ryan Graves
Ryan Graves, executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, arrives to testify during a House Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs hearing titled "Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security Public Safety and Government Transparency," on Capitol Hill on July 26.
Two Navy pilots testified under oath to Congress about how unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) pose a potential national security and safety of flight risk last month. I was one of them.

My story is this: Nine years ago, my F/A-18's squadron, operating off the coast of Virginia Beach, observed and tracked UAP that had infiltrated military airspace. The UAP had no visible propulsion or lifting surfaces but could remain motionless in Category-4 hurricane winds, accelerate to supersonic, and operate all day, outlasting our fighter jets by 10 hours or more. They even caused near mid-air collisions with our jets, triggering mandatory safety reports.

Today, these same UAP are still being seen; we still don't know what they are; and our government has no idea of the scope of the problem. That's because pilots, both commercial and military, are encountering UAP, and the majority of these cases are going unreported.

I founded Americans for Safe Aerospace, the fastest-growing UAP nonprofit in the world with more than 8,200 members, because I believe we need to find out.

When I testified last week, I also shared with Congress how more than 30 UAP witnesses, commercial pilots, and veterans, have reached out to Americans for Safe Aerospace to detail their encounters, and dozens more have contacted us since I testified at the UAP hearings.

Witnesses reach out to us for two reasons: First, they trust us, and second there is no official system for commercial pilots to report UAP.


A monumental UFO scandal is looming

UFO Hearing
© AP Photo/Nathan Howard
Ryan Graves, Americans for Safe Aerospace Executive Director, from left, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) Maj. David Grusch, and U.S. Navy (Ret.) Cmdr. David Fravor, testify before a House Oversight and Accountability subcommittee hearing on UFOs, Wednesday, July 26, 2023, on Capitol Hill in Washington.
The decades-long saga of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is barreling headlong toward one of two stunning conclusions.

Either the U.S. government has mounted an extraordinary, decades-long coverup of UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering activities, or elements of the defense and intelligence establishment are engaging in a staggeringly brazen psychological disinformation campaign.

Either possibility would have profound implications for democracy, the role of government and perhaps also humanity's place in the cosmos.

For these reasons, it is imperative that Congress and federal law enforcement agencies devote significant resources to investigating a series of remarkable UFO-related developments.

Importantly, a third explanation for recent events — that dozens of high-level, highly-cleared officials have come to believe enduring UFO myths, rumors and speculation as fact — appears increasingly unlikely.

In June, U.S. Air Force veteran and former intelligence official David Grusch alleged that elements of the U.S. government have secretly and illegally overseen a decades-long UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering effort. Two defense officials corroborated the broad contours of Grusch's stunning claims.


Shocking video shows UFO speed through thunderstorm at '2,000mph' as witness says it 'fastest thing I've ever seen'

mystery object ufo florida
© Kennedy News
Carmen Rich captured a mystery object soaring over the sea in Florida
Carmen Rich was filming a big storm off the coast of Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida when he saw a "ball of light" shoot across the sky.

The 29-year-old's startling footage showed the UFO fly past within a split second before stunned Carmen said: "Wow, did you see that just shoot across?"

He can then be heard asking if anyone else saw it before stopping the video to review the footage - as he "wondered if he was crazy".

After realising he had managed to capture the mystery object on camera, the financial analyst showed his step-sister Jennifer Rich, 20, who "blinked and missed it".

Carmen, from Boston, insisted the object couldn't be a drone as it was travelling a "couple of thousand miles per hour".


Famous Roswell UFO incident celebrates 75th anniversary

© Denis Tangney Jr / Getty Images
On July 8, 1947, an unusual front-page headline captured the attention of residents throughout southeastern New Mexico.

"RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region" read the story that appeared in the Roswell Daily Record that morning. Though offering few specifics about the purported craft, the article went into detail how the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Air Field had retrieved the "instrument" which was thereafter flown to "higher headquarters."

Just one day later, the Record would publish a follow-up to the alarming story, which now stated that an army investigation, under the direction of Gen. Roger M. Ramey, commander of the Eighth Air Forces, had solved the mystery. The object, the Record stated, "was a harmless high-altitude weather balloon — not a grounded flying disc."


UFOs are the story of the century — wake up, America!

Tim Gallaudet
Last week, I had a front-row seat at the hearing of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee's Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), also known as UFOs. The three witnesses provided extraordinary testimony on their observations of aerial craft with performance characteristics far beyond those of modern aircraft, as well as knowledge of a hidden U.S. government crash retrieval program of such vehicles and their nonhuman operators.

The witnesses were former officers in the U.S. military with stellar service records. Their message to Congress was that we are not alone, we possess technology unlike anything available in the public or private sectors, and the U.S. government has covered up this earth-shattering information for decades.

So how has our society responded? To quote an assessment in Forbes, "the internet shrugged." After some brief reporting by the major news networks, they returned their attention to nearly full-time coverage of the dismal legal landscapes surrounding Hunter Biden and Donald Trump.

Perhaps the era of fake news has desensitized the public to remarkable revelations like these, so I feel compelled to share my perspective to shed light on their validity and implications.

As a retired U.S. Navy flag officer, I can attest to the integrity and authenticity of the two pilots who testified: retired Commander David Fravor and Ryan Graves. I have served on three aircraft carriers and count many Naval aviators as close friends. These two witnesses are the real deal.

So is David Grusch. As a Navy information warfare officer, I worked closely with the intelligence community and Grusch's former command, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. I too have been read into special access programs, and I understand how Department of Defense classification systems and authorities work. His testimony is 100 percent credible.


Pressure mounts on House Intelligence Chairman following dismissive and baffling approach to 'credible and urgent' UFO whistleblower allegations

mike turner
© Rod Lamkey / Pool via Getty Images file
Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, speaks during a House Armed Services Committee hearing at the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 29.
Tonight, Representative Mike Turner, the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, finds himself under mounting pressure to account for his dismissive and baffling approach to serious allegations made by multiple highly-cleared whistleblowers regarding rogue U.S. government programs relating to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

Commenting to Liberation Times, UAP whistleblower and former senior intelligence officer, David Grusch, who last week testified under oath at a Congressional Hearing, said:
"I personally briefed the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence's staff director at the time, its General Counsels, and Congressman Turner's personal staffer.

"Congressman Turner has not followed up with me, and based on his public statements, it appears he has not asked for a briefing on my testimony or has failed to ask the Intelligence Community's Inspector General for more information."
The absence of any meaningful follow-up by Representative Turner, particularly considering the gravity of Grusch's allegations involving covert programs with non-human materials with zero Congressional oversight, raises considerable concerns about the Representative's approach to this crucial matter.

Grey Alien

Rep. Luna vows to get to bottom of UFO mystery, threatens to defund Pentagon bosses' salaries unless they reveal intel on secret alien ship crash program

Anna Paulina Luna

Republican congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna first got interested in UFOs when serving in the Air Force. She is pictured with husband Andrew Gamberzky, an Air Force combat controller
A group of lawmakers is planning to put the search for the truth about UFOs front and center by demanding a special committee with the power to prize information from government that could prove whistleblowers' claims of a secret program hiding 'non-human' crashed craft.

Four members wrote to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Friday requesting a Select Committee on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena to ramp up their probe.

One of the signers, Republican congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, told DailyMail.com she and her colleagues would not stop until they got to the bottom of the UFO mystery, and threatened to defund Pentagon bosses' salaries if they didn't cough up their alleged secrets.

The news comes after an historic congressional hearing last Wednesday where 14-year intelligence veteran David Grusch testified under oath that he had evidence of a secret alien ship crash retrieval program - including photographs and interviews with insiders.

Comment: The chair of the hearing, Rep. Grothman, spoke to media:
Appearing Friday on Wisconsin Public Radio's "Central Time," Grothman acknowledged that the hearing had by far the most public interest of any he's seen recently. And he said there is a legitimate public interest in understanding what the government knows about UAPs that have been spotted.

"Is it something that other nations have developed that we are nowhere near developing? We ought to know that," Grothman said. "And if it is something from outer space, and there are other people monitoring us, well, we ought to know that."

Grothman said he wants to see "a little more transparency from the military" on the matter.
Grothman said he will receive a briefing on classified information in coming months and plans to meet with Grusch "and see what more he has to say." But overall, he used the hearing to push for greater transparency from the military on its observations.
"We went through a period in the late 1960s, the early '70s in which there were a lot of rumors that these things were out there," Grothman said. "As far as I know, to this day the files are not released on what pilots saw in the '60s and '70s."
Matt Walsh's take is great:


Russian UFO engagements, secret 'Tic Tac' report and 3 key figures who slipped under the radar at Congressional hearing

congress ufo
© House subcommittee on National Security, the Border and Foreign Affairs
UFO whistleblowers at the July 26, 2023, House subcommittee hearing

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, ex-Navy commander David Fravor and former U.S. intelligence officer David Grusch testify before the House of Representatives subcommittee focused on UFOs while (left to right) George Knapp (red tie left of Grusch), Charles McCullough (light blue tie) and Jeremy Corbell sit behind them
Investigative journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp provided Congress with sworn testimonies, which were obtained by Fox News Digital, and flanked former Intelligence Community Inspector General at Wednesday's UFO hearing

Russian warplanes engaged UFOs, "chased them and even shot at them" at least 45 times by 1993, according to classified Russian documents that investigative reporter George Knapp obtained and smuggled out of the country. That's just one snippet of information revealed in letters written by Knapp and investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell to the House's Oversight Committee before Wednesday's UFO hearing.

Both letters, which were first obtained by Fox News Digital and published in their entirety below, were entered into the Congressional record.

"Since 1969, the position of our military has been that UFOs pose no threat to national security and are not worthy of further study," Knapp wrote in his letter. "This dismissive attitude is directly at odds with what was revealed in documents, reports and internal memos."

Comment: Sometimes UFO crashes are subtle affairs.June 28, 2023: Microscopic remnants of what could be an extraterrestrial object that crashed into the Pacific Ocean nearly a decade ago were recovered by a team of scientists.